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Vietcong Tips & Tricks

Tags: Vietcong Game Guides, Vietcong Hints, Vietcong Walkthrough


A Walkthrough
Revision 2
by RevenantChaos


 This applies to version 1.0 of the retail game.  It is assumed that you already
know how to use most of the weapons, although specific tips will be given on
specific weapons.  If you have any corrections/suggestions, send them along.

 Most walkthroughs simply tell you what to do next.  However, Vietcong is a more
or less linear game; you shouldn't have trouble there.  This guide does tell you
where to go and what to do, but it also discusses the best ways to accomplish
certain objectives, and what weapons to use where, and stuff like that - stuff
that will save your skin.


Revision 2
        Added the rest of mission 2, mission 3, and mission 4.

Revision 1
        First release.  Has only the Prelude, Mission 1, and first half of
Mission 2 (i.e. Infliltration and Ho Chi Minh's Trail).


I am in no way affiliated with the developers of Vietcong.  Do not contact them
with questions/comments about this guide.  I'm not responsible for any
consequences, direct or indirect, of using this guide.  This guide may not be
copied, in whole or in part, without my express permission.  This guide may
only be posted on authorized sites; right now, that means  If you
want to post it on your site, please just contact me; I'm pretty lenient about


If you must get in touch with me, you can either IM me:
AIM        RevenantChaos
MSN        lokeangel(at)
or email me:
EMAIL      webmaster(at)
Replace the (at) with the @ symbol.



        Mission 1
              1 Medic Patrol
        Mission 2
              2 Infiltration
              3 Ho Chi Minh's Trail
              4 Keep Running Charlie
              5 Bahnar Tribe
        Mission 3
              6 Midnight Surprise
        Mission 4
              7 Tin Can
              8 False Alarm
              9 Tunnel Rat
             10 Arroyo


        I. Always inspect dead bodies.  Just walk up to them and press ENTER
                when you see the circle.  They'll drop guns, ammo, grenades, etc.,
                and (sometimes) you'll get some sort of intel material.  This is
                good.  So inspect the dead bodies.
        II. Use cover.  You can only quick-save (i.e. without the game doing it
                for you) a few times.  I'll tell you where the best places for
                that are, but it'll be a pain if you have to keep replaying
                a certain part of the game.
        III. Play it on Vietnam difficulty.  It ain't that hard.  Besides, this
                guide was written in Vietnam difficulty.  If you use something
                else, it may play slightly differently.


        You'll see your character fly in, and blah blah blah.  Hit ENTER to exit
the copter, go to the bunker with the flag in front of you, talk to the Captain.
Follow him to your bunker, then backtrack to the above-ground building just before
it.  Grab a gun, fire off a clip.  The medic will show up, and lead you to the
        Oh, just a word: if you even needed a walkthrough for that, you might as
well return the game.  Right now.

-----------MISSION 01-----------------------------------------------------------

MISSION I: Medic Patrol


        There's probably not much need for me to walk you through this one, but
here it goes.  When you start this mission, you'll be in a jeep with the medic
and the captain.  Listen to them talk.  When you get to town, hit ENTER to hop
out of your jeep and walk over to the elder (just follow the captain).  As they
finish talking, the villager walking in the street will get shot by a sniper.
        Even before this happens - while the captain and elder are still talking
- you should be over behind the building across from where the elder is sitting.
You might even want to jump behind the branches even further in that direction.
You'll know which ones I'm talking about; they're the ones the captain will tell
you to duck behind eventually anyway.  It's just that if you do it now, you don't
have to worry about that damn sniper while doing it.
        Anyway, the villager will get himself shot, and the captain and medic will
dive for cover.  When the captain orders you to, follow the medic to the second
little wall of branches.  Make sure you lean up against a good part of that wall,
because there are some cracks in it that the sniper can and will shoot through.
You'll probably get shot doing this.  When that happens, simply crawl up next to
the medic and hit use (ENTER).  Doing this will heal you, though your maximum
health will go down (don't worry, this is just for this mission).  The medic will
rant about running forward.  I had some problems with him *not* running.  Just
wait until he actually does get up.
        The two of you will run behind a rock.  He won't move again, so you'll
have to go yourself.  Crouch-running up the mountain (SHIFT) while dodging cover
is the best way.  Just a few meters forward of the rock where the medic is, you
should be able to zoom in (RIGHT CLICK) with your M1 and send that sniper to
whichever deity he believes in.
        Next, just get up and run to where he's standing.  If you want, you can
take his gun - see GENERAL NOTES on that - but you certainly don't need to.  I
did, if only to get exposure to one of the other guns in the game.  To your left
will be a trail going down.  Follow it, still running.  At the bottom of the trail
you will have a right turn.  As soon as you go around that corner, you'll need
to grab some cover.  There are two VC soldiers back there.  Pop them one each
(if you're not too hot with that rifle yet, you can try throwing them a nice
tasty grenade to snack on).
        When they're dead, run back to the first bit of cover that the captain
told you to hide behind.  The medic and captain should be right around there.
Talk to the captain to win the mission.

