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Paladin the Game Tips & Tricks

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Paladin the Game

Basic attack strategies. Swing sword and back away when they attack.

Bow and Arrow: I just ran and took the hits until I was close. 
I am sure there is a better strategy…

Boss 1 - stay away from his punch and ground move. Just move in, take a stab,
         and move out. You shouldn’t have a problem with him
Boss 2 - Just keep attacking him and he will die quickly. He casts a move to 
         bring sheletons back to life but this is nothing to be worried about
Boss 3 - Use magic to attack him - This is hard for me since I didn’t invest 
         much into magic - I found power attack to work well against him
Boss 4 - Keep slapping his ass. If you invested in a lot of health like me, 
         you will be able to take this by the chin
Boss 5 - Time limit, keep hitting and if your health gets low, you finally 
         have an excuse of why to use a potion
Boss 6 - Meh, game is getting repetitive…blitz attack seems to do well for me
Boss 7 - It involves pacing back and forth a lot, but you will be triumpant. 
         When he uses a magic attack, run diagonal and he will hopefully miss. 
         When you start to lose health, stay away from him, so you can regenerate.
         I used the power attack for a stronger hit.
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