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Zak McKracken and the Alien MindBenders Tips & Tricks

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Zak McKracken and the Alien MindBenders

Zak McKracken and the Alien MindBenders
By Exodist
 _____     _      __  __      _  __               _              
|__  /__ _| | __ |  \/  | ___| |/ /_ __ __ _  ___| | _____ _ __  
  / // _` | |/ / | |\/| |/ __| ' /| '__/ _` |/ __| |/ / _ \ '_ \ 
 / /| (_| |   <  | |  | | (__| . \| | | (_| | (__|   <  __/ | | |
/____\__,_|_|\_\ |_|  |_|\___|_|\_\_|  \__,_|\___|_|\_\___|_| |_|

    _              _   _   _               _    _ _            
   / \   _ __   __| | | |_| |__   ___     / \  | (_) ___ _ __  
  / _ \ | '_ \ / _` | | __| '_ \ / _ \   / _ \ | | |/ _ \ '_ \ 
 / ___ \| | | | (_| | | |_| | | |  __/  / ___ \| | |  __/ | | |
/_/   \_\_| |_|\__,_|  \__|_| |_|\___| /_/   \_\_|_|\___|_| |_|

 __  __ _           _  ____                 _               
|  \/  (_)_ __   __| || __ )  ___ _ __   __| | ___ _ __ ___ 
| |\/| | | '_ \ / _` ||  _ \ / _ \ '_ \ / _` |/ _ \ '__/ __|
| |  | | | | | | (_| || |_) |  __/ | | | (_| |  __/ |  \__ \
|_|  |_|_|_| |_|\__,_||____/ \___|_| |_|\__,_|\___|_|  |___/


Title: Zak McKracken and the Alien MindBenders
Developer: Lucasfilm
Publisher: Lucasfilm
Platform: PC
Release: 1988
Genre: Adventure


Document by: Exodist/Ryan Haighton
Document size: 28KB
Document version: 1.000 - FINAL
Document hosted by: Gamefaqs (
Document written: Started 20th May, latest version 25th May
Document  Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!


This guide is  Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!
This guide is for MANIAC MANSION, the PC version, made by Lucasfilm in 1988,
if im correct. Please note that it may be compatable with other versions of
Zak McKraken on other platforms.






Zak McKracken is the second LucasFilm SCUMM game, and is abit like Maniac
Mansion in it's way. You can control different characters in it, and there are
many ways to make it so you can't complete the game, which sucks. Anyways, this
SCUMM game is pretty good, but pretty short like most SCUMM games there are,
and to run it, just use SCUMMVM emulator, which is a free download. I hope you
enjoy Zak McKracken and I hope you find my guide of use to you.
Good luck.




Many years ago (50 millennia ago) Earth was being
watched over and protected by a race called the Skolarians. Protected
from what, you ask?  The King and the Caponians.  The Caponians are
always in search of stupider life forms and the Skolarians knew it was
only a matter of time before they found Earth.  The Skolarians left
certain safeguards on Earth in case the Caponians ever did decide to invade.
Now it is the 1980's and the Caponians have finally found Earth
and have plotted to take over using The Phone Company.  They send a low
hum over every phone line that is slowly making the people of Earth
stupider.  In a few days they will be stupid enough to take over.
The Skolarian's plans to save Earth start rolling now in a series
of dreams sent to the four main characters.




Zak McKracken - The main character of the game, is a tabloid reporter. He is
really lonely, as the intro suggests, and is miserable. He want's to write some
Novels and win a Pulitzer and get married. But his boss just isn't giving him
good enough work to do so.

Annie Larris - A historian, and another character you control. She has a dream
about the artifacts she is searching for.

Melissa China - She and Leslie had a dream which told them how to convert their
van into a space ship so they could go to Mars. They are now at Mars and
waiting like they have been told to do so.

Leslie Bennett - Leslie and Melissa had a dream which told them how to convert
their van into a space ship so they could go to Mars. They are now at Mars
and waiting like they have been told to do so.





