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Zork 1 Tips & Tricks

Tags: Zork 1 Game Guides, Zork 1 Hints, Zork 1 Walkthrough

Zork 1

Submitted by: Dj Simo

1. The Timber Room
2. Hades
3. The Platinum Bar
4. The Pot of Gold
5. Opening the Egg
6. The Bauble
7. The Sluice Gates

1.  Consider the uses of a basket, as well as alternate light sources.
Remember that the solution to a problem may not necessarily reside in
the same room...or at the same height.

2.  First, get the spirits' attention. Having done that,  there's only two
other things  left to do, so play around a little until you have
everything in the right order. Read any  good books lately?

3.  This one is easy, if subtle. Consider the outstanding quality of the
room, and make an order  of it.

4.  Well, you know where to look, right? You just have to do something
first. Have you seen anything around that might remind you of a rainbow?
Get the point?

5.  The program didn't lie: *YOU* have neither the skills nor the expertise,
so who else is left? Be generous, it will pay off in the end.

6.  First, you need to have the egg open. Then, you have to go to  the
logical place and do the logical thing. When the egg is open, this
should be music to your ears.

7.  Everything you need is at hand. Play around in the Maintenance Room, and
remember to check other rooms as well for a  change. Tools can come in
handy, too.

* * *  Zork II Hints  * * *

1. The Riddle Room
2. The Red Sphere
3. The Dragon
4. The Balloon
5. The Bank
6. The Menhir
7. The Oddly-Angled Room
8. The Demon

1.  Aren't riddles a pain? This one should make you thirsty. (Think about
that for awhile)

2.  You can't do this one by  yourself, so bring along some help. And keep
in mind that just because you can't see something, that doesn't mean
it's out of range.

3.  You can't do anything with him where you find him; now, if you could
just get him to follow  you...

4.  Balloons are filled with hot air; seen anything flammable  around

5.  Yes, this is certainly a tricky one! The key is the curtain of light;
pay close attention to its description, as well as the piece of paper on
the floor.  Also keep in mind that things are not always what they seem
to be here, either.

6.  Ah, if only you had magical powers, you might be able to do something
about this!

7.  First, remember that this room is *oddly-angled*. Second, what does the
club look like to you? Third, read the name on the club carefully; that
should give you some ideas. Fourth, what's on the floors? Think about
all that and you should be able to figure out what to do here.

8.  A *very* greedy character...but he will help you, if you know what you
want! (Hint: remember the Menhir!)

* * *  Zork III Hints  * * *

1. The Hooded Figure
2. The Chest
3. Scenic Vista
4. The Ship
5. The Jewel Room
6. The Royal Puzzle
7. The Guardians of Zork

1.  Mysterious, isn't he? Also, not too friendly! However, beter not kill
him...he has something you need.

2.  *You* will certainly never be able to open it.

3.  What would you do here if you couldn't see? And don't forget what's on
the wall.

4.  Remember the book from Zork I? No? Well, just be friendly!

5.  First, read the date on the cage carefully. Second, don't be greedy!
Third, the way to bring back what you have should be obvious; you just
have to look in the right place.

6.  Don't take the easy way pushy! (It helps to have paper  and
pencil handy here!) Westward Ho!

7.  The solution is transparent.... bottoms up!

* * *  StarCross Hints  * * *

1. The Red Rod
2. The Blue Rod
3. The Green Rod
4. The Silver Rod
5. The Violet Rod
6. The Crystal Rod
7. The Control Bubble
8. Breathable Air

1.  No more Mr. Nice Guy! Be cruel!

2.  This one is tricky. The disks will help you here, once you figure out
what they are. You will also need something else here ("a tisket, a

3.  Again, the disks will be  helpful. Also, be a litterbug!

4.  This one you have to look for, but it isn't far away. Shake a few
things, and see what happens

5.  First, you have to weasel your  way to the Green Dock. After that, those
mysterious disks  will once again come in handy.

6.  You have to project yourself  into this one. It would also  help if you
could see, if only in a fragmentary way.

7.  "For every action, there is an equal AND OPPOSITE reaction...". Think
about where you want to go, and aim accordingly.

