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Half Life Counterstrike Weapons Guide Tips & Tricks

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Half Life - Counterstrike - Weapons Guide

                                By Amit



1.- File History.
2.- Introduction.
3.- About this file.
4.- Before we start.
5.- Handguns.
5.1.- H&K USP .45 Tactical (K&M .45)
5.2.- Glock G18 Select Fire (9X19mm)
5.3.- Desert Eagle (Nighthawk)
5.4.- SIG P228 (228)
5.5.-  Dual Beretta 96G (.40 Dual Elites)
5.6.- FN Fire SeveN.
6.- Shotguns.
6.1.- Benelli M3 Super90 (Leone 12 gauge Super)
6.2.- Benelli XM1014 (Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun)
7.- Sub Machine Guns.
7.1.- H&K MP5 Navy (SMG)
7.2.- Steyr TMP (Schmidt MP)
7.3.- FN PN90 (ES C90)
7.4.- Ingram MAC-10.
7.5.- H&K UMP45 (K&M UMP45)
8.- Rifles.
8.1.- AK-47 (CV-47)
8.2.- SIG SG552 (Krieg552 Commando)
8.3.- Colt M4A1 Carbine (Maverick M4A1 Carbine)
8.4.- Steyr Aug (Bullpup)
8.5.- Steyr Scout (Schmidt Scout)
8.6.- AI Artic Warfare Magnun (Magnun Sniper Rifle)
8.7.- H&K G3/SG-1 (D3/AV-1 Semi Automatic Rifle)
8.8.- SIG SG550 (Krieg550 Commando)
9.- Machine Guns.
9.1.- FN M249 Para (ES M249)
10.- Grenades.
10.1.- Flashbang.
10.2.- HE Grenade.
10.3.- Smoke Grenade.
11.- The Knife.
12.- Reccommended Sets



2.- Introduction.

Welcome to this guide.

Counterstrike is a MODification of the FPS (First Person Shooter) Half 
Life, which, while it hasn't been the most successful FPS game in history
(That spot will remain owned by DoOm)has spawned a legion of MODs and 
gamers looking into it. While the original Half Life was played on a
somewhat futuristic setting, Counterstrike simulates Counter-Terrorists
missions with objectives to accomplish.

The game plays on two teams, the Terrorists (the bad guys), and the
Counter Terrorist (The good guys). While the game can be won by simply
killing everyone on the other team, is much more satisfactory to play
by the rules. Game modes include VIP (One player assumes the role of
the VIP, and has to escape poorly armed from the map while the Terrorists
have to kill him or her), Defuse the Bomb (The Terrorist have to plant
a C4 bomb on a marked site while the CT have to either prevent it, or
disarm it once is planted), and Hostages (The Terrorist have to keep
the CT from rescuing the Hostages), and more. This has made this game a
hit, and one of the points (and precisely the one I will treat) is that
choosing a weapon actually requires to know it, unlike, say, Quake III,
when you only need to know that the Rockets explode and the slugs kill.

This guide is designed to emphatize the use of these weapons. I've
only found another guide trying to do it, but IMHO it lacks important
info, so I prefer to write a guide rather than annoying the guy.

Good Luck! You'll need it ^_^.


3.- About this File.

I recommend reading this on 800 X 600 to avoid scroll moving, which is
annoying, believe me.

This isn't a guide which will help you getting better at general gameplay: 
This is a guide to show you how to use a weapon to its max power.

I haven't played this game thru the net, I only play on LAN. So this
file isn't ultimately affected by lag, as it only happens on a LAN
on extreme situations (Or when the damn Norton Antivirus turns on on 

Finally, and this one is important, NO weapon is useless. Every weapon
is a fine piece of weaponry which can rack frags and earn wins if used
right. Don't blame a gun for your failures, don't think your gun has
won the match for you: everything is done for yourself. This is an
important thing to learn, and this will teach you to know how good are
you- a Glock can kill a AK-47, you are good. An MP5 killed you from
far away and you were using an Scout, you need to work with it.
That is the truth. On to the guide!


4.- Before We Start.

