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Halo 2 Tips & Tricks

Tags: Halo 2 Game Guides, Halo 2 Hints, Halo 2 Walkthrough

Halo 2

HALO 2 FOR WINDOWS VISTA         [Intended for Heroic difficulty and Update #1]

1. Intro (I)
2. Version History (II)
3. Walkthrough (III)
4. Enemies (IV)
5. Legal/Contact (V)


When I was a little kid, I always wanted to make my own video games. As the
years progressed, however, I grew to realize that I didn't have the talent.
So, supporting my love of video games, I began to write reviews and FAQs in
2006. Only one has been published so far. This is my second FAQ.

Now, about my guide: a large part of this game is hard to write a strict guide
for, because battles can have so many different outcomes. Most of the time, I'll
tell you what weapons to use, how many grenades you may use, etc. A few times
throughout the game, I'll let you decide what you want to use. I'll most likely
say that when you're about to change weapons due to a new level, so be prepared.

This walkthrough is as spoiler-free as possible.

One last thing: This guide was written with Heroic difficulty in mind. If you
play Easy or Normal, this guide WILL help you, but specific ideas pertaining
to Heroic don't apply. If you are playing Heroic, you'll be perfect. If you
are playing Legendary, I strongly suggest seeking out a Legendary Walkthrough
(none are out for PC, yet). I won't be able to help you.

If I miss anything, or you want to add anything, or even if you want to host my
guide, I urge you to email me at


July 15, 2007: Version 1.0, missing sections on vehicles, weapons, allies,
and enemies. I might do this, but I think it's a bit useless. I'll think about
it and might add it in the future.

July 18, 2007: Version 1.1, I made some early levels less specific because I
know the battles are somewhat random. Also clarified some writing: I took out
quality excuses, shortended the intro, and rephrased lots of minor sentences
in the walkthrough, etc. I'll add/improve the enemy/allies/vehicles/weapons
sections sporadically, as the release of Halo 3 gets closer and closer (and as
I run out of new games to play).

July 19, 2007: Version 1.1a, updated the legal section to include list of sites
the FAQ may appear on. 

July 23, 2007: Version 1.1b, updated Legal/Contact.

July 25, 2007: Version 1.2, updated Legal/Contact, and added first
appearences, Hunters, and Flying Elites to the Enemies section. Vehicles coming


The Heretic

Just a cutscene.

One Size Fits All 

The Marine with you runs you through a viewing test, where you look at targets
to test your mouse aiming. Run through the test and choose normal (press A) or
inverted (press B) targeting (as the screen says, you can change it later).

After the Marine finishes, walk around for a minute before following him. When
you're ready, approach the marine and stand in the red square labeled "Shield
Test Station." Press and hold E. Afterwards, Johnson will come down via an
elevator. Follow him in. You'll arrive at a tram. Enter. After a while, a
cutscene transpires. Wait until it finishes.

Head down the stairs to your left. At the halfway point, grab some weapons
(dual wield SMGs and Battle Rifle) from a rack on the wall. Continue down and
follow the Marines until the map changes.

Home Field Advantage

Use the overturned tables as cover (couch = left Shift). As Covenant burst
through the door up ahead, bring them down with fire from both SMGs (hold both
mouse buttons down at once). Head through the door they came in from. When
they're dead, fight another wave to your right. After they're down, head up
some nearby stairs and collect some SMG ammo at the top. Head through the green

Rush to the turret to the left and cut down any and all Covenant you can.
Eventually, an Elite will sneak up on you from behind (and sometimes a Grunt).
Take them out. Collect more SMG ammo from the weapons rack near where the Elite
entered. Leave using that door, and go downstairs. Join the marines.

This battle is pretty easy. You can win against groups of Grunts or solo Elites
mostly by shear firepower, cutting them down before they can react. Just use
dual SMGs, no grenades (you don't even have any yet!). After the battle, enter
the room marked with the floor stripe "HANGAR A-01." It's on the opposite side
of where you entered. Head upstairs and through the green door. Ditch one SMG
and switch to the Battle Rifle.

For this battle, stay on the balcony. Make good use of Zoom Mode (Z). 
If you ever get damaged, retreat to the previous room so you can recharge your

After you're done, collect the grenades up on this raised area (4 plasma, 3
frag). Watch the Malta go boom. Go back for your ditched SMG, and dual wield
again. Kill the second wave with it. With this wave, take the fight to the
ground floor, using various boxes for cover. After all are dead, leave through
the only open door down here. Go through a few corridors (ignore the turret)
to a near identical area. Repeat the same procedure. This battle is slightly
harder, so make good use of cover! After the battle, return to previous areas
and restock on ammo. When ready, head down the stairs marked "MAC STORAGE."

Priority Shift

Use the SMGs on your welcoming entourage. When they've cleared, exit through
the opposite LEFT door. Plow the surprised Elite into oblivion. QUICKLY
dump an SMG, switch to plasma grenades (G), and hurl one at the Invisible Elite
to your right. as
Sergeant Guns (the guy from One Size Fits All) is killed above you. Re-equip
your dual SMGs and avenge him. For this battle, run n' gun until you're
almost dead, retreat, reload, and repeat until all Elites are dead. Head
through the door marked "COMMONS BLUE."

This battle requires endurance. Use your SMGs (backtrack for ammo!) and your
Battle Rifle when you run out of ammo. 2 plasma grenades are strewn in the
middle of the battlefield. When finished, exit out through the opposite area
marked "MP SECURITY" and go up the stairs. Ditch your SMGs in favor of a Plasma
Pistol. Go through the door.

Another battle. Kill the Grunts and Elites with charged beams from the Plasma
Pistol. You are permitted to use one Plasma Grenade. Afterwords, restock on
supplies and go through the door the Covenant came out of. Skip the stairs and
go through the next door. Proceed until you reach Marines (one of which is
the un-killable Miranda Keyes). Take point (i.e. go to the front) and use your
dual SMGs. Crates make good cover. Go to the end of the hall and a second wave
will attack. Go through the door they came through.

