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Wolverines Revenge Tips & Tricks

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Wolverine's Revenge

Version 1.00

This is my very first FAQ so bear with me here. This is for getting past any
parts of X2:Wolverine's Revenge you might not know how to get past. After
looking forward to this game for months after I saw a preview for it in my
October issue of Tips & Tricks Magazine I waited and got it first day and since
no one made a FAQ for it yet here's mine.

Version 1.01

I've updated some of my information that I missed and clarified some parts
thanks to a few E-mails.

Version 1.02

Made a few mistakes and tweaked the faq a bit, that's all.

Version 1.03

I doubt I'll update too much after this since I finished everything finally.
Updated some controls and completed the gold challenge and some secrets.

Version 1.04

Well I'm trying to wrap this thing up. Please no more about act 2 part 2 and
act 4 part 1, I completed those parts.

Version 1.1

I've added some things, mostly act 4 part 5.

version 1.11

It's been a while since I played; never got around to it. I've got more to
come as soon as I play it again. Only small bits have been updated.

Table of Contents
  I. Getting Started/Things you'll need to know
 II. Walkththrough(of the tough parts)
  a. Rebirth
  b. Lone Wolf Down
  c. Return to Weapon X
  d. Into the Void
  e. Force of Nature
  f. The Deepest Cut
III. Game completion extras
  a. Level Select
  b. The Challenges
  c. The secret movie 
 IV. Credits 

 I. Getting Started

This is not a full FAQ; its only for the tough parts. Most of the game is
pretty linear and does not need explaining. Thanks to the strike system that
the game has it can get pretty creative. If you're at a boss it's more than
likely that there will be some time to hit X(action button) to do something
special to hurt/finish them.

while standing still

Z - sheaths/unsheaths claws
Z(double-tap) - Feral Rage Mode
Y - jump
X - action button
A - punch
B - kick
R - crouch
L - Heightened Senses Mode
R+A - uppercut
R+B - sweep
R+X - backwards kick
c-stick - rotate camera

while running

A+Y - claw dive
X - spinning punch
B - slide tackle

while in combat

c-stick - roll or hop to wherever you point it
L - break lock on


R - fire
X - exit turret(HOLD IT)
Healing - Can't stress this enough you WILL need to know this because there are
certain stages that don't have any health(violet colored cylindars) to pick up.
Your healing factor wont trigger if: your claws are out, you're feral, or if
you're under gas/virus/poison.

Claws and punches - press Z to popem or sheathem, your decision. If you want 
rage to build up faster, sheath them. Normal punches do much less damage than 
claws but they're faster so they can't normally be blocked unlike claws. Id 
reccomend sheathing your claws at all times, only popping them only when 
fighting. If you fight with claws you'll kill guys faster so you can move on to
the next guy in a group sooner so you don't get shjot as much.

Feral Rage - This can be a bad thing or a good thing. If you want to see a show
like with special strikes then try to keep your rage(bar above health) down.
If your rage meter if red you could double-click Z to go feral. While in Feral
Rage mode you can't see as well, you can't use you heightened senses, and you
can't heal because your claws auto pop and can't sheath 'till you coll off.
The good side to going feral is that you're faster in every way, you take less
damage, and you can kill normal guys in 2 hits. If your rage bar completely
fills you automatically go feral, but don't worry, if you didn't want to it
only lasts about 10 seconds at full.

Kicking - Kicking is a great way to make guys dizzy when claws are out so you
can still strike finish them. Kicking is a good opener for a triple claw attack
sometimes too, so use kicks along with claws.

Heightened Senses Mode - If you hold L you enter Heightened Senses Mode. You 
can't enter Heightened Senses when you're in locked combat or when you're under
the virus. While in Heightened Senses you can see in the dark better, easily 
see life forms and heat better, you're quieter/slower so you can sneak up on 
guys, and you can see scents of people so you know if somethings just around 
the corner. Moving against a wall makes you wall-hug, something you'll need to
use. While in Heightened Senses crawling is actually by far faster than walking
so if you're in a hurry to break a guy's neck before he turns around I'd crawl
up to him first.