This is the legend I will follow in most weapons:

NAME: (duh) There is a point I would like to make: I have sought info on
the net about the weapons, and I've found them labeled with different 
names. It seems to be that the beta versions had the real names, while 
the retail version sport fictional names because of copyright reasons.
I will prefer the real names because I'm acostumed to it, while I never
played the beta versions, and I ussually refer them with their numbers
I.E the Carbine is the "4-3"(Read "four three"), but that's damn confusing,
so the real names are wrote.
COST: How much money does it costs.
AMMO COST: How much money does it cost per clip bought.
DAMAGE: Damage ratio, poor-low-med-high-very high-lethal.
R.O.F: Rate of fire, low-med-high-exagerated. For Submachine guns and
rifles, the "low" R.O.F is about as fast as the exagerated for the
pistols and shotguns, so don't compare the rates between those kinds of
ACCURACCY: Self explanatory. After the slash ("/")is the accuraccy on
moved battles (I.E when you and your enemy are strafing)/ before it is
the accuraccy when stationary (Sniping, for example). Bad-Medium-Good.
FUNCTION: What kind of weapons is: this means what it should be used
for: Close Quarters is the kind of weapon for small corridors, Assault
is an offensive weapon, Guard is a defensive weapon, Snipe is an sniping
weapon, and, finally, Support is the kind of weapon which isn't used
for your own bennefit, but for the team.
ALT. MODE: Alternate fire mode.
CLIP: How many bullets does the weapon holds.
MAX AMMO: How much bullets can you have on reserve.

DESCRIPTION: An extensive description of the weapon, including strategies,
ways of using, and points of interest. This is the main thingy to read.

I won't include a rating because that's highly biased and open to debate.


5.- Handguns.

The Handguns are the pistols of the game, all are semi-automatic, and are
especially designed to be a support weapon when you're in trouble and your
main weapon doesn't cut it, a very explicit scenario is when you are 
handling an AWP, and somebody surprises you with a MAC, which is quite a
bad thing. Switching to your secondary weapon, not only looks good, but
also gives you a mode to escape, confuse, or otherwise kill the offender.
Also, they have a big advantage that are quite light, being a good choice
for rushing to fight points.

NAME:      H&K USP .45 Tactical (K&M .45)
COST:      $500
DAMAGE:    Medium.
R.O.F:     Medium.
ACCURACCY: Good/Medium.
ALT. MODE: Supresser (Only sound)
CLIP:      12

DESCRIPTION: The tactical is quite a good weapon, though it isn't my choice
because it hasn't been a true "Life Saver" for me. However, it's marginally
better than the Glock, the Terrorist standard handgun, and is true that
most people ussually don't care about handguns, thinking about the NOW,
and don't expect long grudges. These people won't be the top players.
Back to the Glock issue, as it is that marginally better, it would probably
beat it everytime, and when the time comes down to using a handgun, if the
terrorist hasn't been cautious about it, he or she will go down. The
Tactical also offers the supresser, which makes trouble when in dark or
long spaces, where the enemy can't see you, and without the sound, it's
hard to locate your missed shots.
It's a good choice if you don't want to spend those extra dollars on 
another handgun which you won't probably use, and is dominant in the
first two rounds, when people aren't prepared.

NAME:      Glock G18 Select Fire (9X19mm)
COST:      $400
DAMAGE:    Poor.
R.O.F:     Medium.
ACCURACCY: Medium/Medium (Burst fire is slightly less accurate)
ALT. MODE: Burst fire (three bullets per shot)
CLIP:      20
MAX AMMO:  100

DESCRIPTION: Something that's really funny to see in my LAN place is
when somebody kills another guy with a Glock. Myself have done it
(and lived to remember it) just a couple of times.
The Glock is a very weak weapon. Its secondary mode is recommended,
mostly because if you have to resort to the Glock is because you're
in a big problem. I really recommend you to get another weapon if you
have any chances to survive, in the long run, it can save you.
The Glock, however, in burst mode, is quite a surprising weapon. I
have earned applauses when fighting in CS_Italy, where I jumped out of
the tunnel left of the spawning position after throwing grenades out,
then I was ready to unload a full charged FN P90 on the unfortunate guy.
On surprise, he didn't got to shot me, but I noticed when I pushed the
button of my mouse that I had pressed 2, and the Glock was selected.
Obviously, in the zapping battle that was going to follow, I couldn't
switch weapons, so I got point blank with him and shot like mad. Surprise
to everyone: I won the battle. Of course, I had 5 guys shooting at me
the second later, so I ran away like a coward, but that's another 
history ^_^. It also helps on getting lethal headshots, but a single
bullet on the head won't kill.