Authorized Personnel Only

You'll see flying Elites. Use two Plasma grenades to kill both. You may miss
a maximum of three times. Restock on the dead Grunt.

There's still one more Flying Elite outside. Re-dual your SMGs and drop
outside. Use a plasma Grenade. Re-equip your dual weapons. Near where you
dropped down, a red arrow is labeled "SHIPPING." Stand on the tip of the arrow,
and walk forward until you can't. Yes, you'll press against boxes and walls.
Turn left. A doorway to your right contains a Flying Elite. You know the drill:
use a Plasma Grenade, re-equip your 2nd SMG. Return to where you "turned left."
See the right arrow on the right side of your screen? Stand at THAT arrow's
point and walk forward. You'll reach a door labeled "PORTSIDE" in blue font.

Switch out your Plasma Pistol for a Battle Rifle. Take the other door out.

You and a marine get to fend off Buggers. If they don't appear, head into the
center of the room. Use your Battle Rifle for good headshots when the Buggers
aren't zipping around. After they're dead, a life arrives with a Covenant
party. Kill them, also with the battle rifle. Scavenge this area for supplies
(you should pick up a Frag Grenade). Go to the far end of the lift and press
the button to take it down. If the elevator returned down without you,
merely walk down the elevator shaft. Either way, take the door outside.

Use Plasma Grenades to kill two of the Flying Elites. Use the Battle Rifle on
the third, perched on a ledge out of your reach. Afterwards, re-equip your 2nd
SMG. Re-stock in the room you came from.

Now, surrounding that last Flying Elite's ledge is the MAC gun. It has two
positions: down and up. When it's up, you can climb a ramp to the Flying
Elite's location. I can't really think of a better way of describing it.
Anyhoo, now you're on the ledge facing the door you came from. Turn around.
Walk until you reach the red arrow. Stand on its point. See the red stick
figure picture? Go to that picture and enter the door next to it, but not
before killing another Flying Elite with another Plasma Grenade. Enter the

Return to Sender

After Cortana talks to you, turn around and exit (this was an elevator?). Use
your Battle Rifle for the next battle. Remember to seek cover often and retreat
when needed .When they're all dead, the level will end.

They'll Regret That Too

Check out your new equipment: Battle Rifle and 1 SMG. Follow the marines,
killing a Grunt on the way. Soon, you'll encounter your first wave of enemies.
Use the Battle Rifle. No marines should be killed. After you checkpoint, run in
the building across from where you entered. Go upstairs, take the first exit.
To your left is ammo. To your right are snipers and an Elite (both are on the
rooftops; the Elite can jump down sometimes). Take them out. Now, return to the
stairwell for further cleaning. After they're all gone, you should checkpoint.

"More in the streets, left side!" Get back to the rooftops and kill all the
grunts below. Watch out for another sniper near where you entered. Take note: a
turret overlooks the initial plaza where you entered. Anyway, now you get a

GET TO THE TURRET. "We got Jackals in the streets!" To your right: take all
Covenant out. Right after they're all dead, Drones start appearing. Abandon
the turret and use your Battle Rifle. Remember to take cover! 

Next, more Covenant appear from the streets. Clean house.

Jackals re-join the party from their earlier entrance. Return to the turret;
you know what to do. 

Next, more Covenant appear from the streets. Clean house.

Now a Phantom arrives. Take cover from the dropship. When it leaves, kill the
Covenant it left behind. More Jackals also arrive.

Your ship arrives and says to meet it "on the other side of these buildings."
A few seconds later, 2 Hunters burst in. Use the turret to kill them (hit their
orange spots), re-stock on ammo, and leave through the door they destroyed.
Travel through a few streets until you see Jackals from far away.

There are snipers here - take them out quickly. They blend in with the
buildings here, so watch out. Use the Battle Rifle. Restock on ammo from
previous areas.

Now follow your marines. They'll stop right before your next battle area.
Around here should be a Particle Beam. Switch it for your SMG.  Equip the
Particle Beam and turn the corner. Take out the initial sniper and Jackal. Keep
in mind that more snipers will arrive during the fight. After they're all down,
proceed with careful step forward. When you can turn left, do so. Be prepared
for the Invisible Elite. Use a Plasma Grenade. Turn around and deal with a
sniper. Checkpoint. Collect ammo and proceed further down the street. See the
sidestreet to the left? Enter carefully.

LOTS of snipers (about 4) are here. Take them all out. Then Elites and Grunts
start appearing. Kill the Elite quickly. Use the Battle Rifle on the Grunts.
You should be low on Particle Beam ammo now. Collect a new one from a fallen
sniper somewhere. Return to the fray, slowly advancing forward, killing Elites
with the Particle Rifle, Grunts with the Battle. After you've secured the area,
take a breather and return to the previous one. Some of the snipers that used
to reside here attacked from a partially destroyed building (like the first
sniper). On the lowest floor of said building is a Sniper Rifle. Switch out your
Battle Rifle for it.

Advance forward. You'll end up at Hotel Zanzibar. Take out the Elite with the
Sniper Rifle. Leave the Grunts to the marines (if you're close enough, use
melee by pressing F). Enter the hotel and you'll get a few more marines.
Proceed forward (Flashlight = X).

Use the Particle Beam on enemies here; Elites first priority. After they're
cleared, proceed outside. When you see the Phantom on approach, take cover,
then use your Particle Beam on its contents. Then a few Ghosts arrive, and will
be destroyed by the also-arrived Warthog. Now, get in the driver's seat (map
change). A gunner and a passenger will also get in. 

A Day at the Beach

Ride forward. A lot. Speed past all Covenant forces here. After a few minutes,
you'll be in a tunnel. Keep riding. Cortana relays an interesting message.

