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Project IGI Tips & Tricks

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Project IGI

Finding the Bomb last level walkthrough - 3 April,
version 1
medium difficulty

Feel free to explore first the level. When it comes to
repeat this level, it may be helpful a way to go to
the last room of it as fast as possible. So this

You begin behind a large box. Stepping back and
looking up is a soldier. He has grenades, do not let
him see you - get him with the sniper rifle. Go then
to the south door (binoculars show where south is)
running. Enter and collect the weapons before one
other soldier shows at the west entry. Go there
yourself anyway after. Clean the room at the end. Go
up the lift. Sometimes that door in front opens before
one gets there. After opening it step fast to left
until see a soldier and put him down. Reopen if
needed. Go back the tunnel and wait a second soldier
opens that door. Enter again. Watch the guard at the
right area, far at left. And also the two guarding the
computer console, at the corner area. Use the computer
and get again to the lift without using it - return
back to the room as soon Anya warns you about the APC.
>From the large window use the LAW on the tank. Go down
the lift now, until the supply door and next to its
door - but do not open - you will ear soldiers
running. After stop listening steps, open the supply
door and throw out a grenade. Step out the door! After
this get out and go left, than right: one or two
soldiers, and go North, then East, to catch other two.
(One could go back the large window room and snipe
then but it would take a lot of time to climb the wall
etc.) There is no way you can kill EKK in this room -
here she is invulnerable.

By rule each time you open a door, crouch and get
ready to shoot first. Also when walking have the
weapon aim below the horizontal, since weapon rise up
when firing. If you ever get couch without enough ammo
in a weapon, change weapon! do not try to reload under
open fire. From this point on use the AK47 whenever
not mention other. Just to keep the best for the last.
In some PC the left and right sound channels are
reserved, test that. Grenades means normal, not the
gas ones. By rule, always exit to front after stepping
down a stair. Press the "use" key to make the stepping
down faster on the stairs.
Use the long walks to heal and reload. Notice you will
not be able to open doors while doing so. 
So going on...

Enter the East door. Watch out for a guard in front of
you or coming from the left. Get him. Enter next right
door, and destroy the camera near the sentry, and the
one in front, far. Just run into it. Cameras take some
seconds to react. Get the Jackhammer from the left
room, and some gas grenades from the right room, and
go to the door you just passed. Crouch, get ready to
fire. Go on. Open next door with a grenade in hand,
and without entering, step back fast, and send in it.
Run away that door. Enter again, collect supplies at
right. Do not use the computer yet. Refill weapons and
heal. Open next door, get ready to run and shoot to
the front way. Never care about the turn at right,
even if someone tries to shoot you - it will miss you
in run. Watch from enemy at front. 

Next door at far end is crucial. Never enter it, or
the sentries there see you, and too many enemies enter
that room. Just open the door and get the guard just
near it, or far at left/right. In case you do not see
it, watch your left. After he is down, get a grenade
in hand and reopen the door, stepping to the right,
never entering. Send in the grenade to the top of the
handrail so it rolls to the left. Do not wait for the
explosion! Just run back to the computer, and use it.
Go back the sentries room at the generator, with the 4
- M16 A2 in hand. Enter, run, watch your left down in
case the explosion did not work and go to the stairs
at the left corner of the balcony. Step down that
stairs and go in front of them, jumping, then left,
jumping, and into that door at the corner. Open it and
get ready to clean another one.

After entering and cleaning that soldier, go to the
LEFT way, never in front (waste of time and ammo). Get
sure you reloaded the weapon before turning the
corner, and shoot running. Run always since entering
that door is crucial. Turn right corner at the end (at
left another door) and pass in run to the front way,
do not care about the camera, if you run fast enough.
Get ready to another guard at the front/left end. Open
that door using the wall panel. EKK will enter the
lift. Get ready to all those soldiers trying to enter
the room (2 at a time, twice) before the lift get down
and doors open. Enter the lift, but watch that door.
Go up, of course. Next door has a camera behind, so
open but do not enter. FIRST wipe out the soldier
going away at front of you, but let him get out the
camera sight, that also makes them react, than shoot
the camera. Go away to the next door, no the one next
the destroyed camera. Now you can stop and refill and

Open door. Shoot camera. Reload. Wait soldier (or
count up to 30 and go). Run to the far end, with the
Jackhammer in hand. Get that camera down, but if not
soon enough, be ready for many of them. If just one
came, get him, them go to the left turn, ready for a
coming running second guard. Go down the way. You see
a door at far, but notice those slots at each side of
the wall. Go there, and send in a grenade, but run
away before it explodes, as tunnels are bad for this,
if near. Enter that door.

