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Quake III Arena Tips & Tricks

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Quake III - Arena
(                     QUAKE III: ARENA - FAQ/WALKTHROUGH                    )

	Quake III: Arena	   |
Written by  : Ruchirkc	           |
Last Updated: 05th Jan. 2007       |
Platform    : Windows-PC           |
Version     : 1.00b                |
E-Mail	    : |




1. Game Structure


1. Minimum System Requirements
2. Copy Protection
3. News & Updates


1. Gladiators
2. Weopons
3. Armor
4. Health
5. Flags & Items
	A. Flags
	B. Items
6. Medals
7. The Environment
8. The Games


1. Single Player
	A. Choose Level
2. Multi-Player
	A. Arena Servers
3. Setup
	A. Player
	B. Controls
	C. System
	D. Game Options
	E. CD-Key
	F. Defaults
4. Demos
5. Cinematics
6. Exit



1. Look
2. Move
3. Shoot
4. Misc.


1. Jumping
2. Running
3. Crouching
4. Swimming
5. Camping




1. Contact Me
2. Credits
3. My Other Faqs
4. Version History
5. Copyright Info

|             PART: 1 - INTRODUCTION                 |

Quake III: Arena was the highly anticipated sequel to id Software's
revolutionary Quake. Since the release in 1997, Quake III: Arena was the
superior game over the other FPS games back in those years. However, recent
games are giving this game a run for it's money.

But this game is still popular with many gamers, either just for nostalgic
fun or their computers don't quite meet the required specifications for the
newer games. Fire up Gamespy and you'll see a planets worth of servers, all
running Quake III: Arena, while some of them even have active mods.

However, this game is not to be taken lightly, even though it may be old,
Quake III: Arena can still hold a box of surprises for the uncoordinated

|              PART: 2 - GAME OVERVIEW               |

"Untold centuries ago the Vadrigar, the mysterious Arena Masters, constructed
the Arena Eternal for their own infernal amusement. Virtually nothing is
known of these beings except that they savor the carnage and clamor of
battle. As such, they have stocked the arena with the greatest warriors of
all time. And you have just joined their ranks.

As a gladiator in the Arena Eternal, you must not only survive, but also win
each and every battle against ever more powerful opponents. Don't worry
overly much about getting "fragged." The Vadrigar won't be cheated of their
favorite sport by a little thing like death. Those who fall are instantly
restored to life and immediately thrust back into the battle, perhaps a
little wiser for their misfortunes.

When the dust, blood, and gibs settle, all warriors will have earned the
right to battle again, providing further entertainment for the Vadrigar. But
only the warrior who has fragged the most foes will be lauded as the winner.
The victorious gladiator advances to a more challenging array of arenas,
until, at last, he or she faces Xaero, Lord of the Final Arena."*

*Taken from the Manual


In single-player mode, Quake III Arena is split into six tiers of four
arenas each. In order to progress to the next tier, a gladiator has to beat
all four arenas. Finishing second or third won't do-you must emerge as the
clear winner.

While the rules are a little different in multiplayer (network or online)
games, there is one important rule that sums up your life as a gladiator in

|              PART: 3 - INSTALLATION                |

Before installing the game, make sure your PC atleast meets the minimum
requirements given below:


[*] 3-D Hardware Accelerator with full OpenGL support*
[*] Pentium® 233Mhz MMX® processor with 8 MB Video Card
[*] Pentium II 266Mhz processor with 4 MB Video Card
[*] AMD® 350Mhz K6®-2 processor with 4 MB Video Card
[*] 64 MB RAM
[*] A 100% Windows® 95/98/NT 4.0 compatible computer system (including
compatible 32-bit drivers for CD-ROM drive, video card, sound card and input
[*] Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 (with Service Pack 3) operating system
[*] 25 MB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files (Minimum Install),
plus 45 MB for the Windows swap file
[*] Quad-speed CD-ROM drive (600 K/sec. sustained transfer rate)
[*] 100% DirectX 3.0 or higher compatible sound card
[*] 100% Microsoft®-compatible mouse and driver
[*] 100% Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 compatible joystick (optional)
[*] Multiplayer Requirements
	- Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP and IPX) play supported
	- Internet play requires a 100% Windows 95/98/NT 4.0-compatible 28.8
Kbps (or faster) modem

* A 100% full OpenGL compliant 3-D video card is required. Quake III Arena
uses OpenGL to support 3-D hardware acceleration.  Quake III Arena has been
tested on many but not all of the major cards incorporating the chipsets. For
the most recent list of cards and drivers supported, please visit

NOTE: If you have problems playing Quake II on Windows XP, try restarting it
in compatibility mode (Windows 95 or Windows 98/ME) and make sure you have
the latest patches installed.


There are three easy ways to install Quake III Arena on your system. Begin by
inserting the CD-ROM into your drive and then choose one of the following
methods to start the setup program:

[1] If you have Autorun enabled, the setup program will start automatically.

[2] Open the START menu from your Windows desktop, select the RUN option and
type d:\setup.exe in the Open box. Press Enter and the setup program should
begin to run. If your CD-ROM drive isn't the 'd' drive, be sure to substitute
the appropriate letter.

[3] Open My Computer from your Windows desktop and double-click on the CD-ROM
drive showing the Quake III Arena icon. Double-click on the setup program
icon to start installing the program.

Once the setup program has started, a series of on-screen instructions will
guide you through the rest of the installation procedure.


To play Quake III Arena in Single Player, you must have the Quake III Arena
CD in your CD-ROM drive.  To Play Quake III Arena in Multiplayer, you must
enter the CD verification string located on the back of the CD packaging.