After Zak turns the light on, he suggests of drawing the map he saw in his odd
dream. OPEN the dresser draw and PICK UP the PHONE BILL. Then OPEN the desk
draw and PICK UP the KAZOO. PICK UP the FISH BOWL, and PICK UP the TORN
WALLPAPER. Then, TURN ON the answering machine, and when you check another time
you will get messages from Zak's mother. OPEN the door and go through it. Here,
PICK UP the seat cushion, and Zak will place it on the sofa. Then, USE the TV
power cord with the plug soccet. But you need the remote to turn it on, so PUSH
the left cushion, and PICK UP the TV REMOTE. USE the TV REMOTE to turn the tv
on, then watch it until it starts repeating itself. TURN OFF the TV if you want
to, it doesn't matter. Walk to the kitchen and PICK UP the BUTTER KNIFE. Then
OPEN the cupboard under the sink, and PICK UP the BOX OF CRAYONS. USE the
YELLOW CRAYON you get from the box, with the TORN WALLPAPER to draw the map Zak
saw in his dream. Then, OPEN the fridge and PICK UP the EGG. Go back into Zak's
room, and USE the BUTTER KNIFE with the PLASTIC CARD which is under his desk,
you might have to CLOSE the draw to see it. It's Zak's CASH CARD, with about
$12,000 on it. Now go to the front door, PICK UP the SMALL KEY, and go outside.

Now go to the left to Le Bakery, and ring the doorbell 3 times to get some
bread delivered to you. Now go to 14th avenue to Lou's Loans. Buy the WET SUIT,
the HAT, the TOOL KIT, the GOLF CLUBS and NOSE GLASSES. Don't buy the guitar,
and you shouldn't need a lottery ticket, although they will become handy soon.
Go outside the shop, and go to the right. OPEN the TOOL KIT, and USE the WIRE
CUTTERS on the Bob E Pinz (how cheesey) sign. Now head back to 13th avenue. Now
then, it's time to get rid of your massive phone bill. You CAN pay it off using
your cashcard, but to save cash, there's another way to do it. PUT ON the WET
SUIT, HAT and NOSE GLASSES. Then, OPEN the door to TPC. Hey, its the guys hat
and nose and glasses you saw in your dream. Anyways, OPEN the counter door, and
USE the computer to make your bill 0 and paid off. Then, USE the YELLOW CRAYON
on the APPLICATION, and then go outside. USE the SMALL KEY on the mailbox, and
then USE the APPLICATION with it to mail it, don't worry, it's all ready paid
for. Then go inside your appartment again.

NOTE!: There's another way to pay off your phone bill, you can USE the MONKEY
WRENCH on the broken floor boards in Zaks apartment, in his bedroom to make a
hole to the phone company building.

Here, USE the MONKEY WRENCH on the pipe under the sink. Now USE the STALE BREAD
with the sink, and TURN ON the switch to make some bread crumbs. PICK UP the
bread crumbs, then USE the fishbowl in the sink. Sushi will then be in the sink
and you can TURN ON the switch to shred him, for a laugh. Also, you might have
a message on your answering machine if you turned it on.
Go back outside and to the right. USE the KAZOO to wake up the Bus driver. Get
on the bus, and USE your CASH CARD on the cash card reader, and you will then
be taken to the airport. At the air port, GIVE your CASH CARD to the guy to the
left. Remember, you don't need to buy a ticket, you got one from your boss. The
guy will sell you his last book. Go to the left and to the gate.

Once your on the plane, wait for your "meal" to be given to you. Then head over
to the bathroom, and PICK UP the TOILET PAPER. USE the TOILET PAPER with the
sink, and when the room starts to flood, USE the call button. The woman then
comes and tells you to sit down, but you won't be doing so. Go to the right,
and OPEN the microwave oven. Then, USE the EGG with the microwave oven, CLOSE
it, then TURN ON the microwave oven. Now the attendant will come back, and yell
at you. Anyways, she will be busy now, so PICK UP the CUSHION from the first
empty seat, then PICK UP the lighter that falls out of it. Then, OPEN the
overhead compartments, and PICK UP the OXYGEN TANK when you find it. You should
have enough time to do this, if not, just flood the bathroom again. Once you
have all the items, you arrive at your destination. I think you might have to
right click to geto off, thats what I had to do, im not quite sure.


