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HalfLife 2 Tips & Tricks

Tags: HalfLife 2 Game Guides, HalfLife 2 Hints, HalfLife 2 Walkthrough

Half-Life 2

= Half-Life 2 =
Game: Half-Life 2
Platform: PC-CD Rom
Genre: Shooter
Author: JS or Lios or Devolution
E-mail: or
Faq Version: Final

Table of Contents
1. Prolouge
2. Helpful tips
3. Allies
4. Monsters
5. Weapons
6. Levels
7. Epilogue

1. Prologue

I plan to do this faqs a little differently. Instead of giving heavy spoilers 
and all that mess, I plan to simply answer questions on sticking points. For 
example, I’ll ask, How do you solve so and so and I’ll answer afterwards. 
Also, like always, this guide has its own legal exclaimer.

It can’t be reproduced except for private use. I must give consent before 
you can use it for your own site. Copyright 2004 of Jim Scott. Use of this 
guide on any other web site or as part of any public display is strictly 
prohibited, and
a violation of copyright.

Report Thieves to me.

This is the first edition of the Half-Life 2 Faqs.

What is this game about? It is about the return of Gordon Freeman 
from his long hibernation after the Black Mesa incident. What happens?
You’ll have to play and see.

Update 1.1: 
- Added Chapter 6, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and parts of Chapter 7 
and 13.
- Corrected some stylistic errors.

Update Final
- Finished all levels.
- Added Allies.

2. Helpful tips

This game uses advanced physics like no other game before it. What 
I mean is that the environment can, and most likely after you get the 
gravity gun, will be your secondary weapon. Here’s some 
things to remember before going far in this game.

- Watch out for Headcrabs. They are everywhere.
- Barnacle tongues can be useful for getting to high ledges.
- Flammable barrels should NOT be grabbed and pushed by the gravity gun.
- Using grills and barrels as bullet shields saves your life in Nova 
Prospekt, or anywhere for that matter.
- If you can run away, do so.
- Any more tips? E-mail ‘em to me.

3. Allies

Alyx Vance: The daughter of Eli Vance. She will assist you all through
the game.

Dr. Kliener: A scientist who worked with you at Black Mesa. He also
was responsible for getting you your job.

Eli Vance: Another Scientist who you worked with in Black Mesa.

Barney Calhoun: A security worker who helped you in Black Mesa.

Judith Mossman: A scientist who envys you, has little love for Alyx,
and is in love with Eli.

Dog: Alyx's cybernetic pet dog.

City 17 Citizens: Poor hopeless people.

Various Rebels: They will give you supplies, items, and directions.

City 17 Rebellion: You will control them.

Vortigan: Former slaves and enemies from Half Life 1. Now they are
your allies.

Antlions: With the gland, they are faithful soldiers.

4. Monsters 

- Combine Soldiers: These hapless souls are simply humans who have 
given up on life and work for the Combine themselves. They range from 
easy to hard, depending on what weapon they are using. They use all 
sorts of weapons: Pistols, Energy rods, fists, Shotguns, and Pulse Rifles as 
well as Magnums and Grenades. 
Difficulty: 1-5 to 4-5.

- Combine Elites: All of them use Pulse Rifles as well as the 
secondary function on them. They also have reinforced white armor 
and can take a beating. 
Difficulty 5-5.

- Headcrabs: As annoying as usual. Hops up, Slice, dice, hide in 
boxes, corners, come off the faces of Zombies. Their difficulty 
is based on their element of surprise. Difficulty: 2-5.
- Black Headcrabs: These tough guysdrops your health to 1 in one 
bite and take a little to 
Difficulty: 3-5.

- Barnacles: They are pushovers who grab you with their tongues if 
you run into them. What makes them a pain is that at points, they 
are clumped together. 
Difficulty: 1-5.

- Zombies: The zombies are pretty easy, slow moving, and susceptible
 to head shots. 
Difficulty: 1-5.

- Zombie Hulkers: They are humans who have been taken over by the 
Black Headcrabs and they have up to 4 of them on their bodies. Also 
they fling them at you too. 
Difficulty: 3-5.

- Zombie Runners (Leapers): These skinny alien monsters are fast, climb poles,
 and are relentless. 
Difficulty: 3-5.

- Scanners: They are the flying orbs that follow you and relay your
 position to Combine 
guards. Difficulty: 1-5.

- Manhacks: These little orbs have rotating propellers and attack 
you. You’ll know one’s near when you hear a loud whirring sound. 
Difficulty: 2-5.

- Gunboats: Tough, tough, tough. RPG’s are the only things that 
can take them down. They are fast and can take you down quickly. 
Difficulty: 5-5.

- Helicopter: These things drop mines and shoot pulse rifle charges at 
Difficulty: 3-3

- Mortar Tanks: Tough tanks that can level you in a few shots. 
Difficulty: 4-5.

- Antlions: Fast, brutal, and they attack in packs. If you have the
 unfortunate luck of fighting them, cry when your weapons go empty.
 Difficulty: 4-5.

- Antlion Guard: This badboy is a toughie who can take hits and runs 
at you as an attack. Sidestep him and he’s cake. He gives you your 
Antlion Lure.       
Difficulty 3-5.

- Striders: These things are Tri-legged 50 foot tall monstrosities
 that are just…a pain to take down. They take at least 8 rockets on 
Normal mode to take down. They have a pulse rifle 
and a reality distorting beam as well as they can impale you. 
Difficulty: 5-5.

