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Variable Geo Max Tips & Tricks

Tags: Variable Geo Max Game Guides, Variable Geo Max Hints, Variable Geo Max Walkthrough

Variable Geo Max

                             VARIABLE GEO MAX
                               FAQ/Move List
                           Written by Sunset Kid
                         Version 2.0 - 06/15/2008

                  Contact: sunsetkidgmailcom


1. Introduction
2. Version History
3. Contact Information
4. Fighting System
5. Combo System
6. Game Modes
7. FAQ Notation
8. Move List
   8.1. Yuka Takeuchi
   8.2. Chiho Masuda
   8.3. Tamao Mitsurugi
   8.4. Satomi Yajima
   8.5. Manami Kusunoki
   8.6. Yumiko Watanuki
   8.7. Jun Kubota
   8.8. Kaori Yanase
   8.9. Reimi Jyahana
   8.10. Masako Houjouin
9. Secrets
10. FAQ
11. Credits

Section 1 -                                                      INTRODUCTION
Hi, this is my guide to V.G. MAX you're reading now. V.G. stands for Variable
Geo, a fighting game that first came to life in the form of V.G. Fighter.
The V.G. series was always considered to be PC-oriented, but some console
versions where made, like Super V.G. (for Super NES), and Advanced Variable
Geo 1 and 2 (for the Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn).

The story goes like this: waitresses must fight in a sport of their own
(called full-waitressing contact), which consists of fights between female
contestants. The restaurant market hosts a tournament so waitresses can get
sponsors for their restaurants, and also win the big prize of 10 million
dollars. To participate, a woman must have a restaurant that sponsors her (but
she can be her own sponsor if she likes, it's the case of Reimi Jyahana), know
how to fight (oh cliche), and be able to endure the unfortunate case of a loss.

The most known aspect of the V.G. series is the presence of "hentai" content.
To anyone there who doesn't know what's hentai, it's the action of drawing
nude women in the japanese style of drawing (fancy hair, big eyes). But where
this hentai is inserted into? I'll explain. You remember the "unfortunate case
of a loss" I said before? That's it, if a contestant loses, she suffers a
penalty, which consists of forcefully having sex with men (also known as rape).
Note that these "penalty scenes" only appear at the PC versions, in the
console versions, the story has been lightened so the loser contestant just has
to strip in front of the viewing audience, or do some humiliating thing on the
request of the winner.

There's also an OVA series based on this game, but I was not able to get my
hands on it. The story is also softened there, so that there's not the sex
factor involved. But that's another whole deal.

But to take V.G. only as a hentai game is not fair. The game is very good to
play, and while it may look a little outdated even to a game released one year
before (Advanced Variable Geo 2), it still has its own charisma. The Variable
Geo series is known for taking elements from other fighting games and adding
its own dose of gameplay into it, so let's see if it will survive by its own

And, as a side note, V.G. MAX is considered abandonware (the developers don't
care about the game no more, or they just disappeared and no one owns the game
anymore), so it's up to you to judge if it is illegal or not to download the

Section 2 -                                                    VERSION HISTORY

Version 1.0 (11/22/2004) - First released version. The layout and sections are
complete. There aren't any combos, however.

Version 2.0 (06/15/2008) - Some minor corrections, and an important update for
the controller issues (look on the FAQ section) and e-mail change.

Section 3 -                                                CONTACT INFORMATION
My contact adress is sunsetkidgmailcom, you know what the 
and  stand for.

When sending an email, put something easy to understand and refer in the
subject, nothing like "question", "help plz". You should just send "V.G. MAX
FAQ " in the subject of the message, it's a lot easier that

DO Send me corrections, additions, combos, bits of info I may have missed, or
anything pertaining this guide.

DON'T send me bad porn, viruses, spam, jokes and whatever the hell goes into
the category of "gross".

Section 4 -                                                    FIGHTING SYSTEM
Elimination System
In V.G.Max, you fight in the classical best-of-three style, meaning that the
character who wins two rounds will be considered the winner of the match. There
is the possibility of draw, either by Double K.O., when both fighters are
knocked out simultaneously, or by Time Over, if the time established for the
match is over and both fighters have the same amount of energy left.

Victory Icons
The victory icons are displayed below the fighter's energy bar, by one or more
letters, after they win a round. "V" means victory by normal attacks, throws,
command attacks or special moves. "Ex" means victory by EX Attacks. An "S"
means victory by a Super Move, while a "P" means victory by "Perfect", which
overlaps any other type of victory.

