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Unreal II The Awakening Tips & Tricks

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Unreal II The Awakening

CTRL		-	Crouch
SPACE		-	Jump
MOUSE		-	Direction, look around
UP Arrow	-	Forward
DOWN Arrow	-	Back
L/R Arrows	-	Strafe
Keys 1-5	-	Weapons
F4		-	Objectives.
Each weapon key can have up to 4 weapons. Keep pressing the key until you
reach the weapon you want.
Press ~ then type
God			-	God mode
Allammo		-	Ammo for all weapons at max
Loaded		-	All Weapons
Fly			-	You feel lighter now.
After the cut scene you get a choice, Training or go to the ship.
Either way you will end up on the ship. To get there go through the door you
entered from, (it's the only one), proceed down the stairs. When you are
outside turn right; see the stairs over there that's where you need to go. As
you get near the bottom you will see a guard. Turn left and enter the lift use
the lift button, (press enter to use) and the lift goes down. At the bottom
leave thelift.
You arrive at the ship. The woman is AIDA; she will brief you on your missions,
but for now she can show you around the lower deck. After talking to her you
can explore the ship she will wait for you. The most important rooms are,
the briefing room, (where AIDA is standing) and the armoury. As Aida says it's
opposite the briefing room. Go there to find out what weapons you will have.
When you are ready go back to your drop ship, (from the briefing room turn
left) from the weapons room turn right. Once in the hanger you can start the
first mission.
As you are landing you will see 2 creatures. They run inside the building so
you know where you are going. Go through the door and down, you see a man
trapped under a door, you can't help him and the door is broken.
To the right of the door is an opening follow it and you come to a room.
There are 4 creatures here so blast them all. When you are finished a speaker
activates. When the hatch opens jump in. There is an assault rifle and ammo
in here. Look for 3 pipes on the ground and follow them to the exit. Swim up.
Continue on till you see the dead man by the door, (look familiar?).
Up the stairs and you get a health pack. Through the next door are 3 creatures.
Through the next door and fight again. They come up the stairs in the centre
so when you've killed them all, (about 7) head down the stairs. There is a
health pack on the right and a creature in front. When he's dead go up the
ladder. BEWARE there is a creature at the top. Near the door are health and
a grenade launcher.
As you proceed past the crates you are attacked from both front and back.
There is ammo by the door at the end. When you get outside there is health to
the right. Creatures attack from above and from the front. At the next door
you have to crawl through, (CTRL). The next door leads to a lift, but you
need to kill a few things to go on. Once in the elevator push the button and
it will go up. At the top the lights go out. A Skaarj is on top trying to get
in. You can't shoot him until he does, (sometimes he electrocutes himself).
When he is dead leave the lift. The door at the other end won't open so,
use the elevator next to the one you came out of. There is health and a
shield behind the stair. Up the stair is a door and 2 Skaarj. There is ammo
left of the next door and beside the last door in this building.
When you exit outside there is 1 Skaarj in front, 1 on the cliff to the
right and 2 on the cliff on the left. Cross the bridge and fight 2 more 
Skaarj. Head to the building in the centre, there is a Skaarj to the left of
it in the water. Go up the stairs. To get to the control room open the hatch
at the top of the stairs. 1 Skaarja grenade launcher and health inside.
Follow the passage through the door up the lift. When you exit the lift
2 Skaarj attack through the window on the left. Go to the red crates at the
end. To the left of the crates are an assault rifle, ammo and a hole. Enter
the hole there's a Skaarj in here. Follow the passage and you end up in a
ditch. Crawl out the right side. There is a Skaarj here plus ammo, shield,
assault rifle and health. Use the blue switches, (emergency over ride). When
the button raises press it.
Head out the door and blast the 3 Skaarj on your way to the lift. Use the
lift and kill the 2 Skaarj when you exit it. Go to the generator, (get
there anyway you can, I jumped down to the ledge). At the bottom get the
artefact and kill the Skaarj. Use the lift in the centre to get out.
