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Hitman Blood Money Tips & Tricks

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Hitman - Blood Money


                              Version 0.4


All of this content is based on my own observations. If you write in with a 
useful tip, and I include it in a future version, you will, of course, be 

Please do not post this on any other sites until I am up to version 1.0. I'm
sick of getting emails from people finding incomplete guides on sites other
than Gamefaqs.

I don't mean to be a jerk, but I'm getting a lot of very repetitive emails. 
Read this before you send me email. Thanks.
1. Check gamefaqs BEFORE mailing me asking about updates. The latest version
is always to be found there. If you mail me asking about an update that's 
already been posted, you will not receive a reply.
2. Do not mail me a carbon copy of somebody else's faq or forum post.
3. If something is working differently for you than I describe it I don't 
want to hear about it unless you can tell me EXACTLY what CAUSED that 
difference in gameplay. If it doesn't work for ME, it's not going in the 
4. I'm not tech support. If I don't cover a bug or oddity in this guide, then
I didn't encounter it and probably can't help you.
5. Please note that this addie has gotten onto a bunch of virus spam lists, 
so I only check it rarely. Make sure your mail has an easily identifiable 
subject line like, "Hitman 4" and not a generic one like "Hi" which I will 
mistake for spam and delete.
6. Please do NOT email me anything regarding missions I have not yet covered.

-Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate (


I included a brief description of each map, and some general tips to keep in
mind. If you're having trouble, I'd suggest trying a few more times with 
those in mind, before skipping ahead to the walk-through. 

I've broken each level down into a number of challenges, and provided 
different methods for beating each challenge. You can pick and choose which 
ones suit you best. I've also noted, at the end, what methods you should use 
if you want to score Silent Assassin on each level. Then, for grins, I 
included data on what Loot you might want to take with you at the end, for 
the hideout.

My guide is written assuming you want to play this game the way it was meant
to be played. How was it meant to be played? Just look at the title. Hitman. 
Not "Gunman", not "Shotgun-toting-thugman", etc. Sure, violent sprees are 
sometimes a viable option, but if you rely on them, and never learn the ways
of the Silent Assassin, then you're missing out on a great gameplay 
experience, and I feel sorry for you.

                                  GAMEPLAY TIPS
This game plays very differently from standard 3D shooters, and, in more 
subtle ways, differently from the original Hitman. The controls are a little
odd, but if you play the trainer a few times, you'll be used to them in
no time.

1. Sneaking up on people-
       47 sneaks faster than in some prior games, but most enemies walk faster
       too. You won't be doing a lot of this, unfortunately. 
2. Disguise-
       Disguises are just as important as ever. If you tap a movement button,
       47 will exit his "adjust the cuffs" animation earlier. The game is no
       longer quite so anal about weapons. I never got in trouble in Chile for
       walking around dressed as a VIP guard without carrying the appropriate
3. Hiding-
       Hiding in closets and armoires is one of our new tricks. In addition,
       we can still do quite well hiding behind doors and boxes and the like.
       Just be careful not to get to close to boxes while hiding, or you'll
       climb up on them.
4. Climbing-
       47 can climb things now. And he LOVES to do it, too! He'll climb pipes
       and boxes at the drop of a hat! Get him too close to a ledge or a pipe
       and up he goes, angering every guard in sight. Be careful around climb-
       able objects. They can be the death of you.
5. Timing-
       The patrolling guards in this game have routes that take different 
       lengths of time. Thus if some of my recommendations aren't working for
       you because a guard isn't where I said he'd be, then you probably 
       arrived earlier or later than I did. All I can advise for those 
       situations is wait in a safe spot until the alignment of the guards 
       turns in your favor.
6. Ratings-
       At the end of each mission you receive data on how well you did. Your
       stealth and aggressiveness, as well as how many non-targets you hurt 
       are considered. A perfect score nets you a "Silent Assassin" rating. 
       In prior games, you got SA by keeping it to a limit of 2 kills. This
       becomes problematic now that targets count as kills. The new way to 
       keep your rating down is to make hits look like "accidents" such as
       by shoving a target off a high ledge. Bodies found as a result of
       accidents do not count toward your total.
7. Running-
       Thank goodness the enemies in this game don't suffer from Run-a-phobia
       like the ones in Hitman 2. Strolling is no longer part of a disguise.
8. Weapons-
       There's quite a lot of weapons in this game. Apparently they didn't 
       want to pay for licensed gun names, so everything has a pseudonym. 
       You can use any of your hoarded guns at any time, but you can only 
       bring one gun of any given type. IE You cannot bring both the SLP pistol
       and the silverballer.
9. Syringes-
       A sedative syringe is our knock-out weapon this time, just like in
       Contracts. New to the collection is the poison syringe. This thing can
       be used up close, but there's no real reason to do so. The wire is
       usually faster and the poison isn't any cleaner. Both syringes can be
       used to poison food and drink, but you can forget about getting away
       with it under observation. There's a lot of incidental food and drink
       around in this game. Not all of it is useful to poison.
10. The Melee Milieu
       47 has a variety of new melee attacks, which I'm not sure I like. On
       the one hand, we no longer have to worry about the pistol whip from
       factions. The most useful melee moves are the "shove" which is used to
       push people off ledges and down stairs, and the "human shield" which is
       useful for moving people. If you want to knock someone out, it's a lot
       faster to grab, move and KO them than it is to syringe them and then
       move the body.
11. Blood
       This is perhaps the biggest change since contracts; Enemies notice
       blood now. The game doesn't really keep track of alerts or close-calls
       any more, but a blood stain will make enemies suspicious, and may make
       them search for bodies in spots they wouldn't normally go. Alas, this
       means my beloved knife is no longer a real option for close-up killing.
12. Boxes
       This is also new. The security forces on any level tend to have boxes
       of spare weapons in their offices. You may also encounter weapons
       crates marked with a (!) on your map, although I've no idea what these
       are for, unless they are tagged with the ICA symbol. Inside the ICA
       boxes, you will any unconcealable weapons you opted to bring along.
       They can also be used to extract unconceabables, or to store customized
       weapons for free retrieval.

                        MISSION 1- A VINTAGE YEAR
Mission 1? Isn't this mission 2? Not really. I don't count the training level,
and I won't be writing anything for it, since it's basically linear. This 
brings us to the first real mission, where we have to kack Don Fernando and 
his boy Manuel. To work!

1. There's a lot to climb in this mission.
2. The Don is easy. Manuel is hard.

OUTDOOR GUARD- Easy to get, but limited. Can't go in the drug lab or
	Hacienda. Carries a shotgun.
WORKER- Can go everywhere but the hacienda. Moderately useful. No visible
VIP GUARD- Can go everywhere without suspicion. Extremely useful. Carries
	the SMG visibly. If you're going to invest the energy to get a
	disguise, this is the one to have.
NONE- You can do this entire mission sans disguise. 

METHOD A- 		Always Patrol With a Buddy
Step 1 as always, is getting in and blending in. Here's how to obtain the
disguise of your choice, should you want one. Both the north and south 
edges of the map feature loan outdoor guards who can very easily be taken
out for a quick disguise. Also, they both do stand next to the cliff face
at some point, just in case you're looking for excuse to push people off
PROS: Quick and easy. Easy suit recovery.
CONS: Not quite as useful as some other disguises. 

METHOD B-		It's Like Being on Vacation
Enter the party and hang out near the entrance to the cellar. Soon a 
worker will clap his hands and start a guided tour of the wine cellar.
Go on the tour, being careful not to be photographed or to get too far
away from your tour leader. In the last room, after the photo, stand with
the pillar between you and the guard. When the tour leaves, you can sneak
south, through the hidden door, and across into the small locker room.
There is a worker disguise on the floor for you.

PROS: Fun! Stealthy!
CONS: Quite hard to get your suit back. You CAN do the same thing in
	reverse; IE change back, and jump back in line with the tour
	group, but it's tricky. If a guard catches you in the cellar,
	he'll just yell at you til you leave, assuming you haven't raised
	suspicion elsewhere.

METHOD C-		Have Climb Animation...
Go around the east end of the compound and, evading the guard, use the
truck to climb up on the roof. Check the map to make sure nobody is
looking your way, and sneak to the hole in the roof. A worker will 
eventually come in and stand in a very snuff-able location. Alternatively
you can try to lure a guard in with a thrown coin. Make sure to tuck the
body behind the boxes in a dark corner.

PROS: You get to interact with a part of the map that's otherwise useless
CONS: Again, suit recovery is hard. You can change and then climb back
	out the hole, but you run a good chance of being spotted. It's also
	kind of a pain compared to other options.

METHOD D-		One Stop Shopping
Run around the eastern edge of the compound and start down the long, windy
path to the dock. There's a worker here who can safely be shoved or
ignored. Hide in the rocks at the base of the stairs and watch. There's a
VIP guard ahead who moves back and forth, and a worker who sometimes comes
down the elevator. When an opening presents itself, head over and take out
the guard. You may need to run part of the way to get there in time. Hide
his body behind the boxes to the left, just around the corner. Take his
gun and clothes.

PROS: Very easy suit recovery. Just change back on your way out and don't
	let the workers see you.
CONS: The run down there is long. There are easier ways to get that outfit,
	but they don't feature easy recovery.

METHOD E-		Why Did He Even Come In Here?
At mission start, run around the west end of the house. Feel free to just
run right ahead of the guard. There's a door into a little storage area
here. Just head right on in. There's usually a worker here, but he will 
have his back to you. Feel free to drug him and dump his denuded body in
the nearby box. Alternately, one of the guards comes in here as well. You
can just wait behind the large piece of lumber at the back until he makes
himself available.

PROS: Easier than the other method of knocking out a worker, and makes 
 	for much easier suit retrieval. Just walk in from the party, 
	change, and walk out.
CONS: None, really.

METHOD F-		So Are Those His Pajamas?
At mission start, run around the west end of the house. Feel free to just
run right ahead of the guard. There's a door into a little storage area
here. Just head right on in. There's usually a worker here, but he will 
have his back to you. Wait behind the nearby lumber for him to leave and
the door to shut, then scurry over the boxes to the next area. You will 
see a VIP guard going into the house. There's also a pipe you can climb,
but it's very hard to get up there w/o being spotted, so let's ignore it.

Head for the door, and go in after the guard as quick as you can, being
careful not to wake the sleeping guard. Check the map and make sure both
guards here are moving away from you. If not, hide in the closet until
things work out in your favor. When the coast is clear, bolt out into 
the hall, and then into the small room to the west. You will find a 
sleeping guard and a spare uniform.

PROS: Slick. Stealthy.
CONS: Suit retrieval. You can't get out the way you came in, and you don't
	REALLY need a suit in the Hacienda. See below.

METHOD G-		Because it's fun to break things
Sneak into the guard quarters from the party, being careful not to be spotted
by any guard or by the agent. Break the fuse box, and dive into the nearby
closet. This does one of two things; Either it opens the way for you to sneak
through the next room to the free Outdoor Guard costume, or it causes hordes
of guards to swarm the hallway for no reason.

PROS: None.
CONS: Iffy, and it's a long way to go for an outdoor guard disguise. 

METHOD H-		Eu Natural
Just don't bother with a disguise. If it's your first time, I recommend 
you grab one and use it to explore the map, but when it's time to play for
keeps, cool people don't change clothes unless they HAVE to. And you DO
want to be cool don't you?

PROS: Cool.
CONS: There are none. You could argue it makes the mission harder, but
	in my book it's actually easier. One less thing to do.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	Can You Hear My Guns, Fernando?
METHOD A-		Deja Vu
Fernando, much like another Don I used to know, is quite easy to snipe on
his balcony from the west side of the house. You will need to take care of
the nearby guard somehow as well.

PROS: Easy. 
CONS: Loud. Plus you have to sneak all the way into the house anyway if
	you want his gun.

METHOD B-		Wolf In VIP Clothing
The easiest is to reach the Don is to just dress as a VIP guard and walk 
on up there. He walks back and forth between 2 spots and is ambushable in
either. You can wire him, shoot him, or push him off the balcony.

PROS: Very easy if you happen to be dressed as a VIP guard.
CONS: What if you don't want to dress as a VIP guard?

METHOD C-		What Is This, Splinter Cell?
At mission start, run around the west end of the house. Feel free to just
run right ahead of the guard. There's a door into a little storage area
here. Just head right on in. There's usually a worker here, but he will 
have his back to you. Wait behind the nearby lumber for him to leave and
the door to shut, then scurry over the boxes to the next area. You will 
see a VIP guard going into the house. There's also a pipe you can climb,
but it's very hard to get up there w/o being spotted, so let's ignore it.

Head for the door, and go in after the guard as quick as you can, being
careful not to wake the sleeping guard. Check the map and make sure both
guards here are moving away from you. If not, hide in the closet until
things work out in your favor. When the coast is clear, bolt out into 
the hall, and then into the small room to the west. You will find a 
sleeping guard and a spare uniform. There's a locked door up to the 2nd
floor here, but ignore it. There's no way out at the top unless you are
in VIP disguise.

Instead, wait until the southern guard is heading outside and the northern
one is walking away from you. Head out into the hall, south through the 
series of 3 rooms, and then into the kitchen. Mind out for the hall
guard as he likes to stop and stare wistfully at the kitchen at the end of
his route.

The kitchen SEEMS like its full of useful stuff, but it ain't. You can't
poison any of the food, and nobody ever comes in here. 