Speed Zone Ahead

Keep riding! Dodge everything!

Ladies Like Grinding Tread*

*Title changes according to difficulty.

Trade your Battle Rifle for a Rocket Launcher and begin to hike across the
bridge. Use the Rockets, then the Sniper Rifle. Rockets have a cool tracking
feature: when enemies are close, the reticle turns red. Hold the left mouse
button for a second, then release. Heat-seeking rockets!

At some point, try to assassinate a driver without damaging the Ghost. Get in
and start riding (marines will follow on foot). Obliterate oncoming Ghosts
until you reach a Wraith. Avoid its fire while also returning some. After it's
down, a Phantom will zoom by. Continue. The next area has many Ghosts and
another Wraith. All in all, it should be pretty easy (don't shoot any incoming
Phantoms). When it's clear, get off the bridge and kill more vehicles. When
you're overwhelmed, just rush ahead and drive until you meet a Warthog. Ride
with them to a gate. Help them kill the Jackals guarding it, then exit the car.
Ignore the offer of a Shotgun and proceed to the next area on foot.

Snipe everything except Grunts: melee them. When you're out of ammo, kill the
woman marine and trade your Sniper Rifle for her Shotgun. Finish off any
survivors. Go back and get your Ghost so you can take it with you. Exit the
tunnel and you'll reach a sewer-type area. Keep moving.

This Town ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us

Abandon your Ghost. Melee the unaware Jackal ahead of you. Switch your Rocket
Launcher for his Particle Beam. Snipe all Covenant. When done, get ammo for
your Particle Beam, and switch out your Shotgun for a Plasma Rifle. Grab your
Ghost and take the exit roughly across from the entrance to this area.

See the Wraith on your left? Kill it. and any other vehicles with your Ghost.
When they're all down, get out, QUICKLY kill any snipers/Elites, get back in,
and kill more incoming vehicles. When they're all dead, enter the next
area (guarded by snipers). Whew. Checkpoint. Turn right on the open street.

You'll eventually come to some more Wraiths and snipers. This is a very tough
battle. Just keep shooting, trying different strategies, etc., until you get
it. To make matters worse, a Phantom drops off two Ghosts and lingers for about
30 seconds before leaving - cover is imperative during this time. Once only one
Wraith is left, the UNSC shows up and helps you. After the battle, you get a
checkpoint and a navpoint. Proceed to the navpoint, after saying bye to your
Ghost and restocking on ammo. 

At the marine camp, trade your Shotgun for a Rocket Launcher and go up all the
stairs, following the marine that greeted you. 

Field Expedient

The Scarab plows through your reinforcements. Follow the remaining Marines
through several buildings, collecting rockets on the way. Whenever you can
drop down into the Scarab, do it! Kill all the inhabitents; use whatever
weapons you need. Next, you get a nice, meaty cutscene.

A Whisper in the Storm

You've got an Energy Sword and Plasma Rifle, as well as Elite cohorts. Follow
them through a few rooms until they activate camo (X). Wait by the doorway for
a minute and listen to the Covenant conversation beyond. When they're finished,
ambush them. The next area has a conveyor belt of sorts - and more Covenant.
Use your Energy Sword at first, then switch to Plasma Rifle (which you should
dual-wield ASAP).

Follow the conveyor belts - they lead to a pit. Next to the pit is a bridge
leading to another area with Grunts and a Brute. Take the elevator the Brute
used. The next area has 2 levels, you start on the higher one. Take out all the
Covenant, go to the first level, and go to the far left side. You should see a
switch. Press it, and reinforcements arrive, as do more enemies. Clean house.
When you're finished, get ammo (trade Energy Sword for Particle Beam), and enter
a doorway on the ground floor, underneath the elevator on the second floor. 

The enemies here are tougher. It helps to have at least one Elite cohort. Use 1
Plasma Grenade and the Particle Beam. In the next area, use 2 Plasma Grenades
and the Particle Beam. Return to previous areas to restock. The next area has
more conveyor belts. Same drill - no Plasma Grenades. Switch out the Particle
Beam for a Sentinel Beam. Exit out the blue door. 

Use 2 Plasma Grenades and your Plasma Rifle in this area. Keep going down. I
think you have the drill by now: use Plasma Grenades on the Elites and kill all
else with your Plasma Rifle. Just keep plugging away, descending into the base.
After you leave the descending corridors (you reach sleeping Grunts), it's
possible to sneak through the rest of the level with camo.

Into the Hunt

You'll be outside. Hop into one of the Banshees and the chase is on! Follow
your Phantom, kill Banshees, pretty easy. At the end, you'll be forced to get
out of your vehicle and continue.


Proceed through a few rooms covered in familiar green blood. Suddenly, the
Heretic appears! It's only a hologram. After he leaves, some old friends
arrive. Kill them all with your Plasma Rifle and proceed ahead with dual Plasma
Rifles. Use just that in the next area with hostiles. When they're all dead,
the platform you are on starts descending. Guess what? You have to fend off
Flood (no Plasma Grenades are needed). Try to reach the ground with at least
one other survivor. When you're no longer mobile, even more start attacking.
Take them out and leave through the only door to a long corridor. See the fight
down below? After a few seconds of spectating, a window breaks. Join the fray. 

For the next ten minutes (WITHOUT dying), expect to kill a ridiculous amount of
Flood (who are also joined by Covenant, who could be turned into flood; you get
to kill them twice!) using your Dual Plasma Rifles and Sentinel Beam. After the
fight, you should have full ammo for both. Enter the door the Covenant came out
of. After decontamination, you're outside, where you receive more

You have two options: left or right? Go left. You kill a lot of Covenant before
arriving at a door. Enter, go through a few rooms. You'll witness the Heretic
flee before your might. Clean house (easy) and you'll get a cutscene. After,
switch your Plasma Rifles for an ally's Energy Sword. There's a ramp nearby.
Take it to the top of the room, fighting Flood on the way. You should deplete
your Sentinel Beam, but get a new one with almost full ammo. At the top lies an
elevator. Take it up.