After the cut scene you are back on the planet. The animals' here can hurt you
so leave them alone unless they attack.
Follow the beacon light from one to the other you come across the crash site.
As you approach the fence a marine turns it off. Follow the Marines to the
clearing. These men are indestructible and will kill all enemies that appear
so let them, you can join in but stay alive. On reaching the clearing the
Marines set up fences at both ends and a gun turret at one. Your job is
to keep the Skaarj away until the ship lands. Once again the Marines do
most of the defending, help them out but again STAY ALIVE.
The ship arrives mission complete.
Chat with NA-BAL, see Aida for the briefing, Isaac for weapons and then it's
off to HELL.
There is a creature in front of the bridge and a large one on the bridge.
Once across enter the elevator and go down. Through the first door on the
left and heal the patient, (he's on the right). Then go back to the lift.
Make sure he gets in the lift with you. When you get top the top he
leads you to a door and opens it enter and get ready to blast Spiders.
The large ones can jump, three hits with ALT fire from the assault
rifle kills them. Continue through the doors killing spiders as you go.
You end up in a room with 2 doors. The one across from you is locked so
use the one on the right and kill more spiders. Go right and use the
elevator. When you exit there is a large spider on the right as well as
Health and a shield.
Move to the left, (towards the fire) and Aida tells you that you have to
vent the gas to get passed. Look around; there is a fan on the other side
that is not working, go there. Crawl into the fan and turn right. Lots of
small spiders kill them all then use the vent switch. Go back through the
fan and look around the gas has moved. Go to where the gas was. As you
approach a man appears. He is killed by exploding pods, another thing you
have to look for. Enter the door; continue on killing spiders and pods as
you go. You get to a room full of pods, lots of small spiders and 1 large
one at the back. When all are dead head for the stairs at the back. There
is ammo under the stairs, 2 large spiders and 1 small will come down the
stairs. Go up the stairs and through the door on the left 3 large spiders
here. The door on the left is an elevator at the top is a large spider.
The door in front of you is locked so turn around and use the lift next
to the one you came out of. You are in a room with locked doors, a
fallen wall and another elevator. Crawl through the fallen wall. You
must get to the control room to open the doors and turn off the beams.
Look around; there is 1 rock like a bridge to the glass. Move from rock
to rock until you get to this one. DON'T walk into the beams. Once in
the control room turn off the beams and use the door override. Go back
to the other room. There is some stuff in here if you want to want it.
Go out the door and down the lift, now you can open that other door.
Oh good more spiders. Follow the path going through the doors and
killing spiders until you get to an elevator. Go up, same as before,
the doors are locked. Use the next elevator and you are in the control
room. Turn off the pressure in all rooms, (you can watch the spiders
explode) turn off the Plasma Beam. Back down the lift and through the
door, use the hatch and kill those pesky small spiders. You are back
in the central room but so are the spiders. Through the next door and
once again meet spiders, use the elevator then the one next to it and
you are in another control room. Turn all the switches and watch what
happens. The beasts and the spiders go into the beam and grow, this
could be a problem except the beasts don't seem to like the spiders
and eat them. Go back down the elevator and through a door, you need
to be in the chamber on the right.
Go down through the broken grate, more spiders. Continue on until you
get to a room with pipes leading down. There are a few large spiders
in here so introduce them all to death. When you are done pick up any
supplies you find and go through the door. Here is the artefact, it's
in the plasma beam so you can't get it yet. The something big is the
Spider Queen, she spits out eggs at times and the small spiders usually
go into the beam and grow. You don't want this to happen, the Queen is
hard enough to kill so blow up all the pods. There is a switch to turn
the beam off but I didn't try it so don't know if you can yet. Hit the
Queen with your favourite weapon and keep hitting her till she dies.
Staying alive while doing this is a good idea, all spiders disappear
when the Queen dies. Turn off the beam and collect the artefact.
Mission Complete. 
