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Outcast Tips & Tricks

Tags: Outcast Game Guides, Outcast Hints, Outcast Walkthrough


An action/adventure game for Windows 95/98

FAQ and Walkthrough
Version 1.0
September 27, 1999

Copyright 1999 Jeff "CJayC" Veasey

See the bottom of this document for copyright, distribution, and
contact information.


I. Introduction and Version History
II. Playing the Game
III. Main Quests Walkthrough
  A. Training
  B. The Mon Quests
    1. Shamazaar
    2. Okasankaar
    3. Motazaar
    4. Okaar
  C. Resource Quests
    1. Stop Riss Production
    2. Stop Tax Collection
    3. Stop Sankaar Fishing
    4. Stop Helidium Mining
  D. The Event Quests
    1. Marion in Trouble #1
    2. Marion in Trouble #2
    3. Jan in Trouble
    4. Guardians in Trouble
IV. Bonus Quests Walkthrough
  A. Shamazaar Bonuses
  B. Talanzaar Bonuses
  C. Okasankaar Bonuses
  D. Motazaar Bonuses
V. Other People and Places of Note
  A. The Recreators
  B. The Twon-Ha
VI. Administrivia


I. Introduction and Version History

Take special note that this FAQ is a work in progress.  I will be
working on and updating this doc constantly until I get 100%/100% on
all of the quests completed.  I mean it.

Version History:
0.1 (9/15/99): First version.  Training and 80% Shamazaar.
0.2 (9/19/99): 100% Shamazaar.
0.3 (9/23/99): 100% Talanzaar regular, 75% bonus.
0.4 (9/27/99): 75% Okasankaar regular, 25% bonus.
1.0 (9/27/99): Full walkthrough complete.  Main Quests: 100%, Bonus
               Quests: 83%

II. Playing the Game

(expect controls, general hints and tips and sneaky stuff here)


III. Main Quests Walkthrough

  A. Training

N: Zokrym wants me to speak with his son Jan before he opens the daoka.

After the introductory movie, you should first grill Zokrym on all of
his available information (except "Ready to Go").  Next, you will need
to find Jan.  He's the younger Talan wearing the red sash, and he's
usually in the house right across from Zokrym's.

N: Finish four tests with Jan.

You should go through each of the Jan's four tests to get a feel for
the game.  For each of the tests, ask Jan about the test, follow Jan to
the test location, and ask him about that test's info to begin.  Let's
start with the Target Test.

N: Shoot all the vases.

Just target each vase and shoot.  It may help to go into first-person
mode (by hitting the CTRL key) to aim.  Grab all the items, then go
back to Jan and try the Jump Test.

N: Jump across to the other side of the platform at the top of the
steps and get the reward.

Easy.  Just up the stairs, jump, get the map, and watch the quick
cinema.  Head back to Jan and ask him about the Swim Test.

N: Swim down and get the rewards in the water.

Jump in and go swimming for loot.  Watch your oxygen meter to prevent
drowning.  Finally, find Jan again (he'll have wandered off while
you've been swimming), and ask about the Sneak Test.

N: Wait until Jan counts three then try to get the fruit without being

After a few seconds of looking wildly about, Jan will settle down into
a steady pattern of scanning around him.  Wait until he's turning away,
then run to the first mound and crawl (Space Bar).  Wait, then get up
and run behind the next box.  Wait, then to the mound and crawl, wait,
then grab the fruit.  It may take you a couple of tries to get it, and
if you don't get it, Jan will just tell you not to worry about it.

Once you're done with all four tests, talk with Jan again ("Result") to
get your EVD (field glasses).

Finally, talk to Zokrym ("Ready to Go") to have him give you your
quests and turn on the Daoka.

GN: Talk to Recreators.

GN: Convince region leaders to stop producing supplies.

GN: Find Shamaz who knows about Mon.

Before you leave, you might want to have a chat with the other three
Guardians to learn more about Adelpha, as well as asking Zokrym about a
few more things.  Don't forget to raid all three houses as well as the
surrounding land (and water) for all the ammo, money, and other items
you can grab.

  B. The Mon Quests
    1. Shamazaar

Upon arriving in Shamazaar, have a chat with the Talan waiting for you.
He'll guide you to the village, and give you a few pointers as well.

N: Speak to Shamaz Zeb.

N: Find the Mon.

Shamaz Zeb, like all Shamaz, show up as light-blue colored on your map.
Grill him over every subject you can before moving on.

N: Find and stop Naarn.  He may know about the Mon.

N: Speak with Naarn's brother, Ilott.

N: Speak with Zalinass.  He may know where the Mon is.

Before you do anything else, head over to the building with the closed
door in the village (which is a Riss Storage Building).  There should
be a key lying on the ground in front of it, so take it and open the
door to retrieve your F-Links, as well as some other useful supplies.

(Note: From this point forward, the game is much easier if you've
stopped Riss production.  Perhaps you should finish that quest first
before continuing?)

Speak with Zalinass first; he's the Talan wandering between the Twon-Ha
pens in the village wearing the light blue robe.  He'll give you a big
hint about where the Mon is, not that you can get it right away.

Find Ilott and speak with him.  He's located to the north of the dais
just north of the village.  You will probably want to clear out the
dias of soldiers before speaking with him to avoid interruptions.

N: Find a Shamaz to heal Ilott.

Head back to the village and ask Shamaz Zeb to heal Ilott.  He'll
gladly do so, after which you can talk to Ilott again.

N: Riss Counters know about Essence Idols.

N: Bring Magwa to help Shamaz Mazum.

N: Speak to Shamaz Mazum about Naarn.

The Riss Counters can be found to the west of the Temple Fae near the
water.  The one to the south is much more intelligent, and can give a
lot more information.

