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Lands of Lore The Throne of Chaos Tips & Tricks

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Lands of Lore - The Throne of Chaos

           Lands of Lore Hints and Tips

Red bottle: Used for healing.

Aloe: Used for healing...small amount.

Ginseng: Cure poison and heal wounds.

Blue bottle: Restores magic.

Bezel cup: Right click on character to restore health.

Swarms: Right click on character to send out swarm.

Ebony staff: Used same as swarms.

Green skull: Used on entrance to urbish mines.

Emerald swords: Used in white tower and cimmeria to fight ghosts.

Sledgehammer: To break walls in Drarcle's mine...and open chests.

Pick axe:  Used on rock piles and gathering coal in mines.

Fireball stick: Cast fireball spell. (Increases mage skills).

Death stick: Casts mist of doom spell

Aces:     red......."infinity".....restores magic
          blue......"oblivion".....cast mist of doom spell
          green....."dominion".....cast hand of fate spell

Vaelan cube: Used to fight ghosts and open Scotia's barrier.

Dark Gauntlet: Hand of Fate spell when placed on character.

Stars: These are shooting weapons.

Jade necklace:  Rogue skills +1.

Grand axe "Master":  Rogue skills +1.

Page 2:
                         Draracle's Cave:

Make sure you have ginseng.

Baccata will open with a chant after Richard is poisoned.

Lora is down in the pit...sledgehammer...and monster.
(Take her armor before you go inside to Draracle's Lair).

Blue, red, and green buttons will allow you to go to the other
side of the pits.
Use sledgehammer on cracked walls.

You will need to throw a rock at a button to get a key.

Freeze spell is here.

Level 1:

2 walls to knock down. A button to get to 2nd part of Level 2.

Level 2:            Your choice:        

Blue eye:  silver goblet...passed secret wall east and south of
stairs down.  Theleewit says the silver goblet restores health!!

Green eye:  jewelled dagger...dagger in, dagger out...put in a
dagger and wall will open up to a chest with the jewelled dagger.
You will get original dagger back on a lower level in niche.
Jewelled dagger is a nice weapon!!

Stairs to level 3...south and east of secret wall.
You can use both eyes, but will only be able to complete one

Level 3:

Red key is in chest up wall.
Secret wall there is an axe there.
Iron key...east of pit (illusion).
Stairs down to level 4 is south east

Level 4:
Chest in s.w. corner (break wall)...bezel ring.
Break down wall north of button.
Stairs down to level 3 in north center goes to Lair.

Page 3:
                            The Swamp:

You need the Ruby of Truth for Droek to allow you to see
Dawn...but do it the right way...return the brass helmet.
If you kill the chief no one will have anything to do with you. 
If you return the helmet the prices will go down...including the
witch doctor.

Note:  If you move to quickly you will become poisoned.  Make
sure you have ginseng....better yet, save often.

Don't forget the swamp water from the pit!

Destroy the living sticks for the brass helmet:
You will find him in the area with all the pits.
Cast freeze spell to cross over pits to get to him.
When he is dead you will get the helmet.
There is a blacksmith back there also.

The 2 large heads in the swamp:
1.  Restores health and mage points to characters.
2.  Gives 60 crowns for what you feed, sticks, etc.
It will not take important items that are needed later in the

Witch Doctor:
Helps with riddle scroll. (He charge 50 crowns if you have
returned the brass helmet or 100 crowns if you have not).
He sells fireball sticks for 300 will need them in
the Urbish mines and to increase your mage skills.

Riddle Scroll:
Dawn will help with one of the items...mother earth.
The beggar will help with one of the items if you give him 5
crowns first....swamp water.

Elixir Ingredients:
1.   Creatures whose flesh has never lived
     Legends of creatures made of stone, yet have blood
     Bloodstone (red heart): found in Urbish mine level 4.

2.   Sweetness of you enemy.
     Hornet nest (honey): found in upper opinwood forest.

3.   Collected from deadly depths.
     Swamp water from swamp.
     Clue given by beggar in opinwood forest.

4.   Powder taken from the heart of your mother.
     Mystic reagent called Mother Earth
     Found in Yvel (Sadie) it is given free.
     Clue given by Dawn at Droek's wagon.
Page 4:
                   Opinwood and Upper Opinwood:

Green on map is Opinwood.  Yellow is Upper Opinwood.

Search the trees and open chests.  If you are unable to open a
chest you can always use the sledgehammer!

There is a chest is Upper Opinwood with green skull and emerald
sword.  Another green skull is in a tree in Opinwood.

Right click bottle on hive to get honey in Upper Opinwood.

"Valkirie" crossbow found in Upper Opinwood works well on
hornets.  It is also a good item to keep throughout the game.  It
will increase your rogue skill as you use it--same as other bows.

Scotia's Barrier:

Can be broken with Vaelan cube.
Found in Urbish mine level 4...with Paulson and his armor.

