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Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War Dark Crusade Tips & Tricks

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Warhammer 40,000 - Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

==             Commander Wargear FAQ         ==
==                                           ==
==                   by Sturnn               ==
==                                           ==
==                  Version 1.2              ==
==                                           ==
==      email:      == 

This Faq is for 
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

- legal - 
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use.It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

If you would like to use this on your site feel free to email me.
My email is at the top of the page

1   Guide Description
2   How to earn wargear
3   Leaders/Commanders
3.1 Chaos Lord
3.2 Elder Commander
3.3 Imperial Gaurd General
3.4 Necron Lord
3.5 Ork War Boss
3.6 Space Marinse Force Commander
3.7 Tau Commander
4   Other

1- Guide Description
This guide shows players the commanders wargear and the effect it has
on the commadner. 
note that you can only get wargear in the campaign unless you download
a mod which is available.
2- How to earn wargear
There are ten ways to earn wargear all of which you'll get throughout 
the game. Each upgrades cost one point which you earn at the end of a 
game if you complete 1 or more of the task listed below. You can spend 
the points on whatever upgrade you want.

3 to 1 kill ratio
1 conquests
5 conquests
15 conquests
2000 kills
5000 kills
3 defeated enemies
1 successful defences
3 successful defences
5 successful defences

3- Leaders/Commanders
Each leader/commander has its own unique wargear. Apart from making 
your commander look cool they also have positive permanant effects.

3.1- Chaos Lord

Manreaper - increases melee damage; replaced standard power sword

Accursed Crozius - increases melee damage; requires manreaper

Plasma Pistol - Increases ranged damage; replaces standard bolt pistol

Melta Gun - increases ranged damage; effective against buildings
            requires plasma pistol

Helm Of Lorgar - reveals infiltarted units; increases melee damage and

Daemonic Armor - protects against melee attacks; greatly increases 

Daemonic Gauntlets - increases damage and health

Runic Boots - Grants immunity to knockdown; increases health

Banner Of Chaos - damages enemies morale; greatly increases health

Daemonic Ascension - choas lord permantly ascends to become the a
                     demon prince; requires all other wargear

3.2- Elder Commander

Witchblade - increases melee damage; relpaces standard power sword

Singing Spear - increases melee damage; requires Witchblade

Shuriken Pistol - increases ranged damage; replaces standard pistol

Twin Shuriken Pistol - increases ranged damage; 
                       requires Shuriken Pistol

Ghosthelm - increases ability recharge rate and health

Wraithbone Armor - increases Health

Gauntlets Of Isha - increases ability recharge rate and health

Runes Of Warding - protects against ranged attacks; increases health

Runes Of Witnessing - reveals infiltrated enemies; 
                      increases ability recharge rate

Rune Aura - Markedly increases regeneration of farseer and nearby 
3.3- Imperial Guard General

Master-Crafted Power claws - increases melee damage; 
                             replaces standard power claws 

Power Fists - increases melee damage; 
              requires Master-Crafted Power Claws

Storm Bolter - increases ranged damage; replaces standard bolter

Plasma Pistol - increases ranged damage; requires storm bolter

Targeting Optics - reveals infiltrated units and increases damage
                   of ranged attacks

Carapace Pauldrons - protects against ranged attacks; increases health

Carapace Chest plate - protects against ranged attacks; 
                       increases health

Carapace Greaves - increases movement speed and health

Victory Sash - increases morale of all gaurdsman squads and overall
               requisition rate

Governor's Raiment - adds squad and vehicle cap; 
                     allows kasrkin bodygaurds in command squad

3.4- Necron Lord

Skinning Blades - increases melee damage and moral loss

Reaping Blades - increases melee damage; requires skinning blades

Necrontyr Sigils - increases ranged attacks

Guass Flayer - increases ranged attacks; requires necrontyr sigils

Death Mask - Reveals infiltraited units, increases health

Reinforced Body - reduces damage from melee; greatly increases health

Mantle of Doom - increases health and moral; requires reinforced body

Heart of Darkness - increases health regeneration

Death Grip - Increases damage and health 

Death shroud - increases speed; reduces damage from ranged attacks

3.5- Ork War Boss                     
*ignore the spelling, these are how the orks name their gear*

Bigga Claw - increseas melee damage; replaces standard claw

Mega Claw - increases melee damage; requires bigga claw

Kustom Shoota - increases ranged damage; replaced standard shoota

Mega Blasta - increases ranged damage; requires kustom shoota

Big Horns - increases melee damage and health

Red Iron Gob - increases melee damage and health

Mega 'Eavy Armor - greatly increases health

Fasta Legz - increases speed and health

Skullz - damages enemy moral; increases health

Boss Pole - increases ork population, vehicle cap and health

3.6- Space Marinse Force Commander

Alexian's Blade - increases melee damage; replaces chainsword

Demonhammer - increases melee damage, effective against Daemons; 
              requires alexian's blade

Plasma Pistol - increases ranged damage; replaces bolt pistol

Melta gun - increases ranged damage; effective against buildings
            requires plasma pistol

Iron Halo - protects against ranged attacks; incerases health

Veteran's Pauldrons - greatly increases health

Azariah's Cincture - protects against melee attacks; increases health

Champion's Gaunlets - increases health and damage

Custom Greaves - increases speed and health

Teleporter - enables teleportation

3.7- Tau Commander

Flamer - additional weapon; effective against infantry

Fusion Blaster - increases ranged damage; replaces burst cannon
                 effective against vehicles and buildings

Plasma Rifle - effective against all units; replaces fusion blaster

Missile Pods - additional weapon; effective against vehicles

Advanced Sensor Array - reveals infiltraited units; increases health

Iridium Armor - reduces damage from all attacks; increases health

Jetpack - enables jump capability

Stealth Field - enables infiltration 

Shield Drone - draws enemy fire; can be trained by the commander

Gun Drone - effective against infantry; requires shield drone

4- Other
All content is updated if required.
If you have seen something that is wrong please tell me via Email

A special thank you to ciaran forrest for helping me with the FAQ


Alexian's Blade (used buy the Force commander) is named after 
Brother Captain Alexian, a cannon character in the Warhammer 40K 

The Manreaper was previously used by the Chaos SM commander in the 
first Dawn of War game.
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