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Halo Zero Tips & Tricks

Tags: Halo Zero Game Guides, Halo Zero Hints, Halo Zero Walkthrough

Halo Zero

                 _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _
                / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \
               ( H | a | l | o ) ( Z | e | r | o )
                \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

                             For PC
                           Version 1.1
                         By Chris Zawada
                         User: antseezee
                         Created: 12/23/05
                       Last Update: 12/31/05
                    Copyright 2005 Chris Zawada

Author's Note
Freeware games and side-scrolling platformers are practically non-existent in
the modern gaming realm. 3D has entered as the supreme choice for presentation,
while 2D platformers are a thing of the past. Could you possibly imagine a 2D
platformer that is entirely free, based off of a popular franchise? Halo Zero
is exactly that. The game takes place as a prequel before the original Halo,
and features several predominant features. While the game's depth is quite
small, this neat game features an online player's mode, and a few levels that
comprise a campaign. Mold these elements together with the Halo name and you've
got a nice free download that's fun to enjoy for a day. And as usual, our
loveable Master Chief is featured in the game, kicking butt with futuristic
weapons on any given day.

If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
with what you want to know!

=12/31/05= v1.1
Added the following changes:
	> Game changes due to 1.8.5 patch
	> Multiplayer changes

Looks like the developer is still hard at work with the game. I'd wish the
creator would actually beta test some of these patches as the game feels like
it's swish-swashing back and forth. This newest patch reduces multiplayer back
to 2 players, with router support, and some more hosting options. Download it

=12/25/05= v1.0
Finished the FAQ. This game was enjoyable granted the short life span of it.
There's suppose to be a new patch for multiplayer coming out that I will update
the FAQ accordingly to.

=12/23/05= v1.0
Started the FAQ. This game is NOT very long, so I'd expect to finish this guide
quickly as well. I'd like to get some multiplayer sessions in to write some
brief tips.

          -    Table of Contents     -
          1) Introduction
          2) Game Basics
             > Controls
          3) Walkthrough
             > Reach Complex
             > Forest Crash
             > Warthog Carnage
             > Generator Room
             > Dangerous Canyon
             > Truth and Reconciliation
             > Castle Entrance
             > Rescue Mission
             > Perilous Escape
             > Final Way
          4) Weapons
          5) Multiplayer
             > Maps
             > Troubleshooting
          6) Enemies
          7) Common Questions
          8) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
          9) Proper Credits


- 1) Introduction          -
Very few fan-created games turn out to be good. A lack of professionalism,
original sprites/sounds, and really cruddy design techniques turn out to be
freeware messes to complete. The few that manage to create great games usually
do not receive any recognition, and only grow to be so big from a community
standpoint. Halo Zero is a recently released 2D side-scrolling platformer that
takes place before the original Halo released on the X-BOX. As usual, you play
the role of Master Chief engaging several Covenant beings in order to sanctify
your presence. The great perspective about this game is that it's entirely
FREE, released by several fans of the Halo series. The game can be downloaded

The original development team was French, however, there is an option to change
everything to English. What makes the game a moderate success is that you don't
need a fancy souped-up PC, and it even offers free multiplayer that ANYONE can
play without signing up for an account. This is the ultimate game for the
moderate gamer who wants a free, small download (20MB), online-capable
platformer shooter with the ability to emulate the Halo series - how awesome is
that. Since the storyline acts like a prequel to the original Halo, most of the
game is based around the famed Reach battle you hear about frequently during


##### GAME INFO #####
Player(s): 1-2 (online multiplayer support, patches have changed player size)
Developer: Dobermann
Released: 2005
Rarity: very common
Special Features: online play, freeware
ESRB: n/a
Cover Art on box:
- n/a

	> Windows 95 or better
	> 1Ghz+ Processor
	> 256MB RAM +
	> 22MB+ free HD space
	> No exact Video Card Requirements
		(You apparently need a GeForce card or better, even though it's
		 sidescrolling 2D platformer. Do not worry about this option
		 too much.)


- 2) Game Basics           -
Halo Zero's controls are based strictly off of the PC setup, which is perfect
for moving (keyboard), and firing (mouse). I had to alter the default controls
as they did not fit well for the setup of a laptop. Other than that, the
controls can manually be edited in game if you do not appreciate them.

                A - Move left
                D - Move right
                S - Crouches
       Left Click - Fires weapon
      Right Click - Throws grenade
            Space - Jumps
            Shift - Performs melee attack
                Q - Switches weapon
             CTRL - Exchanges weapon off ground
                R - Reloads
                G - Switches grenade type
              ESC - Enters pause menu
            Mouse - Used for aiming Master Chief's weapon

- The controls have been edited above to my liking. Since this is a 2D
platformer, it is essential to get use to jumping and crouching. These will be
necessary elements for avoiding enemy fire. There are two different types of
grenades, plasma and frag. Switching between the different types can be useful
for varying situations. The melee attack is great for up close and personal
thugs. Your character can hold two weapons. Use the exchange button to
take a weapon off the ground and use it to your own liking. You need a mouse in
order to tilt the direction on Master Chief's aim.