-----------MISSION 02-----------------------------------------------------------


        This is really easy.  Just hop off the chopper and head into the jungle.
I believe the first turn is a left, but you'll hit dead ends quickly if you go
off course, and you can always hit M (and then RIGHT CLICK) to see a detailed
map of where you are.  Thus, it should be easy to stay right where you should be.
Now, there will be some VC in this neck of the woods, but they'll be pretty easy.
Only one or two of them, and they'll run once you return fire.  Take them out if
you can.  One of these has an intel document, so make sure to inspect the corpses.
        Now, eventually, you'll make a 90-degree (or half-pi radian) turn to the
left and see a spider-like tree (a trunk that turns into bunches of little roots
that hold the trunk up in th air).  Right after this, you'll see two boobytraps.
They've got little white trip lines - I thought it was bad brushwork with the 
level design at first, even - and you gotta be careful.  Just crouch and get up
close.  Then, look at either end - one end will have a little can.  Target that
and press ENTER; the tripline will go away, and the grenade will be safe. Rinse
and repeat for the second trap.
        As soon as that's done, you'll get more VC.  Blast 'em.  Just ahead on
the trail is another tripwire - BUT DON'T CUT THIS ONE.  It's a punji stake trap.
Jump over the wire and turn around.  You'll see the spikes on a little arm.  Run
up to the arm to set off the trap; it'll snap around harmlessly.  Now, order your
men to move up.
        You should get a quicktip about radio broadcasting right now.  A little
static sound effect will play, and you'll get a flashing radio symbol in the
lower left of your HUD.  Find the radioman and use him (ENTER) to talk to base.

MISSION II, PART B: Ho Chi Minh's Trail

        Now you've confirmed that there are lots of little nasty VC around, it's
time to find one of their bases.  You'll stick your head out and see lots of
VC walking in a line below you, to your right.  I like to take one of them out
by crouching or lying down and taking close aim, then sniping what I can from the
top, but you can do whatever you want.  Anyways, after the first few volleys, you
should leave the VC down there to your friends.  Move straight out (maybe a tad
to the left) from the opening you started in, going up a tad along the wall. The
canyon with the line of VC should be on your right.
        Keep wary!  There are a bunch (3 to 4, I think) VC up there.  They kind
of come out one by one, so if you find a good spot to crouch, you should be able
to take them out with a bullet or two each and without taking any fire, much less
getting hit.
        Now, advance to where they came from.  Be wary - there's another punji
stake trap.  I didn't have much luck trying to jump over this one, so I solved
the problem another way: I threw a grenade into the trap, and then ran for it.
When the smoke cleared, it had been set off, and I proceeded.  Up here, past the
trap, you won't find any VC - but you will, to the left as you come in, find one
of their camps.  Take all the grenades and guns you can hold, and then find your
radioman and call HQ for an update and a save point.
        Now, somewhere around here you're going to run out of ammo for your M1.
This is normal.  You're not being triggerhappy.  I actually managed to get to
the next segment without doing this, but you'll need to get another gun.  I
suggest one of the VC Mosin-Nagant rifles.  Ammo is very plentiful - I took the
ammo from maybe one in five dead M-N users, and was always full - and it's a nice
weapon.  It's not a sniper rifle, so you can use it in close combat if you must,
but it's a very accurate weapon and you can use RIGHT CLICK to get a nice sighting
along the barrel (as you can with all weapons).  Whatever your choice, grab one
and get used to it.  You may want to try out a few different ones.  There are
plenty of Grease Guns (US-P somethings), Thompsons, AK-47s, and such.  To drop
your M1, press the G key, as standard in FPS games.
        Now, go back the way you were, and go down into the ravine where the
original line of VC were.  Follow that trail (towards where you came into this
part of the mission) and keep going.  Eventually, you'll hit another radio
broadcast.  Answer it.  You'll get a save point.  Now, you'll have a path to
your right that goes up and backwards, and there will be a bush in front of you.
Grab your pistol (press 2) and charge the bush.  There will be a guy with a
light machine gun behind it, but if you stay against the left wall as you rush,
he may even have his back to you.  Anyway, he's a loner.  Kill him.  Then take
the path up.
        You're more or less going back the way you came, but going up as to the
top now.  As you get up all the way, you'll go left just a tad before going
straight.  Just here there is a VC guard, in the lower right corner of the path,
just in front of a rock.  He's usually facing the other way, so he won't shoot.
You should be able to snipe him with your Mosin-Nagant, or whatever else you're
carrying.  Now, advance to where he is.  To your right, facing the ravine, is
a bush.  A VC with some sort of automatic will be hiding in it, or just behind it.
I let my squadmates take care of that, but whatever you want.  Kill him.
        Your squadmates will start shooting across the canyon, but you can do
that all day and not get anything done.  Continue parallel to the ravine, and
you'll see a rope bridge.  Just to the left of that, in the bushes, is another
damn VC.  Get him, rally your squad, and cross the bridge.  This area looks very,
very open, but it's actually extremely linear (like most of the levels).  Follow
the path, and kill the few VC you find.  EVentually, after the trail winds back
and forth a few times, you'll find a cache.  Press ENTER to plant C4, and then run.
Once it blows, call HQ, and proceed.  You'll fight a few more VC, and then enter
the second canyon.