- Turrets: Annoying things that can be knocked over. 
Difficulty: 2-5

- Dr. Breen: The Central Antagonist. He is responsible for the post-
apocalyptic nightmare that has become Earth.
Difficulty: 3-5

5. Weapons

- Crowbar: The trusty crowbar from the first Half-Life. It is a pretty 
useful headcrab killer and is the best for killing Manhacks.
Attack Power: 3/5
Stopping Power: 1/5
Speed: 5/5

- Pistol: It is a simple gun that is useful for situations but, not 
something you want to rely 
on unless you have to.
Attack Power: 2/5
Stopping Power: 1/5
Speed: 5/5
Reload Speed: 3/5

- Magnum: A powerful gun that can kill almost all enemies in one hit.
Attack Power: 5/5
Stopping Power: 4/5
Speed: 2/5
Reload: 1/5

- Machine Gun: It’s a fast shooting weapon but it’s rather weak in o
verall power. Its secondary is a useful explosion.
Attack Power: 3/5
Stopping Power: 1/5
Speed: 5/5
Reload: 3/5

- Shotgun: Spread Fire? Power? Nice! Its secondary function is a 
double power shot that can floor almost anything. 
Attack Power: 5/5
Stopping power: 5/5
Speed: 2/5
Reload: 2/5

- Pulse Rifle: This is a machine gun that has a very powerful fire 
power and is very fast too. Its secondary is a powerful plasma bomb.
Attack Power: 5/5
Stopping power: 1/5
Speed: 5/5
Reload: 4/5

- Crossbow: The equivalent of a sniper rifle. The secondary is a zoom.
Attack Power: 5/5
Stopping power: None. It either kills instantly or seriously maims.
Speed: 4/5
Reload: 5/5

- Rocket Propelled Grenade: It is a rocket launcher that shoots 
user directed rockets.
Attack Power: 5/5
Stopping Power: See Crossbow.
Speed: 2/5
Reload: 1/5

- Grenade: An explosive that can be thrown. Secondary attack 
is pulling the pin before throwing for premature explosion.
Attack Power: 5/5
Stopping Power: None.
Speed: 3/5
Reload: None.

- Antlion Lure: This can be used in the sand traps stage and 
Nova Prospekt to summon the Antlions as your servants. The primary, 
when thrown, directs the Antlions toward the object of attack. 
The secondary is that they come to your side and follow you.

- Gravity gun: This useful weapon manipulates boxes and other 
movable objects, pulling them to you, as well as propels them with a 
forceful push.
Attack Power: None.
Stopping Power: None.
Speed: 5-5
Reload: None.

- Gravity Gun Redux: In the final two levels, your Grav gun becomes 
an unstoppable weapon of mass destruction. It can pull heavy items, 
propel them and even pull Combine guards to you. It can also 
shoot a massive ray at close range that incinerates weapons and kills 
guards instantly.
Attack Power: 10/5
Stopping Power: None.
Speed: 5/5
Reload: None.

6. Levels
Fun rating.
1 = Boring.
2 = Anoying.
3 = Meh.
4 = Nice!
5 = WOW!
6 = Plays over!

Length: Very Short
Fun Factor= 4

Rise and shine Mr. Freeman. It’s time to wake up. 

1.1: What do I do now?
- Get off the train and follow the people on it. It should lead you to a 
turning door. Enter it from the left side (This IS Europe after all), and
 find your way to the Security door. 

1.2: Should I enter Nova Prospekt?
- No. The Combine guard should lead you to his office.

1.3: Oh wow it’s him from HL1! What do I do now?
- Listen to him and create a stack of boxes and climb out of the window.

1.4: This guard is making me pick up his mess. Now what?
- Run away and have him chase you or…pick it up and have him snicker at you. 

1.5: City 17 is scary. Where do I go now?
- The right side alleyway.

1.6: Now what?
- Find the right side alley with a ladder and climb up it. Then jump from 
the other side. You’re over the fence.

1.7: Ok and?
- Follow the path and find the open apartment building.

1.8: Where do I go now?
- Third floor. Then go across the building and go to floor 4. A group of 
people should invite you in.

1.9: Looks like they are in trouble. Now what?
- Exit the window and climb the rooftops. Don’t fall. Enter the building 
and go down the stairs.

1.10: I’m so screwed. No way out.
-Enter stage right: Alyx Vance.

“A Red Letter Day”
Length: Short
Fun Factor: 5

2.1: Ok so what am I supposed to do in this lab?
- Listen to Barney and Dr. Kleiner and Alyx and follow what they say.

2.2: Why am I outside instead of with Eli Vance?
- Good Job Hedy Lamarr. I’d have shot the thing if I could.

2.3: Now that Dr. Breen knows I’m around, what do I do?
- Run toward the Train tracks and avoid enemy fire.

“Route Kanal” 
Length: Medium
Fun Factor = 4

3.1: Where do I go now?
- Downstairs?

3.2: What do I do about the couple being attacked by combine?
- Kill the Combine. That should Score you a pistol and some ammo. When
you leave, you should be ambushed by a combine that is waiting on the
stairs. Kill him and then go downstairs.

3.3: The path has no ladder! What should I do?
- Wait for the train to come. Then reclimb the stairs and jump on top
of the train.

3.4: OK so now what?
- Crowbar the wooden planks, walk through the building, take a right,
and then follow your way to a bent grate. Jump over it and then take
the right and crawl underneath the hole at the floor.

3.5: OK I'm past the barrier.
- Keep going and drop down into the train pit. Then fight your way up
the stair case and make sure you utilize the flammable barrels. Then
work your way around and then then take the exit and fall into the river
stream. Beware. A train might run into you. :D

3.6: Down the river, eh? I feel like a tadpole.
-Ah poor baby.Keep going til you climb on top of the car. Then fall through
the hole up top. The vortigan will give you a jolt and the man will open
the car for you. Break the wall of wood and crawl under the truck carrier.
Also, avoid the barnacle. He makes his apperance by devouring a bird.

3.7: The couple just got shot to death. Am I next?
- Maybe. OR maybe not. Once you hang right, avoid the plasma mounted gun
guy and hit the tunnel to your right. Take it up and kill all resistance 
as you go. Then, climb the inside ladder and take out the gunners. 
Don't waste your time, though or you'll encounter resistance and
a few flash happy scanners. 