- 3) Walkthrough        -
This is one of the main features to Halo Zero. The Campaign mode allows you to
progress through the Halo Zero storyline while playing some neat levels across
different scenarios. This section will guide you through the single-player

/Reach Complex/
   Difficulty: ***
   Objectives: + Reach the pelican for evacuation

   *Somewhere before the storyline of the original Halo, we're brought to the
    location of the planet Reach. Suddenly, several Convenant aliens storm a
    facility. Several stationed guards are gunned down, at which point, a
    scrambling marine tells one of the Spartan units (the great Master Chief),
    to get out of the facility. The Covenant have discovered their Spartan
    production facility, and are destroying all of the Spartan units.*

- Start off by moving right, and drop down the great ledge. You'll have three
Covenant grunts to down. Continue moving right. You'll run into an elite guard
along the way with an enhanced plasma rifle. Drop your pistol for it, but keep
the machine gun for now. When you reach some of the shield aliens, quickly
sprint up and melee attack them for an easy kill. Jump over the stack of
crates, and continue forth. When you see a large grouping of an elite & his
grunts, toss a frag grenade, and watch the sprites split apart like a work of
art from Paint Shop Pro. Keep moving forward past the catwalk and drop down
again. Stay on the elevated crate so you can frag grenade the poor elite to his
own misery. Gun down the remaining grunts, and keep on moving. You should keep
finding small Machine Gun clips on the ground.

- Keep moving right till you walk past a few dead scientists. Watch for the
gigantic Hunter to fill the screen. Here comes the toughn part now. Switch to
the frag grenade type, and look for a Plasma Pistol on the ground from a
previous body. Feel free to retreat if you wish. Pull out the Plasma Pistol,
charge up the shot (hold down the mouse), then release the shot at the hunter.
Toss a frag grenade after the shot hits him, and fire away with your Machine
Gun. Even though Hunters really don't have a plasma shield, you'll do some
damage. If you lose your shield, retreat out, and re-engage until the mammoth
falls to the ground. Continue right, hop up the remaining crates, then sprint
to the Pelican awaiting your arrival.

   *Master Chief hops aboard and manages to receive a risky escape out of the
    destroyed Spartan facility. However, along the way, two Banshees manage to
    sneak up and blast the Pelican out of the sky. It crashes lands somewhere
    in a mysterious jungle. One of the marines asks if you're OK, and then says
    they should find the nearby Warthog for an easy transport.*

/Forest Crash/
   Difficulty: ***
   Objectives: + Find the Warthog

- Start off by moving right, and dropping down the ledge. As usual, pathetic
grunts will attempt to stop your progress, but easily get gunned down. Use the
Pistol for taking out the stronger Elites. Keep moving until you find a gray
"Army" crate. Watch out as a strong Elite is waiting on the other side. Stick
him with a plasma grenade, otherwise keep firing with your Pistol until he gets
downed. If you find yourself stuck against the box, hop behind it, and continue
firing. This will offer temporary protection. Hop over the next gray crate, and
continue gunning them down till you find (2) Elites near a drop-down ledge. Use
the same technique of plasma sticking or simple gunning to down them both. If
your Machine Gun runs out, drop it for a Plasma Rifle. You'll eventually find a
Strong Hunter waiting up ahead. Use your Pistol and a frag grenade to down the
waste of space. Move ahead a bit more until you find a marine standing near a

   *The Covenant are trying to destroy a generator stationed nearby in one of
    your bases. It's imperative that you save the structure as it provides
    energy to most of your ground facilities. Hop aboard!*

/Warthog Carnage/
   Difficulty: *
   Objectives: + Get to the base

- Here comes one of the fun parts in the game. You get to control Master
Chief's driving by using the scroll keys WHILE moving the mouse and firing with
the marine on the chain gun. Start off by putting the pedal to the medal. Use
the slow rate of fire on the chain gun to down the basic grunts. Keep
proceeding forward past two jumps until the third jump. Gun it full speed and
run over the poor Elite. Most enemies cannot be driven over unless you come off
of a ramp and land on them. The best strategy I can give is to fire away by
moving ahead slowly, but then gunning it off the ramps hoping to crush some
helpless Covenant. You don't even have to kill them if you wish, but it takes
away the satisfaction. After a few more ramps, you'll reach the end of the

/Generator Room/
   Difficulty: ***
   Objectives: + Defuse the bomb (2 Minutes)

- When you reach the initial entry area to the facility, a counter will now
count down from 2:00. You only have two minutes to reach the bomb! Start off by
moving right and take out the initial entre of grunts & elites. Jump over the
burning Warthog, but DO NOT jump into the hole in the floor. Hop over it,
continue to the right corner, and drop your Pistol for the Shotgun. Backtrack
and quickly drop down the hole. Use the shotgun shells on the large threats,
especially the elites. Use your melee whacks for the poor grunts, and continue
right. The Shotgun will have some delay between shots, so don't panic if you
find yourself taking lots of damage. Just toss a grenade, and retreat to stop
those worries. Keep moving till you see a stack of crates. Hop up them, and
jump left. Kill the remaining guards, then move over the bomb and press R to
defuse it.

