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Heimdall 1 Tips & Tricks

Tags: Heimdall 1 Game Guides, Heimdall 1 Hints, Heimdall 1 Walkthrough

Heimdall 1

Submitted by: Dj Simo

First some tips that will prove invaluable in your forthcoming

1. Choose only three people to travel to the islands as this will
allow them to advance a lot quicker. Take Heimdall, the best
fighter and the best wizard as this gives you a good, overall
party for any situation that may arise.

2. You will find yourself drastically running short of room to
carry your  equipment so be prepared to discard some of your
items. You only need two weapons: a dagger (preferable silver) and
an axe or sword (a Storm Blade would be nice). Give these weapons
to Heimdall as he will do most of your fighting. Some of the
spells are not really worth the space. For example, spells like
Aesir's Dexterity and Vanir's Strength should be discarded as they
only slightly improve your performance. Plain rings, charms, gold
rings, amethyst, ruby keys and circlets are only to be used for
selling material in shops so they should be thrown away if you
have enough money.

3. The only types of key used are plain, gold, silver, iron,
diamond, jade and stone. Discard all others as they are useless
and give all keys and gold to one person. Also, make sure you get
rid of any powers runes you collect on the first level as they
only serve to weight you down on the later stages.

4. Battles are inevitable but easy to deal with if you follow one
simple rule. The easiest way to kill them is to continually throw
daggers at them as this reduces their energy but gives them no
time to retaliate.

5. Last but not least is experience. To gain experience you must
kill every monster you come across and open all the chests you can
find. Don't bother with the disarm traps spell, it's pretty easy
to dodge the arrows. Just go to the point where they come out of
the wall and walk along. You'll suffer no damage as the collision
detection is only in the tip of the arrow.

6. Weapons are pretty hard to come across but here they are in
order of power and ability should you find them.:

axe            sword               dagger
runic axe      runesword           silver dagger
adamant axe    crystal sword
stone axe      thunderblade
storm blade

To get rid of pesky dwarves, sorcerers, trolls and giant rats use
a combination of daggers, swords and axes. Daggers and ice spells
are best for beating spiders, swords and axes to kill the manic
monkey men.

7. There's a sneaky way to get a great runelore rating while
travelling around Midgard. Go to the island  kill the sorcerer you
find there and then nab the nearby potion and drink it (or take it
back to your ship and give it to somebody else). When you come
back to the island the potion will have magically reappeared. You
can keep returning and leaving as many times as you want.

8. There's a great way to get money by the sackful. Go to the
island where you have  to pay a silver coin to enter and find the
shop. Give heimdall all the gold and the adamantite axe. Sell the
axe and confirm the sale. Then click on the sell icon again. The
shop owner will happily buy the axe again! Keep doing this until
the shop is full then buy back the axe. You should be very

The levels are all numbered in reference to the maps along with
any items you need to successfully complete them.


ISLAND ONE - Requires nothing
Make your way around the island picking up everything and killing
the orc. When you get the chasm, cast the revelation spell to make
a bridge appear.

ISLAND TWO - Requires nothing
First go through the door on the right wall nearest the chest.
Explore these two rooms and then return to the first room. You
should be in possession of a disarm traps spell. Cast it and then
open the chest. Now enter the other door on the right hand wall.
Make your way around the walls of the second room to avoid the
traps in the middle. A normal key opens the door in the next
corridor. Now go through the door at the bottom of the screen. In
the room with the orc in, cast remove walls at the far right of
the room. Now return to the first room and exit through the final
door. In the room with mantraps, cast disarm traps and then tread
on the switch. The exit is the central door of the next room.

ISLAND THREE - Requires 1 normal key, hemlock and descension spell
Number the switches 1 to 6 from left to right and step on them in
this order: 2 - 6 - 1. If you make a mistake, number 5 is a reset
button. The locked door in the next room is unlocked with a normal
key. Use the descension spell to lower the block in the next room.
Take the sapphire and discard it or sell it to the shopkeeper. In
the next room you will find a man. Give him the hemlock.

