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Port Royale 2 Tips & Tricks

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Port Royale 2



I decided to write this guide for Port Royale 2 after I played it for about 
a month. I did everything in the game and was hoping to find more secrets 
and missions so I searched the internet and found that there was no info 
about this game on Gamefaq's. Although I did find some forums with people 
that had troubles with starting a good free play game (running out of money 
and that kind of thing). Then I thought maybe when I write a walkthrough 
there are other people that can enjoy the game just like I did.


V1.0 I wrote the shipsguide and trading guide for a succesfull freeplay.

v1.1 After a lot of request i added the bonusship info and how to aquire it
     to the faq. Also added some more details on the auto trade route.



                  |Cannons|Men|Ton|Cost/day|Speed|Agility|Cost   |Nation |
Pinnace           |8      |30 |60 |20      |6-10 |100    |10.000 |All    |
Sloop             |14     |40 |60 |30      |6-11 |100    |15.000 |All    |
Brik              |16     |50 |80 |50      |5-11 |95     |20.000 |All    |
Barque            |20     |60 |80 |60      |5-12 |90     |30.000 |All    |
Flute ship        |16     |80 |200|40      |4-10 |80     |40.000 |All    |
Trading flute ship|8      |100|250|40      |4-10 |70     |60.000 |Dutch  |
Corvette          |22     |80 |140|100     |5-12 |80     |60.000 |All    |
Military corvette |32     |120|120|150     |5-14 |85     |100.000|France |
Frigate           |26     |100|160|100     |5-11 |80     |70.000 |All    |
Military frigate  |40     |120|140|150     |5-13 |85     |120.000|England|
Galleon           |36     |120|180|100     |4-10 |75     |110.000|Spain  |
Pirates barque *  |24     |80 |80 |60      |5-13 |? 90   |Capture|Pirates|
War galleon *     |46     |180|160|250     |4-13 |? 75   |Capture|Spain  |
Caravel *         |40     |160|160|200     |5-12 |? 80   |Capture|France |
Carrack *         |40     |140|140|200     |4-12 |? 80   |Capture|Dutch  |
Ship of the Line *|50     |200|170|300     |3-14 |? 65   |Capture|England|
Bonus Ship        |??     |???|???|???     |???? |?      |Mission|All    |

NOTE: The ships that are marked with a * are not for sale in any harbour. 
To get these ships you will have to attack military convoys or pirates in 
the Bermuda territory. Every nation has his own type of special ship for 
sale so you can not buy every ship in every harbour.


After a lot of e-mails from players i decided to write the information about
the bonusship into the faq. So here it comes

Find 30 artefacts and talk to your wife. This should be enough but i will also
give some hints to find  the artefacts. The items are located in little inlets
and mostly not found on the traderoutes. E.g South of Providence, West of 
roatan,North of evangelista. Places where you have to sail manually. The 
chests are not there all the time, they pop up and disapear. This means that
you can find more than one chest at the same location. To get all the artefacts
you will have to sail the map often.


The starting town will be Margarita in this example. If you choose ship to 
start with you will have a brik (80 tons) but only 30.000 Gold. I personally 
like the 80 tons of loading capacity because you can haul more cargo. I also 
chose to be a trader so I get 5% discount on buying goods.


There will be convoys from Europe picking up colonial goods and dropping of 
imports. Every time a European convoy arrives prices of colonial goods will 
go up and imports will drop.

Start in you warehouse because is costing 50 gold a day and you want to make 
that money back. Let the warehouse owner buy imported materials, wine, 
spices and tools for 550 - 600 gold depending on how much profit you want to 
make. If you put the maximum quantity to 50 - 100 you will have a reasonable 
stock of these goods but it can make you go broke so the best way to start 
is setting the max to 20. Later on you can increase this number.