8.  Do something with the Red Rod. It helps a little if you know chemistry.

* * *  Suspended Hints  * * *

1. Trouble with Weather Control?
2. Can't fix Iris?
3. Main Supply Machine broken?
4. Want the camera?
5. Looking for spare parts?
6. Worried about Poet and Waldo?
7. Trying to reset?
8. Still trying to reset?

1.  The bard will take only a second to fix a hundred problems.

2.  This is touchy, but not too rough.

3.  I see that you aren't grasping the concept of teamwork.

4.  His legs may be Longfellow's, but he'd rather ride.

5.  Imagine a cutting sensation.

6.  'Tis a far, far better thing....

7.  You can learn a lot from TV.

8.  Be sure the errand boy knows that inches matter.

* * *  Deadline Hints  * * *

1. Looking for a motive?
2. Can't figure out the method?
3. Still wondering about method?
4. Need more proof?
5. Trying to lay a trap?
6. Does your trap fail?

1.  Spend a couple of minutes fiddling with what's on the desk.

2.  A criminal after Romeo's heart.

3.  You look like you need to freshen up.  When you get where you're going,
be very snoopy.

4.  Take time to stop and smell the roses.

5.  Make like Juliet, and your patience will be rewarded.

6.  Exact timing is the key that unlocks many a door.

* * *  Witness Hints  * * *

1. Nothing exciting happening?
2. Can't find any clues?
3. Wondering about the method?
4. Is the butler inscrutable?
5. Trying to nail down proof?
6. Can't unlock the clock?

1.  You look tired.  Sit down and relax.

2.  Ring for the butler.

3.  Better look around some more, but watch out for sharp objects.

4.  Don't worry, he's just an average mystery fan, too.

5.  Well, then, go find some nails.

6.  Be quick with your nippers.

* *  Mask of The Sun Hints  * *

1. The Silver Bowl
2. Exiting the first pyramid
3. The Gas Chamber
4. Leaving the Altar Room
5. Exiting the third pyramid

1.  Something you've had with you from the very beginning of the  game can
help you here. Be  careful how you use it!

2.  You have to urn your way out of this one. Heavy stuff!

3.  Try a direction....remember, there are more than four!

4.  You might find a way out if you look through a glass darkly.

5.  Patience is a virtue. Don't expect anything to happen for awhile.

* *  Serpent's Star Hints  * *

1. Getting past the wolf
2. The Wandering Monk
3. The First Monastery
4. The Second Monastery
5. The Monk's First Question
6. The Monk's Second Question
7. The Monk's Third Question
8. The Dragon's First Question
9. The Dragon's Second Question

1.  Do the obvious thing and remember: if at first you don't succeed...

2.  He might be in the mood for a little conversation....and  doesn't he
look a bit thin?

3.  It pays to be generous. Butter them up a little.

4.  The answer to this one just scrolled right past you!

5.  The answer is monstrous. Anyone seen George around lately?

6.  The answer to this one is hard to give a hint for; you really have to
know something about Eastern religion. If you happen to know the names
of the male and female principles, that's the answer. Check out the wall
in the monk's room for a symbol.

7.  Well, the answer is *not* Sophia Loren...think about that for awhile!

8.  Judy Garland could probably tell you the answer to this riddle. (No, it
isn't the Yellow Brick Road!)

9.  The answer to this one is just heavenly.

* *  Dark Crystal Hints  * *

1. Crossing the swamp
2. Aughra's Riddle
3. Evading the Garthim
4. Entering the castle
5. Getting to the Crystal

1.  Well, you can't just walk through the swamp, so, do you remember seeing
anything anywhere that floats?

2.  Don't go around in circles; the answer is staring right at you.

3.  Well, don't just stand there, move! And move fast!!

4.  There could be something behind those bars; wonder if there's anyone
around who could slip through them?

5.  Be daring! Eavesdropping helps, so does a thorough search.

* * *  Planetfall Hints  * * *

1. The key in the crack
2. Across the rift
3. Fromitz replacement 4. Miniaturization card
5. The microbe
6. The mutants

1.  The solution is an attractive one; have you been to the Tool Room yet?

2.  Extend yourself, and you may get the idea!

3.  Visit the Repair Room with a friend. Don't be shy about giving orders.

4.  Floyd could help you here, if only he understood the situation.

5.  HOT stuff! In fact, too hot to handle!

6.  Don't stop for anything!!

* * * The Enchanter Hints * * *

1. The Jeweled Box
2. The Engine Room 3. The Gallery
4. The Adventurer
5. The Guarded Door
6. The Map
7. The Guncho Scroll
8. The Winding Stairs