ISLAND FOUR - Requires disarm traps spell
Use disarm traps spell in the first room and go through the door
on the right hand wall. Explore the corridors, gathering as much
as possible before returning to the first room and going through
the other door. Collect the contents of the chest before leaving
the island.

ISLAND FIVE - Requires nothing
Cast a disarm traps spell in the first room and then open the
chests. Make your way around the island until you reach the last
room with the man suspended in mid-air. Walk to the altar and
drink from the chalice. The man will now give you a market pass.

ISLAND SIX - Requires market pass
Travel around the island until you find the two magic portals.
Change your character to either a wizard or a fighter and go
through the corresponding portals. Give the pass to the man at the
end if you need to go into the shop.

ISLAND SEVEN - Requires a normal key and a loverly silver key
Walk around the island collecting everything you can. The first
locked door is opened with a normal key and the second requires
the silver key. Make sure you have the diamond  before you leave
the island.

ISLAND EIGHT - Requires a normal key and a quite delicious silver
Explore the island before attempting anything. The first door is
opened with the silver key and the second requires the normal key.
In the room after the second door, take the first path to get lots
of useful items. Fight the two men with clubs and explore their
paths before leaving the island.

ISLAND NINE - Requires a silver coin and a diamond.
Find the two chests with the runestone and then locate the tree
with three branches. Place the diamond on the nearest, the silver
coin in the centre and the runestone on the other branch. This
will give you the serpent killer spell.

ISLAND TEN -  Requires a gold key, two normal keys and a silver
Use the silver key to unlock the left hand door in the first room.
The other two doors need normal keys to open them. The bulky door
is unlocked with the gold key. Take the runestone and go through
each corridor pushing all five switches. Now go through the door
and tread on the magic symbol. Now exit the island.

ISLAND ELEVEN - Requires nothing.
Go around collecting everything as before. Make sure you have the
shrinking spell before you leave by killing the grey monkey.

ISLAND TWELVE - Requires a jade key and the shrinking spell
Kill the serpent with the serpent killer. Now go through the
doorway at the top of the first room and give the six power rune
scrolls to the hooded figure. Collect the stone key across the
bridge. Use a jade key to open the gate in the centre of the first
room (if you don't have one, go through the bottom doorway in the
first room). Use the stone key to open the next gate. The scroll
in the chest is useless. Use the shrinking spell to reduce thor's
hammer to a more manageable size.


ISLAND ONE - Requires nothing
Get the helmet and the "revelation spell" from the chest in the
room with the two bulls heads on the wall. Stock up on anything
you need from the shop.

ISLAND TWO - Requires nothing
Defeat the dwarf in the first room you enter and take the signet.
Show this to the swordsman who asks to see the seal of the gods.
Let each of the characters drink from minir's well, this will
increase their runelore ratings by 10 points. Collect the
teleportation spell. Don't bother opening the chest in the
sorcery's chamber, it's completely empty!!

ISLAND THREE - Requires helmet
First get the water spell from the chest in the first room, find
the chest with the iron key for the next island. Then look for the
altar with the two helmets on it. Place the helmet on the altar
and get the diamond key from the far right of the room. Exit the

ISLAND FOUR - Requires iron key, solver key, water spell
The first door you come across will be unlocked by an iron key.
Use the silver key to unlock the second door and use the water
spell to put out the fire. The third door is unlocked by the
normal key but don't go through this door until you've been
through the unlocked door in this room and killed the two wizards.
Make sure you collect the ruby and the disenchant spell.

ISLAND FIVE - Requires revelation spell
Use the giant killer spell if you have one. Some of the holes in
the wall contain giant rats or spiders and others are doors that
you can use. If you choose the correct ones (start on the far
right of the first room, straight through the second and third
ones), you will eventually end up on a giant's bookshelf. Kill him
with a giant killer spell, go to the end book and cast revelation.
Have a look around and you should find a shrinking spell.
You can also begin this island by walking through the left doorway
and take the gemstones from the right cauldron. You will find a
runelore potion in the next two rooms. Leave the island the you
came in to avoid the nasty monsters.

