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Hardwar Tips & Tricks

Tags: Hardwar Game Guides, Hardwar Hints, Hardwar Walkthrough


v1.25, 21 November 2003

          HHHHHHH AA   AA RR      DD   DD WW  WW  WW AA   AA RR
          HHHHHHH AA   AA RR           DD WW  WW  WW AA   AA RR
          HH   HH AAAA AA RR      DDDDDDD  WW  WWWWW AAAA AA RR   ..
          HH   HH AAAA AA RR      DDDDDDD   WW  WWW  AAAA AA RR   ..
          T H E   F U T U R E   I S   G R E E D Y   \________/

                   Hardwar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)




1. Preface
- 1.1 Notes 
- 1.2 Credits and Legal 
- 1.3 Version 
- 1.4 Is this FAQ official? 
2. Introduction
- 2.1 What is Hardwar? 
- 2.2 Who made and published Hardwar? 
- 2.3 Where did the Software Refinery go? 
- 2.4 What are the minimum system requirements to run the game? 
- 2.5 Can I run Hardwar on Linux, BeOS or MacOS? 
- 2.6 What versions/patches are there and what features do they add? 
- 2.7 Where do I get official patches? 
- 2.8 Are there patches in other languages? 
- 2.9 Where can I download the demo? 
- 2.10 Where can I get the game? 
- 2.11 Will there be a re-release? 
- 2.12 Will there be a Hardwar 2? 
- 2.13 What happened to the PlayStation release? 
- 2.14 Where did everyone go? 
3. Gameplay
3.1 Combat 
- 3.1.1 Why do I keep getting killed? 
- 3.1.2 Who is killing who? 
- 3.1.3 How do I tell who has a bounty? 
- 3.1.4 A faction has asked me to attack a building. How do I do that? 
- 3.1.5 Can I avoid paying fines? 
- 3.1.6 What is an enforcer and how do I get rid of one? 
- 3.1.7 How do I get "double amnesty"? 
3.2 Piloting and Equipment 
- 3.2.1 What moths are available? 
- 3.2.2 What equipment is available? 
- 3.2.3 How do I dock? Can I speed up docking? 
- 3.2.4 How do you target salvage dropped on Titan's surface? 
- 3.2.5 Why can't I salvage Origin Unknown? 
- 3.2.6 How do I get power? 
- 3.2.7 Where do I repair? 
- 3.2.8 Can I change the order weapons cycle? 
- 3.2.9 What differences are there between starting options? 
3.3 Hangars 
- 3.3.1 How do I find buildings? 
- 3.3.2 What do different hangars do? 
- 3.3.3 How do I buy a hangar? 
- 3.3.4 Can I buy pirate/scavenger hangars? 
- 3.3.5 Can I get a loan? 
3.4 Economy 
- 3.4.1 How can I find where to buy or sell a particular item? 
- 3.4.2 How does the economy work? 
- 3.4.3 How do I get rare moths (Deaths Head, Police, Swallow)? 
- 3.4.4 How do I get a fusion cell? 
- 3.4.5 How do I get rare missiles (Tac Nuke, Big Bob)? 
- 3.4.6 How do I get a Death Ray? 
3.5 Transport 
- 3.5.1 Can I run my own taxi firm? 
- 3.5.2 Can I ride the monorail? 
4. Walkthrough
4.1 Crash 
- 4.1.1 Overview 
4.2 Port Decoy 
- 4.2.1 Overview 
- 4.2.2 How do I target the Mass Driver Part? 
- 4.2.3 What are the garbled messages about? 
4.3 Mystery Package 
- 4.3.1 Overview 
- 4.3.2 What does the Cloaking Device do? 
- 4.3.3 Can I remove the Cloaking Device? 
- 4.3.4 How can I tell I have the Cloaking Device? 
4.4 Secret Bases 
- 4.4.1 Overview 
- 4.4.2 What do the secret bases look like? 
4.5 Procure Trigger and Matter 
- 4.5.1 Overview 
- 4.5.2 Why do the gang transports only ever carry one thing? 
4.6 Base Attack 
- 4.6.1 Overview 
- 4.6.2 Can I attack both bases? 
- 4.6.3 How do I sell surplus Origin Unknown? 
4.7 Gang Boy 
- 4.7.1 Overview 
4.8 More Trigger or Matter 
- 4.8.1 Overview 
- 4.8.2 Can I use Trigger or Matter I have already? 
4.9 Port Clearance with Tac-Nuke 
- 4.9.1 Overview 
4.10 Port Clearance with Big Bob 
- 4.10.1 Overview 
4.11 Psycho Bobs Closure 
- 4.11.1 Overview 
4.12 Rescue Syd and meet Xavier Lazarus 
- 4.12.1 Overview 
- 4.12.2 Why do I have a cargo of BodyParts when I leave the Prison? 
- 4.12.3 How do I get into Lazarus Hightower? 
4.13 Final Run 
- 4.13.1 Overview 
- 4.13.2 I keep on dying before I reach Port. Any hints? 
- 4.13.3 Can I use the Monorail to complete the final run? 
5. Cheating
- 5.1 What is God Hangar? 
- 5.2 What are the startup cheat codes? 
- 5.3 Are there any other hidden features or Easter Eggs? 
6. Online
6.1 Gameplay 
- 6.1.1 How do I play online (client)? 
- 6.1.2 Does the online game have a plot? 
- 6.1.3 Is there an online etiquette? Can I kill other players? 
- 6.1.4 Why can't I buy any engines or pods when playing online? 
- 6.1.5 Why am I not added to the Police's wanted list when I kill innocent 
pilots in an online game? 
- 6.1.6 I disconnected and now my character is dead. What should I do? 
6.2 Technical Issues 
- 6.2.1 Why can't I connect to an online game? 
- 6.2.2 How do I play online across a firewall? What TCP and UDP port do I 
need to open? 
- 6.2.3 In an online game, when I buy and sell, the server crashes. What am I 
doing wrong? 
- 6.2.4 The frame rate in online games seems very low. Online games seem to 
lag a lot. There are some small graphic corruptions. Is that normal? 
- 6.2.5 When launching a dedicated server session I get an error message 
saying that the VFX COM class is not registered. What should I do? 
6.3 Hosting 
- 6.3.1 What are the technical requirements for hosting an online game? 
- 6.3.2 What is the difference between a dedicated network server and a 
network game? 
- 6.3.3 What should I tell people connecting to my game? 
- 6.3.4 I am hosting an online game, but I need to know my IP address to allow 
other people to play. How do I tell what my IP address is? 
- 6.3.5 How do I stop people using God Hangar to cheat in my online game? 
- 6.3.6 Nobody joined my game. Am I wasting my time? 
7. General Technical Issues
7.1 Installation and Patching 
- 7.1.1 When installing the game on Windows 2000 or XP I get a message "not 
enough free space on target drive" - how do I install? 
- 7.1.2 I have just patched the game and now I cannot reload a save. What is 
- 7.1.3 On startup I get an error message saying that the VFX COM class is not 
registered. What should I do? 
- 7.1.4 Why does the game crash when I enter Hardwarp FM? What about "FixVhID: 
Error!" during play? 
7.2 Video 
- 7.2.1 How do I stop the game crashing when moving the mouse? 
- 7.2.2 Is OpenGL video mode supported? 
- 7.2.3 How do I stop the game crashing in 3DFX, particularly on Voodoo 
Banshee cards? 
- 7.2.4 How do I stop the screen jittering in flight, particularly when using 
a Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro joystick? 
- 7.2.5 Why does the game crash with "ResOpen - could not find Internal 
resource data - the resource has been freed" when trying to play video in the 
patched version? 
- 7.2.6 I don't have a version that includes the video. Why can't I finish the 
- 7.2.7 How do I take a screenshot? 
7.3 Sound 
- 7.3.1 The sound inside hangars is getting on my nerves. Can I remove it? 
- 7.3.2 Why does the music stop playing after I dock for the first time? 
7.4 Gameplay 'Bugs' 
- 7.4.1 My taxi driver is drunk and/or won't get me to my destination. What 
should I do? 
- 7.4.2 Why does the game crash with "no more police enforcers can be 
8. Editing and Customising
8.1 Setup 
- 8.1.1 Can I run Hardwar without a CDROM? 
- 8.1.2 Can I change the music? 
8.2 Skins 
- 8.2.1 How do I skin a moth? 
- 8.2.2 Why are my custom moth skins are not working? 
- 8.2.3 How do I change the look of craters? 
8.3 Utilities 
- 8.3.1 What is HardLuck.exe and how do I use it? 
- 8.3.2 Are there any modifications to change game balance? 
- 8.3.3 Where can I get the Hardwar font? 
8.4 Editors 
- 8.4.1 Are there any editors or Software Development Kits for Hardwar? 
- 8.4.2 Where can I find the game's sound/graphics files? 
- 8.4.3 How can I read .spr files? 
- 8.4.4 Can I edit .shp files (moth models)? 
- 8.4.5 Can I create custom maps? 
9. Upgrade 3
9.1 History 
- 9.1.1 What happened to U3? 
- 9.1.2 Why was U3 released? 
- 9.1.3 Where can I get U3? 
- 9.1.4 What differences are there between U3 versions? 
- 9.1.5 Which version is best? 
9.2 Terminal Commands and Scripting 
- 9.2.1 What does the Terminal Interface do? 
- 9.2.2 What does the Terminal Server do? 
- 9.2.3 How do I connect a telnet client to the Terminal Server? 
- 9.2.4 What terminal commands are there? 
- 9.2.5 How do Admin permissions work? 
- 9.2.6 Can I script events and 'bots? Can I redesign the game world? 
- 9.2.7 How do I build rooms? 
- 9.2.8 How do I get market/economy information? 
- 9.2.9 What are framesy, newmothsw, and similar? 
- 9.2.10 How are items cited in the economy commands? 
9.3 Setup 
- 9.3.1 What does the Persistent Game option do? 
- 9.3.2 What is Phil's Ending? 
- 9.3.3 What's the difference between high and low speed links? 
- 9.3.4 Can I unpatch U3 betas? Do I have to patch each of them one at a time? 
9.4 Gameplay 
- 9.4.1 How do I manufacture things? 
- 9.4.2 Why doesn't Central Industrial make a Narcotron? 
- 9.4.3 How do I find and hire staff? 
- 9.4.4 Can I give staff multiple orders? 
- 9.4.5 If I can order my staff to sell, why can't I order them to buy? 
- 9.4.6 How do I walk around? 
- 9.4.7 What are Air Filters, Pleasure Cubes, and Servant Droids, and where 
can I get them? 
- 9.4.8 How do I get Fumblers, Disablers and Blasters? 
- 9.4.9 Where did the Debriefing Zone/Vacant 0006/0007/0008/0038 go? 
- 9.4.10 Who is Brother Kahuna? 
9.5 Bugs and Modifications 
- 9.5.1 Are there any patches for the U3 betas? 
- 9.5.2 How can I stop beta 5 games crashing after reloading? 
- 9.5.3 I logged a beta 5 game and I'm running out of disk space. Why? 
- 9.5.4 Why won't my joystick throttle work? 
- 9.5.5 What is wrong with the beta 5 economy? 
- 9.5.6 Why won't Downtown Moths sell moths? Why won't Shears Yard fit pods? 
- 9.5.7 How can I get my staff out of limbo? 
- 9.5.8 Are my thugs supposed to do _that_? 
- 9.5.9 Why don't custom hangar names display? 
- 9.5.10 Why don't AI pilots sell to my hangar? 
- 9.5.11 There is a stack of AI moths waiting to enter a hangar. How can I get 
rid of them? 
- 9.5.12 Why do AI pilots get stuck in the Alpha-Downtown tunnel? 
- 9.5.13 Can faction moths be made to respawn? 
- 9.5.14 Why won't the plot advance? How do I get Trigger, Matter or Fusion 
- 9.5.15 Can I remove the beta 5 negative deposit cheat? 
- 9.5.16 I am experiencing video related crashes. Any hints? 
10. And Finally...
- 10.1 What's the deal with BodyParts? 
- 10.2 Origin Unknown 
- 10.3 It's art, mate 
- 10.4 Fooling the AI 
- 10.5 Final tip 
- A. Hangar List 
- B. Non-Moth Production Requirements and Locations Table 
- C. Moth Production Requirements Table 
- D. Plot Video Transcripts 
- E. Non-Plot Video Transcripts 
- F. Modifications 
- G. Hacking 
- H. CD Music Track Listing 




1.1 Notes

Many gameplay tips and technical fixes are available in the game's readme. 
More detailed, illustrated information is generally available from fan sites. 
This FAQ is designed to primarily provide quick answers to some of the most 
common questions. It mostly contains answers to actual questions asked on 
forums and usenet. It does not specifically aim to hold your hand and guide 
you step by step through the game, although I have added a few entries that 
provide an introduction to key areas like moths, equipment and hangars. This 
style reflects the nature of the game, which contains a lot of hidden depth 
and, in spite of its storyline, is very open ended. The FAQ includes large 
sections dealing with parts of the game that have been changed by subsequent 
upgrades, notably online play and upgrade 3. Currently the U3 section is split 
from other sections because U3 is unofficial and unstable, and so you might 
not be running it. If you are running U3 please consider referring specific 
questions to the both the U3 section and topic area elsewhere in the FAQ. 
Sorry for the confusion this will cause.


1.2 Credits and Legal

This FAQ was written by Tim Howgego (also known as timski), copyright 2000-
2003, unless otherwise stated. Errors and suggestions should be reported to 
tim (at) capsu (dot) org . Please put "Hardwar" somewhere in the email subject 
field. The information contained in this FAQ comes from a pool of knowledge 
built up between a large number of Hardwar players over the last 5 years. 
Without the ideas of Jeff, Zedo, Wez and Solidox, this FAQ would be much 
shorter than it is. Particular thanks also to Ouch, Hammer, smurph, Arago 
Fett, Kazymyr, Fedor von Bock and Sniper; and Max for some fantastic U3 beta 
patches. This FAQ is in the public domain: You may copy and repost this FAQ, 
but the content of the document, including the credits, must remain unchanged. 
Informing the author that you are hosting it is appreciated, but not 
mandatory. Ensuring you host the most recent version is also appreciated, but 
not mandatory. The original game Hardwar (TM) Copyright (c) 1998-2000 Gremlin 
Interactive Ltd. Technology Copyright (c) 1993-2002 Software Refinery Ltd. 
Other trademarks and copyright are owned by their respective trademark and 
copyright holders.


1.3 Version

This is version 1.25, 21 November 2003. This update has been long over-due - 
sorry for the delay. I have rewritten large parts related to Upgrade 3 
(notably dealing with bug work-arounds and use of the Terminal Server), added 
a list of all known Modifications to the appendix, a huge Hacking appendix, CD 
Music Track Listing, and made various other small alterations.


1.4 Is this FAQ official?

No. This is not an official FAQ. It is not endorsed by the game's former 
developers or publishers.





2.1 What is Hardwar?

Hardwar is a futuristic combat flight simulator. It is set in 'Misplaced 
Optimism', a series of craters on a neglected corporate mining moon, Titan. 
Players fly moths, which are tiny craft capable of flying at low altitude. The 
game features a complete economy, and can be played as a trading game. The 
combination of flight combat, trade and a futuristic setting led many players 
to draw similarities with the Elite series of games. Hardwar is sometimes 
written Hardw[a]r - this reflects the design of the name on the game box.


2.2 Who made and published Hardwar?

The game was developed by The Software Refinery Ltd, formerly based in Leeds, 
England. Development was led by Mark Griffiths, Ciaran Gultnieks and Ian 
Martin. Ade Carless designed the game. Warp Records provided the sound track, 
with additional design by the Designers' Republic. The game was published in 
Europe and Asia by Gremlin Interactive Ltd and released in September 1998. 
Interplay subsequently published the game in North America.


2.3 Where did the Software Refinery go?

The Software Refinery were actively developing patches for Hardwar until mid-
2002. Things then went very quiet. In December 2002 the content of their 
website disappeared, leading to further speculation. In January 2003, Zedo 
received a credible message that "The Software Refinery Ltd went into 
voluntary liquidation in December 2002."


2.4 What are the minimum system requirements to run the game?

Microsoft Windows 95 or greater; Intel Pentium 166 (or equivalent); 16Mb 
memory or greater; 1Mb DirectX 5 compatible video card; DirectX 5 compatible 
soundcard; 2X CD-ROM; hard disk with approx 35Mb free space. It will probably 
play on a slightly slower processor. Patched versions U1.0 and U2.0x require 
Direct X 6 or greater. Certain patch video setting, such as far fog depth, 
require video cards with more onboard memory, perhaps as much as 8-16Mb.


2.5 Can I run Hardwar on Linux, BeOS or MacOS?

No. The game relies too heavily on DirectX to handle network play, sound, and 
in most cases, graphics.


2.6 What versions/patches are there and what features do they add?

The release version of Hardwar was almost bug-free. The worst bugs related to 
3DFX support. Subsequent patches have tended to add further features, and 
improve video or multiplayer support. Only a brief summary is given below of 
the important changes:

- D1.6: 1998 : Demo version - 20 minutes play in Alpha Crater only (including 
the "Dibsey" mission). 
- F2.0: 1998 : European release version. 
- F2.1: 1998 : North America release version. 
- U1.0: 2000 : Added clones; new starter options; improved video performance 
and options, although some 3DFX and DirectX support was buggy. 
- U2.01: 2001 : Added swallows; further video improvements and bug fixes. 
- U2.02: 2001 : Opened the monorail to the public; greatly improved online 
multiplayer; added custom moth skins; added Trojan; added 'Dealer' starting 
- U2.03: 2001 : Bug fixes from previous patch. 
- U2.04: 2001 : Bug fixes from previous patches.

There is no 'Hardwar 3' - sites advertising it are thought to be selling a 
standard release version. There was however a U3 under development - see What 
happened to U3? and What differences are there between U3 versions? below.


2.7 Where do I get official patches?

Download the latest U2.04 patch from . 
You do not need to apply older patches first. For the latest unofficial patch, 
see Where can I get U3? below.


2.8 Are there patches in other languages?

No. However non-English versions of the game can be patched, patching 
apparently turns most of the text to English.


2.9 Where can I download the demo?

Try , , or .


2.10 Where can I get the game?

New copies of Hardwar can occasionally be found lurking in game shop bargain 
bins. The most reliable source of copies is probably eBay, which normally has 
new boxed or jewel-cased US release versions available for around $5. The full 
game CD ISOs can be found at certain fan sites and have been posted (mid March 
2003) on usenet in (total size is about 0.5GB). These 
ISOs can either be burnt to CDs, or extracted to your hard drive using 
utilities such as WinISO or WinImage (from kazymyr). A lite version of the 
full game is available at the Underdogs, http://www.the- and . This version has been 
created by patching the demo and adding missing files to hardwar.res - videos 
and music are omitted, but the game is playable. The only real limitation is 
the difficulty in following the plot, which relies on videos to introduce most 


2.11 Will there be a re-release?

Gremlin Interactive's ownership of the name and game transferred to 
Infogrames, although sources within Infogrames suggested they no longer owned 
it and that nobody did. Infogrames has since disappeared into Atari. Interplay 
had marketing and distribution rights in North America. Neither has shown any 
interest in re-releasing the game. The developers retained technology 
copyright until they went into liquidation - see Where did the Software 
Refinery go? above.


2.12 Will there be a Hardwar 2?

It is unlikely that there will be a Hardwar 2 because the developers do not 
own the rights to the name, they only own the technology. The developers have 
actively continued to add features to Hardwar in the form of upgrade patches. 
They have stated that, "the long term goal for the game is to have a permanent 
online internet game running. It won't be 'Hardwar' ... but it will use the 
Hardwar engine." This aspiration now looks unlikely - see Where did the 
Software Refinery go?. From Anon: "According to one beta tester, there was a 
concept for subsequent Hardwar games. The aliens would drop you off on another 
planet. This would be a new game using the same basic 3D engine and gameplay, 
but different ships, weapons, economics, and politics. And, of course, new 
places to go. You would be able to escape this new planet as well and continue 
to Hardwar 3 and so forth. The final game would return you to Earth."


2.13 What happened to the PlayStation release?

A Sony PlayStation version was originally thought to be in development during 
1996. Early in 1997 Gremlin (?) decided to make the game PC only, citing lack 
of PlayStation gamer interest.


2.14 Where did everyone go?

The most popular community board remains Captain Zedo's, here: . On Internet Relay Chat (IRC): #hardwar .





For things specifically related to U3, see Upgrade 3 section.



3.1 Combat

3.1.1 Why do I keep getting killed?

To quote David Hedbor, "When I first started playing Hardwar, I quickly got 
very frustrated. I almost returned it to the store twice. Both times I played 
it, I gave up after about half an hour of death and mayhem." You are not 
alone. You will be attacked either because you have made an enemy of someone, 
or because you are carrying a cargo that a pirate wants to take from you. The 
starter moth and equipment is not particularly good for combat. Initiating 
combat will give you the edge, but finish the fight quickly because the 
opposition will probably be better equipped. Do not engage more than one moth 
at a time. Avoid the caves initially - Haven and Midway. Avoid attacking 
faction (Lazarus or Klamp-G) and gang (Skinner or Scrubber) moths initially. 
Make use of tunnels to escape and evade: Computer controlled pilots stop 
before entering a tunnel, where you can probably curve into them at full 
throttle. Alternatively, find a relatively safe crater, such as Riverside, 
trade and run away using countermeasures (such as Chaff) at the first sign of 
trouble. Once you upgrade your moth combat will become a lot easier. The new 
starter options introduced in U1.0 make Hardwar much easier to survive - see 
What differences are there between starting options? below.


3.1.2 Who is killing who?

Titan's politics can initially be somewhat confusing. There are two major 
factions, Lazarus and Klamp-G, who are permanently at war with one another. 
Faction influence varies across Titan: Lazarus strongholds are Highrise, 
Alpha, the western side of Reservoir, and the northern side of Mines; Klamp-G 
strongholds are Riverside, Gamma, the eastern side of Reservoir, and the 
southern side of Mines. There are also two gangs, Scrubbers and Skinner, who 
are also at war with one another. Gangs are less powerful than the factions, 
and tend to side with Lazarus (Scrubbers) and Klamp-G (Skinner) respectively. 
Attacks against faction/gang moths are taken as an attack against the whole 
faction or gang. In the unpatched game, killing a gang moth would often also 
make you an enemy of the supporting faction, but in the patched game the links 
are less strong. Outside of the faction/gang structure there are various other 
minor players, independent pilots, and the Police. The Police will assign a 
fine/bounty for unprovoked attacks on non gang/faction moths. Certain 
independent pilots are rather gun-ho, notably pirates, who will attack to 
steal cargo, taking a bounty in the process. Minor players normally restrict 
their combat activities, for example, loan companies will only engage in 
combat to collect bad debts.


3.1.3 How do I tell who has a bounty?

Police, faction and gang hangars maintain lists of wanted pilots. Killing them 
will pay you a bounty and will clear any record with the group paying the 
bounty. Collecting bounties on independent pilots will not lead to any 
reprisal, however killing bountied faction and gang moths will upset their 
owning faction. Spotting pirates without consulting the list is an art. 
Pirates seem to always use medium pods and laser turrets. Pilots carrying 
Matter, Trigger or Fusion Parts have normally stolen it from gang transports. 
The moths of one faction are always on the wanted list of the other faction.


3.1.4 A faction has asked me to attack a building. How do I do that?

Laser turrets defend some buildings. These become active if you are wanted by 
whoever owns the building. The laser turrets can be removed by a few well-
aimed cannon shots at the turret. Attacks on building turrets are counted as 
attacks on buildings. You can also attack the buildings themselves by firing 
'nukes' at them - they order ConstMat for a while, which depletes their cash. 
There are no specific rewards for attacking buildings. (U3 beta 5 developed 
this feature, allowing players to damage one another's hangars. It was never 
completed and created a bug that could trap a builder's moth in your hangar if 
you forgot to pay them for their ConsMat.)


3.1.5 Can I avoid paying fines?

Yes. Once you receive a message from the police that you have been fined do 
not visit a police station. If you do the fine (in cash or in kind) will be 
taken from you. You now have one Hardwar day to kill another pilot on the 
wanted list of whomever you have offended. Killing a wanted pilot will clear 
your record, and net you the bounty for the kill. If you delay by more than 
one day, you risk having an enforcer sent out after you.


3.1.6 What is an enforcer and how do I get rid of one?

Enforcers are particularly dangerous moth pilots who pilot Police or Deaths 
Head moths. They will follow you and attempt to kill you until you or the 
enforcer dies. The police will send out an enforcer if your bounty with the 
police rises above $2000, or you are credited with killing a member of the 
police. Gangs send out enforcers called assassins if you have a bounty of more 
than $2000 with that gang. Loan companies send out enforcers in Deaths Head 
moths if you fail to replay a loan for 2 days. The first thing to do in most 
cases is to try and clear your record. Now stop the current enforcer from 
hassling you by using one of: several Groundbase missiles, which aren't 
counted as an attack; a single Devastator - the first hit isn't counted as an 
attack; bump the enforcer against tunnel walls, or trap them in the exit bay 
of a hangar and wait for the hangar to cancel entry/exit clearance - after 7 
seconds the hangar defences will destroy the enforcer; disable the enforcer's 
engines so it can not follow you around (this is the one case where you should 
not bother to clear your record beforehand); evade the enforcer for a few days 
- eventually they may forgive and forget. If you are going to kill an enforcer 
it is important that you are not registered as killing it. The best way to 
deal with enforcers is to not call one out: Ensure that you pay your loans on 
time, and clear your record with whoever you have offended by killing another 
pilot on their wanted list. If you continue to kill Police enforcers you will 
eventually crash the game (see Why does the game crash with "no more police 
enforcers can be generated"? below).


3.1.7 How do I get "double amnesty"?

When you kill a faction or gang moth, you get put on their wanted list as an 
enemy. In order to clear your name, you need to kill a pilot on the wanted 
list of the group you have offended. Since the factions are always at war, 
killing a moth of the opposite faction, will get you an amnesty, but will also 
add you to the opposing wanted list. Continually swapping between factions' 
wanted lists works most of the time. However there are times when it is useful 
not to have either faction gunning for you, notably at certain points in the 
plot such as the Gang Boy mission. Double amnesty involves simultaneously 
clearing your record with both groups. The most common method involves seeking 
out the few independent pilots that from time to time appear on faction wanted 
lists. Find one using faction A's wanted list and lock them in. Now kill a 
moth belonging to faction A (swap wanted lists). Finally kill the independent 
pilot, which clears your record with faction A, without upsetting faction B. 
There are other more inventive methods. For example (for Narcotron), buy 
weapons from a weapons reseller belonging to the other faction. They will 
probably send out a transport for supplies. Wait for a pirate to attack the 
transport, make sure you kill the transport first (swap wanted list), and then 
kill the pirate to clear your record with the first faction.



3.2 Piloting and Equipment

3.2.1 What moths are available?

There are six player moths in the original game, with an additional type added 
in U2.01+ versions. Common types can be brought from moth factories, 
especially Downtown Moths. Rarer types may need some work first - see How do I 
get rare moths (Deaths Head, Police, Swallow)?: 

Deaths Head: 
- Offensive: High weapons capacity, plus Laser Turret. 
- Defensive: Very strong hull, but with huge profile. 
- Handling: Slow with a maximum speed below 400 mph. Reasonable turning. 
- Availability: Hard to find, and expensive. 
- Recommended for: Combat pilots that don't need to escape, but do want a huge 
weapons platform. 

- Offensive: Average weapons capacity, plus Laser Turret. 
- Defensive: Fairly strong hull, with large profile. 
- Handling: Average speed, at just above 400 mph, and turns well. 
- Availability: Fairly common. Sold at just above average prices. 
- Recommended for: Multi-role applications, and things such as scavenging, 
where a mix of manoeuvrability, speed and firepower is needed. 

Moon Moth: 
- Offensive: Slightly below average weapons capacity, plus Laser Turret. 
- Defensive: Moderate hull and profile. 
- Handling: Below average speed, but with very impressive turning. 
- Availability: Fairly common, and cheap. 
- Notes: Can carry a passenger. Cannot fit Engine #3. 
- Recommended for: Cab drivers, aspiring pilots (it is a reasonable early 
upgrade), and skilled pilots that can exploit its turning and make use of its 
respectable loadout in combat. 

Neo Tiger: 
- Offensive: Slightly above average weapons capacity, plus Laser Turret. 
- Defensive: Moderate hull, with sleek profile. 
- Handling: Fast, at almost 500 mph (fastest moth in the unpatched game), pods 
make little difference to handling, but suffers when it comes to turning. 
- Availability: Fairly common, at average price. 
- Recommended for: Traders, because it can normally escape with cargo, and 
combat pilots who can accept the poor turning and use the high top speed. 

- Offensive: Slightly below average weapons capacity, plus Laser Turret. 
- Defensive: Strong hull, with mid-range profile. 
- Handling: Turns on a dime with an above average top speed. 
- Availability: Rare, but fairly cheap. 
- Notes: Cannot fit rare missiles. 
- Recommended for: Dogfighting combat pilots. 

- Offensive: Poor weapons capacity, with no Laser Turret. 
- Defensive: Weak hull but with slender profile. 
- Handling: Lowest top speed. 
- Availability: Common (you'll probably start with one of these) and cheap. 
- Notes: Cannot fit Engine #2 and #3, Medium, Large and Largest pods, or Pulse 
- Recommended for: New pilots - who perhaps don't get the choice - but you 
could do worse for a training ship. 