Well! so much for no contact. Follow the road there are enemy soldiers
ahead and on the left. They move quickly and hit you hard so do the same
thing. Run and use a BIG GUN. At the end of the road is a door, more
enemies come out when it opens. Inside are weapons, health generator and
shield generator. As you walk out of the building move around the right
side. A platform is ahead, on it are more soldiers. You can use the sniper
rifle if you have one but whatever you use you have to kill them. On the
platform is weapons, ammo, health and a radio. Use the radio and after
some conversation more soldiers are sent to end your game. Remember the
scene when you first landed? 2 men went down a lift. You must get to that
lift. Approach the ladder there are soldiers on your right. Head to the lift.
It is near the crane in the distance. Be prepared as there is sometimes
another soldier or two waiting here or on the way. Go down the lift. At the
bottom follow the tunnel killing all enemies as you go. The Rocket launcher
works well here but be warned, some of them have one too. Pick up anything
you need as you go. At the end of the tunnel is a dome with a detonator
visible, there are 2 more one on each side. Before you set the last one it
would be a good idea to kill the 3 men trying to kill you. When you set the
last detonator the landscape changes. The soldiers are no longer trying to
kill you, instead they are being killed. The first soldier was right. The
creature did not like being blown up and has decided to kill everyone. YOU
TOO! Run back to the lift shooting down the flying pods, evading the acid
spray and poison gas. When you are on solid ground again head back to your
ship. There is a soldier trying to get in. Teach him that crime does not pay.
Enter the ship...Mission complete.
Head up to the right, follow the path and when you are close a soldier calls
out. Kill the two men attacking him, they are behind the big rock. The marine
tells you his mission. Continue on and you should find a sniper rifle. When
you get to the bridge there is 1 man on your side and one on the other side.
Use the rifle and take them out from a distance. There are 2 men in the slots
on the dam wall, 1 left and 1 right. The door is locked so you need to find
another way in. there are 2 ladders leading down from the dam wall pick one.
They both lead to the same place and the same soldier waiting for you at the
bottom. Go to the running water. There is a soldier inside on the right and
a gun turret on a bridge. You need to get past the bridge to a ladder on the
right side. Cross the bridge go through the door and turn left. 2 soldiers
may come down the stairs so kill them. Do not go up the stairs. As you near
the back wall a door opens(it's brown). Go in and follow the path to a ladder
climb the ladder and set the detonator at the top. There is a shield in the
first room up the stairs if you need it, if not keep going up the ladder
until you see an open grate. Crawl to the grate. There are 2 soldiers down
there. Either kill them from up here or drop down, weapon, health and shield
here. Open the lockers if you want, some hold weapons and some hold shields.
Go to the control panel and use the Dor lock control. The door on the left
leads to a platform the door in front takes you to the stairs you saw
earlier. There is another door downstairs, (both these doors were locked
before you used the panel). Go down and through the door, there is health
on the right, when standing in front of the health look Left and up. That is
detonator number 2. Jump to the detonator, (you may have to go closer to it
first) 2 down 1 to go. Jump back to the door but don't go through it. Go
past the door and down the ramp. The next room has turrets as well as
soldiers in it. 3 force barriers are set up; you can either crawl past them
or blast them down. You must go up the ramp; soldiers come down so kill them
and continue up. Follow the ramp there are more soldiers. At the other end
you need to go down BUT there is a turret here as well as a soldier. From
the bottom of the ramp turn Left. Some pipes form a ladder, jump up and
follow the pipe to the other end. Down and look around, you should see
detonator number 3. Before you set it, it is a good idea to make sure you
have killed all soldiers, turrets and force fields, as you will have only
5 minutes to get out of the building. While you are killing everything go
out the door and head for the front door. It's still locked but it is the
quickest way out, so turn left and go into the elevator. At the top is a
soldier and some gear. Back to the detonator and set it. GET OUT OF THERE.
When you go out the front door there will be some soldiers on the right.
