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Quest for the Rest Tips & Tricks

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Quest for the Rest

1. The cactus has three bumps on it. Clicking each one causes them to grow. 
Clicking again causes them to bloom. Clicking again causes them to turn into 
fruit. Clicking the fruit causes them to drop to the ground. Turn all three 
to fruit, and then drop them all, starting with the one most on the left. The
rat will come out and eat one. While he is, click on the turtle/armadillo 
thing. He will eat the other two. This will bring out a third person on a 
cart. Click on the person once to wake her up, and again to cause her to blow 
up the balloon on the cart. The balloon will inflate, she will take off, and 
her two friends will hop on and fly away to the second screen.

2. The person in the green is the key to this screen. Click on the ledge to 
her left to move her there. Click on the next ledge to the right to move her 
there. Click on the branch above and she will climb over to the right. Click 
on the ball just below her and she will drop to the ground and be hidden 
behind a fern. Click on each branch of the fern to close it up and then click
on the tunnel beneath it. She will walk in and her friends will follow. She 
will appear in the hole on the right of the tree. In quick succession, click
on the flower just to her right and then on the frog. When the flower the fly 
was on swings to the left, click on it. The person will jump and stand on the 
flower the fly was on. Then, click on the long reed that hangs to the left. 
The person will jump to it, bend it down, and all of the friends will walk 
to the right to the next screen.

3. See the little yellow fish that swims by and gets eaten by the octopus? 
Also see the little hole that the green snail pops his head out of? When the 
yellow fish appears and stops on the left side of the screen, click on the 
hole that the snail normally pops out of and a green bubble will appear. The 
fish will eat it, the octopus will eat the fish, and the octopus will get 
sick and leave. Click on the hatch to the submarine and the people will swim
down to it. Click on the front window to show the controls. Click the middle 
control to start the engine. Click on the top control to raise the submarine
up. Click on the bottom control to advance the submarine to the right.

Enjoy the ending!
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