- Offensive: Average weapons capacity, but no Laser Turret. 
- Defensive: Fairly strong hull, with thin profile. 
- Handling: Fastest moth, but with moderate turning. 
- Availability: U2.01+. Rare and expensive (unless you steal one). 
- Notes: Cannot fit rare missiles. 
- Recommended for: Traders, who benefit from the speed even when loaded, and 
purist combat pilots, who don't need to use Laser Turrets, but can make use of 
the speed and profile.


3.2.2 What equipment is available?

Here is a short summary of moth equipment, excluding plot specific items: 

Guns - Offensive, use energy. Buy/fit at weapons factories and weapons 
- Laser: Fast firing, moderate energy use, with moderate damage to shields and 
hull. Good all-round laser. 
- Laser Turret: Less damage than regular Laser, but able to track and fire on 
targets as you turn. Useful addition for dogfights. 
- Plasma Kannon: Slow firing, but highly damaging against shields. Good combat 
opener, but only use later in combat if you specifically want to damage the 
opponent's software. 
- Pulse Laser: Fast firing with moderate damage, but high energy requirement. 
Good for disabling weapons systems once shields are down. 

Missiles - Offensive, consumed on use. Buy/fit at weapons factories and 
weapons resellers: 
- Devastator: One hit kill, if it hits. It is possible to evade, 
countermeasure or escape from these. Works well in combination with other 
tactics, notably Groundbase, which immobilises the target first. 
- Fireburst x10: Damages engines when target has weak shields, making them 
good for disabling moths or just slowing them slightly in combat. 
- Groundbase x5: Forces the enemy to drop to the ground, which can inflict 
collision damage and makes them sitting ducks. 
- (Power) Leach x10: Drain energy from target, particularly when their shields 
are low. 
- Sprat x10: Good damage for the price, with high rate of fire. Easily 
countered with Chaff or evaded with skilled piloting. 
- Swarm x10: Breaks into several sections on launch, so normally hits in part. 
- Underkill x5: Fast fire rate, and first do damage to shields, then to 
software. Often regarded as an expensive version of a Plasma Kannon, but 
potentially useful if you want to strip shields very fast. 

Countermeasures - Defensive, consumed on use: 
- Chaff x10: Releases debris which one hopes a missile targeted on you will 
hit. Buy/fit at component factories. 
- Flares x10: Releases heat source, which may fool a missile targeted on you 
to target the flare instead. Flares also light up the surrounding area. Buy 
from Chemicals factories, buy/fit at certain weapon resellers and breaker 
- Hologram x5: Creates a mirror image of your ship for 5-10 seconds, which 
confuses your attacker into firing at it rather than you. Buy/fit at weapons 
factories and weapons resellers. 
- Trojan x2 (U2.02+): Drops a fake cargo container, which explodes when picked 
up. Buy/fit at weapons factories and weapons resellers. 

Engines - Engines make your moth move. Bigger engines make your moth move 
faster, but don't seem to affect power consumption. Buy/fit at certain breaker 
maker and trading posts: 
- Silver-Y moths can only fit an Engine #1. 
- Moon Moths can only fit Engine #1 or #2. 
- Other moths can fit Engine #1, #2 or #3. 

Cells - Cells store energy. Influence stall height. Buy/fit at component 
factories and breaker makers. 
- Cell #1: Poor (rapid) discharge and poor (slow) recharge. Best avoided. 
- Cell #2: Moderate recharge rate, but has huge staying power. Can be a good 
choice if you often fight away from Lightwells. 
- Cell #3: Good rate of recharge with respectable discharge, making it 
arguably the best regular cell. 
- Cell #4: Recharges quickly, but also discharges quickly. Interesting cell to 
use if you fight in Lightwells, but not the best all-rounder. 
- Fusion Cell: Permanently charged. Essential acquisition, if you can get it - 
see How do I get a fusion cell? below. 

Pods - Pods allow cargo to be transported. Larger pods slow your ships down 
and make you easier to hit in combat. Buy/fit at certain breaker maker and 
trading posts: 
- Smallest Pod: 2 different cargoes, up to 10 units each. 
- Small Pod: 3 different cargoes, up to 10 units each. 
- Medium Pod: 3 different cargoes, up to 20 units each. Cannot fit to Silver-Y 
- Large Pod: 4 different cargoes, up to 30 units each. Cannot fit to Silver-Y 
- Largest Pod: 5 different cargoes, up to 30 units each. Cannot fit to Silver-
Y moth. 

- Afterburner: Increases speed for a short period of time. May only be used 
once approximately every 30 seconds. Buy/fit at certain breaker maker and 
trading posts. 
- Drone: Allows targeted salvage to be recovered and placed in your pod. 
Buy/fit at component factories and weapon resellers. 
- Star Shells x10: Illuminate a dark area of a crater. Poor pilot's InfraRed 
and consumed on use. Buy at Chemicals factories. Buy/fit at weapons resellers. 

Software - Adds HUD features and improves equipment performance. Most software 
comes as a series of upgrades. Install at software providers: 
- Autopilot: Automatically docks you at hangars. 
- Flight: Adds bells and whistles to the HUD. 
- InfraRed: Adds option to see better in the dark. 
- Navigation: Adds options such as crater names on the HUD compass. 
- Power: Adds cell monitoring meters to the HUD, and makes cell recharge 
- Radar: Improves ability to target objects, for example target salvage. 
- Shield: Makes shields sustain more damage. 
- Target: Improves munitions accuracy.


3.2.3 How do I dock? Can I speed up docking?

Docking can be done manually or automatically. For manual docking (no 
autopilot software fitted), move into the rectangular targeting tunnel that 
shows when close to a hangar, point at and then move towards the doors, the 
doors will open, drive in and stop just in front of the internal air lock 
doors. To dock automatically, fit autopilot software, and then fly into the 
rectangular targeting tunnel - the autopilot will do the rest. To speed up 
docking, go to a software provider's hangar and remove the autopilot. You will 
have to steer your way into each hangar, but if you are skilled you will be 
able to dock far quicker than before.


3.2.4 How do you target salvage dropped on Titan's surface?

Upgrade your Target software at a software provider's hangar to level 3. You 
can then target salvage in the same way as moths and hangars.


3.2.5 Why can't I salvage Origin Unknown?

You need a Super-Drone. Psycho Bob will fit one to your moth when the time 
comes to liberate some origin unknown from the faction secret bases. Once you 
have the Super-Drone fitted, gather all the origin unknown you can - in 
certain versions it sells for $99,999 at Trading Posts. Do not unload origin 
unknown in your hangar - you will not be able to reload it. You can always 
jettison the origin unknown and pick it up later without risk of losing it, 
because you will be the only pilot on Titan with a Super-Drone.


3.2.6 How do I get power?

All conventional cells are based on solar energy. As you fly around, 
particularly as you fire weapons, stored power will decline. Cells can be 
recharged by hovering directly under a Lightwell. Note that upgrading Power 
software will add a recharge meter to the HUD, which helps to ensure you are 
directly under the Lightwell. Fusion Cells do not require recharging in 
Lightwells - see How do I get a fusion cell? below.


3.2.7 Where do I repair?

Breaker Makers and a small number of other hangars (for example, Flyers 
Retreat in Gamma) offer repair facilities. Each moth system (Hull, CPU, 
Weapons, etc) can be repaired in 10% blocks. You need to pay to use public 
repair facilities. Private hangars (see How do I buy a hangar? below) come 
with repair facilities, that will repair your moth for free, which is one of 
the big advantages of private hangars. You can also sell repair services to 
other pilots.


3.2.8 Can I change the order weapons cycle?

Yes and no. The order normally reflects the order items were installed in, 
although if you remove one item and add another, the new item will tend to 
occupy the first available free position, which will probably be the position 
the removed item was in. If you have your own hangar, you can remove all the 
non-missile weaponry and then fit it again in the desired order, and generally 
experiment without any financial penalty. Remember that missiles can't be 
removed once installed, so your options with those are more limited.


3.2.9 What differences are there between starting options?

Ultimately it does not matter what career you pick at startup. These choices 
don't restrict what you can or cannot do. All they do is equip you with a moth 
that favours a certain style of play initially. Patched versions introduce new 
startup options, some of which make the early part of the game far easier. 
Each option has the following starting conditions, based on U2.04: 

Aggressor - Basic pure combat setup: 
- Moth: Silver-Y. 
- Equipment: Laser, Plasma Kannon, Swarm and Flares. 
- Software: Flight 1, Power 2, Shield 2, Navigation, Radar 3, Target 2 and 
- Assets: $10,000. 
- Starts: Gamma Monorail Depot. 

Agitator - U1.0+: 
- Moth: Neo Tiger. 
- Equipment: Laser, Laser Turret, Afterburner, Fusion Cell, Engine #3, 
Hologram, Devastator, Leach, Fireburst, Flares, Chaff and Star Shells. 
- Software: Flight 1, Power 2, Shield 2, Navigation, Radar 3, Target 2 and 
- Assets: $10,000. 
- Starts: Riverside Monorail. 

Corrupt Cop - U1.0+: 
- Moth: Police. 
- Equipment: Laser, Laser Turret, Afterburner, Engine #3, Fusion Cell, Largest 
Pod, Drone, Hologram, Swarm and Flares. 
- Software: Flight 1, Power 2, Shield 2, Navigation, Radar 3, Target 2 and 
- Assets: $10,000. 
- Starts: Sewage Control, Downtown. 
- Note: Although characterised as a Police defector, your record with the 
police starts clean. 

Dealer - U2.02+: 
- Moth: Moon Moth. 
- Equipment: Laser, Medium Pod and Drone. 
- Software: Flight 1, Power 2, Shield 2, Navigation, Radar 3, Target 2 and 
- Assets: $100,000, and Vacant 0030 with Clone installed and a few low grade 
munitions stocked. 
- Starts: Vacant 0030, Downtown. 
- Note: Starts with enemies, Nelson Column and Clifton Bridge, who will try to 
kill you early in the game. 

Godfather - U1.0+: 
- Moth: Moon Moth. 
- Equipment: Laser, Laser Turret, Afterburner, Engine #3, Fusion Cell, Largest 
Pod, Drone, Devastators (20 >:) ), Fireburst, Groundbase, Flares, Chaff and 
Star Shells. 
- Software: Flight 1, Power 2, Shield 2, Navigation, Radar 3, Target 2 and 
- Assets: $10,000. 
- Starts: Recycling Joint, Highrise. 
- Note: This is the only way to get an Engine #3 on a Moon Moth. Remove the 
pod and this moth will reach about 450 mph. 

Scavenger - Basic collector/multi-role setup: 
- Moth: Silver-Y. 
- Equipment: Laser, Small Pod, Drone, Flares and Star Shells. 
- Software: Flight 1, Power 1, Shield 1, Navigation, Radar 3, Target 2 and 
- Assets: $10,000. 
- Starts: Conurbation 2, Downtown. 

Trader - Basic trading setup: 
- Moth: Silver-Y. 
- Equipment: Laser, Small Pod, Sprat and Flares. 
- Software: Autopilot, Flight 2, Power 1, Shield 1, Navigation, Radar 3, 
Target 1 and InfraRed. 
- Assets: $10,000. 
- Starts: Alpha Trading Post.



3.3 Hangars

3.3.1 How do I find buildings?

Certain key buildings can be targeted from the local services menu. You can 
select target from messages. Alternatively, fly close to the building, 
targeting it, and lock the target for future reference. For new pilots, 
finding anything in the fog of Titan is difficult, particularly in the larger 
craters such as Downtown. Try to remember how a few important buildings relate 
to different tunnel mouths. You may find it useful to refer to maps of Titan, 
which can be found here: (or ).


3.3.2 What do different hangars do?

Here is a list of important hangar types within the game. Most hangar names 
are fairly self explanatory, for example "Downtown Chemicals" is a chemicals 
factory, so I have only noted names that are not immediately obvious. All 
businesses buy small amounts of Food. Note that faction owned hangars may not 
be prepared to trade with independent pilots - this is particularly true of 
their weapon and moth production facilities. A full Hangar List is in the 

Raw Materials: 
- Mines: Supply Ore, Gems, and Constmat. 
- Chemical factories (includes AgroChem): Supply Chemicals, Plastics, 
Explosives, Flares, and Star Shells. 
- Purifiers: Supply Water. 
- "Sewage Control": Supply Water and Chemicals. 
- Macros (also "Charlie's Pizza"): Supply Food and Furs. 
- Conurbations (various housing such as "Hunger City" and "Misery Heights"): 
Supply BodyParts. 
- "Bill Moritz" and "Scrubber Outpost": Supply Cigars. 

Equipment Related: 
- Ore Proc (and similar, also "The Ore House"): Produce ExMetal and 
Sheetmetal. Buy Ore. 
- Recycling (also "Scrubber Xchng" and "Junkyard"): Produce Sheetmetal. Buy 
- Component factories: Produce CompComp, MachParts, Cells, Drone, and Chaff. 
Buy Water, Chemicals, Gems, ExMetal, Sheetmetal, and Plastics. 
- "Techparts": Produces CompComp only. Buy Gems, ExMetal, and Plastics. 
- Weapons factories ("...Munitions", "Dr Jobes Weapons", "Klamp-G Arms"): 
Produce Sprat, Swarm, Devastator, Leach, Fireburst, Underkill, Groundbase, 
Hologram, Laser, Plasmakannon, Laser Turret, and Pulse Laser. Buy Gems, 
ExMetal, SheetMetal, CompComp, MachParts, and Explosives. 
- Moth factories (also "Highrise Motors"): Produce Moths. Also notionally 
produce Pods and Engines, although they do not sell them in all game versions. 
Buy Ore, SheetMetal, CompComp, MachParts, Plastics, Cells, and Lasers. 

Luxury Related: 
- "Waterfront Booze" and "Skinners Outpost": Produce Alcohol. Buy Chemicals 
and Water. 
- "General Industrial": Produce Narcotics. Buy Chemicals. 
- Bars ("The Slum", "The Waterfront", "The After Dark", "The Shanty Inn", 
"Jupiter Four", "Flyers Retreat", and "Traders Rest"): Buy/sell Narcotics, 
Alcohol, and Cigars. 

Service Related: 
- Trading Posts (also "Trade Central"): Buy/sell everything (but not as 
profitable as supplying other businesses), and contains list of local needs 
and sales. 
- Weapons resellers ("Psycho Bobs", "Reservoir Central", "...Weapons Shop", 
"Special Arms Co"): Buy/sell what weapons factories make, plus Flares, Star 
Shells, and Drones. Note that "Special Arms Co" specialises in more expensive 
munitions like Leach and Groundbase. They also fit and remove equipment. 
- Breaker Maker (also "The Knocking Ship" and "Traders Rest"): Buy/sell 
assorted Cells, Engines, Afterburner, Drone, and Pods. They also fit equipment 
and repair moths. 
- "The Garidge": Repairs moths. 
- Builders ("...Construction"): Buy ConstMat. Repair local hangars that get 
- Police ("Cops"): Allow fines to be paid and criminals to be targeted. 
- Faction and Gang buildings ("...Lazarus...", "...Klamp...", 
"...Scrubber...", "...Skinner..."): Normally (but not always) allow their 
enemies to be targeted. 
- Estate Agents: Allow certain (mostly "Vacant") hangars to be purchased. 
- "Clone Farm" (U1.0+): Sells clones, which you can install in your hangar and 
use when you die. 
- Monorail stations: Allow access to the Monorail. There are a few oddities, 
like "Mines Monorail Depot" - MonoRail access is actually via the "Mines 
Trading Post". 
- Cabs: Base for taxis. Can be called out from any local hangar. 
- Loan Agents ("Charlie Wadsworth" and "MisOp Finance"): Provide loans. 
- Software: Installs and changes moth software. 

The remaining hangars are either bases for individual, faction or gang pilots, 
plot related locations, or in a few cases, such as Colony HQ and Flight 
Academy, background filling.


3.3.3 How do I buy a hangar?

Visit the estate agent in the same crater as the hangar you want to buy. 
Hangars cost about $16,000. Downtown Estates only sells about 20 properties at 
a time. This means that you may not be able to purchase a particular hangar in 
Downtown until you own several hangars in that crater.


3.3.4 Can I buy pirate/scavenger hangars?

Yes. Kill the current occupant just after 00:00, 06:00, 12:00 or 18:00. Wait 
until the start of the next full hour and then go to the estate agent in the 
same crater as the hangar. You must reach the estate agent and purchase the 
hangar before the next time in the sequence. You cannot buy properties in 
Haven or Midway. It is not clear whether properties can always be purchased in 
Mines and Reservoir - this may vary by patch. Occupying pirate hangars will 
greatly reduce the number of pirates in the game - this is the only way to 
stop the majority of them 'respawning' after you kill them.


3.3.5 Can I get a loan?

Yes. Go to MisOp Finance (Downtown) or Charlie Wadsworth (Riverside), and 
arrange one. Three are available: Small ($5000 over 2 days), medium ($10,000 
over 3 days), and large ($25,000 over 5 days). Interest rates are 10-20%. You 
can take up to one loan from each financier at any one time. This means you 
can get up to $60,000 (including starting cash) at the very start of the game. 
Taking such a loan is not recommended for new players, however an experienced 
trader may be able to use it to gain advantage very quickly. Failing to repay 
a loan will eventually bring out an enforcer - see What is an enforcer and how 
do I get rid of one? above.



3.4 Economy

3.4.1 How can I find where to buy or sell a particular item?

Use the needs and sales lists available at Trading Posts. Each post lists 
nearest and cheapest sales across Titan, and local business needs. Some items 
are not manufactured and may eventually run out, see Why can't I buy any 
engines or pods when playing online? below.


3.4.2 How does the economy work?

The economy model is based around production and use (often destruction) of 
items. The core of the economy is based on equipment production, however there 
are also trades for luxuries (Narcotics, Foods, and similar), and "export 
goods" (like BodyParts). Raw materials are automatically produced at certain 
locations, which are then transported to businesses in other places to be 
processed. For example, Ore might be transported from mines in the Mines 
crater to Ore Procs in Downtown, where it is processed into SheetMetal and 
ExMetal. In most cases multiple commodities are needed for production 
processes to work. So, in order to produce a pack of Swarm missiles, 
SheetMetal (see above) and Explosives (made from Plastics and Chemicals at 
Chemical manufacturers) needs to be taken to a weapons manufacturer. The 
finished product may then be transported and sold to a weapons reseller, such 
as Psycho Bobs, before being equipped by pilots and used in combat. The 
production recipes may use differing proportions of materials. Businesses 
often make a variety of products using similar materials: Sometimes in order 
for them to produce rarer items you will need to first get them to produce a 
full stock of more mundane items. Most businesses have restrictions on how 
much stock they can hold or any one item (rarely more than 35, but often less 
than 5), and also have limited cash: Don't be surprised when previously 
profitable trade routes dry up temporarily due to over-supply. Note that 
faction (Lazarus/Klamp-G) facilities will normally not trade with you. A full 
list of Non-Moth Production Requirements and Locations is in the appendices.


3.4.3 How do I get rare moths (Deaths Head, Police, Swallow)?

Swallows are only available in U2.01 and later. In U2.0x games you can freely 
hop into a Swallows parked at Highrise Construction, Riverside Construction, 
Waterfront Booze or Alpha Construction. To produce the rare moths you need to 
supply Downtown Moths with: about 2-8 Sheet Metal, 3-9 Plastics, 4-9 
MachParts, 2-3 Ore, 1 Laser and 1 Cell. Supply Cell #1 for Swallows, Cell #3 
for Deaths Head and Police. Since Downtown Moths will only produce three or 
four moths at a time, you will probably need to purchase one or more other 
moths before the desired moth appears. Buying whatever moth is in bay #3 may 
help. Deaths Head moths will generally appear before Police. Unless you are 
lucky, you will need a hangar to store spare moths. You can always remove and 
trade the laser on the spare moth, and trade-in some of your spare moths for 
the rare moth when it appears for sale. Bargain moths will produce Swallows, 
and because it produces fewer other moths, it will tend to produce Swallows 
quicker than Downtown Moths. For precise requirements see appendix Moth 
Production Requirements Table.


3.4.4 How do I get a fusion cell?

The 'Gang Boy' mission part of the plot will provide you with a fusion cell. 
In U2.0x games the free swallows (see How do I get rare moths? above) all come 
fitted with fusion cells, which can be removed by fitting a different cell 
type. Fusion cells can be manufactured by supplying fusion parts to component 
shops - ensure that the component shops are also supplied with Chemicals, 
Water, and Plastics. Fusion parts can be pirated from gang transports, taken 
from pirates that have done this, or occasionally purchased at Trading Post. 
Fusion parts will not appear until after Port crater is closed, specifically 
not until you get an email entitled "nuclear ships out". Fusion cells are well 
worth producing early in the game.


3.4.5 How do I get rare missiles (Tac Nuke, Big Bob)?

A Tac Nuke is first fitted to your moth by Psycho Bob to destroy one of the 
faction secret bases, as part of a plot mission to retrieve Origin Unknown. 
Use one Tac Nuke to destroy one of the bases, but do not retrieve the Origin 
Unknown. Return to Bob's and he will fit another Tac Nuke to your moth. 
Alternatively straight after your first moth has been fitted with a Tac Nuke, 
fly it to your hangar, swap to a second moth and return to Bob's to get 
another Tac Nuke. Repeat for a third or fourth moth if you wish. A Tac Nuke 
will also be fitted to your moth during the Port blockage clearance mission. A 
Big Bob missile is fitted to your moth in the following mission. Tac Nukes and 
Big Bobs can be made by supplying Dr Jobes, Special Arms Co or Downtown 
Munitions with fusion parts. The missiles have little or no use outside of the 
plot. Note that Police and Swallows cannot mount rare missiles.


3.4.6 How do I get a Death Ray?

The Death Ray is a cannon that slowly fires deadly white balls of energy, 
thought to be fitted to the inside of airlocks, to vaporise trapped ships that 
don't leave quick enough. It can only be accessed as weapons by hacking the 



3.5 Transport

3.5.1 Can I run my own taxi firm?

A game reviewer seems to have started this rumour. A Gremlin representative 
suggested that you could use a Moon Moth to carry passengers on 
You can own a taxi (Moon Moth), but you cannot transport passengers or run a 
taxi firm in the offline game. You can transport other player characters using 
a moon moth in an online game.


3.5.2 Can I ride the monorail?

Only with U2.02 or later. Fly to a monorail station hangar, leave your moth 
and walk to the monorail platform. You can press N to see where the monorail 
cars are. Routes are: 
- Downtown Central Monorail - Highrise Monorail Depot and return: One service 
every 3 hours 40 minutes. 
- Downtown Central Monorail - Downtown Vacant 0030 - Alpha Depot - Mines 
Lazarus Mine and return: One service every 8 hours 45 minutes. 
- Downtown Central Monorail - Custom Block/Research Facility - Port Abandoned 
Terminal (in some patches it does not stop here) - Mines Trading Post and 
return: One service every 5 hours 45 minutes. Plot events will alter how this 
service runs. 
- Downtown Central Monorail - Gamma Monorail Depot - Mines Klamp-G Mine and 
return: One service every 7 hours 55 minutes. 
- Riverside Monorail - Reservoir Jupiter Four and return: One service every 3 
hours 10 minutes.





This section offers a simple overview of the plot, and addresses specific 
problems. For a basic semi-official walkthrough, see Phil Eckford's (one of 
Hardwar's testers) walkthrough, 
. If you are looking for a detailed walkthrough with tips and forward planning 
suggestions, I recommend Zedo's, . Note 
that the plot is only available in the single player game, or to the game's 
host in a network game. Plot critical emails are marked with asterisks either 
side of the subject. Most events within the plot will only start once the 
player decides to start them. There is no need to complete the plot, indeed 
you can play forever without plot related changes by ignoring the Port Decoy. 
The plot can be completed in 21 days, but don't worry if it takes a lot 
longer. Use spare time between missions to develop your character (cash, 
moths, hangars, etc), because completing the plot using a starter moth will be 
very hard. If you are playing a version of the game without the video, you may 
have problems understanding what is happening, because key instructions are 
only given via video sequences - refer to Arago Fett's Plot Video Transcripts 
in the appendices.



4.1 Crash

4.1.1 Overview:

- TIMING: After your first significant action is complete (normally making a 
sale or killing another pilot). 
- EMAIL: "Cover up?", from Hardwarp FM. 
- REWARD: None. 
- LOCATION: Above Lightwell 3, Downtown. 
- EVENT: Alien ship appears in the sky, temporarily disabling your ship once 
you get close, before exploding. 



4.2 Port Decoy

4.2.1 Overview:

- TIMING: Day after previous sighting and crash. 
- EMAIL: "Decoy Required", from Klamp-G HQ. "Good Work" on completion. 
- REWARD: $5000 on completion. 
- REQUIREMENTS: Any weapon fitted - the starting Laser is adequate. Target 3 
software upgrade and any cell upgrade will help. 
- LOCATION: Port. 
- EVENT: Fly to Port crater via Mines, shoot at the Mass Driver Part (on the 
north side of the crater, near the Mass Driver, close to Laz Repair moth), and 
when the sky darkens escape via Mines. The mission finishes when a Klamp-G 
moth (which you were providing the decoy for) reaches their HQ in Riverside. 
- POLITICS: Makes you an enemy of Lazarus.


4.2.2 How do I target the Mass Driver Part?

Target the Mass Driver initially by selecting Target Subject from the email. 
When you are close look for a moth marked "Laz Repair" - the mass driver part 
will be on the ground below. Fire at the part close up and you won't need it 
targeted to hit. If you wish to target the part you need to have installed 
target level 3 software beforehand, which allows objects on the surface to be 


4.2.3 What are the garbled messages about?

Around this time you will start to receive email messages from the Abandoned 
Terminal, none of which can be read. Save them for now, Xavier Lazarus will 
translate them for you much later.



4.3 Mystery Package

4.3.1 Overview:

- TIMING: About 8 days after Port Decoy mission. 
- EMAIL: "Important Mission" from Unidentified. Also "Concerned" about a day 
- REWARD: Cloaking Device installed on your moth. 
- REQUIREMENTS: Pod and Drone fitted. The moth you are flying during this 
mission will be fitted with a cloaking device, so consider using a moth that 
will benefit from this addition. 
- LOCATION: Rock formation near Lightwell, Mines. 
- EVENT: Recover package from top of rock formation near the Lightwell in 


4.3.2 What does the Cloaking Device do?

When flying below 100 feet, your ship will be masked on radar. This is 
indicated by a blinking red margin of your radar HUD.


4.3.3 Can I remove the Cloaking Device?

No. You must be flying the moth you want to fit the device to during this 
mission. Consider delaying this mission until you have upgraded to your 
preferred moth.


4.3.4 How can I tell I have the Cloaking Device?

Fly below 100 feet, and watch to see if your radar HUD flickers. There will 
not be any other indication on your ship.



4.4 Secret Bases

4.4.1 Overview:

- TIMING: Immediately after recovering Mystery Package. 
- EMAIL: "Congratulations" from Unidentified. 
- REWARD: None. 
- REQUIREMENTS: None, but amnesty with both factions will avoid constantly 
being attacked whilst searching. 
- LOCATIONS: Psycho Bobs 1, Downtown; Lazarus Secret Base, Reservoir, rear of 
island with Lightwell on it, western side of crater; Klamp-G Secret Base, 
Riverside, towards western side of crater. 
- EVENT: Fly to Psycho Bobs 1, then fly to each of the secret bases, target 
them and lock their targets. 


4.4.2 What do the secret bases look like?

The Lazarus base is set into a cave in a large rock formation, close to water 
level. It has a large red Lazarus logo on the door. The Klamp-G base is 
probably harder to spot because although out in the open, at first glance it 
looks like a set of storage containers. The secret is to look for a series of 
large containers running east to west, with a slightly larger structure at the 
western end. The larger structure is the base.



4.5 Procure Trigger and Matter

4.5.1 Overview:

- TIMING: Immediately after targeting secret bases. Note that you can collect 
Trigger and Matter beforehand - it will start appearing a few days after the 
Decoy mission (you may see an email "Nuclear Ships Out" from Hardwarp FM). 
- EMAIL: "Good Job" from Psycho Bobs 1. 
- REWARD: None, although excess Trigger and Matter you may sell, and Fusion 
Parts you can use to get a fusion cell produced - see How do I get a fusion 
cell? above. 
- REQUIREMENTS: Pod fitted. Other equipment (pirating or scavenging) depending 
on method. 
- LOCATIONS: Deliver to Psycho Bobs 1, Downtown. Trigger and Matter locations 
vary by method, but most likely to be found on routes between the gang bases 
(Gamma and Alpha) and the Downtown tunnel to Port. 
- EVENT: Return to Psycho Bobs 1. Then find and deliver one unit of Trigger 
and one unit of Matter to Psycho Bobs 1. These materials are being traded by 
the gangs (Scrubber and Skinner) for BodyParts, using the Customs Block 
between Downtown and Port. Recover the cargo by pirating these transports. 
Alternatively wait for others to pirate them and then either scavenge, pirate 
the pirate, or buy the booty from trading posts pirates/scavengers sell too. 
- POLITICS: Depends on method. Attacking gang transports directly will make 
you their enemies (pre-U1.0 it will also make you the enemy of their aligned 
faction - Scrubber to Lazarus, Skinners to Klamp-G).


4.5.2 Why do the gang transports only ever carry one thing?

If you kill a transport, the next transport that gang sends out will buy the 
same (missing) item. Continuous killing of transports may therefore net you a 
lot of one of the three cargoes, and none of the other two. When you see a 
transport loaded with something you don't need, let it go. Consider protecting 
it from other pirates if you are having real problems here. When the moth 
comes back for another cargo, it should buy a different item.