You can take the time to kill them but you could run out of time. Get back
to your ship as fast as you can. On the way you will meet more soldiers.
Into the ship and. Mission Complete.
A short mission but taxing.
NE-BAN briefs you, get your weapons and head for the ship. No ship???
walk down the ramp to start the mission. Go Left up the ravine between the
rocks. Keep going until you reach a grassy patch leading down. Follow it
down and you will see the cache of arms. Collect all the gear inside and
go back to the door. Set up your defences, the enemy come from the front,
the left and around the large rock between front and left. Turrets are
handy here as they kill most of the attackers for you. Stay alive and
protect the door until the repairs are done then enter the door to
complete the mission.
Go Left of the building in front. 1 soldier with gun, 1 with Flamethrower a
Turret in the centre, a rocketeer on the left and a turret on the right. Go
thru the opening, there is a turret on the left. Towards the tower 2 soldiers
on the Right. Through the door is a turret and 2 soldiers. Ammo health etc on
the right. Through the door on the right, 1 soldier. Next door, 2 soldiers
on the left and 1 at the panel then 1 on the left. Go back and thru the last
door. 1 soldier. Call the lift and enter it. At the top go right 1 soldier in
front and 1 behind. Locate the transmission panel and stop the call.
You now have to defend the control room and the technician. Get the marines
to defend the room, don't worry about the front or back. The attacks come
mainly from the door behind the technician so you cover that. The marines
will patrol between both doors and take care of most attacks. Make sure you
kill any rocketeer that comes through the door. If you keep him alive long
enough the technician finishes and so does the mission.
There is a rocketeer up on the platform to the right, use the Sniper Rifle.
Another comes from the front/right. There is a soldier behind the crate on
the left. On the bridge is a turret; the sniper rifle can take it out. Go
forward 2 men set up another turret and a force field, there is ammo on the
right. 1 soldier between the cranes, 1 after the cranes and one at the back
of the cranes and a turret on the left. In the hangar is a rocketeer on the
left 1 turret right and a soldier and turret at the rear, weapons, ammo and
shield by rear turret. Use the lift talk to the scientist and proceed through
the doors. There are 2 soldiers behind the second door, approach one step at
a time and they will come through the door. At the next door 2 soldiers on
the right, there are turrets down both passages left and right.
A flamethrower appears where the turret was, (left side). Through the door at
the end. The door on the left has a turret and a flamer. Through the next
door you have a rocketeer on the right, 2 soldiers by the big rocks and a
turret on the left in a tunnel. At the back of the room is ammo, weapons and
shields. Head down the tunnel, at the end is a lift. When you get to the top
go towards the hole in the floor. There are 2 soldiers down here, one you can
kill from here then drop down and kill the other, he's at the back and runs
towards the door. Follow Myer Head back down the corridor and you get a
message from Aida. Follow Myer, behind the first door are 2 soldiers, 1 on
the Left and 1 on the Right. Next door, 3 soldiers inside as well as ammo,
weapons and health. Myer opens the window, before you go out SAVE. You must
now move around the building. Around the first bend are 2 soldiers, (angels),
there is a turret and 2 angels at the next bend, (use the sniper rifle).
The next has 1 angel and a turret on the left at the end. 1 angel at the
next bend and a rocketeer and angel at the last. When Myer arrives enter the
lift. After the scene follow Myer. The marines outside will do what you tell
them so, tell them to defend the control room. Pick up the turrets and field
generators by the door. The angels will come through the back doors mainly.
Set 2 turrets and a force field at the door on the right, more at the one on
the left. Let the fun begin...The turrets and marines will take care of most
of the attackers but help them anyway. To raise the antenna go out the main
door and turn right. Go across the to the opening and you are at post 3.
Turn right and go to post 4. When you raise the antenna more angels arrive.
There are three getting off the ship. Kill them and get back to the base.
Now you must make sure Myer survives long enough to send the signal.