Hey, Watch This!

Kill all the Flood (switch to a Carbine when you run out of Sentinel Beam). Go
to the top level, and navpoints appear. Cut all three cables (don't stop to
fight anything). When you're finished, retrace your path to the ground floor of
the previous area and kill everything there too. Go through the open door.
Keep killing stuff (switch out weapons and use Grenades at your discretion).
Take the elevator down to the next area. Kill all the stuff here, enter the
next area. Cutscene.

Now you're in a Banshee. Kill all other Banshees and struggle to the navpoint.

Dead or Alive...Actually, Just Dead

Let the Sentinels fight the Flood in this first area. Kill the stragglers and
latecomers to the battle. Exit where the latecomers entered. Turn right. Go
through the door. Now it's a linear fight to the top - it'll take a few
minutes. Then you're treated to a cutscene re-introducing a pain in the arse.

The Heretic spawns two fake Heretics. No way to know which one's real. The real
one dies after two Plasma Grenades. Frequently cloak and take cover - actually
makes for an easy fight. Revert to your last checkpoint if you nail a fake


There are turrets here, like the ones the Arbiter faced. Use some heat-seeking
rockets to take them all out. Use your SMG on the Grunts and other resistance.
Move on - Covenant are in an area with what look like ruins. When your SMG ammo
is almost out, give it to a marine in exchange for a Battle Rifle. Use that
now. When they're all down, Johnson starts his approach. Right on cue, a
Phantom arrives. Grab a Particle Beam (drop your Battle Rifle) from a fallen
sniper and kill all Covenant. Same with a second Phantom and a second Particle
Beam. Then your buddies arrive in a Warthog. Take the driver seat.

You first arrive at a sniper camp. Kill them all and collect Particle Beam
ammo. Drive on (see the ship in the background?). Let the turret man kill all
the Covenant here (make sure a Ghost is left intact). When they're all
contained, head inside and kill more (on foot, of course). Change out a
Particle Beam for a Plasma Rifle. Extend the bridge (press the button behind
the holographic Prophet), but not before using rockets to take out the Wraith
on the other side. As the bridge is extending, two Wraiths arrive on the other
side. The UNSC drops off a Scorpion (Left mouse = Rocket, right = machine gun).
Obliterate the Wraiths and drive on past them (your buddies follow you in the

Like all vehicle levels, kill everything in sight. Proceed through the next
few linear areas.

You Break it, you Buy it

Same as the above paragraph. After a few minutes, Cortana says you have to clear
a landing zone for some more Pelicans. Do so, and they drop ammo crates - grab
some rockets. Follow your new marine escorts as they kill Covenant. Not tough.
You eventually descend deeper into the ruins. 

Off the Rock, Through the Bush, Nothing but Jackal

Use Melee on the first Jackal you encounter, and enjoy the view here (which
Cortana comments on). Then start killing all resistance (Drones return), making
your way through the valley and up to the other side. Get a Paricle Beam ASAP
(there's an extra one behind the waterfall; more at the mini-armory at our
goal). When the valley's cleared, continue on. 

See the base on the lake? Look to the left side and start sniping. You should
kill 2 snipers, 2 Elites, 2-3 Jackals, and the wave of Drones that try to
intercept you. Return to previous areas for more Particle Beams. Head inside
the base to face Honor Guards. They're big, but easily killed with 3 body shots
or 2 head shots from the Particle Beam. Kill them.


Two Marines join you, as do Drones and an Elite. Kill them all and then go up
the ramp behind the Prophet's hologram. Take the door to the right. On the
other side is a new Particle Beam. Keep going until you arrive outside.

Just like before, snipe anything and everything, even Grunts, even stuff that
comes close to you. Fight your way through this corridor-style area. Grab any
replacement Particle Beams you find. After a few minutes, you'll be back

Kill all the stuff here, and proceed around the circle which makes an upper
level. In the next room are two more Jackals. Go back outside through the next

Look to the left and snipe roughly 4 guys and 2 Elites (I only had the ammo for
one). Walk to where they once stood for replacement Particle Rifles. Next,
a Phantom drops off 2 Hunters. They're pitifully easy to kill - 1 Rifle shot
each in the midriff. Now go to the platform that overlooks the sea (no railings
on it). See the vehicle thing coming toward you? Snipe everybody on it, so that
by the time it lands, its entire crew is dead. A Pelican drops off more Marines
during this time. Get in (not before replacing your Particle Beam) and start
the gondola. 

One Way Ticket

Turn right and take out a flight of Drones. Then a second gondola will pass
you; kill all of its inhabitants. Then snipe all the snipers ahead (use heat
seeking rockets on the Turrets). When the gondola docks, melee all the waiting
Jackals and take their Particle Beams. Also melee the Jackals in the next
room to conserve ammo for the Drones that procede them. After they're dead,
Cortana will talk to you (CAN the Chief swim?). Melee the Jackals that come in
a lift to stop you. Take the elevator. When it stops, get out.

Go up the nearby stairs to a long corridor. Snipe all the Grunts in it. Switch
out your Particle Beam for a Carbine (ammo is underneath the stairs by the
elevator). Back in the long corridor, take the other stairs out. The next area
is empty, so press on to a room with a HUGE hologram of a Prophet. Use the
Carbine here (Priority = Honor Guard). When everything is secure, proceed to
the center of the room and kill more stuff (2 Hunters among them). Switch out
your Carbine for a Particle ASAP. When finsihed, take the corridors behind the
Prophet's holo and go up and generally right to find more foes. Kill them,
and exit, ultimately on the opposite side of the room than which you entered.