   *A transmission will come through in your headset. A nearby prisoner is
    beind held by the Covenant. His name is Whitcomb. He needs your help

- Remember the stack of crates you just jumped from? Go to them, but go to the
right now. Go near the dead marine, and drop your Shotgun for his Pistol. One
more Elite and several grunts will be awaiting your presence. Down them, and
jump over the next hole in the floor. Grab the Shotgun off the floor, then drop
down the hole. Here comes the tricky part. Lay a shotgun shell on the Elite to
your left, and quickly whack him. Retreat to the wall, then charge forward and
toss one plasma grenade on the Hunter. Do it again, and duck or jump over his
powerful shots. Expound whatever ammo you got left into him to down him. Do it
correctly and you should live. Continue right and you'll reach an exit out of
the base.

/Dangerous Canyon/
   Difficulty: ****
   Objectives: + Enter the Covenant Ship

- You'll now be outside with a huge sniper rifle. This is more like it. Pull
out your Pistol for now, and gun down the initial threats. Knock the fool out
of the turret, and continue forth. The neat thing about the sniper rifle is
that you can zoom in by holding down the firing button. However, you must fire
the shot once doing this, so be sure to waste some ammo on a large target. When
you drop down to the next part, watch for (3) Elites right in a row. Some well-
placed grenades will certainly make their day more enjoyable. After hopping up
some crates, you'll find some sniper ammo to accompany the hefty weapon. Pick
up the medkit as well. Drop your Pistol for the Shotgun at the upcoming
intersection, and hop over the destroyed Warthog.

- Now, when you reach the next ledge, you should see a patrolling Elite. Use a
plasma grenade and stick the man as he walks towards you. Move up ahead, and
stick the mounted turret at the peak of the jumps. Continue forward. When you
see a blue transport ray for the Covenant ship, be weary. Pull out that massive
sniper rifle as (2) Hunters will drop down from above (slowly but surely). It
takes roughly 3-4 shots from the rifle to down each one. Stand a safe distance
away, either off-screen or out of their firing range. Continue firing till
they're both dead, and the Covenant's ray will suddenly absorb you to the

/Truth and Reconciliation/
   Difficulty: **
   Objectives: + Save admiral Whitcomb

- As usual, move right and engage the small flurry of grunts. Some elites may
be scrambling around, but are nothing to worry about. The first drop-off will
be the perfect spot to toss a grenade for easy kills. A Hunter will be waiting
for you up ahead. A grenade and nearly a full clip from the Pistol should be
sufficient in bringing him down. Hop over the next stack of crates, but be
CAREFUL as a Swordsman will be waiting above. I simply stuck him once, and
expounded a few Machine Gun rounds to bring him down. Unfortunately, you don't
get to use the Energy Sword.

- Drop your Machine Gun for the Shotgun, and pick up some Pistol ammo. Move
forward a bit, and drop off the large ledge. Immediately shotgun the (2)
Grunts, but watch for a Hunter in the background. Use a plasma grenade, along
with SEVERAL pistol rounds to bring him down. The Shotgun does little damage,
and you'll take too much damage trying to get close enough. Continue moving
right till you see a blue barrier. Press R to open the barrier.

   *Whitcomb is delighted to see you've saved him, however, their head of
    operations, Johnson, is hiding in the command castle. The Covenant do not
    know of his position yet, but I'm sure it won't be too long before they
    find out. Whitcomb wants to go help him.*

- Continue moving right. One more elite, a few grunts, a turret, and
practically open space is all that stops you from reaching the end of the
level. Move to the awaiting marines where the Pelican is hovering.

   *Whitcomb and Master Chief hop aboard for a new ride towards the Castle.
    You'll be introduced to some white terrain, preferably cold, icy, and very

/Castle Entrance/
   Difficulty: ***
   Objectives: + Find the Castle Entrance

- Start off by sprinting down the snowy ramp, and immediately pick off the
casing of grunts standing around. A few Elites will be waiting to greet you,
but you should find a Rocket Launcher early on in this map. Drop the Shotgun
for it, then hop onto the pipe. Gun down the grunts using your Pistol, then
switch and rocket the Swordsman twice. With this threat down, proceed forward.
More grunts will be scattered until you reach a lone Hunter. Expend the
remaining two rockets, and a few pistols rounds to kill him. Drop the Rocket
Launcher for a weapon of your choice. Continue moving ahead until you can find
a new Shotgun & Rocket Launcher from dead marines. Once you have both weapons
taken, prepare for some new threats.

- Along the way, some elites and grunts will engage you. Fire all the shells
you've got at em' until you reach the large Hunter (yet again). Fire as many
rockets as you wish, since this is the last major threat. Once it is downed,
continue right until you start to see an opening to a building. You've reach
the castle - hooray.

/Rescue Mission/
   Difficulty: ****
   Objectives: + Find Johnson

- Some creepy music will radiate in the background to let you know you're in
"new" territory. You'll want to move forward engaging any grunts you find along
the way. When you find the Rocket Launcher, drop down the ledge, but stay
slightly elevated. Use a couple of rockets on the elites walking in order. Move
forward a bit, but watch for a lone Swordsman. Pumping three shotgun shells
should do the trick. Finish up the rocket ammunition on the Hunter soon
afterwards, and stick him once or twice for the big letdown.