Health Bar
V.G.Max uses a explicit way of showing the damage inflicted (if you play
Practice Mode). Each character has between 230 and 250 health points, but I
couldn't check the exact number. When this bar reaches below 0 health points,
the character is KOed.

Power Bar
Power Bar is there to aid you in doing them EX, Counter and Super Moves. This
bar can build up to 3 levels, when it reaches its MAX. Various methods can be
used to gain energy, such as attacking, blocking attacks, using special moves,
receiving or inflicting damage, or simply hitting the vaccum with the B button.
EX Moves use 1 power level (there are some exceptions, like Manami's EX Move),
while a Super Move uses 2 power levels.

EX Moves
EX Moves are stronger versions of a particular special move, with enhanced
number of hits and/or damage. EX Moves need 1 power level to be used, with
exception of some characters, who may use more than one.

Section 5 -                                                       COMBO SYSTEM

Chain Combos
Chain Combos can be done in two ways: "weak to weak" and "weak to strong".
"Weak to weak" is the way of doing weak attacks repeteadly, so you can combo
to a greater number of hits, but lesser damage.
"Weak to strong" refers to following a weak attack with a strong attack, which
is really intuitive for a game which uses only two buttons. Note that you can't
do vice-versa, i.e. following a strong attack with a weak attack.

Cancelling Order
The cancelling order is as follows:
Normal attack - > Special Move - > EX Move/Super Move


Normal attack - > EX Move/Super Move

Real simple, eh?

Note that the timing must be considered when canceling.

Damage Buffering
Damage buffering happens when you're doing a combo, and on each subsequent hit
after the first one, the damage is decreased by a certain percentage. Damage
buffering exists in V.G.MAX, but it is very subtle, and is not a thing you
really should be concerned with.

Juggling is the ability to hit an enemy while he/she is falling after being hit
by an enemy's strike. In V.G.MAX, juggle can be done up to 1 time per fall
(enemy falls, you strike her, she falls again, you can't strike her again),
with the exception of Tamao, who can do 2 or even 3 juggles. Note that normal
attacks (A and B buttons) aren't considered here, as weak attacks always
juggle up to 3 times and strong attacks juggle 1 or 2 times.

Section 6 -                                                         GAME MODES
Arcade Mode
In Arcade Mode you have to fight against 7 opponents in a best-of-three system.
None of your opponents will ever be your character. If you lose, you will be
prompted to continue, but bear in mind if you select another character, you'll
have to start over from the first opponent. If you win, you'll see the penalty
the loser will recieve, which are in two hentai images (there's also some
speech in japanese during these scenes), then you proceed to the next fight.
After the last stage, you see your character's ending.
Note that after beating the game the first time, you'll fight a total of 8
opponents in Arcade Mode all the subsequent times, not 7 anymore. That is
because Masako becomes playable.

Versus Mode
Basic 2-Player mode. Each player chooses a fighter and fight in a randomly
choosen background. There's no limit to the number of bouts here.

- Game Level: the difficulty, 1 being the easiest and 3 the hardest.
- Time Limit: 60 seconds, 99 seconds or no limit.
- Sound Mode: choose if you want to hear the background music (BGM) or not.
              You'll still hear SFX, though.
- Graphic Mode: choose if you want to see the character dialogues before and
                after a fight, and the penalty scenes after defeating each
                opponent in Arcade Mode. Note that you can still see the
                endings after finishing Arcade Mode. Turn it off if you want to
                speed up gameplay.
- BG Anime Mode: choose if you want to use animated backgrounds or not. Do
                 yourself a favor and turn this off ASAP. It increases gameplay
                 speed, and also, the BG animation is pretty bad. Note that the
                 sprite of Satomi's brother isn't a background element and will
                 still move even if this option is turned off. Also, the petals
                 on Reimi's stage also count as sprites.
- 1P Operation: the device Player 1 wishes to use as a control. The default is
                "KEYBORAD" (yes, it's a typo). If you connect a gamepad, "PAD"
                also becomes available. "PAD" will be selected automatically
                whenever you start the game with a gamepad connected.
- 2P Operation: same as 1P Operation, but for Player 2.

CG Mode
After beating Arcade Mode one time, you unlock this mode. All the characters
you did beat in Arcade Mode are available here, so you can see their penalty
scenes. Note that you have to defeat the character AND finish Arcade Mode so
she is available there.

In this mode you can practice all your moves around, with an infinite power bar
and a static opponent. You can't change the opponent's behavior, so this mode
is good only for testing some general combos, not to train specific-situation
combos, like crouching or jumping.