Margarita is also producing rope and garments, if you want you can auto buy 
these goods as well but it is not so profitable because the colonial towns 
your going to visit will have these goods in stock after a few rounds and 
your profit will drop. It basically means that you have these items in stock 
but you can't sell it on the trade route your going to embark manually. 
Later on in the game you build your own production facilities and then the 
goods will be much cheaper and the colonial towns use more, so the choice is 
up to you. (if the colonial town really needs those goods you can always buy 
them manually)


To build your own production facilities you need wood and stone. In 
Margarita you can buy stone but wood is very scarce so the trade route 
should bring in wood for a low price.

The problem in the early stages of the game is that your captain does not 
have enough experience to embark on an auto trade route, so you have to do 
it manually. Let's start in Margarita and load 10 wheat, fruit, rope, 
garments and if the prices of the imports are under 600 then you can buy 
some imports but these will be in your warehouse the next run so it is not 
very important. Let your convoy set sail to Port of Spain.

NOTE: Speed up the process if you want, but when your convoy has docked in 
port you should slow the time down every time because when you are low on 
cash and sell your cargo to buy new cargo it could happen that your 
warehouse is buying up goods in margarita and then you wont have any money 
to buy new cargo

In port of Spain you can sell all or most of your cargo for a good profit. 
Now you should buy wood(120GP), stone(120GP), cacao(171GP)and Hemp(114GP). I 
always buy 10 of each except cacao and hemp as long as the price remains 171 
GP and 114 GP respectively. When your convoy is not fully loaded yet you may 
want to travel to Grenada and buy the same stuff, it should fit in you 80 
ton ship. Now it's time to go back to margarita. Instead of selling 
everything to the market you should drop the cargo in the warehouse.


To increase your profit you have to leaf the selling of goods to your 
warehouse owner. Set the price for cacao and coffee to 190 - 220 depending 
on stocks (when you see that you don't sell enough colonial goods lower the 
sales price a bit but I advice to start at 220)it should give you a nice 
profit of 50 GP each (daily price of the warehouse). Set the prices of 
cotton and hemp to 120 - 150 depending on how scarce the goods are 150 will 
do in the beginning of the game otherwise lower the sales price. Do not sell 
your wood and stone because you want to use it for construction later on.
It's wise to use your warehouse for selling because it will give you more 
profit but check the stock levels. If you notice that some goods aren't sold 
then lower the sales price or sell it manually.

It takes some days for the colonial town to produce new goods and make the 
prices go down again so you have to send your convoy in the other direction. 
Puerto Cabello is a small town but sells wood and stone very cheap they also 
have coffee and hemp therefore it is a good choice to send your convoy over 
there first. Load Tools, Wine and spices from your warehouse and if the 
prices of fruit and Wheat are not too high bring some of that too. Send your 
convoy to Puerto Cabello, sell your cargo for a profit and load coffee 
(171GP), Hemp (114GP), Wood and stone (120GP). Now send your convoy to coro, 
here you should buy some cotton (114GP), wood and coffee. Sail back to 
margarita and drop your cargo in the warehouse. Make sure you auto sell the 
goods for a profit.


If you repeat this route a couple of times you will have a good stock of 
wood in your warehouse and the money to build your own industries. I always 
make sure to have 120 pieces of wood and stone and 45.000 GP. Now you should 
build four Fruit or Wheat farms. You can construct these in one big square 
right next to each other, now it looks like one farm.


Its time to go get some settlers now before the farm is finished otherwise 
it will only cost you a lot of money. Go to Guadelupe, San Juan, Turk 
Islands, Port Royale and then Cartagena and pick up all the settlers you can 
find. You can store 80 families into your hold but need 120 to fully occupy 
the new business. Do not drop them off in margarita and go for more because 
you created a low settlers count in many town so when you drop them off in 
margarita other ships will pick them up and take them to the other towns. 
Just wait until the farm is finished and margarita has a shortage of 
settlers. Now drop them of and collect a nice 8000 for it. NOTE do not go on 
an other big settler gathering run because at the time you'll get back the 
shortage will probably be over.

