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Leisure Suit Larry 5 Tips & Tricks

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Leisure Suit Larry 5


Larry: Los Angeles

It's a brand new day and Larry finds himself at work at a company called
PornProdCorp. Coming from the west he hears a faint screaming and being a
little experienced he can tell it's his boss Mr. Scruemall (Yes, that stands
for Screw 'em all) needing a cup of coffee real badly. Being a nice guy, he
decides to give the man what he desires and grabs the coffee pot [2]. In
Scruemall's office he witnesses his clumsiness being turned into great
fortune. He is the chosen one! He has to find the world's sexiest woman and
you have to admit there are worse jobs. Back in the lobby Larry prepares
himself for his journey. He starts with having a quick look at the Titty
that's lying on the right table [1]. Then, he goes north. This is the file
room. What's that? In the Credit Card Imprinter on the desk he finds himself
a nice Aerodork Airlines Gold Card [5]. Traveling first class beats the hell
out of walking, doesn't it? Now back to work. He walks over to the rightmost 
file cabinet and opens its top drawer. He grabs the three resumes he needs
[8] and reads them briefly [3]. Each one reveals an object he'll need later
on. He has a quick look at Doc. Pulliam's Card [1] and leaves the room. Here,
he walks west into his working room. In the right bottom of the screen, next
to the monitor our hero discovers the three needed tapes, takes them [6] and
inserts all three of them in the degausser that's standing close to the back
wall [6]. The tapes are ready for use now, so he inserts the first one of
them in his Rob Lowe Camcorder [4] (if you don't know why this thing is named
after that moviestar, leave me a message on the Ultraforce BBS and I'll
explain it to you). Opening the left drawer reveals a battery recharger [8].
Now that's a thing a guy (and a girl) could really use. Just to get some more
points (and maybe 'cause he likes AdLib Music) Larry fools around with the
Stromburg Carlton 8-Track Cartridge Tape Player for a while [5]. Yech! This
thing's filthy. Thank goodness (or Al Lowe) there's a barrel of sterilizing
solution here. Larry uses it to clean his hands with [1] and goes to the
east. After having drunk a glass of water [1] he walks over to the power
outlet, puts his fingers into it and discovers that apart from an electric
sensation this also brings us a nice little animation and a real SoundBlaster
scream from the man himself. Played enough. He grabs his battery charger and
sticks it into the socket [8]. Then he inserts Rob Lowe in the battery
charger [3] and waits until the battery's strength is 100%. He puts all the
stuff back into his pocket [1] and leaves the building. After having thrown a
quick glimpse at the statue [1] he enters the limo and drives off.
After a short animation sequence Larry arrives at the L.A. airport. He gets
out of the limo, walks over to the ATM Terminal and inserts his Aerodork
Card. He books a flight to New York and types the correct code from the
Aerodork Airlines Travel Schedule that came with the game (Did you know even
Captain Hook BUYS a game once in a while?). He takes both the boarding pass
[4] and the Aerodork Card and enters the waiting room. Showing his Aerodork
Card before the camera, Larry gains access to the VIP lounge of the airport
[9]. He sits down and.......not such a good idea. He'd better stand. When the
sign shows "Now boarding" he inserts his ticket in the ABM [7] and boards the
Just before dozing off to other worlds he takes the magazine he sees in the
back of the seat before him [8] and closes his eyes. Bonne Voyage.

Patti: F.B.I. Lab

While Larry's asleep Patti, his female counterpart, has lost her job and
already gained a new one. Now she's in the FBI's secret lab, looking at all
their nice gadgets. After Desmond's left she looks at Dr. Rolfing [3] and the
technician with the double barred brassiere [3]. She goes east and here she
learns her contact phone number [1] and some other info from commander Twit.
After having had a quick look at the "petman" [3], she goes to the east and
meets Dr. Hopian, one of the many interesting men in this game. After he's
finished his "job", Patti goes back to the lab and takes the dataman [5] and
the two datapaks [26]. Then she heads west and grabs the double barred
brassiere [6]. She looks at it [2] and puts it on [5]. That thing's cold.
Finally ready, she leaves the building and enters the limo that's waiting
outside. Looking around she notices that one of the bottles in the car is
filled with champagne, so she takes it [6]. Then she inserts the Reverse Biaz
Datapak in the dataman [7], shows it to the driver [8] and off they go.