Exit to Windows.

Section 7 -                                                       FAQ NOTATION

Key Notation (Controls)

----------------           ----------------      ----------------
   Command                     Player 1              Player 2
----------------           ----------------      ---------------- 
      A                         A Key                <- Arrow
      B                         S Key                UP Arrow
     AB                         Z Key                DOWN Arrow
     UP                         T Key                8 (Numeric Keypad)
    DOWN                        B Key                2 (Numeric Keypad)
    LEFT                        F Key                4 (Numeric Keypad)
    RIGHT                       H Key                6 (Numeric Keypad)
    PAUSE                       F12 Key              F12 Key

Note: You can't change the default configuration, and don't ask me how you can
do it. Shame on you, horrible controls.

Command Notation
A, B and AB - look above in Key Notation

Movement - Directional keys, look in Key Notation too

(charge) - Hold the direction right after this signal during 2 seconds

(while in air) - Command must be input while you're airborne

(close to enemy) - Command must be input while close to enemy

 ->  - This move is a follow-up to the first move above it without a "->"

Section 8 -                                                          MOVE LIST

Block                   -     back
Crouch Block            -     down-back
Air Block               -     back while in air
Dash                    -     forward, forward (hold)
Small Dash              -     forward, forward (don't hold) (*1)
Backdash                -     back, back (*2)
Counter                 -     do any Special, Ex or Super while blocking a hit
Throw                   -     close to enemy, forward + B or back + B (*3)
Air Throw               -     forward + B while in air (*4)
Avoid Throw             -     forward + A or B when being held by enemy (*5)
Safe Fall               -     down, down before touching floor (*6)
Small Leap              -     AB (*7)
Super Jump              -     down, then any jumping direction
Recover                 -     direction + attack after receiving a knockdown
Counterattack           -     do any special attack while you're blocking

*1 - or you can cancel the command doing any attack.
*2 - you can pass through certain attacks while backdashing. However, this
     invincibility doesn't last long.
*3 - throws are unblockable.
*4 - only Chiho has an air throw.
*5 - you can't avoid throws that are Special, EX or Super Moves, neither air
*6 - you can't do a Safe Fall after being hit by certain moves (like Jun's
     Kubota Buster). Also, you can't do a Safe Fall after you character has
     rebounded off the floor the first time.
*7 - you can't control the direction you jump to. You can attack with A or
     B during this situation, and with nothing more. This is good to avoid
     sweeps and doing overheads...

-----------------------  [  Y U K A   T A K E U C H I  ]  ---------------------
- Command Attacks -
Flying Kick                  (while in air) forward + B, or jump straight up
                             and press B

- Special Moves -
Kikoudan                     down, forward + A or B
Souryuu Geki                 forward, down, forward + A or B
Idaten Soku                  down, back + A or B

- EX Moves -
EX Kikoudan                  down, forward + AB
EX Souryuu Geki              forward, down, forward + AB
EX Idaten Soku               down, back + AB

- Super Moves -
Kyuukyoku Kikoudan           forward, back, down, forward + B
Kiryuu Idaten Geki           down, back, down, back + B

- Flying Kick hits two times if you connect it at the right time. When the
  opponent is standing, the best place to hit is the head.
- Kikoudan and EX Kikoudan won't hit if Yuka is too near the enemy, because
  the projectile will pass through them most of the time.
- Souryuu Geki won't pass through projectiles. The A version does 1 hit, and
  the B version does 3 hits. However, you can pass through projectiles with
  an EX Souryuu Geki. The invincible frame is the first one, when the screen
  flashes and action pauses.
- Idaten Soku is great OTG attack.
- While doing an Idaten Soku, Yuka will travel half the screen, it doesn't
  matter which version you use.
- The 3rd hit of an EX Kikoudan will always knock the opponent down, even if
  the first two don't connect.

