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Warcraft Plot Guide Tips & Tricks

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Warcraft Plot Guide

By  Lord Zero			
Version 1.0


1.- File History
2.- Intro
3.- About this guide.
4.- Timeline.
5.- The History.
6.- Warcraft: Orcs and Humans.
7.- Warcraft II: The Tides of Darkness.
8.- Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal.
9.- Warcraft III: The Reign of Chaos.
10.- Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
11.- World of Warcraft.
12.- The adventure that never happened: Warcraft Adventures.
13.- The Races.
14.- Miscelleanous Facts About The Storyline.
15.- Frequently Asked Questions.
16.- Credits.
17.- Legal Stuff.


1.- File History.

- 0.1 A plot guide!!! This is an greedy project for me ^_^. Just started typing
stuff. Ahhh... this is gonna be fun. (11/06/2002, 16:08) 
Currently Listening to: Edgecrusher, by Fear Factory.
- 0.2 Wow. I've really advaced a lot! Currently writing the resumen for WC 
III... no music though. Soccer game on TV.
- 0.3 Finished the games, the main history... What a lot of stuff to write.
I'm advacing though. I think. Ahem.
Currently listening to: Bright Eyes, by Blind Guardian.
- 0.4 Working on the races section. Damn it's frigging long. (03/28/03, 20:49)
Currently listening to: Someday we'll know, By New Radicals. Ahem.
- 1.0 Done! Well, until now... (03/28/03, 22:06)
Currently Listening to: Head Like a Hole, by The Nine Inch Nails.



  Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, one of the most anticipated sequels ever, is 
finally out. Please take into account that you are reading a guide wrote by
a loyal fan, and I know what I'm talking about when that about is Warcraft.

  Warcraft is an epic tale of war, destruction, demons and survival. And as
it is, it has a fairly complicated history. Many characters come and go, and
everything seems to go haywire when something happens. This is especially
true to the last game of the series, WC III, and it seems as it will certainly
wildly shake when World of Warcraft is out, as well as the expansion pack.

  So, I find it interesting to write a plot guide, as many people are surely
confused for not playing the first games, or by not understanding some
of the many plot twists around the whole game. Besides, who doesn't want
to write a plot guide about a game they love?.

  So, proudly, I present you my latest guide yet: Warcraft Plot Guide.


3.- About this Guide.

  This guide looks like heaven on 800x600, though now I use 1024x768. However,
this isn't standard still, so I left it at the above definition. Besides, I'm
too lazy to change all my guides.

  Though I haven't played the expansion for WC II, I reckon it really doesn't
adds much to the storyline, and, as of WC II the storyline hasn't still been 
correctly defined. It still has a lot of holes since an expansion pack is
still to be released for WC III.

  THIS IS A PLOT GUIDE. For the purposes of this guide, I don't know how to
play the game, ok? And I don't know what is a huntress rush and stuff. I do
know how to "Mana Burn" an email account if you start annoying me.

  Finally, if something's wrong, don't yell at me. I'm just a fan. Just ask
me nicely what the freak am I talking about and we'll be just fine. Thanx.


4.- Timeline.

MAIN COURSE OF EVENTS: A brief Timeline.

10,000 BP (before portal ^_^) The Burning Legion Tries to invade the world
	   in order to drain the magic from it. They are repelled by a unknown, 
	   by the time, race, the Night Elves. The Burning Legion seems to 
         remember this defeat and are certainly eager to come back for a 
         second round.

	   The first Well of Eternity is Destroyed.

6,000    Quel'talas is founded. The High Elves appear for the first time.

2,800    Arathor is founded, marking the apparition of humans as an 
         organized race on the world. Also, around these years the Trolls are
         defeated by the Elves and their kingdoms are reduced to dust, 
         situation that keeps true to this day.

1,200    Seven nations are founded, separating Arathor. Lordaeron is one of
         these nations, as well as Stromgarde and Azeroth.

45       Aegwyn The Guardian defeats Sargeras, the leader of the 
         Burning Legion. However, Sargeras manages somehow to bond itself 
         with Aegwyn.

40       Mannoroth the Destructor, in Draenor makes a pact with Ner'zhul 
         the shaman in order to corrupt the shamanistic orcs into a 
         bloodlusted horde. They begin to attack the Draenei, another race of 
         their world, and crush them quickly.

37       Medivh, son of Aewgwyn, is born.

17-3     Somewhere between these years, Medivh makes contact with Gul'dan
         Warlock of the Horde and Leader of the Shadow Council.

1        The first portal is opened by Medivh, corrupted by the power of 
         Sargeras. The Horde enters Azeroth. In Azeroth, the current year is

5 AP     The Horde invades Azeroth definitely. Medivh is killed on his
         tower in Azeroth and is killed by Aduin Lothar (This is somehow
         unclear about WHO in fact kills Medivh, but is *almost* uninteresting
         due to the fact that Medivh stays alive anyway).

         While the Horde is able to beat the Humans and takes over Azeroth,
         Blackhand, the Warchief of the horde is killed by one of his own
         Generals, Orgrim Doomhamer, who claims he is the new leader of the
         Horde. Gul'dan is powerless to beat Doomhammer due to being weakened
         because of being inside Medivh's mind when he died.

         The King of Azeroth is killed.

         Lothar rallies their people towards Lordaeron.

6        The Human Alliance is formed, with King Llane from Azeroth as its
         leader. Humans, High Elves and Dwarves join forces to beat the
         Orcish Horde. The Trolls from Quel' Talas, the Goblins and the
         Ogres from Draenor join the Horde for various reasons.

         During this year, the Horde is defeated and the Dark Portal is

         Lothar is killed by DoomHammer during the Blackrock Spire siege.

	   Durotan is killed by Rend and Maim.

7        The Orc internments camps are created. 

8        Ner'zhul, an Orc Shaman, reopens the portal, and sends raiding 
         parties to find certain artifacts to open multiple portals from
         Draenor to Azeroth. In response, the Humans send their armies thru
         the portal and attack their world. Ner'zhul succedes in opening
         more portals, but he is unable to use them.

         Draenor is destroyed.

9-24    Thrall joins the history and succedes in freeing his fellow orcs.
        (See below for a note about this)

24      Thrall begins his quest to the west due to a mysterious prophet
        suggesting it.

        Ner'zhul is resurrected as a Lich, the Lich King. He begins his
        attacks to Azeroth using a plague which turns its victims to the

        Quel'Talas is destroyed.

        The Human cities are destroyed and the Prince Arthas of Lordaeron 
        falls victim to the Undead, joining them. Archimonde enters 

        Dalaran is destroyed.

        King Terenas, Muradin Bronzebeard and Uther lightbringer are killed 
        by Arthas.

        Grom Hellscream joins again the pact with Mannoroth the Destructor.
        Cenarious is killed by Grom Hellscream.

        Orcs and Humans joins forces for the first time as Jaina Proudmoore,
        daughter of the Admiral Proudmoore, and Thrall save Grom.

        Grom Hellscream dies but takes Mannoroth down with him, breaking
        the pact definitely with the Burning Legion.

        Tichondrious is killed by Illidian Stormrage.

        Illidian Stormrage leaves the forest forever.

        The Druids Night Elves awaken from their sleep. The Night elves
        being their offensive against the Undead but fail and have to
        retreat to the World Tree. With the Joined forces of Humans,
        Orcs and Night Elves, Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind
        manage to beat Archimonde.

NOTE: The complete storyline for Thrall is on a book, named "Thrall's Tale:
Lord of the Clans". Furthermore, there was a game that was never released
named Warcraft Adventures, which featured this history. Check the games
section for more information about it.