NAME:      Desert Eagle (Nighthawk)
COST:      $650
DAMAGE:    Very High.
R.O.F:     Low.
ACCURACCY: Good/Medium.
FUNCTION:  Close Quarters.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      7

DESCRIPTION: The Desert Eagle is a monster handgun which really hurts.
A single shot takes over 35 health, which means a couple of shots is
ussually the way of getting the heck out of close combat when you aren't
ready for it- the third one kills, not matter where you hit.
This thing is an important weapon when playing as a Sniper: in maps like
CS_Assault, or CS_ Militia, is sure that you will end up fighting a rusher
sooner or later. You can't rely of thinking you will catch another weapon
from dead bodies, you need to be prepared. It's my weapon of choice for
Counter Terrorist, but mainly because I'm not an sniper, I'm mostly a 
guard in my games.
(Contradicting myself?) When you resort to the Desert Eagle on close 
quarters when using an sniper rifle, or when you need bigger punch than
what a SMG can offer, it's a good idea (that's why I use them: the 
Terrorist have a monster named AK-47). It's terrible to find yourself 
overpowered on close quarters. On long range, power doesn't matters
(Unless you are thinking of an artic), but in close quarters, accuraccy
goes to hell and power is all you need.

NAME:      Sig P228 (228)
COST:      $600
DAMAGE:    Medium.
R.O.F:     Medium.
ACCURACCY: Medium/Bad.
FUNCTION:  Assault.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      13

DESCRIPTION: This is the weapon of choice when assaulting, and knowing
you will face ammo problems (it happens, believe me). It's slightly
more powerful than the Tactical, much better than the Glock, and 
noticeably weaker than the Eagle. These are its points.
The Sig is a reliable weapon, no doubt, though it doesn't offers the
power of the Eagle, which is why I use it, but it's probably the
best weapon the Terrorists can buy.
It's one of the best handguns, yet I have not found a reason to choose
it over the Eagle or the Dual Berettas, but that is my oppinion.

NAME:      Dual Berettas 96G (.40 Dual Elites)
COST:      $1000
DAMAGE:    Low.
R.O.F:     High.
FUNCTION:  Assault, Support... err... look good.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      30 (!)
MAX AMMO:  120


DESCRIPTION: The Berettas are very weak, and have an unforgivenly
ammount of time to go when reloading (8 seconds). However, I have given
them my vote for my weapon of choice, mainly because their bad points
end there.
The Berettas are, first off, a very impressive weapon. Face it, when
you are handling two black guns shooting around, you are lookin' good.
A Berettas-wielder looks intimidating at first sight, and, in fact, is
a good intimidating weapon, not only because of its looks, but because
with 30 shots to go, and good rate of fire, you simply shower out a good
ammount of bullets, even better if you are caught against several 
enemies you can spread them around. Usually, when anyone hears, feels, or
sees a bullet flying around, a reaction is to look for cover.
This makes for maps like CS_assault, where you are very likely to camp,
a good weapon to choose.
As an assault weapon, it's about the first jump. Don't simply walk
around them, you got to surprise them. I ussually jump from somewhere
just in front of them (or behind, it doesn't matters that much), or
come out of a dark corner, and start shooting. It doesn't matters if
you hit them or not, they will be damn confused, and you will be able
to take them out one way or another. DON'T RECHARGE UNLESS YOU ARE
SURE YOU ARE SAFE. Also, think about it when you buy it, they are 
expensives for a handgun (or two).