Check the outside map and see if there's a guard facing your direction in
the upper, left corner of the courtyard. He's the only one that can pooch
this next maneuver; Head out the door, up the pipe, and onto the roof.
While up there, be sure to sneak to minimize risk of detection. Slip in 
through the window. From here, the Don is at your disposal.

PROS: You get to be cool by not needing a disguise.
CONS: Obviously, a bit more involved than just wearing the disguise. You
	might want to save before climbing the drain pipe or back out the
	window, just in case.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	In Daddy's Footsteps
METHOD A-		Beware Of Blatantly Obvious Hazards
Manuel follows a set route, barring his one-time trip to the drug lab
with the pony-tailed agent. After snorting in the wine cellar, he stands
under the precarious elevator full of barrels, almost screaming out,
"Please drop these on me!" And who are we to argue?

The easiest way I've found to do this is to just sneak into the wine cellar
whenever you want, throw a coin a short ways down the stairs, and plant the
bomb. You can do this in a disguise, but it doesn't help TOO much since you
need to be alone to do your dirty work. Very few guards patrol the party, and
civvies don't care if you're in there. The best time to do this is right at
the very start of the mission. Just run right up to the doors, slip through,
and close 'em. Exit when the bomb is planted.

You can watch Manuel on the map to see when he gets in the right spot. Alas,
there might be a tour group heading down just as your want to blow the bomb,
which will mean you'll have to wait. Even if the tour group isn't in the way,
the guard will be. The best way to get rid of him is to open the doors from
the party, and throw a coin just outside the door. This makes him come far
enough out that you can close the doors behind him. Be sure to slip behind 
the corner before you press the button.

You CAN wait for the guard to walk down the stairs, but I'm not sure if his
movement ever synchs up with Manuel being in position AND the tour group not
being in the way.

If you like, you COULD kill or KO the guard, then drag him into Manuel's 
drug room and stash his body. Probably the easiest option is just to shove
him over the ledge and leave his body where it lies. 

PROS: Pretty much the only way to "accident" Manuel.
CONS: Pain in the butt to blow the bomb without killing someone extra.

METHOD B- 		Screw Accidents
Hide in the closet in the wine cellar til Manuel walks past, or until he
stands under the falling barrels. Leap out and shoot him. He walks too fast 
for you to sneak up behind him.

PROS: Pretty easy.
CONS: It's a really high-traffic area. You're going to have trouble doing it
	and hiding the body without a tour group wandering by. 

The only other place Manuel can be ganked is in the room where he does his
lines. Alas, there's a guard looking right AT him, so unless you've eliminated
that guard (you can hide his body in the wine vat) you can't take Manuel 
while he's snorting. The other guard down here likes to walk around too, so
be wary.

Hide in the snorting room in VIP disguise. Your goal is to knife/wire Manuel
while he's either on his way in or out. Both are complicated by the movements
of other characters. I won't lie; this can be quite a pain wandering guards
like to come in and catch you, and it's surprisingly easy to be caught by
a passing tour group. 

One option is to simply stand somewhere we KNOW Manuel will have to walk in
front of you, and to KO him with an unarmed attack when he goes by, then give
him a good knifing while he's on the ground.

Stash the body in the convenient box.

PROS: None, really.
CONS: You have to get a disguise, and it doesn't save you any frustration
	vs. using the bomb.

FOURTH CHALLENGE-	De plane, boss!
METHOD A- 		This is why everybody else likes disguises
If you are disguised as a VIP guard, you can just walk to the plane. 

PROS: Easy.

METHOD B- 		But not me!
Run around the eastern edge of the compound and start down the long, windy
path to the dock. There's a worker here who can safely be shoved or
ignored. Hide in the rocks at the base of the stairs and watch. There's a
VIP guard ahead who moves back and forth, and a worker who sometimes comes
down the elevator. When an opening presents itself, head over and KO the
guard with a syringe, or just shove him into the drink.

PROS: Allows us to do the whole mission with no disguise.
CONS: None, really.

You can get this as long as you don't kill anyone other than the targets, and
as long as you remember your suit. You can knife both targets if you like, but
for maximum cleanliness, you should "accident" both of them. If you're using 
the bomb, remember that those killed by its blast radius will count as kills,
rather than accidents. My best is 2 accidents and no changes of clothes.

1. Manuel takes the agent down to the drug lab. Does this serve any useful
	purpose? The drug lab seems like a great place for an explosion, but
	there's no place to put the bomb. Even dropping it without getting 
	caught is hard, and even then, the target is only here ONCE, very early
	in the mission. There must be SOMETHING we can do down there!
2. I found I can make the barrels drop by throwing items at them, but this
	doesn't seem to kill Manuel if he's under them. What gives?
3. There's a few poisonable wine casks around, but nobody ever seems to drink
	from them. At a WINE TASTING there has to be SOME way to poison the
	target, no?
4. The actor patrols the party after a chat with his agent. Is there a way to
	do anything with this guy?

Snub-Nosed-	On the Don and the agent. If you shove the Don out the window
		you can still get it from the path down to the docks.
TMP-		On the Son. Snag it when you off him.
Shotgun-	On the Outdoor guards. Alas, outdoor guards aren't allowed at
		the docks, so smuggling one of these off requires you to do
		the same thing as my "no disguise" exit.
SAF SMG-	On the VIP guards and inside the house.

                        MISSION 2- CURTAINS DOWN
This mission really made me miss the ability to have persistent in-mission
saves. There's a LOT of waiting in this one, and the first 5 minutes or so
are always going to be the same.

1. Don't forget to talk to the guy at the coat-check room.
2. Although Alvardo almost always will die first, you'll usually need to 
	arrange Delahunt's accident beforehand.
3. There are tourists in the common areas. Some have cameras. Beware!
4. The locked 2nd floor room backstage is just part of an Easter egg.
	There's nothing useful in there.

WORKER- You can go almost everywhere in this outfit, except for the stage.
ACTOR- Kind of a pain to get, and not especially useful. You can go more or
	less wherever you want though.
EXECUTIONER- Like the actor, but useful for one specific purpose. You can carry
	the WWI pistol visibly if you really want to.
SECURITY- Basically the same as the worker, but it lets you go into the 
	security office.
BODYGUARD- Doesn't accomplish much. Same as the worker re access. You might
	think this would let you into Delahunt's box, but the door is locked,
	and no disguise will let you get away with picking the damn thing.
NONE- Alas, you NEED a disguise this time. There's no way around it. You can't
	really leave the lobby area without changing.

METHOD A- 		Peeing; A surefire way to wake up naked
After a minute, a worker will go into the bathroom in the lobby. I like to hide
in waiting near the big bin. Wait until the door closes, then sneak behind the
guy and take him out. Swap suits and chuck him in the bin for safe keeping. You
can take his toolbox too, if you like, but it doesn't accomplish anything. 
There are no frisk points on this level to circumvent.

PROS: You really kinda NEED to do this. The disguise is very useful, I just 
	wish this was a more versatile mission.
CONS: none

METHOD B-		The Same, But in White
Alternatively, after they stop talking, you can follow the worker in 
white down the stairs. Just make sure you don't let any of the cops see
you. At the bottom, he pursues a couple of activities which make him
easily ambushable. There's even a convenient storage box.

If you're feeling daring, there are workers in the next room who could
be used for disguise purposes. One likes to stand in the locker room with
his back to the door and the other drinks from a bottle into which you
can dump poison or KO-juice, but it's not worth the effort just to wind up
dressed as a worker AGAIN.

PROS: Something different
CONS: Slightly harder than Method A and not really any better or any more fun.

METHOD C-		Okay, now we're talking
This is a modified version of a method sent to me by "Billy Bob Joe Ross."

In the lower part of the lobby area, you will find a worker near an open door
to the basement. When there's no cops around, throw a coin to distract him, 
and slip down the stairs. Remember this spot. I'll refer to it later in 
another section.

At the next set of doors, wait for the room ahead to be occupied solely by
people who aren't looking, and run in, then hang a U-turn and go through the
door to the backstage area just to the right of where you entered. If you 
were quick enough, you should enjoy a clean shot across the hall and up the
stairs to the dressing room. Remember, you can always turn the lights off
for a quick distraction.

Anyway, my informant tells me the actors don't mind if you are in here 
(perhaps they think you are a talent scout) but again, if you were fast 
enough it won't be an issue. Now, for the next part, we just need to make
sure the bodyguard isn't RETURNING from the bathroom. Any other position is
fine. Run out and hang a right into the girls' locker room. Yeah, you heard
me, the girls. They scream and run around, but nobody comes to investigate,
and the suspicio-meter doesn't move at all, which means this must be 
something that happens every day at the Paris Opera. Vive Le France!

Anyway, when you're done chasing skirt and the back room is empty, move into
it. In the men's locker room, the spare suit is very close to the door, but
so is a worker. Open the door when he's not facing it, and throw a coin to
turn him around, then sneak in and change.

Now, the only downside is that getting out is a bit of a trick. You can 
distract the worker near your suit with a coin again, and retrace your steps,
but the odds are there's a few guards running around trying to figure out
why people are dead, and it's pretty much a given you will be spotted on 
your way through the basement. The good news is it doesn't matter. They will
just tell you to leave, and as long as you do, no harm no foul, and most
importantly, no impact on rating.

PROS: Sneaky fun! Plus we have an excuse to run through the girls' room!
CONS: Some people might consider this a bit too much work for the same
	outfit we can get so easily in the begining, but it's not very hard
	and it takes about the same amount of time.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	Hunting Delahunt
METHOD A-		I hate this method
It just bugs me there isn't something more... personal. I'm not big on the 
bomb-and-drop-something accidents. Most of the time they seem kinda obvious
and dumb.

As a worker, enter the backstage area from the 1st floor and head up to
the catwalks. Place the bomb in the round room. When Alvardo dies on 
stage, Delahunt will run down to the stage, tripping in the middle of the
aisle. This is your cue to drop the chandelier on his noggin. Make sure
nobody sees you press the detonator or they may count as witnesses.

There is a worker up here who likes to sit near the bomb spot right when
you need to press the button. Sometimes he doesn't go in there. If it 
looks like he's going to be a problem, sedate him from behind, and drag 
him out of harm's way. If you can arrange it, shoving him over the wooden
railing down onto the dome will knock him out.

For my money, the best spot to observe Delahunt's run is from the light
control room. If you can't get in there, I'd advise you to find a nice,
solitary corner and use the map, rather than watch from the theatre or
the scaffold. You don't want anyone to see you press the button or they
show up as witnesses.

PROS: This is the only remotely stealthy way to kill Delahunt.
CONS: You do have to set it up BEFORE you kill Alvardo. If you miss your
        one window, you're screwed. This is the ONLY remotely stealthy
        way I've found to kill Delahunt, which is frustrating. Surely
        there must be another way.

METHOD B-		Catch
While Delahunt is still in his box, go up to the catwalks, and then down 
through hole to the little scaffold. Go to the end of it and lob a RU-AP into
the box. Blow it immediately. 

PROS: At least it's something different. Also, no pesky waiting!
CONS: STILL requires a bomb. Not exactly stealthy.

METHOD C-		Backstage lurker part 1
Delahunt is snipe-able from the backstage area. You can get into a good spot
by climbing up the elevator from backstage. I find it helps to turn out the
light to distract any workers in the room. Once up, move away from the hole
so the workers don't see you from below, and unpack your sniper rifle. You 
can tag Delahunt in his box from here. If you don't have a silencer yet, you
will need to time the shot to coincide with the soundtrack gunshots. Although
the body will immediately be found, his bodyguards don't leave the booth and
the suspicio-meter quickly moves back to the green. Note that this doesn't
disturb the actors at all, so if you have a silencer, you can snipe Delahunt
any time you like. 

Now here's the fun part; If you use Method C for insertion and stop at the
point I mentioned, you can get up here without ever changing outfits!

PROS: Disguiseless Silent Assassin rating? Yes please!
CONS: Gunshot + Found body = you'd better do Alvardo very cleanly or you
	can kiss SA goodbye. Also, it's VERY easy to get spotted back here.
	Don't mess around. Get in position, take your shot(s) and get gone.

METHOD A-		I have a gun just like that!
Backstage, on the first floor, enter the room with the (!) in it. It doesn't
really matter who sees you. Hide in the closet and wait and wait and wait for
the actors to take a break. A guy will come and mill around for a while, then
leave to use the potty. Exit the closet and swap the prop gun for the real one,
then you can feel free to leave. Eventually, the actor will kill Alvardo for 

PROS: Easy enough. Counts as an accident.
CONS: More thumb-twiddling excitement.

METHOD B-		But what if that guy can't aim?
Backstage, on the first floor, enter the room with the (!) in it. It doesn't
really matter who sees you. Turn out the lights and draw a sedative syringe
before hiding. When the actors eventually break, the guy will come in and go
right for the light switch. KO him when he does so. You will need to be quick
so I suggest saving before you pounce. Take his clothes and either copy of the
note. It will show that you need to stand on the obvious X. Go stand there on
stage, and eventually, the opera will reach the firing squad part. You will be
able to tell as the music will swell and there's a pre-recorded shot noise.
That's your cue. Let the man have it.

PROS: Kinda cool. Again, accident.
CONS: You get to stand there for like 3 minutes waiting for your cue. Also,
	it's kinda hard to nail the actor in the dressing room and not get

METHOD C-		Best seat in the house
Bring your sniper case. You can just carry it with you the whole time. Nobody
seems to mind. Backstage, go up to the 3rd floor and into the large room on
the end while the two NPC's are talking. Grab the keycard. If for some reason 
it's gone, you can also get one off the worker on this floor.