N: 3 of the Essence Idols are hidden in Riss Storage Houses.  One may
be with the soldiers inside the Temple Fae.

N: Two Riss storage houses on islands near Temple Fae, one northeast of
the Temple Fae, and one in the village.

Yikes.  Before you gear up for that big battle, head up to see Mazum.
Before you go, you can ask any normal Talan about Magwa.

N: A Talan named Logar may know where to get Magwa.

Logar can be found to the west of the Essence Well.  Buy the Magwa from
him, and head to see Mazum in the temple to the immediate North of the
Temple Fae.  Grill him over all the information he can give you.

N: Bring the stone tablet for Shamaz Mazum.  Ask Maar.

Head back to Maar and ask him about the Naarn and the tablet.  After
this, he'll go to Mazum's house and get the chest, placing it in a
field next to the house.  Speak with Maar again about how to open the

N: Use dynamite on chest.

Wait for Maar to clear out, then drop a stick of dynamite on the chest
and set it off (either by shooting it or using a CLAPR-T).  Pick up the
tablet and then head back to Mazum and talk with him about it twice.

N: (Symbols on Sankra Tablet) Top = Fae ; Left = Ka ; Bottom = Gandha ;
Right = Eluee.

N: Shamaz Mazum told me the path of the Sankra.  When Fae controls
Eluee, Eluee controls Ka, Ka controls Gandha, Gandha controls Fae, then
the world is in Sankra.

Now, it's off to get the Essence Stones.  There are three Riss Storage
Houses remaining (one on either side of the Temple Fae, and one in the
far northeast near the other three temples), and they are all heavily
guarded.  If you choose the violent route, you'll need to raid each of
the three remaining Riss Storage Houses.  Use whatever strategy you
wish here, but be warned that even at half strength, these will be some
hard battles.  To get into the houses, you will need a Door Key (or
some well placed dynamite).  Keys are usually carried by the captains
or lying on the ground near the houses themselves, and there are extra
keys located near the three northern temples.  Once inside the houses,
shoot open the vases to find the Essence Stones.  Of course, you could
always be sneaky and use a PPS to get up close and personal and drop a
couple of pieces of dynamite near all the soldiers.

Now, let's head to the Temple Ka (it's the one where the accident
is/was).  If you haven't cleared it already, see the bit on "Accident
at the Temple Ka" in the bonus section below.  Climb up the stairs and
walk around until you see the altar.  Place the Eluee stone (the wavy
one) in the hole.  Next, head to the Gandha temple (north of the Ka
temple) and place the Ka stone in its altar.  Finally, head to the
Eluee temple (with Mazum) and place the Fae stone there.  This will
kick off a cutscene at the Temple Fae.

Now that you have the three Essence Stones in place, it's time for the
final raid on the Temple Fae itself.  Just kill everything that moves.

After the battle, head over to the two Daokas within the temple, and
Naarn will stumble through one of them carrying the final Essence
Stone.  Speak with him to retrieve it (or wait until he's dead and take
it from his body).

Finally, place the Gandha Stone at the altar in the temple.  This will
cause the large flame to go out.  Climb up the large steps, and there
you will find the first Mon.

Once you've retrieved the Mon, just kill a little time and you'll get
the first Event Quest.  If you want, visit Ilott for to give your
condolences and pick up a little more ammo.

    2. Okasankaar

Upon arriving in Okasankaar (preferably by using the daoka in the
southwest side of Talanzaar), you'll notice a ton of soldiers and a lot
of frightened workers.  Talk to any worker Talan to get some
information.  Northeast of the daoka, you'll notice a Talan in gray
waving at you.  Ask him what's wrong.

N: Soldiers inside the city are looking for Guardians.

In order to proceed any further, you'll need to clear the city (the big
black thing to the north of the daoka) of guards.  You can follow the
Talan's advice and take the back way in, or be brave and take the front
door.  Either way, no Talan will help you until you've eradicated the
city of soldiers.

Once you're done, find Shamaz Kaleb in his house in the center of Cyana
and ask him about the Mon (and the Gorgor and Oru as well).

N: Shamaz Kaleb says the mon is someplace called Gorgor Islans and I
have to find a Talan named Oru to get there.

N: Go to the docks on the west side of Cyana and find a boat to take me
to Oru's Island.

Go talk to the docks and talk to Sadar, the northern boatman.

N: Sadar needs a Zeedog gland to fix his boat.

So, go find and kill a Zeedog or two.  They're all over the place,
especially on the east side of the main island.  Grab a gland, and then
bring it back to Sadar.  He'll fix his boat, and then you can ask him
to take you to Oru's island.

Once on Oru's island, head northwest, killing the Zeedogs as you go
(and don't forget those glands for Jokace).  Talk to Oru, about his
supplies, and the Gorgor.

N: Speak with Shamaz Kaleb to get Oru's gun.

N: Speak with Zele about getting ammo for Oru's gun.

Head back to the mainland via the waiting boat.  Once back in Cyana, go
talk with Zele about Oru's ammo.  Zele is the Talan in maroon near the
docks.  Grill him about everything.

N: To make the five ammo, Oru needs 5 daguerauch and 5 booyat.

N: Speak to Zafar about booyat.

N: The daguerach grow on an island to the east of Oru's house.

The easiest of these two things to get is definitely the daguerach.
Have Sadar take you back out to Oru's island.  Run along the northern
coast of Oru's island until you come to the platforms to the island.
Using a Gaamsaav is recommended before you jump across to the island,
just in case you miss.  Once you're there, kill the gamors and gather
all the daguerach you can find (there are 11 in all).  Return to the
boatman to return to Cyana.

Next up is Zafar.  He's a big merchant, dressed in yellow on the east
side of Cyana.  Ask him about the booyat.

N: Zafar has one booyat he will sell me.

