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Loom FAQ Tips & Tricks

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Loom FAQ

By Exodist
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Title: LOOM
Developer: Lucasfilm
Publisher: Lucasfilm
Platform: PC
Release: 1990
Genre: Adventure


Document by: Exodist/Ryan Haighton
Document size: 14KB
Document version: 1.000 - FINAL
Document hosted by: Gamefaqs (
Document written: Started 29th May, latest version 29th May
Document  Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!


This guide is  Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!
This guide is for LOOM, the original 1990 version.






The fourth SCUMM game. And its got a different interface from the past 3 SCUMM
games! LOOM is a great game, but its extremely short, but the story line, the
spell system and the new interface make it great. Now, you just click on an
item, and then Bobbin (the main characters name, its crap isn't it?) will do
whatever he can do with it. So then, I hope you find this guide useful, and
hope you enjoy the game too!




NOTE: Remember to write down the spells you get, they are random each time (how
to use them that is). Also, this guide is for STANDARD mode.


What? The walkthrough already!? Anyways, at the start, click on the red leaf to
make it fall. You can look at the stars too if you want. Then, start heading
for the village. Once you get at the crossroads, just enter the hut to the left
and walk to the right. How the hell does all this fit in that small hut I
wonder? Read the tapestrys if you want to find out more of the story, and walk
to the right. After the cut-scene, pick up the DISTAFF. Then click on the LOOM,
a spell is played, the spell HUMAN TO SWAN. Write the notes down. You can't
play it yet though, because you don't know all the notes. To write it out, on
notepad or something, put the spell name, then put all the notes in order. Then
under them, put 1, 2, 3, 4 under the note, so you know which one to use first.
So the 1 under a note, thats the note to use first. Thats my method at least.
Your free to write it out how you want it. Anyways, once you have that, click
on the egg, and the OPEN spell is played. Write it down yet again, then play it
on the egg. After the cut-scene, go back to the fork, and go left. You need to
check the gravestone, but theres an owl ontop of it. So click on the thorns,
and a rabbit will run out and be caught by the owl. Click on the ravestone. Now
go back to where the trees are, and check each hole to learn the NIGHT VISION
SPELL. Now go back to the village, and enter the first house on the right. Here
click on the dark, then cast the NIGHT VISION SPELL so you can see in the dark.
Then, click on the wheel, to learn the STRAW TO GOLD SPELL. Cast the STRAW TO
GOLD SPELL backwards to make gold into straw! Exit the house, and go to the
right and enter the house with a chimney. Now, click on the book on the table
to take it, then click on the flask and learn the EMPTY spell. Now click on the
bubbling pot with green stuff in it, to learn the DYE SPELL. Cast the DYE SPELL
on the cloth to turn it green, then play it backwards (BLEACH SPELL) to make
them white again. Now exit, and go to the dock from the fork. 
Here, click on the clam and CAST the OPEN SPELL to learn the F note. Now go all
the way back to the tree you started at. CAST the OPEN SPELL on the stars, and
then watch the tree fall into the water. Now head back to the dock, and click
on the log. After Bobbin jumps into the water, click on the log again to get on
it. Soon, your stopped by a TWISTER. Click on it to learn the TWIST SPELL, then
cast it backwards (UNTWIST SPELL) to get rid of it. Now continue onwards.