Strikes - Strikes is the way that the designers decided to allow the game
freedom to do anything since when you do a strike move its an animation that
you can't control, a movie sort of. You'll need to collect dog tags(the games
currency) to get more powerful strike moves. The higher level the strike the
more damage it does. As you can guess a level 1 strike move isnt going to do
diddly to the guys at the end of the game while a lelvel 4 will easily kill
anyone. If you ever see "STRIKE!" at the bottom of the screen Press X to do a
special action. You normally have to do this to finish the bosses of the game.

Throwing - You can only throw opponents when they are dizzy. When the strike
icon appears instead of pressing X, while claws are, IN press A to pick an
opponent up. Then press A or Y to throw them. You will need to know this.

Dog Tags - The currency of the game, dog tags are used to gain access to higher
level strike moves; thats it. You'll need 10(2)/30(3)/60(4) to get the
respective strike levels. Dog tags are gained by Stealth Striking(striking a
guy without him noticing you) or Triple Striking(the hardest strike to do).

II. The Walkthrough

Now sadly I came across several bugs in this game, dont get me wrong the game's
great but jeez. I was able to open a couple locked doors without going to a
terminal/key, suddenly dropped through floors, of course the infamous see 
through the wall by moving the camera trick; they tried to cover it up by
making it so if you're in a narrow hallway the camera rotates to an angle that
doesnt see through the wall such as in front of you blinding you, best example
is the Silver Challenge; I threw a boss into the ceiling once and he never came
down, and the worst of them all was a couple of times I died for no reason when
I had full health(I mean that, was walking down a hallway there were no guards
just fire [I wasnt in it]). Just warning you to watch out for bugs, ESPECIALLY
in acts 2 and 4.

A. Rebirth

Act 1 Part 1

Start out by just slashing the guards in the area, when you're done go to the
hatch and claw the red box next to it to open it. Don't get used to opening
doors by just breaking some box next to it cuz this is the only time you'll
ever do that. After that just follow the directions the game gives you until
you reach the minefield. When you reach the minefield HOLD L to go to
Heightened Senses Mode; the mines look like spinning discs and hurt like hell.
After you get past that you'll see a hatch to go through. Get ready cuz it's
best to dispose of the guards here before they hit the alarm(try a slide tackle
by running and pressing B on them to stop them). Theres a terminal there, press
X by it to open a door where a big guy comes out with a keycard. In the boxes
is health if you need it and a Comic Book behind a wall. If you didn't manage
to get the guards before they hit the alarm it's ok. When you get out prepare
to get hurt pretty badly. Try to get past the minefield again and kill the
guards with strikes if the alarm went off or just kill the big guy right away.
Either way take his keycard and head through the hatch and do the rest.

Act 1 Part 2

Trust me the beginning is by far the most dangerous part. There's a guy that
has some kind of BIG taser that hurts like hell right around the corner. 
First, claw dive into the barrels and kill the one with the taser. Dispose of 
the rest, and wait a second to heal or just move on and go feral like the sign
says. Kill the guards and run between the trucks to get a comic and move on. 
You'll find a tunnel with the mines on the walls, they don't hurt much just be
careful. At the end of that tunnel there's a tunnel to the left(it's very hard
to see)where you'll find the Wolverine Cerebro file. Go out and get say hi to
an old friend then move on.  You'll find a room with 3 guards and choking gas
around to stop you from healing. Kill the guards to get rid of the gas. Get to
the side cuz 2 other guards are coming for you. After the gas room you'll see 2
ways to go, head left first. Kill the guard, there's a ladder and at the top is
a Cerebro file. Inisde the swinging doors there are boxes and inside those is 
health(lots). When you're done go out and left, you'll see a guard working on 
some wires, crawl up to him and stealth strike him. Go to the terminal and 
continue until you get to the lasers. Enter Heightened Senses to see them; be
careful they kill you fast if you're hit; go to the door on the RIGHT and turn
the lasers off. Go through the door and done.