N: Zafar will sell me the location of where the booyats grow.

N: Some talan named Martigar was taken to Zorkatraz.

Buy the booyat (or see the Zafar's Stand bonus quest on how to get it
for free) and the location of the booyats.  Ask him about the Darosham
and how to turn off the flame (for a small fee), and then ask about

N: Zafar will sell me info about the essence wheel and how to get past
the flame.

N: To get past the flame in the darosham, look on the outside wall of
the sunken temple.  Hit the essence wheel symbols in the order marked.

N: The sunken temple is to the southwest of Cyana.

N: Zorkatraz: An island prison only reachable by boat.

Wow.  Seems like a lot of work ahead.  Anyway, talk with Shamaz Kaleb
about the gun.

N: Find Oru's gun in a sunken temple to the southwest of Cyana.

N: Locate two buttons on land near the sunken temple.  Ask some Talan
near there to help push them.

So, it appears our first stop is the sunken temple to the southwest of
the main island.  You'll see it on your map as a small structure just
off the coast.  As you near it, you'll see two buttons in a rock, and a
Talan staring at the building from afar.  Go talk to that Talan, Egar,
and ask him to help you with the button.  Take the button on the right,
wait for him to count three, and press.  Don't worry if you mess it up,
you can ask him to do it again and again.

Once you've pressed the buttons correctly, you'll see a cutscene with
the gate on the temple rise.  You can then swim out to the temple and
collect Oru's gun and some other goodies, as well as looking at the
back of the temple for the essence wheel symbols you need for the

If you watch your map, you'll see some soldiers come up as Egar leaves.
They should be easy to kill, and you can then head to the darosham.
You'll see it on your map as the large building with lava running
through it.  Go inside, and get close (but not too close) to the flame
where you can get a good shot at the spinning wheel (with either of
your first two weapons).

Shoot the wheel in this order (the order you saw on the back of the
sunken temple, remember?): Fae (the flame), Eluee (water, the wave),
Gandha (the mountains), and Ka (the air, the double-swoosh).  This will
cause the flame to go out and the wheel to move back so you can enter
the temple.

Of course, it's awful hot in the temple, so you won't want to stay
long.  Just pick up everything you can (especially the three booyat),
and head back to the hallway.  The flame will be back up again, so
you'll need to shoot the essence wheel again to put out the fire so you
can leave.

Now, it's time for Zorkatraz.  You can get a key to the prison cell in
advance by raiding the eastern barracks on the main island (the PPS-
Dynamite-CLAPR-T trick works very well here) and picking up a Zorkatraz
key you find there.

Go talk to Zidar (the southern boatsman at the docks) and ask him to
take you to Zorkatraz for a small fee.  You will actually need to swim
right behind the boat until Zidar tells you to get down, at which point
you will need to go and stay underwater until you're within the zort

There's only one way to climb up on the island, and that's by the set
of stairs inside the prison.  Find these, climb up, and you can either
jump to and on top of or shoot one of the boxes on the platform in
front of you.  Jump to that platform, and jump to or shoot one of the
boxes on the next platform.  Jump to the center of the island, and then
into the water.  Head to the stairs in this northern pool, jump or
shoot the boxes there, and then jump to that platform and then to the
edge of the prison.  Did I mention that there are tons of soldiers
around while you're doing this?  Oops.

Once you're on the prison's edge, you can walk all the way around it.
You'll want to take out all of the soldiers here first.  Now that
you're on common (and narrow) ground, it's much easier.  The HAWK-MK8
is very handy for taking out large groups of soldiers in a row.

Once the area is clear, open the cell on the south of the island using
a Zorkatraz key and talk to Martigar to get the booyat.  Finally, blow
the horn on the south edge of the prison to call Zidar and get out of

Finally, you'll have all the supplies you need, so take Sadar's boat
out to Oru's island.  Before you speak with Oru, USE A GAAMSAAV.  Trust

Tell Oru you've got his supplies, and enjoy the nice long cutscene.  If
you're seeing this cutscene for the third or fourth time, you can
always hit ESC to skip it.

N: Oru said the mon is on an island to the northeast of this island,
but that sannegta are in the water between the two.  Find a way to
avoid the sannegta.

As soon as the cutscene over, grab Oru's gun, select it through the
inventory, and shoot the gorgor with it until it's stunned.  When it's
stunned, quickly switch to another weapon (the HAWK-MK8 works just
fine), and shoot it in the head several times.  The gorgor will fall
quickly, ending this battle.

Walk up to the gorgor's body, and you'll get a stink about you.  You
can now swim to the island to the northeast, where you will find the
Mon.  You will need to move quickly, as the stink doesn't last for very
long.  Sadar will quickly arrive to take you back to Cyana, ending the

    3. Motazaar

Upon your arrival in Motazaar, speak with the Talan calling to you near
the daoka to find out what's going on.

N: Speak with Ashkar.

Ashkar wears black shorts and lives in the village.  Grill him over all
of the relevant topics.

N: Shamaz Keb is imprisoned.

N: Ashkar wants me to damage the rift bridge somehow.  He thinks it
will slow down the soldiers.

Head north to the rift bridge, stick some dynamite near the moving
shafts, and blow it up.  Head back to Ashkar and let him know, and then
ask about Zoran and his kaful.

N: Ashkar asked me to speak with Zoran.

Head up to the kaful (it's the circle on your map northeast of the
village, take out the soldiers, and talk to Zoran.

N: Zoran sent his assistant Makee to Okriana to get a part for the
machine I broke.

Head back to the daoka, and you'll see Makee there.  Speak with him.

N: Gamors took a machine part with them.  Follow the trail to the

Follow the trail of clothes to the south, kill the gamors, get the
part, watch the cutscene, and then return to Makee and speak with him.