Now you see several boxes. Get another grenade, and
send it by between the boxes, but watch the handrail,
through the grenade up. Step down, ready if any of the
two guards are still on feet. Reload, heal, open that
large door, and step fast to the left. Those two
guards are good shooters. Then reopen it, but fast
step to the right to the other. Do not enter. Just go
back all those boxes, to the best resupply in the
game, entering at left of the boxes, down the stairs.
Sometimes before you open that big door, the right one
inside comes out after you.

After resupply, enter the room. Watch one soldier at
the far right corner. And the one that will come after
that is down, then WITHOUT STOP, enter the next door,
sniper in hand, slowly. Get the one bellow your level,
and then go to the left, next and before to the stair.
Sniper scope again. Slowly walk to the handrail, until
see one head at left. Get it. Then, scope off, move
right and look down, scope on, to pick the last guard
WALKING on two platforms bellow, center. Step down ,
down to the bottom and enter that hole in the wall.

Get a proximity mine in hand. Put one near the slot at
the far wall next the right door, change to the AK47
and climb the stairs up. Wipe those two red soldiers
inside the control room. You will have about one
minute and more after the critical condition warning,
so get it easy, put a mine at each wall near the
entries of the control room, on the outside. Shoot the
left window glass. Get in hand the 4 - M16 A2, reload,
heal to 100%, and use the computer. As soon both mines
at the control room entries explode, send in a blaster
of the M16 to the left wall, then jump out the open
window, run to the door in front, open the door being
ready to wipe the guard there inside, and as soon that
guard is down, turn 180 degrees to defend your back,
until that door closes!

Enter next door, get the medic pack in the desk.
Reload all, heal 100%. Enjoy and observe the view. 
Long way to come here :) Until you open that little
door on the window left side nothing will happen, and
you will see no one. That glass is unbreakable, except
to EKK shooting you. This is the last room! Go up the
desk (for a reference) and use binoculars. There are
two tunnels at front. Anya will arrive from the one at
right, SW. Look to SE. At the left of that left
tunnel, some boxes. At the left of those boxes there
is a corner behind a hard column - that is the spot
where one must go first. Look again at right, W, there
is an exploding large barrel next to that column.
Memorize it.

READY? open the door, jump to the floor (no stepping
by stairs here also) and run to the mentioned left
wall corner, and stay there behind that column. Watch
left and hide, fast, healing each time at 100%, cause
EKK shoots right from far also. Make this look and run
(no shooting) just enough to EKK gets near you. She
will not enter the corner, but stop near. Use the slow
walk to -slowly- step left until you see EKK arm, but
not her face. Try to move first to right and then to
left if you move too much. When in position use the
run key, so to be ready to run after the next step:
shoot EKK arm at will, about 40 pistol shoots (not
with the M16, it is useful next). EKK will die. Even
if you use the pistol. But, that will make Anya enter
the room and you will have to protect her FAST! so she
can go to the bomb at the middle room. So be sure to
have all reloaded and 100% health before eliminating
EKK, cause there are three soldiers next to where Anya

As soon EKK dies, ignore the soldier at from of you if
he is running away and with the M16 rocket blast the
large barrel mentioned before and move on left. One
soldier behind the boxes, so send in a M16 rocket
between the handrail and those boxes, while running.
Then Anya enters and just running behind her another
soldier. Get that one too. Be in position near about
where the far left soldier was, and defend that
position, from right and left, watching the side also.
Best change weapon than reload. There will enter a
friendly green soldier. No else is in green, so do not
shoot him, please. Then Anya defuses the bomb, at
last. And the game is over. You win.

The game is over without a film, without glory. Just
moves to the main menu. This, I find hard to deal
with. No professional project manager of a game should
end one like this. Programming, weapons, levels, are
very good, anyway. Some people said this game was cut
down to be in time for sell. Maybe. Some criticize the
realistic no-save option, is just to the game seems to
take more time, as it would if had more levels, it
time was enough. Well, I wonder. This was a great game
after all. I liked, but have not desired for another
game as this no-save, no-ending film game. To time
consuming, less fun to play after so many repetitions.
And, no glory at the end. But had besides that, a lot
of fun

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