Updates to Quake III Arena, game news, and other information will be
available over the Internet at This is also the place to
check for tech support or frequently asked question (FAQ) files. Be sure to
stop by often in order to keep your competitive edge in the Arena Eternal.

|                PART: 4 - THE ARENA                 |


"The Arena Eternal is an extradimensional structure created by the Vadrigar
and populated with the greatest warriors in all of time and space. In order
to survive there, you'll need to know a little bit about your enemies,
weapons, and the environment in which you'll be fighting."*

In addition to you, there are 32 computer-controlled gladiators residing in
the arena. Each of them is a deadly warrior with his or her own personality
and tactics. Some are tougher than others, as you'll quickly learn in battle.

[*] Anarki (Cybronic Human): Always seeking an edge, this cyber-board surfer
paid with his humanity for a seemingly endless array of cybronic implants.

[*] Angel (Humanoid Robot): Although certainly not a classical beauty, Angel
was created by a sculptor to be his ideal companion. She quickly proved
herself to be a creature of hate, not love-killing her maker in a berserk

[*] Biker (Human): Biker is crude and coarse: a bully who gets his kicks out
of hammering helpless opponents. He may not be smart or brave, but he's
brutal as hell.

[*] Bitterman (Human): This hero of the Strogg War may also be its most
tragic victim. While a captive on Stroggos, vile experiments transformed his
flesh into something both far more and far less than human.

[*] Bones (Human Skeleton): This fearsome foe showcases the powers of the
Vadrigar, for it has no true life of its own. But it begs the question: Where
do the gibs and blood come from??

[*] Cadavre (Undead Human): Cadavre is a brutal murderer who couldn't be
executed. The electric chair, gallows, and gas chamber only made him meaner.

[*] Crash (Human): Once, she was Doom's military instructor. Now the Arena
Eternal tests Crash's mettle to the extreme-extreme patience, that is. She is
the trainer who introduces new warriors to the skills of battle.

[*] Daemia (Human): The bounty hunter, Daemia, long ago stopped caring who or
what was in her sights. Enemies are enemies whether they're human, alien, or
demons from the pits of hell.

[*] Doom (Human): Long after everyone else on Phobos was dead, he kept
fighting, determined to send out a warning to Earth before the demons could
claim him.

[*] Gorre (Cybronic Human): Born in the breeder tank of a genetics lab and
nurtured in a cybronics workshop, Gorre was created to be the ultimate least in his own mind.

[*] Grunt (Human): A mentally shattered veteran of the invasion of Stroggos,
Private Nathan Grunt is still fighting a war that ended years ago.

[*] Hossman (Human): Easily mistaken for a big, clumsy oaf, Hossman is a
deadly opponent whose agility is a match for his fearsome strength.

[*] Hunter (Human): When her village on Tau Ceti was decimated by the Sorg,
Hunter vowed to seek out and destroy the reptiloids wherever they might hide.

[*] Keel (Cybronic Human): Lance Corporal Ben Keel died during the Spiker
Insurrection-only to be revived as a humanoid battle machine by scientists
experimenting with captured alien biotechnology.

[*] Klesk (Alien Chitinid): Half religious zealot, half gifted mystic and all
bizarre alien, Klesk cleanses his soul with the purifying fire of combat.

[*] Lucy (Human): A former prison guard, Lucy crossed the line and ended up
on the other side of the bars where every hour was a battle for survival.

[*] Major (Human): A veteran of the Stroggos campaign, Major Wayland is
haunted by the memories of her fallen troops and the parasites that killed
them. It may be that she believes she's still fighting that long-concluded

[*] Mynx (Human): Fashion model, master assassin, or adult entertainer: Which
is the real Mynx? She's part viper, part black widow, and all woman.

[*] Orbb (Alien Cybronic Construct): Designed by the Vadrigar to monitor
combat in the arena, Orbb evolved beyond his specifications and became a
deadly combatant.

[*] Patriot (Cybronic Human Vampire): A twisted combination of cybronic
implants and supernatural powers, Patriot is a throwback to the days of
nationalism-before mankind found other enemies among the stars.

[*] Phobos (Human): An experienced veteran, he led the invasion of the
demon-haunted tunnels of Phobos. There, he was betrayed by superiors who
thought they could learn more from watching him die than by studying his

[*] Ranger (Human): Originally a slipgate explorer, the man called Ranger has
faced and escaped certain death a thousand times on a thousand worlds. His
experiences have left him more alien than human now.

[*] Razor (Human): During a time of civil unrest on Earth, Razor and his gang
of vigilante followers enforced a rigid, brutal code of justice in the
Pacific Northwest. Razor never admits defeat and shows no mercy in defense of

[*] Sarge (Human): A grizzled combat veteran with plenty of scars to prove
it, Sarge is the master of modern warfare. He's clever, determined, and

[*] Slash (Cybronic Human): A young force-blade punk from the streets of Los
Angeles, Slash became a test bed for the hottest cybronic implants, turning
her into a barely-contained bundle of energy.

[*] Sorlag (Reptiloid Alien): This mercenary Sorg merchant long ago resolved
to do whatever it took to get ahead, no matter how many others had to die in
order to line her coffers.

[*] Stripe (Human): Raised on the mean streets of a post-apocalyptic city,
Stripe avoided crime and drugs by being tougher than the gangs and pushers.

[*] Tankjr (Cybronic Human/Strogg Crossbreed): The spawn of a human Tank
Commander and an Iron Maiden of Stroggos, Tankjr is a sadistic bio-tech

[*] Uriel (Gargoyle): For untold eons, Mankind has known and feared Uriel's
diabolical kind. The aura of evil and death hanging around this gladiator is
enough to send a chill down the spine of any opponent.

[*] Visor (Cybronic Human): Visor is an enigma who says nothing about his
past, letting his weapons do all his talking for him.

[*] Wrack (Human): Wrack is a shell-shocked Slipgate War veteran who relives
countless battles through a haze of imagined glories, half-remembered facts,
and exaggerated personal abilities.

