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Hard to Be a God Tips & Tricks

Tags: Hard to Be a God Game Guides, Hard to Be a God Hints, Hard to Be a God Walkthrough

Hard to Be a God


Hints and “Stuck Events” aka pitfalls or bugs Notes 
Use (CTRL+F) find {stuck point Notes} for places I got stuck at… 

About Me and Copyright 

	I am not a gamer rather a person who just bought a big a$$ LCD 
and wanted to try some game on it. I borrowed the game from one of my 
friends, who bought it but do not played it because he lost interest 
after first 30 mins time. Me on the other hand got nothing better to 
do so kept on struggling with it until I beat this game at “Easy” 
difficulty.. I know it is lame in eyes of gamers but since I am a casual
 user and not particularly good at computer games… it meant a great 
deal to me… so much for my “whims”… 
	I am writing this because it is the second game after NWN2 I 
ever played so… and totally loved this game… It has lengthy conversations
 and story telling instead of actual game play but it not a bad thing 
actually.. I rather prefer this kinda games to all out action games.. 
I did not find any guides for this game and you will understand why 
because the game is so helpful that you really do not need any 
walkthrough or guide for it… every thing you need to do is told by the
 game itself… 

	My id is so if you wanna ask me mail 
me I will try to reply if I knew the answer as I have played it only 
once … I cannot say that… I know every thing about this game… Plz no
 flaring though mails… I work in 8 hrs shift 6 days a week so understand 
that it is very hard for me to find time and effort that I put in 
writing this text…

	Copyright : Do whatever you wanna do with the text… Copy it … 
as your own I do not really care… if you will inform me I will appreciate 
it else no problems … add whatever you wanna add … No permissions required… 


	Hard to Be a God is an action/RPG game based on the universe of 
the book written by Arkadi and Boris Strugatski. The story of the game 
takes place several years after the events described in the book. Your
 character will explore the medieval world torn by strife and civil war,
	a world whose inhabitants are ready to kill for a handful of gold.
The main character is a local, he has just graduated from Intelligence 
	He will have to travel across many baronies and counties of the 
great kingdom of Arkanar, take part in the local wars and fight various
 monsters. He will have to unweave many plots and conspiracies, get in 
contact with terrestrials, become a baron, acquire 
great power and reveal the mystery of his home world.

Some Annoying Game features:
1)	Mine game version was 1.1 and for some reason the dialogues spoken
 by me do not have sound so game get Paused proceed with the game 
you have to press Dialogue skip Key   Default key “Space Bar” to skip to 
next Dialogue 

2)	The Weapon do not come out even when somebody is attacking… 
you have to press Tab Key to bring out your weapon… had a hard time getting
 used to and took some damage and even got killed sometimes… Good Old NWN was
 great in this… 

3)	When you try to get down from the horse it takes forever to get down
 and you have to Press E again if the horse is not completely came to still … 
if you have your weapon drawn.. it will be holstered again… 

4)	There is no Health Regeneration Facility… you have to consume 
something to regain hit points… 

5)	The game is freaking long and it takes forever to complete it
 sometimes it’s the very reason … people loose interest.. I completed it 
in a little under 1 months time… playing 2 to 3 hrs daily and 4 to 5 hrs
 on Sundays…

6)	There is no indication of Side quests and the NPC giving them 
also are easy to miss… 

Here we Go… with hints …(all I have to say) 

1)	What I loved about this game moment you get a quest it get 
marked on your map and you know exactly where to go and what to do…
 Quest will be either on the local area map or it will be on World Map 
that is accessible  through exit points… the game has on entry point 
to the local map and several exit point to the global map… the Main 
quest will appear with red symbol on map while side quest will appear
with blue symbol… when you hover mouse over 
it the title of the Quest can be seen… all together you will never 
have to search what to do… the emphasis of the game is rather on how 
to Do that thing … 

2)	The other good feature is that “A Stranger” will come and 
discuss any notes or books of importance you find and will give 
hints towards accomplishing that task so really of you do not read 
all the letter commandments and books you receive you will get to 
know it eventually anyway..

