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Wolfsbane Tips & Tricks

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Von: "Abhi" 

Wolfsbane -Walkthrough from jeetu(

This solution only describe the essential steps needed to complete the game.
It doesn't tell you how to get from one place to another since it is usually
very straightforward. Some of the mazes towards the end of the game may
require mapping, but that's quite easy to do. At some places you'll also
encounter various monsters. Most can be ignored if you don't want to fight
them. To regain energy lost in combat, pick up and eat the food that are
scattered around.

you can USE the signposts to travel across the village.
If you're low on health and don't have any food left
(which happened to me in the middle of the labyrinth !) you can
edit a savegame file. Your character's health is the 14th byte
before the W of "Worn_Dagger"; it can range from 0 to 64.

Go the notice board off Hambold Street and read the notices.
Go to the Manor gate and talk to the guard.
Go to the herb seller on High Street and agree to run an errand for her.
Go to Bridge Inn and give the balm to the landlord.
When leaving the inn, talk to Dietz and you will be give a pair of loaded dice.
At the east end of Bridge Street you can find a plant which the herb seller identifies 
as Wolfbane.
Go to the Slaughtered Lamb and play dice with Booth. You will always win.
Now go back to the Manor gate and bribe the guard to get inside.

Enter the kitchen and talk to Liselotte. Move the cooking pot for her.
Go the armoury and take the sword. There is also a glass case here that you can't open yet.
In the picture gallery, examine the churchyard painting.
Go upstairs and get the sheet from the cupboard. Show the sheet to the guard
outside the master's bedroom. Enter and get key.
Go to the library and use key to unlock door. Enter door and go to the left.
Operate the blue book near the left end of the top shelf to open the secret
Enter the secret rooms. Pick up the book and read it. Move the painting to
read the message on the back.
Go back to the kitchen and take the key on the table. Use it to unlock the 
left bedroom. You will find a diamond ring in here. Use it to cut open the glass 
case and get the gauntlets.
Leave and go to the churchyard.

Go to the right and get the mushrooms. Outside the crypt door, examine the 
right gargoyle and use it to open the door.
Go through the crypts to church. Put mushrooms in warden's goblet when he's 
not looking. He will fall asleep and you can take his keys. Enter door. Wear 
gauntlets and take chalice.
Go to the smithy and tell the smith to make a silver dagger from the chalice.

When you leave the smithy, you will be arrested and put in gaol. Push a stone
 on the left wall to open a secret door. The other prisoner will give you a
scroll before you leave. Find the bottle of ale in the maze before you leave.
You will come out in the Bridge Inn.
Go to the smithy and give the ale to the smith to get the silver dagger.
Find Sly Fenric (in NE part of town) and give him the scroll. He will give 
you a set of lockpicks.
Go to the Manor gate and ask the guard where you can get a meal.
Go to the house with the red cross (off Hambold Street) and get the rotten
meat inside it.
Go back to the manor and use lockpicks to enter the middle bedroom. Get large
key inside.
Go to the manor stable and use large key in the lock. Enter Labyrinth.

Give the rotten meat to the rats to get rid of them.
Work your way through the maze, picking up four square stones and three round
stones. When you get to a locked door, put the stones in the holes in this
 order (left to right): square, round, round, square, square, square, round
 (KSS note : in case you're wondering, the solution is carved above the 
entrance door to this room).
In the next part of the maze, you'll find a set of levers with letters on 
Pull the ones that spell GERALD (remember the painting) to open door.
Get the golden statue at the start of the next maze. At the next set of 
levers you come across, pull down levers 1,3,6 (from the left) and push up 
the rest (multiples of pi).
When you come to levers marked 1-5, pull down 1,3,4,5 then pull up 1,3.
Go south and you can now pass the pool.
You will eventually get to a unstable bridge. Go south one screen and throw
the statue in the chasm. The bridge can now be passed.
Find a lever and use the sword to reach it. Go left one screen then north.
Pull all levers then push 2 and 4 to be able to pass the first pool. Pull 
lever 5 and pass the second pool.

Walk through the door (no need to use the levers) and find the werewolf 
(there is some food on the way). Kill him with the silver dagger. Go north 
and use the third case from the left to open a secret door. Enter it and 
you'll come out in the Slaughtered Lamb. Rupert will follow you. Kill him to 
win the game.

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