Go all the way back out to the lobby, to the third floor there, and use the
keycard to get into the light control room. Just make sure nobody sees you go
in. Unpack your rifle and aim at Alvardo, then wait for the execution scene
to come up. Fire about when the prerecorded gunshots go off, and nobody will
be the wiser. 

Just make sure nobody sees you leaving.

PROS: We get to snipe somebody. The light booth is a convenient spot to watch
	from when triggering the bomb on Delahunt. If you like, you can even
	change back into your suit BEFORE you do this, since you shouldn't
	let anybody see you go in OR out of that room. Once more, part of the
	same accident.
CONS: You have to lug the rifle around the whole level.

METHOD D-		That helmet doesn't really offer much protection
You can drop a piece of the lighting rig on Alvardo from above, by placing
the bomb by one of the convenient (!) marks in the top area, the one in the
square room, not the one in the round room. Blow it any time he's standing at
the stake.

You might think this would work for killing Delahunt after he reaches the 
stage, but you would be wrong. It misses him.

PROS: Easy, and FAST. No damn waiting for the opera. Another accident.
CONS: As of right now, I don't have a way to kill the other target without
	using a bomb. Not a problem if you have 2 bombs, but on your first
	play, you probably don't.

METHOD E-		Skeletons in my closet
Go backstage, and find the bodyguard near the dressing rooms. Go in the nearby
bathroom and turn the light out. When he goes in there, sneak into the tenor's
dressing room, turn out the light, ready your weapon of choice, and hide in
the closet. When he comes in, he'll go for the light, so sneak out and choke
him down.

PROS: Call me old-fashioned, I liked getting up close and personal.
CONS: Kinda tricky to pull off. Plus it means Delahunt never leaves his box,
	which is problematic. NOT an accident.

METHOD F-		Notes
Dressed as any of the actors, go on stage. At the end or beginning of any
performance, wander off through the stage left door, but not out to the hall.
When the actors stop and walk to the front of the stage for notes, you can
tag Alvardo in the head with your silenced pistol from this alcove and nobody
will see or hear the shot. 

PROS: Something different.
CONS: The body is found more or less immediately. Does NOT count as an 

METHOD G-		Backstage lurker part 2
If you climb into the backstage area without being seen (which is tricky, see
Method C on the 2nd challenge for info) you can shoot the back of Alvardo's
head from there. If you do it at the right time, it counts as an accident. It
turns out this is one of the fastest clean ways to do the mission; Use method
C to get in, but just skip straight to the elevator shaft without ever getting
a disguise. Unpack your silenced sniper rifle, snipe Delahunt, and, when the
time comes, snipe Alvardo from behind. Quickly pack back up, leap down the
shaft, and run. You will more than likely be spotted and asked to leave in
the basement, but it doesn't impact your rating. You can get SA this way very
quickly, if you are fast enough to make it into position before the first
iteration of the execution.

PROS: It's fast, it's fun, it's relatively clean, and we get to brag about
	not using a disguise!
CONS: Could be cleaner, and again, it's REALLY easy to get spotted there. Do
	not spend any more time backstage than you absolutely have to!

Set the bomb on the chandelier, then grab the keycard and run to the 
light control room, changing back into your suit if you like. Snipe
Alvardo at the right time and trigger the bomb when you see Delahunt trip.
I recommend this location as the control booth gives you lots of privacy
to make sure nobody sees you detonate the bomb, while also providing an
excellent view. Any of the methods that involve on-stage accidental 
shootings work for SA. 2 accidents, 1 change of clothes is my best. You
have to swap guns on the executioner to avoid getting dinged for the gunshot.

Nail Gun-	So I don't get to keep the stun-gun, but I get to keep this
		piece of crap? What is this? Manhunt?
ACP .45 Pistol-	On all the guards. Also a spare in the guard break room. You
		can sometimes get away with sneaking in there if you really
		want one, but they are easy to get next mission.
MP5-		On the bodyguards, and in the break room.
WWI Pistol-	You don't get to keep it. Pity.


                        MISSION 3- FLATLINE
This one's a bit different, though I must admit I cringed when they said I 
had to help out an agent. This mission must bore people as it's the only
one I get 0 emails abouts.

1. There's a CCTV camera by the fancy gate near the reflecting pool. It's
	pretty easy to avoid, but if you fail somehow, the tape can be
	collected from the security office.
2. I have no idea what happens if you kill the 3 targets before you are told
	to do so. I'm guessing it's not a problem for mission completion, but
	it MIGHT be for ratings. Unless you accident all of them of course.
3. Notice how NOBODY carries visible weapons? That means you shouldn't either.
4. By and large, this mission is very easy. You have pretty much free reign
	of the clinic, and tons of options for the 3 hits, half of which count
	as accidents. The only tricky spot is getting to Smith, because we 
	absolutely HAVE to get an orderly costume. Or kill 3 orderlies. I guess
	there's always that.
5. At the end, nobody seems to care how you are dressed when you enter the
	morgue, so don't worry about being too sneaky.

ORDERLY- Can go everywhere. All other costumes are inferior.
CLINIC GUARD- Can go everywhere but the medical wing. The only perk is
        that you won't get frisked at the front door.
PATIENT- Can go everywhere but the medical wing and the basement. 
PATIENT BODYGUARD- Same as the patient.
DOCTOR CRAIG- Can go everywhere but the medical wing. Opens up one or two
        extra kill opportunities.
NONE- You're allowed to walk around outside in your suit, but if you try to
	go inside, they'll ask you to change into patient robes. Or kick you
	out if you don't have admission papers.

FIRST CHALLENGE-	Getting in and finding a keycard
METHOD A-		I need help
At the start, run over to the ivy trellis and climb it. At the top is a
set of admission papers for you to steal. Head on in through the front
door, being careful not to be caught by the CCTV camera near the gate.

Inside, give the admission papers to the nurse and you will be shown to
a changing room. If you have any guns, you'll need to drop them here,
preferably such that nobody in the hall sees them when the door is open.

Once be-robed and disarmed, you can pass the frisk point and wander the
grounds at leisure.

To obtain a keycard as the patient, you will need to sneak into the
security office. It's possible, although tricky, to do this from the hall.
Another option is going up to the second floor and climbing down the
drain pipe. 

PROS: A good way to learn the lay of the land on your first run.
CONS: The patient disguise doesn't really GET you anywhere.

METHOD B-		I need help 2.0
There's a patient sneaking a drink behind the dumpsters. Despite the fact
he looks around a lot, he's pretty easy to KO. Just be careful not to be
spotted by wandering constabulary while you denude him. Hiding him behind
the dumpsters works just as well as in them, and doesn't mean you need to
drag the body around in broad daylight.

To obtain a keycard as the patient, you will need to sneak into the
security office. It's possible, although tricky, to do this from the hall.
Another option is going up to the second floor and climbing down the
drain pipe. 

PROS: Faster way to get a patient's disguise.
CONS: Same as above.

METHOD C-		Straight to the source
Run right up the hill at the start, and you'll see a cop come out of the
narrow hall between the two buildings. Your goal is to sneak up and pick
the lock on the door he was just guarding. Slip inside, then pick the door
opposite and you'll find yourself outside again. You can also get here by
climbing the drain pipe and then dropping down the other side, but it's
a little too easy to be spotted by security.

Once on the other side, stick close to the building, as there's people on
the deck above who might see you otherwise. You will find an open window
into the security office. Sneak in through the door and KO the guard, then
drag him out to the dumpster. Change clothes and deposit the body. Grab 
the keycard before you leave.

You can steal the video tape for the CCTV here, but there's only 1 camera
and it's pretty easy to avoid.

PROS: The cop disguise is actually decent. It's also pretty direct and
CONS: We're going to have to change again. There's no two ways about it.

METHOD D-		Order in the court
Since we're going to have to change into an orderly uniform eventually, we
might as well not bother with another disguise.

Run right up the hill at the start, and you'll see a cop come out of the
narrow hall between the two buildings. Your goal is to sneak up and pick
the lock on the door he was just guarding. Slip inside, then pick the door
opposite and you'll find yourself outside again. You can also get here by
climbing the drain pipe and then dropping down the other side, but it's
a little too easy to be spotted by security.

Once on the other side, stick close to the building, as there's people on
the deck above who might see you otherwise. Break the fuse box, and watch
the cop. When he moves far enough that he won't be able to see you, climb
through the window, then move behind the door so he won't see you when he
crosses in front of the window. Once he's at the fuse box, grab the 
keycard and exit the room through the keycard door.

We'll be needing an orderly uniform. Turn out the light in the lobby and
throw a coin just barely inside the window. Hide between the door and
window, and crouch as the orderly emerges to check the lights. Follow him
and KO him. You'll want to do it near the light to reduce the odds the
other one will spot the action. Hide him near the top of the stairs, and
relieve him of his burdensome keys and clothes.

PROS: Wicked stealthy! Saves some time.
CONS: Kinda tricky.

METHOD E-		As above, but...
As in method D, sneak by the cop in the security office, and get into the
medical wing sans disguise. Hide by the door into the orderly office, and wait
until one comes, has a cup of coffee, and leaves. Not that as he leaves he
faces toward you. Make sure he's heading south before you proceed.

Climb through the window, and sneak behind the seated orderly. Drop him in the
manner of your choosing, and take his clothes. Stuff the body in the nearby

PROS: Also wicked stealthy. Somewhat easier than the above.
CONS: I can't think of any. The orderly disguise is by far the best.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	Him? Ugh. Where's Mei Ling then?
By now, you're disguised and have a keycard. The next step is to dress as an
orderly and sedate Smith. If you followed method D or E you skipped straight
to an orderly costume and have all the tools you need. 

If you are dressed as Doctor Craig or a security guard, you can access the 
basement. There are two orderlies here. We're interested in the one nearest
the body storage bin. There's multiple points you can stop and syringe him.
Theoretically you can just drug his coffee, but I've never seen him put the
damn mug down. Frankly, this area's a pain. The 3 guys here walk around a lot,
and quickly, and there's a ton of open doors through which people might spot
your nefarious deeds. You're better off walking to the medical center and
following the advice in D or E to obtain an orderly disguise.

Smith is in the third cell on the left. The one sitting on his bed. After the
scene, walk up to him, and "sedate agent" should appear as an option. Do it.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	A pile of corpses
My memory is a bit spotty and I can't recall if the main target is always the
same guy or not. I also don't know if you have to kack the two optional targets
to receive Silent Assassin. These are the sorts of things I'd test more if I
could keep a nice, persistent mid-game save. Regardless, the three targets are
the three patients wearing colored robes. There are multiple ways to get each,
so I'll just list methods for killing them, and leave it up to you to put it 
together into three dead bodies, rather than make a separate section for each 

METHOD A-		Heavy
Sometimes the green target will use the weight room. If you stand behind
him, as if you were going to spot him, you will receive the option to 
"drop weight." Do so, and you will kack him. This counts as an accident,
but make sure nobody is watching. One or two patients/bodyguards will peek
in here occasionally.

PROS: Much easier than the OTHER way to accident this target.
CONS: Kinda easy to get spotted.

METHOD B-		Chef's Surprise
The blue patient is cooking in his room. If you came in as a patient,
you'll be told your room is room A. If you go to room A (regardless of
whether or not anyone told you it was your room) you can go out on the
porch, and in to the neighboring room. Tamper with the gas, and the target
will eventually blow himself up for you.

PROS: Very easy to set up. Counts as an accident.
CONS: None, really.

METHOD C-		That's one way to teach him not to drink
The pink target likes to sneak a drink from a flask hidden inside the
big globe in one of the rooms. You can open the globe and poison the
booze. As long as nobody sees you do it, eventually, one of the targets
will drink himself to death.

PROS: Allows you to kill this target without having to use a bomb.
CONS: Surprisingly easy to get caught in the act. Poisoning does not count
	as an accident to my knowledge.

METHOD D-		Death from above
One of the targets likes to sneak a drink from a flask hidden inside the
big globe in one of the rooms. Just above this room, there is a winch you
can bomb which will drop the light fixture on top of the globe. Plant the
bomb there whenever you like. The only person who can catch you is the
target, if he's sitting in the easy chair facing you. Detonate the bomb
with nobody watching, and it counts as an accident.

PROS: Counts as an accident. Easy to execute without suspicion.
CONS: I hate these bombs. I really do. I don't know why.

METHOD E-		Second verse...		
Another flask of booze is secreted in the kitchen area near the wall. If
you poison it, eventually, the blue target will drink from it and wind up 

PROS: Easy.
CONS: Doesn't count as an accident, which means we have body-finding to
	deal with.

METHOD F-		Taking the plunge
Sometimes, one of the targets will stroll out in the grounds, and stand
near the shallow pool. If you stand on the far side of the pool, facing 
north, he'll eventually have his back to you, and his bodyguard will walk
past momentarily. This is your chance to shove the target in the drink.
I wouldn't have thought a short fall into a few inches of water would be
fatal, but now I know. As long as nobody sees the shove, nobody puts 2 & 2
together, and it counts as an accident.

PROS: I can't think of any. Unless you're into absurdity.
CONS: VERY narrow window of opportunity. 

METHOD G-		How do you feel about fibre wires?
If you dress as the Doctor (he'll sometimes sit by himself in a room
upstairs. Follow him in and syringe him as he goes to leave.) and walk up
to one of the targets, he'll assert that it's time for his session, and 
lead you to the office upstairs. Luckily, it's NOT the one where you KO'ed
the real Doctor. He'll sit and talk for a while, and you can walk behind 
and have your way with him. Not an accident. Sometimes, a SECOND target
will also claim session time. You can kill him the same way, just make
sure you hide the first body beforehand. I have not had all three targets ask
for therapy sessions.

