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Legend Of Faerghail Tips & Tricks

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Legend Of Faerghail

Faerghail  is  a  German  adventure  that commences in the mythical
land of Thynn,  whose  Duke  despatches  your  party of six to quell
an uprising of Elves in league with the Devil. The story slowly
comes alive as you explore eight  dungeons  scattered  across  27
outdoor maps of this sprawling land. Essentially  it  is  a  "hot
square" game in which messages and events are triggered  when you
step on particular squares. Some puzzles revolve around keys  and
artifacts,  while  others  are riddles. Character development is
crucial;  there are six magic classes, for instance, with nearly 300
spells on  tap.  Combat  is unwieldy, for you cannot move weak
characters (such as Priests)   to   the   rear   ranks,   as   in
most  RPG´s.  A  formidable, combat-intensive  quest  of  immense
scope,  Faerghail is well-written but often vexing.

The  locations  of  many  items  are randomised. And more than a few
of the weapons,  spells  and artifacts are useless. While combat is
plentiful, you can  avoid  many  battles  by  running away; in order
to win the final one, though,  your  characters  will have to
develop their attributes in combat. One of the most confounding
aspects of the game is wending your way through all  the  trees  in
the  outdoor  areas.  Once  you  have  the crystal for auto-mapping,
this is less of a problem.

Create  at  least  twelve  characters, then install five in your
party. You will  soon  be  joined  by  Sigurd,  a  notable  warrior
who grabs all the experience points and gold after a battle. You
will dismiss him later. Your party  should  consist  of a Paladin, a
Wizard, a Healer, a Priest, a Smith and a Thief. The Priest should
be a female Half-Elf. The Healer should be a female  Elf.  Levels
are hard to attain, except for the Priest and Healer. Bring  them up
to Level 25 or 30 as soon as possible, and teach them all of the
languages  to  increase their concentration. Levels cost from 1,500
to 2,250  gold,  so you will need a lot of money. You can buy some
weapons but you will ´find´ the best ones.

To  boost bargaining power, give a lot of gear and money to a
character who possesses  a  valuable  item. Then have him sell the
valuable item, bargain with  the buyer to raise the price, and
accept the offer. The Emporium will be  unable  to  give  you  the
money, but you will increase your bargaining power.

Rations can be obtained by resting at the Inn, receiving 84 rations,
giving them  to one of your party, dismissing him, admitting another
one, resting, giving  the  rations to him, then dismissiing him.
Later you can bring them back  into  the  party.  You can have as
many as 300 or more, and will need them in the Mine or Castle.

As  previously pointed out, the location of many items is
randomised. After saving,  you can return to the place where you
found valuable items and get more of them. Strive for several
Hammers of the Gods and Dragon Weapons.

Always save just before you rest. Otherwise you will find all of
your goods missing.  In  most cases the Emporium will identify
objects when you try to sell them. You will get positive
identification of potions and scrolls. Use maps  to  find  out what
they represent. There is a Healer in the Southeast part  of  the
later).  The  Emporium  can  repair  only non-magic items. See the
Smith to repair magical gear.

The  Book gives commands to do certain things, but many are
INCORRECT!! The correct letters (for keyboard only) are:

O = SAVE or LOAD the game outside the villages
U = to USE something
C = to CAST a spell
F = to have the Smith repair something
P = to have the Thief open a door
S = to PAUSE the game


Leave  Thynn  with  a party of five. You will be joined by Sigurd.
Head for the  Mine Entrance and Tavern, almost due West around
trees. Enter the Mine and  go  WEST  six  times,  SOUTH,  WEST seven
times, NORTH, then WEST four times.  You  will  find a CRYSTAL BALL:
type M for a short distance mapping ability.  Go  NORTH, then WEST
and take the next exit SOUTH. Continue SOUTH until  you  hit a wall,
then WEST to a wall, NORTH to the second EAST exit, NORTH, WEST,
NORTH and DOWN the steps.

On  Level  2  (starting  in  the  Northwest  corner), go EAST to the
second opening,  then  SOUTH to a wall, EAST, SOUTH to a wall. Go
WEST, SOUTH to a wall,  then zig-zag SOUTHEAST until you arrive at a
large room. Stay to the North to miss a trap, but enter the first
North room, where you will find a STEEL KEY and perhaps a random
object or two. There is also a big nugget of GOLD. Another nugget is
in the extreme Southwest corner.