- Continue forward a bit, and pick up the Machine Gun if you find it to be an
urging need. Drop down the large ledge, and immediately toss plasma grenades to
your right. Try to stick one of the two elites, then gun down the grunts
positioned to your left. Move right letting your rage out. When you drop down
the next ledge, move left. You've miraculously found Sgt. Johnson. That lucky

   *We find out that Johnson managed to steal a Covenant artifact from the
    Castle facility, but would never dare escape by himself. Now that you've
    arrived, he feels like kicking ass again.*

- Start off by moving right. You'll have one elite, and a few grunts to take
down. Don't waste any rockets until you find the hunter past the destroyed
warthog. Expend two rockets on it, and watch Johnson rip him to shreds. Only
1-2 Elites block your path until you can find a well-equipped Warthog. Hop

/Perilous Escape/
   Difficulty: *
   Objectives: + Get to the pelican

- You can't have any Halo game without (2) Warthog missions of course. Gun the
baby into second gear and slowly gun down the innocent Covenant. When you reach
the first turret and kill the operator, pump the off the ledge to run over a
plethora of enemies. Creep ahead slowly, and watch for the (2) Elites as they
can be dangeorus foes. Repeat the same strategy and careen off the cliff for
even more easy kills. You'll have several more enemies to deal with, which is
why Johnson kicks so much butt on the machine gun. Keep ripping the elites to

   *The Pelican will lower just enough for Johnson to hop into it. Before you
    can leap in as well, a Hunter blocks the road and your Warthog takes a
    direct hit. After crashing the vehicle, Master Chief awakes. Johnson tells
    him to hurry as they've landed the Pelican.*

/Final Way/
   Difficulty: ***
   Objectives: + Get to the pelican

- This is it, mono-e-mono. Moving right, the first wave of enemies will consist
of primarily grunts, a turret, and one Swordsman. Pick up the Machine Gun to
replace the Pistol for now. Drop down the ledge, and engage the (2) Elites
using grenades or the barrel of your shotgun. Move right a bit until you see a
rocket launcher on the ground. Snatch it up, and fire 2-3 rockets into the
nearby Hunter for the kill. Hop over the series of crates, and feed off of the
necessary supplies. When you reach the burning hog, jump onto it, but peak over
the ledge. Toss (2) Plasma grenades to stick the awaiting Swordsman. Once he's
dead, move ahead cautiously.

- Again, proceed forward and snatch the rocket to kill the second Hunter. If
you move forward a bit, you'll find a Sniper Rifle on the ground which can be
of plenty of use for the upcoming elites. Snipe them frm the ledge by zooming
in (hold down the mouse, and let go). The Rocket Launcher is the ideal weapon
to use if you're looking for easy melee attacks that instantly kill. Sprint
over to the Pelican.

   *Just as you thought you were home, Banshees are ambushing your Pelican.
    Johnson tells you to down those mother cluckers.*

- You'll be mounted on the rear chain gun of the Pelican. It works practically
the same way as the Warthog chain gun. Simply aim and fire away at the
Banshees. There will be 7 in total to deal with.

   *Captain Keyes greatly welcomes your arrival to the Pillar of Autumn, the
    massive space marines mothership. Keyes quickly transport into hyper space
    with possession of the key material - the artifact. However, the Truth and
    Reconciliation ship of the Covenant's fleet follows their position. And
    thus, that is where the classic Halo game starts off. Halo 2 follows the
    progess after the original Halo, and we have this nice freeware classic.*

- The credits scroll briefly showing who made the game. Quite an accomplishment
from several fans and the company of Dobermann.

                                  [ THE END ]


- 4) Weapons          -
For those of you who have played the Halo series, you know that weapons are the
primary objective on multiplayer maps, and the best way to enjoy the game.
Weapon types vary based on their origin, their damage, and the manners in which
they construe your opponents into bits and pieces. This section will briefly
describe each weapon with a brief weapon rating.

     |=| Pistol |=|
      Origin: Human
       Power: ****
        Ammo: **
 Description: - The Pistol is a souped-up sidearm that has extremely high
                penetrating rounds capable of doing extreme damage to even the
                toughest targets. Do not be fooled, this weapon is dangerous
                and packs 12 bullets to the punch. Unfortunately, you can go
                through the ammo quickly, despite the uncommon features.

     |=| Assault Rifle |=|
      Origin: Human
       Power: **
        Ammo: *****
 Description: - While I refer to it as the "Machine Gun" in most of the guide,
                the Assault Rifle is the prototypical weapon of most space
                marines operating near the Covenant sectors. The name can be
                somewhat fooling, as the Assault Rifle tends NOT to do a lot of
                damage. Instead, the weapon relies on a lot of fired rounds in
                a short amount of time. The bullets tend to hit their targets,
                but without the forcing power of the Pistol. The gun can hold
                roughly 60 bullets before having to be reloaded.

     |=| Plasma Rifle |=|
      Origin: Covenant
       Power: ****
        Ammo: ***
 Description: - The Plasma Rifle is the typical sidearm of most Elites in the
                Covenant forces. It features a battery loaded clip which fires
                large balls of energy at targets in a short amount of time. The
                advantage of the Plasma Rifle is that they're very common, and
                don't run out of ammo too quickly. Overuse has to be worried
                about, but it makes a great weapon if you run out of AR ammo.
                It tends to do more damage than you'd expect.