PROS: You get to mess with the annoying doctor. Has that old-time, up-close
	feel to it. My kind of hit.
CONS: Kind of unnecessary, and neither will count as an accident.

METHOD H-		Sploosh!
One of the targets occasionally goes into the hot-tub room. If you catch
him in there, you can shove him into the tub, and, as we all know, being
pushed into a pool is DEADLY. Counts as an accident, but it's really quite
rare to catch him in there, and quite hard to get him alone. 

PROS: Um... I can't think of any.
CONS: It's hard, and the opportunity doesn't come up often.

As long as you can get to Smith without killing anyone or causing a 
ruckus, it's quite easy to accident all 3 targets. You'd pretty much have
to TRY to make suit retrieval a problem, so this should be a walk in the
park. My best is 3 accidents, only 1 change of clothes.

SLP 40 Pistol- Carried by the security guards. There's also a spare one on
        the floor in both security offices.
Stungun- Carried by the orderlies. Since we HAVE to KO an orderly to do
        this mission, you're going to wind up with one of these at some
        point. Alas, you don't get to keep it.
TMP- Carried by the bodyguards and also in the security office. If you blow
	up the guy cooking in his room, you can usually take a bodyguard with
	him, and pocket his TMP from there.

1. Is there a way to access the morgue tunnel?
2. The climbable ledge and pipe in the medical wing imply there's a way to
        sneak down to Smith without being seen, but I can't do it without
        being spotted by the guy on the floor. What's up with that?

                        MISSION 4- A NEW LIFE
I'm kinda glad the targets are starting to get a bit more iffy. Instead of
just whacking criminals, now we're whacking criminals who are turning State's
Evidence. I always thought it was a bit too convenient that 47's targets all
HAPPENED to be evil. Anyway, today's mission is to take out Vinnie Sinistra,
so be prepared to deal with his large, purple forehead and yellow power ring.
We also need to retrieve some evidence. Why HE has it, I'm not sure.
Shouldn't it be in some police station's evidence locker?

1. Don't be fooled by the low # of guards on this map. If you cause too much
	trouble, 8 more FBI agent armed with MP7's will arrive as backup.
2. The microfilm is on the necklace on the wife. At least I think she's his
	wife. She could be a daughter or girlfriend or birthday hooker for all
	I know.
3. There are one or two locked doors in the house, notably the left-hand one
	from the kitchen out to the deck. About 4 people spend half their
	time staring right at this door. Don't even DREAM of picking it.
4. The dog doesn't attack, like the dogs in the first game, but he DOES bark
	and summon guards, which is bad. Like the earlier dogs, his body
	cannot be moved.
5. There is a spare FBI suit by the sauna. Getting there suitless is extremely
	difficult, but it's there if you're the pool boy or something and need
	to upgrade.

FBI AGENT- Can go everywhere. No real downside.
POOL GUY- Only welcome in the back. Useful for one specific purpose, but you
	can do the whole mission in this guise if you are clever.
GARBAGE MAN- Not particularly useful. You can go into the vet clinic without
	any guff from the neighbor lady, and likewise can go around the side
	of the target's house.
CATERER- I can't foresee this being particularly useful and have to confess
	to having NO clue how to obtain it cleanly.
CLOWN- To be honest, I haven't had the time or the inclination to test the
	clown route yet.

FIRST CHALLENGE-	Getting there is half the fun
METHOD A-		Thanks for the Tranqs
Go into the vet clinic, being sure not to let the neighbor lady see you. Pick
the lock, and pocket the tranq darts. Mind out for the lady when you exit, and
head around the corner to the tree fort. Slip behind the gardening woman, and
up the ladder. Grabbing the air rifle will automatically load it with tranq
darts. I'm not sure what it fires otherwise.

Fire at the dog. Duck. The agents in the backyard will get a bit panicky, but
you should be safe. When they mellow out a little, zoom all the way in (an air
rifle with a 2x zoom scope? wth?) and plug the camera. You'll know you hit it
if you see a slim wisp of smoke emit.

Drop the rifle and exit, being sure not to be spotted by the neighbor-lady.
Hugging the fence, you can just run right up to the gate and open it. From
here, move to the NEXT gate. Watch the map. We need the pool boy to be IN the
shed, and the nearest agent to be moving away from you. Open the gate, pick
the lock on the shed, and KO the pool boy. Take his clothes.

PROS: Fun. A bit more involved. Lets us brag about how we didn't need an FBI
	costume. And we get to drug a dog!
CONS: I'll admit, this makes the level more work than it needs to be. 

METHOD B-		Alternate dog avoidance
You can also take out the dog by drugging or poisoning the sausage found
behind the vet clinic and hucking it over the fence. You can try tagging the
camera with a shot from the silenced pistol, but it's hard to get a clean
shot without being recorded. 

Head down the stairs. Check the basement map to make sure there's nobody down
there, and head on in. Hide to the side of the door and eventually an FBI
agent will come down and stand with his back to you. You know what that means

Take his suit when he's down. Don't worry about hiding him.

You can mix and match elements of this and method A if you like.

PROS: One less FBI agent to worry about.
CONS: See above.

The easy way. Pop the sedative into the donuts in the back of the catering
van. Eventually, the caterer will deliver these to the back of the FBI truck,
but if you don't like waiting, you can take it over yourself.

PROS: Easy.
CONS: Too easy. Discourages experimentation.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	My Dead Cousin Vinnie
METHOD A- 		Too Much TV...
In an FBI costume, wait outside by the fuse box. You'll need to wait until the
clown, caterer, jogger, garbage man, and house-side agent are ALL not looking.
This can be a very difficult window to find, because 47 takes surprisingly 
long to break the damn thing. I'd suggest saving beforehand in case the clown
comes out the front door and surprises you.

Anyway, once it's pulled, head inside to the TV room. Vinnie will sometimes
watch TV here with just one guard. If he's not here, just wait. He'll show up
eventually. When he is here, the agent with him will head outside to fix the
fuse box. This is your chance! You have exactly enough time to wire Vinnie,
drag him into the closet, take his gun, and close the door. 

Nobody will find the body, and nobody ever looks in the closet. About as clean
as it's going to get.

PROS: Clean.
CONS: Breaking the fuse box undetected is surprisingly hard. Vinnie's body
	sometimes gets stuck on the closet door.

METHOD B-		What else is on TV? Vinnie's brains!
In an FBI costume, go to the TV room and stand in front of the closet door.
When Vinnie is here, and he and the agent have both settled down, pull out
your silenced pistol and drill Vinnie in the back of the head. Quickly put 
your gun away, and nobody will be the wiser.

PROS: Quick and direct. If you do the rest of the mission cleanly, you can
	STILL get Silent Assassin using this technique.
CONS: A gunshot and a found body.

METHOD C-		Now that I have you alone...
Vinnie sometimes goes into the computer room upstairs by himself. He's not
in there long, but if you wait in there FOR him, around the corner, you can
kill him when he comes in. Knifing, wiring, silenced pistol, anything's good,
just make sure the agent outside doesn't see the body when you leave.

PROS: It's nice to have some private time. Quicker than A and cleaner than B.
	Plus this is the only method where costume doesn't matter. I can't do
	this mission suitless, but I CAN do it without wearing an FBI outfit.
CONS: Narrow window.

METHOD D-		Reach out and touch someone.
You can snipe Vinnie while he's watching TV from the garage across the street.
If you have bought the silencer upgrade, you can get away with it scot free.
The problem is that shooting through class can cause deflection, so it can be
surprisingly hard to drop Vinnie in one shot. Also, make sure the caterer 
isn't walking near the window at the time, or he will blow your cover.

Dressing as the garbage man helps a little, as you can enter the garage
without the lady next door getting grumpy. You also have to be careful of the
OTHER garbage man, who can see into the garage when he walks behind the house
to get the trash.

To make the shot a little easier, sedate the FBI agents in the truck as 
covered above. Unpack your rifle and leave it in the garage. Call Vinnie's
cell phone and he'll stand right in front of the window. 

PROS: We get to use our rifle.
CONS: Quite hard to make the shot. The body will be found, but if you don't
	fire any other bullets, it's easy enough to complete the mission
	with Silent Assassin.

METHOD E-		Accidents happen, it just takes work
So, in my first version of this, I wrote that I couldn't find a way to 
accident Vinnie. Some people wrote in to say he could be thrown down the
kitchen stairs to his death, but after multiple tries this does NOT work for
me, so it's not going in the guide. 

I tried throwing him over the balcony, of course, as I'm guessing most people
did, only to discover its a non-throwable balcony. I even tried the open 
window by the squeakie toy, but no dice.

In desperation, I escorted Vinnie into his bedroom, hurled him roughly to the
bed, and shot the mirrors above, hoping the glass would kill him. Again, no

What follows is the only way I've found to successfully accident Vinnie.

Anyway, we need to get Vinnie alone on the top floor, so dress as the pool-
boy and... no, wait, that's his wife. Okay, seriously, get to the top floor
however you please. Put the ether on the panties, and eventually that guard
will take care of himself.

When Vinnie comes up, the other guard will follow. When the door to Vinnie's
office closes, human shield the agent and drag him into one of the bedrooms
for some quiet time. Follow Vinnie downstairs. If you pulled all this off 
quickly enough, you should have a nice, clean window of opportunity. If not,
you'll have to follow him to the TV room and wait.

Your goal is to human-shield him when he's in the front room on his way up
or down from his office. Why here? Because we need to get him out of this
lane of traffic as fast as possible. Your goal is to get him through the other
door out of the front room, opposite the TV room. There is sometimes an FBI
agent in there. If he's there, you're going to have to wait for a later cycle.
Escort Vinnie through and go through the far door, into a room which nobody
enters. When the coast is clear, walk Vinnie throw to the small lap pool, and
push him in. Tada!

If you're having trouble, try knocking Vinnie out and dragging him. It's a 
bit slower, but less visible, and Vinnie can't shout and alert people.

PROS: Counts as an accident. No gunshots, no kills, no nothing, just a
	bobbing Vinnie corpse.
CONS: It's a long way to go considering the other ways there are to get
	Vinnie that are only marginally less clean.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	The couple that dies together...
METHOD A-		En fuego
One of the things I don't like about the accident system is that it sort of
encourages killing innocents. Like this, for example. In the shed, you will
find a bottle of lighter fluid. Just make sure nobody sees you pick the lock
and you will be fine. With it in hand, you will be able to tamper with the 

After wifey's gruesome demise, you can grab the necklace off her. If the
FBI moves her body to the guard room, you can just grab it there.

PROS: Easy. Counts as an accident.
CONS: Kinda mean. Not exactly subtle.

METHOD B-		Nap time
If you get into the treehouse with the air rifle and tranqs, you can shoot
her as she walks past the pool. She will fall in and drown, allowing you to
retrieve the film from her corpse. Just knocking her out with the tranq gun
isn't an option; someone will wake her up before you get there.

PROS: Non, really, but it's convenient if you're already up there. I think
	it counts as an accident too. Firing the air rifle does not seem to
	count as a gunshot.
CONS: Only worth the effort if you want to use the dog-side entrance method
	listed above.

METHOD C-		Slippery when wet
Wifey likes to go into the small, side lap pool for a quick rinse. You can
get behind her and syringe her there, but she'll drown. A better option is to
stand by the pool stairs and shove her in as she's getting in or out. She'll
drown, but it counts as an accident. If that's not enough, you can shoot out
the glass ceiling in here (either from inside or out in the treehouse) and it
will fall on her, with fatal results.

PROS: Surprisingly easy to get away with. 
CONS: An unnecessary death. It doesn't affect you're rating, but for my tastes
	this could be cleaner.

METHOD D- 		Alone at last
Wifey spends some time in the first floor bathroom near the lap pool and
sauna. Since she walks so slowly, it's quite easy to ambush and KO her on her
way in or out of the area, and stash her body in the bathroom. Nobody else
goes in there.

PROS: Up close and personal is always nice.
CONS: There are better uses for our syringes on this level, and FBI agents
	might hear her scream if you shield her.

METHOD E-		One for the road
There are two bottles from which she occasionally takes drinks. One is out by
the barbecue and is extremely difficult to poison undetected. The other is on
the kitchen counter. Slip some sedative or poison in either and she's done 
for. If you poison her, the FBI will most likely move her corpse to their
guard room.

PROS: Saves time. You can just leave the poison and go.
CONS: Can get a little messy. I'm still unclear whether or not using poison
	or sedative in food counts as accident as far as body finding goes.

METHOD F-		Performing a service
If you are dressed as the pool boy and bump in to wifey, she will ask you to
follow her upstairs. Do so, and she will take you up to the master bedroom.
It's easy enough to take her out, but if you wait long enough, she will 
decide she's not in the mood, and will take a short nap instead. Relieve her
of that burdensome necklace.

If you go back out the way you came, you won't have trouble with the agents.
Alternatively, you could sneak into the teenage girls room and pour the ether
on her panties. Eventually one of the guards will sniff them and be knocked
out. You can upgrade to his suit if you need to. 

Alternatively, you can climb out the window in the baby's room and down the
pole, but this is tricky to time. Be sure to check the outside map first.

AS a third egress option, you can sneak to the spare FBI suit by the sauna
if you are careful and use the map.

PROS: Clean. Easy.
CONS: None, aside from the requisite of taking out the pool boy.