NAME:      FN Five SeveN.
COST:      $750
DAMAGE:    High.
R.O.F:     High.
FUNCTION:  Support.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      20
MAX AMMO:  100


DESCRIPTION: Beside being the best gun in the game, there isn't much
to say about this gun ^_^. Actually, is a excelent weapon, dominant on
every aspect besides damage, and has a very good accuraccy, especially
at long ranges. It higly depends on your main weapon (For SMG and 
Shotguns, rocks, but for Rifles is just redundant), but is a important

6.- Shotguns.

The Shotguns in this game aren't like Quake II's or Doom's, they are
the underdog of the game, actually.
Shotguns in real life aren't really used for combat, they are quite
unpractical on it, because range is a very important thing to manage
in real combat, as far as I know, they are only used for breaking
doors or barriers, for surprising terrorists, and they aren't used 
for open battle.
Both shotguns are encouraged to use only in close scenaries, but I
can't recommend an especific one except CS_Siege, which is the only
one I play.

NAME:      Benelli M3 Super90 (Leone 12 Gauge Super)      
COST:      $1700
DAMAGE:    Ranges from medium from lethal depending on the distance.
R.O.F:     Low.
FUNCTION:  Close Quarters.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      7

DESCRIPTION: The super90 isn't a bad weapon, but isn't really 
recommended, yet is important to note several things:
First, is a very cheap weapon. Money for power is great.
Second, this weapon is in between of being a Close Quarter weapon
and a support weapon. You aren't likely to kill someone with this
weapon, but any shot on reasonable range will seriously injure your
enemy to the point a couple of MP5 bullets can kill him or her.
Third, as I said above, you aren't likely to kill people. You have
to be quite close to kill, and both the pumping time to load another
bullet and reloading the whole gun are inmense, and practically lethal
for you.
In a pinch, fortunately, you can opt for firing away on a fight, and
only reload a single shell and firing away. This is somewhat complicated
to do, but it's a good way to overcome this weakness. I can't do it 
consistently but I have seen several people doing it (well, I'm not
known in the place as a good close range fighter either). 

NAME:      Benneli XM1014 (Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun)
COST:      $3000
DAMAGE:    Medium to lethal, depending on the distance.
R.O.F:     Medium.
FUNCTION:  Close Quarters.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      7

DESCRIPTION: About everything said about the M3 can be said about the
XM1014, except the part where I say about not killing people.
This thing kills. A lot.
However, don't expect to live on a heated firefight after killing three 
or four guys. The 7 shells are eaten so fast that the reloading time,
even with the same trick I wrote you won't be able to act as fast as you
would require. Be careful.

7.- Submachine Guns.

The meat of many people, Submachine guns are light weapons which cause
moderate damage at high fire rate. They are very popular because is the
closest they saw to a "normal" weapon from other multiplayer games their
first time, and for the fact that they are easy to use, and don't require
as much training as the Rifles or the Shotguns.

NAME:      H&K MP5-Navy (SMG)
COST:      $1500
DAMAGE:    Medium.
R.O.F:     High.
FUNCTION:  Assault Weapon.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      30
MAX AMMO:  120

DESCRIPTION: This weapon is excelent. It's easy to see why is so used, 
it's cheap, accurate, powerful enough, and is very versatile.
Is ussually my second choice when plating any side, mainly because the
average income ($3000 and a bit more), almost always allows me to buy
it, as well and armor, and supply of grenades. It's the standard. However,
while not glaring, flaws are present.
It's not the best on close quarters or long range or even mid range, but
it's competent on all of them. A MAC 10 or a FN P90 dominate on close range
(and the shotguns), a M4A1 or a AK-47 are better on mid range, and any
rifle is much better on long range. The positive side of the MP5 is that
it allows you to change the range variable on your own without suffering
any consequences. It helps to take note of the enemy's weapon, and move
to the range it lacks. For example, an FN P90 is useless if going full
auto at long ranges, but you maintaint the same capabilities.
It's also a very vulnerable weapon: you aren't going to survive without 
some serious shoving against more than 3 people, if you are reasonably
good with it, that is. Is important if you are jumping around alone
to have at the very least an HE grenade at hand to confuse people.

