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Hover Force Tips & Tricks

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Hover Force

Scenario / Object Of The Game 
You are an officer of the law assigned to clean up the 
streets of drugs and drug runners. The game takes place 
sometime in the future and the preferred method of 
transportation seems is in the form of HoverCrafts. 

The object of the game is to chase down drug runners 
and accomplices, terminating them, and collecting the 
drugs and money they leave behind as evidence. 
In each round there is one main drug runner you are 
assigned to pursue, but you must also deal with his 
many accomplices who will stop at nothing to prevent 
you from hindering their drug run. 

After collecting enough evidence from the accomplices you 
terminate, your job is to seek out and terminate the leader 
before he completes his run. Once he is destroyed, you 
progress to the next round and the difficulty level increases. 

Mouse: All directions active, left and right buttons each work 
as action buttons for firing weapons and confirming selections.
Joystick: Same as the mouse.
Keyboard: Left/Right Arrow Keys for Direction
 - Turn Left /  - Turn Right  or  
for acceleration.  key to fire weapons. 

Miscellaneous Toggle Keys
F1 - Change Hovercraft Weapon to Machine Gun (You start with this)
F2 - Change Hovercraft Weapon to Cannons (After you purchase)
F3 - Change Hovercraft Weapon to Heat Seeking Missles (After you purchase)
F4 - Toggle Detailed Map of city (Use Kybd or mouse to scroll up or down)
Map Key: Red Blips = Drug Runner Accomplices
Yellow Blips = Robots
White Blips  = You and the Drug Runner
F5       - Toggle Directional Finder Target
F6       - Toggle Gun Sights On/Off
F7       - Toggle Sound Effects or Music (Can't have both!)
F10      - Toggle Pause on/off
ESC      - Quit to Sheriff's Office from game.
CTRL-ESC - Quit to DOS from Sheriff's Office. 

Main Menu:
Your game starts out in the Sheriffs Office. 
This is basically your "Main Menu". You can start the 
game from this point, begin a new game, save and load 
games, and view records and stats. 

The menu options are as follows:
PLAY: Select to begin game.

LOAD: Select to load a saved game. A menu of your saved game 
positions will appear. Highlight and click on a position to 
save your game.

SAVE: Select to save game in progress. A menu will appear as 
with the Load command. Highlight and click on a position you 
desire to save your game.

RECORD: Select to view your status and record. 
This information is also displayed at the beginning of each new level.

NEW: Select this to begin a brand new game from the beginning. 

Playing The Game: 
Select play to start the game. The drug runners name, level 
number and sector of the city you are assigned to will be 

Next you will find yourself sitting in your hovercraft with a 
first-person perspective view of your dashboard and the the 
city thru your windshield. 

You will see a few robots walking around outside, maybe some 
of them are even shooting at you. Kill them as soon as possible 
and run over the drug and money canisters that they leave behind 
with your hovercraft to pick them up. 

It should be daylight out, but soon the sky will turn dark as the 
drug runner begins to make his drug run, delivering drugs to 
various buildings in the city. Now its time to go into action 
and try to stop him before he completes his run. Your primary 
target, the head drug runner always drives in a distinctive 
orange hovercraft. It has three turbo fans mounted on the rear 
of the ship, and looks very unique compared to the other ships 
which are various other colors and mostly look like flying saucers. 

You may easily catch up to the drug runner and be in a prime 
position to fire upon and terminate him after only several 
seconds of playing the game. Unfortunately, however, it's not 
that easy. You must first collect a pre- determined amount of 
evidence against him before you will be allowed to terminate him. 
This is accomplished by running over the red drug canisters 
(they look like little spheres) with your hovercraft to collect them. 

A money canister or drug canister is usually left behind for each of 
the drug runners accomplices you terminate. The drug and money 
canisters are primary, however other types of canisters exist 
and may also be dropped by a terminated accomplice. 
These additional types of canisters are discussed later. 
Keep an eye on the drug counter on your dashboard (discussed 
later) to see how many drug canisters you have/need to collect 
to be able to terminate the runner. Once you have collected 
enough drug canisters (evidence) - go get him. 

When you terminate a criminal, a canister will drop to the 
ground. The types of canisters are listed and explained below. 
Some are good to collect, some are quite bad. Canisters do not 
last long after being dropped so make sure to collect them 
quickly, before they explode and disappear. 

MONEY CANISTERS have a dollar sign making them the most unique 
type of canister. These are important to collect as you will be 
able to use the money you collect to buy weapons, shields and 
other items. 

All other canisters look like little 3-D spheres and each has 
a distinct color which indicates what type of canister it is, 
as follows: 

SAFE CANISTERS (Pick these up quickly)
RED: This is a DRUG canister. Collect as many of these as you 
can as quickly as possible to enable you to terminate the 
drug runner before he completes his run.
YELLOW: This is a LIFE canister. These seem to give you 
extra life. 