Skipping to Act 1 Part 4

It's hard to die here unless you get in the fire so don't worry. Hit Sabretooth
a lot and when he turns around strike him to throw him forward. To get rid of
him you'll have to throw him into the big gas tank 3 times. Pick up his Cerebro
and get his keycard to go anywhere you want. Head back and out of the area and
search for the Professor that made you the way you are to beat the act.

b. Lone Wolf Down

Act 2 Part 1

You can die easily at the start so be careful. Head carefully to the plane and
hide behind the tail and wait for the guard to walk by. Then kill him as fast
as you can because the helicopter will be on you now. Hide behind the plane
again for a few seconds until it leaves. Afterwards go into Heightened Senses
and walk up to the edge of the hill you're on. Stealth strike the 2 guards the
same way and move forward. Right before you get to the broken fence turn a
sharp right to get full health(careful, there isnt much health in the level AND
you can't exactly heal on your own). Go past the fence, if the helicopter
starts shooting at you run back to the place where you got the health, it
doesn't follow. Kill the guard in front of the building by the broken fence, if
you're lucky you can walk up the snow next to the building and stealth strike
him from above. Head right, jump the gap and go around to the other side of the
truck. You'll have five seconds to get to the edge, crouch and hit X to save
the guard revealing health in the truck. Right before the broken fence is a
fence blocking the generators that you can break with your claws. Put your
claws in the broken spark plug and shake free to start the power. You'll have
to go into the complex from the side or you'll get grenaded by the helicopter
now. When you get in go up and destroy the barrel in front of the weak wall,
grab the comic and activate the lift. A huge amount of guards come in but don't
worry they're MUCH easier than they look to kill. Since they're so close
together just do a bunch of double strikes to killem all with minimal damage.
The lift's on the left side going in. Go in and start it to complete the part.

Act 2 Part 2

There are 2 rooms in front of you. The one on the left has a comic behind a
weak wall, the one on the right is the surveylence room just so you know. Crawl
under the broken mine shaft to the right of where you started and go to the 
other side. Here's the tricky part. Theres a terminal run by a guy in the far 
left corner coming in. Getting to him is your objective for now. Hold L right 
away and stealth strike the guy to your left. Crawl up behind the guy at the 
other end and stealth strike him. There crawl down to the other end of the 
bridge that's next to you and stealth strike the guards easily. Crawl up and
kill any other guards and turn on the machinery(the terminal run by that guy in
the far left corner from where you start), that's the distraction. Now stand
at the edge of the ladder and stealth strike the guard at the bottom. Next,
sneak between the the stairs and the machine. Walk along towards the guard to
your left, stand right behind and strike will appear. Do this to break his
neck. Do the same with the next, then wall-hug stealth strike the rest around
the dumpster(its very simple) and break the last guys neck. Never let go of the
heightened senses button. Walk through the hatch and into the caves and you

Act 2 Part 3

Just beat a guy until he's dizzy and throw him at Wendigo to progress. Do that
3 times.

Act 2 Part 4

Ah, your first real boss. Basically the only thing that will get you killed is
falling so be careful of the edge. When Wendigo chases you run until he stops.
Hit him in the back, when strike appears hit X fast since he likes to turn
around. Just throw him; do that a few times then knock him out when he hasn't
got any health left to win.