-----------------------   [  C H I H O   M A S U D A  ]   ---------------------
- Command Attacks -

- Special Moves -
Shisenken                   down, back + A or B
Hien Geki                   (charge) back, forward + A or B

- EX Moves -
EX Shisenken                down, back + AB
EX Hien Geki                (charge) back, forward + AB

- Super Moves -
Shin Kuu Ga Zan             down, back, forward + B
Zan'ei Jin                  down, down + B

- Chiho can triangle jump.
- Chiho is the only character with an air throw.
- The A version of Hien Geki will travel right through the opponent if Chiho
  starts the move too close to her. The B version, on contrary, will hit at its
  full, 4 times.
- For the EX Shisenken to do more damage, you have to do it right next to
  your opponent, so the four kunais (daggers) hit all at once.
- If you do the EX Hien Geki too close to the opponent, Chiho will hit only
  one time and pass through the opponent. But this situation changes if the
  enemy is in the corner.
- For the EX Hien Geki to hit all 11 times, you have to do it half a screen
  away from your opponent, and they must be in the corner.
- The Shin Kuu Ga Zan will try to home into the opponent's location, but if
  they have room to dash or backdash, they can escape.
- The Zan'ei Jin is the most important move of Chiho's. After doing it, two
  shadows will trail and mimic Chiho's actions during a set amount of time. All
  moves Chiho do will hit 3x, though she loses the ability to triangle jump.
- To get all hits of an EX Hien Geki while the shadows are trailing Chiho, you
  have to do the move half to 1/4 a screen away from the opponent, and she
  must be in the corner. The most I got was 30 hits.

--------------------  [  T A M A O   M I T S U R U G I  ]   -------------------
- Command Attacks -
Butt Attack                 forward + B
Tomahawk                    (while in air) down + B

- Special Moves -
Kikoudan                    down, forward + A or B
Souryuu Geki                forward, down, forward + A or B
Kuu Sen Kyaku               down, back + A or B
Pokopoko Midare Uchi        (close to enemy) forward, down, back + B
 -> And Punch!              press A before 2nd hit
 -> And Kick!               press B before 2nd hit

- EX Moves -
EX Kikoudan                 down, forward + AB
EX Souryuu Geki             forward, down, forward + AB
EX Kuu Sen Kyaku            down, back + AB

- Super Moves -
Lightning Crash             forward, back, down, forward + B
Three-in-one                down, back, down, back + B

- Butt Attack is an overhead attack.
- Tamao's Kikoudan travels in a descending arc, but it doesn't need to be
  blocked low.
- The B version of the Souryuu Geki will hit an additional time if you do it
  at the right time window. Likely, it's when your opponent is jumping over
- You must follow the Pokopoko Midare Uchi right on the 2nd hit, or Tamao will
  finish the combo automatically.
- When Tamao finishes the EX Kuu Sen Kyaku, she will land face-first on the
  floor. This is an overhead attack. The same counts for the final hit of a
- It looks like Tamao can juggle opponents better than all other characters.
- Trivia: Tamao mimics Yuka's moves because she is her fan, just like Sakura
  is Ryu's (from Street Fighter). She does a pretty bad job, though.

----------------------  [  S A T O M I   Y A J I M A  ] -----------------------
- Command Attacks -
Sweeping attack                   down-forward + B
Flying Kick                       (while in air) forward + B

- Special Moves -
Ouhou                             forward, down, back + A or B
Kaen Zan                          back, down, back + A or B
Goku En Shou                      down, back + A or B
Shinkuu Karatakewari              forward, back, down, forward + A or B

- EX Moves -
EX Kaen Zan                       back, down, back + AB
EX Goku En Shou                   down, back + AB
EX Shinkuu Karatakewari           forward, back, down, forward + AB

- Super Moves -
Hissatsu Kyokushinken             forward, back, down, forward + B

- The Ouhou can reflect projectiles.
- The Goku En Shou is an overhead attack. Also, if you watch carefully, you
  can combo with something else right after it.
- The B version of a Shinkuu Karatakewari has a different finish, when Satomi
  touches the floor.
- The Shinkuu Karatakewari is an overhead attack.
- Hissatsu Kyokushinken won't hit jumping opponents. It just travels half of
  the screen too.
- Trivia: The boy cheering for Satomi in her stage is her brother.

----------------------  [  M A N A M I   K U S U N O K I  ]  ------------------

- Command Attacks -
Diagonal Kick                    down-forward + B
Reverse Kick                     forward + B
Flying Body Attack               while in air, down + B

- Special Moves -
Neko Rocket Punch                down, forward + A or B
Gorogoro Attack                  (charge) back, forward + A
Grand Gorogoro Attack            (charge) back, forward + B
Neko Chotto Ranbu                (close to enemy) forward, down, back + B

- EX Moves -
EX Gorogoro Attack               (charge) back, forward + AB
- Super Moves -
Gottsui Neko Rocket Punch        forward, back, down, forward + B

- Differently from other V.G. games, the Neko Rocket Punch attack won't take
  any energy from Manami when the glove hits her back in the head.
- The "rolling" part of Manami's Grand Gorogoro Attack doesn't hit, only the
  body attack does.
- The "flying" part of Manami's Grand Gorogoro Attack is an overhead attack.
- Even if it is an EX Move, the EX Gorogoro Attack uses two levels.

