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Leisure Suit Larry Tips & Tricks

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Leisure Suit Larry

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Beginning Notes: Whenever someone makes a rude comment about  your
breath,  "use  spray".  If you run out of breath  spray,  you  may
always buy more at the convience store. You have until midnight to
complete  your mission, so keep checking your watch to  make  sure
you  haven't  run out of time.  Also, remember to pay  the  cabbie
each  time you arrive at a destination, or you'll die. Also, if  a
little black dog comes to urinate on you, you might want to  "kick

When  you  start  out, walk up to the door to  Lefty's  and  "open
door".  Walk over to the jukebox, if you want, and "play jukebox".
Walk  over  to the empty stool at the bar and "sit stool".   Since
you  are in a bar, you might as well "order whiskey".  You'll  end
up  carrying it around. "stand" and go into the bathroom,  in  the
northwest  corner of the screen.  Go over to the  table  and  "get
rose", and
walk to the drunk, right between his legs.  You can try to walk in
between  his  legs twice, by walking into them, walking  out,  and
walking  back in for a cute comment.  Then, "give drunk  whiskey".
He'll  give you a remote control in return.  Go into the  door  on
the east wall of the bathroom by typing "open door", and move over
to  the  toilet and "sit".  After you're done, "stand" and take  a
look  at the walls, "look graffiti", until you get a message about
the  password being Ken Sent Me.  If you dare, (save game  first),
"flush  toilet".   Then, move over to the sink, and  "look  sink".
Wow,  a diamond engagement ring.  "get ring".  Go back out of  the
bathroom,  and south into the bar.  Go over to  the  door  on  the
east  wall  and "knock on door".  When the man asks  you  for  the
password, type in "ken sent me".  Hmm....He appears to be blocking
the  staircase.  Try to "use remote" to turn on the TV,  and  flip
through  the  channels  by  "change  channel"  until  you  get  to
something that he likes.  Once he's fully immersed in the world of
porn, climb up the stairs, up to the hooker's room.  Move over  to
table, by the east wall, and "get candy".  Move over to the window
and  "open window".  Then, "climb out window".  While on the  fire
escape,  walk west, until you fall into the garbage bin. while  in
there, "get hammer", and then "get out".  Move back around to  the
front  of the bar, and "call taxi".  Go ext to the taxi, and  "get
in taxi". Once in the taxi, you'll want to select a destination.

"store" would be a good bet.  On the way, you might want to  "look
cabbie" once, and then "look cabbie" once again.  Ewww.  If you're
really  suicidal,  you might want to ask the cabbie  to  "take  me
home".   Once  you're  at the store, "pay  man".   For  a  bit  of
realism, try to "tip cabbie", and then finally "exit".

Move  up  to the phone, and "look phone".  Hmm, interesting  phone
number.   "use  phone"  and type in, for the  number,  "555-6969".
You'll  be  asked  many  questions.  After inputting  all  of  the
answers, go one screen east, and come back one screen  west.   The
phone  will  be  ringing.  "answer  phone"  and  listen  for   the
conversation. Wow.  Interesting.  Take a look inside your  wallet,
and  "look business cards".  Then, "use phone" again, and type  in
the  number  "209-683-6858".  After that, go  into  the  convience
store,  and move over to the shelf that's closest south, with  the
magazines  on them.  "get magazine". After that, "read  magazine".
Then,  go  to the north wall, near the bottles of wine,  and  "get
wine".  Then, walk up to the cashier and "get condom".   He'll ask
you a number of questions, after which you pay for your purchases.
It would be wise to leave the store via the exit at the southwest.
Wait around a bit, and a bum will approach you.  When he asks  you
for  change,  "give man money".  After that, "give wine  to  man".
He'll give you a pocket knife in exchange.  After this, "call cab"
again, and then "get in cab".  When he asks you where you want  to
go, say "casino". Once you're there, "pay man" and "exit".

Once at the casino, wait around a while, for a man in a barrel. If
he  doesn't come, leave the screen and come back, until  he  does.
It may take a little bit.  Once he does, approach him, and he asks
if  you'd like to buy an apple.  "look in barrel", and "ask name",
and  then "ask last name".  After that, you may "buy apple".  Now,
go  north through the casino doors.  You need money.  You have two
choices here.  You can either play Blackjack (the table at the  SW
corner of the room, with the sole woman there) or Slots (Pick  any
available  slot  machine in the SE corner of the  room)   To  play
slots,  go  up  to  a  machine and type  "play  slots".   To  play
blackjack, go up to a stool in front of the woman and type  "sit".
Instructions  are given.  Once you've won $250, the  max  for  the
house,  go  north,  further into the casino, and  stand  near  the
ashtray  and  "get  card".  After that,  go  east  one,  into  the
Cabaret.  If there's can-can dancers there,
enjoy  the  show.  After you've enjoyed it, leave  and  come  back
until you see a comic.  Then, go to the southeast table and "sit".
Wait for the drummer to perform his magic act.  Impressive.  Then,
stand  up,  go west one, and south twice, back out to the  street,
and  "call cab" and "get in cab".  When he asks where you want  to
go, say "bar". Once you're there, "pay man" and "exit".