c. Return to Weapon X

Act 3 Part 1

In my opnion the most annoying and hardest to get on your first time level.
Start by going left and sneaking up behind the guard and stealth strike him.
Now go out and forward from where you started and turn left. Go to heightened
Senses and follow the blinking footprints stealth striking anyone you see.
Afterwards destroy the generators to stop the force field. Go out and turn
left. Stealth strike the guy to the left, walk to the front of the truck and
stealth strike the other. Go to heightened senses, you really don't want to
touch that trip wire. Stealth strike the guard and go into heightened senses.
One of the boxes marked explosive shakes. You'll find a decoder in it. Go out
careful of the trip wire and head left. There's a ladder, break any neck you
see and use the decoder on the hatch. It's pretty hard not to set off the alarm
here so don't worry. Kill them all and enter the barracks. You could fight them
and try to get a triple strike for bonus points out the wazoo but they're
tough, especially if they surround you. If you're not up to fighting them crawl
up to their beds and strikem. In the back's the keycard to the test area. Yes
there are mines here and once again they should be your main concern. Go
straight from the stairs to get away from the guys with guns so you don't
get shot. When you're in the back go to the other end and go straight to the
door careful of mines. If you do this right you shouldn't get shot more than a
couple times. I have never gotten through here without setting off the alarm so
don't worry. Kill the guys in the bunker and go to the computer to open the
door to the gun. The guards that came in are on the stairs; should be 2 alive.
Lure them out into the minefield, with any luck they'll kill themselves in the
fire. Or since they aren't too bright and I don't think you'd get shot too much
just be careful of mines and go over and killem. Heal and kill the guy at the
gun turret. Enter the gun and shoot the box next to the electric fence. If
you're getting hurt too badly exit the gun turret, heal, then go back and
finish the job. Don't worry about the guards they disappear. Break the fence
now and stealth strike as many of the guards you can, kill the others. You'll
see guys manning turrets on top of trucks and a few on the ground. Those
turrets hurt, bad, so run straight past them to the back truck entrance of the
complex. Make your way to a terminal to set the auto-guns to attack the base
and you're in. Up the stairs you'll find a big guy. Kill him and head out the
swinging doors in the front. Run past the helicopter and the huge amount of
guards. There's a hatch at the bottom of the ladder you went up at the start
you need to get to. Once there all you need to do is kill the guys with guns,
heal full health, THEN kill the guys with flamethrowers that are above your
exit. Flamethrowers can either kill you fast or if you hit them once they
sometimes kill themselves in their own fire. After they're dead activate the
terminal to open the doors and you're done.

Act 3 Part 3

Lots of guys appear in this level at one time. Best way to not die is to keep
double/triple striking or knock away their guns before fighting, like with
the slide tackle or claw spin. Don't skip on the hiding to heal process either.

Act 3 Part 4

Everything is pretty linear here. Slash slash, kill kill, you get the picture.
Eventually you'll be in a big room filled with green lasers that hurt pretty
bad. Only advice I can give is to either run to the elevator; or kill the
guards you see, hide and heal, then move on. There's nothing more to be said.

Act 3 Part 5

Your second fight with Sabretooth you actually can die from getting beaten, I'd
worry about getting tossed into the fire most though. You'll have to beat the
stuffing out of him until you can strike him/throw him into a flaming truck.
After this he'll start throwing barrels at you, all you have to do is punch
them back at him. After his health is low enough he'll start jumping and trying
to smash you. There will be a dim green spot where he's going to land, get in
that spot and when strike appears hit X to finish him.