You  can  rent  a  spade in the extreme Southeast corner. As you
return, by retracing  your  stepas  and  moving Northwest, you will
encounter a double entrance.  Take  the NORTH side passage to a dead
end, and use the spade to open  a  passage.  Follow this passage to
a CHEST that contains the SHAOLIN STAFF. Now go to the area North
and East of where you rented the spade, and you will find the stairs
to Level 3.

Work  your  way SOUTHEAST until you hit the Eastern wall (bring up
the map, via  the  M  key: if you see no more passages going East,
you´re there). Go due  SOUTH  until you hit a wall, ignoring the
side passages along the way, and  you  are  in  the  Southeast
corner.  Then go WEST, and you will find GUNPOWDER  and  some other
items. On the return trip North, take the second entrance  to the
West, enter and continue WEST to a wall. USE GUNPOWDER and you´ll
find  a room with CHESTS containing small amounts of GOLD. (You can
also use gunpowder on Mine Levels 4, 5 and 2, in a room in the
Pyramid, one in  the  Castle,  and  elsewhere).  To  return  to  the
surface, go to the NORTHWEST.  Here  you´ll  find  a  door. USE
PICKLOCK (or GUNPOWDER if that doesn´t work). Continue NORTH to the
stairway. Exit the Mine, and you´ll be in the Western Wilderness,
facing West.

Or,  after leaving the Mine (while in the Eastern Wilderness), go
SOUTH six or  seven  paces,  not  counting your East, West or North
steps. Keep going WEST to a second mine entrance. Enter and turn
around, use the M (mapping), and  you  will  see  another  set  of
stairs.  Take  these  to the Western Wilderness.

Go WEST to a tree, then NORTHWEST to Cyldane, whose entrance is on
the East side. The Count will send troops to the East and suggest
that you go to the Monastery  of  Sagacita  to learn about the
Elves. Before doing so, dismiss one  of  your party, go NORTHEAST
and into the maze (the entrance is on the East side) and add the old
man to your party. Hold on to the leather pouch, go  to  the  end
of  the  maze, and answer the four Elementals with: FIRE, DAUGHTER,
ECHO  and  EYES. Then make a note of the Oracle´s statements. Go
SOUTH  and  collect  the STAFF OF AGE. Leave the maze and head
SOUTHWEST to the  Abbey (the entrance is on the South side), which
is the Monastery that Cyldane told you about.

Dismiss  the old man and enter the Abbey. You can avoid a lot of
battles by having  the  character with the highest bargaining
ability answer, then hit the  ´W´  key to withdraw. You can also
withdraw and repeat this. Go to the Southwest  corner, collecting
any useful items that you find along the way. You  will  meet a
Monk, who should be added to the party. Going WEST on the South side
of the Abbey, you will find goods only in the 5th and 7th cells. Go
DOWN  the  stairs,  which are at the Southwest corner; the passage
goes North to the stairs. On the Abbey´s second level, go due EAST
of the stairs to  a  wall,  then  NORTH, then WEST and you will find
a hole in the floor. JUMP  through,  making  a  careful  note of
where you land because you must return to this location.

This  is  Level 1. Make your way to the Southeast corner, to the
three cell doors facing West. Enter the centre cell. Go DOWN the
steps. You will be in the  exact  centre  of Level 2. Go WEST,
SOUTHEAST then NORTHEAST to a room with  four  doors. Go SOUTH. In
the Southwest corner of the large room, you will  find a ROPE.
Continue SOUTHWEST to the first hallway running East. At the  end
of  this  hall  is a STONE SARCOPHAGUS. Give it to your strongest
character  (you  may  want to sell it to the Emporium at Thynn, then
buy it back  when  you  will  need  it  at  the end of the
game......or give it to character  you´re  not  using,  and
retrieve  it later). There is a lot of treasure  in  the  Catacombs
if  you  need more loot. When ready to leave, return  to  the  hole
through which you jumped earlier and have a Rogue USE THE ROPE.
Retrace your route back out and exit.