  Of course this isn't a definitive order of events, there have to be a lot
more to the found about the universe of Warcraft. There are a few holes still
to be filled, especially who the hell killed (or was thought to kill) Medivh.


|           |

  The history of Warcraft goes as far as when the world was created. Many
milleniums ago, the Titan, a group of Metal-Skinned powerful gods, traveled
around the Great Dark Beyond (the outer space)(duh), giving life to the 
planets they found. Their plans was to create order out of chaos, with life.

  The Titans had a elite sect of Titans named the Pantheon. They decided the
actions, and they decided the rules.

The only danger, though great, was the Twisting Nether, a dimension of twisted
and chaotic magics, which held captive every demon and evil being in existence.
They were struggling to escape, and finally, they succeded.

  Sargeras, at the time the greatest warrior out of the almighty Titans, was sent
to find these demons and slay them for good. For many centuries and millenias,
he fought. He eventually began to fell victim to the dark energies of the most
powerful races he killed, the Eredar and the Nathrezim, not dying or failing,
but desperating and feeling confused that hate and anger had met his once
pure mind. He began to feel as if the Titans were responsible for his doom.

  On its rage, he released the Eredar and the Nathrezim, allied with them, 
and fleed.

  During these days, Sargeras choose two helpers among the Eredar. Kil'Jaeden
the Deceiver, and Archimonde the Defiler.

  And now, his rage has been consuming worlds ever since...
|          |

  The Burning Legion's invasion of the earth was repeled by the Night Elves, 
an ancient and powerful race. Obviously, this wasn't forgot, and he
vowed to attack once again. Details of this war belong to the Night
Elves own history.

  Sargeras was eventually killed about 9,955 years later by Aegwyn, the Guardian
of the world, and buried in a particular place no one but she knew. It's said
that this tomb contains unknown power. Part of this unknown power was bound to
(See below for another notes)

  Three years later, Medivh, the son of Aegwyn and a key character, was born.
Aegwyn gave him her own power, locking it within himself only to awaken when
he was sixteen years old. This happened, but when it was released, Medivh
was corrupted by Sargeras Power.

  In the distant world of Draenor, the orc warlock Ner'zhul met a Pit Lord
named Manorroth the Destroyer, and signed a pact for power exchanging their service.
The Horde, once a shamanistic and quiet culture, became a group of bloodlusted
and demented orcs. The Orcs procedeed to attack their fellow Dreanei, quickly
killing all of them.

  With their only enemy extincted, the Horde began to break apart.
|             |

  During all this time, a powerful warlock known as Gul'dan, the most powerful orc
warlock ever, rose above the other magicians, eventually drawing attention from
no one else than Kil'jaeden the Deceiver. As his pupil, he began working into the
Twisting Nether, gaining ever more knowledge.

  When the Horde was tethering over the brink of destruction, he stood and formed
the Shadow Council, a group of Warlocks who kept the Horde together under the
promise of new lands to conquer. He found a puppet, the young Blackhand, to serve
as the new Warchief of the Horde.

  One time, he found all of his companions and even his master Kil'Jaeden, deeply
disturbed because someone had tried to contact them, but not him. Confused by
the fact that even Kil'Jaeded was afraid of this power, he sought to find it.

  He did, and the power had a name: Medivh. Medivh eventually found Gul'dan, and
they both offered their treaths. Medivh offered their lands in exchange of the
total anihilation of Azeroth, the only kingdom he thought to stand on his way.

  Medivh has been so corrupt that he was even able to defeat his own mother.
He began costructing a portal for the Orcs to pass, and he allowed them to invade

  Most importantly, he also offered Gul'dan the location of the Tomb of Sargeras.
|               |

  The Horde invaded Azeroth, but their first attacks were futile. Their first big
attack to Stormwind Keep was a disaster. Failed miserably. But they decided to keep
on fighting during five long years.

  During all this time, several things happened. Blackhand's daughter allied herself
with the Ogres who also came from Draenor but simply attacked everyone. Blackhand,
in exchange, killed her. 

  King Llane was assassinated by Garona, the Half Orc, and the personal assassin
of Gul'Dan.

 Medivh was eventually killed by Lothar (see below), a knight from Azeroth.
During his death, Gul'dan tried to steal the location of the Tomb Of Sargeras from
his mind, but when he died, Gul'dan fell to a catatonic sleep for weeks because of
the mental backslash caused by being inside his mind at the moment of his death.

 When he woke up, he found out that Blackhand was killed by Orgrim Doomhammer, and
he seized his throne. Orgrim suddenly attacked Gul'dan's outpost, and captured him,
finding the location of the Shadow Council thanks to capturing Garona and torturing
her about it.

  Orgrim was decided to kill him, but he offered the creation of an army of undead 
spellcasters if he leaved him alive. Orgrim accepted, and Gul'dan set off to create

  Finally, Doomhammer attacked Stormwind and killed the Human opposition, forcing
Lord Lothar to rally his people to Lordaeron in seek of help.
|                |

  Lord Aduin Lothar fleed to the lands of Lordaeron seeking help. King Terenas 
receives and protect him, and, under the menace of the Horde, he decides to form
a new offensive named the Alliance.

  Alterac, Stromgarde, Lordaeron, Azeroth and several other nations joined this
movement to defend against humans. The High Elves from Quel'Talas also join, as
well as the dwarves and gnomes from Khaz Modan. A formidable tandem against the

  The Horde also summoned help. The Ogres and the Goblins joined out of hatred and
to get a good fight, while the Trolls are forced to join in order to extract revenge
against the Humans and Elves for destroying their kingoms several thousands years
ago. The vicious Gul'dan created the Death Knights, hideous abominations riding
black steeds and wielding necromatic magic.

  Both sides collide, and battle rages on.

  Both sides have inside problems. For one, the Alliance is betrayed by Alterac,
the weakest human nation, who was cooperating with the Horde with information.
While its quickly destroyed, this enrages the humans to beat the Horde.

  The horde affairs are more serious. Gul'dan and Cho'gall, leader of the
Ogres, set out by themselves to find the Tomb or Sargeras, and pretty likely
is that they succeded! Doomhammer doesn't allows this and kills the mage and
the ogre mage, but the demons he released did most of the job.

  This trouble makes it hard for Doomhammer, and the Allied offensive begins gaining
ground. Unable to stop them, the Horde retreats to the Blackrock Spire, where
the final siege is laid on the Orcs. Lord lothar is killed, but Turalyon,
his right hand, keeps the command, and eventually win.

  Finally, they retreat to the Dark Portal, where everything settles, and the
Alliance finally destroys the wretched portal.

 Doomhammers whereabouts were unknown at the time.
|                   |

  A powerful shaman, Ner'zhul, refused to give up. He rebuilt the Dark Portal,
and set off to find several artifacts to build more. His raids succeded, but
the Alliance also decided to jump to Draenor to end with the orcish Horde
for good.

  Ner'zhul found the artifacts and tried to use them, but their powers were
too much for the world of Dreanor, and it was destroyed and ripped apart.
Ner'zhul dissapeared, and only two chieftains escaped: Killrog Deadeye, from
the Bleeding hollow clan, and Grom Hellscream...
|                       |

  After all this mess, the Trolls, Goblins and Ogres left the Horde and the Orcs 
remaining in Azeroth were captured and held captive in reclusion camps.

  Only Grom Hellscream and his Warsong Clan stayed free.

  As a sequel of the freedom of will of the Orcs, the remaining orcs suffered
an unexplained illness which took away their will to fight. They couldn't
help themselves, and stayed as a lethargic race.

  Also, a baby orc was found by an human soldier during the First War, 
and was raised as a gladiator and as a servant. His name was Thrall, and 
unknown to him, he was the son of a powerful orc known as Durotan.