Here we are. Exit the airport to the right and you will be at Mt. Rainier.
PICK UP a branch from a tree, then walk to the right. After Zak thinks about
some headlines for the 2 headed squirrel, USE your BUTTER KNIFE on him to kill
him, or if your too kind, USE the PEANUTS you got from the flight to let him go
away. Then, USE the BUTTER KNIFE or a TOOL on the loose dirt, then go inside
the cave. Somewhere, is a bird nest, so USE your TREE BRANCH on it to get it.
Then, in the bottom right cornerish of the screen, is a fire pit, so USE your
TREE BRANCH and BIRD NEST on it, then USE the LIGHTER to light it, and you will
have light in the cave. Then go to the right, and you should see some strange
markings on the wall. USE the YELLOW CRAYON to somehow draw an Ankh on the wall
and open up a secret door. Go through. Here, USE the REMOTE CONTROL on the
Pedastal and PICK UP the BLUE CRYSTAL, which is a part of the Skolarian device.
The light will go out, but the door is easy to find, its to the left. Easy, so
exit the cave, and go back to the airport. Buy a ticket for San Francisco, and
then leave.


Once your off the bus, go to 14th Avenue, and go abit to the right. See that
red door there, in between Lou's loans and Bob E pinz? Well, USE the BLUE
CRYSTAL with the drop slot. Soon, Annie will come to talk to you. After Zak
finishes talking to Annie, you can now SWITCH between all four characters. Now,
SWITCH to Annie, and PULL the green blotter on her desk. It appears to be her
cash card, with about $5,400 on it, which isn't much, so PICK IT up anyways,
you will be needing it. Then, take them both to the Bus. PICK UP Zaks King Fan
club card, you should have it by now. Then USE the KAZOO to wake up the bus
driver again. Get Annie on the bus, then get Zak on it, so he can pay for both
of them, so USE your CASH CARD twice on the Cash Card reader. At the air port,
BUY a ticket for London for each character, so once you buy one for Zak, SWITCH
to Annie and buy one, because she has to buy one herself. Then go to the left
and go to London.


Here, you want Annie to stay behind, so leave her here, and as Zak, buy a
ticket for Nepal.


Here, walk to the right, and GIVE the BOOK to the Guru Guard, and he will then
let you in. Here, walk to the right to talk to the Guru. If you shredded Sushi
and killed the 2 headed squirrel, then you will have bad karma. So go back out
of this place (onto the street) and wait for awhile for it to go away, then go
back in and talk to the Guru. He will tell you how to use the BLUE CRYSTAL,
which lets you control an animal, like the Yak outside, although it sucks being
a yak. Anyways, you need that flag pole at the jail, but don't take it, the
guard will arrest you and it's game over for your ass. Instead, USE the LIGHTER
on the hay to the right, before taking the FLAG POLE. Then USE your CASH CARD
with the Yak to get back to the airport, then buy a ticket to Zaire.

NOTE!: When your trying to burn off your bad karma, STAY INSIDE the building,
because this gets it down, I was mistaken, sorry about that.


Here, you will find yourself at a maze. Just keep going where ever and sooner
or later, you will find yourself at a village. Here, walk to the left, and go
into the hut with a sign next on it. Once your inside, GIVE the GOLF CLUB to
the shaman, and he will take you outside to teach you a secret dance. Once they
have all stopped walking around, they will line up. The shaman is number 1, the
middle one is 2 and the last one is 3. When one of them ducks, jot their number
down so you don't forget it. It's random all the time. Then, after 6 ducks, you
will have the code. He then tells you to come back with the yellow crystal. My
code was 1, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1. If you DO forget, you can pay them to get it again.
Anyways, go back to the airport, and buy a ticket to Cairo.


Here, just buy a ticket to Miami.


Miami is closed, so you can't go anywhere decent, but there is one thing to do.
GIVE the BOOK to the hobo/bum and he will give you his whiskey. Then, buy a
ticket to the Bermuda Triangle.


Here, you will see yourself on a plane. The guy will give you a parachute, and
you will be needing it. Soon your plane is zapped up by aliens into their ship,
and you will next see the pilot putting a code in. Jot this down too, and he
will start to leave, but don't go with him just yet. Instead, ring the doorbell
and a Caponian will answer, and take you to the king. Then GIVE him the FAN
CLUB CARD. He tells you that your free to come back anytime, and a Caponian
will show you the sequence back to San Francisco. Jot this code down too, but
again, don't leave just yet. Go back to the Space Caddy, and to the right is
the Lott-Dictor. Read it to get the next days winning numbers. Go back to the
landing, and put the code in for the Bermuda Triangle. Then, USE your PARACHUTE
strait away, as your falling down to earth. You will land in the sea though.

USE the KAZOO to call a dolphin from the background, and USE the BLUE CRYSTAL.
Once your him, swim underwater to the right. PICK UP the SEAWEED to find a
glowing object, PICK UP the object, and take it back to Zak, and switch back.
The Caponians sense your crystal use, and will capture you.