Larry: Plane to New York

When the plane has landed and Larry is conscious again, he goes south and
notices a small charity canister next to the door. He quickly takes a quarter
from it [5] and goes west. Here, he reads the signs and finds the number of
the limo-service in New York [1]. Walks east twice and calls 552-4668 [3] to
order a limo. He goes west and south and enters the car. Now what's that?
Larry grasps the calendar [12] and reads it [11]. Now that's what I call
luck. Then he shows the napkin to Bobby and they drive off to the Harddisk
Cafe. When the limo's gone, Larry enters the building and walks over to the
Maitre d'. He asks him if he can get a table. The guy refuses, but being
extremely persistent our hero gets him on his knees [3] and just a few
moments later he can grab his reservation ticket from the mainframe computer
[4]. He inserts it in the computer again and gains access to the next room.
Well, that's your table dude. Nothing much, but enough to sit down on for a
while. What the...that's the girl he's looking for [3]. But how will he ever
get into that next room? We'll just keep waiting until an idea pops up in his
mind, but knowing his mental capabilities that can take a while so why not
read that magazine while we're waiting [5]. That's it! The musicbox. Rapidly
Larry goes back into the lobby and inserts his reservation tape in the
musicbox [12]. Then he puts it into the mainframe, it works.
After inserting it in the next computer [12] he gains access to the room
Michelle's in. Now he's gotta get close to her, so he keeps talking until
he's at her table. Then he gives her money [5] and credit cards [5] to invest
for him. Seeing that her temperature is rising he decides to turn on Rob Lowe
(Yes girls, if it could only be as easy to turn on the real one) [4], just in
case. He gives her the calendar he's just found [5]'s partytime,
folks! Thank goodness he had turned on the camcorder [20] or the boys in
Hollywood would have had to miss all this [40]. Once he's back in the lobby,
he turns off old Rob and inserts a clean tape in it. Then he uses the phone
to dial 552-4668 [2] and jumps into the limo outside. One mission completed,
Mr. Laffer. At the airport he books a flight to Atlantic City [4], enters the
lobby and goes west. Here he recharges Rob's batteries using the power outlet
on the wall. When this is done, he grabs the bunch, enters the VIP Lounge and
boards the plane. Sweet dreams.

Patti: Limo to Shill Building

Patti's driver seems to be unable to control his hormones and therefore our
heroine quickly escapes the vehicle and enters the huge building. Here, she
looks at the board on the wall and reads the room number of Des Rever Records
[3]. Then she talks to the guard and shows him the dataman [6]. The elevator
opens and Patti enters the office of Reverse Biaz. She takes the gold record
[12] and puts it on the record player. She presses the play-button and puts
the needle on the record [3]. Now, let's see if it's true what they say about
Reverse. She presses the reverse-button and listens [3]. How rude! That's
really something, to let young children listen to this filth! (or to let them
play games like this). She presses the 78-button [3]. More dirt. Then she
makes it turn forward again [3]. This must be enough evidence to nail that
bastard Biaz. But, one can't be to sure, so Patti presses the stop-button,
takes the record and enters the studio. She does what Reverse says and plays
the synthesizer. The third time [8] is absolutely brilliant and Patti feels
as if a force from above had helped her. She enters the control room. Here,
she pours the champagne she took from the limo [18] and she manages to get
Reverse to give her a sample of his work [40]. This should be enough to put
that scumbag away for a while. Back in the limo, she inserts the P.C. Hammer
datapak in the dataman and shows it to the driver. Over and out.

Larry: Plane to Atlantic City

Our little friend is still enjoying his dream as we join him again. After the
plane has landed (and he's woken up), Larry walks south into the airport
lobby. He cleverly reads the signs above his head, discovering the phone
number of the limo service [1]. He goes west. Golly! Slot machines. He pulls
the lever of one of them and guess what......he's got a quarter [5]. Just
enough to pay for the phone call. Fate must be working with some sort of new
efficiency policy. Larry goes to the east twice and inserts the quarter in
the working phone, calling (...Elvis) 553-4468 [3]. He exits the airport
lobby and gets into the waiting limo. Here he shows the matchbook to the
driver to indicate where he wants to go and when he! this
Tramp guy must really have a couple of bucks to be able to have such a casino
put down. Always interested in a one-night-stand our hero talks to the woman
twice. Enter a number? Well, what the heck. He types in a random number
and.......pling! Ten silver coins [2]. Life is so great. Thanks ma'm let's
play! He rushes into the building and walks over to one of the video poker
machines. Inserting the 10 coins [4], he keeps playing until he's got about
1000 bucks. He presses the cash-out button and goes north. After having paid
the bouncer he sits down and watches the show (or what's left of it), keeping
his eye on Jennifer Giggle [8]. When it's finished Larry goes south twice,
and east 4 times. Remembering what he read in Lana's file (She loves roller
skating), he enters Ivana Skates and walks over to the counter. He talks to
Ivana, pays her 250 bucks [4], gets his skates and goes south. He sits down
on a bench, puts on the skates [3] and starts rolling. After a little while
he finds Lana and starts to follow her until they bump into each other and
both sit down on one of the benches [6]. Isn't she gorgeous? He talks to her
until she leaves (Yes, he's quite a talker) [2] and promises to visit the mud
wrestling match in the casino. He takes off his skates, hurries back to
Ivana's and enters the shop. He walks over to the counter, returns the skates
[3] and leaves. He walks west times and enters the casino. Now, quickly into
the ballroom. He pays the bouncer and chooses to challenge Lana in the ring
[12]. He starts his Rob Lowe, sits down and waits patiently for the event to
begin. It's started and Larry's trying to grab as many of Lana's bodyparts as
possible. He succeeds and ends up outside the ring, together with Lana [40].
The crowd goes nuts, the heat's rising and.....our hero feels a little
embarrassed, especially 'cause good ol' Rob has recorded it all [20]. But
these things happen and life goes on (and so do we...dum te dum te dum.....
sorry). Back outside Larry turns off his camcorder and inserts a clean tape
in it. Then he talks to the doorman and says "Yes please" [2]. The limo takes
him back to the airport. He walks to the ATM Terminal and books a flight to
Miami [4]. He enters the lobby and goes west. Using the outlet in the wall he
recharges the batteries of Rob Lowe. When this is done he picks up the stuff
and goes east. He enters the VIP Lounge and gets on the plane. Back to Patti.