3.8: It's just me and an endless barrage of combine. What do I do?
- Aim for the barrel up top that scaffold and blow it up. It should
knock down a path for you to cross. Then, keep going and then jump down 
off the platform and follow the way forward. Avoid barnacles.

3.9: So where am I headed now?
- Hit the pit and then head toward the left open grate. Enter and climb
up the platform. Then, go into the next pit and fall into the water. Do 
your best to avoid the falling flammable barrels that fall from the top.
They should blow open your exit.

3.10: Ok so I've fallen off the platform and now I'm being ambushed by
combine. Yikes!
- So use cover and aim for flammable barrels. That should kill a few 
combine at once and open you a way out. Keep heading forward.
You should encounter two barnacles. Kill em. Also, experiment with
the physics engine. That should give you some...explosive...results.
Or incase you don't get what I mean, roll a flammable barrel toward
the barnacles and detonate it when it's close to their mouths. 
Lots of dead barnacles. Remember this trick for later.

3.11: Next?
- Follow the path and swim to a ladder, dodging combine fire. Then, climb
it and walk along the planks, and then jump over the fence. Swim to the
plank that will accept you and then run toward the open grate, avoiding fire.

3.12: I can't figure out this see saw puzzle!
- See them bricks? Try stacking em.

3.13: Choppers! Ohes Noes!
- Um avoid them and sprint toward your left, finding cover where you can.
Avoid the barnacle and throw the barrel that's obstructing your path. Enter
the door.

3.14: Remember when I said "remember that trick with the barnacles?"
- Navigate the tunnels and use any flammable barrels against them. If
you can't find any, use a normal barrel and run underneath the preoccupied
one. Both ways out are to the left down the ramps.

3.15: Where to now?
- Follow the path. Avoid gunfire. It's pretty linear. Kill the manhacks
that arrive. Stack barrels to get the goodies upstairs. And then follow
the tunnel and exit.

3.16: OK.
- After heading out of the path, fall into the water with the spinning 
windmill and follow it, entering the hole on the wall. The path should be 
pretty straight forward toward the large pipe with the staircase next to 
it. Climb it and then hop on the pipe. But don't head toward the 
sunshine. Instead, head toward the steam, walk the pipeline, and
break the wood and drop down.Taking you outside. Fire on the flammable
barrels and make the combine's lives miserable.

3.17: Why did you skip huge section?
- I don't need to direct you all on a linear path. 
I only need to address the problem parts.

3.18: Guess what. I just hit one. I'm in the room with the barrels
and a few manhacks. What now?
- THis is a good sticking point. Kill manhacks, climb the ladder.Walk 
along the pipes. Walk to the other room. Fall down the pipes and turn the 
valve. Then return to the room with the barrels and climb down the ladder.
Enter the open hole and climb up to get some air. Afterwards, go back down
and break the wood planks that obstructs the platforms that you can jump on.
Careful, you can break the wooden platforms easy.

3.19: OK I'm in the canal and combine and manhacks are everywhere.
- Kill all resistance, take the left entrance deep into the sewers. 
Climb the ladder and cross the scaffolding, and then, crouch and land all
the way at the end of the walk. This should lead you near the end of the 

3.20: Now what?
- Follow the path. Find the rebels. Continue to follow the road and 
kill headcrabs and zombies. It should be pretty straightforward, the 
road to the hovercraft.

3.21: I'm lost... (god knows how), how do I exit with the hovercraft?
- Well, find the main gate, get out of the craft, and open it.

“Water Hazard” 
Length: Medium-Long
Fun Factor = 5

[Warning. I will not walk you step by step through this from here on out.
I plan to address specific sticking points since the game is very linear.]

4.1: barrels. Lowered ramp. What do I do?
- Find all five barrels. 2 are upstairs, one is already loaded, and 2
are at the bottom. Plant all five underneath the exterior ramp that's
closest toward your goal. This should lower the other side and make a
jump possible.

4.2: Combine soldiers!
- If you can run them over, do so. If you can run into the planks,do
so. If you see a ramp, the game wants you to jump it.

4.3: Closed gate!
- Park near the ladder and climb it. Enter the building. Kill all
resistance. When you encounter the gunner, grab a barrel and charge
into him, holding the barrel in front of you. This should shield you
from gunfire til you get there. Afterwards, open fire on him and the
three men waiting for you inside. Once there try to activate the switch.
Wait you can't. It's broken. Shoot the flammable barrels and then that
should easily send a plank that slams into the gate opening it. Once 
done, escape the building, killing all resistance, and return to your

4.4: Got some advice?
- Yeah. IF you don't have to stop, don't. If the mortars are shooting
at you, try to slalom. Also, when you get to a place where it looks like
there's an exit straight ahead, don't take it. Cut a right and then ramp
up o your right, avoiding the flames. Also, ram weak wooden planks
for an exit and avoid barnacles.

4.5: Another closed gate!
- drive toward the center of the opening toward the left and exit the 
boat. Shoot off the lock and then enter. Grab the Magnum and work
your way around into the warehouse. Avoid the chopper firing and climb 
the catwalk. Jump across the ground cars toward the other side. Do I
have to mention the words Kill all resistance? Afterwards, avoid the
chooper again and work your way around the truck cars toward the ladder.
climb it and turn off the gate. USe the cannon gun and then shoot the
chopper down. Climb down the ladder and then return to your ship.
You can jump a few fences or you can take the long way. Exit and then
leave the gate.

4.6: Those pesky choppers!
- Cut a quick right and then do your best to avoid the bombs the
chopper drops. When you come to a section where there's pipes that 
are empty, enter them and then follow them. Near the end of this path,
you should see the pipes go into the ground. So instead of going through
them, you should try to keep a good balance and skate on top of it, 
sliding into the exit hole.