Return  to  the Mine Entrance from which you emerged earlier. At
this point in the game, only one mine entrance is available in the
Western Wilderness, and  two  in  the Eastern Wilderness. Enter and
you will be on Level 4. Try the  door and you will meet an
Elemental. Answer: PLOUGH. Use the AMULET to open  the  door.  Go
DOWN the stairway and use ´M´. You will see an Eastern stairway
that leads to the Eastern Wilderness. Or, enter the mine and turn
until you see stairs going East. Take them back to the Eastern

Go  to  the  Southeast  part of the Eastern Wilderness. Six spaces
from the bottom  and two spaces from the East, facing North, you
will meet a Healer. USE  the  AMULET,  and  she will give you a
HEALING STAFF. Don´t use it too much (the Smith can repair it, as he
can all items).

Go  SOUTH  to  the  Dragon Temple and enter. You need to locate the
MITHRIL BALL  and  a  STAFF  from the Dragon Statue; take the stairs
located in the Southeast  area  to the Second Level. On Level 2,
leave the stairs and head directly  WEST  until  you  run into the
Statue which will give you the KEY STAFF.  Then  go to the Southeast
corner room for the MITHRIL BALL. You can get  500  gold  in  each
of the rooms North and South of the stairs, plus a STAFF  OF  LIFE.
In  a  room  West  and  South  of  the Dragon Statue is a
CATCHLOCKHILT  SWORD.  On  the  first level directly West of the
stairs are five  full  sets  of  ARMOUR,  many  WEAPONS  and  GOLD.
The answer to the Elemental  is: AND. After more exploration, leave
for Thynn. SAVE. Get lots of RATIONS and check your bank account.
This is a good time to unload items by selling them or leaving them
with NPC´s at the Inn. You will need plenty of empty slots for the
next sequence.

From  Thynn,  go  NORTHEAST  to the Elven Cemetery and note the name
of the LAST  PERSON  buried.  Go  directly  to  the  Elven Pyramids.
To answer the guard´s  random  question,  consult  the  family  tree
in the book. Answer incorrectly  and  he´ll  ask another question
when you try to go East. Keep trying  until you get it right. If you
answer correctly, he will vanish and you  can  continue EAST. Enter
the Pyramid and avoid as many battles as you can.  You  are  seeking
CASKETS  and  other  items,  but  nothing necessary for solving the

Inside  the  Pyramid,  go  SOUTH to a wall, WEST to a door, SOUTH
through a door,  EAST  to  the next door. Turn NORTH. Move NORTH to
the next door and enter  an  Elven  Bathroom, where you can rest
safely. SAVE first. In fact, you  should  SAVE in at least three
different points in the Pyramid because the  program  sometimes
locks  up  in here! Exit, go EAST, NORTH, EAST and SOUTH through a
door, then EAST and NORTH through the first door and UP the stairs.
From this point on, you will not have any trouble with the stairs.

On  Level 2, go WEST twice into a room with four doors. Go WEST,
SOUTH then EAST  into  a  room and get the RUBY KEY. Go back to the
four-door room and head  SOUTH, EAST and SOUTH into a room, EAST
then SOUTH into another room. The  answer  to  the  guard  is:
SOMETHING. You will get the IRON KEY. From here,  go  WEST into a
Cell Block (you must break the door down). There are 14 cells, 7
North and 7 South. USE the IRON KEY to unlock the cells. On the
North  side,  enter  cells 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 (use the RING KEY to
enter cell 7). On the South side, enter cells 1, 2 and 4. You will
get a RING KEY, two MAPS  (three & four from the manual), a warning
about the old King, and the name: ´SPINGO´.

Return  to  the stairs and go UP. From the stairs, go EAST, NORTH
and EAST, then through a South door (use gunpowder), EAST through
the next door, EAST through a secret door (the TRUE SCROLL is here,
but is useless!), back WEST two  spaces,  then NORTH through the
door into the Library. Get the SCROLLS (ENCHANT ARMOR, BOOK OF
HERBS). Do not push the button! Move SOUTH and WEST into  a  square
room  with three doors. Take the South door and follow the hall
through  a  South  door.  You  turn  West  at  several points in
this corridor, and will feel light-headed. When this happens, you
have been spun around,  so turn around, reverse your direction and
continue. Go WEST, then NORTH.  Continue NORTH then EAST and enter
the first South door to find the FIRE KEY and the SACRED DAGGER.

