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Heyaka Raderu Tips & Tricks

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Heyaka Raderu

1. Pick up paper in start room.
2. Click on painting till it fall down - get white key.
3. Turn right once.
4. Click red carpet on leftside - get red key.
5. Turn right once.
6. Click on bed - get white shining thing = knife.
7. Click teddybear on bed till it move - get yellow key.
8. Click pillow - get blue book
9. Zoom out
10. Click on clock - set at 03h00 get green key.
11. right once.
12. Click on table - get mirror on top.
13. Click on drawers and use keys according to the coulors.
14. Top drawer - get ruler Middle drawer - get hammer Bottom drawer 
    - get dog disc.
15. Zoom back - click on dusbin - through paper into bin. 
    - get blue cat disc. Note its position underneath bin.
16. Zoom back
17. Turn to brown Cupboard. Zoom in. Highlight mirror - look underneath 
    the cupboard with it. Get green disc by using the ruler. - get green 
    bird disc.
18. Zoom in on duck - hit with hammer - get golden disc with C sign on it.
19. Zoom out
20. Click underneath the table left - get fox disc.
21. Move right twice - note square against the wall (blue border)
    Click top left with knife. Open safe with white key - get golden cat.
22. Zoom out, turn left once to face door.
23. Click door twice.
24. Put discs in circles : Yellow - fox - top blue - cat - right green bird
     - bottom pink - dog - left
Watch the end : click on green button.
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