     |=| Plasma Pistol |=|
      Origin: Covenant
       Power: *
        Ammo: ***
 Description: - The Plasma Pistol is another Covenant advantage which simply
                fails in this title. It has plenty of uses in other Halo games,
                as you can hold down the firing trigger to "charge" a shot,
                which instantly renders an opponent's plasma shield disrupted.
                Unfortunately, plasma shields are not kept track of in this
                game, meaning you'll just do slight damage. The worst and most
                common weapon you can grab.

     |=| Frag Grenade |=|
      Origin: Human
       Power: *****
        Ammo: *
 Description: - The Frag Grenade is the ideal grenade designed for space
                marines. The frag basically bounces after being tossed and
                blows up after a certain interval of time. It's primary use is
                for being bounced off of structures or targeting larger groups
                of enemies.

     |=| Plasma Grenade |=|
      Origin: Covenant
       Power: *****
        Ammo: *
 Description: - The Plasma Grenade is the ideal grenade for the Covenant, and
                features the unique ability of sticking to any opponent it is
                thrown on. This too blows up after a certain period of time,
                but tends to do more concentrated damage when stuck to an
                opponent. A useful technique is to stick tougher enemies with
                plasma grenades for increased damage.

     |=| Shotgun |=|
      Origin: Human
       Power: ***
        Ammo: ***
 Description: - The Shotgun is a common weapon you'll find in the game that
                tends to be a ton of fun. This basically propels a round which
                spreads out upon firing. It does NOT do a lot of damage at
                longer ranges, but does a great deal of damage in closer
                ranges. The weapon is pump-action, and must be cocked after
                each shot.

     |=| Needler |=|
      Origin: Covenant
       Power: ***
        Ammo: ****
 Description: - While not as popular in the original Halo, the Needler has
                increased damage in Halo Zero. The weapon basically has purple
                crystals that are launched from a weapon, but they "attract"
                towards enemy targets after being fired. They only move a few
                inches if at all to their target, so don't expect much in terms
                of targetting. However, the gun is really powerful and can even
                take down elites in a matter of 6-7 crystals. Worth it in this
                game, and commonly dropped by grunts.

     |=| Rocket Launcher |=|
      Origin: Human
       Power: *****
        Ammo: **
 Description: - The Rocket Launcher does exactly what it says, meaning you get
                to watch poor Covenant aliens get slaughtered. The weapon can
                hold up to 2 rockets at a time, but you'll rarely find more
                ammo for these. It's useful for taking down large opponents as
                it does explosive damage, but is quite rare and not used until
                later on. This gun makes a difference during multiplayer.

     |=| Sniper Rifle |=|
      Origin: Human
       Power: *****
        Ammo: ***
 Description: - The Sniper Rifle acts much like any gun you would expect. You
                get long range capabilities along with high-damage rounds at
                the cost of ammo capacity. The Sniper Rifle can hold 4 rounds
                per clip, and even has a zoom-in feature. In the newest version
                of Halo Zero, simply press the fire button once to zoom in,
                then press it again to fire. You do not need to hold down the
                button. This gun is VERY useful on multiplayer, as you can camp
                location and wait for opponents to move towards you without
                them knowing of your presence.


- 5) Multiplayer        -
One of the surprising features of Halo Zero is the ability to play in head-to-
head matchups online. Unfortunately, I must warn you that the actual
multiplayer engine is quite a hassle to get ready. You're bound to run into
problems, and it DOES NOT work like most games where you simply update a list
and refresh. Instead, you must manually type in IPs of people currently hosting
a game. Also, multiplayer is limited to (2) players due to past issues. The
game was designed for 4, but 2 is the current limit. This section will describe
the maps and also provide troubleshooting tips.

Believe it or not, but multiplayer mode actually features a decent amount of
independent maps not like the original ones compiled during single-player. Many
classics such as Zanzibar & Bloodgulch are included.

   [{- Bloodgulch -}]
     Rating: **

   |                          | - Bloodgulch basically features two upper and
   |                          |   lower corners you can jump to. The best part
   |                          |   is that a rocket launcher is featured at
   |                          |   the center of the map. Unfortunately, many
   |________          ________|   server hosts will grab it before another
   |                          |   player joins and continually weapon rape with
   |                          |   it. The rockets are difficult to overcome,
   |         [Rocket]         |   and only a pistol  from one of the side
   |                          |   corners can counter it.

   [{- Derelict -}]
     Rating: ****

   |                          | - This another map similar to Bloodgulch,
   |                          |   except the scenery takes place inside a
   |                          |   Covenant ship. The setup is identical to
   |         [Grenades]       |   Bloodgulch, except a center platform is added
   |______   _________  ______|   above the Shotgun. Two grenades are placed
   |                          |   here for some added firepower. Really, this
   |                          |   is an awfully fun map as there are no rocket
   |         [Shotgun]        |   whores. Make use of either the shotgun, or
   |                          |   needler if you wish. I really enjoy this map.

