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Quake 2 solve Tips & Tricks

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Quake 2 [solve]


     Quake II

Secrets Revealed

One of the cool thrills of QII is finding all the secrets. There's no better
feeling than having your supercilious gamesplaying chum with his Pentium
II/300MHz and 256Mb RAM choke on his banana when you show him all the ones
he hadn't come close to finding. Also, prowess of deathmatch is index-linked
to your knowledge of a level: find and revise with our guide to the toughest
secrets (note that we haven't included all of them, just the hard or
interesting ones). So now you know where they are, go and discover the many
secret levels you missed. And generally get it on...

Unit 1 - Base unit
01 Communications centre (base3)
Secret level
In the pool of water there's a hole in the floor. Swim down into it (by
crouching). Bear right; there'll be a short passage leading to another room.
Use the rebreather to survive. This leads to a secret level.

02 Lost station (train)
6 secrets
1. As soon as the train is found, jump into the water underneath and swim
through a secret tunnel. Beware when exiting though - nasty monsties await.
2. In the same area as the train, track around to find a shadowy room full
of boxes. Climb on top, jump across, and crawl/jump into a space to find a
3. On the train's first downward motion there's a pool of water beneath.
Jump into this and swim around to find a lift - this leads upwards to an
enclosed space with lots of lovely goodies!
4. At the station go round the corner and shoot the switch behind you to
access the red key. Shoot the switch and fall off the ramp, to get
underneath it.
5. Forge on through the level to reach an area where three automated guns
are firing a stream of 'death pellets'. Shoot the switch above them to open
a panel to their left.
6. In the room at the end with the huge pillar surrounded by water, dip
underwater and shoot the walls of the pillar. One will open to reveal an
invulnerability power-up.
At station two, there's a grey panel which reads '35'. Go round on the lift
13 times and it will have changed into... well, wait and see.

Unit 2 - Warehouse unit
03 Ammo depot (bunk1)
3 secrets
1. In the first room there are two large crates stacked in the far left
corner. Jump on these and look directly up. Shoot the switch and a nearby
panel will open.
2. In the room where a hydraulic battering ram is activated to smash a door,
there's a second green switch on the wall near the window in the control
room. This opens a panel in the floor behind you.
3. Just before you enter the supply station, shoot the black crate on the
right. It explodes, revealing a drop-down entrance to the room blocked off
with laser.

04 Supply station (ware1)
3 secrets
1. Immediately drop down over the edge and head for the left-hand corner. A
panel will slide open and reveal some armour.
2. In the first major room, a crate emerges from the wall and does a circuit
of the room. Inside the nook it comes from is a Quad power-up. Either jump
on the box or push a fuel drum over to the hole to get it.

05 Warehouse (ware2)
2 secrets
1. Once the entire warehouse is powered up, a switch is flicked to create a
spiral staircase - there is a window half-way down it. It's just possible to
see some barrels and a switch behind them - shoot it and a further layer of
spiral staircase will appear, leading to some goodies.
2. In the final room there are two moving platforms that must be used to
hurdle across the crates. To the left is a glassed-off room with an obvious
grate positioned high up on the wall. There's also a switch on the ceiling
if you look close enough. Shoot it for access.

Jail unit
06 Detention centre (jail2)
2 secrets
1. In the room opposite the Quad damage protected by laser (inside the
security complex proper) is a flight of stairs leading to another room.
Behind you, as you go up, is a switch. Shoot it and dash down very quickly
to get under the steps.

07 Security complex (jail3)
1 secret
1. Take the left-hand passage after arriving and just around the corner in a
room full of computers is a wall panel that can be shot open.

08 Torture chambers (jail4)
3 secrets
1. In cell block A, inside the second cell on the left, is a secret passage
in front of the mad marine. Shoot him to gain access to an invulnerability
2. Use this invulnerability to leap into the huge lava pit.

09 Guard house (jail5)
3 secrets
1. In the second room there are some barrels and crates. Shoot these to
reveal a secret crawl space.
2. The staircase leads to a plaza. On the left is a small block jutting out
>from the wall. Press it to get some stuff.
3. From this same area, drop down onto the walkway below and go through the
door. Blow up the barrels and crawl through the gap in the broken door. This
leads to a secret area.

10 Grid control (security)
No secrets but a great deathmatch level

Mine unit
11 Mine entrance (mintro)
1 secret
1. Walk round the level until you reach a walkway marked by a chunk of
armour. To the left is a flashing orange wall. Shoot it to get the rocket

12 Upper mines (mine1)
2 secrets
1. In the room with the ventilation switch, there'll be a faulty computer on
the left. Shoot it to get a Quad damage.

13 Borehole (mine2)
3 secrets
1. In the same room, a pit leads to some water. Swim down into it. An
underwater secret awaits.
2. After activating the drill some Cyborgs will attack. One of them comes
out of a thin exploding side passage. Shoot the wall in there for more

14 Drilling area (mine3)
2 secrets
1. Just near the lift to the factory is a stack of crates. Climb up these to
reach an item hidden in the shadows.

Factory unit
15 Receiving area (fact1)
4 secrets
1. Embark on a convoluted journey through some red tunnels to emerge in a
room where three mini-lifts pop you over the side of a wall. Immediately in
front will be a wall with a suspiciously different texture!
2. Following the route of the level, negotiate the lava bridge and emerge on
an outside walkway. Drop down over the edge into some thigh-high water and a
3. In the same bit it's possible to run and jump (or rocket jump) the
waterfall. This leads to a secret entrance to a more secret level.

