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Overlord Raising Hell Tips & Tricks

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Overlord - Raising Hell


I.	Intro
II.	Version History
III.	General Tips
IV.	The Mellow Hills Abyss
V.	The Evernight Abyss
VI.	The Heaven's Peak Abyss
VII.	The Golden Abyss
VIII.	The Infernal Abyss
IX.	The Unique Molds
X.	The Dungeon Challenges
XI.	F.A.Q.
XII.	Credits
XIII.	Copyrights


Raising Hell is the expansion to the 2007 game "Overlord" in which you 
assume the role of a Dark Lord who must rebuild his evil empire after 
having been assassinated in his own Dark Tower by a fellowship of 
"heroes" from all over the game's world. As you re-built your tower and 
expended your new empire, you ran into the same "heroes" who had 
previously defeated you and had your vengeance on each of them, drawing 
closer to the real enemy.

The main addition of the Raising Hell expansions consists of Abyss areas 
that open all over the world after defeating the final boss of Overlord. 
There is one for each zone (Mellow Hills, Evernight, Heaven's Peak, 
Golden Hills and Ruborian desert) and your worshipers have fled in them. 
You simply cannot have this happen and thus go out to conquer the 

These Abyss levels is what this FAQ will focus on, guiding you through 
them all. Other additions of the expansion such as unique molds and 
dungeon challenges will also be discussed.

For your information, I passed Overlord with an Arcanium armor 
(300/150/300/150), an Arcanium Mace (250/0/125/100) and an Arcanium 
Helmet (horde size still not at 50 but I never go around with more than 
40 minions anyway). Also, I have installed the expansion sometime after 
having passed Overlord. This may effect the order in which the Abyss and 
Gnarl's notices arrive, but those would only be technical details.

Finally, this guide is written for people who have completed Overlord. 
For those who haven't, beware as this guide might contain minor spoilers 
for you.


28-01-2008: Guide is started. Table of Content and Intro are completed.
30-01-2008: Mellow Hills Abyss section is completed.
03-02-2008: Evernight Abyss section is completed.
04-02-2008: Heaven's Peak Abyss section is completed.
14-02-2008: Golden Abyss section is completed. General tip added.
21-02-2008: Unique Molds section is completed.
26-02-2008: Infernal Abyss and Dungeon Challenges sections are completed.
03-03-2008: Map of the Labyrinth completed and posted. Version 1.0 ready.
06-03-2008: v1.1 - Major update in the Dungeon Challenges section. 


- Raising Hell introduces a new game mechanics I will refer to in this 
guide as "Move". To move an object, select it by holding shift and then 
send the required number of minions over to it. As long as your hold 
shift, you can now sweep the object along with the minions you sent.

- A common form of vegetation in the Abyss is some kind of large, armored 
pumpkin shell. These can easily be crushed and are very generous in life 
force of every color. However, some hide bombs instead. So either crush 
them yourself, or be ready to call back your minions if you hear an 
unpleasantly familiar "Tsssssssssssss".

- If, for some reason, you're defeated while your horde is still alive 
and strong, it's often a better idea to select "quit game" and restart 
from the last autosave, rather than to go back to the tower, which will 
autosave, and loose your strong horde.

- The best minion equipment I've found so far is the one in the Ruborian 
Desert. To make things easy, it's full of it. To quickly get your horde 
to 400% strength, simply teleport to the village and make your way to the 
other Tower Gate, looting all the crates, chests and baskets you can 
find. Some of the equipment you'll find in the Abyss also allows you to 
reach 400%, but it's easier to find in the desert.

- The Ruborian desert is also one of the best places for money. Do the 
same thing as described in the above tip and you'll end up with around 
8000 more gold then you started with at the village.

- In case you didn't know, the giant sand worms that infect the Ruborian 
desert can be killed by feeding them blaster bugs. Just lure one into the 
sand using an egg until the ground shakes, and then pray for your 
minion's safety (or not) as the worm comes out.

- The fastest place to get life force (any color) is the dungeon. Simply 
fight the right type of beetle (battler for brown, dazzler for blue, puff 
for green and magma for red) and you'll get 75 life forces in almost no 
time, 150 even when you get the Harvesting Helmet. If your Overlord is 
strong enough, you don't even need to take minions with you into the 

- Here's an even faster way to harvest life force. Still in the dungeon, 
against bugs and wearing the Harvesting Helmet, use an Arcanium mace 
300/150/0/0. The added physical and magical damage bonus will make the 
Mace strong enough to kill bugs in one regular hit. To make things even 
faster, you can mark a large group of red in the back and lure the bugs 
into their shooting range. Make sure you also mark some blues behind the 
reds to heal any red who would get hit by some lucky bug that got past 
Sent by: the_bubi


If, like me, you installed Raising Hell after beating Overlord, your 
saved game will be just as it used to be. Except when you load it, Gnarl 
will tell you of "Dark Energy" he's detecting in Mellow Hills and the 
Ruborian desert. Before going to check them out however, I suggest 
beating up the wizard once and for all as he'll still be there. Once 
that's done, the ending cinematic will play but the credits won't role. 
And the wizard will be gone for good. Now that your Tower has retrieved 
its "peace", let's go investigate these Dark Energies. Use the tower 
heart and teleport to Mellow Hills.

The Mellow Hills Abyss' entrance isn't what we could call hard to find. 
As soon as you teleport, you will see it in front of you, not too far. 
The thing looks like a tall garden pagoda made of white marble. As soon 
as the little cutscene is over, walk over to it with your minions to 
enter the Mellow Hills Abyss.

Upon entering the Abyss, you'll have another short cutscene in which the 
peasants have their dreams of evasion beautifully shattered. Gnarl will 
tell you to investigate the Abyss so let's listen to the old guy. 
Exploring the Abyss is pretty straightforward. Simply follow the path. On 
your way, you'll see some of your worshippers chained to the wall and 
talking. You'll also soon encounter a new sort of enemy: wraiths. If your 
horde is well equipped, they shouldn't be a problem so just slay them and 
carry on. You'll eventually go down a path and find spawning pits for all 
of your minions. To the right of the pits are some crates and treasure 
chest for you to loot. Take the time to rearrange your horde if needed 
and then carry on along the path. Three more wraiths will soon spawn for 
you to kill and beyond them you'll find the first crossroad of the Abyss.

Start by going left. You'll come to an area where some peasants are 
"mining" and wraiths keeps of spawning every few seconds. Beat them up 
when they do and explore the two further paths that extend from each side 
of that area. Both are short dead-ends with stuff to loot at the end. 
When that's done and you're tired of watching flaming corpses fall from 
the sky, go back to the original cross-road.

Let's go to the right now. After a short distance and five more wraiths 
to obliterate, you'll get to the Halfling part of the Abyss where there's 
grass and a Mana-pit. Your game will autosave, and you'll have a short 
cutscene showing you that sheepies are much meaner underground than up 
there. Not only will they explode, they'll actually chase you until they 
do if you hit them so the best way to get rid of them is to use your 
Overlord's spells such as the 3rd level fire spell. This time again, there 
are 2 paths to choose from, one going right, the other forward and down. 
Let's go right for now. You'll come across spawning pits, some sheep 
(watch out) and then a small Halfling settling. You can either ransack it 
the old way, or simply toss a fire ball in the crops which will ignite 
the entire settling. Doing the later will also result in burning Halfling 
spawning out of their houses every few seconds. Amusing at first but it 
can get annoying. When you're done there, go back and down the other way.