                          Urbish Mines:

Lahrkon:  At passage to mine behind the door.
You need the green skull(s) to defeat him.  It requires magic for
the skull to work.  It takes about 5 hits to defeat him.  He is
also able to knock the skull from your hands!

Top floor:

There is a pick axe, lightning scroll, key, oil, etc. that you
will need before you go down stairs.
Right click the lightning scroll on character to enter in you
spells list.
The key is for the door on level 1 in the mines. 
There is a door that will not need to close the door
behind you first and then it will open and you will find a chest.

To operate the pump:
1.  Need gear from level 4.
2.  Need coal from level 3.

Level 1:

Use key from top floor to open lock.
Be very careful of those little guys...they can poison you.
Found emerald sword and key 2 on other side in corner.

Right wheel up and left wheel down and push button...teleporter.
If you go down the pit you will fall to level 2 and then to 
level 3 and the key will open the wall.
Teleporter takes you to level 2 with secret walls.

Page 5:             Urbish Mines (continued):

I found it easier to go down the pit first and complete levels 3
and 4.  Go back to the pump and start it.  Then go through the
teleporter to level 2 with the secret walls.

Level 2:            Secret walls:

North: right: lightning scroll.
       left: 3 levers, sides down first and then the center.
       Left up and right down, push button and hold down plate.
       Opposite to get back out.

South: key 4 and skull.

East:  left: pits---fireball stick
       right: gas smell--use fireball to open all...key 5.

West:  left: stairway and sword.
       Pump must be operating first to get in stairway!
       right: stairs up to level 1....other side. 

Level 3:

Rock monsters:  Use freeze spell.
Avian worms:  Use fireball spell or fireball sticks.

Teleporter will take you back to mine entrance.
Mine cars:  Need jewel to chest.
Levers up:  to coal...use pick axe.
Left up and right down:  nothing.
Left down and right up:  stairway down to level 4..rock monsters.

Level 4:

Push button behind you to stop blaster.
Turn the four levers down to stop spinning.
Gear for the pump is behind the rock pile...use pick axe...also a
rock monster is here.
Need key from level 2 staircase to open one of the doors.
To get the key you will need to get the pump operating first!!
Paulson is here and he has armor, vaelan cube, etc.

Teleports:  the first two take you back and forth in level 4.

The Teleport room:  (Paulson has the key):

North:    To first level.
South:    To 2nd level.
East:     Nothing.

Page 6:
                           White Tower:

Level 1:

Amazons and little roving blasters. Close doors to stop blasters.
Jana:  Put ring from thief in niche to get to her.

Amber ring:  Gives +5 protection.

Ivory key:  Goes to basement. (Found on level 3).

Blue mystic key:  Opens alter on level 1.

Elixir:  Take crucible and place on alter de blanca to receive
the ingredients for the elixir. Place each item in one at a have the elixir...get rid of the scroll.


Face your greed:  Pick up the items and put in the niches and
that will open the wall to get the crucible. Items placed in the
niches are in the niche in the first room when you have the
crucible and you are leaving!

Level 2:

Goons that shoot fireballs.

Plate room:  Cover plates to get key and fireball spell.  If you
turn and the plate is not covered it will blast you.

Pit room:  Not all are pits!  You will need to push some buttons.
     -xxx*          s:  secret wall
      ooxo          x:  no pit
      *xxo          o:  pit
      xxx           *:  changes from pit to floor
      L*            L:  lock

Level 3:

Wraiths:  Use emerald sword or vaelan cube to kill.
(Cube will also restore magic--very helpful in this area).

Ivory key:  To basement is here.

Faith door:  You need the statue head from basement and elixir to
enter.  Only one chest...when you open one the other will
Page 7:

Boarded doors:  Some of the boards can be removed by clicking the
cursor on the boards.

Sadie:  Will give mother earth free...for elixir.

Fletcher and Victor are here.  
Hand of fate spell is here.

Catwalks:  are behind Bruno's Tavern.  You will need to complete
several things before you can get back there.  The last being....
the battle with the Orcs and the horn of retreat.

                         Catwalk Caverns:

Find the leader and defeat him.  Place statue on the stand.
Put glove on the hand print on the wall to pass.
There are 2 ways to go near the entrance inside the caverns.
Use lightning spell on those bugs...before they get you!
Mist of Doom spell is here.

Activate and replicate:

You must trap a lightning creature in each of the three spaces. 
Once you have done that you can go in and use the activate and
replicate machine.  Choose your favorite because after all that
work you only get to duplicate ONCE.  You can chase them around
with the will cast the hand of fate spell.  It is
easier said than have been warned!!

Time of choice:   You will be asked to choose between the two:

1. Knowles of Gortesh (the Heads) promise riches.....they         
   increase magic skills when you are finished.
2. Xeobs Tribe promise Lord.....they increase fighting skills
   when you are finished.