MISSION II, PART C: Keep Running Charlie


        This is hard.  No beans about it.  On Vietnam, it took me about two hours
of just playing this one segment to get by.  Here we go.
        When you start, walk forward a few meters.  You'll see three logs that
the VC have laid across a little gulf to make a bridge.  Run on that.  Crouch
down, and zoom in on the stream to your right.  Ignore the quicktip about your
binoculars.  This is where the Mosin-Nagant (or a real sniper rifle) really
pays off.
        A whole bunch of VC will walk by.  Take a good shot at the first guy.
If you can kill him, you're well off - he's got some intel documents that you'll
want, so it's nice to know where to be able to find him, eh?  You should be
able to get at least two, probably three of them with your rifle.  Sometimes
they'll all mill around one of their downed friends, and in that case, you should
be able to get at least five, maybe as many as ten.
        If you're a really good throw, grenades do wonders here.  I've been able
to take out all but three of them with grenades, but it takes forever to get
the aim right.  Fighting these guys later will be really hard, so the more you
can take out, the better.
        Now, once they all run by, get up and look forward again (across the
bridge).  On your left will be some rock.  There are two immediately visible
trees right up against the rock.  Walk forward until you see the 3rd tree that's
right up against the rock.  Now crouch, and look a little to your right.  About
halfway up the mountain across the streambed, there is a sniper.  Kill him.  One
M-N shot will do it, since you have lots of time to aim.  If you go to the next
tree forward, you can kill the other sniper that's up top.  If not, don't worry.
They'll run down into the streambed to fight.
        There are maybe three, four VC right here.  Get your squad to help you
until you figure out just where the VC will be, because they just love sneaking
up behind you right at this part.
        Once you're done, you'll get a radio signal - but no save point - and
you'll know there are no more VC around.  At this point, start inspecting the
dead VC.  The second sniper on the mountain, the one that you had to go to the
fourth tree forward to get, will have an intel document.  The first sniper has
lots of M-N ammo, so it you're using it, grab some.  You should be full up.
        Now comes the really hard part.  Turn around in the streambed, so you
are looking back at the part where you sniped at the passing VC from the log
bridge.  And start walking.  A few meters before you cross the ravine where you
took pot-shots at them from, take your first Quick-Save.  This is the first
place you'll really need it.  Just trust me on that one.  Hit F5.
        Just past where you shot at them, they're all in the rocks and foilage.
My favorite place to do this from is by the rocks.  The little ravine that the
log bridge crosses comes out to the main streambed, and there's a little triangle
shaped piece of rock that is at about a 45 degree (or quarter-pi radian) angle
to the ground.  Lying on it, you get a perfect view of the VC.  Chuck a few
grenades, and do your worst sniping, but STAY DOWN.  I've done this a few
hundred times only to get a little impatient and get shot by some loser with a
light machine-gun.
        When they're finally all dead, inspect the bodies.  There are two I found
with intel documents on them, in addition to the one that you dropped from the
log bridge.  You did shoot him, didn't you?
        Now, you get to finish the job.  To your left (facing down the stream)
there is a little branch stream.  This is where the other two-thirds of your