4.6 Base Attack

4.6.1 Overview:

- TIMING: About 2 days after delivering Trigger and Matter. 
- EMAIL: "New Instructions" from Psycho Bobs 1. "Come on Home" once first unit 
of Origin Unknown recovered. 
- REWARD: Drone upgraded to Super Drone at start of mission (even if it does 
not say that). $99,999 per surplus unit of Unknown Origin (see below). 
- REQUIREMENTS: Not flying a Police or Swallow moth (you need to be able to 
fire rare missiles, and these moths cannot fit them). Pod and regular Drone 
- LOCATIONS: Psycho Bobs 1, Downtown -> Lazarus Secret Base, Reservoir or 
Klamp-G Secret Base, Riverside. 
- EVENT: Attack either one of the secret bases by firing a Tac-Nuke at it, 
which Bob will provide. Entering the Lazarus base is fairly straightforward; 
entering the Klamp-G base requires you to fly down through the hole into a 
cave, which can be tricky - try flying a corkscrew pattern. Steal at least one 
unit of Unknown Origin using the Super Drone, and deliver it to Psycho Bobs 1. 
- POLITICS: Makes you an enemy with the owner of whichever base you attack.


4.6.2 Can I attack both bases?

Yes, if you are a little underhand. If you return to Psycho Bobs 1 without 
completing the mission, and without a Tac-Nuke, Bob will fit another one. So, 
by attacking one base and not recovering anything initially, or by swapping 
moths half way through the mission, and then returning to Bob's, you can get 
enough Tac-Nukes to enter both bases. Attacking both is clearly harder, but 
will give you additional Origin Unknown.


4.6.3 How do I sell surplus Origin Unknown?

All the Origin Unknown you return to Psycho Bobs 1 with will be taken from 
you. However, you only need 1 unit to complete the mission. Since Origin 
Unknown sells for $99,999 in most versions, it is worth trying to sell any 
excess before completing the mission. In the first instance try to sell to 
trading posts. Not all will have enough money to buy, and none are likely to 
buy more than one unit. Buying a few high price items from a trading post will 
give them enough cash to buy the Origin Unknown from you. If you can't sell 
all the excess, or don't want to waste time now trading, don't unload it into 
your hangar because you won't be able to reload it. Instead jettison it and 
pick it up later. You are the only pilot with a Super Drone, so it should 
remain where you left it.



4.7 Gang Boy (Optional)

4.7.1 Overview:

- TIMING: Two or three days after the base attack. The events must take place 
at the time stated in the email, which you will receive about 36 hours before 
the mission starts. Unlike other missions, you cannot delay this, but you can 
alternatively ignore it completely. 
- EMAIL: "Help", for Gang Boy. "Safe" on arrival at destination, followed by 
various other bits of news. 
- REWARD: Fusion Cell on completion, replacing your existing cell. 
- REQUIREMENTS: None, although amnesty with both factions will make the 
mission easy. 
- LOCATIONS: Normally Scrubbers HQ, Highrise -> Reservoir -> Klamp-G HQ, 
Riverside. However, pay attention because Gang Boy has been noted (by Zedo) to 
start at Skinners HQ, Gamma, and travel to Lazarus HQ, Alpha. 
- EVENT: Wait outside the starting HQ until the appropriate time (22:00), then 
escort Gang Boy's Silver-Y. Once you both reach the destination HQ you will be 
fitted with a Fusion Cell, which will replace whatever cell you had before, so 
make sure you have a cheap cell fitted when you dock at the HQ ;-) . Gang Boy 
won't be attacked, making this a very easy mission if you have amnesty with 
both factions. 
- POLITICS: None related to you.



4.8 More Trigger or Matter

4.8.1 Overview:

- TIMING: Two or three days after Gang Boy. 
- EMAIL: "New Developments", from Psycho Bobs 1. "Reminder" after talking to 
- REWARD: None. 
- REQUIREMENTS: Pod and Drone. Also note the requirement for the next mission 
(Port Clearance with Tac-Nuke), which this leads directly into. 
- LOCATION: Psycho Bobs 1, Downtown. 
- EVENT: Recover a unit of Trigger or Matter. See Procure Trigger and Matter 
above for method. As you recover the first unit, you will receive some bad 
news about Bob. Return to Psycho Bobs 1. 
- POLITICS: Depends on method.


4.8.2 Can I use Trigger or Matter I have already?

Yes. Indeed this is the safest way to complete the mission. Load up one unit, 
jettison it, and then immediately salvage it again. If scavengers cause a 
problem, jettison the cargo in a tunnel - AI pilots won't salvage things 
dropped in tunnels.



4.9 Port Clearance with Tac-Nuke

4.9.1 Overview:

- TIMING: Immediately after recovering a unit of Trigger or Matter, above. 
- EMAIL: "Bad News", from Psycho Bobs 1. "Urgent" following mission failure. 
- REWARD: None. 
- REQUIREMENTS: Not flying a Police or Swallow moth (you need to be able to 
fire rare missiles, and these moths cannot fit them). Note that you do not 
need the Trigger or Matter in your hold from the previous mission, but it will 
make you an attractive target for pirates and slow you down in the meantime. 
- LOCATIONS: Psycho Bobs 1, Downtown -> Mines to Port tunnel. 
- EVENT: Bob's assistant will fit a Tac-Nuke, fly to the blockage in the Mines 
to Port tunnel, target the blockage, and fire the nuke. The blockage remains, 
and you will get a message to return to Psycho Bobs 1. Arrival completes the 
(failed) mission. 
- POLITICS: Apparently none.



4.10 Port Clearance with Big Bob

Before starting the final series of missions, consider making a backup of your 
saved game (copy the .sav file outside of the game). If you complete the plot 
the game will end, however you may wish to continue playing as an open-ended 
game. Reverting back to this position will give you that option - all you need 
do is ignore Psycho Bob. It can be hard to break out of the plot much after 
this point, and you should expect to play these final missions as a series of 
mad dashes.


4.10.1 Overview:

- TIMING: A day after Port Clearance with Tac-Nuke. 
- EMAIL: "New Toy", from Psycho Bobs 1. During the mission, "Investigate" 
after the clearance, and "Close Call" after the alien rescue. 
- REWARD: None. 
- REQUIREMENTS: Not flying a Police or Swallow moth (you need to be able to 
fire rare missiles, and these moths cannot fit them). Consider removing 
surplus equipment that will slow you down, such as pods. 
- LOCATIONS: Psycho Bobs 1, Downtown -> Port, near to Abandoned Terminal (in 
the middle of Port crater). 
- EVENT: Repeat initial events in Port Clearance with Tac-Nuke, but with a Big 
Bob missile, which will clear the blockage. Head towards the Abandoned 
Terminal, and look what has landed on it. The sky will darken again, and you 
will loss shields and HUD display. Don't panic, the aliens will pick you up 
and drop you in the center of Mines crater. 
- POLITICS: Makes you an enemy of Lazarus.



4.11 Psycho Bobs Closure

4.11.1 Overview:

- TIMING: Immediately after the aliens rescue you from Port. 
- EMAIL: "Close Call" from Psycho Bobs 1. "Hangar Closed" from Lazarus HQ when 
trying to enter Psycho Bobs 2. 
- REWARD: None. 
- LOCATIONS: Psycho Bobs 1, Downtown -> Psycho Bobs 2, Downtown -> Prison 
Oubliette, Mines. 
- EVENT: Return to Psycho Bobs 1, then head to Psycho Bobs 2 to find Syd. 
Psycho Bobs 2 is now closed and the occupants have been arrested. Head towards 
the prison complex in the mines. 
- POLITICS: None new.



4.12 Rescue Syd and meet Xavier Lazarus

4.12.1 Overview:

- TIMING: An hour after trying to visit Psycho Bobs 2. 
- EMAIL: "Rescue Prisoner?" from Psycho Bobs 1. 
- REWARD: Syd and possibly some BodyParts. 
- LOCATIONS: Prison Oubliette, Mines -> Lazarus Hightower, Downtown (southern 
side of crater, high up). 
- EVENT: Enter Prison Oubliette and speak to Syd. Now head for Lazarus 
Hightower. Talk to Xavier Lazarus, who will reveal a few things of interest, 
including translating the garbled messages from the Abandoned Terminal. Now 
head to Syd's Workshop to pick up a special moth. 


4.12.2 Why do I have a cargo of BodyParts when I leave the Prison?

This only happens if you have a pod fitted. They might be regarded as part of 
the story - you may have noticed the weird meat (bodyparts) related humor, and 
perhaps this is the last laugh. Krool comments: "I reckon that the body parts 
are probably what's left of either Bob, or Syd." Well, I didn't like to say 
it... You can, and probably should, jettison them once you launch, because 
they will slow you down and attract pirates.


4.12.3 How do I get into Lazarus Hightower?
The hangar is very close to stall level. While all moths can get there 
eventually, some, such as poorly equipped Silver-Ys, may struggle. But then, 
what are you still doing in a Silver-Y after 20 or more days of play ;-) ? Try 
climbing at a very gentle gradient when close to stall level, and when you get 
a stall warning nose down slightly, stop, and wait a moment. The important 
point is not to actually stall while getting close to the hangar. Take the 
whole operation very slowly, climbing in several little steps. Using this 
method you can get a Cell #1 Silver-Y to an altitude of 2419 feet without 
stalling. You can open the doors to the hangar at this height, but you can't 
casually fly in. The trick is to get the doors open, then very rapidly fly 
into the hangar, ensuring the stall occurs once your moth is inside the 
hangar. Attempting to dock with a Cell #1 Silver-Y is very tricky, so some 
level of upgrade is recommended. There is a myth that you need a Fusion Cell 
or a certain type of moth for this, which is not true.



4.13 Final Run

4.13.1 Overview:

- TIMING: Immediately after leaving Lazarus Hightower. 
- EMAIL: None. 
- REWARD: Escaping Titan ("The End", for now at least). 
- REQUIREMENTS: None. You will given a special Moon Moth for the final run. 
- LOCATIONS: Syd's Workshop, Downtown (south east side of crater, near Central 
Monorail) -> Abandoned Terminal, Port. 
- EVENT: Head to Syd's Workshop and board the Moon Moth. Now run to the 
Abandoned Terminal without being killed. Congratulations. You won. For added 
amusement, before you dock at the Abandoned Terminal, stop and watch what 
happens to all those moths in pursuit. 
- POLITICS: Every other pilot regards you as an enemy during this sequence; 
even the Cabs want to rip you.


4.13.2 I keep on dying before I reach Port. Any hints?

Don't waste time leaving Syd's Workshop. Keep at full throttle throughout. 
Don't stop to engage your attackers - you don't have any guns anyway. Travel 
via Gamma, since the route is shorter and you can skirt round the edge of 
Gamma crater to avoid most of your attackers.


4.14.3 Can I use the Monorail to complete the final run?

No. At least not in U2.04. You take the monorail to the Abandoned Terminal, 
but nothing then happens.





5.1 What is God Hangar?

God Hangar works in both online and offline games. God Hangar creates a 
virtual hangar which you can jump into. Once there you can 'blag' unlimited 
cash, fit certain equipment to your moth, jump to a different location, change 
your position in the plot and change the speed of the game. God Hangar can be 
assigned to a joystick button on the controls tab of the launcher. Hitting the 
button in game takes you to the hangar. If you have enabled test/cheat 
functions in hardluck.exe (see What is HardLuck.exe and how do I use it? 
below), you can enable cheat keys in the Misc tab, and then press G at any 
time to enter God Hangar. You can also use the same utility to access the 
debug keys.


5.2 What are the startup cheat codes?

In multiplayer online games type Castleford, Fangfoss, Skipton, Scunthorpe, or 
Sheffield as the pilot name to start with different types of Moth. In offline 
games select trader, then type bond001, bond003, bond004, bond005, or bond006 
as the pilot name to start with a different type of Moth. For a fully equipped 
Hawk type zmax. Most of these cheats have been removed in U3.


5.3 Are there any other hidden features or Easter Eggs?

Yes. You expect me to reveal them all now? ;-) Try naming a pilot 'gandalf' 
and you will be asked to type a name that is not inherently sad (David Hedbor 
writes: "This came about after Ian Martin had been playing Quake 2 on the web, 
and joined a game full of Lord of the Rings fans. When he used a distinctly 
un-tolkien like greeting, Bilbo, Gandalf and the rest asked him rather un-
politely to leave. So that is Ian's revenge."). Holding the left hand crtl key 
down while the game is loading changes 'initialising world' to 'testing 
patience'. The last ten music tracks on the CD are shared with the game 
Loaded, except the last music track on disc 2, which on certain European 
versions has three Gremlin employees singing along (from sol, who was 
singing). Many of the AI pilots are named after characters from the film 
"Hackers". One of the assassins introduced in U2.02 (Nelson Column) relates to 
the military strategist Horatio Nelson - Nelson's Column is a statue in 
London, England. The other, Clifton Bridge, is a little more obscure: 'He' 
probably relates to a bridge of the same name over the River Avon near Bristol 
(England), which has a reputation as a suicide spot...





For things specifically related to U3, see Upgrade 3 section.



6.1 Gameplay

6.1.1 How do I play online (client)?

Ensure you are using the most recent patch. The online game plays badly with 
versions before U2.02. You'll also need to have your client running the same 
version as the server - the server will probably be running the latest patch. 
Find an existing game - you will need an IP address for the server running the 
game. Try looking on to find 
games. You can also install Hardnet, which allows lobby chat and organising 
games (download currently unavailable). From the Hardwar launcher, select 
Launch - Connect to a network game (client) - TCP/IP option for Internet play 
- enter the IP of the server you want to connect to - select one of the games 
running on the server (there will probably only be one). Hardwar will now 
load. Enter a pilot name (you may need to type slowly) and click Play. If you 
are connecting across a firewall, see How do I play online across a firewall? 
below. For general online troubleshooting see Why can't I connect to an online 
game? below.


6.1.2 Does the online game have a plot?

Only the host's pilot can take a direct part in the plot in a network game. 
However certain key events, such as the Port blockage and gang trading of body 
parts will affect all pilots. These will affect the availability of items such 
as fusion cells.


6.1.3 Is there an online etiquette? Can I kill other players?

This varies from game to game. Often the host will announce certain rules, 
such as limited use of God Hangar, or no devastators. In short term or death 
match games player vs player combat is common. Players commonly use God Hangar 
to equip their moths. In long term games player vs player combat normally only 
occurs between consenting players. Killing newbies (players with no hangars, 
low financial reserves, and/or few registered kills) is unacceptable. Killing 
computer controlled taxis is unacceptable, because Killing too many taxis will 
result in a general slow-down of the economy, eventually forcing a new game to 
be started. Before logging off, park your moth in an infrequently used hangar 
with many spare bays. Logging on as another player's character is 
unacceptable, except perhaps to move a moth which is occupying a bay in an 
important hangar.


6.1.4 Why can't I buy any engines or pods when playing online?

Engines, pods, and some other items of equipment such as afterburners, are 
manufactured by Moth factories. They are only sold to the public by trading 
posts, which don't manufacture them. In long term popular online games it is 
common for these items to eventually run out. God Hangar may be used to 
restock the main game arena, although some items of equipment can never be 
restocked. Engine and pod shortages should be fixed by the introduction of 
Shears Yard in Upgrade 3.


6.1.5 Why am I not added to the Police's wanted list when I kill innocent 
pilots in an online game?

The feature has been suspended in U2.0x games, possibly to avoid a video being 
played when you pay a fine - the video might crash an online game.


6.1.6 I disconnected and now my character is dead. What should I do?

Start a new character. When you disconnect your ship keeps on doing whatever 
it was doing before. If you were in flight or in combat (and you probably 
were), it is likely that by the time you re-connect, your moth would have 
crashed and been destroyed. You need to adopt special tactics for long term 
online play. Your priority should be to buy a hangar, and then buy and install 
a clone, available from the clone farm. When you die, for whatever reason, 
your character is cloned. You lose your moth, cargo, and one clone. It is 
advisable to store spare moths and/or a large cash float to deal with online 



6.2 Technical Issues

6.2.1 Why can't I connect to an online game?

If you enter an IP address and no games appear, or the game crashes on startup 
try: (1) checking with the host that the game hasn't crashed or been taken 
down, (2) checking that you and/or your host have configured firewalls and 
routers to allow online play (see How do I play online across a firewall? 
below), (3) pinging the host's IP address to check that the connection is 
reliable (UO Trace is useful for this - ), (4) running dxdiag (usually 
Drive:\Program Files\directx\setup\DxDiag) and checking the network tab for 
errors, or (5) starting a standard offline game to see if the same problems 
occurs offline.


6.2.2 How do I play online across a firewall? What TCP and UDP port do I need 
to open?

See the following Microsoft knowledge base article 'DirectX: Ports Required to 
Play on a Network, Q240429':;EN-US;q240429 . U2.0x uses 
DirectX 7 settings. The first Hardwar client normally uses TCP port 2300 and 
UDP port 2350, both incremented by 1 per subsequent client.


6.2.3 In an online game, when I buy and sell, the server crashes. What am I 
doing wrong?

You are probably clicking the buy/sell buttons too quickly. This can result in 
your moth becoming overstocked. When you sell the overstock the game seems to 
suffer a logic flaw and crashes the host game.


6.2.4 The frame rate in online games seems very low. Online games seem to lag 
a lot. There are some small graphic corruptions. Is that normal?

In U2.02 and later, the frame rate in online games is clamped to 10 frames per 
second (compared to 27 frames per second in offline games). Online games also 
suffer lag. Lag is particularly bad when using 56K modems. Lag gets worse the 
more players are online. Other small graphics corruptions occur in online 
games, for example hangar names are blank and hangar doors are shown as part 
open unless you are close to them.


6.2.5 When launching a dedicated server session I get an error message saying 
that the VFX COM class is not registered. What should I do?

This appears to be due to a bug in the installer, which turns force feedback 
on, even if you have no joystick. Change the controller to mouse in the 
standard game launcher. That will clear the greyed-out force feedback 
checkmark, which can not otherwise be changed. Then change the controller 
option back to keyboard, close the Hardwar launcher and then start the 
dedicated server.



6.3 Hosting

6.3.1 What are the technical requirements for hosting an online game?

The basic computer specification is similar to that for the standard game (see 
What are the minimum system requirements to run the game? above). The memory, 
sound and video requirements for a dedicated network server are lower (see 
What is the difference between a dedicated network server and a network game? 
below). Although a network game can be hosted using a 56K modem, the game is 
almost unplayable because of lag. Any broadband connection (256kbit/s or 
better) should be able to host a game effectively. Faster connections and 
higher specification computers seem to be able to handle games for more 
players before experiencing game slowdowns. Precise conditions for optimum 
performance are not known.


6.3.2 What is the difference between a dedicated network server and a network 

A network game is one that requires the host to keep a full version of Hardwar 
running throughout. The game is started or loaded as 'network game (server)'. 
To save the game the host saves their game as if playing offline. U2.02 or 
later allows a dedicated network server to be run. This runs Hardwar in a 
console window, auto-saving every 10 minutes. This mode does not render the 
game world, and only requires 4-5Mb of memory. There is no game specific 
requirement for video or sound. If the host wishes to join their own dedicated 
network server, and they have a powerful machine, they can use HardLuck (see 
What is HardLuck.exe and how do I use it? below) to allow multiple instances 
to be enabled in the Misc tab.


6.3.3 What should I tell people connecting to my game?

The only thing they absolutely need to know is your IP address (see How do I 
tell what my IP address is? below). It is useful to state your approximate 
location in the world because servers on different continents normally have 
longer ping times, which may affect play. You should state the type of game 
you are running (for example, short term death match, long term, experimental) 
since this will affect who joins and how they play. Also announce any special 
rules or conditions, such as the use god hangar, or whether the plot is 
running. Other setup conditions such as moth hopping or blood money are less 
important, since they are regulated by the game's code and are fairly obvious 
to players.


6.3.4 I am hosting an online game, but I need to know my IP address to allow 
other people to play. How do I tell what my IP address is?

In Windows 9x run winipcfg.exe from the command prompt. In Windows 2000/XP run 
ipconfig.exe from the command prompt. Alternatively, if you are behind a 
firewall or using a router, try or . Remember that your IP address may change each 
time you connect to your ISP.


6.3.5 How do I stop people using God Hangar to cheat in my online game?

The traditional method was to ask them not to. The alternative method is to 
download Solidox's Hardwar Hangar Editor (see Are there any editors or 
Software Development Kits for Hardwar? below) and use it to edit a savegame 
file so that God Hangar menus are disabled. Then load that save game as your 
online game.


6.3.6 Nobody joined my game. Am I wasting my time?

Probably not. Even popular games can be empty for hours at a time. Host as 
often as possible, and as long as possible. If your server is available often 
and the connection is good, your game will become more popular. You'll rarely 
get more than about five players at a time because the game isn't that 





For things specifically related to U3, see Upgrade 3 section.



7.1 Installation and Patching

7.1.1. When installing the game on Windows 2000 or XP I get a message "not 
enough free space on target drive" - how do I install?

This problem often occurs where the free space on the installation drive is 
more than a few GB. Mun and PlaguedMind have written a utility that skips the 
free space check when installing F2.0 or F2.1: . The best manual solution for W2K 
is to temporarily fill the disk until there is less than 2GB free space - copy 
some large files a few times and/or change the swap disk/page file size. 
Remember to reset the changes after you have installed. Alternatively 
partition your disk to make a smaller disk onto which to install Hardwar. In 
XP locate setup.exe on the CDROM drive, select properties (right click), and 
then turn on 'Compatibility mode for Win98'. Now run setup.exe. Compatibility 
mode can also be enabled in W2K - see;en-us;279792 (thanks 
Seamonkey). Alternatively copy the contents of disk 1 to the hard drive and 
double click on the hardman icon, then the install button (from sniper). W2K 
method should also work with XP.


7.1.2 I have just patched the game and now I cannot reload a save. What is 

U1.0 and later, and U2.02 and later will not load save games created using an 
earlier game version.


7.1.3 On startup I get an error message saying that the VFX COM class is not 
registered. What should I do?

This appears to be due to a bug in the installer, which turns force feedback 
on, even if you have no joystick. Change the controller to mouse in the 
standard game launcher. That will clear the greyed-out force feedback 
checkmark, which can not otherwise be changed. Anti_trend adds: "If you're 
running a non-CD version of Hardwar, in the Audio tab of the setup screen 
'Music (CD Audio)' is checked by default. Uncheck it, and you should be able 
to play."


7.1.4 Why does the game crash when I enter Hardwarp FM? What about "FixVhID: 
Error!" during play?

You are probably using a patched demo of the game that is missing some of the 
resource files from the full game. Download and install missingres.exe from .



7.2 Video

7.2.1 How do I stop the game crashing when moving the mouse?

This issue affects Windows XP, and may occur when using the navigation screen. 
Upgrade to at least U2.04. Turn off the software mouse pointer, by un-ticking 
"Use software mouse pointer" on the Display tab of the Hardwar launcher.


7.2.2 Is OpenGL video mode supported?



7.2.3 How do I stop the game crashing with my video card, particularly on 3DFX 
and Voodoo Banshee cards?

Download the latest game patch. You need at least patch U2.01 to solve all 
problems. Prior to U1.0 you could solve some of the problems by enabling 
HardLuck (see What is HardLuck.exe and how do I use it? below) and running the 
game in windowed mode. Some modern video card drivers are buggy, and may cause 
the game not to work correctly with the latest game patch/driver/DirectX 
version combination. These problems can normally be resolved by experimenting 
with different video card driver versions, or using the software render mode.


7.2.4 How do I stop the screen jittering in flight, particularly when using a 
Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro joystick?

For MS Sidewinder Precision Pro joystick, try turning off 'use rudder for 
pilots head' on the launcher controls tab, or try downloading and installing 
Shrekken's setup file:
zip . Poorly calibrated joysticks can also result in jittering. You cannot set 
the deadzone within the game. There may not be a solution other than to try a 
different controller.


7.2.5 Why does the game crash with "ResOpen - could not find Internal resource 
data - the resource has been freed" when trying to play video in the patched 

Try upgrading Direct X to version 6 or later. You may also need more recent 
sound and video drivers. If that does not work, try renaming or moving 
media.txt which should result in no video being played.


7.2.6 I don't have a version that includes the video. Why can't I finish the 

You can complete the plot without the video, however at some critical plot 
moments the screen will momentarily go black, and you won't see the plot 
related instructions contained in the video that should have played. Consider 
referring to a walkthrough and/or Arago Fett's Plot Video Transcripts in the 


7.2.7 How do I take a screenshot?

Pressing CTRL + K will save the screenshot into the main hardwar directory as 
grab0000 (from Husky).



7.3 Sound

7.3.1 The sound inside hangars is getting on my nerves. Can I remove it?

Yes. Download hangloop.wav and copy it into the main Hardwar directory. You 
can get the file here: .


7.3.2 Why does the music stop playing after I dock for the first time?

This has been reported due to a combination of factors: U2.04 or higher, 
Windows XP, and having more than one CD-ROM installed on the machine (commonly 
including a CD-burner). The Kurgan writes: "The two 'workarounds' so far are 
to have an MP3 player playing your own favourites, or use the Windows audio CD 
player to play the Hardwar music. Start the CD player before you start the 



7.4 Gameplay 'Bugs'

7.4.1 My taxi driver is drunk and/or won't get me to my destination. What 
should I do?

Sue them for breach of contract ;-) . In U2.04 this often occurs when taking a 
taxi to monorail stations, particularly Vacant 0030. The solution is to revert 
to an older saved game, or use God Hangar if possible.


7.4.2 Why does the game crash with "no more police enforcers can be 

You have killed too many police enforcers - at least 80, although the precise 
number seems to vary. You could reload and see What is an enforcer and how do 
I get rid of one? above; or just enjoy the 'glory' of having destroyed the 






8.1 Setup

8.1.1 Can I run Hardwar without a CDROM?

Maybe, if you are confident about editing the registry - if not, don't do it; 
I won't be held responsible for system re-installs caused by reading this 
paragraph. This technique does not work for everyone. Install the game as 
normal. Download and copy HardLuck.exe into the Hardwar directory (see What is 
HardLuck.exe and how do I use it? below). Run HardLuck and tick cheat/test 
functions enabled. In the registry, find 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Refinery\\hardman\\Config and modify the path of 
all keys pointing to the CDROM drive to point to the installed directory 
instead (probably just the GDVPath set). Now you have two options: (1) run 
without the video by deleting or renaming media.txt, or (2) run with video by 
copying all the video *.GDV files into the install directory. You will not be 
able to copy the music. Note that U3 allows all video to be skipped (see 
launcher Misc tab). 

Alternative suggestions from krool: "Install Demo, and update to 2.04. Copy in 
missing textures. OR: Install full version from Disc 1 as normal. Copy all GDV 
files from Disc 1 into Hardwar folder (if install was from full version, 
they'll already be there). Copy Media.txt file into game folder. Create new 
folder (eg "GDV") in game folder, and copy all GDV files from Disc 2 into this 
folder. Install HardLuck (I'm not sure this part is necessary, but it can't 
hurt.) Fire up Regedit, and open up the key: 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Refinery\hardman\Config - change the entry 
"GDVPath2" to read the disc2 folder, for example, from c:\games\hardwar to 
c:\games\hardwar\gdv ."


8.1.2 Can I change the music?

To play audio CDs, follow the steps in Can I run Hardwar without a CDROM? 
above, so that the game no longer requires any files on the CDROM drive. 
Insert any audio CD into CDROM. The game will now play random tracks from your 
chosen CD when you leave hangars. Other audio players can be run in the 
background by turning music (CD audio) off on the audio tab.



8.2 Skins

8.2.1 How do I skin a moth?

You must be using U2.02 or later. On the Moths tab, select user moth skins, 
and then select the bitmap you wish to use to skin each moth type.


8.2.2 Why are my custom moth skins are not working?

Custom moth skins only work offline (custom skins are not visible to other 
online players). They do not work when using software rendering. Ensure that 
you are using a 24-bit bmp - not a jpeg. You can test moth skins by using 
'Hardwar Moth Viewer.exe' ( Moth ) - select the required skins in the launcher, exit the launcher, 
and open the viewer.


8.2.3 How do I change the look of craters?

Re-skinning the game world (craters and buildings) involves replacing certain 
.spr game files. This is not officially supported, but mostly works, and can 
look fantastic. By default these files are contained in the .res files. To 
replace these files simply place alternative .spr files in the install 
directory and restart the game (the replacements do not need to be in the .res 
file). Some sample world skins are available here, . To create custom files, first 
extract the existing .spr files (see Where can I find the game's 
sound/graphics files? below), then convert the .spr files to bitmaps (see How 
can I read .spr files? below), edit them in a graphics package, convert them 
back to .spr format, and place them in the install directory.



8.3 Utilities

8.3.1 What is HardLuck.exe and how do I use it?

HardLuck.exe enables test and cheat features. Download it here . Close Hardwar, run HardLuck, check 
test/cheat functions enabled. Open the Hardwar launcher and examine the new 
Misc tab for new options. Enabling cheat keys allows quick access to God 
Hangar by pressing G. F12 toggles debug modes, and then F8 to F11 will give 
views and information on pilots, and F7 pauses debug mode. Enabling log file 
will create a log of any new game. 

(The Misc tab can be enabled without hardluck.exe by those that are confident 
about editing the registry - in 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Refinery\\hardman\\Config add a new key named 
"KamFong" with the value "ChinHo". And in case you were wondering, Zedo 
writes: "This is a reference to an old US cop show called Hawaii Five-0. One 
of the minor regulars on the show was Chin Ho played by the actor Kam Fong.")