UNSAFE CANISTERS (Stay away from these!)
GREY: This canister is booby trapped. It will explode and 
damage your shield. Stay away from these.
BLACK: This is a DEATH canister. It will explode and destroy 
your hover craft. Watch out! 

Your Dashboard: 
1- Short Range Radar - Shows surrounding enemies in your local 
2- Directional Indicator/Target Select - Pressing F5 will let 
   you toggle between the directional finder and Target Select. 
   You may select the drug runner himself or any one of the 
   several stores available (pictured as buildings). Once a 
   target selection is made the directional indicator will 
   point towards it to help you find your way.
3- Shield Strength Status - Shows how much shield you have left. 
   When this meter drops too low your shield will no longer shield 
   you and further sustained hits will destroy your vehicle
4- Short Range City Map - Map of your local vicinity. 
   Red Blips = Drug Runner Accomplices Yellow Blips = Robots 
   White Blips = You and the Drug Runner
5- Weapon Indicator - Indicates which weapon you are currently 
6- Compass - Shows direction you're facing in relation to the 
   city map.
7- Resources - Total cash collected (Money Canisters)
8- Drug Counter - This will start out with the number of drug 
   canisters you need to collect in order to terminate the drug  
   runner. Each time you collect a drug canister, the number will 
   decrease by one. When this counter reaches zero, it's time to 
   hunt down and kill the drug runner.
9- TV Monitor - Let's you see a picture of the drug runner and 
   watch his reaction when you terminate his accomplices.
10- Run Complete Warning Light - Will start flashing in red when 
    the drug runner is near completion of his run. You will only 
    have a few seconds left to terminate him before the run is 
    completed so act quickly. *- The 1 2 3 4 beneath the TV Monitor 
    indicates which level you are on. 

There are three shopping centers within the city. 
Use your directional finder/target selecter to select a 
store you wish to go to. When you reach the store, stop 
your vehicle on the dark grey or black area that lies around 
the perimeter of the building. Wait for a second and you 
will automatically enter into the shopping center. 

Once inside the shopping center you will have 3 different 
types of stores you can go to and buy things from. 
You start out in the Hardware store. Here you can buy 
weapons and shields and other hardware. 

You may press F1 on your keyboard to move to one of the 
other three stores. 

Additional stores include an ammunition shop and a thruster 
shop where you can buy thrusters to make your hovercraft 

To make a purchase, highlight the item with your pointer, 
and click on BUY. To leave the shopping center and get back 
to your hovercraft, click on EXIT 

Hints & Tips: 
1) Always keep moving when travelling over bodies of water. 
   Never come to a dead stop over a body of water as your 
   hovercraft will sink and you will be returned to the 
   Sherrif's Office and must re-start the level from the beginning.
2) You will see markers that look like trash cans established 
   in patterns through out the city. These "trashcans" actually 
   form a barrier between themselves, preventing you from going 
   straight through. You may also encounter "red zone" barriers 
   which you can't get past either. It will be like a red strip 
of land that blocks you from going any further.
3) Collect as much money as you can to enable you to keep buying 
   bigger and better weapons and hardware.
4) When new enemies are entering the playfield, a bolt of 
   lightening will flash in the sky and the enemies will begin 
   to appear. Look for these lightening flashes and then wait 
   near them for the enemies to start coming. They sometimes come 
   in fleets of 5 or more ships at a time, so by rapid firing on 
   them as they come through the lightning gateway you can destroy 
   many at one time.
5) Sometimes the enemies will hide from you behind buildings. 
   This makes it easy for you to sneak up on them and waste them 
6) Sometimes an enemy will hover out over the middle of a huge 
   body of water. What he is doing is trying to entice you over 
   the water with the hope and expectation that you'll come to a 
   stop and sink into the water. Don't fall for this little trick. 
   Fire upon the enemy from the shores and then scoot out over the 
   water quickly to collect the canister he leaves. If you must go 
   out over the water to get him, just make sure you keep moving 
   and don't come to a complete stop over the water, or you'll 
   sink for sure.
7) Always keep an eye on your drug canister counter and 
   collect as many of the red drug canisters as you can in 
   the least amount of time. When your counter reaches zero, 
   time is of the essence in tracking down the runner and terminating 
   him before his drug run is completed. Get to him fast.
8) Your basic strategy is kill or be killed. Destroy everything 
   that moves, there are no good guys to worry about hitting, just 
   bad guys. 
9) Keep an eye on your short range radar. It's very 
   helpful in locating enemies (red and yellow blips) around your 
   immediate location who may be hiding or laying in wait to ambush 
   you. Get them before they get you.

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