ISLAND SIX - Requires nothing.
You can go around and killing everything and collecting all the
goods, but you can also open the first gate with the silver key.
Give the gemstones to the dwarf. Take the necklage from the man
sitting by the fireplace. Do not try to take any treasure - all
you will get is 10 GP and a kicking from the dwarf.

ISLAND SEVEN - Requires a ruby -, normal -and diamond key.
Go through the left most doorway and unlock the door beyond the
spiders web with the diamond key. Give the ruby to the goddess
IDUNA WHO and she will give you the apple to give to the wisest
sister of fate. A normal key unlocks the other door should you
wish to explore.

ISLAND EIGHT - Requires a silver - and two normal key's
The first door you come to is unlocked with the silver key. The
other two doors require normal keys to open them. Go into the
right building on the island and a kind dwarf will give you a
necklage to give to one of the sisters of fate.

ISLAND NINE - Requires a revelation spell
Cast a detect doors spell in the end room of the cellar of the
left hut. Go through the door that appears to find some dragon's
eggs and three scrolls, for the final sister of fate.

ISLAND TEN - Requires the three gifts and a disenchant spell
Give the necklage, apple, dragon's egg to the sisters of fate, by
going down each path. Then as they tell you go to the temple in
the centre of the island. Now cast the disenchant spell to get the

ISLAND ELEVEN - Requires teleportation spell and mouthpiece
Work your way around the island until you come to the room with
the horn in it. Use the teleportation spell to cross the chasm and
get to the other side. Kill the three monsters and blow the horn
by using the mouthpiece, to transport your ship to the final

ISLAND TWELVE - Requires shrinking spell
Go around the island and stand between the two tall stones before
casting the shrinking spell. The quest is now complete and you get
Freyr's spear.


ISLAND ONE - Requires nothing
As soon as you step onto the island use a detect traps spell. Walk
through the right doorway and pick up the revelation spell. Some
useful runestones can be found on the other paths.

ISLAND TWO - Requires runestones
Fight the middle troll in the room containing three trolls. Go
through the doorway and eventually you'll find a potion, some food
and a revelation spell. In the second room, throw some runestones
into the water and then press pause. You will see that two routes
appear. Take the one on the right hand side. Move as far as you
van before falling into the water. When this happens, don't move
the joystick until after you've used some more runestones. When
you get in the other side, open the chest and take the revelation
spell and the ring.

ISLAND THREE - Requires two revelation spells.
Kill the wizard and collect the third revelation spell. Make all
three bridges appear by using the spells and collect all the items
at the end of each path. Make sure you have the bag of stones and
the water spell before leaving.

ISLAND FOUR - Requires bag of stones.
Walk through the doorway straight ahead of you and find the room
with the enchanted pouch and the empty shelf. Put the bag of
stones in the empty shelf and collect the pepper.

ISLAND FIVE - Requires pepper bag.
Walk past the cobwebs in the second room and through the doorway.
Stand in front of the mast head in the room with the ship in it.
Throw the bag at the masthead with the ring through its nose to
make it sneeze. Take the ring when it drops and leave.

ISLAND SIX. - Requires nothing
Use a detect traps in the first room. There are eight switches in
the second room. Number then one to eight counting the one in the
centre as three (the one that fires the arrows). Now tread on the
switches in this order : 3, 4, 3, 5, 3, 6.

ISLAND SEVEN - Requires water spell and 3 silver rings.
Cast the water spell in the second room. Walk to the steps in the
next room and place each of the three rings on the runic circles.
The statue will then hand you a sword. Now leave the island
through the left unlocked door.

Just sail to this island to finish the game. ODIN'S sword is in
your grasp at last and your mighty quest is at an end.

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