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Jedi Knight Mysteries of the Sith Tips & Tricks

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Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith

Submitted by:Radon 

Not only is Mysteries Of The Sith a worthy successor to Jedi Knight 
in every way, it is also much tougher than its predecessor. The first 
four levels are quite easy compared to the rest of this game, so we 
pick up the story from the point where Mara Jade assumes the lead.

Ka'Pa the Hutt's Palace
Secrets: 3
Break the pumping station so that the guards come out and fix it. 
Gain access to the Palace and head down through the maze of rooms 
till you find the Tusken Clothing backpack (look out for the hidden 
passage by the bookshelf). Now let yourself into the Palace's inner 
chambers and clear out the local scum. Open and go through the blast 
doors by hitting the two green switches. Make your way to the rusty 
water by leaping through the hatch opposite the entrance to the 
bottomless alley, and then going down and turning left. Swim down 
the hole in the floor, up and out and into the bar area. Go through 
the hatch and up the lift. Kill everyone in the cantina and get the 
red key. 
Go through the door with the damaged locking mechanism (tip: be careful - 
this is a point of no return). Activate the steps and go up. Find and hit 
the switch, then quickly run down the steps and jump on the counterweight. 
Cut the far vents with your sabre and drop down. Chop everyone to pieces, 
find the high explosives and drop them on the glass dome above Ka'Pa's 
throne room.

Katraasii Space Port
Secrets: 3
First off, enter the port and get the blue wrench from the room 
with three entrances. Then head back to where you entered the 
city, and go right through the small door (it's got a C3PO unit 
behind it). Disable Mar's ship (tip: don't see Mar until you've 
done this). Go through the previously closed blast door, destroy 
the mines and carefully fight your way out again. The previously 
closed door, to the bottom left of the port, will now be open. 
Kill the pirates, join the L-shaped pipes together and send the 
cart hurtling through the closed blast doors.

Katraasii Space Port, Part B
Secrets: None
This level is chock-full of rocket launchers and concussion rifles - 
so be careful when prowling around. Go down into the complex and 
locate the hidden vent (behind the protruding metal structure) and 
into the hidden corners of the city rooftops. Carefully work your 
way over the ledges and down towards the locked gates. Leap onto 
the platform above the gates and go through. There are tons of 
baddies on the other side, so watch out. Find the switch to raise 
the hovering platform and cut the vent at the top to progress. Drop 
down (Jackie Chan-style) and dice the Stormtroopers below. Carry on 
over the bridge (more concussion rifles), and through the doors until 
you meet Mar face-to-face.

Takara's Stronghold
Secrets: 4
You start this level with no weapons, so use Force Pull to grab the 
cell key (from the guard), plus power-ups and (eventually) your 
Lightsabre. Get the Pry Bar. Look out for hidey holes and escape down 
the pipe after using the battery on the powered-down switch. The 
second-left leads to a secret area; first left to the Rancor pit. 
Get the Lightsabre (immediate left) and kill the Rancor. Continue 
onwards and get the Droid Arm, then head to the inner dock area. 
Find the switch and open the main blast doors. Follow the ledge to 
the right of the door. Leap over the locked door, enter the room 
and take the radio listening device. Head back to the other blast 
door and over the 'electric pool' to the room with three switches 
on the wall. Hit middle and left (not right), then exit. 
Go back to the 'defused' pool and make your way through the submerged 
cave and out onto the escape platform.

New Republic Escort Ship
Secrets: 7
Force Pull the lever in the hanger. Let the X-Wings leave, 
then slash the vent below the lift when it is raised. Keep 
going until you reach the control room at the top. Smash 
the window, get the blue key and flick the two switches. 
Reverse track to the previously locked double doors and 
go up and right to the collapsing corridor.
Cut the supports with your sabre to progress. Open the 
locked door by talking to the nearby R2 unit. Avoid getting 
crushed by the rising cargo and chase the pirates by moving 
the boxes and cutting the vent. Activate all six switches 
to lower the reactor rods, then run into the core and hack 
your way through the grate as quickly as you can. Kill 
everyone in the anti-grav chamber (spooky) and find the 
hidden vent (underneath the observation window), which 
allows access to the loading bay. Kill everything and 
hide in the open crate.

Orbiting Ship Yards
Secrets: 4
Hit the two switches in quick succession to deactivate 
the gravity in the reactor pit. Kill the robot to get 
the blue wrench. Blow the dark wall to reveal a secret area. 
Go back over and up to the central room. Open the vent 
and save your game. When you jump into the pipe float 
upwards as quickly as possible. Aim for the vent at the 
top; open it and push your way through. 
Carry on until you reach another, similar vent with a 
guard in front of it. This time, don't jump too hard 
because the vent just opposite is your target. Also, 
the fan this time travels downwards. Then find the 
trapdoor that leads to a conveyor belt below. Drop down 
carefully and try not to get crushed between a crate and 
a shield. 
When you get to the room with two red switches on either 
side of the wall you should shoot them both and run through 
the pipe system killing all the bad guys. 
Eventually you will arrive at the launch bay.