N: Take the part to the rift for Makee.

Head north to the rift (might be a good time to Gaamsaav), and talk to
Zoran again.  He'll fix the machine while you kill soldiers.

N: Don't leave Zoran until he's fixed the bride and protect him from
any soldiers.

N: Do not forget to find the high soldiers and get their key.  They
should be at the camp next to the rift entrance.

Just kill the soldiers as they come on the other side of the rift.
Don't leave the area until the bridge is down.  They will come through
the gap on the other side of the rift, and the HAWK-MK8 is perfect for
mowing down soldiers in a line.  Talk to Zoran once you're done.

Now it's time to go get the keys to the prison.  The high soldiers are
in the camp just to the east of the rift entrance, so go there and kill
every soldier in sight.  Be careful not to hurt the Shamaz there.

Once you've killed everyone and picked up the key dropped by the high
soldiers, go talk to Shamaz Zagy about everything.

N: There is a map of a maze in a barracks south of Shamaz Zagy's

Go to the barracks and get the map.  You can also pick up the three
other keys while you're here.  Take the map back to the Shamaz and ask
him about it.  You'll now have a map of the maze.

Now, it's time to rescue Shamaz Keb.  Head north over the bridge until
you approach the maze.  Just follow the map Shamaz Zagy gave you to
make it across.  At intersections, just go right, right, right, left,
you'll go over the lava, and at the next intersection go straight ahead
to the rolling rocks.  There's a Talan there who's stuck, so give him
your map.

Save your game here, and get ready to run and jump a lot.  Run past the
rocks, and head to the moving pillars (you can also save here).  Jump
across the pillars to the platforms, and across to solid ground.  Save
again if you want and from there, just run north, avoiding the lava
pits until you reach the prison.  Staying airborne helps reduce damage
through here.

Finally, once you reach the prison, you can use the keys to open the
prison doors to get some goodies, and release the Shamaz with the
upside-down T-shaped key in the third lock from the left.  From here,
just watch the cutscene and you'll get the Mon.  You can also talk to
the Shamaz before you leave his temple.

    4. Okaar

As you arrive in Okaar, you will notice a Fae talan near you.  Don't
shoot him!  He's not a soldier, but a hunter.  Go up to him and
introduce yourself, and grill him for info.

N: A Shamaz is in this region looking for the Mon.

N: The Shamaz headed to the east of the Ooogoobar camp.

N: The Ooogoobar are to the southeast of the daoka.

So, head to the southeast.  On the southern "wall" of the region,
you'll see an enclosed area.  Avoid it (and any Ooogoobar you see,
unless you want a fight), and go to the east of this camp to find an
altar upon which a Shamaz is about to be sacrificed.  Put an end to
this little ceremony with your guns, say hi to the Shamaz (you can come
back and talk to him later about the Mon), and retrieve the knife from
the body of the Ooogoobar priest.

(If all you're looking for is the knife right now, just head back to

Talk to the Shamaz about the Mon, as well as everything else.

N: Zave gave me a map with areas in this region.  He said he spoke with
the hunter Kyuran about it.

Take the map back to Kyuran and ask him about it (and everything else
as well).

N: Kyuran thinks the Mon could be hidden in the training center to the

N: Kyuran didn't know why places north of the training center or the
waterfall are on the map.

N: Kyuran can't tell what the marks are in the bottom right corner of
the map.

N: Kyuran thinks the sound pipes he has heard around the region may
have something to do with an object drawn on the map.

N: Kyuran believes the marks are ancient writing.

Go and talk to the Shamaz once more about Kyuran's findings.

N: Zave thinks the marks are music notes.

There's only one good musician around, and that's Shadi in Talanzaar.
He's to the south of the well, playing his pipes.  Go to him and ask
about the symbols and he'll play them for you.

Looking at the map, there are four circled locations for you to find.
Let's start with the northeastern one, at the arena.  The arena is now
filled with gamors, which are easy to pick off.  They're even easier if
you just jump over the wall instead of going in through the door.  Just
follow your ears to the pipe and pick it up (against the north wall),
and press the button on the wall to leave the arena.

Next, let's head just southeast of the river into the world of traps.
The pipe is located at the center of all the traps, so just duck, jump,
and run your way through them and follow your ears to the pipe.  If you
enter from the northeast, you should be able to get the pipe while only
having to avoid about six or seven darts.

Cross the river (ouch!) and head west of the training center (being
sure to avoid the entrance to the center itself).  Follow your ears to
the third pipe, using the map provided.  It's almost straight north of
the western edge of the "plus sign" in the southwest.

Finally, it's time for the final pipe in the building in the northwest.
Use a Gaamsaav before going in if you know what's good for you.

The Achondar within responds to sound, so stay still and he'll go away.
If you have a relic that needs to be cleaned, do that first, as once
you've shot at him he won't be going away at all.  The Achondar can be
killed with about 10 shots to the head from a Level 2 HAWK-MK8,
although other weapons would probably work as well.  Once he's dead,
step on the four buttons, get the pipe, and go.  (Note that you don't
have to kill the Achondar, but you get to brag about it to Kyuran if
you do)

Now that you have all four pipes, head to the Ooogoobar camp and clean
it out.  Walk over to the strange device with the four slots, and place
the four pipes in the slots.  If you remember Shadi's tune, it went
something like this: Middle, Low, Middle, High.  The two identical
pipes go in the first and third slots, the one with the loop in the
last slot, and the short one in the second slot.  Once done correctly,
you'll get a cutscene.  Go pick up the key that flew out of the

Remember that Kyuran didn't know why that place north of the waterfall
was on the map?  Head there.  You'll see a great big boulder with two
smaller rocks in front of it.  Using one of your first two guns (first-
person mode helps here), you'll need to get the two small rocks banging
against the huge one _in unison_ with enough force to dislodge it.  Of
course, once you dislodge it, it's a good idea to get out of the way.