Once you have been captured, PUT ON your WET SUIT, HAT and NOSE GLASSES because
your stuck in the Mindbender, which will make you loose some of your commands
for a little while. As soon as you put on the stuff, the alien decides to check
up on you, and will let you go because he thinks your his friend. Now, go to
the left, and OPEN that cabinet thing (you might have to wait for the command
to come back) to get your stuff back. Walk out of the door, then out of the TPC
building. Go to Lous Loans, and BUY a lottery ticket using the numbers you got.
You should win now, so go to the bus, USE the KAZOO, and buy a ticket to Peru.


Here, you will be in another maze, and the last one wasn't hard at all, neither
is this maze. Soon you will be at a river and a bird preserve. USE the BREAD
CRUMBS with the bird feeder, then USE the BLUE CRYSTAL with the bird. Once your
controlling the bird, fly to the huge carving, and go through the left eye.
PICK UP the SCROLL and fly back to Zak, and GIVE the SCROLL to him. Switch back
and let the aliens take you, its your free ticket to San Francisco. Once your
free, go to Lou's Loans, and then collect your money for winning the lottery!
You will get $10,000 which is a good amount. Go back to the bus, wake the
driver up with the KAZOO, and buy a ticket to Mexico City.


Here, you will be treated to another maze, which is easy, as usual. Soon, you
will wind up at a temple. Enter it, and your in ANOTHER maze. But this one is
alot harder. Basically, just light a torch when you see one, and go through any
random doorway or tunnel you see. Sooner or later, you will end up in a big red
room, with a big statue in the middle, and half of the yellow crystal, and to
boot, there's some strange marking on the staute front. But you don't know the
pattern, so you have to SWITCH to Melissa.


Once you gain control, go inside the van. OPEN the glove box, and PICK UP the
from the tape player. Go back outside, and GIVE Leslie her CASHCARD, and FUSE
too. SWITCH to Leslie. Go to the left, and USE the CASHCARD with the Monolith
to get a TOKEN. Go back to the right and enter the building, the hostel. Once
your inside, USE the TOKEN with the panel, then PICK UP the burnt out fuse,
which crumbles in your hand. USE the FUSE where the old fuse was, then CLOSE
the mars door. Make sure you do this before you USE the button to open the
hostel door. If you don't close the mars door, do it quickly! Inside the hostel
PICK UP the VINYL TAPE from the locker, then OPEN it. Then PULL the covers, to
uncover a broom alien! Anyways, if your Melissa, you can't do this. PICK UP the
alien, you also need that ladder to the right, only Melissa will PICK UP the
ladder (well, with me anyways). Go outside, and USE the ALIEN BROOM with the
sand to reveal a solar panel. The tram will work now, so GIVE Melissa the VINYL
TAPE and the LADDER.

SWITCH to Melissa, and USE the VIBYL TAPE with the DIGITAL AUDIO TAPE. Go to
the right, and you will come to a big door. There is 3 buttons on this door,
and you can most probably guess which one is which. USE the LADDER with the
door so you can reach the 2nd and 3rd button. Once the door is open, go to the
great chamber. READ the markings on the statue, jot them down, but don't SWITCH
to Zak just yet, there's more to do.

In the great chamber, you will notice that there is 3 massive doors, and you
must open them. USE the LADDER on the pole with the blue sphere, and USE the
TAPE with the BOOM BOX. If you want, listen to the song on the tape, but your
going to do something else instead. TURN ON the BOOM BOX, and USE the blue
sphere to record the sound onto the tape. Melissa has to do this part, because
she won't give Leslie her BOOM BOX. Don't go through it though, instead, go to
the 2nd big door. The blue sphere is broken, so play your BOOM BOX to open the
door, and do the same with the 3rd door. Now SWITCH to Leslie. Go through the
first door you opened, and TURN ON your flashlight. This is another maze, and
is really annoying. First off, you want to find the atmosphere room. Don't take
Melissa, when she goes into the room, she is afraid of heights and you can't do
anything. Once you find it, TURN ON both switches, and you can all breath the
great chamber air, which is good as Zak won't have 14 minutes to stay here with
the oxygen tank whilst here. Also, you don't need the spacesuit. Anyways, once
you have done this, go looking for the other room. It has a map of Earth, and
some strange markings you will want to read, then jot down too. Now get out of
the maze, and SWITCH to Zak. Remember, it doesn't matter which room you find
first, as long as you find them both!


