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High School Library Tips & Tricks

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High School Library

click the boy’s headphone. Click her chair then click the lower part
of the chair.

Click the telephone on the wall. Take the lizard. Place the lizard
on the ceiling fan and turn on the switch near the window.

click the carpenter. Take the alarm clock on the table. Place the
alarm clock at the top most shelves in the middle. Click the little
blue green switch at side of the stand fan.

click the girls at the side. Take the red bottle, glue and the blue
bottle, respectively. Click the red bottle, glue, and blue bottle 
once again and then take of the covers. Click the paper on the table
then click office files. Then click the girl with e the yellow hair 
then click on the mouse.

Click on the pen cap near the boy reading a book. Then click the pen
cap once again and click the window. Click the bottle then the book 

click the air conditioner. Get the match near the windows then click
it again then click the fire alarm.

click one of the keys. Click the right side of her table then open 
her diary and click the magnifying glass. Click the radio then choose
elvis Presley then click on the word low volume then the medium volume.
Click the air refreshner then click on the paper on the bulletin then 
click the phone. Click on the banana then click on the high volume.
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