Well if it isn't our friend Bob the farmer waiting down the path. He 
isn't really in a better condition then the last time we saw him. In 
front of him are some pumpkins, but not ordinary ones: Angry Pumpkins! 
Just send your minions in there and let them take care of it. As you make 
you're way to Bob, Halflings will come and take him away, across a small 
lake. To cross it with your horde, you'll need to drawn the bridge by 
turning the small reel on the other side. Mark all of your minions but 
the blues (make sure you got some) and cross the lake on foot. Ignore the 
Halfling houses for now and make your way to the reel in front of the 
last house to the left. While your blues turn it, defend them yourself 
from attacking Halflings. When the bridge is drawn, get your horde back 
and loot the Halfling houses. To go further into the Abyss, you'll need 
to put out the fire near the middle house using your reds. Do this, then 
follow the path and, somehow, you'll soon be in the Abyss version of the 
Halfling homes.

When you enter the Halfling homes, your game will autosave and you'll get 
a cutscene showing you the fate of Melvin Underbelly's tortured soul. 
Before you go down there, let's take a look at the room in which he is. 
Not counting the way you'll go in by, there are 3 exits. The ones to the 
left and right are opened, and the one at the front is closed. There's 
also 2 large reels you can see, one on each side. The left one turns off 
the fire blocking the right exit. The right one opens the center exit. 
Now, go down the path to your left and into the room yourself. 

Once you reach the room, Melvin will wobble out of his hole and go 
through the left exit. Follow him as he leads you to a Halfling valley, 
eating giant plates on the way and exploding at the end. Be careful 
though, Melvin's explosion is very powerful so keep clear of him when he 
eats his third plate. Also, the explosion will (don't ask me how) cause 
his fellow Halfling to ignite in flames and with them the entire valley. 
So if you want to loot the homes, do it before Melvin explodes.

Now, after Melvin has exploded, turn your attention to the giant plate on 
the right of the valley, the one Melvin ate in second. Next to this plate 
is a Mother Angry Pumpkin. You need to slay her. Do so by sweeping your 
minion over the root and once it's done, you'll be able to go clear all 
the other angry pumpkins under the mother one. When the pumpkins are 
gone, you'll see a small skull rock level. You can activate it by sending 
a minion over to it, and it will raise/lower the giant plate. Leave it 
for now and go back to Melvin. When he sees you, he'll come back to the 
valley. As soon as he climbs the stairs out of his hole, run for the 
lever we just left and activate it to lower the newly filled plate. If 
there isn't any food yet in the plate, something's wrong so go check on 
Melvin. If all works well, Melvin will enter the valley and go for the 
left plate since you raised the right one. While he's eating the left 
plate, lower back the right one (if you don't he'll poke you with his 
giant fork until you do) and run for it. Once his meal is complete, he'll 
blow up again, shattering the rock wall that was blocking our way. Go 
down the path that just opened and you'll reach the left reel of Melvin's 
room. Turn it to shut down the fire and go back the Melvin. Watch out 
though, some Wraights will be waiting for you in the valley.

With the fire gone, Melvin will now go through the right exit so follow 
him. In there, you'll find some Halfling cooks to kill and a grass area 
with sheeps, surrounded by a path with some more giant plates. Notice the 
4th plate, the one net to the rock wall is empty. To fill it and make 
Melvin explode there, you have to push the sheeps into the fireplace in 
the grass area before he gets to his third plate and explode. Do so, 
sweep your horde in the grass area and push the sheeps, one at the time, 
toward the fire place. This might take some practice, but the bigger your 
horde size, the easier. When you succeed, the 4th plate will be filled 
with cooked sheepies and Melvin will explode there, taking out the rock 
wall. You know what to do.

Beyond the rock wall is poor Bob getting cooked! Kill the Halfling cook, 
loot the stuff around and turn the large reel to open the middle door. 
You can then either burn Bob yourself by turning the small reel next to 
him, or save him by sending some minions over to him who'll break down 
the cooking rack and carry Bob to the previous Tower Waypoint. If you do 
the later, Bob will reward you with a considerable amount of gold and 

After you've dealt with Bob, go down the door you just opened. Your game 
will autosave and, following the corridor, you'll soon enter some torture 
area. To your right will be spawning pits. To the left, another mother 
pumpkin and her children. To easily defeat the mother, simply take the 
path to it's right and post some reds there. They'll burn her from a safe 
distance so you can then slay all the other little pumpkins. Once that's 
done, go on to where the mother was and you'll find your first Unique 
Mold: the Axe of Confusion. Let your minions take it to the waypoint and 
wait by the spawning pits. When they're back, proceed to the next area 
for a peculiar view.

That's right, even wraiths can play golf! Quickly kill them and then 
leave your minions behind in the previous room. Back on the golf course, 
you'll need to make Melvin bounce on the walls until he reaches to stone 
wall on the right of the entrance. This is easy. Simply stand next to the 
small flag pole to the left of Melvin and dodge when he charges you. With 
this angle, he should bounce right into the stone wall and blow it up 
along with himself. Get your minions back and proceed to the next gold 

This time again, use your minions to kill the wraiths and then leave them 
some way back. On this course, Melvin need to bounce a loop around the 
place and back to his starting point in order to blow the wall behind 
him. Just stand right in front of him and dodge when he charges. He'll do 
the loop and come back to the wall. Boom. Get your minions back and keep 

After some time in a root-infested corridor, you'll reach a large room in 
which Melvin is bouncing. Near, you will be a food cart you can move 
using the new game mechanics (see section III for tips) and at the far 
end of the room you'll see 4 small stone walls hiding the 4 rods of the 
large reel you need to turn in order to leave this room. Now this might 
be a little complicated, but think of it as a giant Brick game. You need 
to direct Melvin's rolling using the food cart so he will knock down the 
4 stone walls before exploding. Each time he explodes, the walls will 
reset. As his trajectory is affected by many things, I have no clear 
directions here. Just move the cart with your minions and with some luck, 
it won't take you too many Melvins to do this. Once you manage to knock 
down all 4 walls in a single shot, Melvin won't come back so you can go 
down there and pick up the rods of the reel. When it's repaired, turn it 
and go through the door you just opened.

Beyond the door, not far ahead, is Melvin again. Remember the boulder 
beasts in the Dwarf temple construction site? Same thing will happen 
here. As soon as you step in front of Melvin, he'll charge, go pass you 
and continue rolling until he falls down into the bottomless pit at the 
end of his path. Well, that's it for Melvin, at last. Continue on your 
own path until your reach a larger room with a Waypoint, spawning pits as 
well as mana and life pit. Build a strong horde and recharge your mana. 
You'll need them. When you're ready, exit the room by taking the passage 
to the right.

This is the final room of the Mellow Hills Abyss. As Gnarl tells you, you 
need to retrieve the Abyss stone located at the far end of the room. Many 
wraiths will start spawning to block your way but don't waste your time 
slaying them. Simply make your way past them and send some minions over 
to the Stone. They'll start moving it but when they get about halfway to 
the waypoint, traitorous peasants will drop from above and begin 
attacking the Stone itself to destroy it and prevent you from controlling 
the Abyss. That can't happen. If there are still some wraiths, leave them 
alone for now and concentrate on killing the attacking peasants. Don't be 
afraid to step in yourself to help your minions with your strength and 
spells. Once all enemies are defeated, send back minions to the Stone and 
they'll finish carrying it to the waypoint. You now control the Mellow 
Hills Abyss. So unless you want to hang some more down there, let's just 
return to the tower. 