NAME:      Steyr TMP (Schmidt TMP)
COST:      $1250
DAMAGE:    Low.
R.O.F:     Exagerated.
ACCURACCY: Medium/Low.
FUNCTION:  Sniping, somehow ^_^.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      30
MAX AMMO:  120


DESCRIPTION: The TMP is a very stealth weapon. In dark corridors like
the dark room on Aztec or on Assault, it can really make people mad-
On Assault, I picked up a very original strategy from a guy in my 
place where he took every hostage, and led them to the garage room, 
and turned off the lights. Surrounded by them, and with the Night 
Vision thingy, he surprised everyone. I was playing on his team and 
I thought he was an enemy. I was bitched at, but later I saved his 
hide several times, and nobody really can bother me because I end 
saving everyone almost always.
The Supresser eliminates both sound and flash, making it good for what
it's made for. Is very unaccurate, however, and it drives most of us
away from it, especially when the MP5 is only 250 dollars away from us.
Don't charge with it, or you will die. I even prefer the MAC-10.

NAME:      FN P90 (ES C90)
COST:      $2350
DAMAGE:    High.
R.O.F:     Exagerated.
FUNCTION:  Assault.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      50
MAX AMMO:  100

DESCRIPTION: First, there is a serious problem I've saw on this weapon
that you probably won't notice: Due to the incredible fire rate of 
this weapon, and the fact that it actually only allows two extra clips,
is important to know that you are very likely to run out of ammo when
assaulting with it.
Second, most of the time, is even better than the shotguns at close
range. It's devilish powerful. The main problem about it is its pathetic
accuraccy, at long range you are more likely to draw a mona lisa at the 
wall rather than hitting the enemies. Don't allow this: jump against them.
When firing, run towards them, strafing slightly to the sides to avoid
as many bullets as possible.
It also does a ridiculous ammount of sound when fired, thing you should
use to your advantage on places like Assault (i'm not quite sure if 
there's another) when opening the back door. With good timing, you can
drown the sound, and the enemies _may_ think the fire comes from the
front door. Is not guaranteed, but It works sometimes.

NAME:      Ingram MAC-10.
COST:      $1400
DAMAGE:    High.
R.O.F:     High.
FUNCTION:  Assault.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      30

DESCRIPTION: the MAC-10 is a very competent weapon if you are, say,
tired of the MP5 ^_^. Is one of my favorites, but it's indeed a very
risky weapon. Its efficacy is unmatched against everything but the P90
or the shotguns, but at long ranges it really sucks.
It acts somewhat like the TMP but in my opinion is better, because its
damage is quickly done, and is more effective and more offensive.

NAME:      H&K UMP45 (K&M UMP45)
COST:      $1700
DAMAGE:    High.
R.O.F:     Low.
ACCURACCY: High/Medium.
FUNCTION:  Assault.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      25
MAX AMMO:  100

DESCRIPTION: This is, bassically, a short range and light rifle.
It's pretty powerful and stable, but its low fire rate is very
problematic. Its power is greatly decreased at close range, and
is outgunned by most SMG. It's pretty useful against rifle wielders
and is a very good weapon all round, in spite of its drawbacks.
Basically, keep a medium distance and aim carefully. Think of it
as an powerful, automatic pistol, and keep on the move if they get

8.- Rifles.

I prefer rifles to SMG. They are more reliable.
The rifles in CS are dominant weapons, and have all kinds of tactics.
They lack the mobility of SMG or the destructive power of a Shotgun,
but act very well on mid-range from an stationary position.
They are also very powerful, more than the SMG, and I really
recommend you to get accostumed to them on any map, as it will
be an advantage always.

NAME:      AK-47 (CV 47)
COST:      $2500
DAMAGE:    Very High.
R.O.F:     Medium.
ACCURACCY: Good for the first shot.
FUNCTION:  Assault and guard.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      30


DESCRIPTION: This is my choice when playing Terrorists. The AK-47
is an incredible powerful weapon, capable of doing ridiculous 
ammounts of damage in a matter of seconds, and is perfectly capable of
controling, all alone, a single choke point from 5-4 enemies without
any kind of risk(except grenades, well). It tends to kill within the
third shot, and its rate of fire rips thru kevlar, dors, and people.
It's very accurate for a single shot, but has two annoying problems:
has a very huge recoil, and takes an eternity to settle down. These
points are very bad for such a great weapon.
Burst fire is important to manage, and even that is hard to achieve.
It's also pretty heavy (yes it is), but not so much as other rifles
(at least it doesn't seems to affect ME).
However, the sheer power makes this  one of rifles to look for.