[*] Xaero (Mutated, Cybronic Human): The most dangerous enemy in the arena,
Xaero embraces honorable death. He longs for the day when he will meet the
opponent who frees him from the shackles of life eternal-if such a warrior


Gladiators in the Eternal Arena have a wide variety of weapons available to
them. At the start of every match (or after they've been fragged), all
combatants are armed only with a machine gun and gauntlet. Depending on the
arena they're battling in, other weapons may be available. Ammunition for
each weapon can usually be found in the same arena. Collect a weapon (or its
ammunition) by running through it.

[*] Gauntlet: The gauntlet combines a whirling saw blade with a powerful
electrical charge to create a deadly close-combat weapon. Unlike the other
weapons, the gauntlet needs no ammunition, so it's always ready to go.

[*] Machine Gun : Although not particularly powerful, this weapon has a high
rate of fire and can be used to blanket an area with a suppressing hail of

[*] Shot Gun : One of the most common weapons scattered throughout the
arenas, the shotgun delivers an instantly impacting shower of heavy pellets.
Reloading causes a short delay between shots.

[*] Plasma Gun : This powerful energy weapon unleashes a deadly stream of
plasma pulses that rapidly consume its energy supply.

[*] Grenade Launcher : The time-fused grenades fired by this weapon are
incredibly powerful and have a wide blast radius.

[*] Rocket Launcher : The rockets fired by this heavy weapon have a large
blast radius, enabling them to harm several targets at once. Be careful when
using this weapon, since it's easy to include yourself in the explosion!

[*] Lightning Gun : The most unusual weapon in the arena, the lightning gun
unleashes a powerful stroke of electricity at its target. Despite its short
range, nothing looks cooler than the lightning gun!

[*] Rail Gun : This highly accurate weapon uses a linear accelerator to throw
a depleted uranium slug at an incredible rate of speed. The gun's accelerator
must recharge between shots, causing a delay before it can be fired again.

[*] BFG-10k : An evolution of the plasma gun, the BFG-10K is the dream weapon
of every gladiator in the arena. It hurls devastatingly powerful bursts of
fusing plasma to mow down enemies.


There are three types of armor available in the Arena Eternal. At the start
of a match, you won't have any, so you'll have to look for it. Although the
normal maximum armor rating you can have is 100, some improvements allow you
to increase it beyond this limit, up to a limit of 200. Whenever your armor
rating is above 100, it will gradually count down until it reaches that mark,
even if you aren't taking damage. Your current armor rating is displayed on
the bottom right corner of the screen.

[*] Armor Shard: These fragments improve your armor rating by 5 points,
increasing it even beyond the normal maximum of 100 points.

[*] Combat Armor: Donning a yellow combat armor vest improves your armor
rating by 50 points.

[*] Heavy Armor: A suit of red heavy armor will increase your armor rating by
100 points.


There's no way around it: you're going to get hurt or even fragged running
around the arena. You can tell how badly wounded you are by looking at the
Health score displayed to the left of your character's face. At the start of
every event, all gladiators begin with health scores of 125 (which counts
down to 100). During the course of play, it's possible to increase your
health beyond this value, although it will gradually count down to 100 when
this happens. Cross-shaped health bonuses are scattered throughout most
arenas. Restore your health by running through them.

[*] Green: Each green cross you collect will add 5 points to your health
(even beyond your maximum!).

[*] Yellow: A yellow cross adds 25 points to your health, increasing it up
to, but not beyond, its maximum rating of 100.

[*] Gold: Every gold health cross you pick up adds 50 points to your health,
up to its maximum rating of 100.



Red/Blue Flag: When you're playing in a 'Capture the Flag' event, each team
is given a standard to guard. You score points by grabbing the enemy banner
and carrying it back to your own base.


In addition to weapons, armor, and health bonuses, combatants will find many
useful items scattered around the arena. These can be picked up by running
over them. There are two types of items: power-ups and carried items.


Power-ups are items that take effect the instant you touch them. They remain
in effect for a short time, which is counted down on your screen, and then

[*] Battle Suit: This golden shell protects the wearer from lava, slime,
drowning, and other hostile conditions (including splash damage from
weapons). Be careful. Even a Battle Suit won't protect you from the Fog of
Death or the Void!

[*] Flight: A Flight pack is a small anti-gravity generator allowing a
gladiator to propel him- or herself through the air with minimal effort.
Flight packs are only available in multiplayer games.

[*] Haste: This tachyon accelerator creates a bubble of compressed time,
greatly increasing the gladiator's movement speed and rate of fire.

[*] Invisibility: This unit bends light around its user, making a gladiator
very difficult to see. However, muzzle flashes and power-up glows are still
fully visible.

[*] MegaHealth: When you pick up a MegaHealth, your health is increased by
100 points (even beyond your maximum).

[*] Quad Damage: When you scoop up a Quad Damage, your weapons are
supercharged for a brief period of time.

[*] Regeneration: When you grab the Regeneration, your health will gradually
increase until it reaches 200 or the effect times out.


Some items are picked up and carried with your gladiator until you choose to
activate them. It's important to remember that you can only have one item at
a time. Before you can pick up another, you have to use the one you already
have. Once activated, the effect is instantaneous.

[*] Medkit: This battlefield medical kit contains a wide array of healing and
pain killing chemicals. When activated, its computer brain diagnoses the
user's injuries and instantly restores the gladiator to full health (100).

[*] Teleporter: A personal teleporter is a small unit with the ability to
fold space around its user. When activated, it instantly transports the user
to a random point in the arena.


Medals measure and instantly reward outstanding combat performance. When a
player receives a verbal praise award, such as "Excellent!" the medal for
that award appears above the gladiator's head. It swiftly fades away. All
your medals of that type earned in this match are displayed for you. They
also swiftly fade. When the match ends, all medals earned in the match are
proudly displayed. Between matches you see the grand totals for all medals
earned since the game began. The RESET control will wipe these values out.

[*] Excellent: Awarded for making two frags made within two seconds.

[*] Impressive: Awarded for two consecutive hits with the rail gun.

[*] Frags: Awarded each time you make 100 frags.