METHOD G-		The last time she'll use those caterers
At the start, stash a RU/AP bomb in the catering tray when nobody is looking.
Eventually, the caterer will deliver it for you. When wifey is in the kitchen
drinking, she stands very near the tray, and will be killed by the resulting
explosion when you trigger your bomb.

PROS: Easy.
CONS: Messy. Also detonating the bomb can be tricky to time.

Breaking the fuse box is the cleanest way to do Vinnie. Catching him alone in
the upstairs office works too, but sometimes with that method I get a "found
body" score even though nobody found the body while I was playing. There's so
many ways to accident wifey it's not even funny, but the cleanest thing to do
is go the pool-boy route so you don't even have to do that. 1 accident, 0
kills and 1 change of clothes is my best.

MP7-	You can get a spare one from the guard room.
SLP 40 Pistol- Ditto. Also, these are carried by all agents.
Air rifle- You can leave the mission with the air rifle. This is potentially 
	a really great weapon on later levels as it's the only way in the 
	game to arrange a distance KO, although I'd be lying if I said I 
	found a specific use for it yet.

1. Is there a use for the sewer pipe as body disposal, or what?
2. Is there anything fun to be accomplished with the caterer or clown
	outfits? Or are they just mediocre ways to get inside?

                        MISSION 5- THE MURDER OF CROWS
This mission has only the 2nd female target of the entire series. Kudos for
you if you can name the first one. I just have to say; how 'bout those crowd
scenes? Never seen anything like that in a game before. If you like playing
through these missions and trying to kill absolutely everybody, you'd better
bring a lot of ammo.

1. There are 3 types of bird suits. The red bird is the delivery boy, the
	yellow ones are guards, and the black ones are targets.
2. The mass of partygoers will by-and-large ignore you, and won't notice when
	you do naughty things in relative proximity. The cops and the birds
	are the ones you really have to be concerned with.
3. The game is blowing smoke about Angelina and Raymond going crazy if they
	find out the other is dead. You can kill them in any order at any time
	and nothing changes. The only way I've found to trigger this behavior
	at all is to confront Angelina wearing Raymond's outfit. It's pretty
	funny. She screams, "You shot my boo!" and chases you down the street,
	firing her gun. Disappointingly, the cops seems to think nothing of
	this and don't stop her. They will, however, fire on YOU if you try to
	fight back.
4. The cops won't let you in the front door of any of the bars wearing anything
	other than the waiter's outfit (or probably the cook's.) Once you are
	inside, nobody cares what you wear.
5. The hits can be done in any order. All three carry walkie-talkies which
	give away the position of the other 2. They drop these the instant 
	they are KO-ed or killed, so they are often not on the corpse. Mark's
	in particular has a habit of disappearing.

RED BIRD- Semi-useful for a short time. 
YELLOW BIRD- More useful. You have more leeway around other birds and in 
	their base.
RAYMOND- As the yellow bird, but don't let Angelina see you wearing it.
WAITER- Gives you free reign of the 3 bar areas. Handy they all use the same
	uniform, eh?
COP- Basically has the same function as the waiter.
COOK- I've never bothered, but I imagine this would be the same as the waiter.
NONE- Sort of limiting, since the guards at the bar entrances count your
	suit as a "costume" and won't let you in.

FIRST CHALLENGE-	There's no shame in being a Purayah
METHOD A-		Big Bird, silent assassin
Follow the red bird, and he will EVENTUALLY lead you to Purayah. This target
doesn't move, so is generally the easiest to do first. Let the bird make the
delivery. Three guards patrol in the alley near their building. When the one
who smokes by the door is inside, and the one who goes out on the street is
out on the street, run into the alley.

There is a yellow bird who comes and stands faces the wall very near the
dumpster. If he's there, go for him! If not, hide behind the right hand wall
and wait for him. Once he's down, swap suits and hide the body. I think
leaving it behind the wall is good enough, but the dumpster is right there.

Go inside and up to Purayah's room. You might think you could just push him
out the window, but you would be wrong; he's a little too far back. So we'll
have to help him along! When the yellow bird leaves, grab the target from 
behind in human shield mode, and check the outside map. The bird we want to
avoid is the one who walks along the street. We need him to not be facing us.
Once the coast is clear, walk Purayah out on the deck and use the drop button
to toss him over. The walkie-talkie will be on the ground where you grabbed
him. You don't have a ton of time to do this before the guard comes back, but
it should be enough, especially if the target was already near the balcony
when the guard left.

Alternatively, you can always just shoot him, or wire him and stuff him in the
Body Box. Yes, Body Box (tm) brand body disposal devices. Making Hitman games
way easier since 2006!

Grab the suitcase and split.

PROS: Going in as the guard bird means you can just stroll out with the case,
	which is not an option when dressed as the delivery bird. You also have
	more leeway with the guards inside. This also works if dressed as
	Raymond. It's an easy accident score if you can toss Purayah out the
CONS: The yellow suit is a little harder to get than certain others.

METHOD B-		Look what the bird dragged in
At the start, follow the delivery bird. He'll stop in many places, including
next to a dumpster in the main courtyard. You couldn't ask for a more
convenient spot, so sedate him, take his suit, and dump his body. Grab the
suitcase and go to see Purayah. If you don't take the case, they won't let
you in. Head upstairs. When the guard leaves, dispose of Purayah in any of the
above methods.

The only catch is the case. You can't leave with it. You can either huck it 
out the window and hope you can fetch it before any yellow birds grab it, or
you can come back in a better disguise.

You can also kill the target here by putting a bomb in the case and detonating
it upon delivery. The problem with that is that it seems to vaporize the case,
so I don't recommend it.

PROS: The disguise is easier to get.
CONS: The case becomes a problem.

METHOD C-		Balconies are for sniping
In the westernmost courtyard, there are two climbing paths. The one with the 
pipe under the piano is what we're after. Climb up there, and unpack your 
rifle. Purayah will stand right in front of you across the street. It's an
easy shot, but there are problems.

First, we can't get in to retrieve the walkie-talkie without a disguise. 
Second, unless we deal with the upstairs bird guard, the body will be found.
Third, we still need the case. The first problem can be solved by taking out
Angelina or Raymond independently. The third can be solved by sedating the
delivery bird and leaving the case in an out-of-the-way spot. The second is
probably more work than it's worth. 

Be sure to deposit the rifle in the ICA pickup box so you don't get dinged
for leaving it behind. (It is not possible to carry both the rifle case and
the diamond case.)

PROS: Easy. Sniping is fun. Allows us to do the mission w/o changing clothes
	at all
CONS: Found body, gunshot, kill. No walk-talkie.

METHOD D-		Beware the bookworm
Next door to the baddie's base is a bookstore. If you go in and sneak up to
the 2nd floor, you'll find a poorly boarded up doorway leading to Purayah's
office. You can kill him from here with a bomb. I suspect magnum ammo will
allow you to shoot him right through the boards, but I have not tested.

The game implies that if you wait long enough in this spot, you will be able
to eavesdrop and determine Raymond's location, but I have never waited around
long enough to find out.

PROS: Easy and fast.
CONS: Same as above.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	The trigger man
METHOD A-		Waiter minute
Raymond is atop one of the 3 bars. You cannot get in the front door unless
you are dressed as the waiter or the cook. There is a spare waiter outfit in 
the hotel where you start, and in this method we'll be going for that one.

You can either turn off the light and distract the make-out couple while you
pick the lock, or you can climb in from the outside. I recommend the latter as
make-out couple can be quite a pain. They don't seem to mind you going in or 
out of the room, just the lock picking part. Once you have this, you can just
walk in the front door of any bar, right through the kitchen, and up to 

The only catch is in the blues bar. There's a couple making out in the back
near a door you have to pick. You can turn off the lights to get rid of them,
or just wait til they're gone. 

Once you're alone with Raymond, you've got several options. The easiest is
just to wire him when he's not looking. Nobody ever comes up here, so you
don't need to sweat body location. You can human shield him and huck him off
the balcony, but this really only works above the salsa bar and rock bar.
There's a cop staring right at the blues bar, and he'll spot you every time.
Alternatively, to accident Raymond, you can human shield and walk him back 
to the back stairs you used to get up to him in the first place. 

He has a special sniper rifle, but there's no way to get it out cleanly. 
Unlike the 2nd game, we can't stuff just ANY ol' rifle into our sniper case.

PROS: This is by far the easiest place to get a waiter costume, and it works
	for any location.
CONS: Going back for the suit can be a tad annoying, but it's easy enough.

METHOD B-		Waiter, waiter everywhere
Each of the 3 locations features a chronic trash-taking-out waiter. In the
blues and salsa bar, there's a short hall between kitchen and outside where
nobody else goes. This is perhaps the best place to ambush and KO him. I know
there's Body Boxes outside, but I find those alleys are surprisingly 
attractive to drunks.

Behind the blues bar you don't have a choice. You have to take the guy in the
alley. Luckily, his is less high-traffic and he stands very close to the
dumpster for you.

Once attired, stroll in like you own the place and follow the advice above for
dispatching Raymond.

PROS: If you're lucky, this can be easier and quicker than above, but if you
	aren't, it can be a real pain. Easy suit retrieval.
CONS: Kinda iffy, and the waiter costume is only useful for this one task. If
	only there were a way we could skip changing clothes at all...

METHOD C-		What waiter?
All the bars can be infiltrated without a disguise (or in any of the outfits
they won't let you wear in the front door.) The salsa and blues bars have back
doors and the rock bar has a climbable area which leads straight inside. In
each case, you will have to sneak through the kitchen. Just make sure the 
waiter is off taking out the garbage and the cook has his back to you. In the
blues bar, you will need to turn out the light in the back room and then hide
in the closet til the make-out couple leaves. Once they're gone, you're free
to pick the lock to Raymond's room. See method A for tips on dealing with him.

Make sure you take the fire escape out so you don't have to worry about sneak-
ing past the cook again.

PROS: Saves us the bother of changing clothes.
CONS: Easy to get caught, especially climbing up the back of the blues bar.

METHOD D-		The man in blue
In the western courtyard, there's one exit which deposits you in the middle of
the sealed off section the cops are using as an HQ. See the cop near the 
dumpster? Sneak out, sedate him, and take his clothes. Amazingly, nobody seems
to notice any of this. Stuff him in the dumpster when done. In this outfit,
you can go wherever you please in the 3 bars. Head on up to see Raymond and
have your kinky way with him. For suit retrieval, just make sure you exit the
cop area the way you came in.

PROS: Women love a man in uniform. Actually pretty quick and easy.
CONS: I can't think of one.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	Farewell, Angelina
METHOD A-		The Judge Doom Technique
This is the only way to "accident" Angelina, which is a pity, because it's
dumb. In the west-most courtyard, there's a piano suspended in midair for no
reason. If you climb up and around the edge of the area (mind out for the cop)
you can put a bomb on the winch. Eventually, Angelina will stand under it (hey
wouldn't YOU?) and you can press the button and smish her. Note that she does
not stay there very long, so press it as soon as she's in position. 

If you have the walkie talkie, she'll announce when she's in place. 

PROS: The only way to make her death look accidental.
CONS: Kinda dumb. Who leaves a piano dangling like that during Mardi Gras?
	Tell me drunken frat boys would NOT throw bottles at it til it fell
	down? And she just HAPPENS to stand underneath it? 

METHOD B-		Nothin' Fancy
Angelina wanders around the city more or less at random, and is perfectly
ambush-able in the plazas, just check the map first to make sure there's no
cops en route. She doesn't pause too long, but she's not suspicious of you in
any costume save Raymond's, so you should have a pretty easy time. She's not
quite as accommodating as the Red Bird when it comes to stopping near rubbish
bins, though.

PROS: No pesky waiting.
CONS: Body hiding can be a little tricky.

METHOD C-		With her boyfriend's gun
Angelina can be sniped as she walks about the city. The best spot to do this
is the top floor of the rock bar, but it can also work from the salsa bar.
If Raymond is in either of these two locations, you can even use his gun,
although the sight kinda stinks.

The easiest time to do it from the rock bar is when she stands on the little
wooden platform in the courtyard to the south. You should have oodles of time
to run down and hide the body either in the dumpster, or through the door
opposite, in the bottom floor of the building nobody goes into.

PROS: Sniping, as always, is fun. No stupid piano drop.
CONS: A gunshot and a kill. Not the cleanest method available.

In general, a fairly easy mission. Despite the crowds, Angelina and Raymond
don't spend a lot of time around a lot of other characters. The only hard part
is Purayah. My best is 3 accidents, 1 change of clothes.

SLP 40 Pistol- Carried by the cops.
SLP 40 Pistol.S- On angelina. Nice little gun.
Desert Eagle- On Raymond.
Kazo TRG- Raymond's somewhat crappy sniper rifle. There's no clean way out 
	with this one. You're going to have to run.
SG552- This is in Purayah's room but the devil only knows what it's for. He
	never picks the stupid thing up. This is another one you're just gonna
	have to run with.
MP9- These are carried by the yellow birds. There is a spare one in the box
	in their base.

1. Is there a way to get Raymond or Angelina to go berserk, as the briefing
	implies, and get themselves killed?
2. There's a yellow bird in a hotel room with 2 hoochies. I can't find a way 
	to safely get rid of them and acquire the guy's outfit without 
	arousing suspicion. What up with that?
3. Is there a less stupid way to accident Angelina?

                        MISSION 6- YOU BETTER WATCH OUT
I'm glad they changed this from the original name, "You better not pout." It
just kinda... lacked something, ya know? This mission's layout is a bit
confusing, especially your first time through, but it's pretty fun and simple
once you figure a few things out.