  Once he celebrated his 24 years, he escaped his imprisonement to find his
people, whom he had never met. On his travels, he befriended the supersticious
Jungle Trolls, who joined him, and met the legendary Hellscream, who 
inspired him, and helped him to find his ways. He learned the shamanistic
culture of his fellow orcs, and eventually found the warchief of the horde,
Orgrim Doomhamer.

  With these three leaders, the Orcs were finally freed of their dream,
and they assaulted the different internments camps in order to free their
fellow orcs. In one of these assaults, Doomhammer was killed. And, in
his place, the young Thrall raised to the throne of Warchief of the
|                    |

  During the eventual madness which followed the fact that the orcs were
running rampant again, the necromancer Ner'zhul, former mentor of Gul'Dan
had started an strange death cult who offered their followers eternal
life. While King Terenas, still ruling Lordaeron nearly 30 years later,
noticed this, nothing seemed to be as troubling as the Horde.

  Azeroth also had a new king, Wyrd, who had made Azeroth a prolific nation
once again. However, the Alliance had broken apart after the second war,
and the human race might be threatened by their hatred enemies.

  However, the orcs didn't had to trouble the Humans. Thrall met a
strange prophet who told him to travel with his people to Kalimdor, and
Thrall agreed. This prophet also contacted King Terenas and was ignored.

  The death cult was something much more sinister, and the Scourge, an
army of undead abominations appeared as a sure sign that Lordaeron was
once again at trouble. A death plague, who killed and turned the dead
bodies to zombies. This was a far more dangerous threat to mankind, and
someone noticed.

  Arthas, the young song of the King, began chasing the responsibles for this
slaughter. He eventually finds out that the real responsibles are the cult
of the dead, and sets to destroy it, maniatically killing the undead. His
mad journey leads him to the frozen lands of Northtrend, where he mets the
legendary Mountain King Dwarf Muradin Bronzebeard, and believes to hear a 
voice that the mythical sword Frostmourne is the only thing that can save 
his people. 

  He eventually betrays his soldiers, destroying the ships and dooming them 
all to die in the ice plains of Northtrend. He finds the Frostmourne, 
gaining incredible power in exchange to the servitude to the one he sought
to anihilate...

  The Lich King. The new name of the Necromancer Ner'zhul. On his undeath.
|                                   |

  After this, the necromancer Kel'thuzad is revived as a Lich and indirectly
as the new mentor of the new Death Knight, Arthas. Their objective is
to open the demonic portal which will bring the almighty demon Archimonde to
the world to lead the invasion of the Burning Legion onto the world.

  With the aid of the cunning Dreadlord Tichondrious, the Death Knight is
able to take down the enemies of the scourge and manages to establish the
needed facilities near Dalaran to start the ritual of the arrival.

  This quest ends in the magical city of Dalaran, where the human defenders
try with all their power, but they are powerless to stop the ritual as
Infernals and Felhounds aid the undead armies. The battle is bloody, but
in the end, even if the humans manage to enter the base, the terrorific
demon is summoned and without any effort devastates the Violet City of
Dalaran, taking the powerful Archmage Antonidas with it.

But he didn't knew of the existence of another powerful Archmage still
alive: Jaina Proudmoore.
|                        |

  The Orcs have reached Kalimdor and befriended the hulking Tauren, an ancient
race of powerful minotaurs. They search for a place to settle in, and
suddenly know the reality of the Scourge. With the help of the Tauren, they
decide to find a way to destroy them.

  However, tragedy strucks as Grom Hellscreams starts pissing off the Night
Elves by defiling the forest. Then he faces the demi-god Cenarius, the
protector of the forest. On his hatred of this deity, he finds the Pit Lord
Manorroth, and he offers them the power to kill Cenarius. Blinded by rage,
he accepts. And turns all his clan again into the bloodlusted barbarians
they were 30 years before, and kills the protector of the forest, opening
the floodgates for a massive demonic invasion of the Burning Legion.

  Once Thrall knows, he attempts to make Grom come back to his senses, but
he is deep within a fort, surrounded by demons and his damned clan. He then
meets the young Archmage Jaina Proudmoore, who offers her help. While most
orcs are still angry at the humans and the humans feel the same, these two
charismatic leaders are much more wise and Thrall and Jaina join forces.

  The plan is to capture Grom with a soul sphere and bring him back with
Jaina to help him. After a cataclismic battle, they succedd in bringing
him back alive.

  Thrall and Grom set out to a canyon looking for Manorroth. They engage
the powerful demon in battle, and he defeats Thrall with ease. However,
the more experienced Grom is able to take him down at the cost of his
life. When he awakens, Thrall finds his old friend dead, and decides
to get revenge no matter the cost.
|                |

  Meanwhile, the ancient Night Elves set out in a journey to awaken the Druids
in order to strenghten the defense of the forest. Tyrande Whisperwind notices
the demon invasion, and decides to wake them up.

  The battles are hard, and while the undead tries to kill the Druids before
they awake, they fail, and the reclusive druids of the talon are back to 

  The hope of the defenders of the Ashenvale forest are high up when they 
finally awake the most powerful druid, Malfurion Stormrage, who suggest to
look for the Druids of the Claw, who sleep in their bear forms deep in the
mountains. When tyrande and Malfurion enter the caves, Malfurion notices
this is the place where his damned brother is captive, Illidian Stormrage.
Tyrande and Malfurion argue wheter his help would be needed or not, and 
Tyrande decides to go on her own to free him as she thinks any help could
be useful, but Malfurion negates the necessity as his sinner brother is the
last one he would ask help to.

  Malfurion Stormrage uses the Horn of Cenarius and manages to wake the
Druids of the Claw. Tyrande, on her own, manages to free the Demon Hunter,
Illidian. The two brothers face each other for the first time in ten thousand
years, and Malfurion despises him. Illidian sets off his own.

  Illidian soon meets the Death Knight Arthas, who challenges him to a fight.
Realizing they are not going anywhere, the Death Knight proposes him to 
destroy the Skull of Gul'dan, which would help his master, and disrupt the
demonic invasion. Illidian agrees out of desperation for his brother's bless.
He faces Tichondrous, and fails, but he then assumes his demon form which has
been hidden from his control, and becomes much more powerful than Tichondrous,
beating him in battle against him and his Infernals. Malfurion, even more
irritated now, banishes him from the forest even though he was fighting for 

  Finally, Malfurion and Tyrande (against her will), decide to join a truce
between Orcs, Humans and Night Elves, and join forces to stop Archimonde from
reaching the world tree. Malfurion has a plan, and the fight ensues.

  At the foot of the World Tree, three bases are set. The Humans, though brave,
are no match for the overwhelming power of the Burning Legion. Jaina Proudmoore
falls on this battle, but her spirit lives on to taunt the powerful Archimonde.

  The Orcs, a more volatile and aggressive race, give a match, but again the
Burning Legion combines number with power, and fall. Thrall's spirit leaves
the battlefield, his mission accomplished and his life not lost.

  Finally, the Night Elves fight with all their might to stop the invasion of
the World Tree, and fail, but the plan of Malfurion works, and the ancient spirits
of the World Tree, prepared to defend their place, kill Archimonde as he reaches 
the tree. The Night elves have gave their inmortality away, but have saved
the world.

And the world rests in peace for the moment...



  WC I starts right after the first war has begun and the first invasion begins.
Both campaigns, Orcs and Humans, are parallel and pretty much true. Mostly,
or most of the events in WC I are supposed to ocurr except the destruction
of the Blackrock spire.

  The order of events in WC I are, for the most part, irrevelant. Both campaigns
seem to actually happen in the oficial storyline, but the Orc Campaign is
certainly pointless.

  The subplots of Warcraft I include Blackhand's daughter Griselda and the 
rescue of Aduin Lothar are quite useless and seem to add nothing to the 
history, probably added only to fill in more dungeon scenarios. However,
the pursuit and killing of Medivh (though it happens without Lothar) and
the rescue of Garona are very real parts of the history and are needed.

