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Jet Strike Tips & Tricks

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Jet Strike

On the first mission of every level take the SU-25 Frogfoot loaded fully with 
Maverick missiles. Fly over all the terrain destroying every SAM and 
anti-aircraft site. This makes the following missions easier and safer. After 
destroying all the SAM and anti-aircraft sites, take the Harrier up with one 
drop tank and 2 x 2,000lbs bombs. Watch for any enemy aircraft taking off to 
locate SPUDD's aircraft base. Once located, use the Harrier to destroy the 
runway. Now the SPUDD aircraft are grounded, before you start any missions 
take a fighter plane up, and destroy those in the air. This should leave you 
with total air supremacy enabling you to complete the missions unhindered. 

Persevere. If you don't complete a mission try again. It really feels good on 
the last level when you see the SPUDD base go up in roaring flames. 

If you fly at a high altitude along a straight line, in every frame there is a 
one in eight hundred thousand chance of a UFO appearing. This means once every 
five and a half hours. But if one does appear the aliens are so embarrassed 
about accidentally shooting you out of the sky that they give you one of their 
planes with some pretty impressive statistics - extremely high 
manoeuverability, a chain gun with six times the power and a 32,000 pound 
payload under each wing. 

The chances of one appearing on the CD32 version is one in a million. 

Also, if you manage to bomb Stonehenge, you will be cursed by the Druids and 
it will be cloudy for ever.
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