[*] Accuracy: Awarded when your percentage of hits-to-shots is greater than

[*] Gauntlet: Awarded each time you make a frag with the gauntlet.

[*] Perfect: Awarded when you are victorious in an arena without being
fragged even once yourself.


The various arenas created by the Vadrigar contain many features and hazards.
Some are ordinary things that hardly merit mention, others are extremely
deadly menaces capable of quickly fragging the reckless, and a few fall
somewhere in the middle.

[*] Acceleration Pads: Acceleration pads use a powerful artificial
gravitational field to impart lateral thrust to anyone stepping onto them.
Think of them as high tech jump ramps.

[*] Bounce Pads: Similar to acceleration pads, a bounce pad uses a powerful
pulse of anti-gravity particles to propel anyone who steps on it high into
the air.

[*] Doors: Doors in the arena come in many shapes and sizes. Most open when
you move near them. Others remain closed until a button or other trigger
activates them. A standard door will open if it's shot.

[*] Fog of Death: These swirling crimson vapors are highly caustic and
faintly radioactive. They dissolve flesh and will quickly kill any gladiator,
regardless of armor or other protection.

[*] Fog: Despite the fact that it looks spooky, normal fog isn't dangerous.
Of course, it obscures your vision and can conceal enemies or hazards.

[*] Gates: A gate is a portal allowing gladiators to move instantly from one
part of the arena to another. These are very much like teleporters but allow
you to see the area to which it leads.

[*] Lava: In some arenas, gladiators will be forced to deal with streams or
pools of molten rock. Anyone foolish enough to step into lava without the
protection of a Battle Suit (see Power-Ups) will suffer an amazing amount of

[*] Lifts: Scattered throughout the arenas is an assortment of lifts. When a
gladiator steps onto a lift, it begins to rise.

[*] Pendulums: In some arenas, gladiators will encounter massive, swinging
pendulums. Anyone who gets in the way of these heavy, swinging weights will
be instantly crushed.

[*] Platforms: Unlike lifts, which operate only when a gladiator steps onto
them, platforms are constantly in motion. Some bob up and down, while others
go back and forth.

[*] Slime: This green ooze is highly acidic and consumesflesh at an i
ncredible rate. The only way to move safely through slime is with the
protection of a Battle Suit.

[*] Teleporters: A teleporter is similar to a gate, allowing gladiators to
instantly travel from one point in the arena to another. You can't see where
a teleporter leads, however, until you step into it.

[*] Triggers: Triggers often take the form of a button or pressure plate.
When activated, they cause something to happen (usually nearby). Some
triggers activate when touched, others must be fired on.

[*] Voids: In some cases, an arena will seem to be nothing more than a series
of platforms adrift in space. A poorly aimed jump or misstep will send
gladiators plunging to their deaths in the all-consuming void.

[*] Water: Scattered pools and canals can be found in many of the arenas.
Although these are safe to swim in, a careless gladiator can drown if he
remains underwater too long without a Battle Suit.


[*] Free for All - This is the classic form of Deathmatch. It's every man,
woman, and sinister alien being for him/her/itself as the players frag
everything that moves to get the most points.

[*] Team Death Match - It's Red against Blue in a coordinated contest of
carnage. Two teams of players work to control the arena and score the most
frags on their foes.

[*] Tournament - Players fight each other one-on-one, while future foes watch
as spectators. The watchers wait their turns to be the challenger who wrests
control of arena from the most recent victor.

[*] Capture The Flag - Slip into the other team's home base, grab its flag,
and run home to score. What could be simpler? Now do it while dodging heavy
artillery fire and you've got an idea of how this fast moving team game
feels. Score the most and win!

|                PART: 5 - MAIN MENU                 |


Choose this option to challenge only automated opponents controlled by your


Select one of the four arenas in the first game tier. The gladiators you must
defeat are indicated below the arena selection area. When you win all four
arenas on a tier, the next tier will be unlocked. Click on the red left/right
arrows to scroll through the arena pictures. You can only play on maps
unlocked by your victories. Maps you have conquered are marked with the
Quake 3 logo. No red tines on the logo, means you defeated it at the "I Can
Win!" skill level. A single red tine indicates a victory at "Bring it On" and
 so on, up to "Nightmare!," which has its own unique logo.

This resets your single player game settings and medals earned. It affects
all players. It is irrevocable. You are warned.

Select this option to start a single player game in which you select both the
arena and the gladiators that will oppose you. With exception of several
multi-player server only commands, this option is nearly the same as creating
a multi-player server.

Remember though, many of the deadliest opponents in Quake III Arena lurk, not
in the program itself, but in multi-player games found over networks and on
the Internet.

Start a battle with a pre-set selection of automated opponents by selecting
one of the arenas and clicking the Fight button. You will be prompted to
select game difficulty before continuing.

You can select one of five difficulty levels, depending on how much abuse
you're in the mood for.

[*] I Can Win!: This level is meant for raw beginners and faint-hearted
featherweights. You have a big advantage over your opponents when playing at
this level.

[*] Bring It On: If you like touch football, this is the level for you.
You'll have an edge over your opponents here, making it almost impossible to
get yourself really fragged.

[*] Hurt Me Plenty!: When you're ready to go into combat with tough
opponents, move on to this level. You and your opponents will be on even
ground here, so they're more than able to frag you when you get careless or

[*] Hardcore: If you're ready for the big leagues, this is the level for you.
Neither you nor your opponents will have an edge, they're just as deadly as
you are. From start to finish, even a hardened gladiator will be fighting for
his life here.

[*] Nightmare!: If you're really looking for punishment, the Nightmare level
will hand it out in spades. You probably won't live long on this level, but
you'll go out in a blaze of glory.


Choose this option to join or create a game played over a network or via the
Internet against live opponents. No matter how tough the opponents in a
single player game are, there's no thrill greater than competing against
other live players. When you select this option, a screen will appear where
you can view, organize and join servers (computers hosting multiplayer games)
running Quake III Arena. You can also select the Create option to start your
own server.