When you arrive, Gnarl will tell you he detected similar Dark Energies in 
Evernight, Heaven's Peak and the Golden Hills. Feel free to do whichever 
you want first, or simply follow this guide's order.


Alright! Time to go torment those poor little elves some more. The 
entrance of the Evernight Abyss is located in the clearing where you 
defeated Oberon, so just make your way there and enter this second Abyss.

Once you've entered the abyss, summon a horde if you don't have one 
already, and then simply go forward. After killing the bugs on your 
right, turn left. You'll soon be faced with another crossroad. Go to the 
right first. You'll come up to some small stone house that can actually 
be collapsed by your minions. Once they have done so, they'll be able to 
reach the treasure chest behind. That's all there is to get here, so head 
back and take the left path now. Following the path, your way will soon 
be blocked by a gate of roots. Notice the lever a short distance to the 
left of the gate. You need to sweep a minion over the root and to it. 
Activating the lever will turn on some spotlights and frighten the roots 
of the gate, opening the way for you. 

What you see beyond the gate is the entry of the huge play theatre 
occupying most of the space of the Evernight Abyss. Inside the entry is 
waiting a new type of wraith equipped with a gun. Their blasts are pretty 
strong, and have an important knock back effect on your minions so always 
be careful of them. Also note that when reduced to about 25% of health, 
they turn into regular wraiths. Alone though, he's not much of a problem. 
Kill him and proceed into the theatre until a cutscene starts. The 
cutscene will show you the play being acted in the theater. Since the 
Terror is broken, it will repeat the 2 first acts over and over again. 
You have to find that Terror, whatever it is.

When the cutscene ends, take some time to look at the theater. From now 
on, the Elf side of the theater will be referred to as the left side, and 
the wraith side as the right. The Wraiths watching the play don't mind 
you being there, and won't attack. That is, until you attack them 
yourself. Also, notice that right beneath you is the Evernight Abyss 
Stone. Unfortunately, it's blocked by Oberon, still as helpless and in 
our way as ever. 

Now, I used to recommend slaughtering your way through the wraiths, but 
Federico made me realize there is a much simpler way. If you look at the 
wraith side, you'll see a small staircase leading down from the path 
you're on to a narrow corridor heading back outside the theater. Leaning 
on the side of this corridor are some wood planks leading to another 
lever. Lock on the lever and send a minion to it. This will activate some 
more spotlights and scare away the root gate that was preventing you from 
going any further outside the theater. So once you've done that, go back 
outside the theater. 

We're now going to explore the outside of the theatre. Starting from the 
root gate, always stay to the right (further from the theater). You'll 
first come into a small village made of rock house. These ones hide stuff 
though. Beginning with the one closest to the theater's entry, they hide: 
1- small fire bugs, 2- elves, 3- nothing, 4- treasure chest, 5- small 
green bugs, 6- a basic wraith. Loot the village if you want and then 
proceed, always keeping to the right. You'll come to another stone house. 
Quickly smash your way through it for wraiths will appear on the other 
side. Kill them all. If you want some more minions, here's the place to 
get some. You can also recharge your health & mana in the pits. Finally, 
there's stuff to break all around so have your fun and then continue your 
way, yet again keeping to your right. This will bring us back to the 
theater. Take the stairs to the right up. We're now going into the 
backstage of the theater. Before going to far in though, leave your 
minions behind and continue by yourself. As you reach the end of the 
walkway and discover the Terror, a new type of wraiths will spawn: 
rammers. These guys will just charge you with their large shields and 
kill all your minions just by touching them. Make sure he doesn't get his 
chance. Notice that these wraiths too will turn normal when badly 
wounded. When the guard is dead, go get back your minions. 

From the place where you killed the rammer, you have a good view on this 
side of the backstage. Especially take notice of all the shooters along 
the wall. Use the bombs next to you at first and then sweep your horde 
along the wall to take care of the ones left. When these guys are dealt 
with, walk down into the backstage and face the few wraiths that will try 
attacking you. As you reach the further end of the room, you game will 
autosave. It was about time! 

Next, loot all there is around and go wait by the large reel above the 
wraith changing room. When the wraiths mass close to the stage and 
prepare to enter for Act 2, turn the reel. It will open the way to the 
changing room and make the actors leave. Be careful though, for some 
wraiths are still down there, guarding the room. Slay them quickly. Then 
loot anything your want in there and then go wait where the wraiths were 
massed, close to the stage. Don't worry about the actor-wraiths; they 
won't spawn while you're in there. 

When Act 2 comes back, step onto the stage yourself and play the role of 
the dwarves yourself. Once the elves are all dead, push the backdrop with 
your minions. This will reveal a rock wall on the right, and the elf 
changing room on the left. Go into the changing room. To the right of the 
room's doorway is a hoe with bombs, and further to the right, a rock 
wall. You know what to do here. Blow the wall and go behind the backdrop 
alone, for another rammer will spawn. After killing him, call back your 
minions and proceed to the right side of the stage. Push the block into 
the wall, and use your fire spell to burn the shooter that will come up 
by the lever (at least until he drops his gun). When that's done, go back 
on the stage (wait until the wraiths leave if Act 2 is being played) and 
push the backdrop some more. This will reveal an opening on the right, 
and the bomb hole on the left. While staying on the stage, send a minion 
to get a bomb, and sweep him all the way across the stage to the stone 
wall on the right side. This is a long distance, and will use all the 
bomb's timer so be careful. Now go into the opening you just made. Some 
wraiths will spawn for you to slay and then you'll come to the block you 
just pushed behind the backdrop. Sweep a minion onto in and to the lever. 
This will turn on some projectors and scare off the root wall behind the 
backdrop. When the roots are gone, head yet again back on the stage to 
push the backdrop some more. This time, you'll only reveal a closed door 
in a stone wall on the right. Open the door by activating the lever. At 
last! We've made it to Rollie the Terror! But she is indeed broken. We 
have to repair that. 

After activating the waypoint and autosaving your game, go past Rollie 
and behind the backdrop. Some wraiths will spawn again. When they're 
dead, loot anything you want and then push the block into the right wall. 
Before we go any further though, there's something we have to do. Head 
back to the opening you revealed in the right wall after pushing the 
backdrop for the second time. In there, hidden behind the breakable props 
in the second Unique Mold: the Mace of Doom. Be careful though, two large 
wraiths will spawn when you reach it. After dealing with them, send some 
minions to the mold and they'll take it to the waypoint beside Rollie.

Alright. Now that this is done, it's time to go push the backdrop one 
last time. Doing so will now reveal an opening to the left. Step into the 
opening and leave your minions there, by the spawning pits. Take the 
stairs on your left by yourself and make your way onto the catwalk. 
Another of those rammers will soon spawn. Kill him good and then call 
some minions back. At the end of the way are some stuff to loot and the 
first spoke to repair Rollie. Let your guy bring it to the machine and go 
get your full horde back by the pits. When you're ready, proceed through 
the opening in the theater's wall. Some huge scary wraith will spawn. 
Just activate your strongest minion spell and your horde will take care 
of him and his friends in a matter of seconds. Once all the wraiths are 
dead, go crush the pumpkin shells on the top by yourself (they'll most 
likely hide bombs) to reveal the second spoke. When all danger is past, 
send a minion over to it so he can take it to Rollie. The Terror is now 
repaired, time for Act 3 to begin.