1. You can avoid being filmed by the camera at the elevator just hugging the
2. The 'VIP' area is the grotto; the amorphous shaped area to the northwest.
	That's the only spot a VIP heart will get you than your normal suit
	won't, so don't go too nuts hunting one down.
3. If you get caught on camera, your only option is to dress as a VIP guard
	and go to the security office. A guard wanders in and out of here,
	and we need him to be very much out. Stand by the door to the hall,
	and when the other guard is further away, turn out the lights. He
	should walk over to the further switch to turn them back on, which
	gives you a chance to snag the tape.
4. There is a dark-haired woman in one hall who will beckon you into a side
	room. If you follow, she'll try to kill you, and she suddenly counts
	as a target. Show her why real assassins shoot first and taunt later.
	Since she counts as a target, we can still get SA even if we have to
	shoot her. She doesn't count as an optional objective or have an
	interesting weapon, so there's not much point to this little 
5. You can leave either from the helipad or the boat, but the helipad
	requires you to be wearing a disguise, and they frisk you to boot.
6. In order to get close to DeHavilland, we're gonna have to take out the 
	dog. Remember dogs do count as found bodies, and we can't move them.

GUEST- This is the same as your suit.
VIP GUEST- You can get into the grotto, which is not nearly as useful or sexy
	as it sounds.
WAITER- You can go into the kitchen area and other staff areas, however many 
	of these are either useless or poorly guarded, so it's not a big help.
SANTA- See waiter. It's easy enough to put sedative in his bottle when he
	sets it down in the kitchen, but the costume just isn't that useful.
BODYGUARD- Now we're talking. These guys have free reign.
PHOTOGRAPHER- Not quite as good as the bodyguard, but it'll get you upstairs,
	which is the only spot we REALLY need a disguise.
NONE- Your own suit works perfectly well except for getting into the elevator
	up to the studios. Which, unfortunately, is not optional.

METHOD A-		The easy way
Hugging the wall to avoid the camera, get in the elevator with the guest up
to the party. Head over past Chad to the 2nd pool, and wait by the door.
Watch the map, and when the coast is clear of guard, run through the hall
to the waterfall area. From here, you can sedate the photographer and drag
him back between waterfalls. Usually, nobody spots you, but to be sure, use
the map to make sure no guests are walking away from the elevator. 

Alternatively, run past the 2nd bedroom and into the concrete hall/stairs.
Hide to the side of the door, and when the guard comes in, shove him down
the steps to knock him out. Help yourself to his uniform.

PROS: This is the quickest and easiest way I can find to get in and get
	a useful disguise.
CONS: None.

METHOD B-		The long way
At the start, head right. You can't avoid being photographed here, so just
smile and wave. Ahead of you is a Christmas guard in a small guard booth.
Wait til he walks in front of the soda machine, and sneak in and turn off
the laser fence. Now head back out, and through it. Depending how quick you
were, you may have to wait just on the other side of the fence, hidden
against the wall, until he turns around a second time. When he does, make
for the elevator.

Upstairs, there's a guard by himself in a room full of wine bottles. He is
easily sedated and denuded. Alternatively, when the hall is clear, you can
head outside and break the fuse box. A guard will come. If you use the
syringe on him, it'll take too long and people will see, so instead, grab
him in human shield mode and escort him around the corner. You don't need
to hide the body once you've taken the disguise; simply leaving it out here
is good enough.

There's also a spare waiter costume in this area, but that disguise is not

Alternatively again, you can climb over the railing on the deck and sneak
to the top of the concrete hall. Hide to the side of the door, and when 
the guard comes in, shove him down the steps to knock him out. Help 
yourself to his uniform.

PROS: Sorta fun to sneak about.
CONS: Makes work. Now we have to go and get the stupid tape, and suit
	retrieval can be harder.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	Death of a douchebag
METHOD A-		The plunge
It's so easy and fun, it should be illegal! Go to either part of the "staff
deck" map. Depending on how you got in, you may've come through here. Take
our your silenced pistol, aim it straight up at the big, blue hottub, and
fire. Bye, Chad! I know I normally complain about the accident system, but
that one was just too cool. And I have it on good authority that the three
hoochies in the tub with him were all habitual kitten abusers, so don't let 
them burden your conscience.

You CAN take this shot from the spot were you enter, and if you wait long
enough, or just do it on your way out, there won't be anybody around to see.
However, the shot is quite tricky, and you're liable to miss with anything
other than a rifle.

PROS: Fun fun fun! Easy, fast, counts as an accident.
CONS: Costs us a gunshot.

METHOD B-		Now that I have you alone...
Obtain some aphrodisiac. There's several places to get it. You can either
talk to the bartender, or simply pick it up from the staff area behind the
bar. Either way, wait til the bartender puts out a fresh martini, and the
option will appear to spike it with the aphrodisiac. Nobody seems to think
anything of this, so don't fret the public eye. Eventually, a waiter will
come and serve it to Chad. For reasons lame and unbeknownst, we can't pick
the drink up ourselves, even if attired as a waiter.

Eventually, the hoochie who keeps asking for some private time will lead
Chad away to a private room. You will need a VIP guest, photographer or
bodyguard outfit to enter this section, but it is very poorly patrolled, so
you can feel free to enter in whatever you wish if you can avoid a guard
or two.

Open the door, and Chad's hoochie will wander off. He will too, and head
down to a lonely deck where nobody can see him. A guard patrols the stairs,
but he is easily avoided or KOed with a friendly shove down the stairs.

Once alone with Chad, feel free you have your way with him.

PROS: Cleaner, I suppose. Allows us to accident Chad with no casualties.
CONS: It's a lot more work, and not nearly as cool.

METHOD C-		Catch
Go up to the 2nd floor balcony overlooking the hottub. You will need a
staff disguise of some kind. Standing on the far corner, toss a RU-AP
into the hottub.

PROS: It's quick, no doubt about that.
CONS: Several found bodies, and several dead innocents who will not count
	as accidents.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	The Flight of the Elderly Pervert
METHOD A-		Only one thing smells like drugged sausages...
DeHavilland doesn't leave the top floor, so we need to go up to him. For
this we will need a bodyguard or photographer disguise. See First Challenge
for info on those. The only other way up is via a stairwell from the 
guard room in the 2nd floor. We could sneak up there sans disguise, but
since we have to have a VIP guard outfit to go in there, it doesn't really

Before you head up, stop by the kitchen and grab the sausage. When you have
a private moment, toss it on the ground and pump it full of sedative or
poison. Pick it back up.

Now, let's head upstairs. If you are the photographer, you may get yelled 
at in some areas of this floor, so avoid guards when possible. If 
DeHavilland is not on his balcony, wait for him to go there. Sneak into
his room, and open the left hand deck door. His dog will run over to you,
so toss the precious puppy a snack. Once he's out, sneak up behind the
target and give him a shove. Or whatever. Nobody will find the body.

PROS: Easy and clean.
CONS: None, really.

METHOD B-		Mind your head
Go into the studio and, when unobserved, climb up into the rafters and
set the bomb in the (!) location.

When DeHavilland comes in, you need him to be standing pretty much smack
dab in the middle of the room. Make sure nobody sees you press the button!

PROS: Counts as an accident.
CONS: Hard to time. The target often flees unscathed. We also kill more
	innocent hoochies. One time I did this and the hot tub method and
	wound up with 7 accidents. Despite the rest of the mission being
	clean, it gave me profession, so there IS an upper limit on 

METHOD C-		Spiked!
Go into the studio and into the rafters. When the target comes in, just
huck the knife from the kitchen straight at his head. Nobody seems to know
who did it, but you can bet they find the body in a hurry.

PROS: Fun! 
CONS: It's a kill and a found body, but you can still make SA if you 
	can accident Chad since we didn't ALSO blow a gunshot.

Another pretty easy mission, once you know not to waste energy on half the
disguises. Both targets are accident-able. My cleanest is 2 accidents and
1 change of clothes. You can still get SA if you do either of the
casualty-heavy methods, but you probably should avoid doing both on one

SLP 40 Pistol- Carried by the guards. What you don't have one yet? They're
	giving these away in packages of cereal now. I'm gonna stop listing

1. Why do they keep making the best costumes the easiest ones to get? When
	I go out of my way to dress up like Santa or a Clown, I'd like to 
	be able to find some obscure new method for completing the hit, but
	it just doesn't happen in this game. 
2. Is there a way to snipe DeHavilland?

                        MISSION 7- DEATH ON THE MISSISSIPPI

1. You 100% absolutely need to dress as a VIP purser if you want this to be
	even remotely stealthy.
2. While dressed as either type of purser, you can go to the kitchen on the
	3rd floor to get a tray of burgers.
3. Skip knows all his pursers quite intimately, and will see through any

PURSER- Works to get you into the staff area, engine room (go fig) and such,
	and it can net you a VIP access card.
VIP PURSER- You need one of these to complete the mission, there's no two
	ways about it. Since these guys can go everywhere we need to go, and
	don't get searched, you should make for one of their outfits as
	quick as you can.
ENGINEER- Not very useful. You can go in the crew area, but so can any of
	the staff disguises.
SAILOR- See above.
TUX- Basically the same as your initial suit.
NONE- Not bad. You can go everywhere but the top deck and the crew area if
	you have a VIP card.

Okay. In the hallway with all the guest rooms you will find a Gator talking
with a woman. If you pester them, they will duck into a side room for a short
time. Afterward, the Gator stays in the room with his back to you. You can
sneak in and wire him, but sometimes the body is found when his lady friend

The other option is to wait a little longer and he'll wander out to the rail
and have a smoke. If nobody's looking, you can feel free to shove him over.

There's no other way to get this guy cleanly that I know of.

SECOND CHALLENGE- 	By rote continued
There's another gator who randomly wanders about. Usually he's in the engine
room. When attired in any of the staff outfits, you can do down there and
push him over the ledge into the machinery. Alternatively, when he is stand-
ing in the far corner, you can human shield him, drag him behind something,
and kill him. If you're having trouble getting a staff outfit (ie guard,
purser, VIP purser or engineer) read the next section.

There's a shovel and a fire extinquisher here, if you want to make use of 

THIRD CHALLENGE-	Who wears short shorts?
METHOD A-		Trellis about it, Janet
In any disguise, head out to the west deck from the 3rd floor hall with all
the guest rooms. If you just pushed over the guy in the first challenge, you
will be in the ideal spot. Go as far south as you can, and leap over to the
balcony on the far side. From here, you can climb up the trellis to the VIP
area on the 4th floor. 

While hanging here, you may see a gator come by and go into the kitchen. 
Neither guards above or below seem to notice you hanging on the trellis, so
don't sweat detection. When the gator walks OUT of the kitchen, run up and
get him. Human shield him and then huck him over the rail for an accident. 
If you opt to wire him, you can leave the body north of the door on the west
side and nobody will find him once the purser who comes through here is down.
If you're a neat freak, realize that a body thrown off this deck will land 
on the one below, not in the drink, so you may want to climb down and 
dispose of it.

A VIP Purser sometimes comes through here on his way to the top floor. If
he's already upstairs (check the map. If there's 3 innocents up there, 
that's where he is) wait under the stairs for him to show up. If he's not,
hide behind the door on the east side. Note that his path is quite long and
it may be some time before he makes the scene. Hide him under the stairs.

Not enough options? Okay. After the gator is down, you can sneak into the
kitchen and sedate the cook (who is also a VIP purser) and stuff his
denuded body in the Body Box.

PROS: Well, you know me and my penchant for not acquiring a costume for
	as long as possible. For my money, this is the easiest way, and if
	you sedate the purser who goes up to the top deck, you don't have 
	to worry about him coming up while you're doing your business 	
CONS: None.

METHOD B-		Very Irate Professional
Acquire a waiter uniform in the manner of your choosing. There is a spare
one in the crew quarter area. If you use the map, you will see that it's
quite easy to run down there and grab it unseen. 

On the 4th floor, in the last bar area before the VIP area, a man will
stop you and ask you to put a bottle of champagne in his room. Take his key
and you will find a VIP pass in his room. You can use his tux or go back
and get your old suit.

Alternatively, there's a purser at the far south end of the 2nd floor who
uses the bathroom right near the beginning of the mission, and can be 
taken out. You can also get this guy by following him into one of the 
rooms, or following him into the room, hiding until he leaves, sedating
his drink, then waiting til he comes back. If you take this guy out, you
can skip the purser uniform part and the champagne guy. Just take the
all-access keycard, go into room 232 and take the VIP card. Stay in your
suit, or use the tux from 232.

Anyway, with the pass, you can walk into the VIP area from either entrance,
but you won't be allowed into any of the staff areas. Head into the little
room where 2 guys are playing cards and wait for them to finish and walk 
away. When they're gone, pick the lock and go into the locker room. There's
a spare VIP purser outfit in here for you.

Once attired, head out to the deck and push the gator over.

PROS: Depending on how you get the purser uniform and/or VIP card, this
	can be pretty quick and easy.
CONS: It's a bit more work, and the only option for the VIP purser suit is
	the spare one, which means the other VIP purser who goes upstairs
	is still around to plague us later.

METHOD C-		Hey Sailor
Obtain a guard uniform in the manner of your choosing. On the bow area where
you start, it's pretty easy to isolate one of the guards down along the side
areas and tuck his naked body behind some boxes. Alternatively, you can slip
into the pilot house (no wheel?) near your starting position. If there isn't
a guard here, you can drop some sedative in his drink and he'll come and
knock himself out while you hide in the closet. Just make sure to tuck him 
away in the back-right corner and turn the lights out so nobody sees his body
from the stairs.