Return to the square room with three doors. Go WEST. There are three
secret doors.  The  TOP one is opened with the FIRE KEY, and yields
the WATER KEY. Enter  the MIDDLE door to get the AIR KEY (use the
WATER KEY to enter). The SOUTH  door is opened with the AIR KEY, and
yields the EARTH KEY. Now go to the North room, enter, and go to the
West wall and USE the GUNPOWDER to get the KEY OF LIGHT, some

Return  to  the  square  room again. Take the East door, turn SOUTH
into an alcove,  use  the KEY OF EARTH (don´t push the button, which
will close off the exit). Search all three rooms and get the DRAGON
CASKETS. Go to the stairs and go UP.

On  Level  4,  go  directly NORTHEAST to get some SCROLLS (ENCHANT
WEAPONS, LORD  OF  RINSE)  and  GOLD,  then  return to the stair
door. Go WEST, then SOUTH,  then  EAST into an alcove and get the
GLASSY KEY. Go WEST and SOUTH into  a  room,  then WEST, and USE the
GLASSY KEY to enter the secret room. BUY  INFORMATION.  SAVE.  Go
back EAST to the room across the hall, USE the GUNPOWDER, and take
what you find. Return to the room you just left.

Move  NORTH, then WEST into the first room. Take the LOOT, then go
SOUTH to the secret door. USE the KEY OF LIGHT, then enter. USE HOLY
WATER (from the Chapel in the Abbey) on the BLACK FLAME. (If you
haven´t found it yet, back up  one space to the North. Use gunpowder
to blast a hole in the East wall. Enter. Blast a hole in the South
wall. Continue blasting holes to the South until you enter a room
with the old King). Answer: CIRCLE to the Elemental. Go  SOUTH  to
the old King, who will give you an ELVEN BOW. Go NORTH. Exit the

Now  go all the way NORTH, then EAST along the wall until you
encounter the Mask  Bearer  outside  the  alcove in the North wall.
Attack him, and he´ll flee.  Enter  the alcove. USE the LEATHER
POUCH to get the DEMON MASK. Also get  the  DEATH  MASK  (but never
use it until you kill the Dragon). To the right and left of the
Master is 3000 in GOLD.

Return  to  Thynn,  then head NORTH and WEST for the Derelict Castle
in the Northwest  section of the Eastern Wilderness. SAVE just
before entering and keep  this  SAVEd  game  intact  in  case you
must restore later. Enter the Castle.  Head  directly  WEST,  enter
the room then go SOUTH to the Western side.  In the centre of the
Western wall is a secret door. Enter it, into a long  corridor.  You
will see five secret doors on the way down (each has a large
inverted  ´U´ on it). You can find items in them: the first room has
ELVEN  ARMOUR and a MAGIC BROADSWORD, the next room has three
POTIONS (HOLY WATER).  Return to where you entered the long
corridor. Go EAST through two doors,  then SOUTH, EAST, NORTH and
EAST into a room, and you will get more nice  items.  Return to the
long corridor and enter the first room. Go EAST through  the  door,
then EAST and NORTH through a door. Turn WEST and go UP the stairs.

Go WEST into a room, then NORTH to get a CRANK HANDLE for the
shutters. The answer  to  the question is: RULER. Search the rooms,
then go back DOWN the stairs  and  to  the  corridor. Enter the
third secret door and go directly EAST,  then  a  little  NORTH,
through a door, then SOUTH through a door to find  a  much-needed
LADLE.  Return  to  the corridor, then enter the next secret  door
North. Go EAST through a door then NORTH to the stairs. Go UP to
Level 2.

Go  WEST,  then  SOUTH  across a corridor. You can get two SEAL
RINGS here. Then  go  back  NORTH to the corridor and EAST into a
large room, where you will  meet  the Vampire in the North part of
the room. USE the MITHRIL BALL on  him.  Pick up the VAMPIRE. Go
EAST out of this room, and you will be in the map on page 3 of the

Enter  the  secret  room to get a TALISMAN that will heal the entire
party. Return  to  the  Vampire´s room and go SOUTH through the
Banquet Hall, then SOUTH through the next room. There is a secret
door here (see Map 4 on page 15  of  the  manual).  Search  this
room thoroughly. Go back NORTH into the room,  then  NORTH into the
next room. Now move EAST, SOUTH and WEST into a room, which was
Idrielle´s room. Search this room thoroughly. Exit the room and  go
SOUTH through a door to find the DOOR KEY that will let you out of
the Castle. Search, then head SOUTH to the stairs and UP to Level 5.