Kaerobani's Base
Secrets: 2
Clear the docking bay and upper levels, collecting as many 
weapons and power-ups as you can, then head to the nearby 
market through the large metal doors. This place is full 
of rocket-throwing pirates, so proceed with caution. 
Above the rooftops of the market is a bottomless gravity 
well with a large central column. Drop carefully down onto 
the column, take out the two bad guys and hit the button. 
Proceed down the corridor and go down the hole in the floor. 
A gantry leads to a door opposite. In the middle is an 
exhaust pipe that will suck you away should you get caught 
in the intermittent blast. Below are two grey beasts 
guarding the floor: get rid of them straight away. The 
following two rooms are identical, so save some ammo. 
Note: the gantry is hollow.Force Pull the levers to raise 
and lower the platforms over the river. Level yourself up 
and take simple, controlled jumps to get to the other side. 
Once over, you'll arrive at what seems to be a dead end. 
It isn't. Slash the vent in the lower right-hand corner 
of the room. Don't panic. Switch to rockets and swim through. 
Get to the surface as quickly as you can (face up, use Force 
Speed and jump). Kill the fish with rockets and make your way 
into the observation room via the ceiling vent. 
Look for a drain in a nearby pool. Cutting this open will 
suck you into the water system (there's no going back from 
here!). Head down at the T-junction until you see ground 
appear beneath your feet, then leap out and kill the henchmen. 
Make your way through the water tunnel as quickly as possible 
and up to the Holocron room. 
Stay in the centre of the platform when it falls or you'll 
lose valuable energy. Kill the beasts and head back to the 
docking bay, where you started out. 
Clear your way through the neighbouring cargo bay and climb 
up onto the gantry into the control room. Once you've killed 
everyone here, and taken out the rocket launcher in the 
corridor below, you can make good your escape.

Dromund Kaas Swamp
Secrets: 8
The first thing you have to do is gain entry to the place by Force 
'persuading' the statue to let you pass (avoid losing your stored 
Force power by touching the statue physically). If you get sucked 
underwater by a vertical water drainage shaft activate Force Speed 
and swim the hell out of there - double quick. Kill the deadly flowers 
quickly and stealthily. 
Keep moving when the mozzers swarm (spin round them). Kill the 
octopus at a safe distance - out of water if at all possible - 
because two hits from its sting will kill you stone dead. Let the 
Wampa advance then strike them with your sabre. Three hits is all 
it takes. Find Kyle's shuttle and avoid the drainage shaft hidden 
between the two statues that face each other. Force Seeing opens a 
drainage well that you should go down, only this one leads to a 
hidden pool with an octopus in it. Quickly swim up and kill it 
from the stairs. 
Next lies a rock hard battle with a dark version of yourself, so 
you'll have to be handy with your Force skills to progress (tip: 
use the secondary sabre swing a lot). After this it gets a lot harder. 
The blue knife-wielding beasts are best dealt with at a distance. 
Force Grip is useful if you've got it, as is Sabre Throw. Don't 
let them get too close or they'll tear you to ribbons. 
Swim through the water and fight your way to the lake in front of 
the Sith temple. The best thing to do here is not to jump on the 
monsters disguised as islands, but to jump in the water and make a 
bolt for the opposite side like a coward.

Sith Temple
Secrets: 5
The best way to deal with the statues is to constantly spin round 
them as you strike their side. 
Don't let them back you into a corner. Take care of the others before 
opening the locked door at the end by Force Seeing. The deadly cat 
on the other side will kill you in seconds if you cannot master 
leaping out of the way at the last moment and hitting it as you turn. 
Through the door, avoid the first left and take the second. Back 
and down the water-filled tunnel, turn left, take a breather, then 
Force Speed down the tunnel. Take quick right past the octopus, 
then the immediate left. Now breathe. Activate Force Seeing and 
you'll see four stones in the wall - push the glowing one. This 
reveals an escape route (tip: this takes a few seconds so you 
may want to return for a breather at some point). From here it's 
a real battle.
Use Force Seeing wherever you see faces etched into the wall 
(they reveal keys and switches). Don't waste Force energy and 
heal yourself regularly. Eventually you'll come to a small lift 
which will take you underwater. Don't panic. Wait for an opening 
to appear, activate Force Speed and swim quickly through the 
pipes and out of the octopus-filled pool. Tip toe along the 
beams and out into the purple room. More bloody statues. Run 'em 
up the path, then head towards the big door on the left.

Sith Temple Catacombs
Secrets: 4
This level is truly 'rock' (tip: grab every Force power-up that 
you can). In the huge antechamber, the door to your immediate 
right will take you to a cliff garden full of vicious cats. 
Find the upward tunnel that leads back into the dark stone-clad 
walls of the temple. Once there, hit the switch and kill the 
statues guarding the big door. Inside here is a small pool of 
water which leads to a room populated by two statue guards. Kill 
them, then Kyle appears. Defeat him using your mind, then leap 
up to the platform above. Look for the 'dust devil' and take the 
lift up. 
The next room is full of poisonous flowers - get rid of them by 
rebounding their shots if you can. Hit the switch up the stairs 
at the end of the corridor. Run down the corridor with the viewing 
window and hit the switch at the end. Go all the way back to the 
antechamber entrance and take the other door. Watch for big cats 
on the prowl. Find Kyle and head down into the pillared-chamber. 
Through the door is a room with four switches, four statue guards 
and a big cat. If you're struggling here, head back and get any 
power-ups you may have missed. 
Hitting the switches lowers a lift which reveals even more of 
this gigantic level. 
Pass the graves; go down into Kyle's escape tunnel. Here you'll 
have to kill numerous bolt-throwing zombies (tip: jump around a 
lot), and gain the respect of the Force to pass through seemingly 
unpenetrable doors. Opening those lies the key to completing the 

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