Once again the turrets and marines take care of most attacks but some angels
will get through. These will go straight for Myer so protect him. Once the
message is sent mission complete.
Go forward and you see an animal eat a fly. These animals will also attack
you. Follow the path and you eventually hear 2 men talking, kill them, there
are 2 turrets on top of the wall 1 in the middle and 1 left. You need to turn
off the force field so continue past the gate. There are 2 soldiers on the
left behind the rocks and 1 in front. Go through the door the 2 were
guarding, use the fuse box and the force field switch. There is a turret here
if you want it. Head back to the gate. As you go through it there are 2
soldiers on the right and some of the animals attacking you. Ahead you meet
a rocketeer, a sniper on the walkway above and 2 men with shotguns on the
right. Ammo, health and shields are beside the crates. Continue on, another
force field but the control is beside it. When you go through the door there
is a sniper high on the right, there are 2 turrets above the gate. Forward,
there is a blue light ahead and more of those animals attack 7 altogether.
The light is in water follow the water and you see a pipe, enter the pipe.
Carry on up the ladder, objective complete. The door at the end is locked,
go through the door on your right and up the ladder. You hear 2 men talking
and see a soldier on the left near the door below. Take out the soldier,
Jump down, (I couldn't find a ladder) there are 2 doors 1 where the soldier
was and 1 behind the scientists. The one at the soldier takes you back to
the start. Go through the other one, (play with the holograms if you want).
There is an opening L+R the right is a ladder ignore it, use the left
opening and jump to the ledge, left or right it does not matter, if you miss
use the ladder. Avoid the steam as it hurts. Go to the opposite end and up
the ladder. Follow the passage, there is a turret here and another around
the corner. Keep going and you reach more scientists and a soldier in front
of a door. Take out the soldier. Get down there are 3 doors the one behind
the soldier leads to more doors but they are all locked and guarded by
soldiers. There is health and ammo in the corridor. Go back, take the door on
your left. There is a soldier ahead in the distance and a rocketeer below on
the left. There is ammo, health in an alcove on your left. The door on the
left is locked. Go right to an opening in the wall get what you need then go
down the ramp into the structure, health and shield here. Up the ladder and
across the bridge. More scientists and a soldier, don't bother wasting a
bullet they all die anyway. The soldier has a shotgun, three doors 1L, and 1R
and 1 in the middle. Go through the one left of where the soldier was. 2
soldiers in here and at the end a lift, there is a turret at the bottom,
 health and shield at one end of the room and ammo and shotgun at the other.
Through the door is a rocketeer through another door and you are at another
lift walk on to yet another lift. At the bottom is a soldier at the door
opposite as well as health and ammo on the left. Below the health is another
soldier. Through the door, soldier on left and right, there is an opening on
the Left and a soldier behind the door. Next door, Soldier ahead on platform.
Go up the ladder, keep going up until you reach a passageway. Follow it and
you hear 2 soldiers talking. They are below you, go down and take them out.
The blue lines you see are lasers and will hurt you. Go left, crawl and jump
past the beams and you will reach the artefact. Get it, watch the scene and
you will see what you fight next. 7 rockets will destroy this creature, but
use whatever you want. When it's dead go back up the ladder, through the
tunnel and down all other ladders. When you reach the bottom some creatures
will be waiting for you. Go through the door and face 4 more creatures. Go
left or right it does not matter walk on until you see a creature carrying
away a soldier. There is a ramp nearby go up it to complete the mission.
Onward ever onward. You lose contact with Aida, continue on. Through the door
are 3 floating creatures. As you walk there is health on both sides, WHY?
Go through 2 doors and you see a creature in a glass bubble. Do not waste
ammo you can't hurt it. When you move past it 2 floating creatures make
themselves known, these are the Overseers that you must kill to open the
door. The creatures in the bubbles are repair men, so when you bring an
overseer to the ground keep on firing until it blows up or the repairman
will fix it and you have to kill it again. Go right, 2 overseers continue on
1 overseer. Through door below you is a platform with a repairman an overseer
floats up kill it and then jump to the platform. Through the door you get to
an intersection 1 overseer left and 1 right. Destroy the one on the left
first then the right. Go up the left passage and press the button, go right
the bubbles are an elevator. Lasers protect the button at the end.