Watch the cutscene, slide down into the now-dry riverbed, and then head
over the waterfall.  Climb up the stairs where the waterfall once was,
enter the secret room, and grab the key.  Swim south to the stairs,
grabbing all the equipment in the capsule underwater as you go.

Well, you've got two wooden keys, so it's time to go get the Mon.
Guess where it is?  That's right, the training center, which is stocked
full of high soldiers.  Some PPS-Dynamite-CLAPR-T work will help here
and avoid too large of a firefight.  Once you've cleared out all of the
soldiers, go to the center of the building and use both wood keys in
the slots.  This will reveal the Mon, which you can now pick up.

  C. Resource Quests
    1. Stop Riss Production

In the land of Shamazaar, Riss is a food grown for the soldiers.  By
stopping Riss production, you will greatly cut the amount of damage you
need to deliver to a soldier to kill him.

Upon arriving in Shamazaar, first speak with the Talan waiting for you
as well as Shamaz Zeb, and then raid the Riss Storage building before
trying to stop the Riss flow (see the Mon Quests section for

In order to stop the Riss flow (or any resource flow), you must find
the leader of the region and convince him to do so.  In Shamazaar, this
leader is Maar.  He's located in the northwest side of the village,
wearing a red robe and holding a clipboard.  Grill him for information,
and ask him to "Stop Riss Production" to get your quest.

N: To stop Riss production, find the Essence Stone.

N: Maar says I should speak with Zeo about the Essence Stone.

Zeo is located on the northeast side of Shamazaar.  Looking at your
map, you will see two temples in the far northeast with a small
structure in between them; this is the Essence Well, where Zeo hangs

Surprisingly, one of the safest ways to travel through Shamazaar is
around the water that surrounds the Temple of Fae the big temple in the
middle of the area).  There are several groups of Krakits around this
area (those are the spider-like creatures), but you should be able to
avoid them without too much trouble.

Talk with Zeo to find out more about the Essence Stone.

N: Essence stone is outside Temple Fae.

N: Zeo wants something called the Essence Stone.

Uh oh.  That's the one place everyone keeps telling you to avoid.  Not
to worry, as you can retrieve the stone without firing a shot.  The
stone is kept in the tower to the west of the temple, and it's only
watched by two wandering guards.  Just to the south of the far east
side of the island on which the temple rests is a curved rock sticking
out of the water.  One sneaky way to get it is to leave an F-Link in a
safe place, run like mad to the tower, up the steps, and over the
bridge, grab the stone, and F-Link back.  Easy!

Head back to Zeo and talk with him again.

N: Essence Stone in water someplace in Shamazaar.

Like most quests in this game, things aren't as easy as they first
looked.  Believe it or not, Zeo tells you exactly where the stone is,
as there's only one body of water aside from the water around the
Temple of Fae that contains Sankaar.  It's the far northeast lake,
located just to the east of the northeast-most temple.  As long as you
don't draw a lot of attention to yourself, you should be able to make
it to this lake and retrieve the real Essence Stone without being
noticed.  If you are noticed, just grab the stone and run (or better
yet, use an F-Link to get back to somewhere safe).

Head back to Zeo and give him the stone.  Once that's done, head back
to Maar and ask him to Stop Riss Production again.

N: Remove more soldiers from Shamazaar for Maar.

Well, it's time to "remove" some soldiers.  There seems to be an exact
number of soldiers to be removed: 20.  Of course, I could be wrong, but
that seems about right.

The easiest soldiers to kill are the ones in white, of which there are
20.  They can be found in the following locations: guarding the Daoka
near the village (4), guarding some supplies just south of the Temple
Fae (2), guarding supplies in the raised area to the far west of the
village (4,2), guarding supplies southeast of the barrier (4), camping
behind the Temple Eluee (2), and camping just south of the barrier (2).

Anyway, after killing enough soldier, return to Maar and ask him to
Stop Riss Production one more time.  If you've killed enough, Maar will
finally agree to stop production.  Not only will you get a good
reputation bonus out of it, but all of the soldiers will be much easier
to kill.

    2. Stop Tax Collection

Upon your arrival in Talanzaar, talk with the Talan at the entrance of
the city waving to you to get an idea of what's going on here.  You
should also find a generic Talan and grill him over all aspects of the

First of all, find Shamaz Zokrace and grill him for information.

N: Shamaz Zokrace told me that I can't get the Mon in this region and
that I should return at a later time and see him.

Next, go see Zot, the leader of Okriana.  He's to the east of the
palace, in a house to the west of the daoka to Motazaar.  Talk to him
and ask him to stop paying taxes.

N: Zot says Zoss and Heza fight is disturbing other Talan.

First of all, find Zoss.  He's in the lampe brewer's bok to the north
of the palace, just to the east of the daoka to Shamazaar.  Talk to him
about Heza.

N: Zoss is having a problem with Heza.  Speak to Heza.

Heza travels around the palace counterclockwise, so you'll need to
track him down to chat with him about Zoss.  Heza tells you what you
need to know to get him to lower his prices for Zoss.

N: I will try to help Heza by speaking to Yagu, Ominel, and Zakk.

Yagu is in the riss bok, west of the palace.  You will find him west
and just a little north of Shamaz Zokrace's home.  Ask him about Heza.

N: Yagu wants me to find his brother, Ezef, in Shamazaar.

Easy.  Just head to Shamazaar, go to the village, and ask around until
you find Ezef.  He was one of the workers at the temple where you
cleared the accident.

N: I found Ezef.  He wants me to tell Yagu that he's still looking for
their father.

Return to Yagu with your message and he will agree to lower his price.