NAME:      Sigg SG552 Commando (Krieg 552 Commando)
COST:      $3500
DAMAGE:    Medium.
R.O.F:     High.
FUNCTION:  Assault and Sniping.
ALT. MODE: x2 Scope.
CLIP:      30


DESCRIPTION: as a Counter Terrorist, I often find myself colecting
this weapon: is one of the best, if not the best, rifles in the game.
It's somewhat better than the AUG, but it doesn't perform as well as
it at close range, is strictly a long range weapon. It is excelent at
mid range, but at close range is outgunned by many other weapons.
I've found it to be very effective to help snipers, and is a decent
offensive weapon, the x2 scope is everything you may need on big and
open spaces like Dust, and is perfect for guarding the house on
Italy. However, it has a very nasty reload time, and it suffers from
big but not open spaces like Militia or Assault.
Avoid the scope unless you face enemies with P90 or MAC-10 from afar.
It makes it somewhat difficult to avoid incoming fire. Finally, a
very important trick: remember that the recoil is a nasty thing
to manage with the scope. Back away, and switch to your handgun if 
necesary. The recoil for this weapon is strange: it jumps around.
This is perhaps my favorite weapon: Versatile, powerful, and an
scope. What else could I ask for?

NAME:      Colt M4A1 Carbine (Maverick M4A1 Carbine).
COST:      $3100
DAMAGE:    Medium.
R.O.F:     High.
FUNCTION:  Assault.
ALT. MODE: Supresser.
CLIP:      30


DESCRIPTION: My weapon of choice when playing Counter Terrorists.
It packs a good punch at all ranges, and with the supresser is
one of the most accurate weapons of the game. It's an anti SMG
weapon, really powerful on maps like Dust where Terrorists seem to
favour the MP5 above anything else. Is one of the best weapons out
there, is very reliable, works on any map, and it even works as
an sneaking weapon. However, the less than great damage ratio is 
a very annoying drawback, as it simply doesn't do as much damage
as fast as you can wish.
Also, without the supresser is fairly unaccurate, not as much as,
let's say, the Sigg after the third shot, but loses accuraccy. Using
it sacrifices a bit of punching power, which is also a bad thing.
Anyway, I recommend this weapon if you can afford it, and steal it
from dead bodies. Any strategy that implies sound, power, and quickness
is available with this great rifle.

NAME:      Steyr Aug (Bullpup).
COST:      $3500
DAMAGE:    Medium.
R.O.F:     High.
FUNCTION:  Sniper or assault.
ALT. MODE: x2 Scope.
CLIP:      30

DESCRIPTION: The bullpup is quite a versatile weapon. It works wonder
in close quarters, doing massive ammount of damage, and is very 
useful on very long ranges. It is pretty much like the SG552, but
sacrificing mid-range power for close range power. It doesn't
quite seems as effective.
Hey, and it looks freaking cool ;^).

NAME:      Steyr Scout (Schmidt Scout) (The "Clay Rifle")
COST:      $2750
AMMO COST: $80 (I think, but I might be wrong)
DAMAGE:    Very High.
R.O.F:     Low.
ACCURACCY: Very High/pathetic.
FUNCTION:  Sniping.
ALT. MODE: x2 and x4 scope.
CLIP:      10

DESCRIPTION: I love this weapon. Its selling points are good price,
fair power, and, most important, is a very light rifle.
It doesn't kills in one shot, but it doesn't takes more than three
to bring an enemy down. Its rate of fire is pathetic, but I find this
weapon to be a very good weapon on maps like Assault or Militia when
playing Terrorist: act as an scout, simply go out, and run around. Did
catch a far away enemy? Zoom in and shot. Then get away. If he or she
gets too close, switch to the Handgun and hit him, he will most likely
die. If you find him nearby, go back for backup: the weight of the rifle
allows for it.
For Counter Terrorist, on the same Militia, it makes for unaware snipers.
A shot on the face will kill them, anywhere else will hurt them a lot.
It really depends on the map, but is always useable.