OK, USE the YELLOW CRAYON on the strange markings, and draw out what ever you
saw. After that, head out of the temple, to the air port and buy a ticket to


At london, GIVE the WHISKEY and SCROLL to Annie. SWITCH to her, and go outside.
GIVE the guard the WHISKEY, and he will pass out. Then USE the switch, so then
the fence isn't electric any more. Get Zak, and USE the WIRE CUTTERS with the
fence. Now head over to Stonehenge. Place both shards of the yellow crystal on
hte altar stone, and put the FLAGPOLE in the notch to the left. SWITCH to Annie
and then walk up to the stone altar. READ the SCROLL, and the CRYSTAL SHARDS
will fuse together to make the YELLOW CRYSTAL. Now send both Zak and Annie to


GIVE Annie the WALLPAPER MAP and the YELLOW CRAYON before going on. Then, out
of the airport, walk to the top sphinx leg. Then, USE the YELLOW CRAYON with
the strange markings, and draw the second pattern you saw in the Mars maze. A
secret passage opens up, so go inside. Here, is another maze, which are quite
popular in Zak McKracken. Anyways, you have to get to the right room, and not
to the guardian room. Basically, you want to get to the room with two eyes, and
you will know your at the right place. If there is some sort of nose thing,
your in the wrong place. Enter here 3 times, and your dead. Once you get to the
right place, READ the hieroglyphics. The eyes appear just above the door, so
once you see them, enter, I forgot to mention this. Reading the hieroglyphics
will tell you the order to USE the yellow buttons in. Once you have done that,
USE the WALLPAPER MAP with the YELLOW CRAYON to draw the mars map. Then, READ
the Strange marking to the top rightish, jot this down, then leave the sphinx.
After your out, GIVE Zak the WALLPAPER MAP and YELLOW CRAYON, then go to the
airport and SWITCH to Zak. BUY a ticket to Zaire, and go.


Go through the jungle maze, and into the village. Go into the shamans hut, and
then GIVE the YELLOW CRYSTAL to him, and he tells you how to use it so you can
teleport to different places. He will take you out side now. USE the YELLOW
CRYSTAL, and teleport to the lowest dot you can see.


Here, your in the other eye of the carving. If you came as the bird to PICK UP
the CANDELBRA, you couldn't because it was too heavy. So PICK UP the CANDLEBRA
now, and the USE the YELLOW CRYSTAL, and teleport to the Mars great face place.
If you turned the atmosphere machine on, you won't need the space suit. If you
didn't, then to make the spacesuit, you need to PUT ON the WETSUIT. USE the
DUCT TAPE with the FISH BOWL, and you also need to PUT ON the OXYGEN TANK. If
you put all of these on, your fine. Anyways, go through any of the doors, and
then work your way through the dark maze, until you end up at the great chamber
place where Melissa and Leslie are.

Now, SWITCH to Leslie, and GIVE the FLASHLIGHT to Zak. SWITCH back to Zak, and
then go through the 2nd big door. Here, walk to the end of the hall (gasp, it
isn't a maze!) and then PICK UP the ANKH. Exit, then go through the 3rd door,
and to the other room. Here, USE the ANKH in the slot to get rid of the barrier
blocking the way. USE the button on the hologram machine, then PICK UP the
GOLDEN KEY on the wall. PICK UP the LARGE KEY, but it crumbles. Anyways, go
out to the great chamber, and PUT ON your space suit. Then, head outside, and
BUY some tokens at the MONOLITH, just in case. Also, you can refill your oxygen
supply, USE the OXYGEN TANK with the oxygen thingy in the van to refill it.
After you have some tokens, SWITCH to Leslie, take her to Zak, and SWITCH to
Melissa and take her to Zak, and you might want to refill their oxygen supply
too. Anyways, make sure that all characters have at least 2 tokens each. Once
you have these, make all your people stand in front of the tram, and make each
one of them USE a TOKEN on the tram. Do this quick, and once all 3 people are
on the tram, wait for it to go off to the pyramids.

