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Western Outlaw Wanted Dead or Alive Tips & Tricks

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Western Outlaw - Wanted Dead or Alive

Weapons and Enemies Guide:

Guide Created: January 14, 2007
by Alan Chan (joylock @

The Usual:
This document is mine. Please don't rip it off or take credit for it. That
being said, feel free to post it on any site you want, provided you a) 
don't make any changes to it, and b) don't charge money for it. You 
don't even have to get my permission to post it (as long as it remains
unaltered), but it would be nice if you emailed me and let me know 
(joylock @

Purpose of this Guide:
Western Outlaw was a budget title released in 2003, a Wild West-themed
First Person Shooter built on the Lithtech Talon engine (aka the Aliens vs.
Predator 2 engine).

While the game's graphics were somewhat outdated (the textures are late
Quake 2 engine quality at best, in a year when Unreal 2 was released SEVERAL
MONTHS EARLIER), and the game had its share of bugs, the gameplay was at least
competant, and there aren't exactly many Wild West first person shooters out
there. I thought it was decent for a budget title. Then again, I wrote the
walkthrough for Gods & Generals, so what do I know :)?

So, anyway, I decided to take a couple of hours to write a quick
weapons/enemies/boss guide for the game, since the game's entry on Gamefaqs
is entirely blank, now that the shameless fake review has been taken down.
I hope this guide is helpful to somebody out there.

Version History:

*                                                                             *
*1.0: Initial Release                                                         *
*                                                                             *

The latest version of this FAQ can be found at

- Game Mechanics
- Weapons
- Enemies
- Bosses


Difficulty setting affects a number of factors, including the amount of 
damage enemies do, the accuracy of their shots, as well as the amount of health
the game's boss characters have.
On Easy difficulty: 
Enemies have 20% accuracy.
Enemy bullets do 6 damage, and can kill you in 17 hits.
Each health kit restores 50 health.

On Normal difficulty: 
Enemies have 50% accuracy.
Enemy bullets do 8 damage, and can kill you in 13 hits.
Each health kit restore 40 health.

On Hard (aka Pale Rider) difficulty: 
Enemies have 75% accuracy.
Enemy bullets do 9 damage, and can kill you in 12 hits.
Each health kit restores 30 health.


Weapon Name: 
Damage: How much damage the weapon does
Ammo Type: What kind of cartridge the weapon fires
Clip Size: How many shots per clip you have
Max Ammo: The maximum amount of ammo you can carry for the weapon
Ammo Found: The total amount of ammo you'll find throughout the entire game
Reload Time: Approximately how long it takes to reload the gun


Remington 1858 New Army Revolver:
Ammo Type: .45 Colt
Damage: 30 
Clip Size: 6 
Max Ammo: 400
Reload Time: ~ 3.5 seconds

The Remington Revolver is the first and only weapon you start the game with, 
and will be your main weapon for the game's first few levels. For simplicity's
sake, the Revolver in the game uses the same .45 Colt bullets as the Colt
Peacemakers, instead of the .44 muzzle-loaded balls that the Civil War-era
Remington 1858 Revolver actually used. Also, instead of the slow process of
reloading the muzzle-loaded revolver cylinder, your character apparently
carries around a bunch of spare pre-loaded revolver cylinders in his pocket
to pop into the revolver whenever he needs to reload.


The Remington Revolver is a six-shot, single-action pistol. In the game, it 
has 3 firing modes, which you can cycle through using the alt-fire button.

   Because the Remington Revolver is a single-action pistol, you need to
   manually cock the hammer back with your thumb after each shot. As a
   result, the revolver's rate of fire is rather slow, and there's a second's
   delay between each shot. On the plus side, the single-action fire mode is 
   extremely accurate, and you can reliably nail enemies at the very edge of 
   your vision. Unfortunately, single-action works poorly in close quarters, 
   as the slow rate of fire leaves you vulnerable to being shot by your

   By pulling the trigger with one hand while fanning the hammer with your
   other hand, you can mimic semi-automatic fire, and fire off 6 bullets 
   very quickly. In fanning mode, the revolver has a good rate of fire, but at
   the cost of reduced accuracy. Even when fanning, the revolver's accuracy is 
   still pretty good, and you can still reliably hit enemies in most
   situations, even at medium-long range. You just won't be able to snipe at
   extreme long range. Overall, fanning is the best firing mode for most
   situations, since for most of the game speed is much more important than
   accuracy. Double-tap each enemy outlaw in the chest, instead of wasting
   time trying to score headshots. 