d. Into the Void

Act 4 Part 1

In this act guns start hurting a lot more. The first room is the only room 
you'll need to worry about getting seen in. For now the guards won't notice you
unless you get what would be within about 2 feet of them. Run straight down the
hallway past the force field and hop on the ladder. Grab the Collosus Cerebro
file and go to the terminal to activate the electric floor panels. Kill the
guard next to you since he will shoot you now. Stealth strike the guard
directly below you to get the keycard and kill the other one. 3 guards will
attack as soon as you open the door so be quick in killing them. If you have
enough rage to go feral(which you probably will), go in the barracks first and
wake everybody up. Go feral and kill them, then get the keycard that's in
between 2 beds. Next head to the mess hall, kill the 3 guards that are eating
and wait to heal. Go through the door on the far side of where you entered the
mess hall to the kitchen and go in the freezer. The cook's a tough one so try
to stealth strike him. When your cold meter is full head out and to the left to
bypass the heat detector. Stealth strike the guard that's in front of you up
the ladder and wait for the other two to move. Those two are flame throwers so
hit them to knock away their weapons fast when you engage them. You won't 
likely have enough rage to go feral so there's some rage energy behind the 
boxes in one of the corners. Go through the door on the left side from the 
ladder and go feral. Kill the guards in front of you and run to the other 
side and get the other. Now you'll have to control a void droid. Void droids 
can kill guys with guns easy but I doubt you'll be good enough to take on 
another void droid at close range. Just kill all guards with the plasma gun 
since it's lock on so you don't have to worry about the terrible aiming system.
Going forward you'll find 2 or 3 void droids to fight. Once they come out back
up and start shooting at them one at a time. Staying far away is the basic
strategy the whole time, the minigun is most damaging. Shoot a plasma shot at
the wall guns to make them retract. If you destroy all the void droids and
guards ahead, you should eventually move out of control range and be back to
Wolverine control. Go through the door and up a ladder that brings you to the
vents. I found 2 rooms other than where you come from here. If you come to the
right place it will say approaching toxic waste or something and you drop down
to win the level.

Act 4 part 2

It's not neccessary to hide from drones after you get up the ladder, but try.
Crouch and go into heightened senses mode. Go past the first drone in front of
you then wait. There are two drone that go through the next part you'll have to
move when the second is starting to move away. Get to the ladder, you have to
crawl, go up and wait. There's a comic on the platfrom in front of you but it's
risky. To get it all wait until the drone that's patrolling nearest to the
ladder is away from the platform, go on the right side of the platfrom and grab
the comic and IMMEDIATLY go back and crawl under the drone by the ladder you'll
make it. Try sneaking to the platfrom at the other end from the ladder at the
top and activate the terminal to unlock the door out. Jump down from here and
make your way to the door, watch it though cuz flamethrowers are in the next
room. If you got spotted, it's ok as long as you activcated the terminal;
although things get a lot harder. Run like hell accross the bridge if you were
spotted, do the same anyways there's more than enough health on the other end
to fill you. Lure the guards to you and kill them. When all the guards are gone
get ready to run to ther other side, through the door and duck behind the X 
shaped structure to your left quickly. If you are where you should be there 
will be boxes behind you, inside one is the keycard to get out of that room. 
The rest is relatively easy.

Act 4 Part 4

At the start you'll have to control another void droid. Watch out for the
guards that are right behind the door, and the ones on the balcony above you.
You'll have to fight two other void droids as well. Once you've completed the
void droid part and you're back to Wolverine, go down the same path and go up
the ladder in the center of the hall. Walk down to the end of the balcony and
pick up a cerebro file. Do the rest yourself; and when you come to the room
that's covered in fire slash the water pipes to douse the flames. Inside two
tall slender boxes somewhere are two more cerebro files. Then just crawl
through the vents until you finish. Be aware that I came accross a bad bug in
this level where a fire wall was invisible for some reason. Walking into those
kills you right away so be prepared to do the level over.

Act 4 Part 5

There's only one thing that needs to be said about this level. After you get 
past all the force fields and wall/floor guns you'll come to an open room with
a locked door and ladders leading to a terminal. Once you activate it all guns
will start targeting you and there will be tons of guys around. What you need 
to do here is go to the start and there will be a keycard to pick up now. Then
you can go through the locked door(at least thats how I did it).

Alternativly I've heard you can let the turrets see you so all the wall guns
come out before time. Hit all of them as you see them so they retract. That way
you don't have to deal with them once you activate the terminal. Then activate
the terminal and kill the guards and one will have it, then move on.

Act 4 Part 6

Stealth strike all the guards up until the one with the plasma gun. He's a
tough one so be careful of him. When fighting Juggernaught let him try to run
into you. Get in front of one of the force field generating poles and get out
of his way so he hits it. He jumps to the center, you have to slash him a
couple times then you can strike him. Do this a few times and he eventually
slams the ground. He does a double pound, jump the first wave and duck under
the second. Avoid the gas, it stuns you for a while and that gets you hurt bad.
When Collosus comes go to him and press X to knock Juggernaught out.