Once your at the pyramids, USE the ALIEN BROOM with the sand again, and he will
then leave, but your finished anyways. Get Zak, and go to the pyramid entrance.
USE the BOB E PINZ sign to unlock the door, as you don't have the LARGE KEY now
that its dust. Anyways, go inside the pyramid. It may be dark, but theres only
one other room to go to. Once your there, go to the left, then SWITCH to
Melissa. As Melissa, go to the same room as Zak. When you find the sarcophagus
feet, stand under them, then PUSH them to open up a secret passage way. As Zak,
go up them, then SWITCH to Leslie. Go all the way to the room Zak is in, and
then SWITCH to Melissa. Move so the stairs dissappear, and then SWITCH back to
Zak. USE the GOLDEN KEY on the box to the right, then stand infront of the
device holding the white crystal. SWITCH to Leslie, and then USE the yellow
switch thing. Quickly SWITCH to Zak, and PICK UP the WHITE CRYSTAL. You now
have all the peices of the Skolarian device. You can send off Melissa and
Leslie in their space ship, which is the polite thing to do. You don't have to
though. Anyways, once your finished, teleport to Cairo, which is the right most


Here, USE the GLOWING OBJECT on the base, then the CANDELBRA on the GLOWING
OBJECT. Then USE the crystals on it.  USE the left switch, and SWITCH to Annie.
Go to the pyramid and head inside, and keep going to the right through another
doorway. Go up the staircase that appeared from pressing that switch. Then
press the other switch. SWITCH to Zak, press the other switch, and then the
Skolarian device is activated.
CONGRATULATIONS on saving the world!




Travelling around in Zak McKracken is important, as you can't complete the game
without travelling.


Lima, Peru: $937
London, England: $808
Mexico City, Mexico: $295
Miami, USA: $305
Seattle, USA: $260


Miami, USA: $407
San Francisco, USA: $260


Cairo, Egypt: $1,316
London, England: $808
Mexico City, Mexico: $271
San Francisco, USA: $305
Bermuda Triangle: $99


Lima, Peru: $691
London, England: $779
Miami, USA: $271
San Francisco, USA: $295


Mexico City, Mexico: $691
San Francisco, USA: $937


Cairo, Egypt: $795
Katmandu, Nepal: $1,589
Mexico City, Mexico: $779
Miami, USA: $511
San Francisco, USA: $808


Katmandu, Nepal: $1,033
Kimsasha, Zaire: $644
London, England: $795
Miami, USA: $1,316


Cairo, Egypt: $644
Katmandu, Nepal: $1,399


Cairo, Egypt: $644




There are many ways to get stuck in Zak McKracken, which can annoy people to
say the least. Here is ways of getting stuck, so you know how to avoid this

If any character dies, then its game over. When Melissa and Leslie are on Mars,
when you can control them, you might get a cut-scene of them saying their
oxygen supply is low. You have to switch to them, get in their van, and USE
the HELMET with the oxygen vavle. Or you can take their helmet off somewhere
Also, im not sure, but I think Zak is killed if you don't show the alien king
the king fan club card thing.
Im guessing if you dont USE the PARACHUTE at the Bermuda Triangle when your
falling you die.
That's about all the ways I can think of.

You can get thrown into Katmandu jail, which is the same as game over, so your
best to avoid this. If you pick up the FLAGPOLE without lighting the hay on
fire, then your arrested for that. Also, in the original copy, if you don't
enter the correct Exit Visa code 3 or so times, your thrown into jail.

If you wash away the breadcrumbs at the start of the game, there's no way to
get them back, and you can't call the bird. This means you can't complete the
game, so make sure you PICK UP the breadcrumbs!

If you blast the coeds into space before your finished with them, you can't
complete the rest of the game, so start over or reload a save with them still
on Mars if you do this.




You need money in Zak McKracken, and following my guide, you will NEVER run out
of it. Here are some ways to get money for the different characters.

Use the Lotto-dictor to find out the lotterys numbers, enter them in and you
will of won the lottery, and get $10,000!

Annie doesn't like the lottery, and shes not rich either. The best thing to do
is sell stuff, like a Guitar that Zak buys, or the Bent Butter knife, Lou pays
alot for that.

She won't run out, theres only one thing to buy on Mars, tokens, and you will
buy most of them with Zak.

She won't run out, theres only one thing to buy on Mars, tokens, and you will
buy most of them with Zak.




These items are in alphabetical order.


Found in Mars, behind the second massive foor in the great chamber.

Found inside the San Francisco telephone company building.

This happens when the Butter knife is used many times, sell it to Lou for quite
abit of money.

Found in the Mount Rainier cave, at Seattle.

The BLUE CRYSTAL is found in the Mount Rainier Cave, and is used to take
control of animals.