Pistol Whip: 
   Finally, you can whack enemies with the butt of your gun. The pistol whip
   does 30 damage per hit and can kill outlaws with two hits. Of course, you
   have to run up close to your enemies to hit them. Surprisingly, the pistol
   whip is actually a decent attack, especially in close quarters such as
   inside the train carriages in the first level. Since enemies have a pretty
   slow rate of fire, if you move quickly you can kill them while only being
   shot once. Use it if you don't have much Remington ammo, and need to
   conserve bullets. Also, if you use up all 6 shots in your revolver, instead
   of stopping to reload and leaving yourself vulnerable, you can switch to
   the pistol whip and finish off any nearby enemies.

Ammo for the Remington is quite common, as practically every enemy in the 
game will drop a box of .45 Colt bullets when killed. Each enemy drops 6 
revolver bullets. You start the game without any spare bullets, but will 
quickly collect a decent store of ammo from all your fallen foes.

Dual Colt Peacemaker Revolvers:
Ammo Type: .45 Colt
Damage: 30 
Clip Size: 12 
Max Ammo: 400
Reload Time: ~ 8 seconds

These are a pair of silver customized Colt Peacemaker revolvers, modified 
for double-action fire, which allows you to wield and fire one in each hand. 
This gives the dual Colts a fast, semi-automatic rate of fire. The Colts also 
have good accuracy, and you can reliably hit enemies even at medium-long
range. Just don't try sniping enemies at the edge of your vision with them.
With their high rate of fire and relatively large clip size, the dual
Colts are perhaps the best weapons in the game. 

The only downside to the Colts is that the reload time is incredibly high, 
due to the fact that you'll need to reload both guns before being able to 
shoot again. However, this is not a major weakness, since the large clip size 
will allow you to kill off an entire group of enemies without needing to
reload. You can therefore reload in safety between firefights.

Notably, the dual Colts are the only weapon in the game (other than Dynamite)
without an alt-fire function, but the primary fire by itself is so useful
that it doesn't really matter.

The dual Colts use the same pistol ammo as the Remington Revolver. Overall, 
the Colts should replace the Remington as you main weapon once you acquire 
them at the end of the game's 3rd level. You'll receive them after killing 
Wild Bill, their previous owner.

F.A. Loomis IXL No.15 Shotgun:
Ammo Type: 12-gauge shotgun shells
Damage: 10 x 15 
Clip Size: 2 
Ammo Found: 166
Reload Time: ~ 4 seconds

This double-barreled shotgun fires a spread of 15 pellets from each barrel. The
primary fire shoots one barrel at a time, while the secondary fire shoots 
both barrels at once. The shotgun does lots of damage, and a single shot should
be enough to kill the game's regular enemies. The shotgun's secondary fire 
is also great for dealing lots of damage to the game's bosses. The spread 
on the shotgun's pellets is fairly tight, and thus the shotgun is lethal even 
at medium range (up to about 25 to 30 feet). Past about 30 feet, the shotgun 
can still kill outlaws, but it will usually take 2 shots instead of 1. On the
other hand, the pellets' tight spread also means the shotgun requires
relatively precise aim to use properly.

The downside of the shotgun is that you need to reload after every 2 shots, 
although the reload time is relatively fast when compared to that of the dual 
Colts or the Winchester rifle (although not nearly as fast as the reload on, 
say, the Doom or Doom 3 double-barrel shotgun).

Overall, outlaws are fairly weak and go down after only 2 pistol shots, so 
you really don't need to bother dispatching them with the shotgun unless you 
start running low on pistol ammo. Still, the shotgun does add some variety 
to your killing spree, and the alt-fire works well on bosses such as Wild Bill
and the Ex-Marshall.
You acquire the shotgun at the end of the game's 1st level, by killing the 
level's boss and taking it from him. Ammo for the shotgun is fairly uncommon, 
and even if you look carefully, you'll only find about 50 shells or so for 
much of the game. Shotgun ammo is more common in the game's last 2 levels,
but even so you'll only find a total of about 166 shells throughout the
entire game. 