NAME:      AI Artic Warfare Magnun - AWM - (Magnun Sniper Rifle)
COST:      $4750
DAMAGE:    Lethal.
R.O.F:     Pathetic.
ACCURACCY: Very High/pathetic.
FUNCTION:  Sniping.
ALT. MODE: x2 and x4 scope.
CLIP:      10

DESCRIPTION: I hate this weapon. Its selling points are... unfair
Honestly, I hate it because I hate being picked with this thing.
It's the most powerful rifle in the game, it simply kicks anyone to
the other side with one shot. It's, however, incredible heavy, and
slow: you gotta make your shots count. If the enemy survives, better
switch to a handgun which can scare people off (The dual berettas are
good choice), or you will go down. Without the Scope, is accuraccy
bites, and you gotta be good with it to actually start using it.
Is not a bad weapon, I repeat, is great. Just believe that most of
us hate it because of its power.
When you have this weapon, is imperative that you find a good sniping
spot, and stay there. Don't move. Moving will kill you.

NAME:      H&K G3/SG-1 (D3/AV-1 Semi Automatic Rifle)
COST:      $5000
DAMAGE:    High.
R.O.F:     Medium.
FUNCTION:  Sniping.
ALT. MODE: x2 and x4 Scope.
CLIP:      20


DESCRIPTION: This weapon is an underpowered rifle which shots at a
continuos rate. That means it can fire it 20 rounds without loading
another bullet into the gun manually, and you can shot, then, without
leaving the scope. IT's very useful against masses, but it's very weak,
and it makes it a weird weapon to use. It's also heavy as hell. This
weapon (and it's CT counterpart, the Sigg550) makes good team with
the Commando, and the Artic, and even the Scout for a full sniper
wolf pack. It's not as good as a stand alone weapon, you are very
vulnerable when carrying this. I don't think it's worth the money,
but it's you final choice.

NAME:      SIG SG550 (Krieg 550 Commando)
COST:      $4200
DAMAGE:    Medium.
R.O.F:     Medium.
FUNCTION:  Sniping.
ALT. MODE: x2 and x4 scope.
CLIP:      30


DESCRIPTION: The 550 is a powerful weapon which really shows how
understated can a weapon be. This weapon is a full auto sniping
rifle, and does good damage. Aim for the chest, and shot at least
4 shots. If he or she isn't dead, then switch to your handgun and shot
them up. However, the recoil for this weapon is very problematic, and
makes for a very erratic sight.
It is somewhat responsive to close encounters, though it isn't the
best rifle for it, is the best sniping rifle for close encounters (errr...)
and it's good for "clearing the masses".

9.- Machine Guns.

The only Machine gun in the game is the PARA. So there.

NAME:	     FN M249 Para (ES M249)      
COST:      $5750
DAMAGE:    Medium.
R.O.F:     High.
FUNCTION:  Support.
ALT. MODE: None.
CLIP:      100
MAX AMMO:  200

DESCRIPTION: The Para is the best weapon for clearing out rooms. A 
good tactic is to throw your grenades, then run the room firing away.
For example, in Dust, to the tunnel at the right, send 2 or 3 grenades,
then run shooting from one entrance to another. You will soften up
enemies, attract fire, and provide cover. They will most likely duck
or hide. Your friends will have the advantage after that.
This weapon doesn't brings good kills. If you get close, you will literally
rip them apart, but far away it's terrible. I advise to use this weapon
only on Dust, Militia, or Aztec. 
And yes, I repeat, I find it good for clearing rooms. Don't argue with me
as I have done it.

10.- Grenades:

The grenades are used to confuse the enemy, and to prepare the work for
melee fighters. I find myself using them anywhere, once you get the
like for them, you are ready for kick some ass.
They aren't expensives, but help a lot, especially in certain situations
where your weapons can't go without risking you or the team. Learn to
use them, avoid throwing them if teanmates are charging, don't use them
unles you really have to. Wasting a grenade is really bad.