Unfortunately, this is just a Rollie prop so you'll have to move her 
yourself, which is a pain. Send 10 minions over to her and start moving 
her along the road on the floor. The road will take you behind the 
backdrop, and then through as Rollie smashes it to splinters. Once you've 
managed to bring Rollie on stage, keep following the road guiding you to 
the front. At some point, Elves will start attacking. You can ignore 
them, roll them over with the Terror or let go of Rollie minute to kill 
them yourself. When Rollie finally reaches the front, it'll be mounted on 
a spinning mechanism and the play's director will urge you to burn Oberon 
to ashes. Meh, why not? Use the small reel behind Rollie to turn it in 
Oberon's direction (clockwise). Once the flame is past Oberon, call your 
minions back and the flame will go back counter clockwise. When it's past 
Oberon again, send your minions back to the reel. Repeat until Oberon is 
nothing but a pile of ash all while killing the wraiths that will come 
from the right to stop you. A good way to do this is to use browns for 
defense, and green for the reel. That way, you can control them 

When Oberon is out of the way, make your way through the last wraiths to 
the now exposed Abyss Stone and pick it up. Once it's out of its corner 
though, the Elves will rebel start attacking you to destroy the stone. 
They're elves, so they shouldn't be too hard to neutralize. Don't use any 
other spell than fire however as it would simply be a waste of mana 
against their number, and don't get too far from the stone either because 
some elves will go across the stage and attack you from the right. 

After all the elves have been killed, send your minions back to the Abyss 
Stone and let them carry it to the nearby Waypoint. Congratulation, you 
are now master of the Evernight Abyss.


Now Heaven's Peak has already had daemons, zombie plague and Overlords 
using their city as a battle ground. What worse could an Abyss bring?? 
You just wait and see. The gate to the Heaven's Peak Abyss is located 
outside the city, in the grassy area with sheeps near the original Tower 
Gate. It looks like the Evernight one and is thus pretty hard to miss so 
teleport using that Tower Gate and step into the portal. 

Welcome to Heaven's Peak abyss. As usual, the arrival area has all the 
spawning pits, so build a good horde and be sure to include at least 2 
reds and some greens too. When you're ready, go forward to meet the 
masters of the Abyss: the angry women of Heaven's Peak. Your first task 
will be to get rid of that giant slug. That's easy (just circle around it 
by yourself and hit it in the back). But it leaves so much dirt behind. 
That'll have to be cleaned in order to proceed. Take your horde back with 
you and head down the path on your left. Slaying some basic wraiths on 
the way, you'll soon make it to Sir William's tortured soul and his 
followers. Talk about burning in hell eh? Select only your green and 
sweep them over root to the top of the monticule overlooking the furnace. 
If you forgot to bring any or they died on the way, there's a green 
spawning pit on your left behind some breakable stuff. When your greens 
have reached the top, mark them there. They'll automatically start 
jumping on the cloaked figures' backs. When they jump on Sir William, 
he'll fall down but won't disappear. You'll need to sweep your reds over 
to him so they'll pick him up and bring him to the broom. The broom is 
now powered! Bring your entire horde back up there and send 7 minions 
over to the broom so you can start moving it around and cleaning the slug 
leftovers. Once the floor is all clean again, the women will express 
their satisfaction and open a root gate on the left of their balcony. Go 
through it for your next chore.

Would you look at that? Now we have to do the lawn for those women. If 
you didn't bring William with you, go back in the last room to get him 
and let your minions bring him to the mower. This time again, he'll power 
it so you can start moving the mower around. But you can't just do it 
anyway you like it otherwise it'll just grow right back and you'll have 
to start over. Here's the order, as would be seen from the women's 
balcony) in which you have to mown the lawn spots.

5	6
4	7 12 13
3	8 11 14
2	9 10 15
1            16

I'm not actually sure if it's really the course you take, or a timer that 
determines success or failure. But even if it's a timer, the order 
pictured above is the optimal way to do it, provided you don't waste too 
much time having problems to maneuver the thing correctly. When you get 
it right, the women will clear the way for you again. Before going 
further, you can also go down the path on your left. It leads to a 
useless area with lots of food and stuff to break. 

Upon entering the next area, your game will autosave. After that's done, 
go straight forward and you'll enter a large grassy area with many sheeps 
and some wraiths too guarding them. Be careful, some of those sheepies 
are the explosive kind. Once you've killed the wraiths around the entry, 
go by yourself to the end of the grassy area. You'll meet more exploding 
sheeps on the way and a single wraith at the end, guarding some treasure 
chests and another Unique Mold: the Harvesting Helmet. When the way is 
clear, call back your minions so they can get the mold and treasures. 
Follow them back to the waypoint.

Now that this is done, it's time to go left for your final chore. Smash 
your way through the jars and you'll soon end up on another tiled floor. 
This time, it's infested by rats and slugs that feed on them. We have to 
clean this up. First, go back and get William. Your minions will carry 
him to the new broom. Second, start killing rats and notice that more 
will keep on arriving from some rocks on the left. Take a good 10-15 
strong minions and mark them where the rats appear so they'll kill them 
before they reach the floor. Third, kill all the remaining rats and 
slugs. Now that there are no more rats, slugs will cease spawning. Fourth 
and finally, clean the floor using the broom William is now powering. 
Voila! The women will be happy and open the gates of their pavilion to 

Get your minions back and enter the women's pavilion. Following the only 
corridor there is, you'll eventually reach a large room with a new 
waypoint (and autosave), spawning pits and a large closed door in the 
wall. We have to open that door and the way to do this is to bring the 
women back to the surface. Go onto one of their balconies and start 
hitting them. Watch out though. They will fight back and while their 
attacks aren't very strong, they have a powerful knock back effect. When 
you hit women, they'll fall on their backs and become transportable. I 
recommend doing all the balconies before starting to carry them to the 
waypoint. Also, be sure to be next to the waypoint when the last few 
women are brought by your minion for the door will open without warning 
and let in a few wraiths.

When the door has been opened and the wraiths dealt with, build a big 
strong horde and pass the door. Go down the stairs and you'll reach a 
large area with some wraiths walking around. Kill them. Now let's have a 
look around. Behind you should be the stairs you just came by. To the 
front, a closed door. To the right a large reel missing a rod and to your 
left an incomplete set a stairs going up and a path. Take the path and at 
the end you'll find the Abyss stone and the reel's missing rod. Ignore 
Gnarl and simply take the rod for now. When you get back to the large 
area, a reaper will appear with his friends. These guys sure know how to 
make an entrance but simply turn on your minion spell and he'll be dead 
in a few second. When he is, complete the large reel and turn it. Doing 
so will complete the stairs on the left. Before taking them however, you 
might want to go explore the area behind the now opened front door. There 
are some spawning pits and treasure. Once you,re done looting, get all 
your minions and go up the stairs. Follow the path looting the chests and 
jars on the way and you'll eventually get to a larger sector of the path 
with opening in the left walls, and two large wraiths patrolling. Take 
care of them, loot the openings and activate the lever next to the gap 
and the end of the path. It will bring out some stairs linking the path 
to the area where you first killed the giant slug for the women. Time to 
go get that Abyss Stone now.