Zakk is in the builders bok, southwest of the palace.  He's dressed in
royal blue and is outside a building adjacent to the southwest corner
of the palace.  Talk with him about Heza, and let him borrow your HK-

N:  Zakk wants to study the metal on the HK-P12.  I should return for
it soon.

You've got a little time to kill now (and if you haven't bought any
other weapons, you're unarmed), so let's visit the third merchant on
the list, Ominel.

Ominel is in the meat bok, northwest of the palace.  He's dressed in
green, and stands near his tables of meat.  Talk with him about Heza,
and about everything else as well.

N: Ominel wants and Oogoobar knife to lower his meat price for Heza.

N: The Ooogoobar are a primitive race who live in the tree region of

Wow.  It's gonna be a long trip.  First, go back to Zakk and collect
your HK-P12.

Next, head to the daoka that leads to Okasankaar (with the little fish
symbol on it).  It's through the gap in the wall southwest of the

As you arrive in Okasankaar, it would be wise to drop an F-Link at the
daoka.  You will notice tons of soldiers around, and the best thing to
do right now is to avoid them completely.  Just start heading due east
until you near the building with all the soldiers in it, then make a
left turn.  Looking at your map, you will see a tiny island in the
swamp to the north of this building.  Head there, being careful not to
go off into the deep water at any point (noted by the blue line on your
map).  Once you get to this island, you should be able to see a daoka
to the northeast, with two rows of floating balls in the water leading
to it.  Swim to that island, being careful to stay between the floating
balls, and go through the daoka to Okaar.

Now, see the first section of the Okaar Mon section to find out how to
get an Ooogoobar knife.

Head all the way back to Talanzaar and Ominel, and sell him the knife.

Now that you've gotten all of Heza's prices lowered, go back and tell
him the good news.  Finally, go back to Zoss and tell him the good

Now that you've settled the fight, go back to Zot and ask him to stop
paying taxes again, and this time he'll do it.  Without taxes, there
will be far fewer soldiers posted all around Adelpha, making your life
much easier.

    3. Stop Sankaar Fishing

Stopping the flow of Sankaar to the soldiers has the same effect as
stopping Riss production: it effectively halves the life force of the
soldiers.  Doing both cuts the soldier's life by 3/4, which makes your
battles that much easier.

You can't proceed in Okasankaar until you've killed all of the soldiers
in the city of Okasankaar.  See the Okasankaar Mon quest for more

After you're done cleaning, find the leader, Zernar.  He's near the
docks, dressed in a dark gray cloak.  Ask him about the Sankaar and
Cyana, and to Stop Catching the Sankaar, and about the Boat Light and
what it needs.

N: There is a problem with the boat light.

N: Need large piece of helidium from Motazaar to fix boat light for

Well, it sounds like it's time for a field trip.  Head back through the
daoka to Talanzaar, and through the daoka in the northeast to Motazaar.
Once there, head to the village west of the daoka, find Ashkar, and ask
him about the boat light.

N: Head to the north mine to find a pure piece of helidium.

Head to the far north to find Zine, who will wave at you as you
approach if you haven't helped his friend.  (See the "Zine's friend"
bonus quest).  Ask him about the helidium.

N: Follow Zine to the rock crusher and see if he finds some helidium.

N: Go to Okriana with the new piece of helidium and see Azirad.

Do just that.  Zine will pick out the rock from the ground, then take
it to the rock crusher to the south.  The crusher will then do its job,
and out will pop a piece of blue helidium.  Pick this up, and head back
to Talanzaar.

Azirad is in the builders bok, southwest of the palace.  Give him the
helidium, and he'll carve it into a new boat light.  You'll have to
wait for a few minutes, but you can run some other bonus quests in that

Return in a few minutes for the boat light, and head back to

N: Azirad has created a new boat light.

Q: How many Talans does it take to change a light bulb?
A: None.  You have to do it.

It's just a jump, jump, jump, jump, and jump away, but nine out of ten
Talans recommend that you use a Gaamsaav before attempting to change
out the light.  Once you get up to the platform, simply take the old
light and replace it with the new one ("cut helidium").

Once you get down, go talk with Zernar again and tell him you fixed the
light, and ask him to stop catching the sankaar.

N: Zernar says there are too many soldiers around for his liking.

Well, you can surely do something about that now, can't you?  Go on a
little killing spree (raiding the barracks south of the city will do
the trick), then come back to him and ask him again to stop the sankaar
flow.  He'll do it, and you'll be facing much weaker soldiers from here
on out.

    4. Stop Helidium Mining

This one's easy.  Just see the Motazaar Mon quest and complete it by
rescuing Shamaz Keb.  After that, see Azirad and ask him to stop
mining, and he'll be more than happy to do it.

  D. The Event Quests
    1. Marion in Trouble #1

Shortly after finding the first Mon, you should receive a transmission
from Marion telling you she's in trouble.

GN: Marion is trapped in a place that's got a large pyramid.

You should be able to ask any generic Talan about this "Event".

GN: Go to Okriana. Marion may be there.

Assuming you're in Shamazaar, you can head to Talanzaar (in which is
the city of Okriana) by going through the Daoka located nearest the

As you enter the city, at least one generic Talan will wave to you.
Ask him "What is Wrong" to find out about Marion.

N: Shamaz Zokrace may know where I can find Marion.

The Shamaz is located to the West of the palace (the huge building in
the middle of town.  Ask him about Marion.

N: Shamaz Zokrace says that Marion was seen near Zelb's bar.

Head to the southwest of the Palace and locate Zelb.  No doubt you may
encounter a couple of soldier patrols on the way there, so either avoid
them or choose a nice _isolated_ location to fight them in.  Make sure
that neither your or their stray shots will injure any Talans.