Flashbang: $200.

DESCRIPTION: The flashbang explodes on bright light, and does a huge 
noise while at it. Everyone staring at it will see white for a few seconds
(The noise isn't very useful, actually, but it's there), and is up to
you to kill them at leisure. It's a very powerful weapon when used right,
but use it to help, not to annoy. It's not good to throw it and blind
everyone, including you and your team.

HE Grenade: $300

DESCRIPTION: The HE are powerful explosives which kill on direct impact,
and does at least 30 damage if caught in the splash damage.
This grenade is very good to flush out campers out of their spots.
They will be confused, and damage, and in the storm, you can surprise them.
I once kill two people and seriously injured a third on Italy, and
that means this grenade is really underrated. As above, be careful and warn
your friends when you're throwing it, the "Fire in the Hole" isn't enough
to keep everyone safe.

Gas Grenade: $300

DESCRIPTION: In my opinion, this grenade is only good for very close 
encounter in very close quarters. In the same Italy, a gas grenade on the
terrorist house is terrific, confusing everything and everyone inside.
Following with a quick Shotgun attack and/or a few HE grenades, it rocks.
Anywhere else, is hard to use effectively. People say it's a killer with
the Lag on the net, but since I only play on LAN, I can't say a thing.

11.- The Knife:

DESCRIPTION: The knife is a powerful weapon for melee combat. Use it
only when Strafing around an oponnent, and is a sniper killer.
On the very few levels with water is a monster.


12.- Standard Sets.

This section is focused on some of the many sets you can buy. When I say
"set", are weapons that complement each others, and, ussually, these are
my own sets I buy each time.

a)MP5, HE grenades, Flashbangs, Full Kevlar Armor with helmet.
($3260). This is the best you can buy Money-effective wise. You are
lacking an especialized handgun- you'll have to work with your standard
issue (a problem for terrorists), but it's available nearly every round.

a)MP5, Five SeveN (Or P228), HE grenades, Flashbangs, Gas Grenade, 
Full Kevlar armor with helmet, full ammo ($4510) I truly recommend this 
set if you are a begginer: you can't go wrong with the easiest to use 
equipment in the game. Save the Five SeveN to take potshots at far away 
enemies using AK-47, FN P90 or shotguns. You have to save a bit to 
get everything, but you are equiped to beat the best with this.
b)AWM, Desert Eagle, HE grenades, Flashbangs, Gas Grenades, Full Kevlar
armor with helmet, full ammo ($7975). I know that's a lot of money, but
it's hard to go wrong with this set for snipers- you'll have to work
around for awhile with the scout (the whole set with the scout is about 
$5200, much more affordable).


a)Sigg 552 Commando, Desert Eagle, HE Grenades, Flashbangs, Full Kevlar
armor with helmet, full ammo ($6170), an expensive option, but very 
effective- don't be afraid to switch to the eagle if the enemy gets close
to you. I've found it very useful on Siege when I try to support the poor
devils who try to defend the main garage entrance, or in any map where
things can get ugly from anywhere. My favorite set, though I need to be
swimming in money to get it (I need to win the three past matches 
without dying, a true adventure with the guys on the LAN place).
b)AK-47, P228, HE Grenades, Full Kevlar armor with helmet, Full ammo. 
($4990) Quite possibly the best combination if you want to use the AK-47.
The P228 makes a welcome adition for quick fire, as it is accurate without
needing single shots.


a)M4A1, Desert Eagle, HE grenades, Flashbangs, Full Kevlar Armor with
helmet, full ammo ($4980). Without a doubt, the best set you can find if
playing CT. I strongly recommend you to use the M4A1 with the suppresser,
and switch to the eagle if you have a close encounter against an AK-47
wielder, or an MP5-er and you can't get out.
b)Bullpup, Desert Eagle, HE grenades, Full Kevlar armor with helmet, full
ammo ($5330). Great set if you plan on hunting snipers, or just plain 

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