Only send 5 minions over to it, and walk in front of them on the path you 
just came back from. You shouldn't encounter any resistance before 
getting to the larger section. Basic wraiths will then start spawning out 
of the opening and attacking you, but not the stone. So unless they 
actually kill one of the minions carrying it, you don't have to worry 
about the stone. Simply kill the wraiths to keep them out of the way. 

When you reach the place where you slaughtered the giant slug, you'll be 
faced by William and his cloaked friends. They want to steal the Abyss 
Stone from you. Don't let them approach it and kill them quickly for they 
will to destroy your prize. After you're done with them, send some 
minions to the Abyss Stone again so they can finish carrying it to the 
waypoint. Wraiths will come at you again but from everywhere this time. 
Stay close to the stone and make sure the wraiths don't get in its way. 
Your minions will eventually reach the waypoint and the wraiths will die. 
Congratulation, you are now master of the Heaven's Peak Abyss.


With the three previous Abyss under our control, time to go pay those 
angry beer-soaked beards on legs a new visit. The gate to the Golden 
Abyss is located in the court of Goldo's palace. For the first time 
however, this one will be guarded. When you reach it you'll see dwarfs 
fighting among themselves. Le them kill each other and then take care of 
the ones left, most likely the flamer dwarf and some others. After 
securing the gate, step through it to enter the toughest Abyss so far.

Once you're in, you'll find out some dwarfs got in before you. Simply 
follow them along the path until they reach a larger part where they'll 
be killed by wraiths shooter on both sides. Stay out of their reach, and 
sweep your minions over to them by the opening in the roots. When that's 
done, go on ahead, down the stairs and into the main, very large, cave of 
the Abyss. Take care of the wraiths in the cave and then go to the large 
gold statue of our friend Goldo. This is actually his tortured soul, 
punished to an eternity of imprisonment in his beloved gold. 

Now, so there won't be any confusion the next times we come back to this 
room, stand on the salmon pavement in front of Goldo and we'll look at 
what's around the room. With Goldo behind you, you should have to your 
far left stairs leading to a closed door (Left Door) in the wall and to 
your immediate left, spawning pits for all your minions plus a trail 
leading up into the Abyss. The trail ends with a stone wall (Left Stone 
Wall). To your far right is a similar set of stairs with a similar closed 
door (Right Door), to your immediate right the stairs you just came down 
by (Exit Stairs) and between them, a path leading to another stone wall 
(Right Stone Wall). In front of you is a lower lever with the opening of 
a mining shaft on each side, plus a large stair case in the middle 
(Center Staircase). Now that all this is clear, let's move on.

The stone walls cannot be breached for now, nor the doors opened. The 
mining shafts however can be looted. When you're done, go up the Center 
Staircase. You'll pass mana and life pits on your left and then arrive in 
another large cave, this one hiding a small dwarf settling. A cutscene 
will show you the reaper having fun blowing the dwarfs up. Unfortunately 
for him, we need that gold. So when the cut scene ends, go up the stairs 
to the reaper and slaughter him. Also sweep your minions into the village 
so they can trash the house. Finally, notice the grassy area on the left 
with sheeps. We can't access it for now, but we'll come back later so 
remember it. 

Alright, so now that the gold has stopped exploding, send minions to pick 
it up. The dwarf will follow you wherever you take it, so head back to 
Goldo's statue. Upon seeing their old tyrant, the dwarfs will go frantic 
and start attacking the statue. Leave the first dwarf doing so, and go 
lure more out of both mining shafts. Bring them all to Goldo and then 
wait. When the dwarfs have taken out a third of Goldo's life, a number of 
things will happen at the same time. First, Goldo will start shattering, 
revealing the Abyss Stone under him. Second, the dwarfs will all die 
crushed by the huge chunks of gold. Third, the gold your minions were 
holding will disappear as if you had taken it to a waypoint. And fourth, 
the two doors in the walls will open, letting in some wraiths. When 
you're done with the wraiths, go pick up Goldo's fallen pieces (you can 
actually cash them haha) and any useful stuff the dwarfs let behind. 
After all is collected, go up the stairs and through the Right Door. Your 
game will autosave.

After your game has saved, head to the right and along the wall on a 
narrow path. At some point the path will leave the wall and go to the 
left, disappearing into the darkness. Don't worry though, here's the map:

    oooooE        E = exit
xoooo             o = path/stairs
o   o             x = lever
ooooooooo         _ = cliff wall
    o   o

As long as the levers are active, shooting wraiths will keep on spawning 
next to them so I recommend killing your way to them as fat as possible 
to deactivate them both. Don't mind the dwarfs you'll see around, they're 
on another independent set of stairs. When both levers are done and the 
last wraiths killed, proceed to the exit. It will lead you to a grassy 
area with a stone wall. As soon as you get close to it though, a rammer 
wraith will destroy it from the other side. Quickly murder him before he 
charges again! Next, get some more greens, browns and life if you need 
it, loot the treasures and then go down the path on the left. You'll end 
up in a large volcanic chamber where another reaper's having fun to the 
dwarfs' expense. Follow Gnarl's advice to even the odd and walk toward 
the beer pipes at the end of the room. Summon a red from the pit in the 
lava if you didn't have any and send him to the right lever on the pipe. 
At the same time, send another minion to the left one. If there's too 
much time between the activations, it won't work. When you get it right, 
the dwarfs will be drunk now and start killing the wraith. The reaper 
will leave with his gold. Make a way through the fighting and go after 
him. In the first room you'll get to, notice where he's standing on the 
higher lever because we'll need to go there after he's dead. For now, 
open the door on your right and slaughter your way to him. After he's 
dead, don't pick up the gold right now. Let's go to where he was standing 
first. There you'll find a narrow entrance to some sort of catacombs. You 
can crash the tombs. Some hide treasure, other bug and others yet 
wraiths. Once you've had your fun, go back to the gold, open the door and 
exit. Don't go any further yet though. Leave you minions behind and 
continue by yourself for a little bit. You'll first come across an 
autosave, and then reach the end of the path where you'll find a rammer 
wraith and a stone wall. Stand in front of the wall and make the rammer 
crash into it so he'll destroy it. That was the Right Stone Wall from 
Goldo's room. Kill the rammer, get your minions, loot the stuff lying 
around and get out of there by the way you just opened.

When you reach Goldo's room, some wraiths will be waiting for you. Kill 
them and then lure dwarfs out of the minings shafts again so they'll 
attack Goldo. More will come this time. Another change is the fact that, 
while they're hitting Goldo, wraiths will spawn in the room each time the 
bells ring. Make sure you protect the dwarfs until they take another 
third out of his life. Once they've done that, the same 4 things as 
before will happen, except this time the wraiths will come from the 
Center Staircase with 2 rock giants. Just activate your minion spell and 
help your guys, this shouldn't be too much of a problem. After you're 
done, the doors in the wall will open again. Loor the Goldo pieces and go 
through the Left Door this time.