Patti: Outside K-RAP Radio Building

Once inside, Patti notices that the only way into the office is by entering
the right code. Wait a minute, let's look at the dataman [1]. Yep, it's there
alright. She enters it and quickly opens the door [1]. Whew, that was close.
On the desk she notices a letter opener and she takes it [4]. She could
of course use it to open the desk, but being a little more subtle she
continues to search for a key. What's that near the base of the tree? Tata!
Found it [10]. She opens the desk with it [13] and searches it. A secret code
[5]. She writes it down (and so should you!) and goes on. A personal folder
[5]. Now that's interesting. She reads it [4] and decides it's important
enough to show to Desmond. So, she inserts it in the photocopier [12] and
...... whoops! Black is beautiful. She returns the folder, the letter opener
and the key and goes west. Nice bathroom. Time for a shower, people [7]. But,
as often, things don't turn out quite the way you expect them to, so Patti
takes an exiting (for the viewers) trip in a glass elevator. Well, luck is on
her side again, because those clothes really come as a nice surprise. She
quickly puts them on [1] and goes east. Using the code she found in the desk,
she enters control room B. Now, how can she overhear what's going on with the
2 Live 2 Screw guys in studio A? She starts pressing buttons and voila [8]
they're on the air. Patti quickly grabs a blank reel of tape [4], puts it on
the recorder and turns that on [4]. Oops, trouble! P.C. Hammer (M.C.'s kid
brother) has noticed her and blocks her way out. Now this is the end of her
spying career, or is it? Nope, staying cool, Patti turns off the recorder,
rewinds the tape, takes it [7], turns up the volume and starts to sing into
the mike [15]. I bet even Michael Jackson couldn't have done that. So Patti's
mission is completed, time to go home and watch how Larry's doing.

Larry: Plane to Miami

At the airport, Larry goes south and west. Hey, a cigarette vending machine.
Who knows someone's left some money in it. The little guy sticks his hand in
it and indeed finds some quarters [5]. He goes east, reads the signs [1],
goes east again and reads some more signs [1]. He picks up the only working
phone and calls 554-1272 [7]. Trying to order a car, he accidently gets
himself a green card. Now what use could that have? He calls 554-8544 [3] to
really get a limo and leaves the lobby. Well, what d'ya know. There really is
a green card. Larry grabs it [12] (not paying of course) and enters the limo.
After having shown Doc. Pulliam's Card to the driver, he's on his way to his
final victim. After arrival he enters the building and knocks on the window
twice. He answers all the questions (Y,Y,N,N,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,Y,N,N,N) [13] and
finds out that his appointment isn't due within a couple of months. So he has
to think of something better. And he does. He picks up the phone and dials
the number that's written on Doc. Pulliam's Card. It works. He takes the
doily from the table [5] and cleverly wraps it 'round his head [8]. He knocks
on the window [17] and.....he's in. He looks at Chi Chi and talks to her
three times. Did she say something about illegal aliens and stuff like that?
He's got just the solution. He turns on Al Lowe....I mean Rob of course and
gives Chi Chi the green card [15]. Together they go down to the gymnastics
studio [40] and shoot a nice picture for the guys in Hollywood to watch [20].
When all's done, Larry enters the building again, calls for a limo, enters it
and goes back to the airport. Here, he purchases a ticket to L.A. [4] and
boards the plane. Now, it's just sitting back and relaxing. That's what he
thinks! after a couple of animation scenes, Larry finds himself in a verti-
cally flying plane and something tells him that's not the right direction, so
he bravely volunteers to rescue everyone aboard. After pressing a couple of
buttons he luckily hits the auto-pilot-button [100] and all he has to do now
is land. And he succeeds ....gloriously. He's finally a hero. He's being
invited to the White House where he will finally meet his great idol, Dan
Quale. Golly!

Patti: The White House

The only thing that remains to be done is preventing Julius Bigg from blowing
everyone away. And face it, Patti is the only one up to the job. When Julius
draws his gun, our heroine quickly puts her arms together behind her back and
with a little help from the double barred brassiere she blows Bigg's guts out
(well almost) [100]. Together with Larry and Uncle Dan she heads off to enjoy
the weekend and you have to admit, she couldn't be in better company.
Well chaps (both male and female), this is the end. If you have a Soundblas-
ter you can have some more fun by listening to some of the games' samples and
if you don't, you can't.

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