Once you arrive at the beach, you will learn the G note! Now, see that green
thing to the right of the screen? Click on it, its a city. Once you arrive,
click on the people in the tower to look at them. Then, enter that big dome at
the bottom of the city. Here, check a plaque of a grave, and a guy will then
come to talk to you. After, click on both graves, then exit to the right the
same way he did. Click on the chalice, and then watch the next cut-scene. Now
go to the left, and click on the bell, to be teleported to the other side of
the room. Then, walk to the left, then through the door. Your now in another
part of this room, so walk to the right and through the doorway. Don't go down
the stairs yet. Now, you will see 2 people talking, click on them to listen in
to their conversation. See that thing above the sphere? Click on it to be
teleported to the tower. You get teleported back though, so go back into the
big room with the chalice in, and go down the stairs to the left and through
the door. Then, go up the mountain pass. Go to the left, and write down the
SPELL that appears on your DISTAFF, its the APPEAR SPELL, and at the same time,
some shepherds will appear. After the cut-scene, head back to the glass city,
you cant get past them yet. Now head back to the tower, and click on the
workers, then CAST the CAMOUFLAGE SPELL (APPEAR SPELL backwards). Then go back
to the crystal, and teleport to the workers. Just enter the bottom of the tower
to get to the crystal room. Now, in the workers room, listen to their
conversation, then click on the scythe blade to learn the SHARPEN SPELL. Then,
click on the bell thing to the left, to be teleported to the sphere. Click on
it to learn the FEAR SPELL, and click on it again to LEARN the HUMAN TO SWAN
SPELL if you didn't get it last time. Before that though, if you look at it the
2nd time, you will see a cave on fire. Now head back to the shepherds. CAST the
FEAR SPELL on them to make them run away. Continue to the left. Click on the
sheep to see them jumping over the fence. The AWAKEN SPELL is played, and then
the sheperd plays the SLEEP song, which is AWAKEN backwards. Now continue to
the left, and go into the big hut you see. Click on the lamb, and then click on
it again after the cut-scene, and you will learn the HEAL SPELL. Return to the
field, and click on the sheep, then cast the DYE SPELL. The dragon comes, but
cant see the sheep, so takes you. Crap.


Once the dragon finishes talking to you, CAST STRAW TO GOLD backwards on the
gold, and you will also learn NOTE A. Then, CAST SLEEP on the dragon, to make
her fall asleep. She starts to snore fire, and then the whole cave gets set on
fire, so she flies away. It gets put out somehow, so your now free to go
through the cave. Click on a dark area, and CAST the NIGHT VISION SPELL. Then,
go to the right, and down the first set of stairs you see, to the left and go
through the doorway. You will appear at another part of the cave now, and keep
walking right. Soon, you will appear at another part, so walk down those stairs
you see. You will appear on a bridge, walk across, then go left until you fall
down a cliff. Click on the pool to learn the REFLECT SPELL. Then CAST the EMPTY
SPELL on the pool to reveal the sphere. Click on it 3 times to see an active
volcano, the HUMAN TO SWAN SPELL and Bishop Mandible evilly laughing. Now walk
back to the back of the thing you came out of, and into the caves again. Go
through the 1st passage you see, and keep on going until you get out of the
caves. Click on the top of the spiral stairs, and CAST UNTWIST on it, and then
continue. Here, CAST the AWAKEN SPELL on the boy. Now CAST REFELCT on him after
the talking, to look like him, you cant get into the Guild of Blacksmiths with
your normal clothes on. Now looking like Rusty, head down to the guild. Click
on the gate, and it will be opened for you. Now, when your in the cell, click
on the straw. Now watch th cut-scene. When your DISTAFF is put through the
bottom of the door, click on it to get it back. Now, CAST OPEN on the door to
get out, and CAST FILL on the wood bin if you want too. :) Now go down the
stairs, and click on the bishop and the other guy talking. Listen in on them,
and click on the sword the guy is making sharp. Make sure your ready, save your
game, and when he raises his sword high, about to do the last hit, CAST BLUNT
on it (SHARPEN backwards) and then watch the cut-scene.