8.3.2 Are there any modifications to change game balance?

Yes. Modifications specific to U3 betas are detailed later. Most recent 
utilities are available here, and/or 
here, . A full list of 
Modifications can be found in the appendix:

* Mun has written a modification to make the police more common, here: - "The numbers of police are 
carefully balanced and they respawn around all the police garrisons evenly, 
therefore there is a nice thin spread of them across Titan." U2.04, U3.00 
betas 3 to 5 only. Morglum notes: "After several hours of playing I kept 
getting errors saying more police patrols cannot be supported then the game 
would crash." 

* Wez has written various modifications, including: 
- - CellMod to alter cell performance. In U3 beta 4 and 5 the Racemod allows 
an alien moth to be blagged and flown: "It uses the DeathHead frame instead so 
you can see out and target." 
- - RaceMod to rebalance moth weight, engine power and acceleration. 

* Many of Max's utilities are relevant to U3, but some can also be used in 
- - Afterburner Mod, which creates an afterburner triggered like a StarShell 
(rather than a weapon). Fuel and energy based variations are available. 
- - Metric, to convert all those feet to metres. 
- - NoFog, which extends the far fog distance, for those video cards that can 
support it. 
- - PodMod, which, "extends the variety and capacity of the largest pod." 
- - Rapid Fire Mod, which makes the Fireburst, Swarm, Laser, and Laser Turret 
fire quicker (for all pilots).


8.3.3 Where can I get the Hardwar font?

Here: .



8.4 Editors

For further notes to assist hacking the game, see the Hacking appendix.


8.4.1 Are there any editors or Software Development Kits for Hardwar?

Ouch produced a series of unofficial patches which altered prices. These were 
not developed for versions after U2.01. Editors for recent Hardwar versions 
have been produced by Solidox. Editors are available for items and hangars. 
Some can be downloaded here: . These do 
not work with U3 betas. Wez started developing a U3 beta hangar editor, which 
can be found here, . PlaugedMind 
started developing a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the editor, which can 
be found at 
(must be logged in to download).


8.4.2 Where can I find the game's sound/graphics files?

Extract them from the .res files in the hardwar directory using solidox's, 
E_Void's, or PlaguedMind's extractors, which are available here: . PlaguedMind's utility allows files to 
be added back into the .res file (replacement files can simply be left in the 
install directory, and do not need to be added back into the .res file).


8.4.3 How can I read .spr files?

Yes! PlaguedMind has written a utility to convert .spr files to .bmp and back 
again. Download here: . You may also need 
to edit the .pal colour tables, in which case use PlaguedMind's PAL Editor ( ).


8.4.4 Can I edit .shp files (moth models)?

PlaguedMind started developing a utility to read .shp files. It is available 
here, . Unfortunately, 
edited files cannot be placed back in the game (yet).


8.4.5 Can I create custom maps?

Not yet. Resource .wxp files contain an archive of .whp files (similar to .shp 
files). The .wld file contains an index of how all these are positioned on the 
map. Collectively they could be edited to create an entirely new map. 
PlaguedMind started developing a utility to read these files and allow new 
maps to be created, but it was not completed. A test viewer can be found here, (requires WinRar).






9.1 History

9.1.1 What happened to U3?

The U3 patch entered beta testing at the start of April 2002. There were a 
total of five U3 beta patches, released to a small number of testers, myself 
(timski) included. They introduced a lot of new features, many of which were 
never fully added. All of the betas have fundamental problems, such as 
joysticks not working, AI getting stuck, plot stalling, and a broken economy. 
Development appeared to stop during Summer 2002, and testers heard nothing 
more from the Software Refinery. Also see Where did the Software Refinery go?.


9.1.2 Why was U3 released?

U3 was not officially released. Instead the beta patches were made available 
by certain former testers. This was primarily in response to certain people 
offering to sell them, and the disappearance of the developer. The patches 
have not been released with the consent of their authors. Once the patches had 
been released, it became important to document them - hence this section. The 
patches are beta-quality work in progress only. None of the patches can be 
regarded as release quality, and many players may find U2.04 (the last 
official patch) to be more playable.


9.1.3 Where can I get U3?

Patches are being made available at and . Patches require the 
password "psychobobs2". After applying patches you may need to reset the video 
settings from the launcher. Further modifications may be required, 
particularly if using beta 5 - I strongly recommend you read through the 
Technical Issues and Modifications section below to familiarise yourself with 
common problems and solutions.


9.1.4 What differences are there between U3 versions?

These are based on Software Refinery's notes to testers.

- BETA 1: Added Terminal Interface (activated using "o") with commands LOOK, 
HIDE, HELP; Added require passwords option; Added restrict god hangar option; 
Added manufacturing including Central Industrial, Added Shears Yard (makes 
pods and engines).

- BETA 2: Bug fixes to stock and manufacturing interface; Boardpass terminal 
command no longer works for a moth without a passenger seat; DEPOSIT and 
WITHDRAW terminal commands added; CASH terminal command now also shows cash 
held in your hangar; Bay numbers made consistent between terminal and hangar 
bay browser; Radar now shows your staff in Green; Fixed terminal crash when 
AUTOPILOT entered with no parameters; Maximum fog distance increased for 3DFX, 
and 3DFX bug fixes; BLAG can now blag moths; HUD now displays autopilot 

- BETA 3: Fixed AUTOPILOT command; Syntax of TARGET command changed, for 
example to "target downtown moths"; Added THRUST, TELL, SAY, WHO; Fixed bug 
which caused in-game terminal interface not to work on a network version; 
Added Terminal Server; Added mini-MUD rooms and links between buildings 
(limited network); Added ability to run command scripts on startup.

- BETA 4: Notes missing. Around this time Admin and online setup options 
improved. Many bug fixes, particularly addressing terminal server/interface 
crashes. Manufacturing functions in beta 4, except that AI pilots will not 
sell goods to your hangar.

- BETA 5: Fixed crashes with pilot related commands such as GREET and WAVE; 
'Debriefing Zone' restored; Added a 'create' command to create buildings 
(limited use); Added subcommands for HANGAR - LOGO, TYPE and SOFTWARE - for 
builders only; Fixed problems with missing linebreaks in PLANS and ORDER 
REPORT commands; Added HANGAR STOCK; Improvements to link connection 
(slow/fast) modes; Terminal server disabled when joining as a network client; 
Added Fumbler, Disabler and Blaster weapons (and added Smart Weapons Corp to 
make them); Complete reworking of the way the economy and traders work; Fixed 
crashes due to movement in the terminal interface; Downtown-Reservoir tunnel 
opened (it was always in the game, just hidden).


9.1.5 Which version is best?

It is hard to answer this question because it varies by users' machine and 
what features they are expecting. Later betas are the most feature rich, 
generally the most stable, and tend to have solved many of the minor bugs and 
crashes that can become annoying in earlier versions. Later versions have 
variable joystick (throttle) support - beta 3 and 4 tend to support serial 
based joysticks, beta 5 USB based joysticks. Beta 5 has serious problem 
related to the economy and reloading games. Beta 4 or 5 seem to be the most 
popular. Consider trying multiple beta versions, although you may still lead 
you to de-patch to the stable U2.04 in the end.



9.2 Terminal Commands and Scripting

9.2.1 What does the Terminal Interface do?

The Terminal Interface (TI) allowed greater control and new features to be 
added quickly. It also introduced the Terminal Server - see What does the 
Terminal Server do? below. The TI is a command line driven interface. It may 
be access by pressing "o", and hidden by typing "hide" or pressing Esc in 
later beta versions. For a list of commands, see What terminal commands are 
there? below.


9.2.2 What does the Terminal Server do?

The Terminal Server (TS) was introduced in beta 3. It allows the TI (Terminal 
Interface) to be accessed through telnet style clients (essentially any text 
based client that supports TCP/IP connections), and hence allows any TI 
command to be executed from a remote machine with no Hardwar client. TS is 
primarily aimed at long-term online games, but can be tested by connecting to 
a game hosted on the same machine ( TS must be enabled in the 
launcher's network tab, by specifying a terminal port. The default, 0, 
disables the TS. 23 (standard telnet port) or 9001 are commonly used. The 
terminal server allows everything from basic remote game administration to 
playing whilst away from a gaming machine... See How do I connect a telnet 
client to the Terminal Server? below for a step-by-step guide to connecting 
via telnet. Characters can be created via the Terminal Server (type NEW when 
prompted after entering the name), but such characters will start without a 
moth. You do not need to log out of the TS - just disconnect from the server 
via the telnet client. The same pilot may be both logged in via telnet and a 
game client at the same time. The TS is potentially a powerful tool - see Can 
I script events and 'bots? below.


9.2.3 How do I connect a telnet client to the Terminal Server?

These instructions assume the use of HyperTerminal. This telnet client is 
available on most Windows machines, and has a reasonable user interface, 
making it straightforward for those unfamiliar with telnet. 

* On the Hardwar launcher Network tab, select a port for the terminal server 
to use. "9001" is suggested, although others can be used if your machine is 
already using 9001. Port "0" will disable to the terminal server. Start a game 
(a dedicated network server game is the easiest to experiment with on a low-
specification machine). 

* In HyperTerminal, select File-New Connection, name the connection to 
continue, then select TCP/IP from the "Connect using" box, then in "Host name" 
type "", and in "Port number" type "9001" (or whatever). If you are 
connecting to another machine, replace "" with the IP address of the 
other machine. 

* Log yourself in, or create a character by typing the pilot name and then 
typing NEW at the following prompt. 

* The terminal will now function as if you are using the Terminal Interface 
within the game. To see what you are typing in HyperTerminal, select File-
Properties-Settings, then ASCII Setup, then tick "Echo typed characters 

If you are sending scripts, this can be done in HyperTerminal using Transfer-
Send Text File. Before you send a script file you may need to change your 
telnet client's setup so that it sends a delay between lines. If no delay is 
set, the hardwar client/server won't be able to process and respond to each 
line before the next arrives, and you'll get a screen full of errors and most 
of the script will fail to run. I recommend at least a 100 millisecond delay 
between lines, although if you have problems consider increasing this. To do 
this in HyperTerminal, select File-Properties-Settings, then ASCII Setup. Now 
change the "Line delay" to "100".


9.2.4 What terminal commands are there?

Here is a list, with a short summary of features and usage where usage isn't 
obvious. The list is based on beta 5. Earlier versions may miss certain 
commands (noted in the list). A few had their syntax changed from earlier 
versions (take care if using an earlier beta). I've written commands in 
capitals for clarity, but unless noted, they may be typed in any case. Note 
that where parameters/arguments are used, typically they take the form command 
(space) subcommand (comma) value, with subsequent values or subcommands 
separated by commas, for example "hangar stock,Swarm,sell,100":

- AUTOPILOT: Engages autopilot to fly towards a targeted item. Target must be 
set before engaging autopilot. Off disengages the autopilot. Usage: AUTOPILOT 
[TARGET or OFF]. Note that the SALVAGE option isn't implemented, and may crash 
the game.

- BAYS: Reports the moths parked in the current hangar, with pilots.

- BLAG: Allows you to get free cash or moths (restricted by PERMISSIONS). 
Usage: BLAG [CASH or MOTH],[value] where value is the amount of cash, or the 
moth type: 1 = Moon Moth, 2 = Silver Y, 3 = Neo Tiger, 4 = Hawk, 5 = Deaths 
Head, 6 = Police, 7 = Alien, 8 = Swallow.

- BOARD: Board a moth parked in a specific bay in the current hangar as the 
pilot. Usage: BOARD [Bay number].

- BOARDPASS: As BOARD, but to board as a passenger (requires Moon Moth). 
Usage: BOARDPASS [Bay number].

- BUILD: Allows rooms to be constructed (restricted by PERMISSIONS, beta 3+, 
may have other unknown uses). Usage: BUILD [movement direction (see bottom of 
this list)],[short name]. When interfacing with an existing hangar, OUT is 
used to leave, and HLINK to enter. Also see How do I build rooms?.

- CASH: Reports current cash total. From beta 2, this includes cash in your 
hangar if you are in your hangar.

- CREATE: Related to building construction - not fully implemented (restricted 
by PERMISSIONS, beta 5). Known functionality: CREATE 0,n,[name] creates a god 
hangar style building called [name], which you can TELEPORT into, but which 
doesn't physically exist on the map (also note that you can BUILD out of it, 
so, for example, you can create two god hangars with a godly walk link between 
them). CREATE AAGB,N,[name] (arguments here ARE CASE SENSITIVE) reopens the 
location of Vacant 0008 as a hangar (not a hangar one can buy, but it can be 
customized using various other Admin commands). CREATE AAGB,P,[name] makes the 
same hangar a private hangar (like Colony HQ). It seems that CREATE can only 
be used with hangar shapes that exist in the game by default, but are not 
assigned as hangars to start with - there are very few of these - the others 
are mostly buried half underground. In case you are wondering, the four 
character codes that make up the first argument can be worked out by logging 
the start of the game, and reading through the world creation part of startup 
(thanks to Wez for completing the puzzle).

- DESCRIBE: Change the description of the current location (restricted by 
PERMISSIONS, beta 5). Usage: DESCRIBE [description].

- DEPOSIT: Transfers cash to the current hangar (beta 2+). You do not need to 
own the hangar. Usage: DEPOSIT [amount]. A bug allows depositing negative 
values, which results in withdrawal of cash. This works at any hangar with 
cash. It will deprive the hangar of cash, and so will tend to lead the economy 
to slowdown or stall because the hangar can no longer buy anything it needs.

- EXEC: Executes a command as another pilot (restricted by PERMISSIONS unless 
a staff member). Usage: EXEC [Pilot name],[Command,subcommand,value,etc]. For 
example, "EXEC Fred,BAYS" will get Fred to report the moths parked in the 
hangar he is in.

- EXITS or X: List available walk routes - if you are in a moth, the only 
option will be "out", as in get out of moth.

- GOODS: Reports current hangar inventory.

- GREET: Sends a greeting :-) (beta 3+).

- GRIN: Grins ;-) (beta 3+).

- HANGAR: Sets custom hangar information. Relates to the hangar you are in at 
the moment. Usage: HANGAR [setting,value]. Basic settings are: 
* ACCESS - Sets access to PUBLIC or PRIVATE. Possibly bugged. 
* NAME - Renames hangar. 
* STATUS - With no settings, reports building statistics. 
* STOCK - Beta 5 only: STOCK,ALL to list. STOCK,[Item name] to list stock for 
specific item. STOCK,[Item name],[BUY or SELL or MAXBUY],[Amount] to set the 
pricing for a specific item - for example "HANGAR STOCK,Swarm,SELL,100" to set 
the sale price of Swarm to 100. 
Admin settings (beta 5, restricted by PERMISSIONS) are: 
* DAMAGE - With no value reports current damage. With value sets hangar damage 
to an amount between 0 and 16384. 
* LOGO - With no value report current logo. With value 0 to 16 sets logo icon. 
Values are: 1 = Warp, 2 = MonoRail, 3 = Lazarus, 4 = Klamp-G, 5 = Toxic, 6 = 
Skinners, 7 = Hardwar, 8 = Alpha, 9 = Mines, 10 = Port, 11 = Riverside, 12 = 
Highrise, 13 = Gamma, 14 = Downtown, 15 = Reservoir, 16 = Scrubbers. 
* SOFTWARE - With no value, lists software installed. With values, adds one or 
more options, for example "hangar software,cdfr". Prefixing the options with 
'-' deinstalls them, for example "hangar software,-ps" removes sales and 
purchasing. Known options are: c = collect (player hangar or allow cabs), d = 
deliver (player hangar or allow cabs), f = fit, g = god menu, n = no player 
trade, m = moth sales, o = moth software changes, p = business will purchase, 
u = repair, r = remove, s = business will sell, t = trade list, x = no 
monorail (non-functional?), y = sell buildings (like an estate agent), z = buy 
buildings. Note that there is a limit on software options of about 7 and 
installing more will lead to the game crashing when you access the hangar menu 
- take care. 
* TYPE - Changes the internal design of the hangar. Values 0 to 5. 

- HELP: List commands.

- HIDE: Hides terminal. On later betas Esc does this instead.

- LAUGH: Like "SAY lol"... (beta 3+).

- LAUNCH: Launches moth from hangar. Note that launch doesn't propel you out 
of the airlock, so if you launch and do nothing else, eventually your ship 
will be destroyed in the airlock.

- LOOK or L: Reports what you can see, MUD style.

- MANFIND: Reports hangars manufacturing the specified item (restricted by 
PERMISSIONS, beta 5). Usage: MANFIND [item name]. Also see How are items cited 
in the economy commands?.

- ORDER: Sends commands to your staff. Usage: ORDER [Staff 
name],[Subcommand],[Value]. For example, "ORDER Hitson,GO,Freds Builders". 
Subcommands are: 
* BOARD,[Bay number] - Board moth at bay specified. 
* BUZZ,[building] - Fly around, but not dock at, the building specified in the 
* CLEAR - Cancel last order. 
* DISEMBARK - Get out of moth. 
* GO,[Building] - Fly to building specified in the value. 
* KILL,[pilot name] - Attack another pilot. 
* REPORT - Reports current plan (unlikely to be much use at the moment). 
* SELLALL,[Building] - Sell all cargo at the building specified. 
* STATUS - Report where they are.

- OUT: Get out of moth or leave hangar.

- PERMISSIONS: Transfers permissions between pilots. Permissions transfer from 
the Admin pilot. Usage: PERMISSIONS [Pilot name],[options]. Multiple options 
may be set at once, but are not comma separated, for example "PERMISSIONS 
Fred,bot". Options are: s = set permissions, o = ORDER and EXEC any pilot, b = 
use BLAG, p = interact with plans, h = hijack moths and hangars, c = build, t 
= teleport, e = economy commands. Full list: "sobphcte".

- PLANS: Lists pilot plans, the instructions to pilots. Primarily useful in 
conjunction with EXEC, to see what other pilots are planning.

- PRICEINFO: Lists average price, minimum price, stock, and number required 
(restricted by PERMISSIONS, beta 5). List currently exceeds terminal window 
size, so only useful via the Terminal Server.

- PRODUCEINFO: Reports production requirements to make the specified item 
(restricted by PERMISSIONS, beta 5). Usage: PRODUCEINFO [item name]. Also see 
How are items cited in the economy commands?.

- PURCHASEFIND: Reports hangars demanding the specified item (restricted by 
PERMISSIONS, beta 5). Usage: PURCHASEFIND [item name]. Also see How are items 
cited in the economy commands?.

- RECRUIT: Hires a member of staff. You must be at the same location as the 
staff member to hire them. Usage: RECRUIT [Staff name].

- SALEFIND: Reports hangars selling a specific item with prices (restricted by 
PERMISSIONS, beta 5). Usage: SALEFIND [item name]. Also see How are items 
cited in the economy commands?.

- SAY: Talks to everyone in your current location (beta 3+). Usage: SAY 

- STAFF: Lists current your staff by name.

- TARGET: Sets target to the building or ship named. Usage: TARGET [Name of 
pilot or building].

- TELEPORT: Jumps to a new location (restricted by PERMISSIONS, beta 5). Must 
be on foot. Usage: TELEPORT [hangar name].

- TELL: Whisper to a specific player in a different location (beta 3+). Usage: 
TELL [pilot name],[message].

- THRUST: Sets the thrust of your moth, by a specific value, full speed ahead, 
or no thrust (beta 3+). Usage: THRUST [value (-16384 to 16384) or MAX or 

- WAVE: Waves at pilots at your location (beta 3+).

- WITHDRAW: Transfers cash from a hangar you own to your personal cash (beta 
2+). Usage: WITHDRAW [amount].

- WHO: Lists players (beta 3+). The letter after the name indicates the type 
of connection - "H" for Hardwar client, "T" for terminal.

- Movement commands are mostly compass based, restricted by tunnels and rooms 
available: N/NE/E/SE/S/SW/W/NW, IN (enter a hangar), OUT (leave a hangar or 
moth), U (up a level), D (down a level) (beta 3+).


9.2.5 How do Admin permissions work?

The first character called "Admin" will automatically be assigned all 
permissions to run any command, including commands restricted by PERMISSIONS. 
Admin is designed like a root user for a computer: They may copy some or all 
of their privileges to other pilots using PERMISSIONS. There can only be one 
Admin pilot per game, so don't get it killed ;-) . Both the Admin and the 
target character must be logged in to exchange permissions. This can be done 
on higher specification machines by enabling HardLuck (see What is 
HardLuck.exe and how do I use it? above), enabling multiple instances from the 
Misc tab on the launcher, and then running two or more instances on the same 
machine. In later betas, the Admin may join the game via the Terminal Server 
(see What does the Terminal Server do? above), and exchange permissions with 
only one instance of Hardwar open. Beta 3 and earlier Admin must be the name 
of the first character created in order for Admin restricted permissions to 
exist in the game. Beta 4 and 5 allow Admin to join the game at a later stage. 
In beta 5, Admin can log into a single player game via the Terminal Server, 
which can be useful when running scripts. Mun has written a utility that 
allows admin privileges to be initially assigned to a player not called Admin 
- download it here, . 

Spitfire writes: "There's a trick you can use to give your human pilot 
permanent admin permissions. Load up your SP [single-player] save game in the 
MP [multi-player] server, fire up Hardwar, create a new player called Admin 
and use the permissions-command to give your player all admin powers. Now, as 
the MP server saves the game, you can load that save in the SP game and 
continue playing like nothing happened."


9.2.6 Can I script events and 'bots? Can I redesign the game world?

In theory yes. Any command lines that may be typed into the TI (Terminal 
Interface) may be scripted. There are two methods. 

* (1) Add lines to worldinit.txt, which are run when the game starts. This 
seems to be restricted by a bug to 200 lines, over which it will crash at 
startup (although your mileage may vary). (Comments can be added here, by 
starting lines with "// ".) 

* (2) Send lines or text files, or run 'bots via the TS (Terminal Server). 

Imagine you are the admin typing commands. Each line in the script is like 
typing a new command. If you want to do something at a particular location, 
you must first TELEPORT to it as one command, then do things there on 
subsequent lines. At the time SR suggested third party utilities like ZMud ( ) might be used, although the list of programming 
possibilities here is almost unlimited. Unfortunately, key commands are 
missing from the betas, which currently limit the usefulness of such 

When sending text files as scripts you need to setup the telnet client (or 
similar) to put a delay in between sending lines of a few hundred 
milliseconds, since the Hardwar server needs time to process the command and 
send back a confirmation before receiving the next command. Sending with no 
delay, even to a Hardwar server on the same machine, normally fails. Also, 
ensure you are running scripts from a character with the appropriate 
PERMISSIONS - I'd strongly advise running scripts as the Admin. Lastly, before 
running scripts that involve TELEPORTing, make sure you are not in a moth - 
placing OUT at the top of such a script will achieve this. Also see How do I 
build rooms? below. 

This works well in single player mode with beta 4 and 5, it just seems to take 
a little longer for the Hardwar client to respond to commands than it does 
when acting as a server. With beta 3, the player has to be called Admin in 
order for admin privileges to exist in the game. Once the game has started, 
get the player out of the moth and onto foot. Then log into the terminal 
server as Admin, using the password "admin". The terminal screen may lag a 
little behind for a while, but should work again after you've typed in a few 
random commands. In beta 4 and 5, the admin can log on after a non-admin 
player character has started the game.


9.2.7 How do I build rooms?

Beta 3+, rooms can be built by the Admin using the BUILD command. Typically 
scripts start with an OUT command (to ensure you are on foot), followed by a 
TELEPORT command, to take you to an existing hangar. Room building scripts 
then build OUT from the starting hangar to create a new room. The next command 
typically moves the admin into that room. From there they can describe the 
room, or create other rooms or walk routes. For example, you will see this 
quite a lot: 

build n,Some Place -- builds Some Place to the north 
n -- moves north, to Some Place 
describe This is SOME place. -- adds description to Some Place 

The important thing to note is that you aren't moved to the newly created 
location automatically. Once "Some Place" is created, you can TELEPORT back to 
it. Ensure all places you might want to TELEPORT back to have unique sounding 
names. Not all rooms need to be uniquely named, just those that you need to 
refer back to later in the script. Subsequent rooms may be added using compass 
points or "u"/"d" to go up or down. When trying to enter an existing building 
from a custom room, BUILD HLINK,[hangar name] is used. Note that you must have 
at least two rooms between each existing hangar. I am not aware of any way to 
'un-build' a room without starting a new game. Further notes on scripting can 
be found here, , along with a sample 
script to create rooms and links around Reservoir crater.


9.2.8 How do I get market/economy information?

Beta 5 introduces several commands that make understanding the economy 
PRICEINFO (see What terminal commands are there? for details). Note that these 
are restricted by the PERMISSION 'e'.


9.2.9 What are framesy, newmothsw, and similar?

These refer to moths that are under construction or ready for sale. The final 
two characters relate to the moth type - sy for Silver Y, mm for Moon Moth, nt 
for Neo Tiger, hk for Hawk, dh for Deaths Head, pl for Police and sw for 
Swallow. The frame part is a component part required to build a moth. The 
newmoth part is a finished moth awaiting sale.


9.2.10 How are items cited in the economy commands?

Commands such as MANFIND, use the name of the item without spaces in 
lowercase, so an Engine 1, becomes simply engine1. Manufacturing machinery is 
referred to as manweapons, mancomp, manoreproc, manbooze and mannarcotics. 
Moths are described above under What are framesy, newmothsw, and similar?.



9.3 Setup

9.3.1 What does the Persistent Game option do?

From SR's notes: "This option is intended to be enabled when you are running a 
long-term persistent network game. Currently, not much changes when it is 
enabled. The main difference is that the startup options change, so that new 
players cannot come into the world highly equipped. The cheats allowing 
specially equipped moths ('scunthorpe' etc), are also disabled."


9.3.2 What is Phil's Ending?

This is now an option on the launcher's Misc tab. It was available in earlier 
versions by editing the registry key 
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Refinery\\hardman\\Config\\PhilsEnding. The 
option means that every ship on Titan tries to attack you during the final 
plot run.


9.3.3 What's the difference between high and low speed links?

Later betas, when connecting to online games you will have a choice between 
high and low speed links. High speed removes the frame rate clamp, and 
corrects many graphical oddities, like half-open hangar doors. High speed is 
suited internal networks, and possibly broadband internet. Low speed is suited 
to 56k modem and similar.


9.3.4 Can I unpatch U3 betas? Do I have to patch each of them one at a time?

You can revert to an older version by applying the patch for that version. For 
example, applying the U3 beta 4 patch to a beta 5 installation will change it 
to beta 4. Before applying any U3 beta patches it is recommended that you 
patch to U2.04, simply because the U3 betas do not include moth skin files. 
There is no need to apply patches sequentially - you can patch straight from 
U2.04 to U3 beta 5 if you wish. Save games from one version may not be valid 
in another, and any fan-made patches or fixes will need to be re-applied.



9.4 Gameplay

9.4.1 How do I manufacture things?

You will need your own hangar in which to install manufacturing equipment. You 
then need to buy the appropriate machinery from Central Industrial. Five types 
of machinery are available (so only certain aspects of the economy can 
currently be taken in-house): Munitions (missiles and similar - not guns), 
Components (MachParts, CompComp, drones and cells), Ore (Sheet Metal and 
ExMetal), Distiller (alcohol) and Narcotron (Narcotics). You may need to 
supply Central Industrial quite heavily before the desired machinery appears 
for sale: They don't produce in volume, particularly early in the game. You 
then take the machinery to your hangar and install it (note installation must 
be done from your pod, not your stock). Now under Owner Controls - Stock - 
Manufacture, you'll be able to set a production level. Next feed the 
appropriate raw materials onto your hangar market - see the Non-Moth 
Production Requirements and Locations Table appendix for details. Either 
deliver them yourself, or set the purchasing options to attract other traders 
to deliver them (but see Why don't AI pilots sell to my hangar? below - it can 
only be made to work in beta 5). When the raw materials are available, items 
will slowly be manufactured. When setting purchasing options, the default 
increment values may be annoyingly small - this can be hacked using Max's Xup 
patch - see Are there any patches for the U3 betas? below.


9.4.2 Why doesn't Central Industrial make a Narcotron?

It will eventually. Unfortunately, it will make at least three of every other 
type of machinery first. You will need to supply it very heavily, and probably 
buy several other items of machinery to prevent it running out of cash.


9.4.3 How do I find and hire staff?

You need to be on foot in the same location as unhired staff. Unhired staff 
are revealed by LOOKing at the location - they typically use 6 letter names, 
and will be standing around (not in moths). Try trading posts, conurbations 
and similar housing, Hardwarp FM or Flyers Retreat. Once you have found an 
unhired "thug", type RECRUIT [name] in the terminal to hire them. Each hiring 
costs you $1000. Once you have hired staff you can start ORDERing them about. 
Note that every staff member comes with $10,000 cash by default, so if you 
want easy cash, hire all the staff you can find, and have them DEPOSIT their 
cash in your hangar. There is a fixed number of thugs in each game.


9.4.4 Can I give staff multiple orders?

No. It would be useful if staff could be given several orders at once, for 
example, fly to one hangar, buy something, fly to another hangar, and sell. 
Staff ordering was never fully implemented, and consequently a lot of logical 
features relating to them are missing.