VC friends are.  What?  You thought you already killed an entire regiment, all
by yourself?  Well, little friend, they sent a batallion.  So suck it up.
        There are another twenty or so black-shirted VC (those are their
special forces in the black, by the way, and they are - except for the sniper -
always the ones carrying the intel cards) and they make bo-ku (lots of) trouble.
They'll come around the bend in ones and twos.  If you creep up on the rocks to
your left, with your M-N and your pistol (when they jump out at you, the pistol
is always a good reflex), you'll be able to dispatch most of them.  Don't let
your friends get hit; they aren't too smart at this part of the game for some
reason, and if they get hit a bunch in the same battle (before your medic can
heal them) they'll die, and you'll lose.
        Anyway, get rid of all of the VC.  Your character will talk about needing
to find the caches (hint, hint).  There is another pitched fire-fight sort of
like where you cross the rope bridges just before entering the second canyon.
However you want to put it, this can be dangerous, especially as you may be a
tad low on ammo from putting down three-quarters of the North Vietnamese
population.  If you are, grab some from the dead gooks, and take this slowly
and  patiently.  You shouldn't have to play it more than twice or thrice on the
        Once all these VC are dead, search 'em.  I found another intel card here.
Now, on that island, kind of in the middle, is a cache.  Bomb it, then call HQ.
Your next objective is to get to Bravo, which is your extraction.  Finally.  I
think we've done enough extremist population control.
        Don't use any of your saves here - you're almost home free to the next
save.  Follow the river around the cache island, and ignore the turn-off with-
out water in it.  Once you come to the waterfall (you can just talk to your
Vietnamese pointman if you're not sure where to go, he'll lead you) you'll see
a small trail carved into the rock.  At the top are a few Vietnamese soldiers.
Let your friends take care of them; the trail is narrow and there's not much
cover.  The black-shirted one, as always, has an intel card.  Pick it up.
        Now, just walk forward and go up the ladders and such till you reach
the top.  Nhut will lead you up, if you told him to before.  Don't worry about
being so open - you're perfectly safe, there's no more VC.
        When you get to the top, this part of the mission is complete, and you
get your autosave.  Finally!

MISSION II, PART D: Bahnar Tribe

        Grr! Those bums at HQ have decided to make you figure out where all the
VC went before letting you come home.  You're probably pretty low on max HP by
now (my bar was about half-way full) so take it slow, and careful.  Not that
there's much to worry about.
        Talk to your pointman if you can't understand my directions too well.
You start out looking across the river.  Move more or less straight, and you
will see a civilian lying on the ground.  Your objectives will flash, and the
medic will run over and help him up.  Talk to him or your pointman (who is your
translator too) to hear what happened to him.  Poor guy.
        There's a radio broadcast in here somewhere... call HQ when that happens.
Now, talk to your pointman again.  He'll have the 'yard lead you to the village
(which is a few feet down the river you started by).  Walk in there, and wait a
second.  Three or four VC will pop out of the forest on the same side of the river
as the wounded man was on.  Kill them.
        The chopper will come in soon afterwards.  Hop in, and leave.  Good job!
The first mission is now complete.  You should have 66 total VC dead, and at
least half of them should be yours.