Act 4 Part 7
You have to destroy the boxes inside the blue globe without dieing. The guards
can kill you very easily if they get a chance to shoot you. It's easy to kill
the guards until it says helicopter approaching. The helicopter will appear on
your right, but guards will come on your left. The guards are much worse so
kill them first then if you have time the helicopter. More guards will come on
the left right away and then some. Afterwards the only guards left will 
actually walk right up to you. They'll be on the right side of the platform the
gun's on. Hopefully you'll only have to kill 2 more guards before you finish
the barrier.

e. Force of Nature

Act 5 Part 1

Look around and you'll find a cerebro file in front of a computer. Activating
the computer opens the door to the building in front of you where you'll have
to fight Mutant Hunters. Put your claws away it's the only way to fight them.
Try not to get hit by their guns because it stops you from healing and there is
no health. The mutant hunters are slow so you can just go A,A,A then B,B,B 
constantly till they're dizzy. After killing the two mutant hunters that first
appear, go inside the building. Stealth strike the guy who's patrolling, then
run to the terminal and turn off the gas that one of the mutant hunters turns 
on. Kill him and wait, you won't want to go anywhere if you aren't healing.
After the poison's gone, there's a box that looks like a fuse box, activate it.
Go back to where you started, there's a fence you break with your claws(watch
out for the falling trailer)then go through the door you just opened. You'll
have to fight several unarmed mutant hunters that can be killed easily with
level 4 strikes. Sometimes you won't be able to get any of the fuse boxes at
all so don't worry. After a while Magneto makes a magnetic vortex. Look for a
ladder in the area and activate what looks kinda like a pay phone. A trap door
opens on your right. Kill the hunters down there, go through the hall and turn
left. Activate the terminal and head out the door. Hunters come around by the
vortex and there will be plenty of flying objects so try not to get hit or go
feral. Nearest I could figure is you need to throw the hunters into the vortex
by hitting them until they're dizzy, with claws in press A by them and A again
by the vortex. Do this with a few mutant hunters and the vortex will dispel. If
you don't dispel the vortex you'll die. When the vortex is gone a door will
open. Lots of hunters with guns here, you should jump down and slide tackle
them. Once they are dead you'll see 4 more in the back, kill these and you're

Act 5 Part 2

Magneto will start out on the highest ledge. Patience is the key here, getting
hit by barrels skyrockets your rage meter and it only takes a couple hits to go
feral so you can't heal. Heightened senses mode here will make you look
directly at Magneto which is helpful. To actually hit Magneto you'll have to go
to the ledge he's closest to and do a claw dive(Y+A). It will automatically
make you jump on him and pull him to the ground. There's one place where it's
better to actually not hit him. When Magneto is standing over a sort of lava
waterfall do NOT hit him, it hurts you a lot more since you pull him down into
the lava and lava hurts. Sometimes Magneto goes over to an area in the back and
tries to remove his collar. There's a meter above his health, if it goes to
zero you die instantly. That's why you should keep watching him in heightened
senses sometimes. 

f. The Deepest cut

You have 10 minutes to live here before the virus takes hold and kills you. To
top it off you can't heal since the virus is taking it's effect on you. The
The boss here will stop you from going up the ladder behind you. You'll have to
strike the boss 3 times before you can go up. When the boss is busy recovering
go up the ladder. Now you have to destroy the things Wolverine looks at. It
takes 6 hits with your claws, which should always be out since you can never
heal in this level. Don't forget the crerebro file. Ignore the boss at this 
point and destroy all four of those boxes. It will deactivate the electric 
fence and the boss will disappear. Break the fence and jump down, grab the 
cerebro file and jump over the blue waves the boss sends at you. The poles next
to you electrify sometimes. Hit those with your claws facing the direction of
the boss to hurt it. Then the boss shoots out more waves at once. Best way to
not get hit by the extra waves is to run and jump over them, you have a better
recovery time from jumps while running. Don't try to hit the boss normally,
only use the poles. When the boss's health is gone the door in front of you
says it's locked. Hit the electric poles with your claws in the direction of
the door to open it. Run up the stairs and the boss gets up again and starts
attacking you. Don't fight the boss since it ALWAYS blocks any hit you try to
make on it. Just get the boss over to the edge of the helipad and strike will
appear. Just hit X to win the game. 