Alternatively, you can sneak into the crew area as described above, and take
the waiter outfit. Then go into the weapons room and sedate the lone guard
here. Take his clothes and Box him up.

As yet another option, if you run straight to the far south end of the 3rd
floor from the start, a guard will use the bathroom here, and we all know
what that means!

As a guard, you can just walk to the VIP area, but you will be searched,
which is highly inconvenient. However, once up there, you can just walk into
the locker room and put on the spare VIP purser outfit, or out to the deck
and sedate the purser who comes through there, OR into the kitchen to sedate
that one. After which, you can go back down and collect your weapons. Don't
forget to shove the gator to his death at some point too.

PROS: None.
CONS: Sort of a waste of time. Sailor uniforms are kinda hard to get, and
	it doesn't accomplish much on its own.

FOURTH CHALLENGE-	Rapid Decline in the Gator Population
Okay, so we're dressed a VIP purser. Leaving alive the other VIP purser who
brings up burgers makes this a bit more tricky, but not much. At your 
option, grab a tray of burgers or the cake, and head on up. If you expect
to be able to keep any metallic weapons, stuff them in the cake, because
you're going to be searched at the door.

If the gator on the 4th floor deck is still alive, make sure you take care
of him before going up to the 5th deck. Or after, see if I care.

Now, Skip will see through your disguise, so we need to leave him til last.

Once inside, you can place the burger tray on the table, and 2 of the 
gators will avail themselves. Note that unlike the donuts, the poison only
affects 1 burger per shot, so it's kinda hard to guess which burgers will
be eaten first. Also, they take them outside to eat them, which can leave
their bodies in view of other guards or pursers. If this doesn't bother
you, by all means poison the burgers.

If it does, what you can do as an alternative, is immediately go into the
bathroom. When the shirtless gator comes in for a pee, wire him. Nobody
else comes in here, so they won't find the body.

As another option, there is a green bottle of booze near the door. It
looks a little different from the rest, and is poisonable. The shirtless
gator will eventually drink from it. Either way, hide him in the bathroom.

When he's down, we can move on to the next wandering gator. If he dies to
a burger, his body is less of an issue, because the front-door guard never
looks that way, but the purser who comes from below might see it. Oddly,
the purser at the back end of the ship doesn't seem to be able to see this
far. Alternatively, just hang around in the pool hall til he presents his
back (such as when he's reaching for a burger!) and wire him.

This just leaves the guy out front. If you're inside, wait til he turns his
back and looks around the northeastern corner, then sneak out and wire him.
Add him to the pile in the bathroom.

If you're really adamant about accidents, you can substitute knock-outs for
all these wirings. Then, when the coast is clear, you can drag them to the
rail and toss them over. I don't recommend too much human shielding here,
as they tend to talk a lot and draw undue attention.

This just leaves Skip and 2 pursers. Skip can pretty easily be isolated and
wired or shot, or taken out with a poisoned or exploding cake. Just don't
let him SEE you. Hide the body in the bathroom when finished, just in case
the purser in the shower comes out.

FIFTH CHALLENGE-	Great Place for an Escape Boat
Just so you know, you WILL have to get through the crew quarters to escape.
Just change into your suit, and hide in the closet if you need to, and 
wait for the coast to be clear. At worst, all you'll get is a "hey, get out
of here!" which doesn't affect your rating.

Well, the first 3 gators can more or less ONLY be killed by accidents, or
all-out raging gun battles. Choose the former, and it should be smooth 
sailing. Although targets do count as kills, I got 6 kills once and still
had SA since I only killed targets, so wiring or poisoning the 4 guys
upstairs will be fine, as long as nobody finds any bodies. For my money,
the easiest way to do the mission is using my trellis trick. My best is
5 accidents, 2 kills and 1 change of clothes.

Snub-Nose- Carried by the sailors.
Desert Eagle- Carried by Skip.
Bull 480- Carried by the gators.
FN-2000- In the basement. If you take out the guard in that room, you can
	stuff it into the convenient carrying case and walk right out 
	with it.

1. The drunk in the hall on the 3rd floor has a pass, but I can't figure a
	good way to get it off him that doesn't involve headbutts.
2. Why in the hell do they search GUARDS going into the VIP area?
3. Is there any way to kill multiple gators at once? Such as with 
4. Is there a way to climb down to the escape boat without having to go
	through the crew quarters?

                        MISSION 8- TIL DEATH DO US PART

1. You need an invite to get in the front door. There's only two on the 
	entire map that I can find. One is on the drunk guy who will
	conveniently pass out in the burnt-out shed, and the other is on the
	guy smooching his girlfriend near the start. If anyone has any ideas
	on a clean way to get the latter, please send them in.
2. As much as it looks like you might need to find some clever way through
	those starting sheds, you don't.
3. The priest will ring the bell out front to signify the start of the 
	wedding. If you sedate the priest, obviously, this will never happen.
4. Once the wedding starts, Pappy will stay in his room watching TV and won't
	come out unless disturbed.

GANG MEMBER- You can go wherever you want. It's not necessary to do the 
	mission, but if you must change, this is the outfit to get.
PRIEST- The priest basically has the same access rules as the guest, but can 
	go into the family graveyard area and several places in the house.
GUEST- Aside from avoiding some snide comments, the guest suit is no better
	than your own.
NONE- It's not hard to do this mission without ever changing clothes.

FIRST CHALLENGE-	No, really, I'm the groom's third cousin's barber
METHOD A-		I've been waiting 8 missions to use this trick
We only get stopped and asked for an invite at the front door. Once on the
other side, nobody bothers to check. So we need to get through one of the
other ways around to the back. My door of choice is locked, and has a 
make-out couple nearby, who will spot you if you try to pick it.

Go around the burnt shed in the water, and keep wading til you have a nice
line of sight on the white door into the house near the glass conservatory.
Still in the water, crouching, while keeping the bushes between you and the
revelers, unpack your sniper rifle. What? You didn't bring it? Okay, my 
fault. I should've said. 

Bring your sniper rifle. Then do all that crap I said above, and shoot the
door handle. If you did it right, the door will open. I think you can get
away with using an unsilenced rifle, but don't bring magnum ammo. We don't
want to accidentally hit anybody. Pack your rifle up, and either bring it, 
or leave it somewhere out of sight.

Now, you CAN do this up close with a pistol, and nobody seems to mind, but
this might get you some witnesses. I'm not sure, to be honest. The sniper
rifle route I know is clean.

Now, there's a guard who usually sits at the end of that hall. When he
wanders off, dash through the hall to the back yard.

If you want a guard uniform, there's a guy here with his back to you. You
can knock him out, and drag him to the box near the conservatory for 

PROS: Beats waiting for the drunk mentioned in method B, and it gives us
	a nice setup to take out the guard and meet Pappy in the graveyard.
CONS: Costs us a gunshot.

At the start, head to the dance area and you'll see a drunk man wander into
the burnt out shed. Follow him, and when he's unconscious, make off with 
his invite. You can take his gun and suit too, but both are unnecessary.

PROS: Easy.
CONS: Boring. Plus it takes surprisingly long for the guest in question
	to pass out.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	Death of whatsisname
METHOD A-		The icing on the cake
Once inside, wait in the main hall until the coast is clear, then duck into
the kitchen and poison the cake. Make yourself scarce, and eventually the
groom will come in, sample the merest finger-full of icing, and perish. 
That's some serious bad-ass poison, eh? You should just have enough time to
hide the body and get out before anybody catches you.

PROS: Easy.
CONS: If you don't get it done early, it can be kinda hard to find a window
	of opportunity. 

METHOD B-		Sniper, sniper, burning bright
So you know that burnt out shed we discussed before? Hang out in there, and
unpack your rifle. Find a good line of sight at the front door. Eventually,
the groom will come out and fire his pistol up into the air. Shoot him.

PROS: I haven't gotten to snipe anyone in a while.
CONS: Almost immediate corpse-findage, plus he can be kinda hard to hit
	through the dancers. The cover fire serves only to confuse the NPC's
	as the location of your gunshot.

METHOD C-		Sniper, sniper, part II
There are two very good sniper spots to shoot the groom during the ceremony.
One is from the right-hand window in the attic. The other is from the out-
house in the grave area, which you will need a guard uniform or priest
outfit to reach. 

The funny thing is, no matter how silent my rifle, or which direction people
are facing, they all seem to instantly figure out what happened, even if I 
take my shot during the pause where all the guests turn their backs and fire
into the air.

One solution I found is to kill him before he ever reaches the alter. When 
the priest rings the bell, the groom comes out quite some distance behind
the rest of the party. Depending on where you tag him, it's possible for his
corpse to go unnoticed quite some time, as the guests are all waiting for 
the ceremony to start.

Another solution, put forth by Morpheous, is to go into stealth mode the
instant after you take the shot, before even exiting rifle view. This should
duck you out of line of sight quickly enough that you'll be okay. It also 
helps to position yourself such that you can ONLY see the groom when you
fire, and as few other people as possible.

PROS: Somewhat cleaner than the sniping method above, depending on exactly
	where you put him down. I have managed to finish the rest of the
	job before he was located.
CONS: Potentially messy.

METHOD D-		Father 47
Take out the priest. The best way is to wait til the front hall is empty
and pick the lock on the right hand door. Hang a right into the front room,
and wait. You can hide if you like, but the priest doesn't seem to think
anything of your presence, regardless of your disguise. When he comes in to
"read the good book", sedate him, hide him in the closet, and take his
clothes and bible.

Go outside and sound the bell to start the ceremony. When everybody is in
place, if you have the bible, and stand behind the pulpit, you will be able
to perform the wedding ceremony. When it's over, everybody will soon turn
their backs on you. Now here's where it gets weird. As much as this seems
like an open invite to shoot him in the head, when I do this, everybody
magically figures out what's up, and opens fire. On a PRIEST, no less. 

The only way I've found to pull this off is to sneak up and wire him. Make
sure you don't strangle the bride by accident. Hey, don't laugh! Wait til it
happens to you! Then immediately put the wire away and RUN!

The problem here, is the bride. When the groom drops, she says, "Finally!" 
as if relieved, but she'll soon start screaming for help, which gets you in
trouble if you are anywhere nearby. It seems like there's a really cool way
to do this hit in here somewhere, but I can't get it. This is as close as
I can come. You'll get away without being shot at or pooching your identity,
but you might have witnesses.

A cleaner way was recently suggested by Neil Cave. After everybody starts to
the groom goes last, so shove him down the stairs. If guests are lingering
and spot you, try walking loudly behind the groom so he turns around to look
at you. This should waylay him long enough. Anyway, the short fall will only
knock him out, so you will have to drag him into the water, or back up onto
the gazebo and then throw him over the ledge to finish him.

PROS: Interesting.
CONS: Kinda buggy, but it can turn out pretty clean if you're lucky.

METHOD E-		Beware of errant packages
Either dress as the priest and bring the bible, or simply bring a wedding
gift. Place a RU-AP inside, and sound the wedding bell. The bride and the
wedding party will stroll out, followed slowly by the groom. Leave your
package in his path and set it off when he, and nobody else, is nearby.

PROS: Sometimes he does fun flips in midair and lands on his noggin. Bonus
CONS: The body WILL be found. Oh yes, very much so.

METHOD F-		You say Piany, I say Piano
In the attic, you will find 3 bomb-able winches. The northwestern one is
the one we want. As long as you don't try to go up the central stairs, 
it's not particularly hard to sneak your way up to the attic regardless
of disguise. When the groom is playing the piano at the reception, you
can drop the chandelier on his head. Note that this will bring many men 
running to the attic, so you had best not be there at the time.

PROS: Pretty much the only reliable way to accident the groom.
CONS: Meh. Dropping light fixtures on people is SO 6 missions ago.

METHOD A-		A grave undertaking
If you followed my method A for insertion, you can do this pretty much
right away after obtaining a guard uniform. Walk over to the family graves
area, and Pappy will soon show up. We have a plethora of options for deal-
ing with him here.

We can push him into the grave, We can hit him with the shovel, We can 
wire him, we can human-shield him and huck him into the water, we can
shoot him, etc. etc.

There's a guard here who is nearest the grave area and looks out over the
swamp. If you wait til the guy in the building on the right is not looking,
you can safely push him into the swamp, which will count as an accident.
This gets him out of the way for what follows.

After Pappy visits the grave, he'll come stand in a similar spot and throw
chicken to the gators. Hey, that looks like fun! I wanna feed the gators 
too, but I don't have any chicken... 


PROS: About half of these will count as accidents. Alternatively, we get to
	kill someone with a shovel.
CONS: Requires a guard uniform, and unless you take out the priest, you'll
	have to be really fast to get here in time for Pappy's visit. The
	priest can get in here as well.

METHOD B-		Didn't you hear what happened to Vinnie?
Once the wedding starts, Pappy will stay in his room and watch TV. It's not
hard to sneak up to the 2nd floor via the spiral stairs, and then around
the back way (ie NOT through the 3 guards) into the TV room. The best idea
is to get here BEFORE Pappy, and wait in the closet. Not the walk-in, but
the little special hidey-hole one. If you hide in the walk-in, he will see
you when you emerge.

Anyway, when he comes in, sneak out and wire his pudgy butt. 

PROS: I do like getting up close and personal, and this can be done in any
	outfit. Nobody on the 2nd floor will see you if you follow the route
	I describe, so you just need to get UP there unobserved.
CONS: None, but it's not as clean as the above.