                           The Dungeon:

This is the basement to Cimmeria Castle.

The key is to the teleport room to take you back to the leader.
The Xeobs is in s.e. corner.  Knowles is west side mid-to south.

You must kill all or you will be sent back to complete.
You are given cube and other items when completed and sent back.

Nathanial's key is here.

Page 8:           
                       Dungeon (continued):
If you do not have high rogue skills you will not be able to get
inside of some of the chests!  My first thought was that not all
were chests since they did not show up on the map.  But I was
able to open them if I had high rogue skills.  In other cases
when I had low rogue skills I was even teleported somewhere else.
May depend on the version...whether you have upgraded to v1.11.

                     Hints and General Notes:

Ruby and Shard are the ONLY way of opposing the Nether mask.
Scotia has the Nether mask.

You will need FOUR special trophies:

1. Humanoid:  level 3...the sum must be correct.

2. Unicorn:   level 2....middle east wall behind locked door.

3. Cobra:     level 1....n.e. corner

4. Dragon:    level room with no map in s.e. corner.

If you have version 1.05 of the game you are able to equip the
vaelan cube as a weapon and it will make another one every time
you use it as a weapon.  

Also it seems you can go to defeat Scotia before you have saved

There is a Bezel cup that acts strange on a turns
him into a zombie.  If you have the problem you are best to just
leave the cup and forget it.  I am not sure where I found it.  I
did not find this problem with the upgraded version...but there
again I might not have used it when I upgraded to that version.
You can always feed it to the head in the swamp for 60 crowns!!

You need to work on rogue and mage will need those 
later in the game.  It is one of the things you find out when it
is too late.  The Grand axe "master" will increase rogue skills
by +1 and the Jade necklace will increase rogue skills by +1. I
think I found the "master" axe in the dungeon.  Also shooting
bows will increase your rogue skills.  If used throughout the
game, your rogue skills will be high by the time you get to the
dungeon and the Cimmeria castle.  Use the fireball sticks in the
Urbish mines to increase your mage skills early in the
will help you out at the end!!

Page 9:
                         Cimmeria Castle:

Level 1:

Cobra statue is in n.e. corner.
Use the diamond to free Dawn. 
Use the vaelan cube or emerald swords on ghosts.
The teleport will send you to the other side of the first floor.
Throw something at the buttons behind the gates to get inside.
There is a nice sword in one of them.

The room that takes your map:
Pull the first 3 levers on your way inside.
You will be teleported to the center of the room.
Your compass does work...after it stops spinning around.
You need to cover 4 plates that are in the 4 corners of the room.
It is best to leave the s.e. corner for last.
The dragon statue and the stairs are in the s.e. corner...and you
will get you map when you get to the stairs.
Be ready for the ghosts.

Level 2:

Noir key: is to the teleport room.  It take you to a passage that
will take you to level 3.

Adder key: is to the room in the n.e. corner.  There is a chest
in there and a monster.  You will need high rogue skills to open
the chest inside.

Unicorn statue: is behind locked door on east side of level
about middle.  You will need high rogue skills to get inside.

Richard's key: it is by his door.  You can shoot (or throw
something) the lever over the pit and go through the teleporter
to get the key.  You will need to leave something inside the
niche or you will fall through the pit.

Richard's Room:

Place statues and watch the way the beams of light are going and
follow that line.  Then place keys on corners.  Now the elixir.

1. Cobra            1. Dawn             2. Geron
2. Humanoid
3. Dragon           3. Nathanial        4. Paulson
4. Unicorn

Remember that Scotia can change her appearance....she will try to
get Dawn's key in the forest!!!!  Remember the introduction. 
There is another key in the castle if you gave it to her.

Page 10:
                         Castle Cimmeria:

Level 3:

The sum must be correct:  1 + 1 = 2
You will need to push some buttons to the west before you are
allowed inside.  Once inside you push a button to expose the
Humanoid statue in the niche.  Place something in the niche and
push the other button to get out.

If you gave Dawn's key to Scotia in the forest you will need to
close the door behind you to get it off of the floor.

Leave items here:  leave a couple of each item under the sign and
you can get the key.  You can also pick up the items on the way
out.  You will have the dull key.

Dull key: opens chest with silver key inside.

Death key: opens chest.

Oily key: opens chest.

Gold and Silver keys: the keys you need to get to Scotia.


Scotia: The battle.  You must click the ring and the necklace
together to have the whole truth.  When Scotia is changing you
can keep her from changing by clicking the truth on her.  You can
then defeat her in her natural might want to save
some Aces to use on her....mist of doom...or death stick from
basement of White Tower.

                            The List:

This is not a complete list of things to do or items used but it
will get you through the game.  I have tried to answer most of
the questions that I know people have about the game or items.  I
look forward to any more information to update this list as
needed....feel free to contact me.
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