Servers are other computers hosting multi-player games. The default setting
is LOCAL. If your computer isn't part of a local network, you wont see any
games displayed. At the top of this screen are five options to help you
organize the servers that are displayed in the screens center window. Click
on the word to the right to toggle through the options. They will
automatically sort and filter the games available to you.

The highlighted server name is your current selection. You can use the scroll
bars on the right side of the server list window to see the complete list of
servers available. To select another, click on the one you want to join and
hit the FIGHT button on the bottom of the screen.


[*] Local: If your computer is part of a network, activating the LOCAL toggle
will detect and display all the Quake III Arena games being run on it. Just
click on the one you want to join and hit the FIGHT button on the bottom of
the screen. If your computer isn't part of a local network, no games will be

[*] Internet: If your computer link to the Internet is active, selecting this
option will show you the servers available. If not, then none will be
displayed. This listing also indicates the "ping" rate for each server. Ping
is the amount of time it takes your computer to send and receive data to and
from the server. The lower the ping rate, the faster your connection to that
server will be. Its important to remember that, while a low ping rate is
better for play, Quake III Arena is designed to run well even with higher
ping rates.

[*] Favorites: Clicking on this button will filter out any server not on your
list of favorites (see below). If none of your favorite servers are running,
or you haven't book-marked any favorites, you wont see any games displayed.
To bookmark a favorite server, you must be playing the game in the desired
server. Hit ESC to open the menu, then select Server Info. At the bottom of
the server info, click on "Add to Favorites" and it will be done. You can
also delete entries.

Game Type

Use this option to include only servers running the game type (All, free for
all, tournament, team death match, or capture the flag) that you would like
to play.

Sort By

This option sorts by the selected instruction.

[*] Ping Time: The lower the ping rate, the faster your connection to that
server will be.

[*] Server Name: Alphabetically lists servers.

[*] Map Name: Groups the servers by arena filename.

[*] Open Player Spots: Displays servers with more open player spots at the
top of the list.

[*] Game Type: Groups the servers by which game type is currently being

Show Full

Quake 3 Arena doesn't normally show you games that have reached their
maximum number of players. Set this to ON, and the Arena Server menu will
include them.

Show Empty

Ordinarily, Quake III Arena filters out games in which no one is playing
from the list of Arena Servers. Activate this to display empty games as well
as those with players already in them.



Returns you to the previous menu.


Hitting this button instructs the program to search the network, Internet or
your favorites again and update the list of games available.


If there's a particular server to which you want to connect, you can do so by
hitting this button. The program will prompt you for the exact Internet
address of the host server and then connect you to it, if possible.


Chose this option to open make a game that's open to network and Internet
players. You'll be shown an assortment of arenas from which to choose and
then be prompted to provide the basic rules of engagement.

On the first screen that appears, click the left/right arrows to view the
arenas. Select an arena for the battle by clicking on it.

Then click on and toggle through the game types: Free for All, Team Death
Match, Tournament, or Capture the Flag. Now click Next to advance to the Game
Server screen.

The Game Server setup screen allows you to change game variables.

[*] Bot Skill: This option allows you to set the difficulty level of any
computer opponents that you have added to the server.

[*] Player List: The player list on the left hand side of the screen allows
you to specify how many total players can be in the game, how many player
slots will be occupied by computer opponents, and how many slots can be
occupied by human players. To add open slots for players (up to 12) in the
game, change them to computer opponents, or close slots (to limit the number
of players), click on entries in the left hand column below the word "Human"
(you). Four dots mean a closed slot. "Open" means a human player can join or
a bot can be added from the Add Bot menu during the game.

To select a computer opponent, click on the opponent's name area to add a new
gladiator or to change the one there. You select the opponent from an array
of small portraits. Accept locks in your choice. For team matches, you have
you can toggle a player to be a red or blue team player.

[*] Frag Limit: Frags (or kills) are the usual measure of success in the
Arena. Adjusting this value allows you to establish the number of frags
required to win the match. Higher values result in longer games.

[*] Capture Limit: For Capture the Flag games, the capture limit indicates
the number of times the opponents' flag must be captured and taken to your

[*]Time Limit: You can greatly change the dynamics of a scenario by adding a
time limit. If time runs out before someone reaches the Frag Limit, the
player with the most kills wins.

[*]Friendly Fire: When on, it means that teammates can injure and frag one
another with their weapon fire. Traditionally, it is turned ON for Team Death
Match and OFF for Capture the Flag.

[*] Pure Server: (multi-player only option) This means that the game on the
server and the games on connecting computers must exactly match. Any
modifications running on the server must also be running on the connecting

[*]Dedicated: (multi-player only option) A dedicated server is a computer
that ONLY runs the game. It does not run the game and allow a game to be
played on it at the same time. Toggle between three settings. Chose "No" if
you don't want your machine to be a dedicated server. Otherwise, select LAN
for a network connection or Internet for a game being played on the web.

[*] Hostname: Enter the name you want to give your arena on this line. This
is what other players will see when they search for available servers.


Begins the battle.


Use this option to set up your player attributes, game controls, adjust your
system settings, and game options. It's a pretty good idea to start
configuring your controls before you jump into the battlefield.


This screen lets you give your player a name, set a handicap for yourself,
and customize your gladiator for combat in the arena. The following options
are available:

[*] Name: You can click on and type in the name you want to be known by in
the Arena.

[*] Handicap: The default handicap rating for all players is 100. This value
can be lowered for veteran gladiators to level the playing field when
inexperienced combatants are in the Arena. A handicap reduces the
effectiveness of your weapons, armor, and so on as well as lowering your
maximum health value.

[*] Effects: When you fire the rail gun, the slug leaves a streak of light
in its wake. Adjusting this slide bar allows you to select the color of that
light trail and the flash it makes when it hits. Think of it as something of
a signature.