METHOD C-		Paging Pappy
Go up to the attic, and break the fuse box. When Pappy goes to watch TV, he
will send up a guard to check out the broken fusebox. Sneak out behind him
and take him out, but let him finish repairing the fuses first. You can take
his clothes if you want, they might make the next part somewhat easier for

Hide the body, and break the fuses AGAIN. Pappy will come up himself this
time, and can be taken out however you choose, you can simply intercept him
on the stairs and shove him to his doom.

PROS: This might be your only option if Pappy is already watching TV.
CONS: Kind of a pain, and not exactly fast.

METHOD D-		So easy it should be a crime
Go wait on the northwestern back porch. If you were fast, such as by using
my Method A, Pappy will soon through here on his way to the gravesite. Sneak
behind him and shove him down that short little flight of stairs. He might
survive the fall, and only be knocked out, but there's an easy cure for 
that; drag him down to the water and let him sink. None of this seems
to upset the nearby guard, so you can leave him be. You can use the Body
Box or the water for body disposal, but really, nobody comes through here,
and even if they did, it's going to count as an accident.

PROS: Ridiculously easy and very clean.
CONS: You have to get here rather early. Don't dawdle.

The easiest way to get SA is probably to poison the groom and hide his
body, then wait for Pappy upstairs. That'll be two kills, but it's pretty
easy, and you don't even have to get a disguise. My best is 2 accidents,
no change of clothes. With a little caution, you can use Method D on 
Pappy and drop the chandelier on Hank/Buddy for a very quick and easy
perfect SA.

Six-Shooter- On the guests, half the guards, the two targets, the dog, etc.
	They're pretty much standard issue. The guest who passes out alone
	at the start has one you can take without inconveniencing anybody
Shotgun- The guards who don't have six-shooters have these instead. You can
	walk out with one if you are attired as a guard. If you want to get
	one and still get your suit, you can walk one out to the ICA box
	while in disguise, deposit it, then go back and change clothes to
	escape. Alternatively, there's a shotgun on a box near the start
	that you can safely carry with no disguise at all, as long as you
	stay in that initial area.
Elephant Gun- On the wall in Pappy's TV room on the 2nd floor. It looks
	enough like a shotgun that all the same rules apply.

1. Hank Leitch? Buddy Muldoon? Who IS this guy?
2. So is the bride the client or not? I can't quite figure her out.
3. I've found like 4 spots on this level where I want to throw knives
	around. Why o why can't we keep a knife in our weapons room?
5. Both targets at some point go into the conservatory. Is there a way to 
	actually DO anything useful in there?

                        MISSION 9- A HOUSE OF CARDS
This is a pretty fun mission. Makes me wish more of them had fire alarms.

1. There's a lot of security cameras in the casino area. Getting the tape is
	painful, so you're better off avoiding them by always using the door
	near the bathrooms to go into the bar.
2. Don't let anyone see you climbing anything. It's conspicuous.
3. You will need to check in at the front desk to be able to use the 

BELL-HOP- Lets you into staff areas, as well as the Sheikh's VIP area,
        which is not as useful as it sounds. Contrary to logic, you can't
        just walk up the back stairs like the NPC bell-hop does. You will
        need to distract the guard who watches the door. 
SHEIKH'S BODYGUARD- Not at all useful. They don't seem to be fooled at all.
        You won't be allowed into the Sheikh's area and Tariq will shoo
        you out of his room.
COP- Grants access to staff areas, but again, this is only marginally
SCHMUTZ- Useful for one specific purpose. See the section on killing the
NONE- The best disguise here is none at all. Well, I mean, wearing your
        suit. We don't want 47 running around his birthday suit (or 
        whatever you call it for a clone. Test-tube suit?) 

FIRST CHALLENGE-	The Only Good Scientist...
METHOD A- 		An elevated mood
Get in the left-hand elevator early on, and climb through the hatch when
nobody can see you. Eventually, the scientist will come in here and you 
can use that cool wire-in-the-elevator move you've been waiting so long to
find a use for. Take his stuff when he's dead. 

PROS- Finally! A target who rides elevators! Also, VERY VERY easy.
CONS- TOO easy! This is mission 9? Yeesh. 

METHOD B-		From Schmutzy with love
Infilitrate Schmutzy's room one way or the other. If he's dead, you should
have his key, if not you can either obtain a master key from a bell-hop or
pull the fire alarm and climb around the balconies. Anyway, once inside,
you can snipe Tariq in his room. You will want to take the shot from 
inside, rather than from the balcony, so the strip poker people don't see
you. If you do not have a silenced rifle, you can use the fire alarm to
make sure nobody hears your shot. 

Remember glass causes deflection, so you might want to go for a chest
shot depending on what rifle uprgades you're using. If you're planning on
getting into Tariq's room to call the Sheikh, and you don't want to use
the fire alarm, you can also snipe his guard from here, then climb into 
his room using balconies.

Of course, this also works from the 8th floor room above Schmutzy's.

PROS- Very easy, if you happen to have access to Schmutzy's room.
CONS- The usual. Gunshot. Kill. No found body though. Also, you have to
	unpack the rifle and leave it in the ICA box in your room to be
	able to exit with the diamond case and not get dinged for the
	weapons fee.

METHOD C-		Come to my window
For this technique, we need to get into Tariq's room. The easy way is to
pull the fire alarm and then get in either by climbing on balconies, or
by using a master keycard. Hide in the bathroom or a closet in the bed-
room. The only downside to this approach is waiting for them all to come

If you're fast, there is another way. Run right from the start to the
counter, and get your key, skipping the dialog. Take the right elevator
up, then run to the deck with the bell-hop. Sneak out onto it so he won't
turn and see you climb the trellis behind him. Once up on the ledge, head
right. If you were fast enough, the guy in the first room you come to will
be in the can, and not looking at you. Now, when you leap over to Tariq's
balcony, one of his guards will run out to shoo you away. When I did this
I was able to just run by the guy, hide in a closet, and he forgot about
me. If this doesn't work, you can dispose of him however you see fit. Just
make sure you deposit the body over the railing or in the bathroom so 
Tariq doesn't find it.

Either way, hide in the bathroom or bedroom closet. When Tariq goes to
stand near the phone, you can spring out and have your way with him. Note
that he does not stay put very long. Your best bet is to draw your pistol,
run out and hit grab just as you get within range. If the guy in the other
room is still standing, knock out Tariq, then go through the bathroom and
give the guard the same treatment. Once he's down, you can drag Tariq out
onto the deck and toss him to his squishy doom. If the guard saw you going
in, you might need to toss him as well, to avoid a witness.

PROS- This is only way I know of to accident Tariq.
CONS- Somewhat time consuming.

SECOND CHALLENGE-	Death to Schmutzy!
METHOD A-		Ach! Mein Choken!
Roughly when the Sheikh arrives, this target will ride upstairs in the
right hand elevator, and then back down. If you are above the elevator,
waiting, you can wire him.

PROS- Easy.
CONS- Yawn.

METHOD B-		Ach! Mein Fallen!
When Schmutzy goes upstairs to get/check his suitcase, hide in front of
his room behind the coke machine. When he opens the door, run out and
have your way with him. Alternatively, you can infilitrate his room via
balcony (pull the fire alarm first, or the poker players will see you) or
bell-hop keycard. 

Anyway, if you knock him out in here, and then take his keycard, you can
run out and pull the fire alarm. This will give us the clearance we need
to drag him out on his balcony and toss him over for a nice, clean 
accident. If you don't pull the fire alarm, the people in the next room
will see.

PROS- Provides an option to accident if you choose to knock him out rather
	than go straight for the kill.
CONS- None. Going for the accident makes for a bit more work because we
	have to remove the poker players, but it's the only way to kill
	this target this cleanly.

METHOD C-		Ach! Mein Sploden!
As far as I can tell, Schmutzy never actually makes the delivery on his 
own, which means his suitcase stays in his room. There's two ways to get
in there. One is to set off the fire alarm, then slink around there from
more accessable rooms. The other is to take out a bell-hop. There's one
on the balcony who is quite accessable, but in order for people not to 
notice his body, you're going to have to dump it over the rail, which is
an unnessecary accident. The other one walks back and forth. My advice is
to linger by the door into the Staff Only area nearest the empty room with
the Body Box. When he goes in there, run in after him and sedate him 
before he leaves.

Anyway, once you're in there, just stick a bomb in Schmutzy's suitcase and
wait for him to come have a look. Kaboom! If you pull the fire alarm as
you press the button, nobody will find the body.

PROS- None, really. It'd be cool if you could use this method to get
	Schmutz and the Sheikh TOGETHER but no dice. Or if you could use
	this, then wait til the scientist examined the case, and then
	the Sheikh would kill Schmutz FOR you. That'd be neat. Doesn't
	happen. See, this is why I should be designing games instead of
	just writing about them! Write your congressman today and help
	correct this grave injustice.
CONS- It's a pain, but not as messy as you'd think. If you distract people
	with the fire alarm, it only counts as a kill. They don't find the
	body. Press the button then pull the alarm in the pause before the
	explosion to pull this off. 

METHOD D-		Ach! Mein Dumpen!
It's possible to get Schmutz alone in the bathroom by the casino. However,
it's a high traffic area, and getting the body out of the room can be 
tricky. My reccomendation is to dress as an employee, then go in through
the back room, and pick the door into the bathroom. When Schmutzy is by
himself, human shield him, and drag him back by the Body Box. Drop him
and put a bullet or pint of poison in his butt. Deposit him in the box and
go about your business, whistling a merry tune.

PROS- It can be convenient, depending on how you intend to do the Sheikh.
CONS- Hard to execute.

METHOD E- 		Ach! Mein Snipen!
Schmutzy can be sniped from Tariq's room, though the window of opportunity
is somewhat narrow. From the end of Tariq's balcony, you'll just barely be
able to see the handle of the suitcase inside Schmutz's room. That's about
where he'll stop when he goes in there. With a good scope and a silencer,
you should have little difficulty making a clean hit of it.

This also works from the drunk lady's room downstairs.

PROS- Talk about one stop shopping! Throw Tariq off the balcony, shoot 
	Schmutzy, then call the Sheikh and snipe him, all from one
	convenient spot!
CONS- None, really, save the gunshot and kill on your rating.

THIRD CHALLENGE-	I Dream of Sheikhie
METHOD A-		The Longshot
First step; obtain an 8th floor general purpose keycard, or just the key
to Tariq's room. The easiest place to get the former is from the bell-hop
in the staff area by the elevator. The easiest place to get Tariq's key
is off his dead body if you kill him in the lift.

Bring your sniper case, and pull the fire alarm on the 8th floor. I find
it helps to throw a RU/AP in the hall and set it off. This sets off the
sprinklers, and keeps everybody away for longer. Run into Tariq's room and
call the Sheikh. Head out on the deck and stand to the right, just to make
sure the bell-hop down below won't spot you. Eventually, the Sheikh will
emerge way down below in that outdoor area you can see. 

Pump him full of lead. Well, not FULL. One bullet should do it.

PROS- Relatively clean, and pretty easy.
CONS- A bell-hop might find the corpse unless you exit the level quickly.

METHOD B-		You got explosives in my DNA!
Dress as Schmutzy and go into his room to get the suitcase. Put a bomb in
it, and take it downstairs to see the Sheikh. After delivering it, walk 
away to the far end of the VIP area so that nobody can see you, and blow
the thing up. Bye bye, Sheikhie!

You can accomplish the same thing without the disguise simply by tossing
the case over the wall into the Sheikh's lap. Nobody seems to think any-
thing of the toss, but don't let them see you press the button.

PROS- Um... Boom?
CONS- Messy.

METHOD C-		Up close and personal
Dress as Schmutz and hide a pistol in the DNA case. Drop all your other guns
somewhere safe. Enter the Sheikh's area and retrieve your pistol while unseen.
Make the delivery to the Sheikh. After an eternity of waiting he will call 
the scientist to verify the contents of the case. Obviously, we need Tariq
and all nearby guards to still be alive for this to work. At this point he 
will wander away upstairs. Now, here's where it gets messy. I find that his 
guards won't let me so much as breath without opening fire. In order to 
follow the Sheikh, I have to throw a coin to distract the guard to the north,
then sneak up the stairs. The Sheikh himself does not seem to mind if you

When he's going up the stairs, or on the phone at the end, take him out.
Alas, again, there doesn't seem to be a way to accident him with a throw down
the stairs. I suspect the people who will e-mail and tell me I'm wrong are
playing on easy. I have thrown and pushed up and down these stairs so many
times I see it in my sleep, and not once has he actually died.

PROS- This is technically the cleanest way to do the Sheikh.
CONS- It's long and boring, and all it ends up saving us over the snipe method
	is 1 gunshot.

Not hard. The easiest route is probably to elevator kill both the first two 
guys then snipe the Sheikh via the fire alarm-cell phone method. If you didn't
bring the sniper rifle, you'll have to use "Up Close and Personal" which is a
spectacular pain in the keister that I can't reccomend to anybody. My best is
2 accidents, 1 gunshot, 1 kill, no changes of clothes, or 2 accidents, 1 kill,
1 change of clothes.

SLP 40.S- On Schmutz.
TMP- There's a spare one in your room in the ICA box. If you leave it there,
        you get to keep it. There are also more on the Sheikh's guards.

1. All this booze around and no way to poison anybody?
2. Is there a way to accident the Sheikh?

(c) Copyright 2006 Gareth Bowler
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