Winchester 1866 Rifle:
Ammo Type: .44 Winchester
Damage: 50 
Clip Size: 10 
Ammo Found: 50
Reload Time: ~ 1 second per cartridge

The Winchester is a manual-loading, lever-action, repeating rifle with the 
capacity to fire off 10 shots before needing to reload. This ability has made 
it famous as "the gun that won the West". The Winchester seen in the game
is the earlier 1866 model, identifiable by its distinctive brass casing.

The Winchester is very accurate, and you can use it to snipe enemies at long 
range (although you'll need to use the Sharps rifle if the enemy is too far 
away for you to see clearly). The Winchester's rifle cartridges also do good 
damage, and can kill an outlaw in a single shot.

The Winchester's rate of fire is slower than that of the dual Colts or the 
fanning action of the Remington, and there's a second's delay between each
shot, as you need to flip the lever after each shot to load a new round into
the chamber. However, the large clip size means you can put out a steady
output of lead. Just don't expect rapid-fire action with this gun.

Because the Winchester rifle is manual-loading, the amount of time it takes 
to reload the weapon depends on how many cartridges are left inside the rifle. 
The more new cartridges you have to insert into the loading slot, the longer
it takes to reload the rifle. You can insert 2 or 3 cartridges fairly
quickly, but it takes a long time to insert all 10 cartridges into an empty

You'll acquire the Winchester from an outlaw in level 6, just before the boss
fight with Crazy Eddie. Unfortunately, ammo for the Winchester is quite rare;
You start with 20 Winchester cartridges, and you'll only find a total of 50
cartridges in the entire game. On the plus side, you only need one bullet per

The Winchester rifle's alt-fire is a melee attack with the butt of the rifle.
This attack does 50 damage and can kill an outlaw in one hit. It's useful
in close quarters or for when you run out of bullets and need to clear the
room of enemies before reloading.

Overall, the Winchester is best for medium to long range combat. The slower 
rate of fire makes it less useful than the dual Colts in close quarters, but 
its accuracy, stopping power, and ability to fire many shots without needing 
to reload makes it a decent weapon for open-area shootouts, provided you've 
got a decent place to seek cover and snipe from.

Sharps 1850 Rifle: 
Ammo Type: .50
Damage: 100 
Clip Size: 1 
Ammo Found: 40
Reload Time: ~ 3 seconds

The Sharps rifle is a highly accurate, breach-loading, single-shot, long-range
rifle for sharpshooters. The weapon's secondary fire is a zoom function,
allowing you to pick off distant enemies. The rifle fires a very powerful
cartridge that will kill any non-boss outlaw with a single hit. The Sharps
rifle is excellent for killing enemies at extreme long range, but ammo is
very limited for it, so you'll need to use it selectively. 

Because the Sharps rifle is so powerful, there's no need to bother with 
headshots. Just aim for the torso to kill an outlaw with one hit. Just be 
sure not to aim at the legs, since the game is bugged so that bullets pass 
through enemy legs without doing any damage.

As a single-shot weapon, the Sharps rifle needs to be reloaded after each 
shot. Fortunately, the reload rate is relatively quick, although you wouldn't 
want to use the Sharps at close or even medium range with enemies shooting 
at you.

You'll acquire the Sharps in the middle of level 5, just before a sniping 
sequence in which you'll need to protect Polly while outlaws run at her and 
try to kill her. You'll get 40 rounds for the Sharps when you pick it up, 
and won't find any additional ammo for it for the rest of the game. Since 
you'll spend at least 15 rounds defending Polly, that leaves you with about 
25 Sharps rifle rounds to use for the rest of the game.

Ammo Type: dynamite stick
Damage: Heavy 
Clip Size: N/A 
Max Ammo: 3

Dynamite is not a regular weapon in the game. In fact, it is only available 
to you once in the entire game, during the boss fight against Crazy Eddie. 
When you throw a stick of dynamite, it will fly through the air in an arc, 
and explode several seconds later. Dynamite does lots of damage, but will 
only be available to you briefly. See the entry describing the Crazy Eddie 
boss fight for more details.

