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Jojo Escape Tips & Tricks

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Jojo Escape

1. Go right,get the hat,check the hat and click it the hat will 
2. Then go right,click on the desk and open the middle drawer and 
   you will find a hanger, click it and make it a wire, then click 
   the left bottom drawer and find a note.
3. Go right,open the cabinet ( by clicking it with the hat), then 
   you will find a plant turn off the light and go back to the plant
   and click it.
4. Go right put the plant on the grey thing then turn on the light 
   then you will see a hole,click it and use the wire to get the bag
   open it and get a key.
5. Go left,under the bed you will see a turtle, put the key on the 
   turtle and you will be transported in another room.
6. Click the cabinet and click the big drawer you will see a switch, 
   click it, then go right click another cabinet and click the 3rd 
   drawer and get a ice pick.
7. Go right click the fridge ,get salami and note.
8. Go back click lower back of the chair and unzip the zipper, get a 
9. Go back to the 1st room and click the hole and get the bullet.
10. Put the bullet and the salami in the gun and go right.
11. Click the desk and click the big drawer on the right with the ice 
    pick get a bag, open it and you will get a weird cat.
12. Go right click the mask with the cat and get a note, then click 
    the back of the bed and shoot it with the gun.
    You can now open the grey door, click it and use the code 426 and
    you will see a note.
13. Go right twice and go back to the door.
Click the hole and you're out!
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