16 Processing plant (fact2)
3 secrets
1. The first lift is bad news if you don't leap off ASAP. In the following
room, jump into the door through an archway. While walking through the arch,
look up to see a light. Shoot it and a panel will open.
2. A little way beyond this is the first grinding machine. Deactivate it,
turn right and walk off the ramp into the lava below. Jump quickly on the
platform to discover a secret Quad.
3. When you turn off the treadmill, crawl into the space it came from.

Power unit/Big gun
17 Cooling facility (cool1)
3 secrets
1. In the water system, when the water starts going downhill, there'll be a
ladder. Jump over the side.
2. In the end cavern, ride the lift to the top and then drop down onto the
ledge below. From here jump onto the platform with the health.
3. Mega secret. When the second coolant control is activated, drop back down
to the first wheel to be turned. A room will have opened up with some cool
NOTE Remember the dopefish in Quake? It's in here too. When you've blown the
reactor come back here (before doing the big gun). Go out to the outdoor
pools near the end. In one pool a secret door has appeared.

18 Toxic waste dump (waste1)
2 secrets
1. There are loads of obvious secrets hidden in the toxic waste here. Get a
suit and get exploring.
2. Same for this one. Get the suit and go diving.

19 Pumping station 1 (waste2)
3 secrets
1. Take the first lift to the next room - shoot the flashing light.
2. There's a noticeable crack in one of the strangely-textured pipes. Blow
it and jump in via the crates.
3. Follow the pipe tunnels to end up in a spooky outside bit. Shoot both
grates to gain a Quad.

20 Pumping station 2 (waste3)
4 secrets
1. Next to the blue key door is a panel. Shoot it; this is a secret,
although it doesn't register as such (it's a bug).
2. At the end of the same hallway, just drop off the edge to find a BFG.
3. There's a room below the control room. Shoot the floor.
4. At the end, there's a deep pool of toxin. Half-way down, inside this
muck, is a Quad.

Hangar Unit
21 Outer hangar (hangar1)
3 secrets
1. In the room below the start room, there's a pipe in one corner. Jump over
this to reach an adrenaline patch.
2. In the next room, dispatch the sea monsters and then shoot the power line
underwater to disable the fan. Swim beyond it to reach the secret area and
the entrance to the hidden level.

22 Research lab (lab)
NOTE In the first room, there are two windows. One is blood-stained. If all
the marines on the level have been killed (including those being tortured)
the glass will read 'Kill Me'. Shoot the glass and go inside.

23 Inner hanger (hanger2)
5 secrets
1. Enter level. Turn left. Spot sparking computer and shoot it.
2. Past the water wheel and into the next room, there are three hexagonal
crates against one wall. Shoot the nearest one.
3. In the bit with the sliding blocks in the water, flick the switch for the
lift and then drop down into the water. There's a submarine secret area

24 Launch command (command)
2 secrets
1. See the spinning contact rings. Rocket jump behind this for a secret.
2. Near to the exit there are two glass walls. Shoot the one with the crack
in it.

City unit
25 Outer courts (city1)
5 secrets
1. Go up to the cliff tops. The button on top of the Aztec-looking doorway
opens a passage back in the start room.
2. When the data spinner has been found, step on the button next to it. A
panel behind opens. The button inside extends the bridge.
3. After deactivating the red force fields in the Lower Palace, come back to
this level and jump in the water. Go through the first tunnel and then come
up for air. Look behind. Above the surface, is a stash that was previously
protected by a red force field.

26 Lower palace (city2)
6 secrets
1. Enter the level from the sewers of the outer court. You'll see a grate to
your right. Shoot it open.
2. Quad power on a pedestal? It's easy - just shoot the two faces.
3. There's a nasty blaster trap here. Examine the wall carefully to find a
hidden deactivation switch.
4. On the upper balcony is a yellow computer. Shoot it to gain access to a
secret ledge.
5. Deactivate the green security door and then push on the wall beneath the
light. It opens a room down the corridor.

27 Upper palace (city3)
7 secrets
1. The upper entrance has two force fields to deactivate. Go through the
right-hand one and look up. Shoot the switch there.
2. Deactivate the yellow force fields and then return to secret number one.
Press the button inside to lower the stairs into the next area. Look down to
see a decaying brick wall. Blow it.
3. Look closer: there's a block sticking out of the wall near the slime.
Push it to enter the shrine. John Carmack and Doom await you here.

28 Boss level (boss2)
1 secret
1. Once the big boss is dead, step on one of the floor switches and dash
across to go through the opposite floor panel. A crack has appeared in a
wall down here. Blow it apart to find a hall of fame.

General playing tips
It's pretty simple: shoot anything that moves; shoot anything that looks
like it's going to move; shoot wall panels, barrels, cracks, water pools,
lifts, computers. Shoot every freaking thing. But conserve your ammo. If
you're planning to rake a room while questing for secrets, use the
peashooter - weapon number one. Waste a few rockets on a fruitless quest for
hidden power-ups and, guaranteed, five minutes later you'll be running away
>from a big alien mutha screaming.

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