3)	You get 2 kind of skill points whenever you level up… 1 
point for light/medium/heavy weapons category… 2 points for general
 character development like diplomacy/health/stamina/ranged 
weapon/medicine… Here I suggest that try to keep diplomacy 
high as you get a truck load points for completing a quest or 
side quest and you can complete it without bloodshed if your 
Diplomacy is high besides you get a better price for looted 
equipment from merchants so you will get a lot of money is no 
time… In many quest just paying up a NPC will get the job done…
 if you are confident then you can also kill the NPC and save money… 
believe me most of the time it gets ugly even on easy difficulty… 

4)	Medicine is another feat that you can easily neglect 
it is rather useful as you gain more health points from usual
 stuff with high medicine value… I did not used range weapon 
much so cannot comment on ranged attribute… (Trick I Used was
 blend in and Assassinate … then to weaker the opponent and 
finish by close combat)

5)	Health can be gained through number of ways so increasing
 it does not really matter much… if you have loads of money there are 
flowers you can purchase that increases your hit points… there are also 
mushrooms that increases your hit points but decrease your stamina… 
I suggest you collect the mushrooms but do not use it until you have 
spare stamina to sacrifice… 

6)	Now about loads of money keep diplomacy high and pickup and sell
 everything and anything that is not nailed to the ground… if it exists
in the game it’s for you to take… None of the NPC even traders would mind 
if you pick their stuff and sell it under their own nose… Hmmm… 

7)	About weapons I say use only one kind of weapon and stick to it…
 do not forget to set its secondary power … when you skill points the it 
eventually unlocks superpowers of that weapon that will help you in combat 
… mostly it takes out opponent/opponents in single hit… right click it so
 that it appears next to your portrait on top left hand corner of the screen
 then you can use it when you right click… 

8)	Best equipment will be handed over to you so do not buy any equipment
 just sell… you will receive it mostly by completing side quest … the side 
quest in this game pays really well so I suggest whenever you see a NPC with
 light yellow dot floating over him jump on it… 

9)	Side quest : Side quest can also increase your overall character
These are few I remember and recommend you do them… 

1)	When you will be returning from Don Unchila’s castle then you will 
see a worried peasant who tells you to find his cloak in the forest do this 
one as you will meet a beggar who will ask you not to take back cloak and in 
return he will teach you to live like him… “Stamina increased by 1” 
2)	Peasant’s commander at Don Unchila will ask you to find him a book
 from hermit: Note here… Most probably you will be wearing Don’s Dress for 
this … you will have to change it to mercenary or some other role as the guy
(At the village that will appear on the map once you discover hermit is dead 
and book is gone) will not talk to the don… he will send you to strange man 
who has looted him and also looted and killed the hermit… He (Peasant’s 
commander) rewards you with a good armor and also teaches you how to use 
it… health +1

3)	Peasant’s commander at Don Dekha ask you to assassinate a monk at 
nearby estate … he will reward you with a good sword… do this because you 
will meet escaped fugitives there doing there quest(bring monk clothes) will
 reward you to send to a weapon master who will teach you with any weapon skill
 +3 {Also Note} this increase is beside the increase limit of 10 so for me it
 was heavy weapon (10+3=13)

4)	At tournament of swords go over the mountain to reach a mercenary camp 
fight some caveman along the way and cut their ears… they ask you to go the
 commander of outpost and ask them if they can join them… do this quest as 
mercenary leader will reward you by teaching any weapon skill … 
again for me it was heavy weapon +3 (13+3=16)… 

5)	Now You can also find a magically infused diplomatic hat (diplomacy+2)
 and vest (all weapon skill +2)… for main quest when you are collecting the 
parts of amulet you will reach a place where that is being seized by greys 
and monks and all kind of scum… the gates will be closed and you will have
 to find alternative way of reaching inside the castle… 
{Stuck point Notes} go inside the forest on the right of the second gate 
(considering first is the one where you approached from… go along the edge 
to the back of the castle you will see a path leading to the broken wall… 
you can Enter the castle from here… do not enter yet keep on going until 
you reach a back of the castle you will find a dead diplomat with both
 diplomatic hat and weapons skill vest loot his corpse… you will receive
 one of the best items in the game… for me now weapon skill was (16+2=18)

6)	Now these quests can be both easy and hard depending how you chose 
to do them… what I did that moment I enter an area… I was attacked by some
 guys who were plentiful in the area mostly they are Bandits, greys and 
FRA or monks… whenever I go into such area I assume the role of same… 
so now these guys will help me fight other guys and also at the
 same time I can ambush them “When they least expect to gain some points” 
ambush mostly with alternate attack so that they die instantly… 
you donot want unwanted attention… 

7)	Also note that If somebody is not talking to you mostly because 
you are not in the right role… for example pampa will kill you if you 
are not a noble Don… even it hunter suggest you to change your clothes 
… veteran soldier on arkran suburbs will attack  you instantly if you are
 not an FRA officer… So take time to dress accordingly … you need at
least five things to assume a role… keep on swapping it until your 
portrait shows the role you are trying to acquire… 

8)	Keep the dress handy … you do not have to carry it around always …
 what I did that I stored it in chests … there a
re numerous chests in the game and whatever you store donot get 
lost… so first chest you come across in a FRA domain.. store FRA dress 
chest use it in the area  return it to chest and the go to the other area… 
similar for rest of area … most of the time the first chest you will come
 across will have the dress before hand or you will find some poor dead 
guy lying there you can take his clothes instead … 
 Note here some chest concering quest items can disappear too so try to
find general chest..  