After you kill Crazy Eddie, any spare dynamite you're still holding will
carry over into the next level. However, you'll lose even these spares
automatically once you proceed to the level after that.


Appearance: Wild West outlaw armed with a revolver 
Health: 50 
Weapon: Remington Revolver
Weapon Damage: EASY: 6
               NORMAL: 8
               HARD: 9

Your basic enemy in Western Outlaw is the typical western outlaw (no surprise 
there). You'll basically be killing the same enemy over and over throughout 
the game. The outlaws have 3 or 4 different appearances, but they still get 
repetitive pretty quickly.

Outlaws carry Remington revolvers, and fire at you with slow single shots. 
Their rate of fire is strictly average, but they have decent accuracy on the 
higher difficulty settings. Outlaws cannot move and shoot at the same time, 
and will mostly just stand in one spot firing at you. They can lean around 
corners to shoot at you, and will also run behind cover when they need to 
reload. They can also chase after you if you leave their line of sight by 
running around a corner.

Outlaws can be brought down with two pistol shots to the chest or a single 
shot to the head. Due to a bug in the game, bullets completely pass through 
their legs without doing any damage, so always aim for their upper torso. 
The best way to kill an outlaw is to quickly double-tap them with the 
Remington's fast fanning action, instead of wasting time trying to score 
headshots on them. Once you get the dual Colts, their fast rate of fire makes 
them your best weapon against outlaws.

Outlaws are individually weak, but they can wear you down with bullets, 
especially on the higher difficulty settings. Thus, you need to kill them 
quickly before they can shoot you.

Horseback Outlaw:
Appearance: Wild West outlaw armed with a revolver and riding on horseback 
Health: 50 
Weapon: Remington Revolver
Weapon Damage: EASY:   6
               NORMAL: 8
               HARD:   9

On the first level, outlaws on horseback will occasionally pull up next to 
you when you're outside the train, and take potshots at you. As with the 
regular outlaws, a quick double-tap from the Remington should bring them 
down. You can also avoid these guys entirely by running into the next train
car before they can start shooting you.

Shotgun Outlaw: 
Appearance: Wild West outlaw armed with a double-barrel shotgun 
Health: 50 
Weapon: Loomis Shotgun
Weapon Damage: EASY:   2 x 5
               NORMAL: 3 x 5
               HARD:   3 x 5

For variety, some outlaws are equipped with shotguns instead of revolvers. 
They do more damage than the regular outlaws, and have decent accuracy even
at medium range. However, they have to reload frequently (after every 2
shots), which leaves them more vulnerable to being shot. Overall, you can
kill these guys the same way you kill the regular outlaws, just be careful
with them because they can do lots of damage to you if you let them.

Shotgun outlaws are actually fairly uncommon, and you'll only find about
6 or 7 of them throughout most of the game. However, you'll fight a couple 
dozen of them in the game's last level (the Saw Mill).

Winchester Outlaw:
Appearance: Wild West outlaw armed with a Winchester rifle, wearing gold-trim 
Health: 100 
Weapon: Winchester Rifle
Weapon Damage: EASY:   10
               NORMAL: 13
               HARD:   15

One outlaw is equipped with a Winchester rifle. You'll fight him just before 
you meet the game's 3rd boss, Crazy Eddie.

This outlaw will snipe at you from the upper floor of a large barn area. He's 
got twice as much health as a regular outlaw, and has a very high rate of
fire (for some reason, he doesn't need to pause to lever a new cartridge into
the firing chamber between each shot). Still, he's fairly easy to kill.
Just mow him down with your dual Colts. He just stands in one place shooting
at you, which makes it easy to target him. Be sure to grab his rifle after
you kill him, as you won't be able to find this gun anywhere else in the game.


Outlaw Leader:
Appearance: Outlaw with scarred eye and red handkerchief over face, wearing 
white formal suit 
Health: EASY:   200
        NORMAL: 313
        HARD:   400 
Weapon: Loomis Shotgun
Weapon Damage: EASY:   2 x 5
               NORMAL: 3 x 5
               HARD:   3 x 5
Fought In: Level 1 (The Train)

The Outlaw Leader is the shotgun-wielding boss of the game's 1st level. You 
fight him on a flatbed train car carrying a maze of crates. The Outlaw Leader
fires at you from a fixed position at the far end of the train car, behind 
a stack of crates. Despite the fact he's carrying a shotgun, he's got 
excellent aim and can hit you from all the way across the area.