9.4.5 If I can order my staff to sell, why can't I order them to buy?

The 'buy' feature was never implemented as an order. Two_steping writes: "You 
basically have your guys fly to a hangar that you are going to buy from, tell 
them to get out and then you get in and do the buying for your self. Then have 
them get back in and then tell them to fly wherever you want them to sell 


9.4.6 How do I walk around?

In every hangar you can get out of your moth using OUT. Beta 3 and later, in a 
few hangars you will then be given further options to walk around. Use LOOK to 
look around and movement commands to move - N/NE/E/SE/S/SW/W/NW, IN (enter a 
hangar), OUT (leave a hangar or moth), U (up a level), D (down a level). There 
are no visuals, only text. The experience can feel very MUD-like. Known walk 
routes are Alpha Trading Post - Alpha Construction - Craven Components - 
Flight Academy; and Trade Central - Software Shack 2/Sentinel 1/Vacant 
0037/Psycho Bobs 2 - Downtown Estates. Others may be created - see How do I 
build rooms? above.


9.4.7 What are Air Filters, Pleasure Cubes, and Servant Droids, and where can 
I get them?

These seem to be items that were never released, but are still lurking in the 
game's code. Like Death Rays (see How do I get a Death Ray? above) they can't 
be purchased in the game. They appear on PRICEINFO lists, and in your hangar's 
purchasing/sales menus.


9.4.8 How do I get Fumblers, Disablers and Blasters?

Beta 5 only. They are produced by Smart Weapons Corp, when appropriately 


9.4.9 Where did the Debriefing Zone/Vacant 0006/0007/0008/0038 go?

Vacant 0006 became Shears Yard, a pod and engine production facility. The 
Debriefing Zone was first replaced by Central Industrial. In beta 5, the 
Debriefing Zone was re-introduced in the hangar formerly occupied by Vacant 
0007. Vacant 0038 became the Smart Weapons Corp, a manufacturer of new weapon 
types. In beta 5, Vacant 0008 was removed for some form of internal testing - 
the hangar itself can be reintroduced using CREATE (see What terminal commands 
are there? above), but not as a purchasable hangar.


9.4.10 Who is Brother Kahuna?

In beta 5, Brother Kahuna will launch from the Monastery, fit Blasters, and 
then head towards General Industrial and attack it. It seems he does not 
approve of Narcotics production ;-) . This is one of those wonderful little 
details that was only partly implemented within beta 5.



9.5 Bugs and Modifications

9.5.1 Are there any patches for the U3 betas?

The later betas generally fixed graphical problems and common crashes related 
to the use of the Terminal Interface. They also improve online performance. 
Beta 5, in particular, introduced a lot of new features, many of which were 
very buggy. Overall, the later betas are the most stable, but still have 
fundamental problems. Max has produced patches which attempt to address some 
of the worst issues in beta 4 and 5. A compendium of Max's patches is 
available at (in particular, look for This includes: 

- Fix for joystick throttles. 
- Fix to allow beta 5 games to be reloaded. 
- Partial fix for the beta 5 economy. 

This compendium, combined with the use of one of the later betas (4 or 5) will 
start to make the game playable. These patches do not represent a finished 
game - there are still many problems. Various other little patches by Max are 
also available (most are mentioned elsewhere in this text). Max stopped 
writing patches at the end of August 2003. Some of Max's patches must be setup 
using command line parameters. If you are likely to need to apply the patch 
frequently (for example, if you wish to switch between different upgrade 
versions), consider writing a small batch (.bat) file.


9.5.2 How can I stop beta 5 games crashing after reloading?

Don't save them ;-) . This was a viable solution for some server/network based 
games, but was not ideal. The problem related to the occurrence of an error 
called "FixBgID", which would appear in log files shortly after the start of a 
game, and lead to savegame files being incorrectly read upon reloading. Max 
writes: "Pilot data was being loaded out of sync (for pilots in hangars). 
Eventually some function would receive an index pointing outside its address 
space and crash. The patch basically uses beta4 data to keep 'beta5 FixBgID' 
in sync." Max's patch fixes this - see Are there any patches for the U3 betas? 


9.5.3 I logged a beta 5 game and I'm running out of disk space. Why?

U3 beta 5 games create a lot of errors, the most infamous of which are 
"[pilot] had invalid GoCrater target" (AI pilot forgot what they were doing) 
and "[pilot] didn't find enough goods. Reducing requirement" (AI pilot 
expected to buy 10,000+ of something, and will reduce requirements one at a 
time until the 3 available for sale are found). In essence, large chunks of 
the software are continually logging errors, which will create half a MegaByte 
of extra log each minute. A full log can ultimately exhaust your machine's 
hard drive capacity and crash it. The easiest solution is to disable logging 
on the Misc tab. If you do genuinely want to read some of the error messages, 
try Doc Beeblebrox's Downtown Log Processing utility, which removes the most 
common rubbish, allowing more unusual errors to be found. It is available 
here: .


9.5.4 Why won't my joystick throttle work?

U3 beta 3 and 4 support non-USB joystick throttles, beta 5 supports USB 
joystick throttles. Only U3 betas 1 and 2 support both. Max has produced a 
patch to fix this - see Are there any patches for the U3 betas? above.


9.5.5 What is wrong with the beta 5 economy?

Beta 5 attempted to introduce a new economy that placed far greater emphasis 
on demand and supply - inflating prices when items were in shortage. The 
function of trading posts as middlemen was removed (I believe Software 
Refinery were testing some alternative trading post code using Vacant 0008 - 
see Where did the Debriefing Zone/Vacant 0006/0007/0008/0038 go? above), 
including the needs list (which tend just to show a demand for food). 
Unfortunately, the economy started empty, and initial shortages inflated 
prices; so much so that some prices 'wrapped' and became negatives. AI pilots 
did not respond well to this change. Initially they chased after the most 
profitable item, leading to certain goods becoming over-stocked. Once over-
stocked, businesses stopped buying. With no trading posts to dump unwanted 
goods, AI pilots got stuck with unwanted cargo nobody could buy. The least 
profitable items, such as Sheet Metal, are also the most important for 
production. Consequently businesses were unable to produce much early in the 
game, because all the AI traders were trying to satisfy 1 unit demands for 
Gems, rather than 50 unit demands for Sheet Metal. (The AI sought to maximise 
profit per unit, rather than overall profit per trip.) This was complicated 
further by the AI attempting to make unrealistic purchases (trying to buy 
thousands of one good, with several minutes of extra processing before 
anything was actually purchased), and the AI forgetting what they were 
planning to do. 

In essence, the beta 5 economy is a complete mess after a few days. I wrote 
some scripts which stabilised the economy by placing draconian restrictions on 
businesses during the first 30 days of play - see . Max produced a patch to force AI 
pilots to buy goods immediately, and cap prices to prevent negatives appearing 
- see Are there any patches for the U3 betas? above. The patch is appropriate 
for use in all games. Neither of these are perfect solutions, but they should 
make the game playable. Firefox and Smurph modified the original economy 
script to run alongside Max's patch - a version of this script is available 
from the previous URL. There are many pricing and production oddities in the 
beta 5 economy, some of which can be corrected by scripting (either via the 
Terminal Server or by placing lines in worldinit.txt). For example, Wez 
suggests these additions to get General Industrial buying water: 

teleport general industrial 
hangar stock,water,maxbuy,25 
hangar stock,water,buy,340


9.5.6 Why won't Downtown Moths sell moths? Why won't Shears Yard fit pods?

In beta 5, add to the top of worldinit.txt (may require lines to be placed 
immediately below the first commented (//...) section for some reason, also 
take care not to leave trailing spaces in) or execute as Admin, these two 

teleport downtown moths 
hangar software,spm 
teleport shears yard 
hangar software,fr


9.5.7 How can I get my staff out of limbo?

This may happen when they die. It may be possible to extract them, but it is 
very easy to accidentally crash the game in the attempt (this varies by beta 
version). With Admin permissions, TELEPORT to limbo!, then BUILD a link out to 
another location (see How do I build rooms? above), then ORDER them to walk 
out along the path created (from Wez). Note that in some versions, your dead 
character can be resurrected in a similar way if logging in via the Terminal 
Server. In some beta games (notably beta 4), TELEPORTing to limbo! via the 
Terminal Interface may crash the game - use God Hangar to get there instead 
and then access the Terminal Interface to build a path out. In beta 4 it is 
possible to build a link out of limbo!, but care must be taken or the game 
will crash, as Violet sky writes: "Do not: 

- give the look command while in the limbo, either as yourself or as a thug, 
or the game will crash. 
- go back in the limbo (typing "in" while in limboout [a room just outside 
limbo!]) either as yourself or as a thug, or the game will crash. 
- go in directions you aren't supposed to go, or the game may or may not 


9.5.8 Are my thugs supposed to do _that_?

Hired staff occasionally do some interesting things. They are prone to most of 
the same glitches associated with regular AI pilots - notably getting stuck in 
odd locations. They may be freed again by using the THRUST commands, but 
sometimes you physically need to fly out and bump them. When used in combat 
they tend to get involved in friendly fire incidents, which can make you new 
enemies. Your employees can also end up fighting one another, as Wez comments: 
"Don't order 2 thugs to kill the same target... most likely they'll wind up 
hitting each other and then turning on each other. I find it best to order one 
thug to kill a target: If it gets into a losing situation, I fire a few 
careful shots at the target myself to give my thug a little assistance." Thugs 
can hijack moths (without specifically having the hijack PERMISSION) - for 
example boarding new moths at Downtown Moths. Moths hijacked in this way can 
only be piloted by your thugs. Lucifer writes: "Running beta 4, get a thug in 
a moon moth's passenger seat, and no-one should attack you. You'll still be 
targeted, CPU pilots will still fly as if they were attacking, but they won't 
fire a single shot."


9.5.9 Why don't custom hangar names display?

They should work in beta 5. In beta 4 the name affects ORDERs, but does not 
display visually outside the hangar.


9.5.10 Why don't AI pilots sell to my hangar?

You can only get AI pilots to sell goods to your hangar in beta 5 - this 
feature does not work in beta 4. In beta 5, you must issue the command "hangar 
software,p" as Admin. Max's economy patch also fixes this. Wez adds: "Also you 
need to set your purchase price higher than your competitors or you'll only 
get deliveries if they stop buying."


9.5.11 There is a stack of AI moths waiting to enter a hangar. How can I get 
rid of them?

This quirk is particularly common in beta 4, although has been observed in 
other beta versions. It is possible for almost all the AI moths to become 
stuck in a queue for a hangar. 

Spitfire writes: "If moths start to stack outside any hangar, you should first 
try to ram the first ship off the queue, so that he'll try to enter the queue 
again. Sometimes doing this the whole queue starts moving and the next waiting 
moth will enter the hangar normally. ... You must stay there and wait for the 
next moth to enter and kill it at the instant it gets stuck. Hang there until 
the first moth successfully enters the hangar. ... But if nothing happens 
after several tries, this approach will not work: even if you destroy the 
first moth on the line, the rest of the queue still remains stuck." Check that 
no moth is stuck inside the hangar airlock. If it is, when the doors open push 
the moth fully inside so that the doors shut and the moth in the airlock is 
destroyed. Sometimes AI moths simply become stuck in the airlock doors, but 
not 'stuck enough' for the weaponry inside the airlock to destroy them. 

Spitfire continues: "There is one option which has worked for me 100% of the 
cases: Load up devastators (as many as there are moths in the queue) and start 
destroying the queue one moth at the time. You will have to clear up the whole 
queue in order to get queuing working again - if another moth enters the queue 
while you are destroying the moths, you will have to kill that one too. When 
the whole queue is clear of moths, new moths coming in should be able to enter 
the hangar normally. If not, continue destroying them as long as a moth is 
able to enter successfully. It will happen eventually."


9.5.12 Why do AI pilots get stuck in the Alpha-Downtown tunnel?

The 'nodes' used to determine the flight paths seem to have been mixed up in 
some of the later betas. This causes AI pilots to start heading down the 
tunnel in one direction, then decide it will be quicker to go the other way, 
return and decide the opposite, and so on. This problem can be fixed by 
editing hardwar.wld, and swapping the following hangars: EGG6 -- AAE5 (midway 
pirate and mines air purifier in mines); EGG5 -- AAHK (midway pirate and 
prison oubliette); EGG5 -- AA1L (midway pirate and alpha air purifier); EGG3 -
- AA1Q (shanty inn and flight academy). Mun's Building Swapping Util can be 
used to swap buildings about (see 
). Wez has produced a replacement hardwar.wld which does this - simply place 
it in the main hardwar directory. It is contained in (see ).


9.5.13 Can faction moths be made to respawn?

Yes. Issue the command "hangar software,cd" at both Lazarus and Klamp-G moth 
factories (from smurph). Collect (c) and Deliver (d) should allow cabs to 
start ferrying pilots to moth factories, where they board new moths, launch, 
and start fighting.


9.5.14 Why won't the plot advance? How do I get Trigger, Matter or Fusion 

In some of the earlier betas minor plot related problems were created by the 
removal of the Debriefing Zone (which is where many plot related moths go 
after their plot events - certain plot moths may get stuck with orders "GoBg 
Limbo!" - just ignore them). 

In beta 5, alien-related goods (Trigger, Matter, Fusion Parts) do not appear. 
There are no gang transports, hence no trading with the aliens, hence no 
Trigger, Matter or Fusion Parts. Smurph writes: "In beta 5 when a gang 
transport is killed the gang HQ spawns a trader. In my test log 'Darius Sith 
replaces Skinner Trans 00'. So no more gang transports after the first two are 
killed... Even if you plot jump a beta 5 game to attacks, where the transports 
should be doing their bodyparts thing, the gang transports still act like 
regular traders." Setting the Research Facility to allow purchases does not 
work, so you cannot replace the gang transport directly yourself. This makes 
it impossible to advance beyond the mid-part of the plot without hacking. 

There are solutions to this problem: Use Wez's Beta Hangar Editor (see Are 
there any editors or Software Development Kits for Hardwar? above) to add 
Trigger/Matter/Fusion Parts to your hangar. An alternative hack is offered by 
smurph (don't try this unless you are confident about hex editing): "This one 
allows you to unload bodyparts in a hanger that you own and get them 
immediately converted to matter, trigger and fusion parts. Open up a hangar 
that you own, or any purchasable hanger with a hex editor - you will see 
something like this (this is for downtown 05)": 

44 6f 77 6e 74 6f 77 6e 20 30 35 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
00 00 00 00 00 00 10 1c 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 12 00 00 00 
01 00 00 00 78 bc d5 02 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 

Change it to: 

44 6f 77 6e 74 6f 77 6e 20 30 35 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
00 00 00 00 00 00 10 1c 00 00 *0d* 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 12 00 00 
00 01 00 00 00 78 bc d5 02 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 

Another option is to restart using Max's Dealer mod, which creates an 
alternative Dealer startup career (available from ). It is a hard start, but will 
give you access to alien-related goods.


9.5.15 Can I remove the beta 5 negative deposit cheat?

This bug allows negative amounts to be deposited at a hangar, thus creating 
credits (from Wez). Max's Economy patch fixes this - see Are there any patches 
for the U3 betas? above. Alternatively, just don't use the cheat...


9.5.16 I am experiencing video related crashes. Any hints?

Later beta versions tend to solve many of the early graphics-related glitches 
and crashes. 3DFX Voodoo 4/5 support may be broken in all versions, as Lyx 
comments: "On betas 1 and 2 an error window pops up: 'TPage failed to fit a 
sprite'. Also, Hardman detects different drivers on the (working) 2.04 version 
than the U3-betas: In 2.04 you can even choose between 'Glide 2' or 'Glide 3'-
Support... in the U3-betas there just one '3dfx glide'-driver." Software 
rendering is buggy in places, notably when accessing the navigation screen. 
Switching to Direct 3D mode may solve this issue. Another fix worth trying is 
to set your desktop resolution/size to that of the game.





10.1 What's the deal with BodyParts?

The gangs are almost obsessed with BodyParts once they start trading with the 
aliens via the Research Facility. You cannot trade with the aliens, but you 
can sell BodyParts to the gangs. Most of the hangars between Port tunnel in 
Downtown and Alpha or Gamma (along routes used by gang transports) can be used 
to sell BodyParts at $1500 or $2000 each, more than twice what you can buy 
them for. Some have reported they will sell for as much as $2800. RoadDemon 
and others suggest Gamma H3 and Hangar A3 in Alpha. Some of the Downtown 
hangars work too, but not all. Simply buy one or more of these hangars, 
purchase and ship in a few loads of BodyParts from a nearby conurbation, and 
open the hangar up to sales.


10.2 Origin Unknown

At different stages in the plot Origin Unknown may be seen. It sells for 
$99,999 a piece, although you may need to work to get trading posts to buy 
from you. You cannot recover Origin Unknown until part way through the plot, 
which would seem to prevent you getting your hands on half of it. But it is 
still possible to recover and sell all the Origin Unknown in the game, you 
just need to be creative. Based on the notes of Axe and Ashlocke: For the 
first 3 units (initial alien crash), attack the ships that pick it up as they 
pass through tunnels, where they cannot recover it. For the second three units 
(Klamp Port decoy), attack the Klamp transport until it jettisons the cargo, 
but don't kill the transport otherwise the plot will stall. The next two sets 
of Origin Unknown are in the secret bases (see Can I attack both bases? in the 
walkthrough). There are a further three units of Origin Unknown available 
(from Fedor von Bock): You need to kill the alien that rescues you from Port 
after the Port Clearance with Big Bob (see above). One cannot target alien 
ships, and if you get too close, your controls are lost. Fedor von Bock's 
method involves attacking whilst remaining just outside of the range at which 
the controls are lost. Once the alien's shields go down, it will attempt to 
get repairs at the Knocking Ship, at which point destroy it with lasers.


10.3 It's art, mate

There are some strange features on Titan. Downtown Recycling would seem to be 
at the heart of some kind of "stone" circle. But the most important hangar in 
the centre of the design is empty. The Lazarus Ore Proc, in the Mines, 
displays the Lazarus corporate logo when viewed from above. Big ego; anyone?


10.4 Fooling the AI

Humans can, with practice, fly into tunnels without so much as dropping the 
throttle. AI pilots can't, and are forced to stop dead at the tunnel mouth and 
at bends in the tunnel. When attacked in there they get rather lost. And they 
refuse to pick up salvage dropped in tunnels. Want to get your own back at 
pirates without continually having to kill them? Just buy up almost all of 
their hangars. Titan suddenly becomes a lot safer when you own 40 hangars. Of 
course, not everyone wants Titan to be safer.


10.5 Final tip

Occupations should reflect circumstances, not always the choice of the pilot. 
If you see a potential booty, become a pirate for a minute. If you spot a 
cargo on the ground, become a scavenger for a minute. If you find a highly 
profitable trade run, become a trader for a minute. Hardwar is not just fast 
paced in combat, it is fast paced in everything. Don't hang about for long.






A. Hangar List

Codes for crater, owner and business type, and notes are given at the bottom 
of the table.


Hangar                    | er |er |ness|Note
Abandoned Terminal        | Po | a | MR |    
Acid Hangar               | Dt | p |    |    
Agrochem                  | Ah |   | CH |    
Air Puifier M             | Mn |   |    |    
Air Purifier A            | Ah |   |    |    
Air Purifier D            | Dt |   |    |    
Air Purifier G            | Ga |   |    |    
Alpha Cabs                | Ah |   | TX |    
Alpha Construction        | Ah |   | BD |    
Alpha Depot               | Ah |   | MR |    
Alpha Depot II            | Ah |   |    |    
Alpha Estate Agent        | Ah |   | EA |    
Alpha Police Station      | Ah | c | PS |    
Alpha Trading Post        | Ah |   | TP |    
Bargain Moths             | Dt |   | MF |    
Bill Moritz               | Re |   | CG |    
Blackeye's Hangar         | Ri | p |    |    
Blue Repository           | Hi | p |    |    
Breaker Maker 1           | Dt |   | BM |    
Breaker Maker 2           | Dt |   | BM |    
Breaker Maker 3           | Ah |   | BM |    
Breaker Maker 4           | Hi |   | BM |    
Breaker Maker 5           | Ga |   | BM |    
Central Industrial        | Dt |   | MM |  1 
Central Monorail          | Dt |   | MR |    
Charlie Wadsworth         | Ri |   | LA |    
Charlies Pizza            | Ri |   | FF |    
Clone Farm                | Dt |   | CL |  2 
Colony HQ                 | Dt |   |    |    
Concealed Hideout         | Mn | p |    |    
Conurbation 1             | Dt |   | HO |    
Conurbation 2             | Dt |   | HO |    
Conurbation 3             | Dt |   | HO |    
Conurbation Two           | Ga |   | HO |    
Crash Hangar              | Ga | p |    |    
Craven Components         | Ah |   | CP |    
Customs Block             | Dt | a |    |    
Darkbase                  | Hi | p |    |    
Defriefing Zone           | Dt |   |    |  3 
Derelict Factory          | Ri | e |    |    
Derelict Warehouse        | Ri | e |    |    
Downtown 05               | Dt | e |    |    
Downtown Builders         | Dt |   | BD |    
Downtown Chemicals        | Dt |   | CH |    
Downtown Components       | Dt |   | CP |    
Downtown Estates          | Dt |   | EA |    
Downtown Moths            | Dt |   | MF |    
Downtown Munitions        | Dt |   | WM |    
Downtown Outpost          | Dt | l |    |    
Downtown Recycling        | Dt |   | RC |    
Dr Jobes Weapons          | Ga |   | WM |    
Dunroamin                 | Dt | p |    |    
Empty Complex             | Ri | e |    |    
Flight Academy            | Ah |   |    |    
Flyers Retreat            | Ga |   | BR |  9 
Freds Builders            | Mn |   | BD |    
Gamma Cabs                | Ga |   | TX |    
Gamma Estate Agent        | Ga |   | EA |    
Gamma H3                  | Ga | e |    |    
Gamma Monorail Depot      | Ga |   | MR |    
Gamma Police Garrison     | Ga | c | PS |    
Gamma Trading Post        | Ga |   | TP |    
General Industrial        | Ri |   | NC |    
Groover's Hangar          | Ah | p |    |    
Hangar A1                 | Ah | e |    |    
Hangar A2                 | Ah | p |    |    
Hangar A3                 | Ah | e |    |    
Hangar A4                 | Ah | p |    |    
Hardwarp FM               | Dt |   |    |    
Hideout 1                 | Hv | p |    |    
Hideout 2                 | Hv | p |    |    
Hideout 4                 | Md | p |    |    
Hideout 5                 | Md | p |    |    
Hideout 6                 | Md | p |    |    
Highrise Cabs             | Hi |   | TX |    
Highrise Construction     | Hi |   | BD |    
Highrise Estates          | Hi |   | EA |    
Highrise Motors           | Hi |   | MF |    
Highrise Police Station   | Hi | c | PS |    
Highrise Trading Post     | Hi |   | TP |    
Home Base                 | Dt | p |    |    
Hr Conurbation 1          | Hi |   | HO |    
Hr Vacant 1               | Hi | e |    |    
Hr Vacant 2               | Hi | e |    |    
Hr Vacant Tower           | Hi | e |    |    
Hunger City               | Ga |   | HO |    
Island Garrison           | Re | l |    |    
Junkyard                  | Ri |   | RC |    
Jupiter Four              | Re |   | BR |    
Klamp Macro 1             | Ri | k | FF |    
Klamp Macro 2             | Ri | k | FF |    
Klamp Macro 3             | Ri | k | FF |    
Klamp-G Arms              | Ga | k | WM |    
Klamp-G Chemicals         | Ga | k | CH |    
Klamp-G Components        | Ga | k | CP |    
Klamp-G FacDef            | Ga | k |    |    
Klamp-G Fe-Mill           | Ga | k | OP |    
Klamp-G HQ                | Ri | k |    |    
Klamp-G HQ Garrison       | Ri | k |    |    
Klamp-G Medical           | Ri | k |    |    
Klamp-G Mine              | Mn | k | MN | 10 
Klamp-G Moth Factory      | Ga | k | MF |    
Klamp-G Purifier 1        | Re | k | WA |    
Klamp-G Purifier 2        | Re | k | WA |    
Klamp-G Purifier 3        | Re | k | WA |    
Klamp-G Purifier 4        | Re | k | WA |    
Klamp-G Purifier 5        | Re | k | WA |    
Klamp-G Purifier 6        | Re | k | WA |    
Klamp-G Secret Base       | Ri | k |    |    
Klamp-G Weapons Shop      | Ri | k | WS |    
Lazarus Alpha             | Ah | l |    |    
Lazarus Chemicals         | Ah | l | CH |    
Lazarus Components        | Ah | l | CP |    
Lazarus Hightower         | Dt | l |    |    
Lazarus HQ                | Hi | l |    |    
Lazarus HQ Garrison       | Hi | l |    |    
Lazarus Macro 1           | Re | l | FF |    
Lazarus Macro 2           | Re | l | FF |    
Lazarus Macro 3           | Re | l | FF |    
Lazarus Macro 4           | Re | l | FF |    
Lazarus Macro 5           | Re | l | FF |    
Lazarus Macro 6           | Re | l | FF |    
Lazarus Macro 7           | Re | l | FF |    
Lazarus Mine              | Mn | l | MN | 10 
Lazarus Mine Garrison     | Mn | l |    |    
Lazarus Mine OreProc      | Mn | l | OP |    
Lazarus Moths             | Ah | l | MF |    
Lazarus Munitions         | Ah | l | WM |    
Lazarus Ore Proc          | Ah | l | OP |    
Lazarus Purifier          | Re | l | WA |    
Lazarus Secret Base       | Re | l |    |    
Lazarus Weapons Shop      | Hi | l | WS |    
LightWell 01              | Dt |   | LW |    
LightWell 02              | Dt |   | LW |    
LightWell 03              | Dt |   | LW |    
LightWell 04              | Hi |   | LW |    
LightWell 05              | Ah |   | LW |    
LightWell 06              | Ri |   | LW |    
LightWell 07              | Re |   | LW |    
LightWell 08              | Ga |   | LW |    
LightWell 09              | Mn |   | LW |    
Lord Nicon's Hangar       | Ri | p |    |    
Mass Driver 1             | Po |   |    |    
Mass Driver 2             | Po |   |    |    
Mines Cabs                | Mn |   | TX |    
Mines Monorail Depot      | Mn |   |    |    
Mines Trading Post        | Mn |   | TP | 10 
Mis Op Cabs               | Dt |   | TX |    
Misery Heights            | Hi |   | HO |    
MisOp Finance             | Dt |   | LA |    
Monastery                 | Dt |   |    |    
Monorail Depot            | Hi |   | MR |    
Ore Proc 2                | Dt |   | OP |    
Ore Processing            | Dt |   | OP |    
Paranoidopolis            | Ga |   | HO |    
Pirates Nest              | Hi | p |    |    
Police Garrison           | Dt | c |    |    
Police HQ                 | Dt | c | PS |    
Prison Mine               | Mn |   | MN |    
Prison Oubliette          | Mn |   |    |    
Psycho Bobs 1             | Dt |   | WS |    
Psycho Bobs 2             | Dt |   | WS |    
Purpledrome               | Ga | p |    |    
Recycle Joint             | Hi |   | RC |    
Research Facility         | Dt | a |    |    
Reservoir Cabs            | Re |   | TX |    
Reservoir Central         | Re |   | WS |    
Reservoir Def 1           | Re | k |    |    
Reservoir Def 2           | Re | k |    |    
Reservoir Trading         | Re |   | TP |    
Restricted Area           | Dt |   |    |    
Riverside Cabs            | Ri |   | TX |    
Riverside Chemicals       | Ri |   | CH |    
Riverside Construction    | Ri |   | BD |    
Riverside Cops            | Ri | c | PS |    
Riverside Estates         | Ri |   | EA |    
Riverside Monorail        | Ri |   | MR |    
Riverside Parts           | Ri |   | CP |    
Scrubber Hngr             | Hi | u |    |    
Scrubber Outpost          | Ah | u | CG |    
Scrubber Xchng            | Hi | u | RC |    
Scrubbers Alpha           | Ah | u |    |    
Scrubbers HQ              | Hi | u |    |    
Secluded Residence        | Re | p |    |    
Sentinel 1                | Dt |   |    |    
Sentinel 2                | Dt |   |    |    
Sentinel 3                | Dt |   |    |    
Sewage Control            | Dt |   | WA | 11 
Sewage Control            | Ri |   |    |    
Shears Yard               | Dt |   | PE |  1 
Sith Manor                | Mn | p |    |    
Skinners HQ               | Ah | s |    |    
Skinners Outpost          | Ga | s | DS |    
Smart Weapons Corp        | Dt |   | WM |  4 
Software Refinery         | Ri |   | SW |    
Software Shack 1          | Dt |   | SW |    
Software Shack 2          | Dt |   | SW |    
Special Arms Co           | Hi |   | WS |    
Syd's Workshop            | Dt |   |    |    
Tarquin's Hangar          | Ah | p |    |    
Techparts                 | Dt |   | CP | 12 
Terraformer               | Dt |   |    |    
Terror-rise               | Ga |   | HO |    
The After Dark            | Dt |   | BR |    
The Belfry                | Hi |   |    |    
The Garidge               | Hi | u | BM | 13 
The Knocking Ship         | Mn |   | BM |    
The Morgue                | Dt |   |    |    
The Ore House             | Ri |   | OP |    
The Pit                   | Re | p |    |    
The Shanty Inn            | Hv |   | BR |    
The Slum                  | Ri |   | BR |    
The Squat                 | Hi |   | HO |    
The Waterfront            | Ri |   | BR |    
Thunderbase               | Dt | p |    |    
Titan University          | Ri |   |    |    
Trade Central             | Dt |   | TP |    
Traders Rest              | Hi |   | BR | 14 
Vacant 0006               | Dt | e |    |  5 
Vacant 0007               | Dt | e |    |  6 
Vacant 0008               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0009               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0010               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0011               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0012               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0013               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0014               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0015               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0016               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0017               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0018               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0019               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0020               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0021               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0022               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0023               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0024               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0025               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0026               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0027               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0028               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0029               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0030               | Dt | e |    | 10 
Vacant 0031               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0032               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0033               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0034               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0035               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0036               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0037               | Dt | e |    |    
Vacant 0038               | Dt | e |    |  7 
Vacant 0039               | Dt | e |    |  8 
Vacant Unit               | Ri | e |    |    
Waterfront Booze          | Ri |   | DS |    
Zero Cool's Hangar        | Ah | p |    |    
* Ah - Alpha 
* Dt - Downtown 
* Ga - Gamma 
* Hv - Haven 
* Hi - Highrise 
* Md - Midway 
* Mn - Mines 
* Po - Port 
* Re - Reservoir 
* Ri - Riverside 

* a - Aliens 
* c - Police (cops) 
* e - Empty, but purchasable 
* k - Klamp-G 
* l - Lazarus 
* p - Independent Pirate/Scavenger 
* s - Skinner 
* u - Scrubber 

* BD - Builders 
* BM - Breaker Maker 
* BR - Bar 
* CG - Cigar Producer 
* DS - Distiller (Alcohol) 
* CH - Chemicals Factory 
* CL - Clone Producer 
* CP - Component Factory 
* EA - Estate Agent 
* FF - Food and Fur Farm 
* HO - Housing (BodyParts) 
* LA - Loan Agent 
* LW - Lightwell 
* MF - Moth Factory 
* MM - Machinery Manufacturing 
* MN - Mine 
* MR - MonoRail Station 
* NC - Narcotics Factory 
* OP - Ore Processor 
* PE - Pod and Engine Factory 
* PS - Police Station 
* RC - Metal Recycling 
* SW - Software Installer 
* TP - Trading Post 
* TX - Taxi/Cab Base 
* WA - Water Treatment 
* WM - Weapons Manufacturer 
* WS - Weapons Reseller 

* 1 - U3 only. 
* 2 - U1.0+. Originally Vacant 0039. 
* 3 - Replaced by Central Industrial in U3 beta 1. Reintroduced at the 
location of Vacant 0007 in U3 beta 5. 
* 4 - U3 beta 5 only. 
* 5 - Replaced by Shears Yard in U3. 
* 6 - Replaced by Debriefing Zone in U3 beta 5. 
* 7 - Replaced by Smart Weapons Corp in U3 beta 5. 
* 8 - Replaced by Clone Farm in U1.0. 
* 9 - Also offers repairs. 
* 10 - Also MonoRail station. 
* 11 - Also supplies Chemicals. 
* 12 - Only produces CompComp. 
* 13 - Repair services available. Other services unknown. 
* 14 - Also offers certain Breaker Maker products, but not including repairs.