4.7: The chopper is back. Yikes.
- Again, avoid the bombs it drops. Try to dodge it's firepower, and
when you can. Later on during the track, you should come to a part with
4 barnacles and a path that is all the way on the right wall. Take the 
path and then ride your craft over the path, trying to stay as center
bound as possible. This should get you over the way and toward the gate.
Watch out for mortar tanks and the chopper and you should make it to the
exit hole just fine.

4.8: Another puzzle.:
- Park your craft near the ramp and get out of it. Find the ladder on 
the left hand side of the entrance and climb it. Walk your way to
the washer machine and push it straight. Then climb down and push the
mechanism. This is a weight distribution device that raises a ramp if
a sufficient amount of weight is pushed on it and then activated.

4.9: The vortigan has installed a brand new gun!
- So use it. ^_^ First target should be the pesky chopper. Next, any
combine in your way.

4.10: Barnacles are a little more than just a minor annoyance now.
-  I agree. Try your best avoid them. What with flaming barrels,
mortar shells, loads of combine, and zombies? Also, Just to let you 
know, when you hit the ambush, take your craft up the right ramp and 
escape it going straight. Then you'll encounter the flying barrels and
the pain in the neck barnacles. Keep moving. When you find a split in
the path with the combine shooting you on you right, go left.

4.11: Two tanks and no obvious way out?
- You could always kill the tanks and then get out of your vehicle,
go to the car, and shoot through the crack at the flaming barrel with 
your handgun. OR you could simply avoid the shells, and shoot through
the crack with your hovercraft. OR you could let the mortor shells
shoot the path open for you. Either or, the car opens up and a 
ramp based path is opened for you. This is right near the end of the 

4.12: Final battle with the Chopper
- You versus it, eh? Take it down like the rest but do be warned. It
will use nasty attacks when it's close to death like dropping
loads of bombs and rapid firing it's pulse rifle. To your advantage?
You have loads of space to move around in.

4.13: Me and Eli.
- Head toward the main mill and cut to your left, exiting the arena.
You'll see the exit is closed. Climb the ladder and then open it. 
Hop the ramp and deal with the last few Combines. Walk around
and head toward the Observatory. Then activate the switch, 
return to the arena, find the now open turbine hole, and hop the ramp.

“Black Mesa East” 
Length: Short
Fun Factor = 3

5.1: Where do I go?
- Around the back. The rebels should let you in.

5.2: Nothing's happening.
- Look at the picture of Alyx, Eli, and his wife.

5.3: How do I climb the way and meet Alyx?
- Stack two boxes.

5.4: Dog wants to play fetch.
- So play fetch. Use primary and secondary to propel and pull.

5.5: Scanners!
- Follow Alyx, then follow Dog.

“We don’t go to Ravenholm…” 
Length: Very Long
Fun Fator = 1
(This is the only chapter I plan to give a full WALKTHROUGH
walkthrough in since it's the longest and most confusing.)

6.1: The First Encounter with Father Grigory
- Enter the far house. Conserve ammo by using saws and your grav gun.
Take a left. Kill zombies. Enter dark hallway. Kill zombies. Walk around
til outside. Kill zombies. Activate blades. Lure zombies in. Climb stairs.
Enter barn. Use blade. Lure zombies. Exit room. Shoot barrels. Enter 
zombie infested room. USe blade. Exit room. Seem zombies on fire. Turn 
off fire by using the valves on the pipes. They shut off gas. Enter room
guarded by fire. Kill zombies. Go upstairs. Kill zombies and turn off 
electricity. Kill black headcrabs on your way down. Turn off second fire.
Climb ladder. Climb scaffold. Walk scaffold. Enter room. Kill. Go down.
Exit. Use cars as trap devices. Jump on top of second car and leap onto

6.2: The Second Encounter with Father Grigory
- Enter the room. Kill zombies. Walk along edge. Fall on top of white car
after detonating flammable barrels. Kill remaining headcrabs. Walk to 
ladder. Climb it. Kill zombies with WHATEVER you have available. Walk 
downstairs. Enter part 3.

6.3: The Third Encounter with Father Grigory
- Walk outside. Kill leaper. Enter open room. Go upstairs all the way. Go
to rooftop. REceive shotgun from Father Grigory. Kill leapers. Jump
into pool. climb ladder. Go inside. Kill leapers. Raise elevator. Enter.
Go down. Kill Hulker. Walk on plank over fence. Enter corridor. Enter
part 4.

6.4: The Fourth Encounter with Father Grigory
- Notice it's quiet. Walk around. Take a right and follow path til you
can find the one that leads into the control room. Pull switch. Exit.
Head down toward stack of box. All zombies come out at once. You could
A) unload all ammo into them or B) climb boxes and run on ledges. Kill 
leapers, jump onto platform and walk along ledged. Walk on falling 
catwalk into window while fighting leapers and such and then go
downstairs. Kill all 10 zombies. Go downstairs. Welcome to part 5.

6.5: The Fifth Encounter with Father Grigory
- Go upstairs. Open door. Fight leapers. Jump to left north house. Walk
around. Fall down. Walk around. Walk into alley. Jump over freepart. Kill
hulker. Climb stairs. Enter room. Climb stairs. Wait for Grigory to
send his platform to you. Kill all leapers til it arrives. Get inside
and pull lever. Meet Father Grigory. Follow him to Cemetery.

6.6: The Final Encounter with Father Grigory
- He leads you to a mine shaft access through a cemetery. Follow him
and unload ammo. Kill all that move and let him lead you to the mine.

6.7: Mine Shaft
- Walk through house. Fall into shaft plank by plank. Kill head crabs.
Find stairwell that leads over fence. Follow into hole. Fall into water 
hole and swim to next area. Area with barnacle, move around and jump
over wooden chasis into next area. Walk around and activate switch.
Work your way up while avoiding the blade.