[*] Model: When you press this button you'll see a gallery of images. The one
you pick determines what other players will see and hear when they encounter
your gladiator.


You can use this button to customize the game interface to your liking. Just
about everyone has his or her own favorite settings and the sub-menus you
pull up here will allow you to adjust almost every aspect of the controls.


For the most part, you'll look around simply by moving the mouse to and fro.
Imagine that your mouse is controlling the gladiators head and you'll quickly
get the hang of it. Remember that you will shoot wherever you're looking.
There are a few other controls you can customize. The default keys assigned
to these functions are shown in parenthesis. If a ??? appears, no key is
initially assigned to that feature. Players who want to use it must select
(or bind) a key themselves.

[*] Mouse Speed: Adjust this slide to make your mouse more or less sensitive,
speeding up or slowing down the rate at which your gladiator is able to
change his view.

[*] Smooth Mouse: Turn this option on to smooth the on-screen motion as you
move your mouse.

[*] Invert Mouse: Changing this toggle reverses the direction in which your
mouse moves your view. Adjust it to suit your own preferences.

[*] Look up/Look down (PGUP/DEL): These buttons will tilt your gladiators
head back so you can see what's above him or cause your gladiator to look

[*] Center View (END): If you've been looking around and lost your bearings,
hitting this key will center the view again.

[*] Zoom View (???): There's no default for this feature, so you cant use it
until you assign a key. By activating the zoom view, you'll effectively have
a telescopic view of the battlefield. This is useful for sniper fire but
leaves you vulnerable to anyone close by who might sneak up on you.

[*] Joystick: Activate this toggle if you want to play using a joystick.

[*] Joystick Threshold: Adjusting this slide will make your joystick more or
less sensitive.


[*] Always Run: Toggling this button on will make your gladiator run
everywhere in the game. This gets you where you're going faster, but your
enemies will be able to hear your footsteps.

[*] Run/Walk (SHIFT): Holding this button down will cause you to run (if the
ALWAYS RUN toggle is off) or walk (if the ALWAYS RUN toggle is on). If you
want to sneak around, be sure to walk or your footsteps will give you away.

[*] Move Forward/Backward (W or UP/S or DOWN ARROW): These buttons will move
you forward or backward without changing the direction your gladiator is

[*] Step Left or Right (A or COMMA/D or PERIOD): This will cause you to
sidestep left or right without changing the direction your gladiator is
facing, a maneuver commonly known as strafing.

[*] Up/Jump (SPACE): Hitting this key will cause your gladiator to leap into
the air. If you're moving when you jump, you'll leap in the direction you
were moving.

[*] Down/Crouch (C): Holding down this key will cause your character to drop
into a kneeling crouch. Use this to hide behind things or take cover.

[*] Turn Left or Right (LEFT/RIGHT ARROW): These keys cause your gladiator to
pivot left or right, changing his facing without moving forward or backward.

[*] Sidestep/Turn (ALT): Holding this key down in conjunction with the left
or right arrow will cause you to sidestep in that direction instead of


[*] Attack (CTRL): Hitting this key will loose a short burst of fire at your
enemies. Hold it down and you'll pummel your target as quickly as the weapon
can fire.

[*] Previous/Next Weapon (LEFT BRACKET or RIGHT BRACKET): Scrolls through the
weapons available to your gladiator in the order indicated above.

[*] Autoswitch Weapons: If this toggle is ON, you will automatically arm
yourself with a new weapon whenever you pick it up.

[*] Ready Weapon (NUMBER KEYS): Over the course of the game, you'll be able
to collect a deadly assortment of weapons. By hitting the number keys, you
can pick the one you want to use. You cant arm yourself with a weapon you
donut have, but you can ready one that's out of ammo. The default weapon keys

1. Guantlet
2. Machinegun
3. Shotgun
4. Grenade Launcher
5. Rocket Launcher
6. Lightning Gun
7. Railgun
8. Plasma Gun
9. BFG-10k


[*] Show Scores (TAB): Hitting this button will show the current scores for
all players or teams in the game.

[*] Use Item (Enter): If you have an item (like a Personal Teleporter),
hitting this button will activate it.

[*] Gesture (Mouse3): This button causes your gladiator to make a
characteristic gesture and vocal taunt for all the world to see and hear.

[*] Chat (T): Hitting this button will allow you to type in text that will be
displayed on every players screen. You can also chat with computer controlled
opponents during single player games. Give it a try and see what they have to

[*] Chat-Team (???): Hit this button to send a message only to your

[*] Chat-Target (???): Hit this button to send a private message to whoever
happens to be in your sights at the moment.

[*] Chat-Attacker (???): Hit this button to send a private message to whoever
is trying to frag you.


These controls can be used to adjust the way Quake III Arena plays on your
system. Most of them are fairly self-explanatory.


[*] Graphics Settings: Select the option matching your computers graphics
card and capabilities.

[*] GL Driver: If you use a Voodoo graphics card, toggle through the options
here to select the appropriate GL driver for your machine.

[*] GLExtensions: Disabling the OpenGL Extensions may solve problems with
some graphics cards, but will slow down play somewhat.

[*] Video Model: Cycle through the options here to select the video mode best
suited to your computers speed. Remember, choosing higher resolution uses
more memory and can slow the game down.

[*] Color Depth: Cycle through the various options and chose the one best
suited to your needs.

[*] Full Screen: Turning this toggle off allows you to play in a window on
your dektop.

[*] Lighting: Set this toggle to control the overall lighting effects in the
game. Set this to Vertex Lighting to improve game performance.

[*] Geometric Detail: This allows you to reduce the level of detail used to
draw curves and models. Lower settings speed play but make curves rougher.

[*] Texture Detail: Setting lower values here will make the backgrounds and
features less sharp, speeding game play.

[*] Texture Quality: Some 3d graphics card drivers allow textures to be
stored in greater or lesser qualities. Adjust this setting to suit your
computers capabilities.