B. Non-Moth Production Requirements and Locations Table

The number of items required in production is based on U3 beta 5, however is 
thought to apply to all versions. Production locations are based on U2.04 
unless the item is specific to U3. Note that U3 has modified a number of 
production locations, including adding locations for previously non-producible 
items. Faction specific production is ignored, since most of the time trade is 
impossible. Faction facilities work on a similar basis to public businesses of 
with similar sounding names.


               | | | | | |F| | | | | | | |
    Items      | | | | | |u| | | | | | | |
    Required   | | | | |E|s| | | | |S|S| |
    for        | |C| | |x|i| |M| | |c|h| |
    Production | |h|C| |p|o| |a| |P|r|e| |
               | |e|o|E|l|n| |c| |l|a|e| |
__________     | |m|m|x|o| | |h| |a|p|t| |
          \    |N|i|p|M|s|P| |P| |s|M|M|W|
           \   |o|c|C|e|i|a|G|a| |t|e|e|a|
Item        \  |t|a|o|t|v|r|e|r|O|i|t|t|t|
Made         \ |e|l|m|a|e|t|m|t|r|c|a|a|e|    Produced At
Afterburner    | | | | |4| | | | | | |1| |
Alcohol        | |1| | | | | | | | | | |1|Waterfront Booze, Skinners Outpost
Big Bob        |P| | | |1|2| | | | | |3| |Dr Jobes, DT Munitions
Blaster        |A| |2|1|6| | | | | | |1| |Smart Weapons Corp
BodyParts      |R| | | | | | | | | | | | |Conurbations and similar housing
Cell #1        | |1| | | | | | | |1| | |1|DT and Craven Comp, Riverside Parts
Cell #2        | |1| | | | | | | |2| | |1|DT and Craven Comp, Riverside Parts
Cell #3        | |2| | | | | | | |2| | |2|DT and Craven Comp, Riverside Parts
Cell #4        | |2| | | | | | | |3| | |3|DT and Craven Comp, Riverside Parts
Chaff          | | | | | | | | | | | |1| |DT and Craven Comp, Riverside Parts
Chemicals      |R| | | | | | | | | | | | |DT & Riv Chem, AgroChem, Sewage Ctrl
Cigars         |R| | | | | | | | | | | | |Bill Moritz, Scrubber Outpost
Clone          |B| | | | | | | | | | | | |Clone Farm
CompComp       | | | |1| | |1| | |1| | | |DT & Craven Comp, R Parts, Techparts
Component Mach |C| |2| | | | |6| |2| |6| |Central Industrial
Constmat       |R| | | | | | | | | | | | |Prison Mine
Devastator     | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Dr Jobes, Downtown Munitions
Disabler       |A| | | | | | | | | | | | |Smart Weapons Corp
Distiller      |C| | | | | | | | | | | | |Central Industrial
Drone          | | | | | | | | | |1| |2| |DT and Craven Comp, Riverside Parts
Engine #1      | | | | | | | |2|2|2| | | |
Engine #2      | | | | | | | |3|2|2| | | |
Engine #3      | | | | | | | |3|3|3| | | |
ExMetal        | | | | | | | | |1| | | | |Ore Processing, Ore Proc2, Ore House
Explosives     |O|2| | | | | | | |1| | | |DT and Riverside Chemicals, AgroChem
FireBurst      | | |3|3|3| |3| | | | |3| |Dr Jobes, DT Munitions
Flares         |O|4| | | | | | | |1| | | |DT and Riverside Chemicals, AgroChem
Food           |R| | | | | | | | | | | | |Klamp and Laz Macros, Charlies Pizza
Fumbler        |A| |2|1|1| | |1| | | |1| |Smart Weapons Corp
Furs           |R| | | | | | | | | | | | |Klamp and Laz Macros
Fusion Cell    |P|1| | | |1| | | |1| | |1|DT and Craven Comp, Riverside Parts
Fusion Parts   |P| | | | | | | | | | | | |
Gems           |R| | | | | | | | | | | | |Prison Mine
GroundBase     | | |3|3|3| |3| | | | |3| |Dr Jobes, Downtown Munitions
Hologram       | | |6| | | |1|1| | | |1| |Dr Jobes, Downtown Munitions
Large Pod      | | |2| | | | |2| |3| |4| |
Largest Pod    | | |2| | | | |2| |3| |5| |
Laser          | | |1|1| | |1|1| | | |1| |Dr Jobes, Downtown Munitions
Laser Turret   | | |2|3| | |1|2| | | |2| |Dr Jobes, Downtown Munitions
MachParts      | | | | | | | | | | | |1| |DT and Craven Comp, Riverside Parts
Matter         |P| | | | | | | | | | | | |
Medium Pod     | | |2| | | | |2| |2| |3| |
Narcotics      | |1| | | | | | | | | | | |General Industrial
Narcotron      |C| |3| | | | |6| |3| |5| |Central Industrial
Ore            |R| | | | | | | | | | | | |Prison Mine
Ore Processor  |C| |2| | | | |6| |2| |5| |Central Industrial
Plasmakannon   | | |1|3| | |1|2| | | |2| |Dr Jobes, Downtown Munitions
Plastics       |O|2| | | | | | | | | | | |DT and Riverside Chemicals, AgroChem
Power Leach    | | | | |2| | | | | | |4| |Dr Jobes, Downtown Munitions
Pulse Laser    | | |1|3| | |2|3| | | |3| |Dr Jobes, Downtown Munitions
ScrapMetal     |R| | | | | | | | | | | | |
SheetMetal     |X| | | | | | | |1| | | | |Ore Processing, Ore Proc2, Ore House
SheetMetal     |X| | | | | | | | | |1| | |Junkyard, DT Recyc, Scrub X, Recyc J
Small Pod      | | |1| | | | |2| |2| |2| |
Smallest Pod   | | |1| | | | |1| |1| |1| |
Sprat          | | | | |1| | | | | | |2| |Dr Jobes, Downtown Munitions
Starshells     |O|4| | | | | | | |1| | | |DT and Riverside Chemicals, AgroChem
Swarm          | | | | |1| | | | | | |4| |Dr Jobes, Downtown Munitions
Tac-Nuke       |P| | | |1|1| | | | | |3| |Dr Jobes, Downtown Munitions
Trigger        |P| | | | | | | | | | | | |
Trojan         |D| |1| |1| | | | | | |4| |
UnderKill      | | |3|3|3| |3| | | | |3| |Dr Jobes, Downtown Munitions
Water          |R| | | | | | | | | | | | |Klamp and Laz Purifiers, Sewage Ctrl
Weapons Mach   |C| |2| | | | |6| |2| |7| |Central Industrial
Item         / |o|h|o|x|x|u|e|a|r|l|c|h|a|    Produced At
Made        /  |t|e|m|M|p|s|m|c|e|a|r|e|t|
           /   |e|m|p|e|l|i|s|h| |s|a|e|e|
__________/    |s|i|C|t|o|o| |P| |t|p|t|r|
               | |c|o|a|s|n| |a| |i|M|M| |
               | |a|m|l|i| | |r| |c|e|e| |
    Items      | |l|p| |v|P| |t| |s|t|t| |
    Required   | |s| | |e|a| |s| | |a|a| |
    for        | | | | |s|r| | | | |l|l| |
    Production | | | | | |t| | | | | | | |
               | | | | | |s| | | | | | | |
A - U3 beta 5+
B - U1.0+
C - U3
D - U2.02+
O - Although this has production requirements, all are permanently available 
at the point of production, making these seem like raw materials.
P - Only producible after certain plot events.
R - Raw Material.
S - Production process involves internal sub-component manufacture. This sub-
manufacturing is not obvious to players so is aggregated in the figures shown.
X - Alternative production requirement depending on method of production.



C. Moth Production Requirements Table

The number of items required in production is based on U3 beta 5, however is 
thought to apply to all versions. Moths require various sub-components to be 
manufactured first. Some of these - frames and engines - are manufactured as 
internal production at the Moth factory. In order to produce a moth, items 
listed under "Aggregate Production" need to be supplied. Full requirements are 
shown to assist planning deliveries.


---------------+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ + ----------------------------
               |D| | | |P| | | | Internal Sub-Production
               |e| | | |o| | | | -------------------+-+-+-+-+
               |a| |M|N|l| | | |                    | | | |S|
      Moth     |t| |o|e|i|S| | |     Items          |M| | |h|
      Made     |h| |o|o|c|i|S| |     Required       |a| |P|e|
               |s| |n| |e|l|w| |     for            |c| |l|e|
               | | | |T| |v|a| |     Production     |h| |a|t|
____________   |H|H|M|i|M|e|l| | _______________    |P| |s|M|
            \  |e|a|o|g|o|r|l| |                \   |a| |t|e|
Requirements \ |a|w|t|e|t|-|o| | Item            \  |r|O|i|t|
              \|d|k|h|r|h|Y|w| | Made             \ |t|r|c|a|
---------------+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |                   \|s|e|s|l|
Internal Production            | -------------------+-+-+-+-+
---------------+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ | Deaths Head Frame  |2| |2|3|
Cell #1        | | |1| | |1|1| | Engine #1          |2|2|2| |
Cell #2        | | | |1| | | | | Engine #2          |3|2|2| |
Cell #3        |1|1| | |1| | | | Engine #3          |3|3|3| |
Deaths H Frame |1| | | | | | | | Hawk Frame         |2| |3|2|
Engine #1      | | |1| | |1|1| | Moon Moth Frame    |2| |1|2|
Engine #2      | |1| |1| | | | | Neo Tiger Frame    |6| |4|7|
Engine #3      |1| | | |1| | | | Police Moth Frame  |6| |6|8|
Hawk Frame     | |1| | | | | | | Silver-Y Frame     |2| |1|2|
Laser          |1|1|1|1|1|1|1| + -------------------+-+-+-+-+
Moon M Frame   | | |1| | | | |
Neo T Frame    | | | |1| | | |
Police M Frame | | | | |1| | |
Silver-Y Frame | | | | | |1|1|
Aggregate Production
Cell #1        | | |1| | |1|1|
Cell #2        | | | |1| | | |
Cell #3        |1|1| | |1| | |
Laser          |1|1|1|1|1|1|1|
MachParts      |5|5|4|9|9|4|4|
Ore            |3|2|2|2|3|2|2|
Plastics       |5|5|3|6|9|3|3|
SheetMetal     |3|2|2|7|8|2|2|



D. Plot Video Transcripts

This appendix was written by Arago Fett (Peter Veness) - , and placed here with his 
permission. The transcripts should be particularly useful for anyone trying to 
play using one of the lite versions of the game that does not contain the 


The Intro Movie

(*Note: The Hardwar Veteran is played by the same actor who plays Psycho Bob. 
That's all really.* Starts off with a pounding sound, like hitting a drum with 
a soft-head beater [music isn't my forte]. All you can see is Hardwar 
Veteran's hand. He lights a cigarette. You hear him puff on it. He flexes his 
hand; his knuckles are red raw from the cold. The camera moves to his face.) 
I had a girl once. 
(A girl is seen in front of a camera. You hear her speak in {}, and bullets 
are fired.) 
She's gone. {Suck on that, space boy!} 
(The image of his girl repeats on the screen, like a broken record. Friendly 
dog barks are heard.) 
I had a dog too. 
(A B&W photo of the dog is seen. It's a Jack Russell.) 
He didn't understand. 
(The dog barks turn angry.) 
He bit me one time. 
(He motions to a scar just in front and above of his right temple, and the 
barks stop.) 
I knew. I had a ship. 
(A thin, sleek police moth manoeuvres around a moon moth in what appears to be 
a large hangar, with a ceiling and floor, three walls, but with a large open 
side. Think airlocks like Star Trek or Star Wars.) 
That's when it all started. 
(The moths fly away from the building and it explodes.) 
There's no good, or bad. 
(You see a room full of missiles. The room is flashing in a Red Alert way and 
there's a siren. It's a very quick scene.) 
You don't ask no questions. 
(You see the Police Uber-Clerk through the Police video format.) 
PUC: Hardcase are we sir? Everything you've ever known, is gone. Leave it. 
Walk away. 
(As he continues, a small montage shows radioactive barrels, and the sun 
rising on Titan.) 
Fractions, equations, right, wrong, Heaven, Hell. Forget it. 
(A missile flies towards a building. A turret aims towards it.) 
Forget everything. 
(The missile hits the building and explodes.) 
There's no yesterday, or tomorrow. 
(A black screen says, "Titan. Territory: [Misplaced] Optimism. Population: 
20,000" and the number scrolls down rapidly.) 
All you want's a piece of the action. 
(He cocks his laser pistol. It hums as it loads.) 
And everyone wants a piece of you. 
(A skeleton in a space suit flies through space.) 
And what are they gonna say when all this is all over. 
(A guy gets beaten up on the floor, elsewhere.) 
You think they like you? You think they want to be your friend? 
(The PUC briefly appears on screen.) 
You can't trust anyone. 'Cause they don't trust you. 
(Jason Lazarus rotates on his chair.) 
They don't understand when you do something wrong. They want you to pay for 
(You see a cam move through a corridor. A white light passes over a grated 
floor; the camera is beneath the floor.) 
The future used to be something to look forward to. 
(A building explodes. The camera is very close to HV's face.) 
It's a crock a' shit. There's a war going on out there. 
(The word 'War' flies in from the right with a metallic clunk.) 
And it ain't easy. 
(The word 'Hard' flies in from the left with a metallic clunk. A moon-moth 
shoots out from Titan's atmosphere, and Titan turns red and volcanic. 
'HardWar' appears on the screen and the rest goes blank. The Future Is Greedy 
is burned in green under it, and the [] on top of the a is locked on.)


Lazarus: An Apology

(Lazarus logo. Jason Lazarus sits in a egg-shell shaped chair. His back is to 
the camera.) 
The Lazarus Family wish to apologise to aviators caught up in the turbulence 
created by the Lazarus test ships. Unfortunately, 
(He rotates in the chair to face the camera.) 
individuals killed or injured due to such activities, are not likely to 
receive compensation. This also applies to any vehicular or structural damage. 
These tests are of long term benefit to the entire city. Thank you. 
(He turns away from the camera. Lazarus logo: The future is something to look 
forward to...)


Lazarus: New Measures

(Lazarus logo. Brief shot of construction workers working. Jason Lazarus shows 
his profile to the camera) 
Recently, an air of... antagonism has swept over the city. 
(Shot of workers. Jason turns his head to the camera.) 
Further to the upsetting behaviour of other forces, the Lazarus Family has 
engaged in a limited measure of nuclear strikes. An effort, to prevent more 
bloodshed on our part. Thank you. 
(Jason Lazarus turns back to profile view. Lazarus logo: Your troubles are our 


Klamp-G: Denial

(Klamp logo. Klamp-G spokesperson is sitting, and looking directly at camera.) 
Klamp-G have no nuclear transport capabilities. These reports are rumours 
generated by opponents and competitors with little regard for our citizens. 
(Close up on top half of head; eyes and nose.) 
Action is being taken to ensure Klamp airspace is not violated again. 
(Close up on her left eye.) 
This is a warning. 
(Klamp logo.)


Klamp-G: Response

(Klamp logo. As in Denial, but camera further zoomed out.) 
Conflict within the city has reached a new ceiling of stupidity. With regard 
to such carnage, Klamp are employing the phrase; 
(Zoom on left eye.) 
an eye for an eye. 
(Return to original zoom.) 
Thank you for your continued support in these desperate times. 
(Klamp logo.)


Psycho Bob: After *Congratulations*

(Psycho Bob logo. Psycho Bob appears, sitting. He leans forward.) 
By a process of natural selection, it appears that you are the best operative 
for this assignment. Now, I need you to sniff out the locations of where 
Klamp-G, and Lazarus, are keeping their nuclear test ships. 
(Camera switches to overhead, grainy, black and white.) 
I don't know if you read the reports, 
(Normal camera) 
but radiation levels north of Reservoir, and west of Riverside seem to 
indicate that these are the best places to look right now. 
(He sniffs. Very brief overhead B&W cam, before normal camera. Camera closes 
on his face.) 
Keep below a hundred feet, and you'll achieve radar invisibility. Your display 
unit will indicate this by colour change. But be warned, folks will still be 
able to spot you visually. 
(Zoom in on mouth.) 
And this we do not want. You bring ANY disturbance back here, and I will not 
be a happy man. 
(Normal camera.) 
But do this thing right, and I'm sure I can find you some more work. 
(He puffs his cigar. Psycho Bob logo.)


Psycho Bob: After *Good Job*

(Psycho Bob logo. Psycho Bob is talking into his headset communicator.) 
Listen! I order, you deliver! That's the system! That's the way it works you 
dumb fuck! If I have to come down there again, I will personally blow-torch 
random individuals! 
(Overhead B&W cam.) 
That kind of attitude really burns my ass. You must of heard about the 
bombing. Shoot, 
(Normal cam.) 
you might even have helped with a few. It don't matter a shit to me, either 
way. But if you were involved, you might have some idea of how we can get our 
hands on some goodies. I need triggers, and radioactive materials. Try looking 
in and around the locations we've squirted into your navigation system. We 
gotta have those components, asap. While there's still a city, to be miserable 
(He laughs. Overhead B&W cam. Bob stands, and looks at the B&W cam.) 
Bob out. 
(He presses a button on his wrist-comp. Psycho Bob logo.)


Psycho Bob: After obtaining Trigger and Matter

(Psycho Bob logo. B&W cam in a corridor. Bob talks with his assistant. *Not 
quite sure what Bob says here, it's not very clear. But here goes.*) 
Bob: Hey, there's nothing wrong with those rat suits. 
Assistant: Bob, they date back to the colonial years! 
(Cam crackles - moves to head close-ups) 
Bob: I'll do 'em myself. 
Assistant: Okay, forget it. 
(Assistant walks off. Camera keeps switching between zooms. Final zoom goes to 
Bob's head.) 
Am I a one man operation here or what? 
(Camera switch to assistant, walking off. Goes back to colour, in front of 
You're a credit to us all flier. Give me a couple of days to take a look at 
what you found. Then I'll get back to you. You won't be disappointed. 
(Camera zoom on wrist-comp. Bob presses buttons. Zoom back to Bob's face.) 
Bob out. 
(Psycho Bob logo.)


Psycho Bob: After *New Instructions*

(Psycho Bob logo. Overhead B&W cam. Bob's looking at B&W cam. A doctor is 
continually examining Bob.) 
Feeling... a little rough today flier. Yeah, guess it's something I ate. 
(Normal cam. You can now see Bob has lesions and spots on parts of his face.) 
Doc figures it's a little fault getting into the food chain, after those MAD 
(He coughs.) 
We're fitting your ship with our own prototype rocket, as we speak. It's a 
Psycho Bobs special! It's not as big as theirs, but the next batch... will be. 
You think you could get into one of those bases belonging to the factions, and 
get one of those wrecked fusion ships? I put the co-ordinates into your 
navigation system, just to be on the safe side. This could be the break we've 
been waiting for. Come back here if you succeed, or, if you need more ammo. 
(Psycho Bob logo.)


Psycho Bob: After Come On Home

(Psycho Bob logo. Bob is concealed by a lack of light. You can make out part 
of his head, bathed in red light.) 
Way to go man. Got yourself a crate of beer for that one. 
(He leans forward. His entire face is covered in boils and other deformities. 
His voice sounds very grating.) 
We'll get this analysed. But in the mean time, keep your ears open... for a 
new transmission from us. 
(He pulls back into the darkness, and laughs almost undetectably. Psycho Bob 


Psycho Bob: After Unknown Origin Analysis

(Psycho Bob logo. Bob is lying on a grey bed, the camera overhead at about 20 
degrees. There is no uninfected skin on his face. There is a rhythmic black 
shadow passing over Bob; like a fan is above him. He's speech is slowed.) 
We ran a whole... battery of tests... on that unknown cargo... The results are 
pretty dark, my friend... It appears to be... some kind of... carbon-based 
machine... as far as we can work out. 
(Zoom to face on 'DNA') 
But get this... it's made from human... DNA. Some Frankenstein is making 
machines... out of our own people... down there in the Port district. Klamp-
G... and Lazarus... are giving them... exactly... what they want... And in 
return... they get weapons... and fusion powered ships. 
(Normal camera. There is a long pause as Bob struggles to light a cigar. His 
hand shakes as he moves the lighter to the end of the cigar. After taking the 
first puff, he coughs. The camera slowly zooms until it reaches the eyes/nose 
position at the end.) 

Ain't life cheap? That Gangbanger was right after all... No wonder Charlie's 
Secret Pizza... went out of business yesterday... This is Psycho Bob... 
leaning to the left... Transmission... over... 
(The screen slowly fades to black. No logo.)


Psycho Bob: After the Apprentice's Message

(Psycho Bob logo. Bob's apprentice is directly in front of the camera, but 
solemnly avoids looking at the camera. Bob has died from his illness.) 
It's a sad day for all of us. Bob did some inspired work. 
(She looks at the camera.) 
He wouldn't want us to give up fighting now. We have one more nuclear device. 
It's being fitted to your ship right now. Take it to the tunnel linking the 
Mine and Port craters and see if you can open the place up. 
(Close-up cam.) 
Bob was certain that Lazarus or Klamp were hiding something in there. Come 
back when you've finished. Good luck, aviator. 
(She looks down and touches a control off-screen. Psycho Bob logo.)


Psycho Bob: After Failing to Destroy the Port Blockage

(Psycho Bob logo. Camera as in Port Block 1.) 
We need to get a better look at what the corporations are sitting on in the 
port area. We need to create a bigger bang. We've got the raw materials thanks 
to a lucky windfall during the convoy raids. With enough distraction, we can 
build the mother of all warheads. You must keep the gangs and factions 
preoccupied. Fly carefully. 
(Psycho Bob logo.)


Psycho Bob: After Normal Action Period

(Psycho Bob logo. Camera as in Port Block 1. She talks into a hand-held 
communicator for a moment.) 
Are we ready? 
(Her eyes dart back and forth as she listens to the response. Zoom to face.) 
A couple of techs are fitting a missile to your ship. We think the 
corporations are hiding an escape route from this dirtball situated in the 
back of Port district. You are going to go in, and open it up. If e really 
does equal mc squared, then this missile is going to open up that rear-
entrance like a nuclear laxative. Good luck. 
(Psycho Bob logo.)


Psycho Bob: After the Port Storm Rescue

(Psycho Bob logo. Normal camera as in Port Block 1, starts out as zoomed to 
Still in one piece flier? 
(Normal camera.) 
From that experience in the Port area, it seems you need better shields. A 
Fusion Drive is an exotic item, but it's the only thing powerful enough to 
soup up your defence system. 
(Zoom to face.) 
You could try the convoys on coming back from their body drops at Port. If and 
when you acquire one, drop it off here and I'll give you further instructions. 
(She pauses.) 
Your carcass is probably one of the most sought after in the city. Watch 
yourself out there. 
(She turns back to her typing. Psycho Bob logo.)


Psycho Bob: After obtaining a Fusion Cell

(Psycho Bob logo. The Apprentice walks in from the left (your left) in the 
same corridor as seen in After Obtaining Trigger and Matter. She is holding a 
So you got the Fusion Drive? You're full of surprises aviator. 
(Slight zoom out.) 
There's an operative over at Bob 2. He can wire up the engine to your shield. 
Syd is the only engineer in the city who knows the correct procedure. Once 
fitted, you should be able to find out exactly what's happening in the Port 
area. Get over there now, there's no time to lose. 
(Normal cam. She walks away from the camera, eventually off to the right of 
the screen.) 
Don't blow it now, flier. We're too close. 
(Psycho Bob logo.)


Psycho Bob: After going to Bob 2/Prison Oubliette

(Psycho Bob logo. Camera as in Port Block 1. The Apprentice runs in from the 
left. The room is filling with smoke, an alarm can be heard in the distance.) 
The whole things been blown open, the factions are onto us! You're on your own 
now flier! Good luck on the outside... 
(A loud popping noise can be heard. The Apprentice reacts, and runs off to the 
right. Three men wearing gas masks, entirely dressed in black, run in from the 
left. They are each holding some sort of pipe. They start smashing everything 
around. One of the men starts to run off to the right, but notices the camera. 
He swings his pipe at it, and the transmission ends in static.)


Xavier Lazarus: First Meeting

(Lazarus logo. Xavier, an old man, is lying on some sort of bed, with a 
reflective screen above him. He holds a small remote control with a joystick 
on it in his right hand.) 
Ah... a visitor. One with a face... I'd offer you some tea but for our rude 
means of communication... You probably don't remember tea. I see you have 
received them too. Please, allow me to translate. 
(He twiddles with the joystick and it beeps.) 
It has taken me a while. In time, anything can be solved. 
(He twiddles with the joystick again.) 
There... the results have been loaded into your mail system. 
(A typewriter noise is heard, probably displaying the message to Xavier. He 
looks offscreen.) 
Ah... interesting. Yes... Time... Call again when you have more transmissions. 
I look forward to it. Farewell, Flier. 
(Lazarus logo.)


Xavier Lazarus: Second Meeting

(Lazarus logo.) 
So, you return. You have more transmissions from our friends in Port? We'll 
have those translated eh? 
(He twiddles with the joystick.) 
Call again, Flier. 
(Lazarus logo.)


Xavier Lazarus: Third Meeting (Recurring)

(Lazarus logo.) 
You have more communications for our friends in Port? 
(He twiddles with the joystick.) 
Call again, Flier. 
(Lazarus logo.)


Xavier Lazarus: Fourth Meeting - After Klamp's Warning

(Camera starts out looking at Xavier. It moves to the reflective screen with 
'I wish'.) 
Ah... still alive eh? I wish I could say the same for myself. 
(Switch to Xavier's face. It slowly zooms out.) 
Soon, it will all be over. Not much left for you here flier. Up here, I can 
intercept the transmissions of the entire city. 
(Reflective view.) 
Mundane, mostly. However, your escapades have made my Winter most 
(Zoomed out view, zooming in to his face.) 
They will kill you, eventually, of course. They always do. That is why you 
must leave. They should have been our friends, you know. 
(Reflective view, zooming into the mirror.) 
That could not be so. Syd, that unfortunate young man. His information has led 
to the creation of a prototype craft. 
(Zooms out from mirror.) 
The vessel is unarmed, but it will allow an individual to safely enter the 
Port area. Escape is your only chance. I have taken the liberty of informing 
your ship computer of it's location. They will be leaving soon. If I were in 
your position, I would take the invitation seriously. 
(Quick zoom to face, then reflective.) 
One other thing; I understand that it is not your favoured mode of travel, but 
the cab or monorail would not betray your identity as easily as your moth. 
(Normal, slow zooming out camera.) 
Farewell, flier. To the next life... 
(Lazarus logo.)


Gang Boy: After completion of Help!