----------------------  [  Y U M I K O   W A T A N U K I  ]   -----------------
- Command Attacks -

- Special Moves -
Ki Ball                       down, forward + A
Irregular Ki Ball             down, forward + B
Double Attack                 down, back + A or B
Palm Shield                   (charge) down, up + A or B
Blackout Dash                 back, forward, back, forward + A or B

- EX Moves -
EX Palm Shield                (charge) down, up + AB
EX Double Attack              down, back + A

- Super Moves -
Ougi: Chokidan                (charge) back, front + AB

- I don't know most of Yumiko's moves names', except for the Ougi: Chokidan.
  If you can help there, email me.
- Strangely, the Irregular Ki Ball is NOT an overhead attack.
- None of Yumiko's projectiles can be reflected by other characters, only by
- The Palm Shield and EX Palm Shield can reflect projectiles.
- Yumiko can reflect most projectiles that other characters can't. An example
  is Yuka's EX Kikoudan. Yumiko will reflect the first one, and the other two
  will pass through her. Other characters can't even reflect the first
- Blackout Dash allows Yumiko to pass through the opponent and some attacks.
  The A version travels to a small distance, while he B version travels more
  than half the screen.
- Ougi: Chokidan renders Yumiko invincible for the remainder of the move,
  against any attacks. However, an opponent can throw a projectile to nullify
  Yumiko's, or just jump over Yumiko's projectile.

-------------------------   [  J U N   K U B O T A  ]   -----------------------
- Command Attacks -
Flying Body Attack          (while in air) down + B

- Special Moves -
Earth Shaker                down, back + A or B
Kubota Buster               forward, back, down, forward + A or B
Kubota Sway                 back, down, down-back + A or B
Kubota Lariat               (charge) back, forward + B

- EX Moves -
EX Earth Shaker             down, back + AB

- Super Moves -
Kubota Special              forward, down, back, forward, down, back + B
Kubota Super Lariat         forward, down, back, forward + B

- The Kubota Buster is unblockable. The A version is faster, but does less
  damage, while the B version is much slower, but compensates that with damage.
  Note also that the opponent can't do a Safe Fall after being hit by it,
  because damage is done when opponent hits the floor too.
- Kubota Sway makes Jun invulnerable against all attacks, even throws. You can
  insert a command during this momentum so Jun executes it right after she ends
  the sway.
- The Kubota Special is unblockable.
- Trivia: Talking about references, did you ever play a game named Guilty Gear?
  If you did, chances are you'll recognize that some of Potemkin's moves (the
  Potemkin Buster and Heavenly Potemkin Buster) are exactly equal to Jun's
  Kubota Buster. Jun even telegraphs the move name like Potemkin.
- Another reference you might find is in the Kubota Special. Notice the first
  two suplexes in the beggining of the move. Zangief (from Street Fighter) also
  does those two same suplexes in the start of his Final Atomic Buster.

-----------------------   [  K A O R I   Y A N A S E  ]   ---------------------
- Command Attacks -
Rasen Geri                   (while in air) down + A
Shuu Geki                    (while in air) down + B

- Special Moves -
Ressen Shuu                  down, forward + A or B
En Ken Fu                    down, back + A or B
Ryu Ren Tai                  (close to enemy) forward, down, down-forward + B
Hiza Geri Age                (charge) down, up + A

- EX Moves -
EX Ressen Shuu               down, forward + AB
EX En Ken Fu                 down, back + AB

- Super Moves -
Retsu Zan Dou                forward, back, down, forward + B

- You can't do the Chun-Li Ki... I mean, the Shuu Geki if you jump straight up,
  so you have to jump forward or back, but you can do the Rasen Geri jumping
  at any angle.
- The Shuu Geki will make Kaori rebound off a blocking opponent.
- The Hiza Geri Age does have a limited usefulness as an anti-air, but you can
  juggle very well if you connect it.
- To connect both hits of an EX Ressen Shuu, it's best to do it near your

------------------------   [  R E I M I   J Y A H A N A  ]   ------------------
- Command Attacks -
Violent Kick                forward + B
Two-leg sweep               down-forward + B

- Special Moves -
Burning Rose                down, forward + A or B
Rose Stinger                (charge) back, forward + A or B
Hurricane Rose              (charge) down, up + A or B