Head to the bottom of this area. See the door here? Opposite that is the exit
to a carbon copy of an earlier hallway. Snipe everything and proceed (all
Covenant are camoed). Watch out for assassins! Leave the hallway and take the
elevator out of here. 

See that Honor Guard? He actually dies with one surprise melee attack. Lame.
For the rest of this inside section, melee everything. When you get outside,
use your Particle Beam liberally (run back inside for a Carbine when you
deplete your ammo). After all are dead, your Pelican arrives with more guns.
Switch your Carbine for a Sniper Rifle. Take your newfound Marine with you as
you go forword. 

Kill all the Covenant here (Switch your Sniper for a Particle). When they're all
dead, pick your Sniper back up and go to the gondola opposite the entrance.
There are weapon canisters. Switch out your Sniper for anything, board the
gondola, and kill its residents. Switch back to Sniper. The canisters
also hold Rockets and Sniper ammo. Get back on the gondola and start it.

Two Banshees are your first opponent. Use 1 rocket and finish them off with
sniper rounds (additional ammo is found on the gondola). Next are 2 Flying
Elites. Finally, snipe the creatures awaiting your arrival. The gondola docks.
Collect any remaining ammo and disembark.

Sorry, Were You in the Middle of Something?

Kill another welcome entourage. Switch your Sniper for a Particle. Go inside,
where you use 4 plasma grenades on 2 elites and 2 Honor Guards. Restock on
'Nades and proceed forword. Kill all the enemies that aren't the Prophet of
Regret, restock one last time, and approach the Prophet.

This is easy. Get close to him, hold E to jump on him, then press F to attack
him. Do this until he shakes you off. Repeat until dead (he summons endless
Honor Guards when death is near). 

Uncomfortable Silence

Turn around and exchange your Plasma Pistol for a Sentinel Beam. Hop through
the window you see in this area. Inside, an ally grunt is too your left. A shaft
near him opens: jump down. When you land, another shaft will open. Jump down. 

This next area is basically a curved hallway full of Sentinels and devices that
spawn them (Sentispawners; like my nickname?). Shoot the large white part
to take them out. Kill any Sentinels that escape and take their Sentinel Beam
(if it has more ammo than yours). One device is high up in a room, so be sure
to look everywhere. Return to where you arrived so we're all on the same page.
Now walk ahead until you reach another shaft, blocked by a barrier that won't
move magically this time. Melee one of the symbols on the barrier about 3 times
and it'll open. Jump down.

Ahead, Sentinels are battling Covenant. Quickly take out all enemies (including
Sentispawners). When they're down, get a new Sentinel Beam and exit the room
via a bridge with a triangular covering. Do the same thing in the next room.
The only other exit is another shaft/barrier. Once you've descended another
level, proceed into the next room. A Grunt joins you, scared out of his wits.
Anyway, this is a carbon copy of an earlier floor. Do your thing, proceed down
past the next shaft. See the huge shielded Sentinel? Engage it. Shoot the two
bits that poke out from the shield. Then it will gradually become unshielded.
Easy. Switch to your Carbine after it's down.

When it's dead, enter its arena. See the four tan-gold shafts and their symbols
at the edges of the arena? Melee all of them until the pillair above it 
vanishes. After 3 of 4 have vanished, the Sentispawners become active. Take
down a Sentinel with your Carbine, then pick up its Sentinel Beam to finish the

When all Sentinels have been killed, look back in the arena. A new platform has
appeared - press the button on it and you start moving.

Buyer's Remorse

When you stop moving, you'll be amidst a huge battle between Flood, Sentinels,
and you. Kill everything, switching out weapons when you need them; you are
permitted 1 Plasma Grenade. When the battle's over, get the Sentinel Beam with
the most ammo and dual SMGs. Return to the platform you took over here and face
inside, so we're all on the same page. Enter the window to your left and RUN.

If you want to fight the Flood in these next two areas, thats's fine with me.
I elect to run past them. After you've gone down 2 more shafts, you'll find
dead marines. Take their dual SMGs (when you meleed the shafts open you lost
one). Keep running until you meet more Flood, and even then, don't stop! I
honestly cannot help you with this part - the Flood, to me, are undeafeatable.
In short, RUN LIKE HELL.

Eventually, you'll come to a bridge with a triangular covering. Cross it. The
next areas are disorienting. Eventually, you'll reach another shaft. Travel
down it and through a few more. You'll see your allied Phantom killing some
Covenant-Flood. Ignore them and descend more shafts - don't forget to keep

100,000 Year's War

Elites! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Kill stuff and collect an SMG and Rocket Launcher.
Use it on the Covenant-Flood ahead - when you run out of SMG, use anything that
is dropped. At the end, pick up a Shotgun (giving you a Shot + RPG). Exit 
through a tunnel behind one of the turrets. 

This battle is actually fun and winnable. Use your Shotty on Covenant-Flood
forces that invade this next camp (be aware - they can take over Plasma Turrets
just like you!). When you're out of shot shells, use the Plasma Rifle. When
you're out of plasma, use a Sentinel Beam. When you're out of Sentinel Beam,
use the Energy Sword.

Objects in Mirror are Larger than they Appear

Get in a Spectre. An Elite will hop on with you. You're armed with a Carbine
and Energy Sword. Let's go to work!

Manuever the Spectre around your first enemy wave of Sentinels. No-one should
die. After, go inside and switch to a Ghost. You're now fighting on a raised
area with a ramp that leads to a lower area. Kill all the resistance you can
before descending. See that Scorpion? Hijack it (don't press Tab if offered).
If you're quick, you can take it before the man gets inside it! Take and exit
this area. Go to the next.

Healthy Competition

Plow through this area, around a circular ramp to the bottom. Enter the tight
exit corridor to an open area. Kill the enemy Wraith and continue through a
series of bridges in the form of enclosed circles/cyclinders. You exit this
snowy area roughly opposite of where you entered (i.e. you entered on the "SE"
side; exit on "NW" side).