(No logo. There are three main cameras; Standard front view, a very clear 
below view with little + in the four corners of the screen, and a close B&W 
cam near Gang Boy's belt.) 
Oh you're good. 
(+ cam, switches to B&W at the end of the sentence as he sheathes his knife.) 
Beats me why you aren't working for a gang already. 
(Normal cam.) 
But hey, I'm glad you're not. Or I might have been part of that cargo myself. 
(+ cam.) 
Oh yeah. Klamp-G and the Lazarus Family have been shipping their bodies out to 
(Normal cam.) 
Oh, that's right. Stiffs. Why? Beats the shit outta me. 
(Camera switches between many different views as he arms himself.) 
Look, as soon as food production went through the roof a few weeks back, more 
and more pork has been going through the door. Hmm? 
(Normal cam.) 
Now we never used to take the bodies all the way out there. We just recycled 
the poor bastards in the towers where they died. 
(More quick cam switching.) 
Yeah alright, I'm outta here. Or they'll be looking for me, hmm? Hey, one 
thing I learned as a kid; you wanna disappear in this place, you go on foot. 
(+ cam. He looks around.) 
The Fusion Engine... 
(Normal cam.) 
It's yours. You know what doesn't make any sense? 
(Close up, then normal cam.) 
Bodies go there. Bombs come back. Crazy planet we live on, ain't it? And watch 
your E numbers. 
(Message closes.)


Gang Boy: Press release at Hardwarp FM

(Hardwarp FM logo. The Gang Defector [quite an old man] walks in, to be 
blinded by the flashes of cameras. They die down and he talks. The camera 
consistently shifts to different angles, some of them B&W. *His first line is 
impossible to understand. I hope I got it right.*) 
Can't do this no more. Pain o' death is their incentive. I can't function 
under those conditions! I forget how many... we took so many... Bodies, down 
to the Port district. Old people. Women. Children. Heh, it doesn't matter to 
them as long as the machinery keeps turning! Whatever's happening down there, 
it's using up more and more of the city's population! Someone's got to put a 
stop to this madness! The factions shouldn't be allowed to do this. Take 
normal people like me. Take bodies down there and bring dangerous radioactive 
cargo back! And for what? For the honour of becoming radiation shielding 
myself one day! My brother disappeared last week. My own brother! Do you 
understand? Do ya? Bodies? Radioactives? Garbled Messages? Xavier...! Old man 
Lazarus. Him! He knows. 
(He taps his forehead and gestures pointing up. Hardwarp logo.)


Prison Oubliette: Klamp's Warning

(Prison logo. Camera is central, and the Warden is standing on the left. He 
approaches the center of the screen. Note: All text in {} is spoken by the 
Persistance has it own rewards, pilot. On this occasion, I have no other 
choice. Should I give you what you want, I wonder... 
(Close-up cam.) 
Can you handle what you're buying into? Code 101 activated {Code 1} Access is 
{Accepted} granted. 
(The Warden storms off to the right. The screen goes blank for a few seconds. 
Then it reappears, looking directly at a beaten and battered Syd. He's 
standing, but stumbles frequently. The camera is very grainy, and constantly 
changes colour, moving from colour to monochrome.) 
They can go anywhere now... even into the Port crater. I worked a way to wire 
a moth's shield into one of those weird... fusion engines. They're more 
powerful than... ever. 
(The door slides open off screen. Footsteps approach.) 
Get... to Hightower. Xavier... Lazarus... 
(Laser shots are fired. Syd grunts, and falls to the floor, off screen. The 
Klamp-G spokesperson walks on from the right, smiling.) 
What a waste. Of ammunition I mean. 
(Camera switches to Syd, dead on the floor.) 
He was doomed, quite naturally. 
(Camera back to Klamp person.) 
And here you are. The aviator. You could have enjoyed the pleasures and 
benefits of a career with Klamp. If this city is to drag itself out of the 
cesspool we need to eradicate the scum. Not that you're any worse than most. 
Misplaced Optimism is full of the maverick breed. At least you can console 
yourself with the fact you won't be the first. Or indeed the last. Enjoy your 
future aviator. It's short, but very bright. 
(No logo.)


The Final Cutscene

Since this cutscene has no speech, I can explain it without the parentheses. 
The whole cutscene is played out to the song Dome Epais (The Flower Duet) by 
Leo Delibes. If you don't know what it sounds like, there's a midi here, . The first 10 seconds 
aren't played, but the rest is. It's also played much slower, and has the 
opera singers in it (it's called a duet for a reason.) It's worth pointing out 
that all the buildings are pre-rendered here. They never use in-game graphics 
for cutscenes. Makes it look that little bit nicer. 
It starts out with a zoom to Xavier Lazarus. He's holding a new remote and 
clutching it to his chest. The Alien Mothership blasts off from the Abandoned 
Terminal, as the East Mass Driver explodes. As it shoots through the 
atmosphere, a blue energy bolt shoots out of it, and pulls your moth up with 
it. There's a brief close-up of your moon-moth. The Mothership continues to 
ascend, pulling your moth closer and closer to it. 
It switches to a side-shot of Xavier, starting with the hand. You can clearly 
see a small red button on the remote. The camera turns to look at Xavier. The 
camera then switches again; to Police Chief Saffle, typing away; to Jason 
Lazarus, sitting in his chair; to the second gang-defector, smiling grimly 
with a bottle of something; to the Gang Boy, raising his hands in surrender 
and turning to face whoever is off-screen. There is a building exploding in 
the background. 
The blue energy beam has turned into some kind of appendage, and it closes up 
around your moth. Then the appendage is absorbed back into the Mothership, and 
it's rate of ascent becomes even more rapid. Back to Xavier. The camera moves 
down to a side-shot of the remote, slowly moving down and fading between 
angles, getting closer, and closer. At the maximum zoom, Xavier firmly pushes 
down on the red button. 
A building explodes (it might be the Lazarus HQ building, I'll check). The 
Mothership rockets through the atmosphere. Chief Saffle looks up from his 
typing. The Klamp-G spokesperson looks very frightened in a flashing-red 
corridor. Jason Lazarus turns his head to the camera. Chief Saffle's 
electronic monocle falls out. The building continues to explode. 
The bottom of the Mothership is now completely white from sheer engine power. 
It smashes it's way through the atmosphere. The Gang Boy moves his hands down 
and draws his laser pistols, firing at the unseen enemy. The Mothership is 
almost free from the atmosphere. The second Gang Defector looks at the large 
monitor behind him, playing some film, and keeps smiling. The camera zooms out 
from Xavier, showing an image of Syd, and then the Apprentice at half opacity. 
There's a close-up shot of the Apprentice from an earlier cutscene, then a 
close-up of Psycho Bob from an early cutscene. 
The Mothership flashes red as it escapes the planet. In the same view, the 
entire surface of Titan instantly turns red and volcanic. The Mothership 
shoots through space, and Titan explodes in a turquoise blast. The Mothership 
outruns the turquoise shockwave, and as the shockwave dissipates, the 
Mothership flies off, and becomes another glinting light among the stars. Fade 
to black.



E. Non-Plot Video Transcripts

This appendix was written by Arago Fett (Peter Veness) - , and placed here with his 
permission. The transcripts should be particularly useful for anyone trying to 
play using one of the lite versions of the game that does not contain the 


Lazarus: Third Message

(Lazarus logo. The camera looks directly at Jason, and slowly zooms in.) 
The Lazarus Family have no comment concerning the speculation and... rumours 
surrounding our operations within the Port district. Everything we do is in 
the interest of the citizen. Thank you. 
(Lazarus logo.)


Lazarus: Fourth Message

(Lazarus logo. Jason is sitting with his chair about 120 degrees away from the 
A special announcement for a friend out there. 
(He rotates to face the camera.) 
The Lazarus Family will not tolerate thieves or liars. Return what belongs to 
us and no further action will be taken. 
(He starts to turn back around, then pauses.) 
Thank you. 
(He finishes turning. Lazarus logo.)


Klamp-G: Third Message

(Klamp logo. Camera as in Klamp Response.) 
We know who you are. We will find out where you are. 
(Close to shoulders and head.) 
The theft of our cargo is a matter beyond formal announcement. 
(Close to top half of head.) 
Lie low, flier. 
(Klamp logo.)


Klamp-G: Fourth Message

(Klamp logo. Camera as in Klamp Response.) 
Klamp-G answer to no-one. Situations change. This one doesn't. Anyone caught 
interfering with important research activity in the Port area will be hunted, 
and terminated. 
(Klamp logo.)


Police Fine - Chief Saffle 1

(Police logo. Chief Saffle walks on from the left.) 
Think of it as saving for that rainy day sir. 
(Close up on face.) 
After all, you never know what's going to happen... out there. So much... 
safer world with us around the corner. Steady as she goes sir. 
(Normal camera. Saffle walks off to the left. Police logo: You serve, we 


Police Fine - Chief Saffle 2

(Police logo. Close up on Saffle's face.) 
At ease flier. 
(Camera distorts.) 
I recognise a gentleman of this kind when I see one. A payment in time, saves 
nine, as they say. Keep up the good work. 
(Saffle walks off to the left. Police logo: You serve, we protect.)


Police Fine - Chief Saffle 3

(Police logo. Saffle moves in from the left. There is a very slight picture 
bending in the middle of the screen.) 
Thank you very much sir. It's all part of the service. 
(Close up on face.) 
(Saffle walks off to the left. Police logo: You serve, we protect.)


Police Fine - Police Uber Clerk 1

(Police logo. Front shot of the Uber Clerk. The camera has extreme distortion, 
that ripples with change that ranges from colour distortion, to bending, to 
pixelation. In the top corner, the words 'Link Unstable' are printed.) 
There, that wasn't too painful. We're similar to waiters; we like our tips. 
The police are here to protect and to serve. You serve, and we protect. It 
wouldn't be nice if anything were to happen to you, out there. 
(Police logo: You serve, we protect.)


Police Fine - Police Uber Clerk 2

(Police logo. Camera as in PUC 1.) 
In a world without taxes, 
('Link Unstable' becomes 'Transmission Secure'. The camera becomes clear, with 
some slight static occasionally.) 
It's implaudible to channel money back into the system. At least with us 
you'll always know what the time is. Have a safe flight sir. 
('Transmission Secure' becomes 'Link Unstable' The camera turns all super-
coloured. Police logo: You serve, we protect.)


Police Fine - Police Uber Clerk 3

(Police logo. The PUC walks up to the camera.) 
What the eye never sees, the heart never grieves. Thank you for your 
generosity sir. 
(Police logo: You serve, we protect.)


Police: Ship Impounded - Chief Saffle 4

(Police logo. Saffle is sitting at a desk. He takes out his monocle. Two 
masked techs are working behind him. He looks off to his right. An offscreen 
officer replies.) 
Is there really no-one else able to take this transmission? Officer: Sorry 
sir, working on another case right now sir. Absolute bloody shower the lot of 
(He looks at the camera. Close up on shoulders and head.) 
So, just what do you hope to achieve by this? I think some kind of punative 
action is in order, what? If there is a next time, I suggest you become a 
trifle more generous. 
(He stamps his book.) 
Ship impounded, over and out roger. Roger... yes... 
(Police logo: SHIP IMPOUNDED.)


Police: Ship Impounded - Chief Saffle 5

(Police logo. Scene as in Saffle 4.) 
Sorry sir. Examples are an imperative when discouraging such... abominable 
behaviour. Well, I suppose that's your lot then. No remission. 
(He stamps his book. Close up on face.) 
Ship impounded. There. 
(Police logo: SHIP IMPOUNDED.)


Police: Ship Impounded - Chief Saffle 6

(Police logo. Saffle is at the desk, and there are four crying convict 
children next to him, dressed in red t-shirts.) 
Now now then, no tears. I pilfered a few candy bars when I was a youngster. 
Only I was never caught. Get them out of here. Look alive man! Child: HATE 
(The children are escorted off to the left.) 
One really ought to take police fines more seriously sir. Too late now though. 
What a pity. 
(He stamps his book.) 
Ship impounded. 
(He picks up a newspaper.) 
A little parental guidance, that's all it takes. 
(Police logo: SHIP IMPOUNDED.)


Police: Ship Impounded - Police Uber Clerk 4

(Police logo. Camera as in Uber 3.) 
Security and insurance are exotic around here sir. This payoff is the best 
indemnity you'll find. 
(The PUC looks to his right as someone gets beaten up. The camera switches to 
see vague shots of the person getting beaten up. The camera switches back to 
the PUC, but the punching sounds continue.) 
Relax. You're in safe hands. 
(Police logo: SHIP IMPOUNDED.)


Ship Impounded - Police Uber Clerk 5

(Police logo. The camera angle is the same as Uber 3, but the screen is 
distorted, the bottom third of the screen has rolled over to become the top 
You've made a terrible mistake flier. Call me old fashioned, but I think 
you're going to regret this deeply. Good luck, outside. 
(Police logo: SHIP IMPOUNDED.)


Psycho Bob: Forgot to target Secret HQs

(Psycho Bob logo. Bob's Apprentice is off-screen. The camera is looking 
directly at the pizza. *Note* At 'do that job' the camera switches to a close 
zoom, and looks really badly blended, like the sentence was put together from 
two seperate takes of the scene. Not really relevant, but an interesting piece 
of trivia.) 
Charlie's Secret Pizza. 
(Camera looks at Bob.) 
Fast food, fast taste. Yes sir. Apprentice: Bob you're eating rubbish! Mmm, 
seems good to me. Hmm, I wonder what's the secret. 
(Camera zooms to the pizza, entering Bob's mouth.) 
Apprentice: You don't want to know. 
(Camera back to Bob.) 
No, heh-heh-heh, maybe not. 
(He looks at the camera.) 
Look pal, our relationship can not progress until you do that job for me. 
(Switch to face.) 
I've invested time and equipment, and if you're serious, I expect you to do 
the same. 
(Zoom to Bob's mouth.) 
Come back when you've targetted the locations of those bases. 
(He puts another piece of pizza in his mouth.) 
See ya. 
(Psycho Bob logo.)


Psycho Bob: Forgot to bring both trigger and matter

(Psycho Bob logo. Bob is lying on the floor. The camera starts out on his 
torso, and moves up to his head. He is wearing an eye protecter and mouth mask 
while welding. He pulls off the mask and coughs.) 
Hey, c'mon man. I need those triggers and radioactives. One is no goddamned 
good without the other! Look, I consider it a real favour. I'm up to my eyes 
at the mo. I'm losing ya, neighbour. 
(He replaces the mask, then removes it again.) 
Where's my wrench? 
(He coughs and replaces the mask. Psycho Bob logo.)


Psycho Bob: Need more nukes

(Psycho Bob logo. Normal Bob cam, Bob has spots over his face similar to 
previous messages.) 
That was a brave attempt, fella, but I'm afraid it's of no real use. 
(Zoom to face.) 
If we don't do something real soon, and get to the bottom of what is going on 
around here, there is always the possibility that this may be our last day in 
(He pauses.) 
Take another missile. 
(Zoom even closer.) 
It's replay time. 
(Psycho Bob logo.)


Psycho Bob 2 - Syd 1

(Psycho Bob 2 logo [has a different animation to the Bob 1 logo, but it's the 
same image]. The camera starts off with 100% static, then activates to an 
empty room, but Syd walks on from the right and sits at the desk, behind a 
Hello? Syd here. Welcome to Psycho Bob... 2, weaponsmith for the discerning. 
(The screen goes blank with static then returns to normal.) 
Oh. Sorry flier, you're at the wrong address. You're supposed to be at Psycho 
Bob 1. Apologies for any inconvenience. 
(He leans forward onto the mic and it gives way. He falls forward. No logo.)


Psycho Bob 2 - Syd 2

(Psycho Bob 2 logo. Same scene as Syd 1. The camera has bending distortion 
effect all the way through.) 
Hi, I'm Syd. Welcome to Psycho Bob 2, weaponsmith... no, Bob's not here, 
you'll have to contact him at Psycho Bob 1. The main concern here is weapons 
(The camera turns to 100% static for a second, then returns to normal. *Note* 
This is to disguise the re-take for the second part. Having Benjamin Shepherd 
act the scene then fall off the desk perfectly in the same take probably 
proved difficult.) 
Sorry flier. 
(He smiles, leans on the desk with his elbow, but it gives way. He falls over. 
No logo.)


Psycho Bob 2 - Syd 3

(Psycho Bob 2 logo. Scene as in Syd 1. Syd is wearing a mouth mask.) 
This is Sy... 
(He removes the mask and it slips down over his neck.) 
This is Syd at Psycho Bob 2. Sorry, you're expected at Psycho Bob 1. You'll 
have to fly over there. 
(He begins to lean back in his chair.) 
Travel safely. 
(The chair gives way. The scene cuts out before he falls any great distance. 
No logo.)


Prison Oubliette: Warning 1

(Prison Oubliette logo. The camera starts out at torso level then lifts up to 
the Warden's face. There is a heavy echo whenever the Warden speaks.) 
You have no business here pilot, this is a place of internment, a place of... 
atonement. The Chosen, are here for a purpose; The consideration of right and 
wrong. The understanding of good, 
(He raises his stick, and the top glows orange. The camera switches to the top 
right (his right) part of his head, then back to normal.) 
and evil. Time has no place here. Promises and platitudes are needless. There 
can be no interruptions. 
(Prison Oubliette logo.)


Prison Oubliette: Warning 2

(Prison Oubliette logo. Close zoom to the Warden's face.) 
This is a restricted area. Visitation is for the privileged few, a reward for 
the faithful. Leave us! 
(Prison Oubliette logo.)


Prison Oubliette: Warning 3

(Prison Oubliette logo. Zoomed out view of the Warden.) 
The rules are simple. To understand the soul one must understand the flesh. 
(Zoomed in view.) 
If you are Chosen, pray that I forget your face. 
(Prison Oubliette logo.)



F. Modifications

This appendix lists modifications, editors, unofficial patches, and assorted 
other files created for Hardwar. Skins and things not directly related to the 
game (such as icons) have been excluded. Sites known to be hosting the file 
are indicated thus: 

* Hardwar.Info - and/or (the former tends to be more recent than 
the later) 
* Mun - 
* Zedo - 

Modifications have been grouped into: 

* Fixes - modifications to directly address bugs. 
* Gameplay - small, optional changes to gameplay balance or features. 
* Editors - tools for those making major changes to the game.



- Beta 5 Economy Patch, by Max. File: b5econ.exe, contained in - 
latest version "r7". Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: U3 beta 5. Stabilises game 
economy - forces AI pilots to buy immediately and limits prices (avoiding 

- Beta 5 Fixes, by timski. File: . Sites: . For: U3 beta 5. Scripts intended to 
stabilise the economy (partly replaced by Max's patch).

- FixBgID fix, by Max. File: b5fixbgid.exe, contained in and . Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: U3 beta 5. Allows U3 beta 5 games to 
be reloaded correctly ("FixBgID" is the error that is otherwise evoked, that 
leads to the game crashing on reload).

- Free disk space check skipping util, by Mun. File: diskspace_skip.exe . 
Sites: Hardwar.Info, Mun. For: F2.0 and F2.1 installers. Fixes incorrect disk 
space check during installation.

- Hardwar.wld, by Wez. File: hardwarseasawfix.exe (hardwardefaultwld.exe to 
return to default). Sites: Hardwar.Info. Fixes problem with AI moths in the 
tunnel between Alpha and Downtown.

- Throttle patch, by Max. File: thrusb3b.exe, contained in and . Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: U3 beta 3/4/5. Fixes throttle on USB 
joysticks in U3 beta 3/4, and fixes throttle on non-USB sticks in most cases 
for beta 5.



- Admin Powers (Always Admin), by Mun. File: always_admin.exe . Sites 
Hardwar.Info, Mun. For: U3 betas. Gives admin powers by default.

- Afterburner mod, by Max. File: as listed below, contained in . 
Sites: Hardwar.Info. Creates afterburner that functions like StarShells, not 
as a weapon. Custom sound files can be used called "after.wav". Specific 
- - abemod.exe = U3 beta 5, energy based afterburner
- - abfmod.exe = U3 beta 5, fuel-based afterburner
- - afbmod.exe = U2.04 and U3 beta 4/5, 'afterburner-on-demand'

- CellMod, by Wez. File: CellMod-R3a.exe (also similarly named older 
versions). Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: U2.04, U3 beta 4/5. Changes cell capacity 
and recharge.

- Dealer mod, by Max. File: . Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: U3 betas 
4 and 5. Alternative offline "Dealer" startup, which also provides enough 
trigger/matter/fusion to complete the plot.

- Hardluck, by Software Refinery. File: hardluck.exe. Sites: Hardwar.Info, 
Zedo. Enables "Misc" tab on launcher, with access to debug information, cheat 
keys, etc.

- Metric, by Max. File: metric3b4.exe ( Sites: Hardwar.Info. 
For: U3 beta 4. "Enables SR [Software Refinery] metric units conversion."

- Net mod, by Max. File: . Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: U3 beta 5. 
Adds a small pod to starting ship in network games.

- NoFog, by Max. File: nofog.exe ( Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: U2.04, 
U3 beta 4/5. Extends 'far fog' depth (but may cause graphics problems).

- Ouch's patches. Various files. For: F2.0 and F2.1. Sites: Zedo. Includes 
utility to change base prices. Outdated.

- PodMod, by Max. File: podmod.exe ( Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: 
U2.04, U3 beta 4/5. "Extends the variety and capacity of the largest pod."

- Police Enabling Util, by Mun. File: police_fix.exe . Sites: Hardwar.Info, 
Mun. For: U2.04, U3.00 betas 3 to 5. Makes police respawn.

- RaceMod, by Wez. File: RaceMod2.exe (also similarly named older versions). 
Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: U2.04, U3 beta 4/5. Alters moth weight and engine 

- Rapid Fire Mod, by Max. File: rfmod.exe ( Sites: Hardwar.Info. 
For: U2.04, U3 beta 4/5. Fireburst, Swarm, Laser, and LaserTurret fire 

- Video Skipping Util, by Mun. File: vid_skip.exe . Sites: Hardwar.Info, Mun. 
For: F2.0, U2.04, U3. Disables opening video.

- XUp, by Max. File: xup3b34 (U3 beta 3/4) or xup3b5 (U3 beta 5), contained in . Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: U3 beta 3/4/5. "Increases purchase 
manufacture max up values" - increments can be changed from 1 to larger 
numbers, making it less time consuming to setup manufacturing hangars that buy 
in goods.



- Beta Hangar Editor, by Wez. File: BetaHangarRev9a.exe (and similar), and see 
buildings.txt for a list of building codes. Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: U3 
betas. Allows hangars to be edited in U3, including changes to name, status, 
credits, software, stock, and manufacturing. PlaguedMind started writing a GUI 
for this - see .

- Building Swapping Util, by Mun. File: . Sites: 
Hardwar.Info, Mun. Swaps the map location of pairs of buildings.

- Downtown Log Processing, by Doc Beeblebrox. File: . Sites: Zedo. 
For: U3 beta 5. Removes rubbish from log files (for example "invalid goCrater 
target"), allowing other error messages to be seen.

- Extractor, by E_Void. File: . Sites: Hardwar.Info . Extracts 
files from .res files (which contain graphics, models, etc) - with GUI.

- HardEdit, by solidox. File: . Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: 
U2.x. Allows base price of items to be changed.

- HardExtract, by solidox. File: . Sites: Hardwar.Info. 
Extracts files from .res files (which contain graphics, models, etc) - command 
line driven.

- HardHangar, by solidox. File: . Sites: Hardwar.Info. For: 
U2.02 - may work with U2.04, but not U3. Allows hangars to be edited, 
including changes to name, status, credits, stock, and moths.

- Moth Viewer, by Software Refinery. File: "Hardwar Moth Viewer.exe" . Sites: 
Hardwar.Info. View current skins on moth models (Hardwar launcher may need to 
be restarted when changing skins).

- PAL Editor, by PlaguedMind. File: . Sites: Hardwar.Info. Open, 
modifies and resaves Hardwar .pal files (colour tables).

- ResEdit, by PlaguedMind. File: . Sites Hardwar.Info, Mun. 
Extracts and recompiles .res files (which contain graphics, models, etc).

- ShpEditor, by PlaguedMind. File: . Sites: , Hardwar.Info. 
Incomplete .shp (moth model) file editor - allows files to be extracted, but 
not placed back into the game.

- Spr2Bmp, by PlaguedMind. File: . Site: Hardwar.Info (Mun has 
v2 only). Converts sprite (texture) files to bmp and back again.



G. Hacking

This section contains various slightly random notes intended to assist people 
that wish to hex edit and 'hack' the game. Everything here is entirely at your 
own risk - I strongly suggest you copy anything you intend to change...


U2.04 Memory Address Map, based on the writings of flap:

"In this note, I explain where the game stores its data while the game is 
running." A full text can be found at (log in to 
download). I've edited this down to critical game-specific information, but 
you may prefer to read the original too if it is still available. Note this is 
relevant to U2.04, and incomplete. All values can theoretically be edited 
without crashing the game, unless indicated as "***". 

Fixed Addresses: 

00 54 71 E4 : The player address (the value gives the player address). 
00 55 60 04 : The day. 
00 55 66 80 : The time (00 00 00 00 means it is 00.00). 
00 4F 30 70 : The fog depth (from 0 to 2). 
00 55 55 80 *** : Downtown trader address (first trader in memory). 
00 53 E9 B8 (or is it 00 53 E9 BC ?) *** : Limbo! address (first building in 
00 54 5E 6C : Pause state (1 = pause, 0 = the game is playing). 
00 53 EA 34 : State of the chat box (0 = The box is not on the screen, 1 = The 
box is on the screen, you are filling the 'To' field, 2 = The box is on the 
screen, you are filling the text field). 
00 4F 63 28 : Where the 'To' is stored in memory. 
00 4F 63 0C : Where the 'To' is stored in memory. 
00 53 EA 20 : Title of the text box (you are allowed 19 signs). 
00 53 EA 38 : Text of the text box (you are allowed 33 signs). 

Pilot Addresses: 

"Consider that 0 is the base address of the pilot. For the player, it is for 
example the one given at 00 54 71 E4. Add the value to address to go to the 
address you want:" (values are decimals) 

- 12 *** : Pilot signature (always A0 00 03 54). 
+ 0 : Pilot name. 
+ 20 : Pilot location (1 = in a moth, 2 = in a building, 3 = in a monorail, 4 
= in a monorail hall, and maybe 0 = dead). 
+ 24 *** : Vehicle or building address where the pilot is: (1) Monorail 
example: ?? ?? 00 01 = Central-Alpha-Mines. (2) Monorail Hall example: ?? ?? 
00 01 = Alpha Depot. 
+ 36 : Cash. 
+ 40 : Pilot kind: 1 = player; 3 = Special (alien or plot); 4 = Trader; 5 = 
guard, attack, cop; 6 = Taxi; 7 = faction trader; 8 = Pirate; A = Scavenger; B 
= Police Patrol; C = Builder; E = Enforcer. 
+ 112 : Address of the last message on the message board . 
+ 248 : First command (see below). 
+ 608 : Home Address (building). 
+ 616 : Address of the first building in memory (add 4 to go to next building. 
Up to 20 buildings). 
+ 716 : Address of the first pilot in memory (add 4 to go to the next pilot. 
Up to 10 pilots). 
+ 768 *** : Address of the next pilot in the game (the last one as 00 00 00 00 

Command Addresses: 

"One command is made of 6 Dwords (D for double - a word is made of two bytes), 
the first one tells what command it is. The commands follow each other. I 
don't know how many you can have." ("-" means it doesn't matter.) (Also see 
Duncan's AI Plans/Orders notes.) 

