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Les Manley in Lost in L.A. Tips & Tricks

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Les Manley in Lost in L.A.

Venice Beach:

How come the girls at The Pit won't talk to me:
-You're a puny little suspicious-looking pip-squeak.
-They just don't trust strangers.
-You need to talk Lance the lifeguard first.

Hollywood Boulevard:

How do I get my picture taken with a star cutout:
You can get anything if you do a favor for the right person.
You might want to sleep on that one.
Ask Murry about the pass on his counter.  Then do him a favor.

Which star cutout should I have my picture taken with:
-Being a man, Les should be able to figure that one out.
-The same one Helmut would.
-LaFonda Turner.

How do I pass The Boyz so I can get into Lou's:
-Turn Lance into a red neck.
-Some advice from a sharp individual might help.
-Check out the newspaper vending machine on Venice Beach.
-Ask Lance about the upcoming solar eclipse.
-Get the bandanna from Lance during the eclipse.
-Ask Murry about the kid across the street.
-Go across the street and talk to Blade (Peacechild).
-Give the bandanna to The Boyz.

How do I trade with Lou:
-Give him something he admires.
-Check with Cristy and Misty for a hint.
-Take a look at street light across from Cristy and Misty.
-Give Lou picture taken with the LaFonda Turner cutout for laptop computer.

What am I supposed to do with TWO L.A. maps:
-Try peddling one of them to someone in another part of town.
-Go to Sunset and Vine.
-Give one to the entrepreneur next to Luther Blue's.

How do I get into Club Mud:
-You can't walk in without a ticket.
-Check with Murry as he points the way out.
-The pass is revealed when Murry points to exit before you leave.
-Re-enter the hotel and ask Murry about the pass.

I have the free pass, but Bob the Barker won't let me in Club Mud.  Why not?:
-Poor Les just doesn't have the proper equipment.
-That does not compute!
-Get the laptop computer from Lou's.

I enter a password, but it results in me biting the "green weenie".  Why:
-You probably don't have the right password.
-You're just a phone call away from finding out.
-Talk with the tourists.
-Get the map from the tourists by signing an autograph.
-Give extra map to entrepreneur on Sunset & Vine, and he'll give you a phone.
-Give the phone to Blade on Hollywood Blvd. (Whew!, that was a long one.)

Paramounds Studio:

Why won't the security guard let me into the studio:
-You don't have the right ammunition.
-You can't enter for no reason at all.
-You need evidence incriminating Abe and Maladonna.
-Use the password to get evidence on Abe & Maladonna from the LAPD database.

The rowboat keeps sinking before I reach the dock. What am I supposed to do:
-You can find some pretty good crap on Rodeo Drive.
-Scare pigeon on Rodeo Drive (click on pigeon and Les will walk up to it).
-Remove the resulting pigeon "spoo" from the car.
-Use the "spoo" on the boat to patch the hole.

How do I leave the "October the 13th" set:
-You can't leave the way you arrived.
-Keep a sharp eye out for a sign.
-Click on the Camp Blood sign.

Rodeo Drive:

How do I remove the "spoo" from the car:
-Very carefully!
-Something flat and firm would be best.
-Use your Big K credit card.

How do I get into "Les Plastique":
-A good referral will get you in.
-Get into Paramounds Studio
-Get onto the Maladonna set so Les can be "discovered".
-Next, find an agent to represent you.
-Visit Tony Leoni on Sunset and Vine.
-Visit Luther Blue on Sunset & Vine.

How do I get into "Les Boutique":
-Have you gotten an agent yet?
-First, go to Tony Leoni's.
-Then go to Luther Blue's.
-Next, visit "Les Plastique".
-Finally, return to Luther Blue's to shoot a portfolio.

I'm in "Les Boutique" and nothing is happening.  What's going on:
-Remember what you're there for?
-Try browsing a while.
-Walk behind the clothes rack and wait for Maladonna to enter the store.
-Eavesdrop on her conversation, and you'll learn some interesting things!

Sunset & Vine:

Tony Leoni throws me out every time I go see him.  What should I do:
-Just like with the IRS, don't talk to an agent unless you have to.
-Go where the stars go to make a living.
-Visit Paramounds Studios.
-Get onto Maladonna's music video set, and you'll be discovered.

Wax Museum:

I'm outside, but all the doors and windows are boarded up. How do I get in:
-This problem could give a person a splitting headache.
-Jason would have no problem getting in.
-Take axe from the "October the 13th" set and use it on the Museum's door.

I look at Helmut, get nabbed & the "green weenie" screen appears. What next:
-Maybe you aren't looking at him the right way.
-Have Helmut lighten up a little.
-Take the torch on the wall next to Dracula, and use it on Helmut.

Every time I open up the sarcophagus I die.  What's up:
-You haven't finished with the business at hand.
-You haven't found what you're looking for yet.
-Find and take the torch.
-Find Helmut and use the torch on him.

How does Helmut open up the sarcophagus:
-Seek help from within.
-Think like "Conan".
-Get the sword that the Conan wax figure is holding.
-Use the sword on the sarcophagus.

I can't take the sword from Conan.  What am I supposed to do:
-What a burn!
-Offer him a light.
-Use the torch on the wax to loosen the sword.
-The sword will then appear in Helmut's inventory.

How does Helmut get down the long flight of stairs:
-Swing by Tarzan for some help.
-Use sword to cut Tarzan's loin cloth, and it appears in Helmut's inventory.
-Use the loin cloth while on the flight of stairs.

I've found Les but can't free him from the metal bands. What do I do:
-If Helmut where a drooling idiot, he'd know.
-If only Helmut confronted an alien before jumping.
-Some wax remnants from Helmut's mold would be a good place to start.
-Use the sword on Helmut's stand to remove some wax.
-Use the wax on the alien's drool.
-Pour this "cup o' drool" on the metal bands holding Les.

I'm having trouble dealing with the two "killer Zombie Bimbos". Now what:
-They look like they're into high fashion.  What would scare them?
-Give them a little "charge".
-Use the Big K credit card on them.

I'm in the bell tower with Mad Wax, who's holding Helmut.  What do I do now:
-Stick with what works best.
-Give Mad Wax a little "charge".
-Use the Big K credit card again.
-Hah!  Fooled ya!  That Big K card only works on killer bimbos.

Mad Wax is holding Helmut and has pulled a gun on Les.  Now what:
-What can Les pull?
-Try pulling on the bell rope.
-You won't be able to, but this triggers Helmut to act.

Helmut is free, but Mad Wax is still holding a gun. What next:
-Helmut's location should give you an idea.
-Careful!  Helmut may ring your bell.
-And now, let's take time for a plug from our sponsor.
-Before Les leaves the wax museum, touch LaFonda and some wax will rub off.
-Use that wax to plug your ears.

OK, Mad Wax dropped the gun and Helmut has escaped.  What happens next:
-Try picking up the gun.
-You can't, but your action will trigger Helmut.
-Take notice of Helmut's position
-Do any school pranks come to mind?
-Push Mad wax, using the hand icon.
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