- EX Moves -
EX Burning Rose             down, forward + AB
EX Rose Stinger             (charge) back, forward + AB
EX Hurricane Rose           (charge) down, up + AB

- Super Moves -
Griffon Nail                forward, back, down, forward + B

- Reimi's B attack must be blocked low.
- Violent Kick is an overhead attack. It will kick the opponent very far away
  from Reimi, so it's good to regain some breath.
- Two-leg sweep is the same normal sweep, only the range is increased.
- You can only have one Burning Rose on the screen at a time.
- Rose Stinger allows Reimi to pass through blocking opponents.
- To get the best damage from an EX Hurricane Rose, do it near your opponent
  and while they're NOT jumping.
- Griffon Nail can get airborne opponents. The move will be activated as soon
  as Reimi grabs her opponent.

----------------------  [  M A S A K O   H O U J O U I N  ]   -----------------
To play as Masako Houjouin, beat Arcade Mode once with any character.

- Command Attacks -
Skull Crusher               forward + B

- Special Moves -
Senpuuken                   forward, down, forward + A or B
Chain Attack                down, back + A or B
Coin Toss                   down, forward + A or B

- EX Moves -
EX Senpuuken                forward, down, forward + AB
EX Chain Attack             down, back + AB
EX Coin Toss                down, forward + AB

- Super Moves -
Missile Surprise            forward, back, down, forward + B

- I don't know the names of Masako's special moves, except the Senpuuken. If
  anyone can help there, drop me a line. I know the thing Masako throws is a
  grenade (or a bean, whatever), but it looks so much like a coin toss I
  decided to call it that.
- Masako's standing B attack can reflect projectiles.
- Masako's flying A hits 3 times.
- Skull Crusher is an overhead attack.
- The B version of the Senpuuken can pass below projectiles.
- If you pay attention during the Coin Toss move, the grenade explodes before
  it reaches the floor. Also, if Masako throws a grenade offscreen, the grenade
  won't explode.
- Every time you do the EX Coin Toss, Masako will throw five grenades to
  completely random positions. Sometimes, she will even throw all five at the
  same place.
- Is Masako supposed to be inspired in the Darkstalkers' character Baby Bonnie
  Hood (Bulleta in Japanese version)?

Section 9 -                                                            SECRETS
- Play as Masako Houjouin
Beat Arcade Mode once with any character.

- CG Mode (Hentai Content)
Beat Arcade Mode once with any character. All characters you have defeated
throughout it will be available at the CG Mode. To unlock the two additional
pictures, beat Arcade Mode one more time with a character that isn't the
character whom you used to beat it the first time, neither Masako.

- Choose alternate color
In the character selection screen, put the cursor over the character, press AB
1 time, then select the character. To nullify this, press AB another time.
Pressing AB an even number of times is the normal color, and an odd number of
times is the alternate color.

- Cameos
In Yumiko's stage, you can see Ayako Yuuki in the background. In Tamao's stage,
you can see Elena (Elenora/Elerin) Goldsmith in the background. They are
characters from other V.G. games.

Section 10 -                                                               FAQ
Q. Where can I download the game?
A. Sites with abandonware may have it. Don't send me emails asking for the

Q. What are the system requirements?
A. They are pretty low, so almost all 1998-present PCs can play this game.

Q. Even when BG Anime is turned off, which elements will still move?
A. Satomi's brother in her stage, because he's a sprite, not a background
   element. Also, the cherry petals in Reimi's stage will still move too.

Q. How do I turn off the images after each character has been defeated in
   Arcade Mode?
A. Go to Config and turn "Graphic Mode" off.

Q. How do I change the controls, and why doesn't my gamepad work as it should?
A. If you connect a usb gamepad/joystick, sometimes you won't be able to use
the RIGHT and DOWN buttons. What you can do is emulate your pad using a program
called JoyToKey. Look on Google for it, the instructions are rather easy.
Create a profile for the game (name it anything you want) and configure it like
UP - T
BUTTONS 1,2,3... - A is weak attack, S is strong attack and Z is weak+strong.

You may also want to set START as F12.

NOW! This is important. Everytime you start the game, go to CONFIG and change
1P/2P operation to "KEYBORAD" (yes, typo and everything).

Q. But now everytime I restart the game it screws everything up!
A. You have to go to CONFIG and change 1P/2P operation to "KEYBORAD" EVERYTIME

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- To GameFAQs, for hosting my guide.
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