Following the corridor, you'll first pass a waypoint (autosave), then a 
brown spawning pit, and finally get to an intersection. To the right is a 
closed door and wasted dwarfs are coming from the left. Open the door and 
follow them through. Wraiths will soon summon in their way but they're 
too drunk to care so you'll have to protect them (it's actually no 
problem if they die; it's just easier to find your way following them). 
After those wraiths, you'll get to a stone wall with yet more wraiths on 
the other side. Sweep your minions by the small opening on the right of 
the wall so they can kill the wraiths and then bring them back. When 
they're safe behind you, send one to pick up a bomb on the other side of 
the stone wall and blow it up. Keep following the dwarfs. You'll pass 
spawning pits for all 4 minion types, encounter other wraiths and 
eventually get to a large cave. You can stop following the dwarfs now. As 
the cutscene will show you, there's another reaper in here teasing the 
dwarfs with gold. However, before we deal with him there's some other 
stuff to do.

First, notice on your left an opening in the cliff wall. This leads to 
some sort of root-tree forest with a stone house at the end. Smashing the 
house will give you lots of lots of life force, but it's a trap. When you 
go back to the large cave, a group of shooter wraiths will be waiting for 
you in the forest. It's entirely up to you if you want to do it knowing 
the consequences. Next, we'll need some greens to take out the gazes in 
the corner of the cave. When it's done, sweep them around (they'll have 
to kill small slugs on the way) and to the lever you can see so they'll 
activate it. Doing so will make a bomb appear a bit further on the path. 
Pick it up with a minion, and blow up the stone wall blocking the way to 
the lower level where dwarfs are chasing the gold. Now that the path is 
cleared, go down there yourself. Pick up one of the bombs lying around 
and use it to blow the gold slug. Seemed too easy? It was indeed. This 
was another trap, but one that could not be avoided. After killing the 
small slug, a group of large ones will come out of a newly opened door in 
the wall. The best way to kill them is to blow them too. I don't 
recommend sending your minions to attack it directly as they'll just be 
squashed. When you've managed to get rid of all the giant slugs, go loot 
the treasures in their hiding room. It also contains a mana pit. Once 
that's all done, it's time to take care of the Reaper.

Simply head back up and the reaper himself will extend a bridge to his 
platform so he can attack you. Big mistake. Take his and his friends down 
and then go get the slimy gold if you don't already have it with you. 
Open the door and you'll see a dusty giant slime showing you its back. 
Quickly grab a bomb and blow the slime up before it can turn around and 
attack you. Once she's out of the way, go further down the corridor and 
open the next door you'll reach. You are now back to the start or this 
area of the Abyss. To your right is the first door you opened to let the 
wasted dwarfs pass. Unfortunately, it has been closed so we'll need to 
find another way. Go straight ahead and at the first chance you get, turn 
left. You'll get to an immense area with scaffoldings all over the place 
and suspended wooden bridge over a gap. Step onto that bridge and start 
crossing the gap. When you're about mid-way, a cutscene will begin, 
introducing you to the creator of the Abysses. After he's done talking, 
some wraiths will come at you from both sides of the bridge. Kill them 
and finish crossing. Once you're on the other side, follow the path 
toward the left and you'll go across 2 stone walls on your right. The 
first, with blue flames, is where we need to go. The second is where we 
get the bombs to blow it opened. To blow that second one opened, you'll 
need to get a bomb from the corridor when you met the dusty giant slime. 
Simply continue on the path and you'll reach the first door you can now 
re-open. Grab a bomb in the corridor, blow the second stone wall up (it's 
a long run though so expect to lose your minion). When it's done, grab a 
bomb in the opening and blow the first stone wall up. Voila!

Now get all your minions back, make sure you still have the gold and 
proceed through that new opening. You'll get to a path with moving roots 
in your way. There's an auutosave on your right across another small 
wooden bridge. On the other side of the roots are 2 things. On the left 
is a stone wall we'll need to blow up and on the right, a root extending 
over a gap to a lever. Go through the roots and sweep a minion over the 
root to the lever. Doing so will extend a path for you across the gap. Go 
across, kill the bugs and walk deeper in the narrow opening. You'll soon 
reach an opening on your right to a small room with a lever. Activate 
that lever. The game will show you that the grassy area with sheeps from 
earlier in the Abyss is now accessible. Joy! Now head back on the narrow 
path and at the end you'll meet two shooter wraiths. They're actually 
replacing the ones you first killed upon entering the Abyss. Chances are 
they won't even notice you, so just kill them and go back to the path 
with moving roots. What you need to do now is to synchronize with the 
roots, and make a minion go across them while carrying a bomb to the 
stone wall so it'll be destroyed. That was the Left Stone Wall from 
Goldo's room. If you're not cautious of root movements, he'll waste time 
and eventually blow up. When you've got it, step through the opening and 
back into Goldo's room.

This time again, some wraiths will be waiting for you. Take care of them 
and then start luring dwarfs out of the mining shafts. It's important to 
stay next to the shaft opening until all dwarfs have come out, there's 
more than before now. Get the dwarfs to work of Goldo's statue like 
before and keep on protecting them from the wraiths that will spawn each 
time the bells ring. Once the dwarfs have taken Goldo's last third of 
life, they and your gold will disappear as always, and what was left of 
the statue will crumble, freeing the Abyss Stone. Loot the gold chunks 
and then start carrying the stone. 

Surprise (not)! The dwarfs don't intend to let you leave so easily and 
they start attacking you and the stone. Now, the dwarfs will come in 3 
waves. If you start losing a lot of minions, remember there are spawning 
pits for all kinds of the left of where Goldo was. The first wave simply 
consists of miners and warriors, nothing your guys can't easily deal 
with. The second however is made of 3 of those annoying flamer dwarfs. 
One out of each shaft and one down the Center Staircase. I highly 
recommend fighting them on your own using a hit and run (in circle) 
strategy or you'll most likely lose all your minions like I did. When the 
3 are dead, even more regular dwarfs will come as the third wave. Be 
cautious, 2 bomber ones will come down from the stairs leading to each 
door. I suggest killing them first. Once all of those dwarfs are dead, 
you're done! Get the Abyss Stone back and carry it to the way point at 
the Abyss' entry. Congratulation, you are now master of the Golden Abyss. 
This actually means something this time. Where the reapers were are now 
levers you can activate to re-create their sadistic games. Fun if you 
like to kill dwarfs but utterly useless otherwise.

But wait! What about the unique mold? That's right; we still need to get 
that. Grab your minions, go back to Goldo's room, up the Center Staircase 
and then to the place where you fought the first reaper. As seen before, 
the sheep area is now accessible. There is however a good number of 
exploding ones in there so I suggest going alone. Make your way to the 
very end, toward the right, and you'll eventually find an opening in the 
cliff wall. Behind the jars, along with some treasure chests, is the 
unique mold for the Sword of Life-Stealing. Send your minions over to it 
(after looting all there is to loot there of course) and let them carry 
it to the waypoint. Think we're done? Wrong! This Abyss is so generous it 
has TWO Unique molds. Go back to the spot where you got the Abyss Stone.