III. Game completion extras

After you beat the game continue becomes a level select feature and the game's
challenges become open in the bonus menu.

The Challenges

For every challenge you complete you'll get a movie like the old toy story take
outs at the end and some production artwork.

Bronze Challenge

Hit the flashing boxes, usually you'll have to go back and forth. To
make it easier use the spinning claw attack(while running press X) to take out
the boxes and keep moving, especially at the end.The most time you'll have at 
the end of this level probably wont extend past 15 seconds so hurry.

Silver Challenge

Even though this is the silver challenge most agree it's the hardest. Stealth
strike all the guards without being seen at all. To beat this you should kill
every guy, except the 3rd, within about 10 seconds between each. Stabbing a 
person by coming from around a wall is the most time consuming way to deal with
them so if there's a time when you could either do that or snap a guards neck,
you should snap his neck. You should be outside by the 2 minute mark or you
don't have a chance. Sadly most of the guards on the outside are "come from
behind a wall" kills so pick up the pace. The last guard is at the top of a
ramp, he looks like he's looking down the ramp but he's not just crawl up to
him and strikim. 

Gold Challenge 

I got around to playing this challenge and silver is harder as most people say.
First wait a few seconds for the patrolling guard to pass and break his neck.
Next go to the right and kill the first guard you see. Go around to the other
side of the boxcar and wall-hug stealth kill the guy between the boxcars. There
is a patrolling guard way off in the distance that can see you when you're
passing between the boxcars so watch for him. Kill the guard that's next to the
last guard you killed and then the one that's next to him. Go back to the start
watching for the patrolling guards(all stationary guards are looking away).
Kill the guard that's closest to where you start on the left; hopefully the
patrolling guard around here has gone behind a truck. Go around the boxcar and
kill the guard, then QUICKLY when the patrolling guard is behind the truck
sneak up and kill him. If your timing is right, there will be a guard on the
other side of the truck, let him pass and snap his neck. The last guard is
stationary and is behind one of the boxcars in the far right of where you
start. After you wall-hug stealth strike him you win.


There is a secret movie, it actually could fit in with the main game, that only
appears after you have completed everything in the game(comics, cerebro files,
challenges). You won't see it's slot in the gallery until the said requirements
have been met. It is in the gallery so if you can't see it, you missed
something. It features Spiderman visiting Wolverine. For ps2 owners, I don't
think you'll be able to get it. Seems from several e-mails I've gotten that the
ps2 version doesn't have it, sorry.

If you want a complete list of secrets in the game check out stonewall718's
secrets faq.


Stonewall718 - for his secrests faq for the PS2 version helped with a couple

Jackwolf - found out from him that you could kill the barracks guys in Act 3
without waking them

TheBat - for help with the Silver Challenge

Michael Knight, Adam Reiniger, and Jay Mak - for infromation on how to save the
guard from falling off the bridge in act 2 part 1

Jason Cheung -  Thanks for the help, including act 2 part 1, act 1 part 4, and
for some replacement wording.

Anthony Bevilacqua - for letting me know in act 3 part 1 the boxes that the
decoder is in shakes while in heightened senses mode.

To whoever helped me with Act 4 part 5 - Im sorry I deleted the e-mail and
forgot your name. It was very helpful and thank you. Sorry for forgetting.

Legal Information

The sites that I will allow this to be on have recieved a copy. I don't want
anyone else to have this faq. If you have any questions e-mail me at

Copyright 2003 JJ912

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