-----------MISSION 03-----------------------------------------------------------

MISSION III: Midnight Surprise

        The name of this mission doesn't have anything to do with it.  Really.
It's not as if you're surprised or anything.  Your commander and you will talk,
and the redneck machinegunner will throw in his two cents too... and then a VC
with one of those amazingly inaccurate submachineguns will walk in the door and
start blazing.  This is one of the worst parts of the game, in my opinion: out
of ten or so tries it took me to get down the hall to the next save point, I got
instantly canned by this guy eight times.
        As soon as the level starts, look at the map on the wall near the door.
Right next to that, just down the aisle from you, is where our gook friend is
going to appear.  He'll jump in quickly; pop him one in the head with your M-N.
Now, if you really want to, you can grab his gun; see above comments about it.
However, it has a really high rate of fire and really bad accuracy, plus its
muzzle flash will get you killed.  This is a nighttime level, and you'll have
enough trouble seeing the VC without your gun getting in your way.
        So, I suggest you stick with the M-N.  Whichever way you choose it,
leave the bunker.  As soon as you walk out you'll see a barricade of boards and
stuff.  You need to get right on the other side of that.
        Really cautiously, crawl down to your right, ignoring what the machine-
gunner tells you.  A few VC are there; take careful aim, and don't waste time
or bullets.  Once they know where you are, they'll return fire.  Take them out.
        Make a left, and then another left.  As you move up into the area just
opposite that barricade, you'll hit an autosave.  Continue on; there is only one
spot that's not barricaded off in that direction.  You should see a few of your
teammates.  Find the captain.  Just cross straight over from the autosave point,
and move to the perimiter.  You should see a closed gate, decorated with barbed
wire.  Wait here until the captain and the rest of the team arrive.  They'll sit
there for a few minutes until the guards pick off some VC, and then start talking.
Just wait right where you are - your machine gunner friend will open those gates,
and let you into the western sector, which is yours to clear.
	I quicksaved here, since I still had three left, and you'll get put back
at four after this little mini-mission.  If you want to, press F5.
	Run to the box on your left and take cover.  If you still have the M-N,
as suggested, you should be able to make short work of the VC, even though there
are lots of them.  Use those grenades, since you'll get more in a minute, off of
the dead VC.
	Once the VC are roasted, walk down the trenches.  There aren't any more
VC in the base, so don't worry.  Eventually, a few meters down the line, you'll
see some little pillboxes on the edge of the base, with mounted M60s in them.
	Between two of the pillboxes, on the grassy area just inside the fort's
perimiter trench, will be a small vertical hole with a ladder coming out of it.
This is the VC tunnel.  You will be asked to call command; do so, and you'll
get an autosave, not that you really need one.
	Before going on, there's a great opportunity for you to take advantage
of.  The engineer, who has not previously been part of your team, will give you
lots of ammo.  So, find a gun you really like; it doesn't matter how much ammo
there is to go with it, so long as it's an American weapon.  Note that your
engineer has no VC ammo.  The M1 carbine (which, remember, you probably had to
ditch due to ammo) or the Thompson will probably be your best bet; the VC tend
to carry really bad guns, sort of like that first guy who ran into the command
bunker.  I'm pretty sure you get stuck with an M1 at the beginning of the next
mission anyway, so it doesn't really matter too much.
	Whatever you choose, grab the gun, and use (ENTER) the engineer to make
him give you ammo.  Now, jump down in the tunnel.  Just around that first bend
that you can see is a VC.  Grab a grenade (if you used all of yours, there are
plenty on dead VC, and I think the engineer will give you those too) and throw
it down the tunnel with enough force to make it bounce around the corner.  Your
throw doesn't have to be too perfect.  Run to the other side of the big room,
and wait for him to die.  Go down the passage.
	There are no more VC in the passage, but there are VC outside the other
entrance, so be careful - most times you won't see them, but hey, better safe
than sorry.
	Plant the C4 - you'll have to come out into the room and then go back
into the tunnel to see the "Press USE to plant C4" message (or at least I did).
Start moving back down the tunnel.  Once you climb out at the other end, your
friend will detonate the C4.  Watch the cinematic of Charlie getting a mouthful
of dirt, and you've won.  If you didn't get any kills at the end of the tunnel,
your total should be 18 NVA KIA, at least 12 of which should be yours.