You can actually kill the Outlaw Leader without even moving from where you 
start the fight, at the opposite end of the train car. When the fight begins, 
you'll be behind a row of wooden crates. Duck behind these crates to avoid 
the majority of the Outlaw Leader's fire. To reduce the odds of being hit
while you're crouched, press up as close as possible to the crates.

Besides the Outlaw Leader, 2 outlaws will also be shooting at you from
behind the crates in front of you. Pop up and use your pistol fanning
technique to mow them both down quickly.

Next, to kill the Outlaw Leader, you need to use your pistol's accurate 
single-shot mode. This is accurate enough to hit him even from the opposite 
end of the train car. To avoid his shotgun attack, pop up just slightly, then 
quickly duck back down again (don't even stand up all the way, just rise 
slightly then duck down again). The boss will fire off two shotgun blasts, 
then stop to reload. When he's reloading, pop up and shoot him, then duck 
back down again. Rinse and repeat. Depending on the difficulty level, it will 
take from 7 to 11 to 14 bullets to kill him.

Once the boss is dead, you still need to make your way to the front of the 
train car to end the level. Be careful, as an outlaw on horseback will pull 
up to your left, and there are two more outlaws hiding in the maze of crates 
at the front of the train. Kill them all, then reach the front of the train 
to retrieve the boss' shotgun and end the level.

Wild Bill:
Appearance: Outlaw cowboy with mustache, wearing white shirt and brown vest 
Health: EASY:   400
        NORMAL: 667
        HARD:   1000 
Weapon: Dual Colt Revolvers
Weapon Damage: EASY:   6
               NORMAL: 8
               HARD:   9
Fought In: Level 3 (Buffalo Springs)

You'll fight Wild Bill in a classic Wild West showdown in the middle of the 
town's main street. Wild Bill carries a Colt Peacemaker in each hand, giving 
him twice as much firepower as the average outlaw. Otherwise, he behaves the 
same as any other outlaw; he'll stand in one place firing at you, will chase 
after you if you leave his line of sight, and will run for cover to reload 
when he's out of bullets. 

Also, in traditional Wild West fashion, Wild Bill doesn't fight fair, and 
a couple outlaws will help him out by taking potshots at you from the balconies
of the various town buildings. You should ignore these guys and concentrate 
on the boss, as the level ends as soon as he dies.

Basically, you'll need to pop out and unload all six of your revolver bullets 
into him with the rapid fanning action, then duck behind cover to reload. 
If the boss gets close to you, you can also whip out your shotgun and blast 
him with the alt-fire to give him both barrels to the face.

You start the fight out next to some wooden crates. This is a bad place to 
take cover, as Wild Bill can sometimes shoot you through the crates, and can 
also run around them and shoot you if you try to hide behind them. Instead, 
the best place to take cover in this fight is right behind where you start; 
up the flight of stairs behind the second floor of the building at the end 
of the street. You're completely protected from the boss and his cronies up 
there, and can dodge out and fire at them at your leisure. On the higher
difficulty settings, dodge out then dodge back into cover to get Wild Bill
to start shooting, once he uses up all his bullets, pop out and shoot him
while he reloads.

Crazy Eddie:
Appearance: Pudgy bartender inside armored wagon, manning a mounted gattling 
Health: 4000 
Weapon: Gatling Gun
Weapon Damage: EASY:   1
               NORMAL: 1
               HARD:   2
Fought In: Level 6 (Ghost Town)

Crazy Eddie attacks you with a mounted Gatling Gun from inside an armored 
wagon. The Gatling Gun does continous damage to you throughout the entire 
battle. While each individual hit does miniscule damage, your health will 
constantly be drained away during the fight, and you'll die if you don't kill 
Eddie quickly enough. Because of the metal wall he's hiding behind, you can't 
harm him with bullets or any sort of frontal attack. Instead, you'll need 
to toss dynamite into the wagon to hurt him.