  For the purposes of the game, the First War is as long as five years,
and ends with the partial victory of the Orcs after killing the King and
destroying Azeroth.

  Warcraft I also mentions quite a few towns, but none of them are actually
appear anywhere else in the series, and includes an strange tileset which
is very similar to Dreanor _, but can also be interpreted as a wasteland.

  Points to be noted: The daemons summoned from the Warlocks are not actual
demons thought their resemblance with the Doom Guards from WC III is 
certainly striking. They are much weaker (storyline wise, not gameplay wise. 
Daemons are without a doubt the most destructive things ever created)

  Gameplay wise, this is the only game which presented normal units which had
the purpose of summoning several kinds units. This was probably scrapped in
WC II since the pace of game is so much faster and the game could be
easily destroyed by hundreds of spiders or scorpions.

  Also, WC featured some NPCs never seen again, the Fire Elemental.



  WC II begins right away when the first game is over, Stormwind is taken, and
King Llane killed. Sir Aduin Lothar rallies his people towards Lordaeron, 
looking for help and unknown to him putting the whole world in danger.

  The Alliance is then formed by seven powerful human nations, the aid of elves,
gryphons and dwarves, while the bloothirsty Horde is joined by trolls, ogres,
goblins and dragons.

  Warcraft II history greatly is tied to the different nations-clans which join
the Alliance and the Horde. Check the appropiate section for descriptions.

  Again, is kinda obvious most of Warcraft II actually happened in the official
storyline, though there are some strange inconsistences during the history,
such as the fact that the ogres are still with the horde even after the Twilight's
Clan is exterminated by their orcish "allies" ^_^, but there are some important
and interesting official moments:

	- Gul'dan actually manages to find the Tomb of Sargeras, but is killed by
	the demons he released during its opening. Torn apart, the rest of the
	Stormreaver Clan is obliterated by the Blackrock Clan. It's interesting to
	note that the Daemons flying over the location where Cho'Gall and Gul'dan
	are hiding are either a)out to get him or b)making a severe inconsistence
	in the game, plot-wise ^_^. It can also be argued that the Daemons made a
	pact with Gul'Dan, but this is certainly stupid, since the Daemons are
	supposing to be serving Archimonde or Kil'Jaeden, then again, they can
	be rebels.

	- Doomhammer engages Lothar in battle and kills him. This is not clearly
	shown in the game since Doomhammer has no sprite. Dammit.

	- The first portal, created by Medivh, is destroyed.

	- Zul'Jin is probably still alive. Pointless but true. He was captured
	but rescued and joined the Horde.

	- Alterac is destroyed by the Alliance after betraying it. 

	- Khaz Modan is devastated but is recovered from the hands of the Orcish

	- The Portal is destroyed by Khadgar, Medivh's former pupil.

	- Turalyon, Lothar's first litenaut, is the one who leads with fellow
	allies to the victory over the Blackrock Spire.

  Obviously, to this point everyone ought to understand that this game is
probably a huge mess of conflicting storylines, as it's nearly impossible
to note each and every point of the campaign since most of it seems to
be either a)contradicting the other campaign or b)having no point in the

  About the endings: Khagdar destroys the dark portal. It doesn't gets much
farther than that. 

  The orcish ending, on the other part, is completely false as King Terenas is
obviously alive and well until WC III.

  The biggest slop in this game is definitely Alexzastra. For crying out loud,
HER OFFSPRINGS!! Why the hell did blizzard changed her into a red dragon in
WC III is beyond me...



  Beyond the dark portal is, storyline-wise a cornerstone since it explains
much of the mess the third game is.

  The plot of BTDP is basically Ner'zhul, at the time a normal orcish shaman
decides to open a new portal to send a raiding party to Lordaeron in order
to steal a variety of artifacts from the human world which would empower
him to the point of being able to open more portals to invade the human world

  He succedes, but Draenor is finally destroyed due to the overcharge of
power ripping it apart. Two chieftains and their clans escape, and Ner'zhul
also manages to escape.

  This plot is certainly stupid at the time, since it just seems to be another
intent of the orcs to invade Lordaeron, of course, it isn't as simple as that.
Check WC III for the full history.

  The most important fact storyline-wise thing that happens during this game:

	-Deathwing, a black "rebel" dragon is either killed or he dissapears
	during this game. Blizzard suddenly changed this aspect claiming Deathwing
	to be the Black Dragon who rules over every black dragon and a mortal
	enemy to Alexzastra. This is certainly funny ^_^, especially because 
	there are more Great Dragons empowered by the Titans which are nowhere
	to be seen in ages. The only one who's "excused" is the Green Dragon,
	Dragonflight who's supposed to be flying around in the Emerald Dream.
	Kudos to the fixes on the road.

This section will be filled with more pointless comentary on a future version
since info for this game is oficially lacking.



  Reign of Chaos picks up around thirty years after the end of the second war,
that is, after the end of Beyond the Dark Portal.

  The story is centered on a young orc named Thrall, who was picked up by a
human during the second war who raised and educated him. He grew up to be
a fairly wise, intelligent and strong orc, and decides to escape one day,
eager to find his people, eventually finding and joining Grom Hellscream,
another powerful orc chieftain, and setting on a journey to help his fellow
orcs, who are found to be affected by some kind of "social Withdrawn" which
has turned them to a lethargic sleep which has literally stopped their lives.

  The story also follows the story of Prince Arthas, son of King Llane and
heir to the throne of Lordaeron, besides all around interesting guy with 
stupid haircut (I had to say it). He's in love with the beautiful daughter
of Admiral Proudmoore, Jaina, but their relationship had to stop due
to their busy schedules. Prince Arthas is a fierce defender of his country,
and will take it to the extreme ways in order to save his people.

  Starring also is the Night Elf princess, Tyrande Whisperwind, who starts
her quest to wake up the druids in order to defend the forest and stop the 
menace to come.

  But what is that endangers the existence of the world? The second arrival
of the Burning Legion, the army which Sargeras created ages ago to destroy
and consume all life on the universe.

  The plot of Warcraft III is, without a doubt, the most elaborate plot ever
created for any RTS game. While is somewhat similar to the plot of Starcraft
(Alliances, good guy who turns evil, funny and annoying characters) is
however totally original and very unexpected. I especially enjoyed this game.

  A few points to note. Please note that this game is still lacking an expansion
pack which is expected to solve many of the plot holes still out there:

	- Archimonde is killed, this leaves only Kil' Jaeden out there to command
      the Burning Legion. Problem is: The Burning Legion and the Undead are,
	apparently, separated, and probably future enemies.

	- Kel'Thuzad and Arthas whereabouts are unknown at the moment. 

	- The Night Elves gave up their inmortality and will age as mortals do.
	Their powers over nature will dissapear in time, as Tyrande notes.

	- Muradin Bronzebeard, Tichondrious, Malganis, Silvana Windrunner, Uther 
	Lightbringer, Grom Hellscream, Mannoroth and Antonidas are certainly dead.

	- Lordaeron and Dalaran are destroyed. Lordaeron was literally overrun
	while Dalaran was razed by Archimonde after a serious siege laid by the
	- Cenarious, the guardian of the forest is dead.

	- Illidian was banished from the forest and is arguably seeking 

	- Lordaeron is lacking an official king... or an official _anything_
	at the moment.
	- The Lich King is still alive.

  The dragons are still having fun somewhere else. When are they gonna show 
up and why haven't they shown up already is beyond my comprension. Coward
flying lizards.

  The endings: Archimonde is killed. Pretty obvious. Ahem. There is little
more to be commented about it. 



  Recently announced expansion for Warcraft III, not much info is out about
the storyline, but you can make out the whole thing out of the title,
it's a frigging Frozen Throne.