From there, head for the Right section of the Abyss, but go by the 
passage me made a rammer wraith open for us (remember the corida). Past 
the waypoint there, and pass the Mana pit, you'll find another Stone 
wall. Even further along the wall you'll see a bunch of breakable skulls 
piles on the floor. Clear them and notice in the wall a very narrow 
crevice with bombs. It's so narrow we can't even send a minion in so 
you'll need to use your Flamethrower power (fire power level 2) to blow 
the closest bombs. This will trigger a chain reaction and bombs will keep 
blowing up until the reach the Stone wall and destroy it. Make your way 
in the now opened path, and you'll soon see a room on your right where 
the fifth Unique mold is waiting. While your minions carry it back, feel 
free to collapse the rock house beside the mold, they each hide two 
treasure chests. NOW we're done. Go out by whatever way you want and I'll 
see you at the tower when you're ready for the next Abyss.


Ready for the last Abyss? The gate to the Infernal Abyss is located in 
the Ruborian Desert, next to the sand pit where you encountered the first 
sand worm. Before you go there however, I strongly recommend building a 
strong horde. If you don't already have one, this can easily be done by 
teleporting to the Village tower gate in the desert, and scavenging 
equipment for your minions as you make your way to the Gate. Once you're 
really ready, head for the gate where you'll learn this one is actually 

To unlock the gate, simply go back to the first Tower gate of the desert 
(next to the pond) to get your 4 Abyss Stones waiting there for you. Send 
three minions over to each and follow them as they transport the Stones 
to the gate. Each time an Abyss Stone is placed before the gate, it will 
disappear and become a statue beside the gate. Once all four Stones have 
been placed, the tower will activate. Step into the portal to enter the 
Infernal Abyss.

Upon entering the Abyss, you'll appear in an area with spawning pits for 
all the kinds of minions, as well as a waypoint and Life & Mana pits. If 
you still don't have your strong horde built, now is the time. Also make 
sure your Overlord's health and mana bars are filled. When that's all 
done, proceed forward in the Abyss.

You will soon reach the upper level of a large opening. Beneath you, a 
full wraith army will start (and continue for a while) spawning and 
attack you from both sides. Your first objective of the Abyss is to 
survive the wrath of this wraith army. Stay where you are and wait for 
the waves of wraiths to come at you. Feel free to help your minions 
(especially against bigger wraiths) and always watch your back while 
fighting on a side. Also, it's no use wasting Mana on spells other than 
fire ones from time to time, this battle lasts a while. Fortunately, it's 
mostly just basic wraiths so if you have a strong horde like I told you 
to bring, you should not have too much problems surviving. 

When that fight is over, regroup your minions and head left, staying on 
the higher level. You'll get to a place with some treasures, jars, a 
stone house hiding blue bugs and a suspended bridge. At the other end of 
the bridge is a Reaper waiting for you. Loot what you want, and then 
cross the bridge to go take care of him. Once he's obliterated, follow 
the path and you'll reach the clearing where the wraith army would spawn. 
Quickly go up towards the three shooter wraiths on the right (well... it 
was right when we first got in the opening before the fight) and slay 
them. A bit further on the right is yet another reaper. Kill him too. 
After that, you can loot the treasure chests near the reaper, or collapse 
the stone houses. The left hides red bugs, the right hides greens. 
Further to the right is another house hiding browns. When you're ready to 
move on, go back down into the clearing.

Now we need to use the right path (we came back from the bridge using the 
left one). Do so and you'll soon get to an intersection with wraiths 
waiting for you. Dispose of them and head right. This is a short dead-end 
with some shooter wraiths, pumpkin shells and spawning pits for reds and 
greens. When you're done there, head back and take the left path this 
time. It will lead you to some bigger wraiths, more pumpkin shells, Life 
& Mana pits and eventually bony stairs going down. Follow the stairs and 
you will reach the Labyrinth.

Now, I'm not really good at drawing with letters so I made a real map of 
the Labyrinth you can access via this link: 

Yeah, I know, it's ugly. Turned out reproducing a hand-drawn sketch in 
paint is harder than I though. Whatever. The brown is earth and gray is 
stone. The color dots represent spawning pits for minions of their 
respective colors. A black dot is a big wraith, a white dot a regular 
one, and an "s" a shooter one. Wavy lines are roots gates or stone wall, 
the gray and blue circle is a mana pit, and the Celtic ones are tower 
waypoints (autosave). The weird dots (supposed to be skulls) in the last 
room are levers. Red arrow is the entry, green one the exit. Alright? Use 
the map along with this guide and you'll be out of there in no time.

The first thing you need to do is to get reds in your horde as they are 
the key to the labyrinth, literally. If you don't already have some, go 
to the spawning pit on the right to do so right now. Once you have reds, 
the labyrinth is really quite simple. To get root gates out of your way, 
simply set the peasant chained next to them on fire and they will flee 
the light. Same thing applies to the Stone wall. Just light up the two 
peasants and it will collapse by itself. Other ways to light up peasants 
are to carry a weapon imbued with red minions (suggested by Federico) and 
hit them, or to throw fire balls at them. 

So here's the order in which you should do things. First, take care of 
the two shooter wraiths so they won't annoy you later. Then, explore the 
entire "earth" part of the labyrinth to collect the many treasures. When 
you're done with that, proceed past the last root gate to the "stone" 
part and into Kahn's room. Fortunately for us, he isn't any kind of a 
threat anymore. He's just in the way. To get rid of him, go into the 
spawning room close-by and mark all your minions there (or put them in 
their pits) except for at least 6 reds. Then go back to Kahn's room and 
light up all 6 peasants on the walls. Once they're all burning, the 
summoning circle on the ground will activate on a rammer wraith will 
spawn. You need to lure him into crashing in Kahn. Hopefully you'll 
manage this before the wraith kills too many of your minions. When you 
get it, the big guy will be blown into pieces, opening the way for us. 
Kill the wraith, get your regular horde back and proceed to the next 
room: the entry of the Forgotten God's temple.

Let's take a look at this room. It's most important feature is a large 
door in the wall at the other end (which we want to open) with 5 levers 
on each side. There is also a lever on each side of the staircase in the 
center of the room for a total of 12 levers. Finally, on the left are 
some peasant you can burn by turning the reel in order to collect life 
force. What you need to do is have all 12 levers activated at the same 
time. Of course, the levers only stay activated for a few seconds so this 
can be tricky. I recommend standing near the steps in the middle, 
selecting your largest minion group (30 browns on my case) and sweeping 
them round the room in a large arc to quickly activate all 10 outer 
levers. As soon as the 10th is activated, let them go, select your second 
largest minion group and send them to the last 2 levers that should be 
right beside you. This will probably take you a few try but isn't so hard 
in the end. When you get it right, the door in the wall will open and a 
bridge will extend, allowing you to reach it. Get all your minions back 
and step through the door to enter the Temple of the Forgotten God.

So THIS is where out jetser had been hiding!!! Always praising the 
biggest guy that little unfaithful pest. Though in his defense, the 
Forgotten God really is huge. And mean. And attacking you. So we have to 
defend ourselves. Now, you are going to lose many minions here. If you're 
fast, you'll lose less but there really is no point in trying to protect 
them as the guy insta-kills them and this is the end of the game. There's 
nothing beyond this and the game won't even save after you've won. So 
don't bother.