USE the WIRE CUTTERS on the sign at 14th Avenue in San Francisco to get it.

To get it, you have to buy it from the devotee at San Francisco airport.

You need to USE the STALE BREAD in the sink, then turn on the garbage
disposal to get them.

Found in Zaks appartment.

Found in the right eye of the carving at Lima.

It's found under the desk at Zaks appartment. It is used for very many things,
usually just buying stuff and getting around the place.

There are 2 CRYSTAL SHARD's, one is gained by showing the BLUE CRYSTAL to Annie
and the other is gained by doing the drawing at the Mexico temple.

Found in the plane to Seattle.

Found in the TOOL KIT you buy.

Found in the fridge at Zaks apparment.

You get it by sending off the application form.

You can get this from Zaks bedroom.

Found at the Katmandu Jail outside, make sure you USE the LIGHTER on the hay
before picking it up otherwise you will be arrested.

Found in the Bermuda Triangle ocean, USE the BLUE CRYSTAL on the dolphin to
get it.

Found in the room behind the 3rd big door at the Mars great chamber.

Bought from Lous loans.

Bought from Lous loans.

Bought from Lous loans.

Found inside Katmandu jail.

Found in Zaks desk in his bedroom.

Found under the cushion on the plane to seattle.

TURN ON the LIGHTER to get this.

Found in the TOOL KIT.

Bought from Lous loans.

Its found in the plane to seattle.

You get it from boarding the plane to the Bermuda Triangle, the pilot gives it

The flight attendant gives you them on the plane to Seattle.

Found in the desk in Zaks bedroom.

Found under the cushion on Zaks sofa.

Found in the TOOL KIT.

Found in the left eye of the carving at Lima.

Found at the door of Zaks appartment.

Found on the street of 13th avenue in San Francisco after ringing the Le Bakery
doorbell 3 times.

Found in Zaks bedroom.


You start with it.

Found in the bathroom of the plane to Seattle.

Bought from the Monolith on Mars.

Bought from Lous Loans.

Found in Zaks Bedroom.

Found outside the Mount Rainier cave.

Gained after you USE the YELLOW CRAYON with the TORN WALLPAPER.

Bought from Lous loans.

GIVE the BOOK to the hobo at the Miami airport.

Found in the Mars pyramid.

Found in the TOOL KIT.

Found under the sink in Zaks appartment.

Annie gives the YELLOW CRYSTAL to Zak.


Found under the blotter on Annies desk.

Zak gives both of the CRYSTAL SHARD's to Annie.

Get it from Zak.

Zak gives Annie this.

Zak gives Annie this.

Found after reading the scroll at stonehenge, after putting the CRYSTAL SHARDS
and the FLAGPOLE on the altar.


Found in the space van.

Found in the space van.

Found in the RADIO in the space van.

Found in the space van.

Get it from Zak.

You start with it.

Found in hostel.

Bought from the monolith on Mars.

Leslie gives this to Melissa.


Found in the bed in the hostel.

Found in the space van.

Found in the locker in the hostel.

TURN ON the flashlight.

Melissa gives Leslie this.

You start with this.

Melissa gives Leslie this.

Bought from the monolith on mars.


Found on the locker in the hostel.




Q. Which SCUMM game is this?

A. The 2nd one.

Q. I killed the 2 headed squirrel and the fish, and when I go outside to get
the bad karma away, nothing happens.

A. You have to wait inside the building, eventually the guy tells you what you
need to know.

Q. I have ran out of money, and I don't have enough to get back to the space
ship to use the lotto-dictor.

A. If your not in San Francisco, and don't have any items to sell, then you
will have to start again.

Q. How do I move the squirrel without killing it?


Q. I lost my sheet with the EXIT VISA codes on, and I can't get to some places,
what should I do?

A. If you DO have the original copy, just download a cracked version so you
dont need the EXIT VISA codes.

Q. Is there a sequel for this?

A. Nope.

Q. How do I run it on Windows XP?

A. The best way to do it is to use ScummVM, which is an emulator desinged to
run SCUMM games. It also runs some other old adventure games, you can get it
for free at




v.1.000 - The first, and final version of this guide.




And with the guide complete, thats another brilliant LucasFilm game done. I
enjoyed it much, and hope you did and find this guide useful.

This guide is  Copyright 2006 Ryan Haighton, DO NOT STEAL, IT IS MY WORK!

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