6.8: Freedom
- It's a straight run from here. Walk straight. kill the sniper in
his cubby hole by throwing a grenade in it. Walk staight. Avoid
sniper fire by taking cover. Sniper provides you with cove by 
shooting the logs. Crawl under train car and keep moving. Kill
Combine and Zombies. Walk forward. Kill Combine guarding warehouse. 
Kill warehouse. Follow rebel into hideout. Talk to Alyx. Take exit in back.

“Highway 17” 
Length: Long
Fun Factor = 5

7.1: Hmm the car is upside down and Antlions are after me.
- Kill anything that tries to kill you and use the gravity gun to
get your car back on it's wheels. Then, drive and follow the road. Take
the left that leads up the hill and turbo over the ramp. Follow the
road into the tunnel.

7.2: Ok where is this...barn?
- Drive of the cliff, go straight. You'll know you're going the right way
when you see that there are two shootable fences that you can knock down.
Keep going sraight and avoid rocks and Antlions. Eventually you should
drive past Combine at A barn shooting antlions. Drive through it and 
follow the coast from here on out. Enjoy the visuals, but follow the 
coast and eventually, you'll drive up a ramp and arrive in a Rebel barn.

7.3: What should I do now?
- Follow the Rebel and go downstairs toward the furthest Barn near the
closed exit. Go downstairs and a rebel should give you the rocket launcher.

7.4: A gunship!
- Take it down by guiding the rockets toward it. It can shoot them down.
Also, use your men as meat bag diversions and reocket and health refills.
Three-five rockets should take down the gunship and you can be on your
merry way.

7.5: The road is out.
- Take the right side road and head toward the warehouse.

7.6: Gee a crane. Whatever could THAT be for?
- Position your buggy by the boat and get out. Sprint toward the
pier landing, kiling antlions and combine. Get up, drop a ladder, and
use the crane to move your buggy onto the main warehouse dock. Also
knock down that pesky bridge too. Cross the bridge, kill Combine, open
the warehouse side door. Drive through and then drive through the huge 
plate of glass.

7.7: Gunship is after me.
- Leap a ramp with turbo, use your gravity gun to get rid of obstructions,

7.8: Barn full of Combine.
- Genocide.

7.9: Truck blocking the way,
- Shoot the flammable barrels.

7.10: Forcefield up.
- Kill Combine, use grav gun on the supports of the Combine tank. No
more forcefield.

7.11: Forcefield is up on the traintracks.
- Turn it off. Go to the houses and go down the cliff underneath
the bridge. Trail the bridge and go to the other side and turn off 
the force field. Kill all Combine and then return. It's not an easy
job but someone's gotta do it.

7.12: I'm still blocked off.
- There's a path between the train cars. hit it and ends the level.

7.13: Those blue balls are a pain.
- Grav gun em into the sea. Don't let them stick to the car.

Length: Medium-Long
Fun Factor = 6

8.1: Augh no more freaking zombies!
- Kill them if they get too close. Otherwise, grav gun yourself a path
and drive.

8.2: Spooky old house on the side of the road. Should I go there?
-If you like zombies and ammo, SURE!

8.3: Another roadblock.
- Hmm...kill, kill, kill.

8.4: Need two batteries to raise the gate.
- One is in a car out back of the battery shed. The other is on
the dead rebel's bed.

8.5: I was told to ditch the car.
- So ditch it. Prepare for a massive Combine fight at the lighthouse.

8.6: Hmm what's going on here?
- Combine are attacking. Kill them all and then climb the lighthouse.
You'll have to take on two gunships. Once you take em down, the rebel 
will lead you to the bottom of the lighthouse and show you a secret
way out. Follow it.

8.7: And I'm supposed to get past I hate sand.
It's so coarse and rough. Not like you. You're soft. And smooth.
- Ok there Anakin. Sheesh. Stay off the sand if you can. Jump
on rocks. Use the gravity gun to make makeshift bridges at parts
that lack rocks. If you see health, pull it to you. It ain't worth
being chased to get. If you feel impatient, simply run. Be advised
you'll be chased by 5 antlion at all times ifyou touch the ground.
Work your way to the barn and then enter. Turn on the generator.
This starts a ground pounding that makes antlions afraid to follow.
Head towards it and jump over the ridge.

8.8: Wow the guardian is huge.
-He's also very easy too. Kill him by strafing. Kill his reinforcements
while you're at it. And also lure him toward the village gunner. This
should make it easier.

8.9: Ain't these weapon tutorials annoying?
- Yep!

8.10: Time to raid Nova Prospekt. But my antlions rufuse to follow.
- Turn off the ground pounders and avoid getting killed by combine.
LEt the antlions do the work for you. Make sure on the first two
gun stations you walk behind them.

8.11: I can't get past the third station.
- Use the beach rocks for cover, then enter the door on the mountain.
Kill the resistance that is in your way.

8.12: Flares. They know I'm here.
- USe your Antlions as meatshields while you pick em off. Exit the place
then go outside. When you see the part with two zombies
and a broken boat, knock down the planks. This will lower the
bridge. Kill the security posts and climb the ladders. Enter the door and
this should get you to the outerwalls of Nove Prospekt. 

8.13: My antlions keep getting killed.
- So kill the upper station snipers and then raid the place. Just, avoid
the bullet fire and kill as many as you can. Then kill the two gunboats that 
come for you. Killing the second one opens up the wall that leads to stage 9.

“Nova Prospekt” 
Length: Medium
Fun Factor = 5

9.1: It's too quiet. Where do I go?
- Downstairs. Inside the hole.

9.2: Tons of turrets.
- Disable all of them.

9.3: YIKES! Antlion guard!
-Kill him.