   [{- Zanzibar -}]
     Rating: ***

   |                          | - Zanzibar features a coastal beach with bright
   |                          |   scenery including a lot of sun glares. The
   |                          |   only platform is in the very middle, at which
   |         [Rocket]         |   point it is elevated. You'll find the lovely
   |       ____________       |   rockets stationed here, with several grenades
   |                          |   underneath. If anything, this map is a
   |                          |   letdown design-wise, but prevents corner
   |        [Grenades]        |   whoring with the rockets. Great if you want
   |                          |   to spice things up.

   [{- Icefields -}]
     Rating: *****

   |                          | - This map reminded me a lot of Bloodgulch,
   |                          |   except some snowy textures are tossed in.
   |[Sniper]          [Sniper]|   The biggest difference is that each upper
   |________          ________|   corner has a sniper rifle, which makes this
   |                          |   the ideal dueling map for sniping. Very fun,
   |                          |   and most players won't camp since you can
   |                          |   avoid a few rounds and flush grenades to
   |        [Grenades]        |   either corner. My favorite map.
   |                          |

   [{- Timberland -}]
     Rating: ****

   |                          | - A fairly different map as it is based in
   |                          |   the forest, with the corners slightly
   |  [Sniper]      [Sniper]  |   adjusted off the borders of the map.
   |  ________      ________  |   Corner whoring is prevented on this one,
   |                          |   even though it is sniper dominant. One
   |                          |   fruitful aspect is that getting the
   |                          |   rocket launcher makes it much easier to
   |         [Rocket]         |   attack and charge your opponents.
   |                          |

   [{- Chiron TL34 -}]
     Rating: ***

   |      |            |      | - A fairly obscure map that takes place in
   |      |            |      |   the setting of the Spartan facility. The
   |      |            |      |   map is split into 3 rooms, with teleports
   |      | [Grenades] |      |   at the end of each room that lead to the
   |______|____________|______|   center room. Some grenades are tossed in
                                  the middle, but the ceiling area is also
                                  reduced to increase melee action or frag
                                  frenzies. This is an enjoyable map if you
                                  want to get away from weapon whoring, but not
                                  many players miss the lovely weapons.

   [{- HangEmHigh -}]
     Rating: *****

   |                          | - HangEmHigh is a popular map that features
   |  [Sniper]     [Sniper]   |   a pit in the center with grenades. This is
   |  ________     ________   |   yet another extremely fun map with sniper
   |                          |   rifles on two elevated platforms. This tends
   |                          |   to be a favorite amongst most players,
   |                          |   although it can get a bit tedious at times.
   |        [Grenades]        |   As usual, the platforms are adjusted off the
   |_________        _________|   wall to allow for more escape routes.
   |         \      /         |

   [{- Death Island -}]
     Rating: *****

   |                          | - Probably one of the most innovative maps
   |         [Sniper]         |   that features isolation and jungles in one.
   |       ___________        |   Death Island has rocket launchers at both
   |            |             |   spawns, but also has two teleports on
   |            |             |   second-level platforms that transport you
   |       _____|_____        |   to the third-level platform with a sniper
   |                          |   rifle. Obviously, this one can turn into
   |[Rockets]        [Rockets]|   a camper's dream, or rocketman's dream, but
   |                          |   that choice is up to you. Very fun map.

   [{- Danger Canyon -}]
     Rating: **

   |                          | - Pretty much identical to Chiron, except
   |                          |   outside in the desert, and not as good.
   |                          |   The appeal lies in the rocket launcher
   |                          |   which spawns in the middle, and the fact
   |________          ________|   that each room has a teleport doorway.
   |        |        |        |   Still, the spawn rooms are too small to
   |        |        |        |   seek cover from your opponent who will
   |        |        |        |   most likely have the rockets. Feel kind
   |        |[Rocket]|        |   of trapped in this one.

   [{- Battle Creek -}]
     Rating: ***

   |                          | - The features an outside arena with a
   |                          |   pleasant center creek that dips into
   |                          |   some grenades. The two corners of the
   |                          |   map feature split-level platforms
   |_________       __________|   with shotguns at the bottom of each.
   |                          |   Granted, the map has some tactical
   |         [Grenades]       |   advantages for grenades, but other
   |  _______        _______  |   than that, it's definitely not the most
   | [Shotgun]      [Shotgun] |   exciting map in multiplayer mode.

Since Halo Zero does not exactly have a very easy method to play online games,
I decided to develop a section of the guide to correctly configuring your
connection in order to play Halo Zero. In case you did not know, the base
connection system for Halo Zero is IP-only. This means you have to find someone
currently hosting a game (by asking on forums, checking the official Halo Zero
site), then type in the IP to join a game. Vice versa, you must tell people
your IP address whenever you host a game, so they know what #'s to type in.
This system is not friendly to most amateur gamers, as you need some computer
background to know what you're doing. The following tips will guide you through
the multiplayer mode.

     -=+ Starting Off +=-
     - Click on the multiplayer button at the main menu. You will now have 2

          > Host
          > Join
          > Profile

          Host = You will act as a server for the game, and people must connect
                 to your IP. Your host IP is shown in a small text box, along
                 with the nickname you want to choose (highlight the box and
                 type it in). Additionally, you must pick a map for your match
                 to be played on.

          Join = All you have to do is type in the IP address of the server,
                 and pick your own nickname.