[*] Texture Filter: Adjust to improve the appearance of the game. Tri-linear
filtering gives best quality, but at a speed cost.

[*] Driver Info: Display information about your current graphics driver and


[*] Brightness: Adjusts the brightness of the game screen.

[*] Screen Size: Adjust the size of the display to suit your tastes or the
capabilities of your system. A smaller screen will speed game play.


[*] Effects Volume: Controls the volume for explosions, gunshots, and so on.

[*] Musice Volume: Adjusts the volume of the games background music.

[*] Sound Quality: Switch this toggle to suit the capabilities of your sound
card. Lower sound quality settings will use less memory and speed up play.


[*] Data Rate: Adjust this setting to reflect the speed of your modem or
connection for multi-player games. Be careful, if you set your modem rate
faster than your modems capacity, you can cause the game to slow down.


This sub-menu allows you to control various features of game play. Turning
some or all of them off can speed play on a slower machine.

[*] Crosshair: Toggle through and select the crosshair you would like to use
in the game.

[*] Simple Items: Toggle this option ON to display a sprite icon in the game
for power-ups, weapons, health, and ammunition, as opposed to their usual
representative model.

[*] Marks on Walls: If this is on, gunfire will leave black marks when it
hits walls.

[*] Ejecting Brss: If this is on, your machine gun will eject shell casings
as it fires.

[*] Dynamic Lights: When this is on, weapon fire illuminates the areas
through which its passes en route to its target.

[*] Identify Target: This shows you the name of whoever happens to be in your
sights at the moment.

[*] High Quality Sky: This adjusts the graphics quality of the sky above the

[*] Sync Every Frame: This evens out the performance of various graphics
cards at the possible expense of some performance.

[*] Force Player Model: This causes all opponents to use the same character
model as the player, reducing the amount of memory used by the game and
speeding play.

[*] Draw Team Overlay: Toggles your team members' reporting information
during Capture the Flag and Team Death Match.


Use this option to re-enter your CD verification string.


Use this option to reset all of the game options to their original
(out-of-box) settings.


Hitting this button allows you to view the game demos that hi-light various
features of play.


Hitting this button lets you see the cinematic sequences shown during the
introduction and between game tiers. Only "unlocked" tiers can be accessed.


If you've had enough punishment for one day, you can always bow out by
selecting the good old Exit option.

|                PART: 6 - ESC. MENU                 |

At any time during play, you can press the Esc key to pull up a brief menu of
important game options. In a single-player game, this pauses the action. In a
multiplayer game, the other gladiators remain active while you stand still -
making you a perfect target.


When playing in a Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag game, you can use this
option to select your team. The choices available to you are:

[*] Join Red/Blue: This makes you a member of either the red or blue team.

[*] Join Game: Pressing this button changes you from a spectator into a
player, randomly assigning you to a team with an open player slot.

[*] Spectate: This allows you to enter the game as an invisible ghost who can
not interact with the arena or other players but can move about freely,
except through doors, to watch what?s going on. You can also view the game
through the eyes of another player by pressing Attack.


This allows you to add computer-controlled opponents in the middle of a game
to any open player slot.


Remove computer-controlled opponents currently in game.


Give orders to other members of your team. Please refer to the online manual
for team game options.


Clicking this option will pull up the menus described earlier in the section
detailing the Main Menu.


Shows information about the current server and allows you to add it to your
list of favorites.


Clicking this restarts the current game.


Exits the menu and takes you back into the game.


Takes you back to the Main Menu.


Exits Quake III: Arena and sends you back to your desktop.

|            PART: 7 - DEFAULT HOT KEYS              |


[PgDn] - Look up
[Del] - Look down
[End] - Center View
[Mouse Button-3] - Zoom View


[Shift] - Run/Walk
[W or Up-Arrow]	- Walk Forward
[S or Down-Arrow] - Backpedal
[A] - Step Left
[D] - Step Right
[Space] - Up/Jump
[C] - Down/Crouch
[Left Arrow] - Turn Left
[Right Arrow] - Turn Right
[Alt or Mouse Button-2] - Sidestep/Turn


[1] Gauntlet
[2] Machine Gun
[3] Shotgun
[4] Grenade Launcher
[5] Rocket Launcher
[6] Lightning Gun
[7] Railgun
[8] Plasma Gun
[9] BFG-10K
[Ctrl or Mouse Button-1] - Attack
[ [ or Mouse-wheel-up] - Previous Weapon
[ ] or /] - Next Weapon


[Enter]	- Use Item
[Tab]	- Show Scores
[???]	- Gesture
[T]	- Chat
[???]	- Chat-Team
[???]	- Chat-Target
[???]	- Chat-Attacker

REMEMBER: You can change these keys through the Controls section of the Main
Menu or by pressing Esc at any time during play!

|            PART: 8 - COMBAT STRATEGIES             |


Also a helpful tactic. Jumping at a distance can through off your opponents
aim. Jump behind structures to throw your opponents aim completely. Combine
this with Strafing and Ducking for excellent results.


If someone had a rocket launcher aimed at your head, would you simply turn
your back and walk off? Of course not! You'd (as I would when I've got a MG
in hand) RUN and get out of there as fast as you can! Although going around
tight corners can be tricky with this set to on, there are far more positives
to running than walking around.


Not exactly the best tactic in the world, good to do if you're camping and
waiting for the enemy but in a front on assault, it would probably wouldn't
(in my opinion) be too wise to crouch, since it gives your enemy more
opportunities to shoot you in the head. Mainly use this for getting underlow


Swimming in water can sometimes make a difference in a one on one firefight,
even though it is quite hard to get around underwater, you can turn the
tables if you are fighting a healthy player, since it will be easier for you
to hit him. But it will also be just as easy for him to hit you.