When you gain control, CAST OPEN on the lock. After ANOTHER cut-scene, click on
the sphere 3 times. Then, walk out to the balcony, and click on the guy. After
the cut-scene, click on the DISTAFF, then go back into the dungeon. Now walk
back out, and you will be attacked by that green demon dragon thing, and will
fall off the edge. Keep going to the left until you see a pond, don't enter any
of the other places. After the talking, click on the swan again. Now go to the
right, and click on the green portal thingy. Here, click on the guy, and he
will soon die. Go through the hole, click on it and CAST CLOSE to close it. Now
head to the next one, the sheperd place. Here, click on the dead shepherds and
CAST HEAL to bring them back alive. Exit through the hole, and CAST CLOSE to
close this one too. Then go to the next one, the blacksmiths guild place, and
go through the hole. Click on Rusty. After the cut-scene, click on him again
and CAST HEAL. Now, go out and CAST CLOSE on the hole. Go to the right, and
CAST CLOSE on the last hole, you don't need to go inside. Your given the NOTE B
for your work. Now go all the way to the pond, but go past it instead. To do it
click on the pond, then go to the left, and through the hole to LOOM Island. Go
to the right, and out of the graveyard. After the cut-scene, your automatically
in the Elders tent, go to the right, and click on the LOOM. After the cut-scene
click on the LOOM to learn the SILENCE SPELL, then CAST it backwards on Hetchel
so she can speak again. Then, after the oher cut-scene, Hetchel is cooked. So
click on the LOOM again, to learn the COOK SPELL, so CAST it backwards on
Hetchel, so she is uncooked. Now she is split apart, and she is more or less
dead. Click on her feather for Bobbin to do something stupid (YOU IDIOT!!!) and
then click on the LOOM to learn the RIFT SPELL. CAST RIFT on the LOOM. After
this, you now have NOTE C, the last one. Now, after the cut-scene, click on the
hole, and go through. Click on yourself, and CAST HUMAN TO SWAN. Sit back, and
enjoy the ending. CONGRATULATIONS, you have finished the incredibly short LOOM!





There are many spells in LOOM to cast, and you can cast a reverse effect by
casting the spell backwards. This is the order you get the SPELLS in too.

HUMAN TO SWAN: Click on Loom/sphere

OPEN: Played by the egg in elders tent on LOOM island.

CLOSE: Play OPEN backwards.

NIGHT VISION: Played by the owls on LOOM island.

STRAW TO GOLD: Spin the spinning wheel in the village tent on LOOM island.


EMPTY: Tip over the flask of green dye in the tent on LOOM island.

FILL: Play EMPTY backwards.

DYE: Click on the green dye in the tent on LOOM island.

BLEACH: Play DYE backwards.

TWIST: Click on the twister out in sea.

UNTWIST: Play TWIST backwards.

APPEAR: Played by the Shepherds at the forest.

DISAPPEAR: Play APPEAR backwards.

SHARPEN: Click on the Scythe at the tower in Glass City.

UNSHARPEN: Play SHARPEN backwards.

FEAR: Click on the sphere at Glass City.

AWAKEN: Click on the sheep at the sleeping shepherd just after the forest.

SLEEP: Play AWAKEN backwards.

HEAL: Click on the lamb after Fleece talks to you.

REFLECT: Click on the pool in the volcano (dragons den).

SILENCE: Click on the LOOM after Chaos uses it.

UNSILENCE: Play SILENCE backwards.

COOK: Click on the LOOM after Chaos uses it.

UNCOOK: Play COOK backwards.

RIFT: Click on the LOOM after Hetchel is shredded. :)




Q. Why are no items mentioned in your guide?

A. Because there aren't any in LOOM.

Q. This game is too short, why do you think it is?

A. Dunno, maybe because they couldn't think of any more guilds?

Q. Can you see what Bobbin looks like?

A. Play on the hardest difficulty, and when Cob looks under your hood, you can
see, its only on the Floppy Disk version though.

Q. Do you use all of the spells in the game?

A. No, some you get so you can just reverse them.

Q. This game isn't that funny really, what gives? All LucasFilm adventure games
are funny.

A. Well, The Dig is serious. The idea is that LOOM is meant to be funny, like
the guilds, and the parts where people get shredded, that makes me laugh.

Q. I cant remember a spell, and I didn't write it down, what should I do?

A. Try to get it back, if you are clever enough to write down the reverse spell
but forgot to write down it properly, you can get it back easily. Otherwise, im
not sure.

Q. Is LOOM hard?

A. Actually, its VERY easy.




1.100 - The FINAL version, and the version that was done in a couple of hours.
To write this guide, I only ran LOOM once, because I did the whole game in 1
sitting, its that short. :(




Well, I hope you found this guide of use to you, and I do hope you enjoyed what
was LOOM, which takes no time at all to finish. It's a great game, buts its too

This guide is  Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!
This guide is for LOOM, the original 1990 version on PC, not the VGA TALKIE

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