The dynamite's located next to the door you just came out off. You can hold 
a total of 3 sticks at a time. It can be difficult to harm Crazy Eddie with 
the dynamite, as you need to toss it just right so that it lands inside his 
steel wagon. This fight can be very frustrating if you don't know exactly 
what to do.

The basic idea is that you need to bounce the dynamite off the stack of crates 
behind him, so that the dynamite will rebound back into his hiding hole. The 
best place to do this is just to the left of the stack of crates on your right.
When standing there, aim your crosshair just to the left of the sideways 
triangular point (looks like a < ) of the cliff on the right behind Crazy 

The fight should look something like this:

    |            ! <  |
    |                 |
    |                 |
    |                 |
    |          CCC    |
    |                 |
    |          E      |
    |         ---     |
    |                 |
    |                 |
    |                 |
    | CCC         CCC |
    |            X    |

C = crates
X = you
E = Eddie
< = point on right cliff
! = aim crosshair here!!

Don't try to run towards Eddie or try to get behind him. If you run past the
line of crates on your side of the area, you'll automatically die.

Just toss all three of your sticks, then run back to the dynamite pile for 
cover while waiting for the sticks to explode. Don't try to take cover behind 
the wood crates, as Eddie can still shoot you through them. It should only 
take 2 or 3 well-placed explosions to blast Eddie out of his hiding hole and 
kill him.

Appearance: Marshall wearing black cowboy hat and long brown leather coat 
Health: EASY:   400
        NORMAL: 667
        HARD:   1000 
Weapon: Winchester Rifle
Weapon Damage: EASY:   10
               NORMAL: 13
               HARD:   15
Fought In: Level 9 (Saw Mill)

The Ex-Marshall is Thomas Creston's right-hand man and, like you, a former 
Marshall. Basically, he's your evil counterpart (think of him as a low-rent 
Walton Simons). You'll fight him in a large fenced-in yard in front of the 
Saw Mill.

The Ex-Marshall is equipped with a Winchester rifle; he's got decent aim, 
can do significant damage, and can fire off 11 shots before needing to reload.
He's also got a high rate of fire, as for some reason he doesn't need to
pause between shots to lever a new cartridge into the firing chamber.
On the higher difficulty settings, he can mow you down very quickly.

Besides simply shooting you, the Ex-Marshall will also chase you if you run 
behind cover, and will also hide behind cover himself when he needs to reload.
He's also helped out by an unending stream of outlaws, who will run up to 
the fence that surrounds the arena and take potshots at you from there. While 
you can kill these outlaws, more will arrive to replace them, so focus your 
attacks on the boss intead.

You start the fight next to a bunch of wooden crates. Do NOT use these crates 
for cover, as the Ex-Marshall and his outlaw buddies can shoot you right 
through them. The large pile of logs work much better as cover, since enemies 
cannot shoot through them. Probably the best place to take cover in this fight 
is the entrance to the Saw Mill. You'll be protected from the outlaws in this 
semi-enclosed area, and can strafe out from behind the corner to take shots
at the Ex-Marshall.

When the fight starts, you and the Ex-Marshall will be facing each other from 
a distance of a couple dozen feet. Unload your dual Colts into the 
Ex-Marshall's head while strafing left and right to avoid his return fire. 
When you run out of bullets, switch to the shotgun and blast him with both 
barrels. If he's still standing, run behind cover and reload your weapons, 
then pop out and finish him off.
The alt-fire of the shotgun also works well on him. Blast him with both
barrels, then quickly run behind the logs to reload. Rinse and repeat.
He'll go down after 3 or 4 blasts, depending on difficulty.

If the boss is still giving you problems on the higher difficulty settings,
take cover at the entrance to the Saw Mill. Strafe out then quickly strafe
back into cover to get him to start shooting. After he's used up all his
bullets, pop out and snipe him with the Sharps rifle while he's reloading.
He'll go down after 7 to 10 shots, depending on difficulty level. This
is probably the most reliable method to defeat him.

Once the Ex-Marshall dies, the door to the Saw Mill will unlock, and an outlaw
with a shotgun will run out. Kill him, then continue through the mill for 
the final showdown with Creston.