Camping is usually staying in one place, while concealed, and waiting for the
enemy to wander into your crosshairs. But you won't get many kills from this,
as real people aren't stupid enough to walk right into your line of fire,
also, this can probably make all the other people want to gun you down even
more for being an annoying camper, so drop this tactic.

|             PART: 9 - SINGLE PLAYER CHEATS         |

Below I have listed most of the cheats for this game, these can come in hand
when you're practicing your skills in Single Player mode, so here you go:

To type in a cheat, bring down the console by pressing ~ (tilde)
(just to the left of 1) and type "/devmap ".

Then type the following commands:

Code                       Result
god                      - God Mode
noclip                   - No clipping mode
give all                 - Get All Weapons & ammo
give health              - Get Health
give armor               - Get Armor
give quad damage         - Get Quad Damage
give personal teleporter - Get Personal Teleporter
give gauntlet            - Get Gauntlet
give machinegun          - Get Machinegun
give shotgun             - Get Shotgun
give granade launcher    - Get Granade Launcher
give rocket launcher     - Get Rocket Launcher
give lightning gun       - Get Lightning Gun
give railgun             - Get Railgun
give plasma gun          - Get Plasma Gun
give bfg10k              - Get BFG10K
give grappling hook      - Get Grappling Hook
give ammo                - Get Ammo

|            PART: 10 - CUSTOMER SERVICE             |


Before contacting customer support, please consult the technical help file.
It contains the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions and
may quickly and easily provide a solution to your difficulty. If after
reviewing the technical help file you are still experiencing problems, please
feel free to contact us through any of the services listed.  So that we can
better help you, please be at your computer and have the following
information ready:

1. Complete product title
2. Exact error message reported (if any) and a brief description of the
3. Your computers processor type and speed (e.g., AMD K6-300, Pentium 166)
4. Video and sound card make and model (e.g., Diamond Stealth 64 video,
Sound Blaster 16 sound)

NOTE: The multiplayer component of this game is handled via online only.


For support via the web, please visit or
email support at


Fax: (310) 255-2151, 24 hours a day

Mail: Activision, Customer Support, P.O. Box 67713, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone: Call our 24-hour voice-mail system for answers to our most frequently
asked questions at (310) 255-2050. You can contact a customer service
representative at the same number between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00
p.m. (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday, except holidays.


For Technical Support:

In Australia, please call 1902 263 555. Calls charged @ $1.50 per minute.

In the U.K., please call +44 (0) 990 143 525 between the hours of 9am and
5pm (UK time) Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.

For support via the Web, please visit or
email support@

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about this game, or any
other Activision product, you can contact us in the U.K. on
+44 (0) 1895 456 789 between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. (U.K. time)
Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.

For Technical Support and Customer Service in areas not listed, please
contact your local distributor or Activision via online.

(Please note that online support is available in English only)




This section is where I shall include all the things that I'm looking for
this FAQ. If you have them, please kindly send them to me at

[*] Any tips or strategies
[*] Errors in the FAQ, please kindly inform me at my e-mail given above
[*] Suggestions on making the FAQ better


Feel free to contact me at, with any e-mail,
contributions, money, chocolates, or praise (but preferably money *evil
smile* [just kidding]).

When you e-mail me, make sure that you right your e-mail in proper grammer,
as it is a bit hard to read messages like "dood wassup man i got trouble on
tier5...helpppp meee". Please don't send me e-mails like that as I hate
people using the chat lingy like u, ur etc. in e-mails. Also make sure that
your spelling is good, it doesn't have to be perfect and at the very least be

Also make sure that you write "Quake III: Arena FAQ" in the subject line when
sending e-mails. That way I can reply to your mail you more quickly.


id Software & ActiVision for making this great game
(me, myself) for making this great guide
And most of all YOU for having the patience to read me Walkthrough.
Thank You!

Not a great deal for the credits, but while I'm here I throw some thanks out
to iD Software for their excellent game that has kept us playing it for
years, and finally the online community that helped me out with this guide.
Thanks guys! ^_^


By the way, as you all know I like writing Faq/Walkthroughs alot, and I like
helping people on games also.

This is not the only Faq/Walkthrough I have written. There are a few more,
and more are comming in the near future.

The full list of all my Faqs/Walkthroughs completed and in writing:


A3 - MMORPG FAQ/Walkthrough
A3 - Crafting Guide
Gunz: The Duel - MMORPG FAQ/Walkthrough
Quake III: Arena - FAQ/Walkthrough
FIFA 07 - FAQ/Walkthrough


International Cricket Captain (ICC) 2002 - Faq/Walkthtrough
Cricket 2004 - Faq/Walkthrough


VERSION: 1.00 - Completed in it's entirety. But there's always something to add
to a walkthrough...

VERSION: 1.00a - Wanted to update this faq in the new did it!
Corrected minor mistakes and formated the guide. Also added the "My Other FAQS"
subsection in Part: 11.

VERSION 1.00b - Added the WANTED section in Part: 11.


This game is Copyright ActiVision and iD Software. All Rights Reserved.

This FAQ is for personal use only. This is not to be used for commercial or
personal gain.

Websites publishing this guide without permission will face punishment under
the law.

Sites authorized to host this file:

GameFaqs -
NeoSeeker -
SuperCheats -

Please check the host displaying this file. If it does not correspond to any
of the above listed site urls, consider the entire text illegally hijacked,
and therefore STOLEN. Be quick to report any such criminal offences, and your
professional help will be correspondingly awarded. Thank you. =)

Offenders attempting to meddle with Copyright laws backing me and my work
will be discovered and taken care of. This action includes a discontinuation
of the text belonging to me being shown on their websites and this will come
about initially with 'kind' emails sent to the owners and if this does not
connect, sooner or later their server'll be called in to see for themselves.
Beware, charlatans. I may even demand legal monetary compensation for such
goings-on behind my back, in the near future.


Please abide with the terms.

This document is copyright RUCHIR, 2007. All Rights Reserved.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.



There are no guarantees that the information found in this FAQ is correct.
Most of the info contained in this faq have been collected over the Internet,
which may be false.

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