-----------MISSION 04-----------------------------------------------------------


	Before we even start the walkthrough, remember something: you have two
new teammates.  The machinegunner is sort of a passive help, but the engineer
(in addition to being an extra gun) will give you ammo.  So don't conserve.
	You get lots of help on this one... too bad the help isn't much help.
Have I said the world 'help' enough?  Anyway, you get dropped as the leader of
shrew one.  Move towards the bridge, and talk to shrew two.  They more or less
agree to watch your butt while you eat lead.  The best way to do this one is just
to stand up and run as fast as you can to the middle of the bridge, where it's
broken.  Jump that, and then lie down and return fire.  There are VC at the other
end of the bridge, and up on the hill in the bunkers.
	You'll be getting a radio call.  Ignore it, for now.
	I threw a grenade at the bushes on the other side of the bridge, but you
could probably snipe with your M1 too.  However you do it, get to the other side
of the bridge.  On your right will be a little path up to the bunkers.  Go up.
There will be two people with Grease Guns sniping in a little circular fortification;
shoot them, and then clear out the people in the building.
	One grenade should take out the two snipers outdoors; be careful or they
will see you and turn to fire.  Anoher grenade should deal with the people in the
little fort.  If you can't get them all with one grenade, or want to save it,
then you can kill them easily by shooting through the windows or the door, around
	Now, about that radio call.  Phone home, and get your autosave.  Move
down the road and - wait, are those the big scary tanks?  Those piles of (s)crap?
Pffft!  Call HQ, and get new orders: they don't have anything for you to do,
but you should go kill some VC.  You gotta love how the military works.
	There's a whole cityfull of VC just down the street; I had to turn down
my speakers when they all started firing.  You'll get told how to call in fire
support.  You'll be wishing for a good ranged weapon - like the M-N - right now,
but there aren't any on the people you've taken out, so you'll have to stick with
the M1.
	Take them out, and use air support liberally - but ONLY at the BEGINNING.
Once your people start moving into the VC area, you can't risk killing one, since
that means mission over.  I usually pound them with four or five artillery strikes
and then most of the VC up there are dead.  Be sure to look where your support
fire is landing - if you don't aim it at the right spot, you won't get the VC,
since they've got a bunch of little trenches that they're hiding in.
	Anyway, once you airstrike, climb up the bank on your left, as close to
the path back to the bridge as possible, and go all the way back.  You'll see
some punji stake patches, and then some trenches.  Jump in one of the trenches
and clear it.  Look out across the battlefield; it's worth it to try and take
out some VC from here, before you are running out in the open.  Try to call
in artillery as necessary, but always VERY, VERY far from your men.  They just
love doing Rambo right as the rounds start to land.  Wouldn't want to wear out
your quickload key, now would we?
	So, from the end of that first trench, look towards the wall (i.e. the
opposite direction from the road) to see the next trench.  Kill the VC from your
current trench, then run for it.  Your friends should be helping you mop them up
from the closer-to-the-road area; work your way down the trench and kill the VC.
At the end of the trench is a little tunnel; don't bother going in it, since
your teammates will simply block your exit.  You can easily kill the two VC in
the bunker by either throwing a grenade in or just shooting them.  Right by the
bunker, look towards the road.
	There will be a small path just beyond the blocked-off end of the road,
and it'll have a tree trunk over it.  Hop the trunk to end this part of the
mission.  Your pointman will lead you here if you talk to him.



	Another trench battle.  You can try airstriking, but I didn't have much
luck with that.  There are more than enough VC on the hill to your left, but you
want to let your friends deal with all those hidden snipers.  Go to your right,
up on the other side of the road, and be careful - there are 4 or 5 VC with
submachineguns waiting for you.  After you take them out, advance - your friends
should have taken out most of the people on the left, and you'll see the bodies
of shrew three.  Walk up to them and talk to the wounded man.  Then, call HQ to
get your save.
	A chopper will come to take the WIA and KIA away, but you get to find
the MIA.  That hill (that was on your left) will suddenly come alive with VC
returning to finish you off.  You'll have to fight them off as the chooper lands.
I did this by going back the way I had come, along the other side of the road,
while my team stayed and fought from shrew three's position.
	The best thing to do here is to snipe at the guy in the very top of the
bunker.  Wait for him to pop up, and then keep taking one- and two-bullet shots
at him until he falls.  Then, advance up the side of the mountain.  A grenade
does nicely for the bottom floor of the bunker.  Then, I suggest you get an SKS
Simonov - the M-N's big brother - from one of the people inside the bunker. The
SKS has a ten bullet clip and is semiautomatic; you won't have to pump it for
every shot.
	Then, go down the path behind the bunker - your pointman, Nhut, will
lead you - until you find the first MIA, who's now KIA.  Defuse the bomb on him,
and call base to get the save.
	You'll have to fight some more VC, in some more trenches; the "sneak
around the back and shoot them from there" approach that we used on the other
groups of VC in trenches also works very well here, especially if you're firing
with your SKS.  Once they're all dead, call base.  Just after you see the
captain's chopper land, your friends will find the tunnel entrance.  The captain
will take your gun - who the hell cares about hearing loss, anyway? - and you'll
have to enter the tunnels.
	You should be able to hear the VC coming in the tunnel, and it's not
very hard to get the whole way down without using more than a magazine and with-
out getting hurt at all.  You'll regret continuing while damaged, since the
tunnels area is very, very hard and you won't have your medic along to help.
In fact, you should be at perfect health, or close to it - the mission really
hasn't been all that hard up until now.  That'll change.
	After a few VC KIA, you'll call base and then go into the deep tunnels.