9.4: So THAT'S where the combine have been hiding.
- Kill them all, disable them turrets, and use the grav gun on
forcefield wires to disable them. Also use yout Antlions to take the
brunt of the trip wires and resistance. Turn on the switches. Climb
upstairs, turn on switch. Climb downstairs and exit that room.

9.5: I keep dying to the combine behind the forcefield.
- There's a crawl space on the wall. Climb into it. use a shovel or 
a plank to disable the fan. Kill combine and turn off the forcefield.

9.6: Why are you being so sparse with this part of the walkthrough?
- Nova Prospekt is pretty linear. There's like maybe a few sticking points
but it's really hard to get lost here. Just flip switches, enter doors, 
and kill Combine and turrets.

9.7: You're not very helpful are you.
- Not really. Most of Nova Prospekt is one long line. Just use barrels 
for cover, disable turrets, kill combine, and when you make it to the end,
jump through the window.

9.8: Another Antlion guard!
- Let the combine attack it first. Then kill it.

9.9: Where do I go?
- Find the door cluttered with junk and remove it.

9.10: The Combine Arms keep killing me.
- Look toward the ceiling and on one of the walls will be a hole. Make a 
makeshift step ladder from boxes or barrels and climb into it.

Length: Medium Long
Fun Factor = 4

10.1: OK so Alyx is back. Now what?
- Follow her. And keep her alive. She is very stupid and WILL get herself

10.2: Where do I go now?
- Listen to Alyx and enter the doors she opens.

10.3: Combine ambush.
- There's a box full of unlimited grenades. Use it. Disable turrets, kill
Combine. And when you get to the forcefield room, throw a grenade into the
room. That should disable it.

10.4: Control Room.
- Or as I like to call it Turret tutorial. Set them up on the ends of the
room and pick off soldiers from the windows. This part is easy. Its the
next turret scenerio that's really hard.

10.5: The water is electrified.
- Use the grav gun and make a bridge. This should keep you from getting
fried. Exit the room, walk the catwalk, and jump off the balcony to where
the combine was firing at you.

10.6: Another control Room.
- Now THIS is the hard part. You have three turrets. Camp the turret room
and set them up as followed. Two patrolling the entrance left of the health
and shield. One patrolling to the right of them. your job is to cover the 
turret. With those two patrolling, nothing other than a manhack or a grenade
will get through. It's the solo turret that needs the protection. Fight off
wave after wave til Alyx gets there. It's time to baby sit her again.

 (o)                (o)

     (X)control room (X)
 (o)                (o)

(X) = Turrets
(o) = Combine fields

It's best to set up the turrets like this.

10.7: Follow Alyx? 
- Yes. But watch out in the next room. The combine turn off the lights.

10.8: OK...Mossman has escaped. And they are coming in packing heat. What
- The last turret scene was the hardest. Consider this cake. Assume the room
from the angle looks like this.

=   2(o)            3(o)=
=                       =
=                  [T]  =
=                       =
=                       =
= [X]<-Turrets      1(o)=

You've got to keep the Combine off Alyx long enough to get the Teleporter

[T] = Teleporter
(o) = Combine fields.

Set up the turrets at (o) and run around shooting. The combine will get
past Fields 2 and 3 easy. Alyx will assist in shooting. Keep killing til
the teleporter is ready.

10.9: It's been a week?
- Yay. Watch the events and then fall down the elevator shaft.

“Anticitizen One” 
Length: Long
Fun Factor = 3.

11.1: Dog is a vicious machine. Should I help him?
- you...could...or you could simply let him take on all resistance 
and then let him open the door for you.

11.2: Not sure where I go after getting the Rebel in my Squad.
- Head past the slide and take a left. You'll see other Rebels pulling
down the propaganda machine. They join you too. Head toward the far
north-right black steel door and wait. Combine guards will flood out.

11.3: How do I disable the hoppers?
- Grav gun pull em toward you and gently release them.

11.4: Where do I take the squad now?
- Follow the path and enter the room. Climb the stairs and thenexit. 
You should be on the street. Don't go forward. Back pedal and go around
the wall. Enter the building and go up two stories. Then enter the hall
way. Kill all resistance and then use grenades to disable the two
turrets waiting for you down the hole.

11.5: I keep killing them but they keep respawning.
- Don't fight the combine on the wall. Instead, head for the left building 
and enter. Disable hoppers, kill combine, go upstairs, fall down holes,
and you should be outside behind the fence. Kill all resistance and then
open the gate. Score one for the rebels. Go upstairs.

11.6: Head downstairs and fight the combine in corridors?
- I don't need to say more. ^_^

11.7: Repeat 11.6?
- YES! :D

11.8: I'm in the main hallways. Is it me or do the men get dumber
each step?
- Nope, friendly AI is lacking. Lead your morons all the way down the
path, kill manhacks. Shoot out the padlock and enter the room (this
is assuming you walked AROUNd the broken truck.) Kill combine, manhacks,
and then fight the two Combine gunners. You'll be using those guns in a 
moment to fight off reinforcements while the medic blows open a hole for 
you. Enter it when it's blown open.

11.9: Green ooze. Yuck!
- It's bad for your suit. Climb the car and use the grav gun to build
yourself a makeshift bridge with the wooden wheels. Keep using two of 
them. Careful. Loads of Zombies around. Bridge yourself to the white car
at the end and climb the pipe. Enter the pipe, go down, open the door for
your faithful idiots, and then go upstairs. Watch out for headcrab rockets.

11.10: You've skipped over half the stage! Why?
- It pretty much spoon feeds you where to go. Well...after you deal with 
the drama of the two apartments, don't open the door. Walk out to the
open door. From there, simply follow the pathetically linear path, killing
zombies and combine. When you get to the two barnicles, take your right
and fall down the far right hole. Continue to follow the pathetically
linear path until you find a hole with two turrets and 4 zombies. Insert

11.11: Protect Alyx?
- Easy enough. Kill resistance, find a way downstairs, make your way to
outside, and protect Alyx while she lowers the shields.