Zelb's bar is located in a building attached to another building that
resides right next to the southwest corner of the palace.  Zelb is
dressed in red pants and a turban.  Greet him.

N: Marion is in a house to the west of the Palace Fae.

Head back north until you find a group of three soldiers patrolling
right in front of a group of four houses.  After dispatching the
soldiers, go to the house with the bars on the windows and the closed
unmarked door to get a nice long cutscene and end the quest.

    2. Marion in Trouble #2

Shortly after receiving the second Mon, you'll get another transmission
from Marion.

GN: Marion is in the barrier in Shamazaar.

Head to Shamazaar from wherever you are, and speak with any generic
talan about the "Event".

N: The barrier to the north is down.

Head to where the barrier was (in the northwest) and kill all the
soldiers there.  Once you're done, climb the northern tower, go across
the bridge and down the stairs, and then press the button there.  This
opens the door at the southern tower, so climb up it head across the
bridge to find Marion and end the quest.

    3. Jan in Trouble

Shortly after getting the third Mon, another transmission from Marion
will arrive.

GN: Jan and some other guardians have been captured and taken to the
darosham in Okasankaar.

After three mons, you should know the way by now.  Head to Okasankaar
and speak with any generic Talan there first about what's going on.

N: Kroax is at the darosham.

Head to the darosham (the building with the lava running through it)
and head up the steps to the door to get a cutscene.  Kill the
soldiers, and then fight Kroax until he gives up.  After the next
cutscene, go inside the temple and talk to Jan to end the quest.  You
can also visit Zokrym in Ramzaar and let him know this to get a small

    4. Guardians in Trouble

A little while after getting the fourth Mon, you'll get another
transmission.  It may take several minutes, so be patient.  Another
requirement may be to clean out High Town in Talanzaar if you haven't
already done so.

GN: The guardian camp is under attack.

Head back to Ranzaar, kill the gamors, and speak with Jan.

GN:  Jan says the guardians were taken to Okaar.

Now, head back to Okaar.  Speak with Kyuran once you arrive.

N: Kyuran saw the guardians being taken to the barracks to the east.

Head east to the barracks.  Before approaching the door, take note that
this is the last point in the game that you will be able to travel
freely.  Saving your game here is a very good idea indeed.

Approach the doors, and watch the cutscene.

GN: Keep the soldiers busy to allow Marion to sneak out the others.
Meet her outside when all soldiers are gone.

You've got your HK-P12 with 30 bullets.  Luckily, more ammo is
scattered across the camp, and there's only a few soldiers you need to
kill.  When you're done, you should save your game (last chance,
honest!), and head out the gates for another long cutscene.

GN: Take out the soldiers first, then finish Kroax.

Do just that.  No PPS here, but you've still got lots and lots of
dynamite.  This is the final battle, so live it up!  There's ammo
scattered about the place in case you run out.  Avoid Kroax, and go
after the soldiers first.  After that, Kroax doesn't take too much
(save your HAWK-MK8 triple shots for him).  After you kill Kroax, watch
the end scene, and check your final score.

Following this walkthrough (as of version 1.0), you should get:
                    % Quests Finished = 103%
                    % Bonus Quests Found = 83%


IV. Bonus Quests Walkthrough

  A. Shamazaar Bonuses

>>>Zolass's Twon-Ha<<<

Zolass is a Talan dressed in green standing near south of the Riss
Counters (west of the Temple of Fae, not too far from the water).  Talk
to him to get a bonus quest.

N: Ask Zalinass to deliver Twon-Ha for Zolass.

Zalinass is the Twon-Ha loving Talan in the village.  He's dressed in a
light blue robe, and can always be found near one of the two Twon-Ha

N: Deliver Twon-Ha to Zolass.

Go to the pen in the center of town, pull out the gui, and lead the
Twon-Ha with the two bags of Riss back to Zolass.  It's much easier if
you've cleared the path of soldiers first.  Talk to Zolass and give him
back his gui.

N: Give message to Zalinass.

N: There are sticks marking off secret stashes of goods in the mud
around this region.

Head back to Zalinass and give him the message from Zolass.  This
completes the quest and gives you a discount should you decide to buy a

In case you didn't notice them before, look out for those sticks.  Each
contains a cache of goodies for you to use.  I've personally managed to
find 11 of these, but there are probably more.

>>>Accident at the Temple Ka<<<

If you visit the Temple Ka (the southern of the two temples right next
to one another), you'll find that there's been an accident by speaking
with the yelling Talan there.

N: A worker at a temple wants the Yods to destroy an accident with some

N: Ask Riss Counters near Temple Fae water about dynamite.

If you don't have any dynamite, head over to the Riss Counters.
They're right next to the water to the east of the Temple Fae.  Each of
the Riss Counters has a different story about where some dynamite is
located (in the water SE of the temple Fae

Once you've got some dynamite, tell the worker at the temple to clear
his men out.  Once they're clear, run up the steps and place a piece of
dynamite near the accident.  Either shoot it or trigger it to clear the

Go have a chat with the foreman after the big show for a reward, and
you can also talk with the two workers as well.

>>>Gamors Attacking the Twon-Has<<<

At some random point in the game (once you've already talked to
Zalinass for one reason or another, and always after at least one load
or world move), the generic Talans will call out to you.  Ask them
about the "Event", and they'll tell you that Zalinass is looking for

N: Zalinass has some type of problem.

Hunt down Zalinass, and ask him about his problem.

N: Kill Gamors that are far east of the village.

Head to the southeast corner of the world, and kill the five Gamors
that are there.  That's it!  Once you're done, head back to Zalinass
and tell him the good news and get a reward.

  B. Talanzaar Bonuses

>>>Nikaa's Loan<<<

Nikaa is in the riss bok to the west of the palace, near the western
wall.  Talk with him...her...whatever...