	The first part of this mission shouldn't even be here.  Use the L key to
pull out your flashlight.  Put away your pistol, and go as fast as you can.
Eventually you'll see a small room; pull out your radio and tell base about it
(why would they want to know?) and get your save.  Now, things get interesting.
Continue down the tunnel, and don't worry about VC - yet.  You'll hear them
talking, and as soon as your character says that "the VC must have been here
just a few minutes ago," stop and look.
	Right in front of you, in the entrance to the little tunnel room, is a
boobytrap.  Stepping on this the first time was lots of fun - it sure got my
heart rate up.  Anyway, after defusing it, move into the little room.
	You'll keep going down the tunnels; don't worry about the VC, for now
they only appear in rooms and such and you should be able to find them easily.
A grenade goes a long way down here; whenever you see such a room, chuck one
around the corner and run for it.  Just keep in mind that the VC will dodge
your grenades; don't assume you've killed them after throwing one.  Personally,
I like to quicksave here after two of the VC rooms, but you may want to save
one for later.  After three or four rooms of VC, you'll come to a split in the
path.  For now, go right.
	You'll see another room, with two VC in it.  A grenade helps, but kill
them however you like.  You'll get a save point after calling in on your radio.
Now, go back to the split and go down the other shaft (to your right as you
come back to it).  The first little thing on the ground is a shaft cover.  Use
it and you'll see a way down.
	Take it.  The first thing you'll see is another split in the path.  A
VC will walk out into the open before you can get there, and if you're waiting,
you should be able to take him out with one shot.  Grab his stuff, and go to
the right.  There are just more VC to the left.
	You'll reach a small room with no more VC in it.  There is one of the
horribly horrible VC submachineguns there, which you must take, and a pistol.
I personally left the pistol - I thought I might need the silenced one later
on - but you can take it if you want.
	Drop down the shaft on the other side of the room, move down the little
tunnel, and as you approach the ladder, you'll have completed this segment.



	As soon as you pop out of the hole, keep your head down.  There are two
VC out in the streambed - one chopping, one lying down.  Pull out your rifle and
wake up the sleeper using a generous half-magazine salute.  Get up on the rocks
and give the previously chopping VC something to think about.  The guy lying down
has an AK-47, which you'll want for the next few seconds.
	Grab it carefully, and then look ahead: just around the bend are 5 to 6
VC, all with submachineguns or Simonovs.  Creeping up on the left streambank, you
should be able to see one or two of them.  Kill them, and more will advance.
Watch the right side of the streambank ahead (more or less straight in front of
you), because VC will try to sneak up there and take you out.  After it's quiet
for a few minutes and five or six are KIA, lean around the left streambank - a
VC is hiding up there (with an AK, I think).  Pop him one, and take the SKS
Simonov from one of the guys down in the middle.  Its accuracy will really help
even the odds in this sort of all-versus-you warfare.  If you must, you can
stick with your AK, though it's harder.  Just trust me on that one.
	I quicksaved right here, since that battle can be pretty nasty (nowhere
to run to if this go to shit) and it took me a while to complete without getting
hurt any more than I already was.  You should be at exactly the same health as
when you entered the tunnels on the other side.
	You'll have all four quicksaves again, so quicksave right here before
going on.  The next part of this level is more of the same:  VC hiding behind
logs and trees and rocks, waiting for you.  Just remember that it's more or less
a *constant* battle.  There will be stretches of a few meters where no VC will
attack you, but always keep your eyes peeled - if you can use your SKS (or,
if you haven't listened to my advice, your AK) to pick off half the bunch, you
will have a much easier time when they all start saying hello.
-----------GAME OVER------------------------------------------------------------

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