(8) Horse: is a handy thing that will be a necessity in certain quests 
that are time bound … like one with the field burning down… What tips 
I feel is that do not waste money on anything other than battle steed..
 other horse die too quickly and also have not much stamina so if road 
is long and you are trying to flee… they might stop in half way… 
{Stuck point Notes} I tried to use exit to global maps by pressing “E” 
moment I press E i dismount from horse and the pressing E again will open
 the global map… now if I try to go to another place the Horse left 
behind… to take your horse with you while mounted click the arrow with 
mouse do not use Interaction Key… 

About Combat On Horse: About This I Personally feel that its pretty 
useless and Horses costs a Lot so I think that they are Ok to Travel 
Places... Flee or Occasional fight with wolves... but if you are 
interested in combat the probability is that the horse will die on you... 
 One more thing It takes time to get off the horse and draw out weapon...
 so try to stop a little further than the actual enemy... in case stuck 
get off and start running and then draw your weapon... as you will not
 be able to draw weapon if you are being hit... and obviously run back 
instead of forward as mostly you have cleared the back and if there are 
NPC most probably they will be of your Role so they will help you fight
 the enemy.. Running forward might work also but if you run into more 
enemies you will be the one who get ambushed...
	About riding horse ... do not use WASD Keys to move the horse 
Just Use "W" or forward key and change the direction by Moving your 
mouse in particular direction ... in my opinion this is the best way 
to ride the horse...

	I am not sure its a bug or a gameplay feature my trusty Hamahar
horse with which i travelled trough most part of the whole game after
few of the starter horses die on me... Got Old with 50 HP and just 
100 Stamina when i reached count Set Domain... I really got attached to
that horse(Silly me) i tried to take it to muslin castle and keep it 
there but it disappeared on the way... i have to buy a new hamahar 
from count set domain... (sob! Sob!) 
{stuck point Notes}
 One of the annoying side quests is about fixing the flour mill...

 You have to get a cog from another village... you get this side quest 
at count Urchila Estate.. there are actually 4 Cogwheels are 3 are 
useless and the helper will send you back thrice to get them... you 
will be pretty familiar with big brown box kept mostly 
outside of houses..
you will get following cog Wheels 1) Very Heavy 2)Missing teethe 
3) bent and 4) Rusty Cogwheel provided you look hard enough... 
your journal says that may be used each time you find one type of 
cog wheel... the wheel the miller's helper require is the rusty 
one.. you can find near the bent cogwheel box and its a little bit
 hidden and kept in a normal box instead of big box and is kept 
outside of house by the wall...
This wasted about 2 days and probably the reason for this Faq 
{stuck point Notes}
"I cannot enter Count Urchila's Library to talk to him" This is part 
of main quest where you talk to urchila to recieve final silver piece 
for amulet... Since my LCD TV supports 1024x768 resolution, I faced a 
problem with getting into the library to finish the quest..It is just
 my speculation that at higher resolution people might not face this 
bug... the entry path to the library is a little skewed... 

  If you have a problem entering or exiting count Urchila's Library..

 do this...

