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Hacker Tips & Tricks

Tags: Hacker Game Guides, Hacker Hints, Hacker Walkthrough


          By Jaromir Krol - "Jerry King".

First things first - all the "special" actions are called with keys that they
begin with. That is, press U to go UP, D to go down, M to read MESSAGES, I to
use  INFRARED at night, C to call the spy in  each city. Y - yes, N - no. Use
RETURN to offer/confirm.

At one point in the game, two satellites will appear. If they catch you, they
will  give  you security clearance tests. They  will  ask you a question each
time  they  catch you. You can be caught  four  times. Then - it will be game
over! The answers to their questions are:

Security test level I: MAGMA, LTD.
Security test level II: AXD-0310479
Security test level III: HYDRAULIC
Security test level IV: AUSTRALIA

At  another point, your vehicle and its path will disappear and you won't see
your movement on the map. Be VERY CAREFUL from then on.

Okay  -  as the LOGON, give AUSTRALIA  (this will skip the initial test). Now
choose  the  time zone. Don't choose  yours, just highlight both Americas and
Europe.  This  will  help in the game. And  now  go! This is the full list of
moves  you need to make in each direction to complete the game. For instance,
6E stands for 6 moves to the east, 4N - four to the north, and so on. U means
going up, of course. :)

6E, 4N, U. Switzerland: Give $5000, buy the deed and the chronograph.
4W, 1N, 6E, 2S, 1E, U. Egypt: offer the chronograph, buy scarab and Tut.
1E, 1N, 1W, U. Italy: only offer Tut (don't buy anything).
1E, 2N, 2E, 3S, 1E, U. India: only offer scarab (don't buy).
1W, 3N, 16W, 1S, U. New York, US: offer the deed, buy the diamond (*).
6W, 1N, 14W, 2S, 5E, U. Japan: offer the diamond, buy pearls and the camera.
4W, U. China: offer pearls, buy jade carving.
1E, 3S, 2E, 1N, 4E, 1S, 2E, 1S, 2E, 1S, 8E, 3N, U. Cuba: only offer the camera.
8E, 2N, 2W, 1N, 3E, U. London: offer jade carving, buy Beatles' LP.
3W, 2S, 12W, 1N, 1E, U. San Francisco, US: only offer the Beatles' LP.
1W, 1S, 10E, 2N, 2W, 1S, 3W, U. Washington, US: VICTORY!

*  -  Reportedly,  in some versions of  the  game,  you should buy STOCKS AND
BONDS,  not  DIAMOND in NY, and you should  offer  those to the spy in Japan.
Also,  sometimes the spy in Cuba wants  the carving and the bloke from London
asks  for  the  camera. Oh, yes - there was  a  bug in my version of the game
(completed under VICE, the C64 emulator): 1 point to north of New York, there
was  a  "hidden" entrance to Cuba - when  you pressed U there, you went up to
Fidel's island.
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