  There has been a lot of speculation about this game and I prefer not to
touch this matter even with a ten foot pole because the subject is touchy.

But, actually, you know I'm dying to talk about it. Hehe.



  The last game announced in the series, happens four years after The Frozen
Throne. The game will revolve around the races rebuilding their kingdoms.

  Storyline wise, this game will add little of value to the series except what
was left of the world after The Frozen Throne and, thus, I will probably not
add much to the guide once the game is out. I myself am not very excited about
this game (it's a frigging Massively Online RPG and those games always 
frustrated me and always will. Ewww.).


12.- The adventure that never happened: WARCRAFT ADVENTURES.

  This game was supposed to be released shortly after Starcraft: Broodwars,
and was mysteriously cancelled, offering a reason months later. It was a
graphic adventure game with cartoon-like graphics where you took control of
no one else than Thrall on his escape and eventually his rescue of the 
divided clans. The characters present were Thrall (main character), Durotan
(who in turn we discover that he was killed by Rend and Maim), Grom 
Hellscream, Alextrasza (Who would be one bitchy dragon ^_^), Zul'jin, who
would have received some actual storyline, alongside other characters
who never appeared again, like Drek'Thar (an orc), Gazlowe (A goblin)(!), 
and Blackmoore (a human), who was the bad guy as it seems.

  A short and interesting movie was included in the Starcraft CD which showed
some footage and ended with a Thrall shouting at Blackmoore "Blackmoore, 
Tonight you sleep in HELL!" as he grabbed him. 

  The Official Press declaration which Blizzard offered after receiving a
petition to continue work on the game was as follows (And I quote):

  "Blizzard wants to take a minute to respond to the Warcraft Adventures petition 
that is circulating on the Internet. First, we want to express our gratitude to the 
Warcraft fans that took the time to organize such an effort. We recognize 
that the cancellation of Warcraft Adventures has disappointed some of our 
customers, and we appreciate that they have shared their opinions with us.

  Secondly, we want let you know that stopping development was not a decision that 
was taken lightly. It was a hard call to make, but each of us knows that it 
was the right choice. The cancellation was not a business or marketing decision 
or even a statement about the adventure genre. The decision centered around 
the level of value that we want to give our customers. In essence, it was a 
case of stepping up and really proving to ourselves and gamers that we 
will not sell out on the quality of our games.

  And finally, we hope that Warcraft fans will consider our track record and 
trust our judgement on ending the project. The cancellation of Warcraft 
Adventures does not signal the demise of Azeroth. We have every intention 
of returning to the Warcraft world because there are still chapters to be 
told. We will keep you informed as we announce future Warcraft plans."

  So, Blizzard wasn't happy about the quality of the game and, I wasn't 
particullary either (So they noticed about me and cancelled it ^_^),
because a) The Adventure genre would be, while interesting, very 
unrelated to the War theme of the games (everything happens on the wars)
and b) the graphics in particular were somewhat dissapointing.

  Most of the storyline about this game was released afterwards on the novel
"Lord Of the Clans".

  Screenshots of the game and some other info can be found on 
(, I don't know if I'm allowed to post a link to 
the article but I'll do it anyways:



  All the Races despicted in the game. What a lot of work >_<.


  Insanely powerful beings with skins of metal which spend their time
creating worlds and life.

  They created the earth and empowered the Night Elves when the
world was formed. They also created the Dragons. They also
have an elite sector known as The Pantheon which holds the
leaders of the Titans. One of the most powerful Titans was
Sargeras, before he went insane after being corrupted by the evil races
he fought and became evil.

  Notorious Titans: Sargeras.


  Main race in Azeroth, the most advanced technologically and the most
prosperous as it seems. Humans are simple beings which live pacefully
and in groups. Meh. Is hard to write a resume being a human ^_^.

  The Humans history goes back to 2800 years before the first war.
They appeared, formed a society and bassically lived in safety until the
last guardian, Medivh, went insane and opened the portal to Draenor
after making contact with the Orcish Warlock Gul'dan, which unleashes the
first invasion, which beats the humans and makes them retreat to Lordaeron,
where they form a shaky alliance between all the human nations, the Dwarves
and the High Elves.

  Humans have been present in all games, and have eventually allied with
High Elves and Dwarves (From Warcraft II and on). They have faced the
Orcish Horde thrice and was defeated once and victorious once too. 

  The humans have been a continuous presence on the game as the "good guys"
and as the first race that oppossed the Orcish invasion. Physically,
they are weak, maybe the weakest race after the elves, but their technology
and their limited magic powers have always been much more advanced and
their bravery they have always been a stone to move.

  The humans have been repressented by the: Peasants, Militia, Knights,
Conjurers, Mages, Footmen, Archers, Paladins, Bandits, Brigands, Enforcers,
Assasin, Enforcer, Bandit Lord.

Notorious humans: Medivh, Lothar, Prince Arthas.


  Originary from Draenei, the Orcs were a shamanistic and peaceful race
before Ner'zhul sealed a pact with a demon to grant them a unnatural
strenght in order to get more power. From that moment, the Orcs became
a savage horde which started to wreak havoc across their world.
Not a drop of trust between them and not even partnership. They
only went together to kill.

  The Orcs are one of the strongest races known. Their strenght and
shamanistic powers are very high and they're known for their 
strategic warfare. The Orcs are also known for their once successful
imprisonement of the single most powerful entity in the human world,
the Dragon Queen Alextrasza. They are also hinted to be a very ancient 
race, though no clear sign is shown.

  Technically and socially, the orcs are not very developed. For years,
their only motivation was war all around, and thus, their intelligence
and general interest toward technology was limited. Once back into
their original form, they remain highly supersticious and shamanistic
and that might limit their possibilities.

  The orcs have been a pressence for the first two games as the bad
guys, the invaders. On the third game they become suddenly the good
guys thanks to Thrall, the new warchief, who was raised by humans
and raised as an educated warrior.

  The Orcs have been represented by the: Peons, Grunts, Spearmen,
Wolf Riders, Shamans, Warlocks, Blademasters, Wyvern Riders,
Far Seers, Kodo Beasts (the riders).

Notorious Orcs: Gul'dan, Orgrim Doomhammer, Thrall.


  Elves are divided in two tribes: Night Elves and High Elves.The only 
real difference between them is their physical appearance: Night elves 
are purple while High Elves are caucasian. Besides that, the Night Elves are 
very reclusive and never appeared again until the second arrival of the
Burning legion, while the High Elves offered their help to
repel the second orcish invasion. They did withdrawed after that, though.

  Grom Hellscream at some point mentions that the Night Elves are "Far too
tall and far too savage" to be elves.

  The elves are weak physically but they possess amazing magical powers
due to their bond with nature. Plus, thanks to their conection to
the world tree, they are almost immortal. 

NIGHT ELVES: The night elves from Azeroth are the most powerful kind of
elves, but also the most shy and reclusive kind. Their story goes back
to the very start of the world, as the first race empowered by the Titans.

  When the world was created, the Night Elves were created. As simple as
that. Their source of power was the Well of Eternity, a formidable lake
which serve as a magical source of power for the elves. 

  From this well, however, doom was spelled. The Highborne, a group of
favored elves who were chosen by the Queen, controled the magical power 
of the Well and wished to control and cultivate it, began to be corrupted 
by the power of the Burning Legion. However, a powerful elf known as 
Malfurion Stormrage with the support of the Priestess of the Moon Tyrande 
Whisperwind decided to make it stop, but the Highborne wouldn't listen. Eventually,
Malfurion's brother Illidian, joined his brother in the fight.

  This rose to a big struggle and the Queen Azshara actually managed to 
open a portal in the middle of the Well big enough for the Legion. Thanks 
to the demigod Cenarious, the Night Elvesd managed to stop both threats.