          Profile = You get to pick your own custom name and also a color for
                    your character. Helps add some customization.

     - All of this sounds easy, but here are some basics on order to find out
       what your IP address is. There are also some exceptions you may have to
       alter in order to get Halo Zero to work properly. Anything included in
       this section WILL NOT harm your computer unless you do something majorly
       wrong. Follow the directions exactly. I'd like to give credit to:

       Phorce (from the Halo Zero forums for this solution)

       >> Q: My internet connection goes through a *ROUTER* or box that let's
             me split the connection to other parts in the house.

       >> A: If you have a router, Halo Zero will not operate correctly unless
             you configure the router to work with Halo Zero. Do the following:

             Click the Start button -> Run -> type "cmd" (without the quotes)

             - A DOS dialog box should pop up. Type in "ipconfig" (without the
             - A few lines of text with #'s after the words should appear. Look
               for "Default Gateway", then jot down the #.###.###.### (the #'s
               will vary). Once it is jotted down, open up your internet
               browser, and type the #'s in exactly with the periods and no
             - This will take you to your router management screen. Login to
               the "admin" profile with the password "admin"
               The password is the same for every person out there who owns a
               router. If it doesn't work, try to leave the username blank but
               put in the same password. Once you are logged in, look for a
               heading called Port Forwarding. Port Forwarding basically let's
               you pick certain programs so they operate correctly and receive
               correct connections to the internet. Since your computer is
               hooked through a router, the connection is not direct like a DSL
               modem or cable connection. At the Port Forwarding settings, add
               an entry with the following settings:

               Type: Both (or TCP)
               Port: 1209 to 1209 (if there is a - between them, still put the
                                   same #'s in. The 1209 is a designated port
                                   from Halo Zero to filter an internet
                                   connection out so you can join and host
                 IP: Open up Halo Zero and see what IP address the game assigns
                     you by default when you click on Multiplayer -> Host.
                     Write this host IP down, and fill it in for the "Redirect
                     to IP address" under your port forwarding settings.

               - Save everything and make sure this new entry is saved under
                 your port forwarding settings. Now, Halo Zero will work for
                 multiplayer games. This should not affect your internet
                 connection in any way. Remember though, it is for people with
                 routers. Port forwarding can be used for tons of applications
                 under windows and other games. I recommend learning how to use
                 it if you've been having problems with other programs.

               ***NOTE: I found that my internal IP address would change when
                        I turned my computer back on at new times of the day.
                        The last digit would generally change from 1 to 4. This
                        means that you're connected on a certain slot in your
                        router. You will have to edit the IP address that the
                        port forwarding redirects to in order to make sure Halo
                        Zero works correctly.

     -=+ Other Important Stuff +=-
     - When you connect to a game, it should happen QUICKLY, within a matter of
       seconds. If the screen stays at "connecting to host", then this means
       the host is not currently working, or does not have port forwarding
       activated themselves. Press ESC to cancel the process, and to start

     - Multiplayer games now have support for only 2 players. The 1.8.5 patch
       reduced the player size since the game would not work correctly even
       with 4 players.

     - When you connect to the game, everything should be real-time. Your
       opponent may already have skilled weapons, so try to find one yourself
       before he/she seeks you down.

     - I'm not 100% sure, but I believe each match ends at 15 kills. When the
       match is over, your results are displayed, and the connection
       disconnects from both players. You must do the entire connecting process
       over again to successfully play a new match.

     - There is a new in-game server browser built-in with version 1.8.4. If
       the browser finds matches online for Halo Zero, it will display them for
       you along with key characteristics. You may have trouble connecting to
       certain people, so try various servers.

     - If your game says "Loading..." for more than 10 seconds, the server host
       is most likely unconnectable to. Press escape to back out.

     - The server host can boot players by accessing the menu mid-game.


- 6) Enemies            -
As usual, Halo Zero manages to keep an authentic appearance visually and
conceptually by including the true enemies from the Halo series. This section
will briefly describe each of them, and their durability during battle.

   ^ Grunt ^
   Race: Covenant
   Role: Patrol duties
   - Grunts are the weakest and close to the smallest foe in the Covenant task
     force. They basically look like stubby midgets, generally equipped with
     light arms (Plasma Pistols or Needlers). To compensate for their weakness,
     most grunts organize themselves into patrol squads and attempt to engage
     targets in this manner. Most of the time, it fails. They are prone to
     getting easily melee attacked, and can only take a few bullets from any
     weapon. The red version generally tends to be the lead grunt, with a
     slightly powerful weapon.

   ^ Elite ^
   Race: Covenant
   Role: Area checkups
   - Elites are tough opponents for Master Chief, mainly because they can
     suffer several attacks from their supposed plasma shield. They're also
     equipped with fine Plasma Rifles, and have the ability to throw plasma
     grenades. Elites can even melee attack and are dangerous threats when
     grouped in pairs. Red elites are the strongest, and generally possess
     uncanny abilities.