Go up to the door and "open door". Go to the door at the east wall
and "knock on door".  When the man asks for the password, say "ken
sent  me".  The pimp should still be into his movie, so  climb  up
the stairs, up to the hooker.  Stand beside the bed, and "take off
clothes".   After  that, "put on condom".  You  can  try  numerous
things here, like "screw bitch", or (save first!) "eat pussy". Or,
you can get right to it and "screw hooker". After you've done your
deed,  "take off condom" and go up to the window, and  "climb  out
window".   Once  outside, walk west until you fall off,  and  "get
out".  Go back outside the front of the bar,  and "call cab",  and
"get  in  cab".  When he asks where you want to go,  say  "disco".
Once you're there, "pay man" and "exit".

Walk  up  to the bouncer and "show card" (you can also  "give  man
ring"  to  get in, but you cannot win the game), and  walk  north,
into the disco.  Once you're in there, "use spray", and walk up to
the  only  woman  in  the place, and "sit".  Then,  "look  woman".
"look  woman"  again,  and then "talk girl".   After  that,  "give
ring", "give candy", and "give rose".  Once you've done all  that,
"dance".   Once  she agrees, "stand", and walk up to  the  dancing
floor.   After you finish your cool moves, walk back to the  chair
and "sit" and "look girl" and she'll
confess  how  much she wants you.  "give money"  and  then  she'll
leave.   "stand" and go south, back to the street, and "call  cab"
and "get in cab" again.  When he asks where to, say "chapel"  Once
you're there, "pay man" and "exit".

Walk up to the man by the lampost, and "talk flasher".  Then go up
to  the  chapel doors and "open door". Walk up to Fawn, and "marry
girl".  You'll pay the preacher, and get married, and Fawn will go
off  in  her honeymoon suite.  Leave the chapel via south, and  go
west,  up to the casino.  Enter the casino, and go one more screen
north,  to  the  elevator.  Enter the elevator, and  "push  four".
You'll be at the correct floor for the honeymoon suite.  Go up  to
the  door  with the big heart on it, and "knock on door".   She'll
let  you in.  Once in there, go to the radio, on the left side  of
the  bed,  and  "turn  on radio".  After a while,  you'll  hear  a
commercial  for liquor.  Hmm...Sounds like a good bet for  getting
Fawn  in the mood.  Go back to the door, "open door", and get back
in  the elevator, and "push one".  Go south, into the casino,  and
win some more money, about 60 dollars. After you've won the money,
go  south again, and "call cab" and "get in cab".   When  he  asks
where you want to go, say "store".  When you get there, "pay  man"
and "exit".

Go  up  to the phone, and "use phone".  Type in "555-8039".   When
they ask you, say "wine", and "honeymoon suite".  Then, "call cab"
and  "get  in  cab".  Tell the  cabbie "casino" and when  you  get
there, "pay man" and "exit".

Go  into  the  casino,  and  north to  the  elevator.   Enter  the
elevator, and "push four".  Go to the door with the heart  on  it,
and  "knock on door".  Once you're in, go up to the wine and "pour
wine".   After  that, "screw girl".  Once she  leaves,  with  your
money, "cut rope with knife".  Once out of bed, "get rope".  Go up
to  the  door,  and "open door".  Go back into the  elevator,  and
"push one".  Go south until you reach the road, and "call cab" and
"get  in  cab".  When he asks, say "bar", and when you get  there,
"pay man" and "exit".

Go  up  to the door to the bar, and "open door", and walk  to  the
door on the east wall of the bar, and "knock on door".  When asked
for, type in "ken sent me".  Go back up the stairs, and walk up to
the  window, and "climb out window".  Walk east, until you  cannot
walk  anymore, and "tie rope to self" and "tie rope  to  railing".
Then  "lean over".  After that, "smash window with hammer".   Then
"get pills", and "get on rail".  Then, "untie rope".  Walk off the
fire  escape  to  the  left, and "get out", and  go  back  to  the
entrance  of  Lefty's, and "call cab" and "get in cab".   Once  in
there, say you want to go to the "casino".  Once there, "pay  man"
and "exit".

Go  north,  inside the casino, and north again into  the  elevator
screen.  Walk into the elevator and "push eight". Once at the top,
walk  over to the woman at the desk and "look woman".  "give pills
to  woman".   Once she runs off, "push button" and walk  into  the
elevator.   Now walk north until you hit the wall, and walk  east,
behind  the  wall.   Walk to the door on the east wall  and  "open
door", and walk into the closet.  "look", and "get doll". "inflate
doll".  "screw doll", and then "screw doll".  You'll chase her out
to  the  spa.  If you'd like, you can "look building" for a little
amusement.  Then, "use spray", go near the
tub,  and  "take off clothes", and "look girl". "turn off bubbles"
to see a little more of her.  "give girl apple", and you've solved
the game.

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