LEVELS 5 & 4:
There  are  lots of traps on Level 5, so follow these directions
precisely. First SAVE the game. As you go through regular doors,
they lock, and as you go  through  secret  doors,  they  change.  Go
EAST through a secret door, picking  up  any treasures as you go (to
avoid explosive traps to the South and West, blast a hole in the
West wall and go WEST). Then go NORTH into an alcove,  get  the
treasure, and go into the next alcove, where you will be stopped.
USE  the  VAMPIRE, and you can proceed. USE the LADEL to fish out
the  EMERALD.  Now  turn  around  until you face South, move SOUTH
once and blast  a hole in the West wall. Go WEST, then SOUTH through
a regular door, then  SOUTH, EAST, and then EAST through a secret
door, and DOWN the stairs to the Fouth Level.

After  exploring  Level  4,  head  WEST  from the stairway, then
SOUTH to a secret  door,  and  WEST  across  a  bridge (through a
secret door and then through two doors) into a room. Go NORTH, then
take the first East exit. It will  be  a slide to the first level in
the Basement. There´s a BONE in the basement that you should grab.
Look in a room to the West of the basement´s centre.  Go WEST twice,
NORTH through a secret door, NORTH, WEST and NORTH. Go  through  the
door.  NORTH,  EAST and NORTH. Go through the door to the stairs.
Go  UP  to the First Level and then WEST, NORTH and WEST to a long
corridor.  NORTH  to  a  wall.  EAST through a secret door. EAST out
of the room. USE the MASTER KEY and you will be out.

This  means  leaving  without  the  Hammer  of  the  Gods, which you
should eventually  return  for  before  the  final  battle.  The
hammer is in the Southeast  area  of the basement, where you will be
constantly spun around. But  keep your bearing, go to the Southeast
corner, through Idrielle´s Tomb via  a  secret door EAST, then NORTH
through another door. There is a cross formation  with  three
switches.  Turn  off  the NORTH switch and the WEST switch,  and
you  can  now  approach  the Hammer by heading directly NORTH
between  the  two  centre columns. You will still be spun about, but
if you keep at it, you will arrive and claim the Hammer.

It  is not vital to do so, but you can find a lot of GOLD,
INFORMATION from a Prisoner, some POTIONS and other items here. If
you encounter tomb doors, just  walk  through them. In the Southwest
corner is a Healing Fountain. In the Southwest corner of the
basement is Idrielle´s Tomb, plus a MAP that is the one on page 21
of the manual. The steps to the Sub-basement are in this area. If
you go here, you will go NORTH into a hall. Stay near the walls to
avoid  a  trap.  Go  NORTH, EAST and SOUTH and enter the first EAST
door to find  a  GAIN LEVEL POTION. If you picked up a BONE on the
level above, use it to get past the Dog in the Southeast corner;
otherwise, avoid this area. Explore, then go UP to the first floor
and out.

Return  to  Thynn and buy the SARCOPHAGUS (if you sold it) and at
least 350 RATIONS.  Enter the mine in the Southernmost entrance. Go
NORTH. Say ´YES´. Re-enter  the  mine.  You  are  now on Level 5.
(For 13,000 gold, go to the Northeast  corner  and  find the passage
going East, go into it and use the gunpowder  at  the  end  of the
passage. This opens a Southern passage to a room  with  the  gold).
Work your way to the South central area, where you will  find  the
Spring.  Move SOUTHWEST to a large room. Go SOUTH and WEST through
a door, then SOUTHEAST. Un-equip each item (don´t drop them), then
walk  into  the  Spring, and you will be on the other side. Get the
RING OF POWER  and  return. (For 13,000 more gold, go to the
Northeast corner, face EAST  and use the gunpowder. This opens a
passage to a room with the gold). Go  back  to the NORTHWEST, then
WEST to a wall, NORTH to a wall, EAST to a wall,  NORTH  to  a
wall,  EAST to a wall, NORTH to a wall, EAST once, and NORTH  to  a
wall.  Move EAST and SOUTH to the steps DOWN. Don´t forget to
re-equip your gear.