  Illidian eventually betrayed his brother and built another Well of Eternity,
but he was caught and, instead of destroying this one, a collosal tree was 
planted, he Tree of Eternity, which was tied to the Elves and made them inmortal.
With Cenarious as their protector, the forest was recovered.

  Malfurion, annoyed with Illidian decided to chain him and throw him down
into a deep cave so his madness would be trapped there for the rest of

  However, there was another catch. In order to keep the forest safe against
another invasion, the Dragons joined this (With the exception of the black 
Dragons) and granted the Elves a number of gifts, but the Druids then had
to sleep in a dimension of sorts ruled by the Green leviathan Ysera named
the Emerald Dream.

  Finally, the High Borne were banished from the forest (though they claim
that they left on their own).

  The Night Elves are, thus, the most ancient race in the world. The Night
elves technologically aren't exacly very advanced, their brightest work
is the creation of the Ballistas, however, their magical power make up
more than enough for the lack of interest towards tech. 

  An interesting point is that all the male Night Elves are part of a
big brotherhood and are labeled as Druids, with the sole exeption of the
Demon Hunters.

  The Night Elves first and only apparition was in the third game of the
series, as the decisive force which unites the Orcs and Humans against
the Burning Legion. Despite this, they have quite a long history. Dammit.

  The Night Elves have been represented by the: (night elf) Archers,
Huntress, Priestess of the Moon, Druids of the Claw, Druids of the Talon.

Notorious Night Elves: Tyrande Whisperwind, Malfurion and Illidian

HIGH ELVES: The High Elves from Azeroth were once part of the Night Elves
society before being kicked out for their reckless use of magic after the 
tragedy of the Well of Eternity.

  The history of the High Elves after their exile isn't really important.
They traveled west and founded Quel'Talas. In there, they built their empire
and lived peacefully, their only enemies being the Trolls. A savage and
long war was fought and the Trolls' ancient empire was destroyed, and since
that day, the High Elves and the Forest Trolls are deadly enemies.

  The High Elves eventually joined the Humans and the Dwarves in order to
repel the second Orcish Invasion. However, after this war, they retreated
again to the forest claiming the Humans were careless about magic (talk
about hypocrisy!), but probably they just wanted to be left alone. A few
elves though remained faithful to the Alliance.

  Shortly after the start of the Second Coming of the Burning Legion the
forest of Quel'Talas was decimated and the High Elves' future is uncertain.

  The High Elves are physically weaker than their Night counterparts and 
their magic powers aren't nearly as obscene as the Night Elves.

  Their First apparition was in the second game as Allies of the Humans.

  The High Elves have been represented by the: (elven) archers, Arch Mages,
Sorceress, Priests.

  Notorious High Elves: Silvanas Windrunner.

SATYRS: The Satyrs are also elves which were corrupted by the power
of magic, and so, their apperance was drastically changed. They worship
the Burning Legion and act as their agents.


  Powerful spider-like creatures which lived in Northtrend before the
Lich King settled in. The Nerubian City of Aszul Nerub was destroyed
by the Undead army and thus, the Nerubians are almost extinct though
a few groups of these dark warriors still live on.

  The Nerubians bassically ruled Northtred as their subterrean
world was almost as big as Northtrend itself, and were the last
race which resisted the Lich King's attacks.

  The past of the Nerubians is unknown and their present situation
makes their future uncertain as best, and probably we will lose
contact of these creatures after the Frozen Throne.

  The Nerubians have been represented by : (nerubian) Seer, Warrior,
Queen, Trapper.

  Their first apparition is on the third game.


  The Dragons are enourmous flying lizards which are amongst
the more powerful creatures of the world. They come in a variety
of colors, named Dragonflights:

  Blue Dragons, ruled by Malygos, lords of magic. Fought with the
Black Dragons for years and were killed. Only a few of them remain.
Can be found in Northtrend.

  Red Dragons, ruled by Alextrasza. They are numerous and powerful,
noble and protectors of all life. Originally, though, Blizzard
intended Alextrasza to be a manipulative evil being, but after
Warcraft Adventures was cancelled, they dropped it and turned
the red Dragons into good people. Is important to note that
the dragons in Warcraft II are supposed to be red, but they aren't.

  Green Dragons, ruled by Ysera. The green dragons are ethereal and
magical creatures and are most likely found flying around the 
Emerald Dream  with their queen.

  Black Dragons, ruled once by Deathwing, but since Deathwing is
either dead or missing (very likely to be dead, though), the
black dragons are certainly now all by themselves. The black dragons
were almost exterminated due to their tendence to be very evil and
thus they were obliterated by the elves or humans (Is not clear who
hunted them).


  Supersticious, canibal and very funny looking, the Trolls are the
second most ancient race of Azeroth.

  The Trolls from Azeroth were the owners of a vast empire but they
were attacked and destroyed almost entirely by the humans and the elves,
clear reason for their hatred towards these two races. The Trolls are
extremely strong and agile, as well as having a very fast regeneration
ability, being very difficult to completely kill a troll.

(Technically, the only way of killing a Troll would be burning it, or
dropping acid on it.)

  The Trolls joined the Horde looking for vengance during the Second War,
but the Horde lost and the Trolls left the alliance, obviously because
they were going to be eaten alive by the Alliance. They befriended the
Horde again in WC III for no particular reason, though.

  There are several kinds of Trolls. They are very similar except for their
environment. The Jungle Trolls, the Forest Trolls and the Ice Trolls.
Is kinda obvious where they live ;). The Jungle Trolls are the ones in
WC III, and is pretty likely that ones in WC II are Forest Trolls.
  The Trolls have been represented by: Troll Witch Doctor, Troll Axethrower,
Trolls Berserker, Jungle, Ice, Trapper, Warlord, Dark (troll), Headhunter.

  Notorious Trolls: Zul'jin.


  Big lumbering-two headed thingies. 

  The Ogres are one of the very few races still present in azeroth that are
not indigenous to this land. They came with the Horde during the first invasion
but they didn't allied with them until the second war. During the first
one they bassically... did nothing except allying for some reason with
Blackhand's daughter and getting her killed.

  During the second war they allied with the Orcs and kicked some serious ass,
including capturing the Runestone in Daer Carrow and thus being able to
create an army of Ogre-Magi. However, after the defeat of the orcs, they
quickly withdrawed their support and grouped in small groups.

  Most Ogres aren't very smart, however, amongst them are a group of intelligent
ones which have organized their kind and bassically live terrorizing small
villages and are very likely to be extinct due to their lack of a society.

  The Ogres have been represented by: Ogres (duh), Ogre Magi, Ogre Maulers,
Ogre Lords.

  Notorious Ogres: Cho'Gall.


  The stout Dwarves of Lordaeron are one of the most prolific races in the known
world. Hiden in their undermountain kingdom of Khaz Modan, the Dwarves stood
indifferent to the first orcish invasion. However, during the second war, the
Horde invaded their subterrean halls they were forced to join the alliance in
order to save their people, and since then the Dwarves and the Humans have
become allies and friends. 

  The Dwarves also seems to maintain a grudge with the Gnolls of Lordaeron.

  Dwarves are smaller but stronger and faster than humans, and also live much
longer than them. They are also quite brilliant and inventive, but as it seems
their most important goal in life seems to mine minerals out of the galleries O_o.

  There is no evidence of their supposed grudge with the Goblins.

  The Dwarves have been represented by: Mountain Kings, Gnomish Flying Machine,
Gyrocopter, Dwarven Sharpshooter, Dwarven Demolition King.

  Notorious Dwarves: Muradin and Magni Bronzebeard.