11.12: Easy for you to say. The Combine keep coming and my men are retards.
- Use the hoppers. Snipe. use cover fire. Do what you can to preserve your
life and keep them far away from Alyx. IF you can do that, then when
the shields fall, sprint to the generator and use the grav gun to push 
out the core. Then run into the opened gate and she should close it behind
you and the surviving idiots. 

11.13: Where do I go now?
- Go down the crevice and into the hole. Alyx won't follow you. She'll
become Princess Toadstool and the Combine will become the Koopas.

11.14: Where do I go now?
Follow the path and eventually you'll make it down a flight of broken 
stairs. Make it to the door you'll find locked. Go inside the door 
next to it, kill the black headcrab, and use the grav gun to remove
the wood that has it locked. Then go through and find a ladder to
climb. This should lead you to the WORST part of the stage.

11.15: Ok how do I get past this nightmare?
- Walk around the catwalk to the switch. Activate it. Kill all seeable
Combine. Wait for platform. Ride platform up. Walk along catwalk. Climb
ladder up. Walk on pipes. Walk around to beams and walk on the beams that
hoist the platform you just rode on. Walk across them and crouch to go all
the way. Climb on the catwalk. Walk around to another ladder. Jump to 
middle catwalk between very top and where you came from. Walk it and fall
at exit door. Beware of hoppers.

“Follow Freeman” 
Length: Long
Fun Factor = 6

12.1: Snipers got us pinned down. How do I get past them?
-Sprint, strafe, and if you're close enough to the window, lob
a grenade inside. You'll go straight and then take that first
right, dodging sniper fire. Enter the door. Your men surviving
isn't a guarantee. And watch out for the zombie leaper coming up
the stairs.

12.2: The poor guy got injured. Now what?
- After his speeech, 7 zombies should come from out of the water.
Kill them and then head to the path that has the stairs that go up.
Keep going upstairs until you arrive and a shelled out floor.

12.3: How do I save Barney?
- Trigger the event by going upstairs and then let Barney finish
talking. Afterwards, go back downstairs and lob grenades at the two
snipers. One should be left of the exit in the middle window. The
other should be straight ahead. They give themselves away
by trying to kill you and Barney. After they are dead, follow Barney
but beware of the Black Headcrabs. He should lead you downstairs to
a Combine security door. And you should have a little posse.
12.4: Barney's opened the gate. Help?
- Enter the room. Avoid the Black headcrabs, and then exit. You'll see
a stairwell that leads up. Two Combine troops are waiting for you. Kill 
em as well as the turrent and then enter the room. Barney will lead
you to the computer and open the door. You'll be joined by three
meatbags. Enter th next room and you'll be spotted. Keep going and
head downstairs. Now when you are running for the main building, be
advised that when you see a white circle light up, stay far away. It's 
a suppression laser. Run toward the truck car and then walk behind it.
Follow the path and enter the door. Two Combine are waiting for you 
inside. Kill them and exit the side door. Avoid white fire and
go straight, killing the hiding combine and the three in the far off room.
Exit the room and all you'll need to worry about is the combine.

12.5: How do I open the energy fence?
- Grav gun. Hello?

12.6: How do I take out these turrents?
- Activate the blue lines and throw a grenade into the open turrent. The
door you enter is the double door to your left. Once you're in the
large hall, head to the other side. Beyond the two blue trip wires should
be two turrents and your destination. Kill the three combine that
exit from the shield and then take out the turrents. Another thing you
could do is take out the first turrent and then sprint to the black
room straight ahead. You can hide there til the second turrent dies down
and hope Barney doesn't get killed. This should take you upstairs and near
the generator room. You should see a room with trapped rebels. Barney will
free them. If your team was killed, you'll have a new team. Two turrets
guard the generator room. Best way to take out the generator itself is
to use the grav gun and propel the core. You'll hear two generators
left.This faqs will assume you've taken right path first. 

12.7: Right path wha?
- This is right from the generator room, Turrets facing you. This should
lead you to a corridor with three exits: one is a dead end with a turret,
one is a entrance to the generator room, and the third is a exit to the
main stairwell from the beginning of the level part. Take the middle. You
should see a room ladden with red lines. Jump on the above plank and walk 
past the red lines. Next, jump on the plank and jump over the red lines.
Now, walk around the path and crawl under the red planks. Bear in mind, 
hoppers will be everywhere. After crawling under, climb the plank with
the red lines, but don't run into them. Then, jump to the pipes and walk
over them and drop down. Turn the red beams off. Provided your rag
tag group survived the combine guards attacking outside, (Barney will if 
you're quick), they will now enter the room. Enter the Generator room and
disable it. A blue line should be before it and have two turrents ready.
Kill them.

12.8: Left path wha?
- This is left from the generator room, Turrets facing you. You
should find a room with an open door, two unactivated hoppers, and an
open exit. Enter this room and try to exit. It's a trap. The doors close
and combine fire at you through the holes in the wall. Fight em off best
you can. After they get bored, they will open the doors. The first door is
where you should use your hoppers as traps. Two elites and 5 Combine storm 
it. The other one is easy enough. Three combine. Exit, find the generator
room, and disable it. Now try to go back downstairs toward that first
forcefield you saw as you entered the suppressor building. The one where
the first three combine attack.

12.9: Another trap?
- Yah. Try to kill them without A) dying or B) Barney dying. Use the
pulse rifle's secondary function. That should take out a lot if you aim
right. Kill them all and then enter. Barney will lead you to the room and
stay at the computer. Provided your team actually survived (they won't),
you'll be reinforced with a new team. Head for the room. Avoid the 
turret and the two combine. 