                   <-------you face this way          Enter
In this tunnel area, kill the enemy Ghosts and go on ahead. Kill the enemy
Scorpion and all the Sentinels. Bail out and enter a small but noticeable crack
in the war.

Another area where running is encouraged. Pretty linear - run past all the the
combat, taking pot shots with your Carbine if you wish. When you're forced to
fight in a descending tunnel after a room with a Big Sentinel, use your Energy
Sword and keep going. Don't stop to collect ammo, or you will be attacked from
behind. Push on until you're outside again. In the proximity are enemy ghosts.
Hijack one and ride on. Eventually, you should see a Big Sentinel. That's our
vantage point. Turn right and go for about 45 seconds until you reach an inside
area. Ride past the Flood and in through a door. Even though it's tight, keep
riding until you get a cutscene.

Shooting Gallery

Use your Energy Sword on anything that appears red in your targeting reticle.
Have fun. Use cloaking frequently. 

That Old, Familiar Feeling

Get off the contraption now (cloak if needed). Run forword - very straight path
to the end. Keep cloaking!

Inside Job

You have a Needler. Use it to kill the Brutes (wearing the Honor Guard
headpiece) and Grunts here. Pick up a Plasma Pistol when they're dead. On the
second wave that appears, continue to use the Needler (no dual-wielding),
picking up ammo from fallen Covenant as the battle progresses. After the second
wave, get some more ammo and two Plasma Grenades as two more Brutes and two more
Grunts enter. Get ready: rush them with your Needler and pray that you'll
survive. After that, two Brutes start sniping you before they join the fray a
few seconds later. When they do, use Plasma Grenades to kill them. When one
Brute is dead, the other starts a rampage that you can't outrun, so KILL IT
QUICKLY! Staying near pillars is a good way to avoid them. Checkpoint - whew. 

Next is quite an odd situation. Brutes might come out of the doors on the sides
of the hall. If you stand near a door he'll come out of, he'll spawn from a
different one. If you do this enough times, he'll give up* (?) and Cortana will
say something. Drop her near the main exit. She'll open it. Kill the Grunts
on the other side. Collect some weaponry before you leave: Carbine and Brute
Plasma Rifle (the red Plasma Rifle). 

*(Note: please email me for confirmation of this theory? Or debunking?......)

Snipe the Brutes and Grunts in the next area. After they're dead, pick up Dual
Needlers (return to the previous area for ammo). Go to the next area, where
2 more Brutes reside. They're easily killed with Dual Needlers. Go on. Use the
rest of your Needler ammo on the various Jackals, Brutes, and Grunts that
appear here. Be wary of the Brutes' rampage attack - it's deadly. Use your
Carbine when out of Needler. Plenty of ammo is also laying around. When all are
dead, collect ammo and go to the end of this area. Drop down.

Easily kill your welcome party and exchange your Needler for a Particle Beam.
Go inside the door they exited from and run through the area (switch out your
Carbine for a Brute Shot). Jackals are coming from the kill. Kill them with the
Brute Shot, and re-trade it for your Carbine. Go to where the Jackals came from.

Use your Carbine on the Brute. Further down the hall, do the same thing with
2 Brutes and some Grunts. Pick up Carbine ammo (note the Plasma Grenades) and
face the exit. Jump on the left ledge and take the tunnel there. Melee the two
Jackals inside. Now exit the room for real. Melee the two Jackals (don't open
the door at the other end of the room). When they're dead, exit the other way.

Kill everything here, Brutes and Grunts. Pass through the hallway and enter
the next. Snipe 2 Brutes and some Jackals. Watch out, because one Brute has a
Brute Shot. Go further in and kill the rest. Max out your ammo, and drop to the
lower level of this area. Approach the center, where you see Cortana. Jump in
after she has talked to you. 

When you've settled, use a Plasma Grenade on the Brute next to you. Using your
Carbine, take out the rest of the Covenant, including those who are blased up
via a purple hole (i.e. grav lift). Also, snipe some foes down below you so the
area is clear. Restock on ammo and go down the grav lift. Do so again. Enter
the only exit (by Cortana).

Use a Plasma Grenade on the Brute. It should take out most of the Grunts around
him. Kill spares. Some marines are now yours. Exit the way you came. Go
immediately to the grav lift - some Brutes and Jackals have arrived. Use your
Carbine on them and go up a level. Kill another Brute here. Restock on Carbine
ammo and return to this level when you're finished. Enter the only unlocked
door (Cortana is next to it). The Brutes inside are easily killed. More marines
are freed; return back outside. Make your way back up to the main elevator
using only your Carbine (restock on ammo!). Take the lift up. Exit out the only
unlocked door. Watch out - Elites and Drones are on the other side! Take them
out quickly. 

Further into the room are Drones, Honor Guards, and Brutes. The Brutes and
Honor Guards fight each other. Let the battle happen and kill the survivors.
Go to the previous areas for ammo, then go into the next room, which is just a
passing area - enter the NEXT door. Jackals and Honor Guards are fighting. Kill
any survivors (along with some Brutes). Collect ammo for your Carbine and go in
2 more doors. 

Whip out your Particle Beam and two well placed shots will kill the 2 Hunters
here. Enter the next area. The participants in the fight before you both die.
Snipe all the Snipers, Brutes, and Flying Elites that come to you. To the left
or right from the entrance are trails to areas with 100% filled Particle Rifles.
Restock and drop into the center of this area. Hike up the opposite way. Kill a
Brute and go back inside. Descend down the ramp and through the door. Step on
the light blue pad.

