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Virgin Roster shukketsubo Tips & Tricks

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Virgin Roster - shukketsubo

Written by Demaar - Version 1.0 - 29/12/2003


1. Introduction

2. Characters

3. Walkthrough

4. Acknowledgements

5. Legal stuff


"Kengo Inui enjoys being a chemistry teacher. He knows just how easy it is to 
hide his true self behind the title. He can easily make girls trust him, and 
then he betrays and rapes them to become his sex slaves.
He hunts these girls one by one. He loves life's pleasures!"
Note: G-collections Description

Virgin Roster isn't your typical Bishoujo game, it certainly wasn't the kind 
of game I thought I'd be writing my first FAQ for. Unlike most Bishoujo games 
there isn't girls swooning over the main character left and right and giving
themselves to him willingly. Also unlike most G-collection games, there is 
no hint system, but that's what this guide is for, isn't it?
For the sake of simplicity I will write characters names with their given 
name first and their family name second. 


Kiyoka Daimon:
A 3rd year student in Kengo's Chemestry class. Weak of mind and body, she has 
a hard time resisting anyone.

Yuki Yoshikawa:
A 2nd year student in Kengo's homeroom class. She tends to be bright and 
cheerful and has a positive attitude about everything.

Shinobu Misono:
Yuki's bestfriend, who is also a 2nd year student. She becomes very defensive 
with Yuki when she shows interest in guys because of their close friendship.

Ren Hasami:
A 1st year student who doesn't trust people easily. Although she's praised
for her athetic talent, she doesn't have Many friends

Tomo Sakashita:
A Student teacher with a friendly, but naive personality. Tries her hardest 
to become a good teacher but is often criticized by her superiors.

Saki Yoshikawa:
The staff supervisor of the school. She has a very harsh attitude towards 
everyone. Although she hides the fact well, she is Yuki's older sister.

Takako Kuga:
The school nurse. She lacks confidence by nature, but practically becomes
another person when one of the students well-being comes into question.
Seems to be one (if not the only one) of Kiyoka's friends.


To save time, I will tell you when to save and load when its convenient.
Example: 'Save to slot 2 - "Help her"' means save to slot 2, then 
choose "Help her". 'Load Slot 2 - "Observe her"' means load slot 2 then
choose the "Observe her", understand? I hope so...

Kiyoka Daimon:

1. Save to slot 1 - "About the Students"

2. "Kiyoka Daimon"

3. Save to slot 2 - "Help her"

4. "Collect more information"

5. "Don't worry about it"

6. "Saki Yoshikawa"

7. "Don't ask her"

Note 1: On choices 2 and 7, I believe it doesn't matter what you choose.
However, if I'm wrong, please feel free to e-mail me.

Yuki Yoshikawa:

1. Load Slot 2 - "Observe her"

2. Save Slot 3 - "Hunt Yuki"

3. "Don't worry about it"

4. "Shinobu Misono"

5. "Don't ask her"

6. Save Slot 4 - "Give myself to her" - Yuki/Saki Ending

7. Load Slot 4 - "Doubt her" - Yuki/Shinobu Ending

Note: The girl you pick in choice 4 doesn't really matter, but since you've
already seen the scene with Saki on Kiyoka's path, I figured it'd be more
appropriate to see her best friend on Yuki's path.

Shinobu Misono:

1. Load Slot 3 - "Collect more information"

2. "Don't worry about it"

3. Save Slot 4 - "Shinobu Misono"

4. "Don't ask her"

Ren Hasami:

1. Load Slot 3 - "Collect more information"

2. "Hunt Ren"

3. Any choice is fine

Note: Not many choices on this path, huh?

Tomo Sakashita:

1. Load Slot 1 - "About the Teachers"

2. "Tomo Sakashita"

3. Save Slot 2 - "Leave him alone"

4. "Observe her"

5. "Collect more information"

6. Save Slot 3 - "Tomo Sakashita"

Saki Yoshikawa:

1. Load Slot 3 - "Saki Yoshikawa"

Note: That was a massively long path wasn't it?! A whole one choice!

Takako Kuga:

1. Load Slot 2 - "Help him"

2. "Observe her"

3. "Collect more information"

4. Any choice is fine


I'd like to say thanks to the following people, without them this guide
wouldn't have happened:

Zyx for making this game in the first place (

G-Collections for releasing it in English (

Ecchifan for his bishoujo game walkthroughs which inspired me to write this

Gamefaqs for hosting this guide and thousands (millions?) of others I've used


Tsuki Possession is copyrighted by Zyx, Inc., and distributed in English by  All rights reserved.

Copyright 2003 Scott M./Demaar

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