  Small green funny looking thingies, the Goblins are a race of demi-human
creatures. They are born from the rock and mountain, and so can be massively
reproduced. They are supposed to hold a grudge with the Dwarves but no evidence
can be found. They were recruited by the orcs during the second war, but
after the orcs were defeated, they went by themselves.

  The goblins are fond of technology, trading and destruction. They are very
bright but are most of them completely insane, leading them into a very
likely death by explosion or something similar. Their appetite for destruction
is very effectively repressented in their Sappers.

  The Goblins have been represented by: Goblin Sappers, Goblin Zepellins,
Goblin Shredders.

  Notorious Goblins: Necloc Greedyfingers.


  The minotaurs from Kalimdor are a peaceful race of powerful warriors (ironic,
isn't it?), who are grouped in tribes. They join Thrall when he reaches Kalimdor,
and he decides to try and help them from the constant attacks from the Centaurs.

  The Tauren and very strong and noble, they revel in combat armed with their
totems. They also have an slightly longer span of life than humans or orcs.
They hold a grudge with the Centaurs.

  They are gonna be in the new World of Warcraft game, so they are probably
a new and important race, which represents the first created race for Blizzard.
Congrats ^_^. Now make something that reaches the degrees of cuteness of the
Chocobos or Moogles, and you'll be on your way ^_^.

  The Tauren have been represented by: Tauren, Tauren's Chieftain.

  Notorious Tauren: Cairne Bloodhoof.


  Prosperous but relatively young race in Lordaeron, they are a race which
is somehow a mix of a human and a hyena. They are certainly agressive and
strong, not to mention very fast, but they are stupid as they come.

  They hold a grudge against the Dwarves, though probably there is not
logical reason for this hatred. It's probably because they noticed 
that they were smaller, and then decided to attack them ^_^.

  They are not very bright, they can be found fighting amongst themselves
over stupid things, and as such, the lack of organization and leadership
makes them a minor nuisance to humans, orcs, and elves.

  The Gnolls have been represented by: (Gnoll) Poacher, Assassin, Brute,
Warden, Overseer, Gnoll.


  The Kobolds are a relatively weak race of underground rat-like people,
which main concern is to mine precious stones from the mines. They are
evil by nature, but their cowardice is bigger than their hatred towards
any other race. They haven't held any important role in the history yet.

The Kobolds have been represented by: Kobolds, (Kobold) Geomancer,
Tunneler, Taskmaster.


NOTE: I'm not very sure if this race is also original by Blizzard. Any

  The Murlocs are a mysterious race of amphibious toad-like people, which
are, while not indigenous to Lordaeron, are very likely to be much, but much
older than most races present.

  It is strongly hinted that the Murlocs are intelligent and evil by nature,
yet as it seems, they don't have any particular interest in waging war 
against the humans, orcs, or elves. They have a social structure, but not
much is known about them yet.

  The Murlocs have been represented by: (Murloc) Tiderunner, Huntsman, 
Plaguebearer, Flesheater, Nightcrawler, Mutant.


NOTE: See Murlocs.

  The Quillboars are a race of very agressive pig-like people which lurk
in the plains of Kalimdor. Their culture is primitive, but their agressivity
makes them fearsome opponents.

  The Quillboars have been represent by: Quillboards, (Razormane) Scout,
Brute, Medic, Chieftain.


  Not much is known about the Draenei. The partners of the Orcs in 
Draenor before the first war, the Draenei were a peaceful race before
it was obliterated and completely eradicated by the Horde before
the first portal was open.


  One of the most vile and powerful races in the Great Beyond, the only
remains of the Eredar are the Orcish Warlocks and the powers wield
by the Burning Legion... and Kil' Jaeden. They are a race of demons.

  They were nearly annihilated by Sargeras when he was a lawful Titan,
but when he went insane, he released them, and choose Kil' Jaeden and
Archimonde from them to become his generals.

  Archimonde was recently killed, but Kil' Jaeden is probably still around.

  The Eredar have been represented by: Doom Guards and Daemons, Pit Lords.

  Notorious Eredar: Kil' Jaeden, Archimonde, Mannorroth.

*This is just an assumption, since the only demons around are them and the
fact that Kil' Jaeden and Archimonde are demons AND Eredars, that makes
them very likely to be from the Eredar also.


  A race of vampiric demons, they were attacked and defeated by Sargeras
before the Burning Legion was created. They were released later by
the same Sargeras.

  The Nathrezim are also known as Dreadlords. Their powers of manipulation
and mind control are inmense, as well as their dominion over several
evil creatures.

  The Nathrezim have been represented by: Dreadlords.

  Notorious Nathzerim: Tichondrious, the Darkener.


Harpies, Sasquatchs, Pandarens, various undead monsters, Owlbears, Lyzards
and Wyrms, Golems, Spiders, Wendigos, Wolves, and other creatures are
not listed with their own section because a)The information available
is scarce, b) they are not very interesting per se ^_^ c) they are not
classified as a "race" (The undead race, the revenants and the like
are not a race, but more like a bunch of different ones joined together.
This includes the Burning Legion). This also includes random creeps,
elementals, Infernals and Felhounds.

The Pandaren might get some history by the time the Frozen Throne is
released, seeing how there is a pandaren hero.


14.- Miscelleneous facts about the storyline.
|             |

  There is a certain order power-wise to the characters in the game. Some of
these characters are dead, but I'm facing them to their last seen state.

  The Titans. This isn't even a tier since this race were giants who were 
creating worlds and life and for crying out loud they are too big, they should
be able to kill someone just by screaming.

Aegwyn, Sargeras, Medivh, the Lich King, Cenarious.

TIER 2.5
Kil'Jaeden, Archimonde.

Orgrim Doomhammer, Prince Arthas, Aduin Lothar, Gul'Dan, Grom Hellscream, 
Illidian Stormrage, Mannoroth, Tichondrious, the five Legendary Dragons,


Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Thrall, Uther Lightbringer, 
Antonidas, Blackhand, Muradin Bronzebeard.


Jaina Proudmoore, Khadgar, Alleria, Danath, Turalyon, Kurdran, Cho'gall,
Zul'Jin, Kargath Bladefist, Teron Gorefiend, Dentarg.


  Bassically everyone else who's mentioned on the storyline. That
includes Silvanas Windrunner and Shandria.

  The first two Tiers are pretty much obvious as they are simply too
powerful to be classified with anyone else. The Titans, Aegwyn, Archimonde
and Medivh are god-like people. The Lich King, however, is quite touchy
to place him somewhere, though I'm inclined to believe his power can 
eventually reach Sargera's, because his power is still increasing, and he's
the last one standing for the really powerful and evil people. Tier 2.5
is because they are much more powerful than the third tier, but they aren't
nearly as powerful as the others. Blame me.

  Cenarious is a pain in the ass. Enough said.

  The tier three is the most interesting of them all. Orgrim Doomhammer was
the most powerful orc fighter to ever exist, he survived the assault on
the Blackrock Spire, managed to kill Lothar in one on one battle, and even
survived the rest of the war until he got killed after years of being an 
hermit on an assault to a prison. Well, the years of eating rocks probably
lessened his skill. 

  Lord Lothar is one hell of a guy, he survived the two first wars, and took 
one full Doomhammer to kill him. Aduin Lothar was one powerful fighter, we
can consider he was already somewhat old when he faced Orgrim, and thus
that he wasn't at his peak of strenght. 

  Prince Arthas is the last man standing for The Lich King alongside Kel'Thuzad, and he 
is hinted as being one monster. Besides, he is most likely to be the next bad guy
on the expansion or next game... if we compare the games to Starcraft, his behaviour
is somewhat similar to Kerrigan's. Anyway, he is a Death Knight, he killed Muradin
Bronzebeard without thinking too much, and his sword contains inmense power.