Kill your welcome party of Brutes, Grunts, and Elites (+1 sniper) with your
Particle Beam. Replace your Particle Beam and take the left path out of here.
Watch the spectacle fight, and Particle Beam any survivors. Go to the far end
of the area and exit. This next part's cool. Snipe the Flying Elites quickly,
and the various Brutes, Grunts, etc. that try to rush you. Restock on Particle
Beam ammo in previous areas and return here. Step on the light blue pad. Go
inside. Kill the Drones and head left through the door. Snipe all the Covenant
here. Collect a new Particle Rifle (also in this room). Leave through the only
door possible. Eventually you'll return outside. Step into another light blue

Despite all the shields, combat won't take place here. Take the left path as
before. You'll come upon some Brutes slaughtering poor Grunts. Kill the Brutes
at any time before they're even remotely close to you. Use your Carbine on any
survivng Grunts. Exit this area through the other end (take either path). You
will come upon another light blue pad. Step on it and enter the door on the
other side.

Easily snipe 3 Brutes. Go to the next area. Kill all the combatants here and
drop down into the valley (get a new Particle Beam). At the "NW" end of the
valley (if your entrance was "S") is an ascending earth ramp. Start to go up it
and halfway up you'll be engaged by Invisible Elites and Grunts. Use the
Carbine. Go to the top and through the door. 

Use your Carbine to take out an Invisible Elite and some Grunts. Same in the
next room (grab some ammo). A red door blocks your progress. Approach it and it
opens anyway. Go figure. Using the Carbine and Particle Beam combo, take all
the enemies here. Exit at the other end of the room. Go through this small
antechamber to our next big battle.

Take all the enemies out - use Plasma Grenades on the Brutes, even when they
use their rampage attack. Use up your Particle Beam ammo before getting a new
one out here. When finished, restock on Grenades and approach the far end of
the area. When the door opens, BACK UP. Elites and Grunts are storming from it.
When you're FAR away, start sniping (Drones will attack the Elites and 
probably die). Approach the door and repeat it with Hunters. Proceed to the
next area when they're down. Kill everything here - when you run out of all
other weapons, run back for some Dual Plasma Rifles. When it's all clear,
run to the center of the room for a message from Cortana. Take the exit on the
other side of this room - use everything on these Elites, Plasma Grenades,
Carbine, Plasma Rifle, anything! Proceed forword when they're all dead.

Oh, So That's How It Is

Turn left and trod down the forest path. Take the Energy Sword from the dead
Elite. Cloak and turn the corner. Stab the Brute. Recharge and cloak again.
Continue on to where 2 Brutes are talking. Kill them both. Hide out for a sec.
2 more Brutes come to investigate. Kill them as well. Now take a breather and
walk along the path to the next area. Kill three more Brutes, 2 of which are on
an upper ledge. Get up to that ledge and spear them. A friendly Elite joins
you. Take exchange Energy Swords. More Elites arrive in pods. Exchange your
Energy Sword for a Brute Shot. Give the Brute Shot to the gold Elite in
exchange for an Energy Sword that is fully charged. Go through the door at the
top of the ledge.

Go through this hallway (take either side) and enter an area. Jackals and Brutes
are your enemies - Elites and Grunts are your friends. Cloak and take out the
two Brutes here. Then melee the Jackals. Exchange your Plasma Rifle for a
Carbine, which is hanging on a rack. Go up the various ramps in this area,
killing as you go. Use your Energy Sword on Brutes and Carbine on Jackals and
Drones (which are also your enemy). After the battle's over, switch out your
Energy Sword for a Brute Shot. Exit this area. By now, you should have full
Grenades and full Carbine ammo.

Cloak, run down the ramp, and melee a Brute with the Brute Shot. The second
Brute attempts to run away - kill it with the Brute Shot. Use any remaining
Shots in the clip to kill the Jackals. Go to the next area with enemies.
You're on the top of a few ledges. Use the Carbine on the Jackals on the ledge
beneath you. Drop to that ledge and take out your Brute Shot. Cloak and drop
down to the next ledge. Place 4 Plasma Grenades on the 4 Brutes. Cloak and look
at the ground. Use the Brute Shot on the Brutes down there. After you fire 1 or
2 shots, retreat and repeat until they're all dead. Jump down to the bottom.
Take the only available exit (2 doors lead nowhere). Switch out your Brute Shot
for an Energy Sword and proceed through the rest of this corridor.

Use Plasma Grenades on the Brutes here. When they start to charge you, use your
Energy Sword (on Jackals as well). When the room is clear, enter the next few
corridors. Switch out your Energy Sword for a Fuel Rod Cannon. Proceed.

Step Aside, Let the Man go Through

More Elites join you. Step through the door to the left and use the FRC to kill
the 2 Brutes, 1 shot each (the splash damage should kill the Jackals). Collect
ammo and go to the left. Use your Carbine on the Brutes here. When they're all
dead, switch your Carbine for a Particle Beam. Proceed, hijacking a Ghost.

Next area is easy: zoom past all the enemies. Have fun.

Fight Club

Stop and exit the Ghost while in the water. Snipe the snipers. Reload if they
didn't drop their Particle Beam up here (i.e. it fell into the arena below).
Pick one up when you run out of ammo sniping the Brutes here (be very precise -
only headshots!). When you're ready, cloak and drop down into the next area.

Run behind the long tall rock to your right. Crouch. Recloak and look ahead,
then up. Snipe the Brute. That Brute was on top of an arch. Look through said
arch. See the Wraith? Good. Now recloak and run to your right, up the ramp.
Stop behind another big rock and recharge. Cloak and keep running. When you
can go right, do so. You should be in a storage room. Cloak and run outside
again. Snipe the Brutes that have appeared further on in the path. They start to
run toward your position. You'll have time to cloak again. Take out all the
Brutes with your Beam Rifle (melee if possible). When they're gone, switch
it for a Brute Shot and kill more Brutes that attempt to intercept you. When
they're all dead, cloak and run out. Take cover in a similar storeroom a few
steps away. Cloak again and keep running along this path, to a door that leads
inside. Take a breather, cloak, and return outside. See the Wraith to your
right? Hijack it. Elites arrive to help. Now then, engage the Wraiths nearby.
When they're dead, kill the Brutes that serve as reinforcements. After they're
dead, drive the Wraith to the waterfall that served as your entrance to here.
Climb on the Wraith and jump back up. Get your Ghost, and in it, return to the
inside area where you "took a breather." Keep driving it through the inside.
When you get back outside, drive it more. When you can turn left a third time,
take it. Kill all the resistance and drive down the path.