   ^ Hunter ^
   Race: Covenant
   Role: Guardian
   - Hunters are the rarest but most dangerous opponent in the game. These
     are massive creatures, almost twice as thick as Elites and taller. They
     have a powerful plasma bulk shot that does three times as much damage as a
     Plasma Rifle round. They have tremendous melee attacks as well, and can
     suffer several rounds from various weapons (even the Rocket Launcher). The
     key to taking them down is the use of grenades and cover fire. Explosive
     weapons do the most damage, or round-concentrated weapons (sniper rifle,
     pistol). Hunters generally only come in one version.

   ^ Jackals ^
   Race: Covenant
   Role: Protection assignments
   - Jackals are similar to grunts in size and stature, except more agile &
     equipped with a plasma shield. They can actually block rounds, although
     the shield only gives them a longer life bar in this game. The best manner
     to take them down is strictly with melee attacks (takes about two).
     They're not much of a threat, and usually mix themselves in with grunts on
     most occasions.

   ^ Banshee ^
   Role: Air duties
   - This is the air-flying vehicle for the Covenant race. The Banshee has a
     purple design with plasma propulsion engines. They generally have a
     moderately powerful plasma attack as well, but are prone to easily be shot
     down. You'll encounter these in one combat scenario during the game.

   ^ Swordsman ^
   Race: Covenant
   Role: Assassination
   - The Swordsman is a specially armed elite with a cloaking device and energy
     sword. The energy sword is capable of dealing death in two swipes to
     Master Chief, however, it is not a selectable weapon. The best advantage
     is to retreat as Swordsman will charge at you. Retreat while firing a
     decent weapon until they are downed. Their life bar is pretty much
     identical to normal elites. Their yellow overlay color gives away their


- 7) Common Questions      -

)) Gameplay ((

<< What would you rate Halo Zero? >>

- I'd rate it a [9/10]. There are three key aspects that come to mind about
this game, and why I gave it such a high rating. First and foremost, it's
entirely free. The game can be downloaded for free, and was designed that way.
Secondly, the file size is only roughly 20 MB. You can't go wrong there.
Finally, it's a great game. Halo Zero takes place slightly before the original
Halo classic, meaning some storyline elements are resolved. If anything, what
makes the game so great is the detailing on the presentation features for a 2D
platformer. There are muzzle effects when firing weapons, and every authentic
sound is ripped exactly from the original Halo. All weapons sound exactly like
they should, along with Master Chief's step sound, the sound of enemies
groaning, and so forth. Everything in this freeware game sounds authentic, and
not like a cheap rehash or fan-based game without professionalism. Granted, the
game is VERY short can be beaten in roughly 30 minutes. Still, the multiplayer
mode is quite fun, for a 2D side-scrolling platformer. You would think a game
like this fails at most aspects, however, it surely doesn't. Dobermann deserves
credit for coming out, creating a nice little game based on the Halo series,
and doing everything they could for a small free project. There's a reason this
game is on Gamespot's Top 10 list, even if it seems slightly unproven.

<< What's the most recent patch? >>

- Based on the date of this guide, the 1.8.5 patch is the latest version. The
developer basically helped make the multiplayer more stable by reducing the max
player size back down to 2 players. Router support has been re-added, along
with some other features.

<< Are there any cheats? >>

- No. As far as I'm aware, there are no type-in codes or what not. The fact
still remains that hacks are possible, since this game is unmonitored, but I
will not go into that.

<< Are there any other versions? >>

- No. This is just a PC game released for free playing purposes. There was no
planned Halo Zero game by Microsoft or Bungie accordingly.

<< Why is the game named Halo Zero? >>

- The storyline takes place from the "Fall of Reach" book, which occurs before
the original Halo game for the X-BOX. This helps relay new information as to
why the Covenant sought after Master Chief in the X-BOX classic, and also why
it's called Zero (before Halo One on the box).

<< What's your favorite weapon? >>

- Probably the Shotgun. I just love the boom-pumping action that results from
pressing the trigger.

<< This multiplayer sucks. How do I play? >>

- Check the multiplayer section. You may have to set some items up before
attempting to play. Create your own profile by naming yourself, then click
join. A list of servers should appear. Click to join on each server and attempt
to connect.

<< Are there any future patches coming? >>

- Believe it or not, Halo Zero has been previously released in beta and semi-
patched forms. The recent release in December was the final version. The
creator is still planning a new patch to help tune up the multiplayer elements,
and make the game more stable.

<< Is there any way to change the resolution? >>

- Not with the in-game settings. Halo Zero was designed for the most primitive
computers in mind, hence why it runs at a default 640 x 480. I've heard that
some people have altered the desktop shortcut to allow for larger resolutions,
but I cannot confirm this. It's a sprite game though. Stretching these items
out will only make everything more pixelated.


- 8) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines -
This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
it's in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling
FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time
trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).

Any site out there has permission to host my FAQs (following the above terms),
however, these are a list of current sites that host my FAQs officially:



- 9) Proper Credit         -
I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ

)) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life
to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.

)) (( for letting me use an excellent ASCII generator, which
composed this typical-style art. Excellent.

)) Dobermann (( for creating a short and enjoyable platformer that's free, and
well, pretty darn good. You've absolutely rocked the Gamespot charts.

)) Phorce (( for creating an excellent solution to help router players play
online with Halo Zero.

  "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
  "Freeeeeeddooommmmmmmmm!" - William Wallace (Braveheart)

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