So here's the way to kill the overgrown snake. Neither you nor your 
minions have the might to hurt a God. We're going to have to crush him 
with rock. First, make sure you got some minions with you (green or 
brown) and then approach the inner edge of the semi-circle battle field, 
as close to him as you can. Soon he'll raise himself higher, preparing a 
head-crush. Flee at that point and let him crash his skull into the 
ground. He'll stay there for a few seconds during which you need to send 
your minions over to him. If they hurt him enough, he'll get angry. You 
can tell he is by a circle of energy appearing around him and the flames 
of the temple getting temporarily bigger. While his rage lasts, he'll try 
hitting you with a series of "head butts". You need to hide as close as 
possible to the walls blocking the other side of the circle battlefield 
so he'll crash into them and destroy them. When both walls are destroyed, 
he'll have lost 50% of his health from the rock falls and he'll retreat 
for a little while, letting you fight some wraiths.

When you finish killing the wraiths, he'll come back for part 2 of the 
duel. This second part works exactly like the same but for 2 things. 
First, the Forgotten God will use a new attack consisting of an exploding 
energy projectile that will lift your minions in the air. While they're 
floating, the Forgotten God will start spinning and attract them in a 
cyclone of death. Final bosses in this game sure like spinning attacks. 
The second change is the fact that instead of having to collapse 2 walls, 
you now have to collapse the 2 columns a bit beyond the rumbles of those 
walls. Since you can't go there yourself, here's the way to do it. Get 
him angry using the same technique as before, but then sweep your minions 
behind a column, hoping he'll target them. Marking the minions can be 
tricky, and greens become invisible so be cautious with markers. Once 
both columns have collapsed, the final one behind him will too and crush 
him within your reach for you to deliver the final blow. Congratulation, 
you are now master of the Infernal Abyss. 

Unfortunately, it seems this new Abyss is to be your tomb as well. Oh 
well, the game was fun. And this ending is perfect for a sequel I hope 
will one day come. Enjoy the ending cinematic (which is pretty much the 
only thing your corruption level changes in the game). If you load your 
game after the credits have rolled, you'll be back right before the fight 
with the Forgotten God.


These are molds that will allow you to create unique weapons and armor 
imbued with special powers in your forge. There are five unique molds in 
total, one in each Abyss. One for each piece of equipment you can forge. 
As you retrieve them, they will be exposed in your Forge.

Mold location: Mellow Hills Abyss, behind the second giant pumpkin (right 
before the "golf" area).
Forging cost: 1500
Minion sacrifice: 100 brown, 50 blue.
Powers: Foes hit by the Axe of Confusion and not killed will often start 
running away from you in fear for a few seconds. You can tell they're 
affected by the "lighting effect" of the Axe spreading to their head.

Mold location: Evernight Abyss, on the right side of the stage, exposed 
after pushing the backdrop for the 2nd time though still hidden by some 
props and guarded by two large wraiths.
Forging cost: 3000
Minion sacrifice: 100 green, 250 blue.
Power: Critical hits from the Mace of Doom will produce a powerful shock 
wave that will damage all nearby foes and send them flying away.

Mold location: Heaven's Peak Abyss, at the very end of the large grassy 
area with sheeps after doing the lawn mowing.
Forging cost: 4500
Minion sacrifice: 300 brown, 50 red, 300 green, 50 blue.
Power: Doubles the life force you harvest. Also increases your maximum 
horde size by 5.

Mold location: Golden Abyss, in a crevice of a cliff at the very end of 
the large grassy area with sheeps. Area can only be accessed after 
completing the entire section of the Abyss on Goldo's left. See 
walkthrough for details.
Forging cost: 3000
Minion sacrifice: 100 brown, 50 red, 100 green.
Power: Hitting foes with the Sword of Life-Stealing deals them damage 
while regenerating your life at the same time.

Mold location: Golden Abyss, hidden in a narrow passage behind the stone 
wall to the left of the mana pit close to the opening between Goldo's 
room and the right side of the Abyss. See walkthrough for details. (sent 
by: Ututz)
Forging cost: 7000
Minion sacrifice: 130 brown, 250 red, 120 blue.
Power: Most enemies that try to hit you while you're wearing the Armor of 
Fire will burst into flames for a few seconds.


Dungeon challenges are special fight you can activate in your dungeon. 
They work the same way as regular dungeon fights, except you choose a 
race to battle and must face all, or most, of their units at the same 
time. To unlock a challenge, you need to already have defeated all of its 
race's units in single combat in the dungeon.
I also want to thank Federico for revealing the existence of the Monster 
and Undead challenges.

Halfling challenge
The Halfling challenge consists of 5 spearmen, 10 sword men, 10 rock 
throwers and 4 cook all placed in a battle formation. This can make them 
tougher, as they protect their shooting units, but they're still just 
Halflings. Get in there with a strong horde of browns or greens, and some 
blues in case of accidents, and you'll go through the little guys without 
any problem.

Skull Tribe Challenge
This time, you're up against 10 skull boars, 5 skull stags (priests) and 
a rather large number of skull rats (they're small and keep moving so I 
have a hard time counting them but my guess is around 20). None of these 
units are hard to kill, but the stags have the annoying ability to 
resurrect fallen rats so try taking them out first. The rats themselves 
die from a single blow of a powerful weapon like mine. As for the boars, 
simply lure a few of them to you at the time.

Dwarf Challenge
In this one, you'll be facing 10 miners, 10 crossbow dwarfs, 5 heroes and 
5 bomb throwers. Fortunately, there isn't any flamer. I hate these guys. 
A very fun way to do this challenge is by using an hit-and-run strategy. 
Simply run into the dwarf formation, dodging crossbow shots (they hurt!) 
and let the bomb throwers place active bombs all around. Then run back to 
your end of the dungeon. It isn't likely the dwarfs will follow you. 
They'll just wait there and blow up.

Monster Challenge
The monster challenge consists of 7 Ogres, 2 Stones giants and 3 boulder 
beasts. There really is no magic way to do this one. Don't bother 
bringing your minions and use the usual fishing strategy to isolate the 
monsters and kill them in group of three maximum.

Undead Challenge
This final challenge will throw you against 10 shooter wraiths, 10 
regular ones, 3 rammers, 3 big wraiths and a single reaper. Fortunately, 
the shooters are in the back. Let's have them stay there for now. Do 
bring a large horde of minions for this challenge but mark them in a 
corner at the beginning. Then try luring the rammers in the front to the 
other corner of the arena to kill them first. You should also attract 
most of the regular and big wraiths in the process so take care of them 
too. The reaper too might even activate itself at some point. When it 
does, try focusing on him (assuming the rammers are dead) otherwise it'll 
summon more basic wraith. Make sure you stay out of the shooters' reach 
though. When all non-shooter wraiths are dead, get your minions back. I 
find the best way to deal with these guys is simply to overwhelm them in 
a massive wave of minions for once they're locked into close combat 
they're as good as dead.

XI. F.A.Q.
Will be posted when I get any! Hopefully my guide will be good enough and 
I won't.
For questions, e-mail me to and make sure to 
include "Raising Hell" in the e-mail subject.

Unless noted otherwise (see list of contributions underneath), all the 
information included in this guide comes from my own gaming experience.
Thanks to The_bubi for the super-fast harvesting method.
Thanks to Ututz for the location of the Unique Armor mold.
Thanks to Federico for the major correction in Evernight Abyss, the tip 
to light up peasant with fiery weapons in the Labyrinth and revealing the 
existence of the Monster and Undead challenges.

Copyrights flare8521 2008
Following is the list of the website I've authorized to use my 
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