(as you see settlers can make you a very nice profit. So if you are low on 
cash and do not have the money to buy goods, just transport settlers to 
towns that need them. But be warned that although towns need them they 
sometimes just need 5 or 10 and in that case you have to travel sometimes 
longer witch cost more than the profit you will make, and sometimes just 
before you get to the town some other ship drops off the required settlers 
so you can't make a profit there)

Now that you have your business up and running you should set the auto sell 
of Wheat/fruit in your warehouse to 88 GP and a minimum stock of 100 so that 
your convoy always has some goods to load, and you can get much better 
prices in the other towns. Continue the trade route but do load some grain 
in margarita. After a while you will have enough wood, stone and money to 
build another big farm and you can go gather settlers.


Your captain will probably have the required 4 points now (if not just trade 
or sail a bit more) and you can assign a trade route to him. But before you 
do that you have to get another ship. Either for the convoy, or for another 

At this point you should be friendly with Spain and that means that you can 
attack one or two Spanish ship without becoming hostile to other nations. So 
what I always do is arm my vessel with cannons, men and 30 of each ammo. 
Then I search the waters around Margarita for a flute ship (200 tons loading 
capacity ideal for trading) but you have to be a very skilled attacker to 
win the fight. Just start with grapeshot and shoot him down to 0 men then 
board him or shoot some chain shot first to slow him down. If you can't win 
the fight just buy another ship in the harbour or attack smaller vessels 
(bark, pinnace, sloop but these are not so common as trading convoys). The 
point is, just get a second and possibly a third ship. Now you give your 
captain one or two ships and leave one in the harbour. Unload all the 
cannons, men and ammo into the warehouse and make sure that none of the 
ships are set to escort duty because you will not make a profit.


Let's set up the trade route from margarita, Port of Spain, Grenada, 
Margarita, Puerto cabello and coro. The easiest way is to leave all trade to 
the captain but to make a better profit you should set some goods to manual. 
In margarita you should load grain, fruit, spices, wine and tools, about 10-
20 of each. Set the wood, colonial goods and raw materials to unload into the
warehouse. Make sure your captain buys these products in the colonial towns for
a good price. This trade route gives you a pretty nice profit.

NOTE: When you load goods from the warehouse make sure you unload those goods
first. Otherwise your ship will fill up with goods that the captain can't sell.

In general when you set up a trade route try going from a Governors or 
viceroys town to one ore two colonial towns and look at the raw materials 
that are used in the governors town and which colonial town nearby produces 


Now you should hire a second captain. Mostly the new captain has no points 
so you will have to manually sail with him. The trade route will make enough 
money to support your second convoy fully armed so you can do anything with 
your second convoy. I'm going to give some hints what to do but basically 
it's up to you.


Arm your vessel and fight pirates or do missions for various people. Do not 
attack any ships without a letter of marque (except pirates), the nations 
will become hostile and will destroy you.

Go on a manual trade route to gather wood and stone to build more businesses 
in town. Expand your business and send the captain on his own auto trade 
route. Try building rope makers and weavers but you have to change the auto 
trade route to bring in raw materials to your warehouse otherwise it won't 

Explore the map, I recommend coastlines there are some items that may turn 
out very useful (lets just say that a person that you know pretty well can 
help you solve this riddle).

When you become stronger you could try and get your own city refer to the 
manual on how to get your own town or play the scenario.

This should help you set up a good profitable game


The only websites with permission to use this walkthrough are gamefaqs and
neoseeker. If found on any other site, please notify me so I can get it removed.
If you want to use this walkthrough on your website please send me an e-mail.
Permission has been granted to:

Cheat book


I want to thank ascaron for creating this magnificent game and for making it 
cheat code free.

I want to thank gamefaqs for posting this walkthrough

I want to thank neoseeker for posting this walkthrough


You can contact me at:

Gerritvandergoot(at) with any information you think should be in 
this Walkthrough and secrets I do not know of

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