12.10: The roof is a warzone.
- No really? Kill combine resistance and find the shield/health wall tanks.
This should trigger cool music and a gunship. Remember, toward the entrance
there is a unlimited rocket box. USE IT. Kill the gunship. Then wait
for the Combine drop ship to drop soldiers. They will then open the
path and storm you. Kill them all. Run to the control switch and activate 
it. At least 14 Combine guard the path. Kill em all and enter.

12.11: I seriously hope Valve is NOT pitting me against Striders.
- Oh they are. 4 of them to be exact. You should be outside the museum.
You can do this one of two ways. The commando way: JUST RUN. USE COVER.
FOR THE UNLIMITED ROCKET BOX. Or the scoundrel way: loot dead bodies for
rockets. Once all four are dead, head all the way to the end of the 
street. You should notice it's the part where Combine are shooting at you
from. Kill them and go downstairs.

12.12: It's quiet. One Combine guard.
- Too quiet. Kill him and go forward. And...then...SPRINT. A strider is
chasing you. Expect survivors to be killed in this part.

12:13: I'm lost.
- Enter the room and duck the strider. Kill the three Combine guards that
try to ambush you. Then go upstairs. Kill the guards there. Go upstairs.
The Strider should blow up some rubble, making a path for you to go up.

12.14: HOw does the Strider keep finding me?
- It's using Scanners as it's eyes and ears. Kill them, wait a few,
and then sprint up the ramp and walk the narrow beams toward the end of
the building. If you do it right, you'll see a box of unlimited rockets. 
You dont' have to kill the strider, but it makes the next part

12.15: Hmm....Urban warfare sucks.
- I imagine our troops said the same thing. Anyways, go straight into the
hole, kill the Combine ambush, and then head up to the street and enter
the next hole. The best music in the game should start NOW. Avoid the 
strider, kill the resistance, and head for the coffee shop. Take a left 
and head for the dead end. A strider should blow open a hole. Head in
it and then fight the combine who laid a bomb trap for you. Enter that 
nasty pit and fight your way up. Move around til you find a dead end. 
You can do two things: Go upstairs and jump the beams til you make it
to the other side, fighting never ending spawning Combine. Or you can
simply wait em out, fight em off and wait for the strider to blow
a path open FOR you. Either or, enter that side of the stage and make
your way upstairs. You'll find a rocket pack. Now is when humanity makes
their last stand.

12.16: I killed them. Now what?
- Head toward the horse by walking the beams and jump off the building. 
You'll encounter the last of the combine resistance and BArney and Dog.
Dog will open a path for you. And if you see Dr. Breen, from Devolution, 
Tell him I said, "F------u!"

“Our Benefactors” 
Length: Medium
Fun Factor = 4

13.1: Where do I go from here?
- Follow the path to your left and hop the rocks on the cliff. 
Make sure you don't fall. When you get to the end of the path, jump
on the moving platform and ride it up. Navigate the path and eventually
you'll make it to an area where you see two machine carrying devices.

13.2: Which one should I take?
-Hint: The immediate one is electronically sterilized. When they move
out of the way, sprint toward the other side and then take the one
that's headed left of the track. Then just sit back and enjoy the visuals.

13.3: MY weapons! They are gone!
- Look what you got instead. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you, the 
Gravity Gun Redux. It slices, it dices, it kills.

13.4: Where do I go now?
- Follow the path. It should be pretty linear and have a little
resistance. But now that you are a walking tank of death, it shouldn't
be any problems. Watch the entire Dr. Breen speech. A glitch that
can happen here is that you can't jump.That is a problem since past
the terminal Dr. Breen is gloating from. You have to jump the ramp.

13.5: Where do I go and how do I down forcefields?
- If there are energy pillars with balls flying through them and 
they only have one, you can remove the ball with your gun and lower
the field. Take the linear path to the elevator and call it. Kill 
all resistance. At the top, DON'T lower the shield til the elite
is dead. He WILL use his secondary and knock you off.

13.6: Forcefield and 3 balls.
- Pull all three of them and jump through the disabled field. Then
make your way to the machine and be carried to Breen.

“Dark Energy”
Length: Short
Fun Factor = 5

14.1: Ok I’ve been captured by Breen and my Grav gun was taken from me. 
What do I do?
- Sit back and enjoy the ride. It won’t be long before you are rescued.

14.2: Dr. Breen is escaping! Where to?
- Follow Alyx. She will lead you to the core.

14.3: Hmm he’s in the teleportation device. How do I disable this sucker?
- Go to your right and walk the ledge behind the moving platform. 
Follow the path to the three energy pillars. Suck the balls toward you 
and disable the three pillars. Also kill any Combine Guard resistance.

14.4: It’s still moving.
- After disabling the pillars, follow the path and ride the platform up.
 Follow the path toward the narrow pillar that leads to another 
rising/falling platform. Kill all resistance. Ride the platform up and 
then wait for the rising platform to fall in the middle of the structure. 
Grab the Health/Suit Recharge while you can and then ride the platform up.
Finally, walk the catwalk and take the final platform toward the roof.

14.5: Breen is about to escape! How do I stop the portal?
- Move to the left of the screen and suck energy balls toward you. Then 
aim them toward the white light that is above Breen but below the portal. 
Breen will get very upset if you’re doing it right.He will activate a core 
shield. Keep firing at the white core, regardless of the gunships that try
to intercept you. Now, if this is on Hard, then take the Gunships out and
 continue pelting the core 
with white energy balls.

14.6: Alyx is stuck! What the heck just happened?
- You’re watching the ending.

7. Epilogue

After playing San Andreas, talking to my manager about Halo 2, and 
reading other reviews and playing 
games, I'm convinced this is the Game of the year. Got any advice 
for me...or you got any problems? 
Send me an e-mail. Rude e-mails will be ignored and banned.

Let me know if I should add anything.I will eventually tweak this and add 
things to it.
See ya.
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