You've got a Carbine and a Plasma Pistol. Use the Carbine on the Flood Zombies
anc Covenant-Flood that attempt to kill you. See the Pelicans up ahead? See the
Exploding Flood? Zoom in and kill them, and the resulting regular Flood. Switch
your Carbine for a Shotgun and approach the downed Pelican.

Kill any flood that are in it with your Plasma Pistol. Then a Flood Zombie and
two Grunts come out of a nearby door. Kill any survivors of the battle. Switch
out your Pistol for an RPG (near the Pelican). Enter the door.

Brutes are in here. Use the Rocket Launcher. After a while, Covenant-Flood and
Flood Zombies attack. Use the Shotgun or any remaining rockets. Return to the
downed Pelican and switch the RPG for a Battle Rifle. Go back to where the
battle just took place. Exit the area and use the grav lift.

At the top, switch your Battle Rifle for a Particle Beam. Go through the only
purple door here. See the Drones? Snipe them, and the various Flood that they
were engaging. Get a new Particle Beam when needed. Keep in mind that the Flood
attack in waves - only stop when you're sure they won't come back. Step on the
nearby grav pad. Step on another grav pad.

Quickly look to the only platform in this room you haven't been on. Snipe the
incoming Drones. Approach the purple door here, and, using the Shotgun, blast
the Flood Zombies/Covenant-Flood on the other side. Go down the ramp.

Please, Make Yourself at Home

Blast the Covenant-Flood here. Go through the next purple door. DO. NOT. MOVE.
A few Covenant-Flood will run past you, followed by Exploding Flood. When the
door closes, hang out for roughly a minute, then enter the room. The 
Covenant-Flood should be gone, and the Exploding Flood grouped close together.
One Shotgun shot will kill them all. Melee the Flood they release. Go through
the purple door at the end of this hallway. Now keep running. Flood will start
to chase you. Then you'll be in a room with Covenant. Keep following the lit
path, and the two will start fighting. Ignore them, and keep running through a
tunnel with orange lights. Eventually, Flood will attack you. Let them (they
won't kill you). 

Go forword, and kill the Covenant-Flood here. Use the Particle Beam on some
Drones that attempt to kill you. Keep following the lit path, until you reach
the bottom of a ramp. Turn left, go through the purple door, and start the
elevator. Get to the top.


Kill a few enemies with your Shotgun, but make your priority reaching the other
end of the room (Flood will occupy the Covenant here). There's a large ornate
door that will open after a minute or so. Go inside and step on the grav pad
to the right.

Once More, with Feeling

Listen to Cortana. While she's talking, a Brute approaches you (back facing
you). Kill him and dash to the other side, where Cortana is waiting. It takes
a few tries.

Your Ass, my Size-24 Hoof

Get into the Wraith and follow your fellow Elite, who rides in a Spectre.
You'll soon find enemy Ghosts and Wraiths. Take them out (the Elite can't die).
Keep following the Elite. Eventually you'll reach a cliff with a view of a
distant ship. Ignore the Phantom, and take out the various Brutes and the
2 Wraiths. When it's clear, disembark next to a door near the Wraiths. Your
Elite will remain behind, but inside you'll meet 2 Hunters (allies) and 1 more
Elite to help you. Follow them (on the way, switch your current weapons for a
Carbine and a Particle Beam). 

You'll stumble upon a crapload of Brutes. Use your Particle Beam on them and
continue to another crapload of Brutes. When they're all dead, get a new
Particle Beam and continue on. The next area is full of Jackals. Cloak past

Now you reach a Brute-controlled prison. Cloak and run past them. Next? More
Brutes!! Kill them all.

Backseat Driver

Trail behind the Scarab and shoot anything that shoots at you. Easy.

Delusions and Grandeur

The next area has Brutes. Cloak and slip past them, entering the door they came
out of.


Killing the boss is easy. Johnson will fire on the boss, dropping his shields.
Shoot him. Repeat until dead.

Congratulations, you beat Halo 2!


In order of appearance:

Grunt (Cairo Station): A small humanoid being. Easily killed with any weapon.

Elite (Cairo Station): A large humaniod being. Once again, almost any weapon
will kill it. I recommended 1) Shotgun 2) Particle Beam/Sniper Rifle 3) Plasma

Flying Elite (Cairo Station): Just like regular Elites. Except that they fly

Drone (Cairo Station): They look like green insects. Shoot them when they're
immobile. I'd use the Battle Rifle, Particle Beam, or Carbine.

Jackal (Outskirts): About your size. Carries an annoying energy shield. Use
accurate weapons to shoot in its small exposed areas, such as the Sniper Rifle,
Particle Beam, or Carbine.

Hunter (Outskirts): A large blue robot-like being. Their head and midriff are
orange, however. That is a weak spot, which is guarded by a shield. One shot
from the Particle Beam will finish them off. I also like Plasma Grenades.

Flood (Oracle): Tiny green bulbs that attack you and explode. Not a threat. Use
a rapid fire weapon such as the SMG, Plasma Rifle, etc.

Flood Zombie (Oracle): Humanoid Flood. Use the Shotgun in close quarters, or
the Carbine at range.

Brute (Gravemind): Looks like a bear on 2 legs. Use the heavy artillery on
these guys, such as Fuel Rod Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Particle Beam, or Carbine
from far away.


Copyright 2007 Pierre Andre III.

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private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

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