1.  Think might have to risk your life for this one, but the
sacrifice is worth it. Get the point?

2.  Do like Dr. Dolittle, only get a substitute...teacher.

3.  Too much light is bad for the eyes, dreamer.

4.  First, get his attention (why not give him a call?). Then, get on his
good side.

5.  You'll get by with a little help from your friends.

6.  This is child's play. Have you been below the dungeon? And  don't chew
on the pencil!

7.  Remember that a pencil has two ends, and two functions. Don't be afraid
to let the cat out of the bag, so long as you can  close the bag again.

8.  Bet you didn't know your character was a mime.

* Death in the Caribbean Hints *

1. The Message on the Monument
2. Crossing the River
3. The Zombie
4. The Fog
5. The Bull
6. The Quicksand

1.  Simply substitution. As a start, C is E.

2.  First, take safety precautions. Then, consider what might be able to
float, and is big  enough to carry you with it.

3.  Import some London weather, with a little help from the French.

4.  Think sharp here! The fog is thick stuff.

5.  The bull is really a Marxist fish in disguise.

6.  Well, if it was a mountain, you could.....

* * *  Infidel Hints  * * *

1. Some Hieroglyphs
2. The Circular Room
3. The Niches
4. The Slab Room
5. The Scarab
6. The Four Statues

1.  A few translations to help you along:

/!\    Beam                  <--*   Put               -!-    Balance
=)     Right niche           (@@)   Ruby cluster      !*     Left disc
>*>    Scarab                !!!    Door              *-->   Take/pick

2.  Be patient and weight for the answer; don't lose your head!

3.  Beam me up, Scotty!

4.  The position of the holes should remind you of something; or are you
going around in circles?

5.  Stay level-headed, and your cup will not runneth over!

6.  One good turn deserves another. Keep an orderly mind @ all times

* * * Sorcerer Hints * * *

1. Getting out
2. The Glass Maze
3. The Cannon
4. No place left to go?
5. Seeing double?
6. Those Grues!

1.  You need to get the trunk open. Have you read your Infotater lately?

2.  You'll need to go batty to solve this one! And have you been down by the
riverside yet?

3.  Careful reading of the Infotater should help...and that's no manure!!

4.  Stop draggin' your feet. This is a one in a Malyon chance!

5.  Remember the Golden Rule, and at whom you're looking!

6.  Repellant, aren't they? Don't forget that weeds are still weeds!

* * * Seastalker Hints * * *

1. Can't fix the videophone?
2. Can't start the sub?
3. Circuits overheating?
4. Can't identify the traitor?
5. Can't navigate accurately?
6. Can't stop the Sea Cat?

1.  Go to the electrical panel and check out the circuit breaker.

2.  Check the work counter for an item you need.

3.  Enter the crawl space and check out the voltage regulator.

4.  Check the emergency survival unit and confront the persons who installed

5.  Ask Tip about a fine grid.

6.  Better zap the power pod!

* * * Hitchhiker * * *

1. The Babel Fish
2. The Dark
3. The Spare Drive
4. The Bugblatter
5. Zaphod & the HOG
6. The Screening Door
7. Opening the Hatch

1.  Bring some junk along with you, and put it somewhere!

2.  You have five senses; count while you wait!

3.  Too many connections make for sparks!

4.  Consult the Guide about the Bugblatter. Do some sharp thinking about the
memorial, and don't throw in the towel!

5.  Have you forgotten Trillian? Isn't she holding something?

6.  Consult the Guide about intelligence. What happens when you pick up the
real tea?

7.  Marvin can do the job with the proper tool. The solution is a fruity
one, and that's no fluff!

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