Thomas Creston:
Appearance: Snidely Whiplash-like Railroad Baron wearing dark suit and long 
black coat 
Health: 143 
Weapon: Remington Revolver
Weapon Damage: EASY: 6
               NORMAL: 8
               HARD: 9
Fought In: Level 10 (Devil's Pass)

In true mustache-twirling tradition, the evil Railroad Baron has kidnapped 
your girlfriend and is now trying to escape with her inside his personal 
stagecoach. Why? Who knows. It's time to just kill him and get it all over 

The game's final battle is a rail-shooter chase scene on horseback. You're 
pursuing Creston's stagecoach on your horse, armed only with a Remington 
revolver. You can't switch weapons or control the movement of your horse in 
this fight, so all you can do is aim and shoot.

As you chase the stagecoach, outlaws will ride up next to you and start 
shooting you. You need to kill these guys. After you kill a few outlaws, 
Creston's stagecoach will drift to the right and pull up next to you. When 
this happens, you can shoot the coach's driver to get Creston to pop out of 
the stagecoach and take potshots at you with his revolver. He's a businessman,
not a gunfighter, and has really crappy aim (I knew Bob Graham, I killed Bob 
Graham, and you sir are no Bob Graham...) so just shoot him the chest to get 
him to shut up. After being shot, Creston will duck back inside his coach, 
and a wagon will pull up to deposit a new driver as well as a gunner onto 
the top of the coach. Kill the gunner, and more outlaws will ride up next 
to you, repeating the process all over again.

Basically, you need to shoot Creston 5 times to kill him. Every time he pops 
out of his stagecoach, you can only harm him once (additional bullets have 
no effect). As a result, this fight takes place in 5 waves. Each wave consists 
of the following pattern:

   1: Outlaws ride up next to you and try to kill you. Kill them. Shoot each 
   outlaw twice, and you should be able to manage the job with the 6 bullets 
   in your revolver without needing to reload.
   2: Creston's stagecoach drifts to the right. Kill the driver and Creston
   will pop out and shoot at you. Shoot him once, then quickly reload when he
   ducks back into the coach.

   3: A pair of outlaws will ride next to the coach, and a driver and a gunner
   will leap onto the roof. Shoot the gunner with a few bullets before he can 
   shoot you, then reload, because you'll need a full clip to deal with the
   next wave of outlaws.

The first part of each wave consists of the following enemies, getting 
progressively harder with each wave.

   1st Wave:
   3 outlaws on horseback will pull up next to your horse. Each outlaw 
   takes 2 bullets to kill, so you should be able to kill them with all 6
   bullets in your revolver before needing to reload. The outlaws always pull
   up directly perpendicular to your horse, so you can target them just by
   swinging your aim all the way to the left or the right. The outlaws can
   ride up to either your left side or your right side, so be sure to swing
   your aim back and forth to keep a look-out for them.

   2nd Wave:
   Again, 3 outlaws on horseback will pull up next to you. Kill them 
   the same way you killed the previous bunch.

   3rd Wave: 
   A flatbed wagon will pull up next to your horse. The wagon has 1 
   outlaw driving, and 2 outlaws standing in the back shooting at you. Ignore
   the driving, and shoot the 2 outlaws before they can shoot you too many
   times. It should take 2 bullets each to kill them.

   4th Wave:
   1 outlaw on horseback will pull up next to you. After you kill him, 
   a wagon will pull up with 2 outlaws shooting at you from the flatbed. 

   5th Wave:
   The final wave consists of 2 wagons, one after the other. Each wagon 
   has 2 outlaws shooting at you from the flatbed. Unfortunately, you don't
   have enough bullets in your revolver to kill them all without reloading,
   so hopefully you have enough health to survive being shot a few times while
   you do reload. Try reloading after killing the 1st wagon and just before
   the appearance of the 2nd wagon to minimize the damage you take.

In the fight, use the rapid fanning action of your revolver. Double tap each 
outlaw, instead of wasting time trying to score headshots. Don't reload in 
the middle of an attack, or you'll be shot to pieces. Also, be sure to reload 
between attacks, as you'll need a full 6 bullets to deal with each one.

After taking 5 shots to the chest, Creston's corpse will tumble out of the 
stagecoach, and you'll have won the game.

Copyright 2007 Alan Chan
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