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CSI - Crime Scene Investigation
CSI - Crime Scene Investigation - Dimensions of Murder
CSI - Dark Motives Guide
CSI - Hard Evidence
CSI - Hard Evidence FAQ
CSI - Miami
Cake Mania
Call of Duty
Call of Duty - Unites Offensive Weapons Guide
Call of Duty - Weapons Guide
Call of Duty 2 - Weapons Guide
Call of Duty 2 FAQ
Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare Challenge
Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare Equipment Guide
Call of Duty 4 Weapons Guide
Call of Juarez
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
Cameron Files - Pharaoh's Curse
Cameron Files - Secret at Loch Ness
Cancer Escape
Captain Claw
Captain Comic II - Fractured Reality
Carmageddon 2
Carmageddon II - Carpocalypse Now [solve]
Carmen Word Detictive
Carnivores 2
Castle Fantasia 2
Castle of Dr.Brain
Castle of the Winds
Castles II - Siege & Conquest
Cave Adventure
Cave Escaper
Cave Story
Cavewars FAQ
Cedric and the Revolution
Cemetry Gates
Cemetry Gates Chapters 3
Challenge of the Five Realms
Champions of Krynn
Championship Manager 2
Championship Manager 2 - Hints and Tips
Championship Manager 2 - mini-tips
Championship Manager Season 03/04
Chaos Overlords
Charger Escape
Chemical Room
Chemistry Lab Escape
Cherry Room Escape
Chika's Escape - Write a letter to Santa
Children of the Nile
China - Forbidden City
Chips Challenge FAQ
Chocolat - Maid Cafe Curio
Choppa Poppa
Christmas Escape 2
Christmas Eve Escape
Christmas Gift Escape
Chronicles of Mystery - The Scorpio Ritual
Chronicles of the Sword
Chrono Quest
Circle of Blood (Broken Sword)
Circuit's Edge
Circus Empire
City of Heroes
City of Villains - Bind/Macro Guide
City of the Lost Children
CivCity Rome General FAQ
Civilization 3 Government Guide
Civilization 3 Strategy Guide
Civilization II - FAQ
Civilization II - Wonders of the World FAQ
Civilization II In-Depth Guide
Civilization IV - beyond the sword guide
Classroom Escape
Cleopatra - A Queen's Destiny
Click Drag Type 3
Clive Barker's Undying
Clive Barker's Undying Secret's FAQ
Close Combat - A Bridge Too Far
Club Dead
Club Penguin Mission 7
Club Penguin Mission 8
Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion
Clue - Murder at Boddy Mansion FAQ
Cobra Mission
Code Blue
Codename - Iceman
Codename - Panzers Phase 2
Codename - Panzers Phase One
Cold Room Escape
Colin McRae Rally 3 - Game Guide
College Slam
Colonel's Bequest
Colossal Cave, The
Colour Adventure
Comanche 4
Combat Arms
Come See Me Tonight
Come See Me Tonight 2
Command & Conquer
Command & Conquer - Generals
Command & Conquer - Generals Zero Hour
Command & Conquer - Generals Zero Hour FAQ
Command & Conquer - Red Alert - The Aftermatch
Command & Conquer - Red Alert 2
Command & Conquer - Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge
Command & Conquer - Red Alert 2 Time Study
Command & Conquer - Red Alert 3
Command & Conquer - Red Alert rules.ini
Command & Conquer - Renegade
Command & Conquer - Renegade - Guide
Command & Conquer 3 - Kane's Wrath
Command and Conquer
Command and Conquer - The Covert Operations
Command and Conquer Generals Walkthrough
Commander Keen - Episode 1 - Marooned on Mars
Commander Keen - Secret of the Oracle
Commandos 2 - Men of Courage
Commandos 3 - Destination Berlin
Companions of Xanth
Conan the Cimmerian
Condemned - Criminal Origins - Weapons and Enemies Guide
Conflict - Desert Storm
Conflict - Desert Storm II
Conflict - Desert Storm II - Back To Baghdad
Congo - Descent into Zinc
Congo - Descent into Zinj
Conquer Online
Conquest of Camelot
Conquest of the Longbow - The Legend of Robin Hood
Conquest of the New World
Conspiracy (KGB)
Contract J.A.C.K.
Contraption Zack
Cool 21
Cottage Escape
Cow Room Escape
Cow's New Year
Crane and Spider
Crazy Machine Escape
Crazy Taxi 3
Creature Venture
Creatures 2 [solve]
Creatures 3
Crime Stories
Crimson Crown
Crimson Planet - Full Version
Critical Path
Cruise for a Corpse
Crypt Keeper
Crypt of Medea
Crystal Key
Crystal Key 2
Crystal Skull
Cube Core
Culture Festival
Curse - The Eye of Isis
Curse - The Eye of Isis Walk
Curse of Enchantia
Curse of Monkey Island
Curse of Monkey Island - Song Lyrics
Cute Knight - Endings Guide
Cute Knight - Items/Recipes
Cyberia 2 - Resurrection
Cygnus Gate

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