LEVELS 6 & 7:
On  Level  6, head SOUTH to the first stop, then EAST to the second
opening and  SOUTHEAST  to  a large room. Go WEST, then all the way
SOUTH until you encounter  a  strong  light.  Return NORTH, then
EAST to a large room, then SOUTH,  then  EAST  until  you  find
Adamit. Now go back NORTH to the large room.  Move  SOUTHEAST,  take
the second opening to the West, then go SOUTH and  EAST  until  you
meet a Dwarf. The answer is: SPINGO. Then you need to use  the
STONE KEY. To get it, go EAST to the stairs. Get it and return to
the  Dwarf.  Go  NORTH to the T-shaped room. You will find a Dwarf
who will make  you  a  MIRROR  SHIELD.  USE ADAMIT. With this, go
back to the strong light  and get the CORONA RING. Return to the
Dwarf and go past him. Do not go  into  the  large  room  to the
North. SAVE and rest (you cannot save on Level 7!).

Adventurous Approach:
You   can  proceed  as  suggested  here,  which  is  recommended
for  more experienced players, or skip on to the Cautious Approach.
Go DOWN the steps into a large room and follow these directions
EXACTLY or you will die!!

`Proceed: WEST 2 - NORTH 3 - WEST 1 - NORTH 1 - WEST 2 - SOUTH 3 -
`         EAST 1 - SOUTH 3 - EAST 1 - SOUTH 1 - EAST 1 - SOUTH 2 -
`         WEST 4 - NORTH 1 - WEST 2 - SOUTH 3 - EAST 2 - SOUTH 2 -
`         WEST 5 - NORTH 2 - EAST 1 - NORTH 3 - WEST 1 - NORTH 2 -
`         EAST 4 - NORTH 3 - WEST 1 - NORTH 1 - WEST 1 - NORTH 1 -
`         WEST 2 - SOUTH 2 - WEST 2 - NORTH 2 - WEST 2 - NORTH 2 -
`         EAST 3 - NORTH 1 - EAST 4 - SOUTH 1 - EAST 2 - NORTH 2 -
`         EAST 2 - NORTH 2 - WEST 3 - NORTH 1 - WEST 2 - SOUTH 2 -
`         WEST 2 - NORTH 1 - WEST 1 - NORTH 1 - WEST 2 - SOUTH 1 -
`         WEST 1 - SOUTH 1 - WEST 3 - NORTH 1 - WEST 2 - SOUTH 2 -
`         EAST 1 - SOUTH 1 - EAST 1 - SOUTH 1 - EAST 1 - SOUTH 4 -
`         EAST 1 - SOUTH 3 - EAST 3 - SOUTH 2 - WEST 1 - SOUTH 2 -
`         EAST 1 - SOUTH 3 - WEST 2 - NORTH 2 - WEST 1 - NORTH 3 -
`         WEST 2 - SOUTH 4 - WEST 2 - NORTH 2 - WEST 1 - NORTH 2.

Now, go WEST to the first entrance. When you leave here, go to the
to the third entrance. Go to the top of the stairway and SAVE THE

Now  go back DOWN to the entrance and go EAST, turn sharply SOUTH
alongside the  wall, SOUTH four times, turn WEST and enter to find
the CRYSTAL SWORD. When  you  return  to the main entrance, remember
to go EAST twice and LOOK NORTH. (You will be in line with the
entrance). Go NORTH, then WEST. In the first  entrance,  you  will
find DRAGON ARMOUR, a POTION, and the STAFF OF SUNRISE. There is a
tunnel all the way around the large room, where you can find  a  lot
of NUGGETS. But after you get the STAFF OF DEATH and a POTION, the
only thing left is Elven Armour at the far end.

Cautious Approach:
After  obtaining  the  CORONA RING and STONE KEY, return to the
large room. Exit to the NORTHEAST, EAST, NORTH four times and EAST
four times. Go NORTH and  WEST  to  the  corner.  Face WEST, and USE
GUNPOWDER twice. In the top centre  of  Level  6,  you can use the
CRYSTAL BALL SPELL to see a detached area.  You  will be at the
stairway described in the previous paragraph. Go DOWN  the  stairs,
face  SOUTH and USE GUNPOWDER twice to find the CRYSTAL SWORD.  Go
SOUTH, USE GUNPOWDER once, and you will find the DRAGON ARMOUR,
POTION and STAFF OF SUNRISE. (SAVE before entering this room). The
STAFF OF SUNRISE  must  be  approached from the East or North. Then
go back NORTH to the  stairs.  North of this is a secret door. By
going into the circle, you can find GOLD NUGGETS, the STAFF OF DEATH

Whether  you  used  the ´adventurous´ or ´cautious´ approach, return
to the stairs  and  go  UP.  Then  go  SOUTH. This is a long tunnel
leading to the Southeast  section  of  the Western Wilderness, with
no way to get out. You will find the STONE SWORD, a Healing Spring
and the entrance to the volcano and  the final battle. Without the
Dragon Weapons, you won´t have a chance; if you don´t have them,
restore a saved position.