  Kel'Thuzad is also very poweful, because Liches storyline-wise are supposed to be 
extremely powerful, and this one is the most powerful of them all ^_^. Actually, 
Kel'Thuzad is a loose part on the storyline, his strenght is really huge as he
could summon Archimonde, he is Arthas mentor, and he is (more importantly) still

  Gul'Dan was the most powerful warlock, the only Orc of his time who managed to roam 
the Twisting Nether without losing his mind, and actually found the Tomb Of Sargeras. 
Got killed by it, but, hey, he managed to do it. The conditions of the story of 
Warcraft don't really favor him at any time (He's compared to Medivh, defeated after
weakening because of Medivh's psychic backslash when he died, faces Doomhammer twice
in disadvantage and finally gets torn apart by a throng of demons. Ahem.)

  Grom Hellscream killed Mannoroth, who in turn beated Thrall, so both are hellish 
strong. Both Hellscream and Mannoroth are overly more powerful than the rest of
the heroes, Hellscream is an experienced fighter, while Mannoroth is a Pit Lord,
which is enough (These frigging things are the most powerful heroes in the game!).

  Tichondrious was arguably the most powerful Dreadlord, and Illidian killed him, 
ahem...So they both can be placed here (Is hinted that Malfurion couldn't really 
kill Tichondrious by himself)(I can't really recall where though). Tichondrious
is able to summon Infernals and is the first in command after Archimonde. 
Illidian was bound for years and becomes strong enough to find his devil form and
eventually kill Tichondrous.

  Finally, the five remaining dragons, who are more or less similar in power, 
can be placed here as Alextraza was named "The most powerful being in Azeroth".
Except for Deathwing, they aren't really much into the storyline and even 
Deathwing enters there just to be killed.

  The fourth and fifth tier is bassically everyone else who slipped by on 
the storyline and on the games but aren't really as monstruous as the others,
yet their powers are important enough. Zul'jin and Cho'gall get there barely.

  The sixth tier... What can I say?
|                   |


AZEROTH: still the main nation, obviously, no one would say otherwise. Their 
leader during Warcraft II is Lord Aduin Lothar, and it's main star status
is highly due to the fact that the whole game is about drving the Horde out
of Azeroth. Destroyed in Warcraft III.

LORDAERON: still the most powerful human nation (even in Warcraft III is still
the biggest one), Lordaeron is ruled by King Terenas, and is the one who 
forms the alliance against the Horde. A highly religious nation. Destroyed
in WC III.

STROMGARDE: Thoras Trollbane is the king of this powerful martial nation.
Goes unknown in Warcraft III as far as I spotted.

KUL TIRAS: Daelin Proudmoore is an old friend of King Terenas and joins
this nation to the alliance as a powerful sea army. His daughter, Jaina,
is an important character in WCIII.

GILNEAS: ruled by Genn Greymane. Even though is mentioned quite a few times,
this nation holds no real role in the history.

DALARAN: The Violet City of Dalaran, ruled by the Kirin Tor, a powerful group
of mages, is the center of all magics in the world. While attacked by the Orcs
at some point, it stands still until Warcraft III where is destroyed by

ALTERAC: Betrays the Alliance, but Perenolde and his nation don't seem to be
much of a match to the rest of the Alliance as they don't really seem to
be affected by this lost.


BLACKROCK CLAN: Originally directed by Blackhand the Destroyer, is overtaken by
Orgrim Doomhammer in WC II. The most powerful Orc Clan which ever existed,
was reduced to ashes in WC II, and finally destroyed in WC III, as well
as any orc conections with dragons. Main clan during WC II.

STORMREAVER CLAN: Ruled by Gul'Dan, is totally eradicated in WC II. Is 
controled by the player quite a few times but ultimately destroyed by Orgrim
Doomhammer and his Blackrock Clan at the Tomb Of Sargeras.

TWILIGHTS'S HAMMER CLAN: led by Cho'gall, this clan is mainly composed by 
the Ogres and Ogre-Magi for the Horde. It's not clear what happened to the 
ogres after Warcraft II, but all seems to point that there are no renmants 
of this clan. Falls alongside the Stormreaver Clan.

THE BLACK TOOTH GRIN CLAN: Led by Rend and Maim, the other two sons of 
Blackhand (Griselda, his only daughter is killed by himself during WC I).
This clan is the only one which opposses Doomhammer openly, though this
never interferes the Horde's greatest plans for destruction. However,
stands loyal to the horde until the end of WC II, dissapears shortly 

BLEEDING HOLLOW CLAN: The leader is Kilrogg Deadeye, a fanatically
loyal orc to the Horde. Guarding the refinement operations in Khaz Modan,
they are one of the last clans to fall victims to the Alliance. 

DRAGONMAW CLAN: Led by Zuluhead the Whacked, they are the ones who captured
Alexstraza, the great red dragon. Are decimated shortly thereafter the destruction
of the Dark Portal.

BURNING BLADE: a brotherhood of leaderless orcs with nearly no participation
during Warcraft II.
|               |

- There is a certainly confusing cinematic scene in Warcraft II which despicts
a demon brutally attacking a wizard. This is most likely the demise of Gul'dan
(Fairly confusing before Warcraft III as we can't seriously guess what happens
to Gul'dan on the mission where we attack his clan, since the guy is there and
the demons are allied to him).

- Tichondrious during the last undead mission in WCIII mentions that Medivh
wasn't "powerful enough to evade death". As it seems, Medivh certainly dissapeared
from this plane for 24-25 years after his "death".



Or so I think they will be.

Q. Is Warcraft somehow related to Starcraft?

A. Why would it be? Warcraft happens in the very far past and Starcraft
happens in the very far future. This question is probably out of the funny
easter egg of the Hydralisk on the Night Elves Campaing and the pressence
of the Zerglings and the Zerg eggs in the editor, as well as the hidden
ending with the Terran Marines.

  If one was to take seriously every easter egg, we would have to assume
that Warcraft and Starcraft happen in two different worlds as the annoyed
response of the Protoss observe notes (The observer is a little satelite,
and one of its annoyed responses is a static mixed transmission saying
"This is a small step for the man *static* Stop poking meeeeee!!" the last
one being the annoyed response of the orcs in the first game).

Q. Where did you got all this information?

A. Reading the manual from WC II and WC III, lots of guessing, playing like
an obssessed idiot, and lots of hours to spare. A few websites helped too.

Q. How can you tell it's true?

A. Because... well.. my sources are official!


16.- Credits.

- To Blizzard, to start with. They are the best game developer ever, and I
hope this series never dies. Go Blizzard!
- To,, and who knows how many other sites I have been
in where I found every little piece of info. These are the two I can remember,
if you feel I took something from your site, you can email me if you want
credit, or if you want me to remove it.
- To the comunity in for making my life a little bit more 
- To the people who were in the Use your Fist not your Mouth BBS (The official
Marilyn Manson BBS) before the board was closed. One of the best boards I've
been, and certainly the funnier. It's a shame eveything ended the way it did.
- To... erm... Marilyn Manson ^_^.
- To you, the reader for reading this.
- And Obviously me, thy almighty Lord Zero. Haha. *runs away*


17.- Legal Stuff.

This file is owned by Lord Zero (

You MAY distribute, print, read, show to your friends or enemies this
guide freely, AS LONG as you credit Lord Zero as the author, keep
the copyright on it, and is used for non-profit purposes. You MAY NOT 
change ANYTHING on this guide, adding or taking anything out of it,
including banners, links, or anything else. You MAY NOT distribute this
guide on any non-electronic media. All I ask from you if you wish to 
publish this guide on your site, is to keep it updated, and to notificate
me of your URL.

All Rights Reserved. Anything not mentioned on this text can be discussed
via email to the address below.

Copyright 2002-2003 By Lord Zero (

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