stand at the right hand corner of the ramp ... not on the ramp but at 
just a little away from right hand diagonal edge you will see a lady 
coming from count urchilla's room she comes up to the gate and then 
walks back again....the point she comes up to and turn back is the 
point you need to reach walk/run to that point diagonally you will 
be inside the ramp half up and half below the ramp.. it means you are 
going in the right direction... keep on going further diagonally 
only moving your mouse left or right and pressing forward key (W) 
you will eventually  reach inside the library (will take few attempts 
to find the right line of path..) talk to Urchilla and then return the 
same way stand at the edge and run towards the diagonally at ramp now 
from up left corner to bottom right corner...   Phew!! Now only you have 
to do this once more when you actually bring Caveman Pelt for Urchilla.. 
One tip I sure insist on giving is save your game if you try to explore
 the area thoroughly from edge to edge ... it is very easy to get stucK 
at some corner and your character will keep on trying to get out but no 
avail... same case with the horse too do not take it inside thin corridors
 and gates if you need to change direction you will be stuck there and 
then you have to either abandon your horse...Ouch!! or load from a previous
 point... For example when Getting Shamman to please rain god... Shamman 
starts a fire and then he ask you to fetch 3 Blades of grass and 2 
Mushrooms at offer them to Wooden Idols Behind Piku's Castle, behind turs 
castle and near field ... Field should be the last.... if you go too much 
inside the hermits hut on horse and then if you try to turn ... the horse
 will get stuck and your clock will be keep on running... eventually most 
of the time when you get stuck you can very easily get out too... 
but sometimes it does get stuck...
 After Training session and EXAM Quest before leaving The Coast then DON 
Prani ask "if you are ready to go"... take a cart horse and go to the
 shopkeeper Near the INN and sell everything.. Just keep best armour 
shoes and pants you are wearing and sell All equipment (do not sell 
health foods) to the shopkeeper.. and buy beer from the Innkeeper for all
 the money… It will help you later on until you get strong Enough… 
Beer has healing properties and it could be place on quick slot to 
heal you during fights… that will be your health points until you 
receive good enough equipment… 
Besides looting off fallen enemies you can also get food by garden planted
 in villages so always keep a watch for them too.. I never bought stamina 
vials as I used block to recover my stamina and killed the archer first 
mostly by super attack. If there are multiple enemies let them come close
 and donot rush to attack.. as you do same damage to multiple enemies by 
using heavy weapons provided they are close enough… 
Also you gain 1 Experience points by killing hens, dogs and other neutral 
animals… its Yucky so decide you want that or not never miss a chance to 
hit a straw dummy … you will gain 1 EP… 
Some Mushrooms have positive Effect too… do not exactly remember but +25 
to both Stamina and Health… Some you can weigh what you need health or 
stamina.. anyway donot buy negative points mushroom as you get to loot 
plenty of them from here and there… generally from monks…  
Another tip is that keep a watch how much EP to the next Level… it shown 
in brackets besides your present EP… so if you are low on health and ready
 to complete a quest do not heal yourself as you will get full health 
when you receive Experience points of that quest…
You cannot change clothes if somebody is near… this does not applies if 
you are on the Horse or buying Stuff from Merchants.. you can try on your
 clothes there only.. 
The game also provides modding of armor and shields .. you have to buy 
the upgrade kits from merchants and every merchant have exactly one kit 
of particular type so if you buy it he will not restock it… 
donot bother looking him again 
so I suggest buy useful items from merchants even if you donot need at 
that time.. keep it with you and use it later or you can always return 
back to merchant provided you remember where he is… 

 Ok about mods … 
Add 15% to amour – very useful..
10% energy consumed less—jump on it.. Stamina Modifier..
Reduces 1 Level for the item:- Avoid it … you will reach another
 level in no time… 
10% Enhanced Damage --- I will take 10% Energy Saving every time.. 

Only 1 Mod can be used on a particular item… 
About inheriting the Musin Estate… Note down what the ghost has to say 
in wandering forest if you have to… because everything Is needed.. 
 For example:-- about pampa owing baron musin three rusty dagger with
 iron handles… pampa getting bitten on a$$ by wolf.. (NO Dogs or cats 
for Musin only hunts with falcon) Mother’s Body never found killed by 
pirates… father went to hunt down those pirates never to be heard again
 – No tombs for mother and father… Only child? No Brothers and sisters… 
 Donot know much about nieghbour except he is a crook… and like mother 
no nanny only the interviewing old servant was himself a nanny to young

You will get best Equipment in Musin Castle and they will last you
the game time and for final showdown you will have to go back and open
 more chest to recieve more equipment... You will get a needle rifle 
as ranged attack which is really good but ammo is hard to comeby...
If you have sufficient Diplomacy "I Think but 
not Sure Diplomacy is Req. or not" Ask Dr. Rudie he will give you 
ammo for rifel if he ask you to do something
 rifel ammo can also be found on fallen earthlings like one you got 
Diplomacy hat and weapon modifier vest from... provided you comb 
jungles for them.. i found 2 of them... 1 by the mystical flower
that only a sick person can pick at DON Turs and Piku's Castle and 
another behind castle from whom you get diplomacy hat from... there is
also a merchant who buys his grandfather idols... in that estate too..
But i am sure more fallen earthlings should be there...

  Ok no more Tips I will add something if I remember something worth adding 

Peace OuT
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