Use the CORONA (one character must be holding all three items), and
it will merge  into  the EMERALD. Use the KEYSTAFF, and it also will
merge into the EMERALD,  and it can be used to enter the volcano
during the early morning. Otherwise you can´t leave the area.

Go  to  the  Stone  Halting with the STONE SWORD. Give the STAFF OF
LIFE to your  Priest,  who  can  get  the STONE SWORD, which you
will need with the other  Dragon Weapons. Heal yourself at the
Spring, then wait until sunrise and  USE  the  STAFF  on  the
entrance to enter. The stairs down are in the Southeastern  area;
with the CRYSTAL BALL SPELL, you should be able to find the way

As you head Southeast on Level 1, you can find two sets of 12
RATIONS each, GOLD  and  WEAPONS  in the central-West rooms. The
second level consists of four  sections.  In the EXACT order of the
first section you meet the Earth Golem  and the Elemental. Answer:
ICEFLOWER. Go EAST. He will give you some CLAY.  You  will be
transported to the Water Elemental Section, arriving in the
Northwest corner.

In  this section, which is like a maze, you run into the Water
Elemental in the bottom passage at the extreme Southeast corner.
When you meet the Water Elemental,  he  will give you water, and you
will be transferred to the Air Elemental.  By going SOUTH in the
area of invisible walls, you run into Air Elementals.  One of them
will form a KEY and transport you to the stairs to the  Third
Level.  If  you  can´t  find the right Air Elemental, go to the
Northwest  corner of the Air Elemental Section and blast a hole in
the West wall. Go due WEST fifteen steps. SOUTH once. WEST once to
he stairs DOWN to Level 3.

After  entering  Level 3, you will find a passage South. To explore
it, use the  SHAOLIN  STAFF  as a bridge. If you need it, there is a
Healing Spring near  where you see the Fire Elemental. On Level 3,
go EAST, then SOUTH and take the first passage EAST. Then go SOUTH -
EAST - SOUTH - WEST - SOUTH to the  Sea  Of Lava. Go to the
Southeast section and meet the Fire Elemental, who  will FIRE the
KEY for you. Then go back NORTH to the centre of the map and  then
SOUTH. At the Sea Of Lava, USE the SARCOPHAGUS to cross it. Equip
all  Dragon  Weapons and Armour. Enter the first room, USE the CLAY
KEY. Go through  the Southern wall, and in the centre of the room
you will find the DRAGON!!

The  Dragon  can  only breathe fire twice, each time doing 96 hit
points of damage.  Your  Priests and Healers should have at least
200 hit points, the others  from  50  to 60, so when you are through
attacking and on the first breath,  your  three  characters  will
be  dead. The Healer should USE the HEALING  STAFF  on all, which
will revive anyone who originally had over 84 HP,  and  restore
everyone  to  life. After the second breath, USE COMPLEX HEALING,
which will restore all to health and life. Then finish the battle.
The  Hammer of the Gods is the most effective way to kill the
Dragon. After doing  so,  USE  the  DEATH  MASK in the DRAGON BLOOD
to destroy the Dragon forever!

You  enter  the  Volcano´s third level in its Northwest sector.
Rather than taking  the  passage South (as in ON TO THE SEA OF LAVA)
go EAST then SOUTH and  take  the  first  passage EAST, then SOUTH,
then EAST, SOUTH, WEST and SOUTH  to  the  Sea  Of  Lava. USE the
SARCOPHAGUS to cross it. Go directly SOUTH,  then  SOUTH,  then
EAST until you see an opening. Land here and go directly  SOUTH
until you come to a clay door. USE CLAY KEY. USE GUNPOWDER to  the
South. SAVE THE GAME. Ready all your Dragon Armour and Weapons. Go
directly  SOUTH, and you will encounter the Dragon. Attack with all
forces, for spells won´t work. Slay the Dragon as previously
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