Buy : 00 00 00 08, goods ref, - , - , number of goods, building address 
Sell : 00 00 00 09, goods ref, - , - , number of goods, building address 
Order (get for free for factions) : 00 00 00 0B, goods ref, - , - , number of 
goods, building address 
Deliver (give for free for factions) : 00 00 00 0C, goods ref, - , - , number 
of goods, building address 
Dock hangar *** : 00 00 00 7A, - , - , - , - , - 
Leave Airlock *** : 00 00 00 7B, - , - , - , - , - 
Go Crater *** : 00 00 00 7C, crater ref , - , - , - , - 
Fly nodes *** : 00 00 00 7D, node ref, - , - , - , - 
Go Hangar : 00 00 00 02, building address, - , - , - , - 
Wait : 00 00 00 01, I don't remember after 
Hunt : 00 00 00 10, building address, - , - , - , - 
Rob Vh : 00 00 00 11, vehicle address, - , - , - , - 
Kill Vh : 00 00 00 03, vehicle address, - , - , - , - 
Scanvenge : 00 00 00 18, building address, - , - , - , - 
Get cargo : 00 00 00 12, cargo address, - , - , - , - 
Flypath *** : 00 00 00 82, ? 
Queue at *** : 00 00 00 23, building address, - , - , - , - 
Fit weapon : 00 00 00 13, equip ref, - , - , - , building address 
Unknown (probably sells everything) : 00 00 00 19, ? 
Get new moth *** : 00 00 00 0F, ? 
Unknown (wait until player is getting close ) : 00 00 00 1B, - , - , - , - , - 
Unknown (commits suicide) : 00 00 00 14, - , - , - , - , - 

Goods Addresses: (all *** ) 

00 00 00 00 : Ore 
00 00 00 01 : Water 
00 00 00 02 : Chemicals 
00 00 00 03 : Scrap metal 
00 00 00 04 : Food 
00 00 00 05 : Body parts 
00 00 00 06 : Gems 
00 00 00 07 : Ex metal 
00 00 00 08 : Sheet metal 
00 00 00 09 : ConstMat 
00 00 00 0A : CompComp 
00 00 00 0B : MachParts 
00 00 00 0C : Plastics 
00 00 00 0D : Explosives 
00 00 00 0E : Fusion parts 
00 00 00 0F : Trigger 
00 00 00 10 : Matter 
00 00 00 11 : Engine #1 
00 00 00 12 : Engine #2 
00 00 00 13 : Engine #3 
00 00 00 14 : Cell #1 
00 00 00 15 : Cell #2 
00 00 00 16 : Cell #3 
00 00 00 17 : Cell #4 
00 00 00 18 : Fusion cell 
00 00 00 19 : After burner 
00 00 00 1A : Smallest pod 
00 00 00 1B : Small pod 
00 00 00 1C : Medium pod 
00 00 00 1D : Large pod 
00 00 00 1E : Largest pod 
00 00 00 1F : Salvage drone 
00 00 00 20 : Super drone 
00 00 00 28 : Sprat*10 
00 00 00 29 : Swarm*10 
00 00 00 2A : Devastator 
00 00 00 2B : Leach*10 
00 00 00 2C : Flares*10 
00 00 00 2D : Chaff*10 
00 00 00 2E : Starchell*10 
00 00 00 2F : Tac-nuke 
00 00 00 30 : Big bob 
00 00 00 31 : Fireburst 
00 00 00 34 : Underkills*5 
00 00 00 35 : Ground base*5 
00 00 00 37 : Hologramms*5 
00 00 00 38 : Laser 
00 00 00 39 : Plasma kanon 
00 00 00 3A : Laser turret 
00 00 00 3B : Pulse laser 
00 00 00 3C : Death ray 
00 00 00 43 : Origin Unknown 
00 00 00 44 : Mass driver part 
00 00 00 45 : Mystery package 
00 00 00 46 : Black box 
00 00 00 47 : Minerals 
00 00 00 48 : Air filters 
00 00 00 49 : Pleasure cubes 
00 00 00 4A : Alcohol 
00 00 00 4B : Textiles 
00 00 00 4C : Furs 
00 00 00 4D : Huskar cigars 
00 00 00 4E : Servant droids 
00 00 00 4D : Narcotics 
00 00 00 50 : Cloning device 

Crater Addresses: (all *** ) 

00 00 00 01 : Riverside 
00 00 00 02 : Reservoir 
00 00 00 03 : Highrise 
00 00 00 04 : Downtown 
00 00 00 05 : Gamma 
00 00 00 06 : Alpha 
00 00 00 07 : Port 
00 00 00 08 : Mine 

Weapon Addresses: 

- 12 *** : Vehicle signature (always A0 00 04 54). 
+ 472 : Owner address (pilot). 
+ 480 : Power (max is 4000 in decimal). 
+ 496 : Targetted vehicle . 
+ 540 : First weapon (cannon, missile, or afterburner, from goods ref, 7F FF 
if nothing, +4 for next weapon, at most 10. 9 = Tac-Nuke, 10 = Big Bob). 
+ 580 : Munitions (+4 for the next weapon). 
+ 660 : Shield status (+4 for the next weapon). 
+ 664 : Engine status (+4 for the next weapon). 
+ 668 : Structure status (+4 for the next weapon). 
+ 672 : CPU status (+4 for the next weapon). 
+ 676 : Power status (+4 for the next weapon). 
+ 680 : Weapon status (+4 for the next weapon). 

Buildings Addresses: 

- 12 *** : Building signature (?). 
+ 12 : Building name. 
+ 68 : Owner address (pilot of HQ for factions). 
+ 84 : First object in stock (goods ref 00 00 00 00 = Ore. Next object, + 4 : 
00 00 00 01 = pure water). 
+ 86 : Price (if sold by the player). 
+ 768 : Money. 
+ 796 : Vehicle in Building at bay 0 (+ 4 for next). 
+ 892 *** : Next building address (the last building, tunnel blockage has 00 
00 00 00). 

Laser Turret: (precise location unknown) 

+ 0 : Coordinate 1 (1 foot = 55 in decimal). 
+ 4 : Height. 
+ 8 : Coordinate 2. 
+ 38 : Status (1 = here, 0 = destroyed). 
+ 56 : Weapon type (see goods ref - but it doesn't aim). 
+ 60 : Building address (don't know if it can change).


U3 Beta 4 Savegame Format, from Duncan:

"In order of appearance: 

* Supply lists - It seems that every Trading Post has its own supply list. The 
section that contains these lists also has some coding that involves dependent 
traders and builders. 

* Hangars - [see notes by Wez]. 

* Hangar ID list - Compilation of the Hangar IDs. 

* MUD - Text describing hangars and building walkways. 

* Messages - Your messages are just in between the MUD section and the pilots 
section. Each message occupies one line, one line contains 40 bytes. 

* Pilots - Already described elsewhere. 

* Pilot ID list - Compiled list of pilot IDs. 

* Pod contents - Between the pilot ID list and the Mines section is a section 
that holds the contents of the pods. This is some sort of dump. The contents 
of all pods in the game are stored here (only the contents, so not when a pod 
is empty). Forgot to look at the linewidth, but one line contains the type of 
Good, the quantity and the ship its in. Contents are not ordered per pod. 

* Monorail - Monorail text plus coding. 

* Demands list - After the monorail text you find the demands. Thought it has 
a linewidth of 40. This list does not only contain the hangar and the good it 
wants, there is some additional code. Could be priority tags and/or tags to 
show up in demand lists of the Trading Posts etc. 

* Moth Position, Orientation - If a moth is airborne it appears here. It holds 
the position, the orientation, speed, flight direction. 

* Blank - I don't know the function of this, but it sure is an incredible 
amount of 00."


AI Occupation notes, based on the writings of smurph:

"AI 'profession' is encoded by a single byte in the save game file. Open up 
the save game in a hexeditor, and search for the pilot name as an ANSI string. 
About 45 bytes from the start of the pilot name you will see the following set 
of bytes ab,cd,00,00,xy where xy codes for the 'profession'. If you edit a 
save made right at the start of day 1 ab,cd is 10,27. The codes (xy) for 
pilots in existance at the start of the game in b4 are:" 

00 - limbo 
01 - human pilot 
03 - plot moths (e.g. laz-research x2) 
04 - trader 
05 - edit - laz attak, klamp guard, police guard, scrubber guard 
06 - cab 
07 - faction trans 
08 - pirate 
0A - scavenger 
0B - edit - police patrol, klamp patrol, laz patrol 
0C - builder 
0D - gang trans 
0E - enforcer 
10 - thug 
11 - brother kahuna 

"Codes 05 and 0B can be interchanged with no problems and some interesting 
effects. 0B pilots are more active (i.e always hunting for enemies) in the 
game (at least in b5)." 

Unfortunately, changing careers does not automatically change the 'plans' for 
pilots - Duncan writes: "Pilots with new professions but behaving like their 
old days still have their old plans list. Clearing this list won't help, 
because as soon as no order is finished anymore, no new ones are going to get 
in. Normal beta 4 game example: Start as Admin as a dealer. Fly around a 
little, soon 2 shady pilots will target you and fire their devastators in your 
bud. If you are killed you will end up on foot in your hangar. Blag a moth, 
board and launch. You will notice that the bloke responsible for your early 
death is still hanging around doing nothing. When you look at the savegame you 
will notice the lack of plans. By the way these pilots have the profession 0F 
- it's missing in smurph's list, and 20 Devastators. This could of course also 
be the 0F order module not generating new plans."


AI Equipment notes, based on the writings of Eight:

Shown as address - hex dec - item: 


50CBD - 1C 28 - medium pod 
50CC9 - 1F 31 - drone 
50CEB - 28 40 - sprats (missile1) 
50CF2 - 31 49 - fireburst (missile2) 
50CF9 - 34 52 - underkill (missile3) 
50D00 - 35 53 - groundbase (missile4) 
50D0C - 3A 58 - laser turret 
50D18 - 38 56 - laser 
50D2F - 12 18 - engine 2 


50D89 - 1A 26 - smallest pod 
50D95 - 1F 31 - drone 
50DA1 - 2C 44 - flares 
50DAD - 38 56 - laser 


50E06 - 1E 30 - largest pod 
50E12 - 1F 31 - drone 
50E1E - 2C 44 - flares 
50E2A - 28 40 - sprats 
50E36 - 38 56 - laser 
50E42 - 13 19 - engine 3 
50E4E - 39 57 - plasma kannon 


50B3C - 3A 58 - laser turret 
50B48 - 39 57 - plasma kannon 
50B54 - 31 49 - fireburst 
50B60 - 29 41 - swarm 
50B77 - 12 18 - engine 2 

List of items (hex dec item)


00 0 ore
01 1 pure water
02 2 chemicals
03 3 scrap metal
04 4 food
05 5 body parts
06 6 gems
07 7 ex metal
08 8 sheetmetal
09 9 const mat
0A 10 comp comp
0B 11 mach parts
0C 12 plastics
0D 13 explosives
0E 14 fusion parts
0F 15 trigger
10 16 matter
11 17 engine 1
12 18 engine 2
13 19 engine 3
14 20 cell#1
15 21 cell#2
16 22 cell#3
17 23 cell#4
18 24 fusion cell
19 25 afterburner
1A 26 smallest pod
1B 27 small pod
1C 28 medium pod
1D 29 large pod
1E 30 largest pod
1F 31 drone
20 32 superdrone
21 33 frameMM
22 34 frameSY
23 35 FrameNT
24 36 FrameHK
25 37 FrameDH
26 38 FramePL
27 39 FrameAL
28 40 Sprat
29 41 Swarm
2A 42 Devastator
2B 43 Leach
2C 44 Flares
2D 45 Chaff
2E 46 Star Shells
2F 47 Tac Nuke
30 48 Big Bob
31 49 fireburst
32 50 fireburst sub
33 51 swarm sub
34 52 underkill
35 53 groundbase
36 54 groundbase sub
37 55 hologram
38 56 laser
39 57 plasmakanon
3A 58 laserturret
3B 59 pulse laser
3C 60 deathray
3D 61 NewMothNT
3E 62 NewMothHK
3F 63 NewMothDH
40 64 NewMothMM
41 65 NewMothSY
42 66 NewMothPL
43 67 Unknown Origin
44 68 MassDriver Part
45 69 Mystery Package
46 70 Blackbox
47 71 Minerals
48 72 Airfilters
49 73 Pleasure Cubes
4A 74 Alcohol
4B 75 Textiles
4C 76 Furs
4D 77 Huskar Cigars
4E 78 Servant Droids
4F 79 Narcotics
50 80 Clone
51 81 FrameSW
52 82 Trojan
53 83 NewmothSW
54 84 ManMunitions
55 85 ManComponent
56 86 ManOreProc
57 87 Distiller
58 88 Narcotron
59 89 Fumbler
5A 90 Disabler
5B 91 Blaster 
Max notes: "Start of ~'case block' 0x50996 - first item assignment, end 


U3 Beta 5 AI Starting Gear notes, based on the writings of Nazgutek:

"Open up the exe [hardwarW.exe] and starting at the following addresses, 
replace the 5 bytes with 0x90 (that's 90 HEX, not 90 decimal). These will 
remove various items from starting NPC types:" 

50CC3 - no pod 
50CCF - no drone (has no effect) 
50D06 - no missile * 
50D12 - no laser turret 

50D8F - no pod 
50D9B - no drone (has no effect) 
50DA7 - no flares 

50E24 - no flares 
50E30 - no sprat 

"Example: We wish to remove the pirates' laser turrets, so we would go to file 
offset 50D12 (which is in hex), and change the byte there and the next four to 

* Pirate Missile Note: The code seems to randomly choose either Sprats, 
Groundbase, Underkill or Fireburst. The hack address above will remove any 
missile install. If you feel adventurous, you can not apply the above hack, 
and instead change the four missile entries to other items: just before the 
above no missile hack address, you will find BA28000000, BA31000000, 
BA34000000, BA35000000. Keep the BA there, but the next four bytes are the 
item ID (stored in little endian format, as per all intel asm). To make them 
only have sprats, change the 31/34/35 to 28. 

I noticed that pirates (and to an extent the faction patrol/guard moths) that 
don't have a laser turret exhibit some strange behaviour... upon entering a 
crater where their Kill/Rob target is, they'll sit there, pointing at it until 
the target either docks or enters a tunnel to another crater. If the target 
didn't dock, the 'hunter' will continue this impotent behaviour. 

I'm concluding that the AI isn't coded to purchase upgrades for the moth, 
except for a few items, namely flares, sprats and plasmakannons."


AI Plan/Orders notes, based on the writings of Duncan:

"There are Pilot IDs in the game, the Hangar ID in the game and the place to 
find the destination of the pilot. These IDs change (sometimes) each time you 
start Hardwar. To make this a little more trackable I will use a relative byte 
position. Therefore I will call the bytes E8 03 byte 0 and 1. E8 03 is a few 
bytes before the bytes coding for the name of the pilot. Example: 78 FC 5F 02. 

Some 72 bytes before E8, directly before the whole bunch of FFFFs, that seem 
to separate each pilots block, is the ID of that pilot. It's 3 bytes, always 
followed by 02. With Hangars also an ID can be found, if you take the E8 03 
before a hangar's name and you go back some 44 bytes you will find the code 
for that hangar. Example D4 4B C3 02. These bytes are preceded by FF 7F 00 

Based on 'Downtown Trader 3' in U3 beta 4: "The byte E8 (in E8 03) is used as 
the reference position and numbered 0. 

starting at pos.4 - name of the pilot 

pos.-72 = Pilot ID 1. 
pos.-20 = Pilot ID 2 of Zero Cool, note that it is repeated. Something with 
pos.+48 = Pilot ID 2, occurs in multiple regions of the savegame file. 
pos.+64 = Pilot's profession (posted by Smurph). 
pos.600 = Home hangar. 

Starting at pos.+300 are the orders/plans of the pilot. A row of 24 bytes 
stands for 1 order. The first byte identifies the order. 

7D = FlyNodes. 
7C = GoCrater. 
02 = GoBg - go to hangar. 
08 = B: - buy. 
09 = S: - sell. 

In this case Downtown Trader will go to the Mines crater, fly to Prison Mine, 
buy in total 16 units of ore and sell 8 units at Bargain Moths and 8 units at 
Shears Yard." 

Other plans codes (plans as they appear in the terminal using exec 

00 n.o. 
01 Wait 
02 GoBg 
03 KillVh 
04 n.o. 
05 n.o. 
06 n.o. 
07 KillPil - Police Force 
08 B: - buy 
09 S: - sell 
0A Passenger Wait - Cab 
0B C: - collect 
0C D: - deliver 
0D n.o. 
0E Board vehicle 
0F Get New Moth 
10 Hunt 
11 RobVh 
12 GetCargo 
13 Fit F: 
14 self destruct - E.T. 
15 CordonArea - Police Patrol 
16 GetCargoPos 
17 GuardCargo - e.g. what Laz-Attak 909, Laz Repair 004, Laz Guard X1 and X2 
18 Scavenge 
19 unknown - Trader 
1A RepairBg - Repair hangar 
1B Unknown - Freeze until player gets near then next plan - E.T. 
1C Unknown - Fly towards player and dance + freeze thrusters - E.T. 
1D Unknown - Not restricted to E.T. also Laz-Research X1 
1E n.o. 
1F n.o. 
20 BuzBg 
21 AttackBg - attack hangar 
22 Guard Area 
23 Q at - queue 
24 n.o. 
25 n.o. 
26 Get All - goods, sort of scavenging 
78 Need pod 
79 ReqBg - a request prior to docking 
7A DockBg 
7B LeaveAirlock 
7C GoCrater 
7D FlyNodes 
7E n.o. 
7F Recharge 
80 Repair 
81 n.o. 
82 FlyPos 

n.o. = not observed in savegame file. 
E.T. = Extra Titanian. 
E.T./Police/Trader = typical command with typical pilot professions. 

"A limited number of syntaxes are used for the plans rows. There's a syntax 
for doing something with a hangar - like 02 and 10. Something with goods like 
buy, sell, collect and dump. And something with coordinates - like FlyPos. 
Furthermore there are codes that are only present in these orders which 
function I do not know. They're not obligatory if you command a pilot. 

Basically, if you want to command another pilot, you have to start a plan row 
with the necesary command, and add the basic requirements being e.g. the 
hangar to fly to or the type and amount and place to buy/sell/collect/dump 

Coordinate system example: 
82 00 00 00 { 9B 92 86 *02* 52 B8 09 *00* 22 01 A7 *02* 03 } 00 00 00 2B 36 C8 

82 - FlyPos 
This position is coded between the brackets. 2B36C80F can be left out. The 
stared (*) bytes separate the Y,Z and X coordinate (in that order). The three 
bytes that code for a coordinate are combined to form one hexadecimal number. 
Attention: start reading from the right. So 86929B and 09B852 and A70122. If 
you increase the X coordinate say from 00 00 90 to 22 01 A7 then the position 
is further in the North (or direction heading 000). If you increase Y - more 

Got the altitude more accurately now, studied a couple: 
090000 1208 ft (thats 00 00 09 in the file) 
0A0000 1343 ft 
0B0000 1477 ft 
0C0000 1611 ft 
0D0000 1745 ft 
0E0000 1880 ft 
0F0000 2014 ft 
All with an accuracy of +/- 1 ft. 

This is not the entire altitude range of course. If you want to intrapolate or 
extrapolate you can recalculate the hexadecimal numbers to decimal and make a 
linear regression. Use the function for the line to calculate the decimal 
number and convert it back to hexadecimal."


Hangar header notes, based on the writings of smurph:

"Here is the structure of the first 3 lines (at line width of 24 bytes) of the 
hangar entries for the betas (and probably for 2.04 as well)."


aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 bb bb 00 00 cc 00 00 00 dd 00 00 00 ee ee 00 00
ff 00 00 00 gg 00 00 00 hh hh hh hh ii 00 00 00 jj 00 00 00 kk 00 00 00
aa - Hangar name. 

bb - Hangar software. 

cc - I will call attribute 1. Known codes are: 
- 01 Faction HQ 
- 02 Trade Centre 
- 03 Faction Garrison 
- 04 Cabs 
- 05 Factory 
- 09 Produces Bodyparts 
- 0A Reseller 
- 0B Estate Engine 
- 0D Bodyparts/Nuclear Stuff 
- 0E Loan Shark 
- 0F Abandoned Terminal 
- 10 Misc. Colony Hangers 
- 11 Make clones 

dd - I will call attribute 2. This sets the type of business in combination 
with attribute 1. For attribute 1 05, attribute 2 values are: 
- 00 - Weapons makers. 
- 01 - Component Shops. 
- 02 - Chemical factories 
- 03 - Moth Factories. 
- 04 - Ore processors. 
- 05 - Mines. 
- 06 - Food Factories. 
- 07 - Purifiers. 
- 08 - Recyclers. 
- 09 - Cigar makers. 
- 0A - Booze makers. 
- 0B - Narcotics Fcctories. 
- 0C - Sewage control. 
- 0D - Techparts. 
- 0E - Bargain Moths 
- 0F - Central Industrial 
- 10 - Shears Yard 

For attribute 1 0A, attrbute 2 values are: 
- 00 - Weapon resellers 
- 01 - Breaker Makers 
- 02 - Bars 
- 03 - Builders 

ee - Some kind of hangar index. It runs from 0010, through to 8310, increasing 
by 1 in the order the hangars appear in the game save file. Not all hangars 
have this set, but it seems essential to have a hangar index for several of 
the above attributes to work. 

ff - Not sure about this one - player hangars are all 12, faction owned 
hangars always have this set, but the value is different between beta 4 and 
beta 5. 

gg - Not for sale, 01 is purchasable (if not currently owned), 02 is common to 
all faction owned hangars. 

hh - Owner ID. 

ii - Set access. 00 is public, 01 is private. 

jj and kk - Only set on faction, gang, and Police HQs." 

Solidox notes: "From memory, jj and kk are lighting and turrets thus why it 
only appears on faction buildings. There are two private/public fields, one is 
a bitmask inside the menu options field. The other, ii, is a hard lock which 
overrides the other one, it is used in the Abandoned Terminal and also is the 
reason you can't get into Colony HQ when you've purchased it."


U3 Beta Hangar notes, based on the writings of Wez:

Also see . Hex edit a savegame. 
The header block for each hangar can be identified from a four-character code 
followed by the full current name of the hangar. The four letter codes never 
change. They are:


AAWL Abandoned Terminal
AAV1 Acid Hangar
AAHY Agrochem
AA1L Air Purifier A
AAAX Air Purifier D
AAN7 Air Purifier G
AAE5 Air Purifier M
AAH9 Alpha Cabs
AAIA Alpha Construction
AASM Alpha Depot
AAH7 Alpha Depot II
AAIZ Alpha Estate Agent
AAUG Alpha Police Station
AAIC Alpha Trading Post
AAAO Bargain Moths
AAC9 Bill Moritz
AAV7 Blackeye's Hangar
AAF2 Blue Repository
AAG2 Breaker Maker 1
AAC2 Breaker Maker 2
AAH5 Breaker Maker 3
AAFL Breaker Maker 4
AAOC Breaker Maker 5
AACZ Central Industrial
AAWB Central Monorail
AAFJ Charlie Wadsworth
AAEU Charlie's Pizza
AACU Clone Farm
TEST Colony HQ
AAVX Concealed Hideout
KWIK Conurbation 1
AAEF Conurbation 2
AABE Conurbation 3
AAPU Conurbation Two
AAV4 Crash Hangar
AAIB Craven Components
AAUD Customs Block
AAV3 Darkbase
AAEX Derelict Factory
AAF4 Derelict Warehouse
NEWP Downtown 05
AABN Downtown Builders
AABS Downtown Chemicals
AACW Downtown Components
AAAH Downtown Estates
AAEB Downtown Moths
AABQ Downtown Munitions
AAC4 Downtown Outpost
AADG Downtown Recycling
AAOH Dr Jobes Weapons
AACI Dunroamin
AAFX Empty Complex
AA1U Empty Hangar A1
AAUF Empty Hangar A2
AA1S Empty Hangar A3
AA1T Empty Hangar A4
AA1Q Flight Academy
AAPX Flyers Retreat
AAOL Freds Builders
AAPG Gamma Cabs
AAPE Gamma Estate Agent
AAPC Gamma H3
AAPZ Gamma Monorail Depot
AAPY Gamma Police Garrison
AAOE Gamma Trading Post
AAEW General Industrial
AA1M Groover's Hangar
AAAD Hardwarp FM
EGG1 Hideout 1
EGG2 Hideout 2
EGG4 Hideout 4
EGG5 Hideout 5
EGG6 Hideout 6
AASI Highrise Cabs
AAFZ Highrise Construction
AAEM Highrise Estates
AASK Highrise Motors
AAES Highrise Police Station
AAF5 Highrise Trading Post
AAHE Home Base
AAEQ HR Conurbation 1
AAEO HR Vacant 1
AAEP HR Vacant 2
AAEN HR Vacant Tower
AAPT Hunger City
AAP3 Island Garrison
AACG Junkyard
AAR0 Jupiter Four
AAU5 Klamp Macro 1
AAU6 Klamp Macro 2
AAU7 Klamp Macro 3
CTOP Klamp Secret Base
AAN5 Klamp-G Arms
AAPF Klamp-G Chemicals
AAN6 Klamp-G Components
AAUI Klamp-G FacDef
AAOG Klamp-G Fe-Mill
AAC7 Klamp-G Garrison
KLAM klamp-G HQ
AAE4 Klamp-G Medical
AAE7 Klamp-G Mine
AAOF Klamp-G Moth Factory
AAHR Klamp-G Purifier 1
AAHS Klamp-G Purifier 2
AAHN Klamp-G Purifier 3
AAHO Klamp-G Purifier 4
AAHP Klamp-G Purifier 5
AAHQ Klamp-G Purifier 6
AAFY Klamp-G Weapons Shop
AAHX Lazarus Alpha
AAHZ Lazarus Chemicals
AAHW Lazarus Components
AAT7 Lazarus Hightower
LAZA Lazarus HQ
AAFP Lazarus HQ Garrison
AAA1 Lazarus Macro 1
AAA3 Lazarus Macro 2
AAAJ Lazarus Macro 3
AAEH Lazarus Macro 4
AAEG Lazarus Macro 5
AAAP Lazarus Macro 6
AAEI Lazarus Macro 7
AAFC Lazarus Mine
AAFE Lazarus Mine Garrison
AAFA Lazarus Mine OreProc
AAHV Lazarus Moths
AAHT Lazarus Munitions
AAHU Lazarus Ore Proc
AAPN Lazarus Purifier
DOOR Lazarus Secret Base
AAF7 Lazarus Weapons Shop
LW01 LightWell 01
LW02 LightWell 02
LW03 LightWell 03
LW04 LightWell 04
LW05 LightWell 05
LW06 LightWell 06
LW06 LightWell 07
LW08 LightWell 08
LW09 LightWell 09
AAV6 Lord Nicon's Hangar
MAS2 Mass Driver 1
AAVV Mines Cabs
AAVU Mines Monorail Depot
AAOM Mines Trading Post
MOND Mis Op Cabs
AAEV Misery Heights
AADZ MisOp Finance
AAB4 Monastery
AAFR Monorail Depot
AABH Ore Proc 2
AACO Ore Processing
AAPV Paranoidopolis
AAV2 Pirates Nest
PIG2 Police Garrison
PIGS Police HQ
AABV Prison Mine
AAHK Prison Oubliette
AAA5 Psycho Bobs 1
AAGC Psycho Bobs 2
AAV5 Purpledrome
AAF8 Recycle Joint
AARC Reservoir Cabs
AASH Reservoir Central
AARA Reservoir Def 1
AAU9 Reservoir Def 2
AAU4 Reservoir Trading
AAG5 Restricted Area
AAFI Riverside Cabs
AAE3 Riverside Chemicals
AAEZ Riverside Construction
AAFU Riverside Cops
AAFS Riverside Estates
AAP6 Riverside Monorail
AAN4 Riverside Parts
AAEJ Scrubber Hngr
AA1X Scrubber Outpost
AAP0 Scrubber Xchng
AAIY Scrubbers Alpha
AAEK Scrubbers HQ
AAV9 Secluded Residence
AAC1 Sentinel 1
AAAZ Sentinel 2
AACJ Sentinel 3
AACQ Sewage Control
AAF0 Sewage Control
AABT Shears Yard
AAVW Sith Manor
AAH6 Skinners HQ
AAPO Skinners Outpost
AAE2 Software Refinery
AAG8 Software Shack 1
AAB0 Software Shack 2
AAP1 Special Arms Co
AAAF Syd's Workshop
AAVZ Tarquin's Hangar
AAAL TechParts
AAB7 Terraformer
AAPW Terror-rise
AAGS The After Dark
AAER The Belfry
AAFN The Garidge
AAVB The Knocking Ship
AAG9 The Morgue
AAFV The Ore House
AAV8 The Pit
EGG3 The Shanty Inn
AAFT The Slum
AAIG The Squat
AAE0 The Waterfront
AAV0 Thunderbase
AAEY Titan University
AABI Trade Central
AAEL Traders Rest
BLOC Tunnel Blockage
AABA Vacant 0007
AAGB Vacant 0008
AAED Vacant 0009
AAD2 Vacant 0010
AAD4 Vacant 0011
AAD8 Vacant 0012
AAGI Vacant 0013
AACA Vacant 0014
AACB Vacant 0015
AAGL Vacant 0016
AAGO Vacant 0017
AAGW Vacant 0018
AAAU Vacant 0019
AAAW Vacant 0020
AADE Vacant 0021
AADI Vacant 0022
AADS Vacant 0023
AADV Vacant 0024
AADX Vacant 0025
AAB9 Vacant 0026
AADO Vacant 0027
AAGZ Vacant 0028
AAG1 Vacant 0029
AAAB Vacant 0030
AAAM Vacant 0031
MUN1 Vacant 0032
AABC Vacant 0033
ARSE Vacant 0034
AABK Vacant 0035
AABK Vacant 0036
AACN Vacant 0037
AACS Vacant 0038
AAFW Vacant Unit
AAN3 Waterfront Booze
AAVY Zero Cool's Hangar
Below the header is a series of data for each item. Each cell is 1 hex byte, 
so 4 bytes are used per property (long integer). The format is:


HEX  Stock       Sell Price  Buy price   Max buy     Unknown     Produce Qty
Item codes follow the same order as listed in Eight's AI Equipment notes 
above, except that Wez appears to starts the list at 1 rather than 0. 

The footer block takes the form:


?? ?? ?? ??|?? ?? ?? ??|?? ?? ?? ??|hangar cash|?? ?? ?? ??|?? ?? ?? ??
?? ?? ?? ??|?? ?? ?? ??|?? ?? ?? ??|?? ?? ?? ??|moth @ bay1|moth @ bay2
moth @ bay3|moth @ bay4|moth @ bay5|moth @ bay6|



H. CD Music Track Listing

From Kenny Johnson, reposted by Ade, ammended by themitch (shown: track 
number, artist, name, album): 

1: Game CDROM track. 
2: Black Dog - Raxmus (Spanners) 
3: Black Dog - Chase The Manhattan (Spanners) 
4: LFO - Tied Up (Advance) 
5: LFO - Shut Down (Advance) 
6: Autechre - Second Bad Vilbel (Anvil Vapre) 
7 - 17: Short clips (about 50 seconds each) of music for the game. 

1: Game CDROM track. 
2: RAC - Nine (Double Jointed) 
3: Autechre - Second Scepe (Anvil Vapre) 
4: Autechre - Clipper (Tri Repetae) 
5: Squarepusher - Chin Hippy (Hard Normal Daddy) 
6: LFO - Tied Up (Advance) 
7 - 17: Same clips as on CD1. 
18: Sol and friends - "It's, like, 3 in the morning and we've, like, finally 
finished the final version."



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