Once you press it the lasers turn off, (you may not need to press it). Use
the bubble elevator and jump off at the top. There is an overseer by the door
go through the door and past the tubes. Two paths the one on the right leads
to a dead end so go straight ahead. An overseer rises from a pit, go right,
another overseer from a pit. There is health by the tubes if needed. Continue
on an overseer on the right then one from the left. If you have killed all
the overseers a cut scene will show the antigrav lift door opening. If not,
go back and find the one you missed. The antigrav lift is on your left up
the structure enter it at the top an overseer is waiting, once dead the
door behind will open enter door. Go right overseer on right at pit. There
is ammo left and right, go back and proceed past the start. Overseer in pit.
When you reach the door watch the lasers, they leave gaps. When they turn
off run to the next safe place, continue this until the end. There is a ramp
ahead go up it, walk around the structure and you arrive at another ramp.
This one has a bubble in front of it with a creature inside. You can push
the first button, which releases it from its position and the second gives
it a shock. It cannot get out and you cannot get in. Go up the ramp and
prepare to meet the caretaker. Like other overseers he flys but this one
is much faster and has more weapons. It also seems to give birth to another
one so you need to kill them as quickly as you can. Eventually he starts
spinning and blows up, the shield around the artefact is down and you can
collect it. Mission complete.
Head for the tower, a Skaarj comes to play; there is another on the left of
the tower and 2 more in the water. Go to the railing on your right, a Skaarj
comes around the corner. A body is thrown down the stairs, go up the stairs
and use the elevator. When you exit a Skaarj is on the right up the stairs.
Go up to the top, a Skaarj comes down from the control room. Go to the control
room, there are 2 Skaarj inside. Use the Planetary Cannon Controls to shut
off the cannon, back to the elevator. SAVE There is a sniper rifle left of the
elevator. Keep the Skaarj from killing the marine. There are cylinders
nearby only shoot these to kill the 2-armoured Skaarj that will appear.
One from the top and one from the bottom. When the marine is finished
he meets you at the bottom, follow him and kill quite a few more Skaarj as
you go. When reunited with the marines they head off to secure the area,
follow them there is health, ammo and shields to the left of where they set
up the turrets. Be careful not to get stuck on the wrong side of the fence
or you will have a lot of killing to do. After a while Aidia arrives and is
blown out of the sky. A marine calls the Dorian Gray in to pick you up.
There is ammo, health and shields all around the room, the doors are locked.
When Hawkins places the final piece find somewhere to hide (unless you're
using the GOD cheat), you cannot hurt this monster Kai. Eventually he drops
a green pod, pick it up, (nice of him to give you the only weapon that
destroys him. One shot and he's gone. Go through the doors and find somewhere
to listen to Aidas' message. After the message go straight and you will see a
ramp, Hawkins is at the top. Watch the scene and decide what you would have
done, I would have used the spider rifle more painful and much slower.
Anyway go through the door, leave the artefact you can't pick it up or
damage it. Kill the monster Kai and continue on. Through the next door is a
Monster Kai but he is directly above you. Use the antigrav lift to get to
him. Through the door, you see the escape door being sealed there is a door
near where you came in, health and shields here. The door you need to go
through is above you. There are two doors, one is locked the other is not.
When you reach the door go through and through the next on the right. When
the soldiers finish talking you can go through the door and kill the Kai
if you want. Near where you came in are some crates, jump on them and jump
to the walkway above. Continue on, only one more Kai to kill. Keep going and
you get to the escape pod bay. Only one pod is available and a Kai has
decided to use it. Kill the Kai and watch the end scene. You don't really
need to kill this Kai, just be in the pod when the ships structure fails.

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