N: Nikaa wants a loan of some Zorkins.

If you've got the cash, give h...ummm, Nikaa the loan.

N: Return later to get loan back from Nikaa.

Wander around for a bit, and later come back and collect on the loan.
Easy, if not a little disconcerting.

>>>Azirad's Necklace<<<

Azirad, the helidium carver, is located in the builder's bok to the
southwest of the temple.  Once you've introduced yourself, ask him
about the thief.

N: Azirad had a necklace stolen.  He lost the thief somewhere in the
construction supply bok.

Thief or no, the necklace is lying on the ground in the bok.  Go to the
construction supply bok, and look in between the buildings on a
straight line south of the western edge of the small building in the
armory that you can see on your map.  The "Crafted Material" you will
find is the necklace, which you can quickly return to Azirad for a

>>>Heza's Well<<<

Heza is the water merchant in Okriana, always traveling with his cart
full of water.  Once you track him down, ask him about the problem with
his well.

N: Heza has a problem at his well.  I should find Zade if I want to
learn more.

Zade is at the well just south of the palace.  Speak to him to find out
about this problem.

N: Zade says there's some large rocks blocking the bottom of the well.

If you don't have an LN500-DUO (no upgrades necessary, but level 1 is
useful), you'll need one.  They can be purchased from the Sacred
Objects Merchants in town.  Once you have one, you'll need to tell Zade
to "Clear Out" before attempting your handiwork.

Once the area is clear, walk up the stairs that are just to the north
of the well and line yourself up with the doorway of the second
building to your west (just a step or two back of the top of the
stairs).  Then, just aim and fire at the center of the well.  It may
take a few tries, but you'll know you're successful when you see the
blue plume of water shoot out of the well and all the Talans start
shuffling back.

Talk to Zade when you're done, and then go find Heza and tell him the
good news as well for a reward.

>>>Mogad's Box<<<

In the construction bok east of the temple, you will find Mogad.  You
can't miss him, because he's standing next to a crane with a box
swinging wildly out of control.  Speak with him about it.

N: A large box is loose.  Try and stop it for Mogad.

The HK-P12 or UZA-SH1 are perfect for this job.  It also helps to use
first-person mode (press the CTRL key).  Stand where the box is
swinging towards you, and each time it begins its swing back towards
you, shoot it.  You may need to move around a bit to get your shots
right (line up with the box's swing as much as possible), but it should
only take around 10 shots to get the box still.  Once you've done that,
just talk to Mogad again for a reward.

>>>Tezu's Pots<<<

Tezu is in the pottery bok, surrounded by his pots just to the south
and east of the palace.  Speak with him about his pots, and assuming
that you've shot a pot or two at some point, you can admit to breaking
a few pots to get a small reward.

>>>Gizo's Bracelet<<<

Gizo is in the fish bok, along the southernmost wall of the city, just
a little west of center.  Speak with him to get another quest.

N: Gizo would like me to find the Talan in Okasankaar that this
bracelet belongs to.

Once you've killed all the soldiers in the city of Cyana (see the Cyana
Mon and/or resource quests for more information), you should be able to
ask any generic Talan about the owner of the bracelet.  The owner is
Zele, who stands at the docks of Cyana in maroon pants and hat.  After
he's done depreciating himself, give him the braclet.

N: Zele wants me to return a reward to Gizo.

The next time you're in Talanzaar, just head back to Gizo and let him
know that you returned it.

>>>Jokace's Skins<<<

In the animal skin bok (southeast of the temple), Jokace is against the
southern wall to the east of center.  Talk with him about his problems.

N: Jokace needs something sticky for his animal skin project.

In Okasankaar, you will no doubt encounter some zeedogs (see the Mon
quest for more information).  When killed, these creatures spit out a
gland that's very sticky indeed.  Once you've repaired Sadar's boat,
head back to Jokace and ask him about zeedog glands.

N: Jokace thinks four zeedog glands would help him.

You should have at least four glands (and if you don't, I bet you wish
you would have read ahead, eh?), so give them to him for a reward.  You
can also sell any extra glands you have to him as well.

>>>Shadi's Lampe Delivery<<<

First of all, find Zoss, the Lampe brewer just to the east of the daoka
leading to Shamazaar and speak with him about Lampe.

N: Lampe is a drink which has been known to put soldiers to sleep.

Next, find Zagu in the spice bok (east of the palace), where he's got
an outdoor shop tucked in a corner behind some buildings.  Ask him
about his spices, about Lampe, and about daguerach.

N: Zagu mentioned something about spicing food and drinks.

N: Bring 5 lampe and 1 daguerach to Zagu to make a drugged lampe.

Hmmmm...  This could be interesting.  Next, find Shadi.  Shadi is a
musician with an orange turban and pants playing a flute (in fact, the
only one in the entire city who plays well).  He's just south of the
well, standing between some buildings.  Talk to him for a bit, then
give him 50 zorkins three times, and he'll offer to do a favor for you.

N: The musician Shadi makes trips to deliver lampe to the soldier

Now, it looks like all we need is some daguerach, and we'll get some
sleepy soldiers.  Daguerach can only be found in Okasankaar, and you'll
do it as part of the Mon quest there.  Once you have some extra
daguerach, you can begin.

First, head back to Zoss and buy five lampe.  Next, go to Zagu and give
him the ingredients to get some "Good Moon Lampe".  Finally, head to
Shadi and give him the drugged lampe to take to the barracks.  Follow
Shadi to the barracks and wait for him to finish.  It will take him
several minutes to knock the soldiers out (over half of them), so you
may want to go do some other things in town.  Or, you can just watch
him using your x-ray specs.

Once he's left the barracks, you should be able to mop up the remaining
standing soldiers with either sneaky or direct methods, and the knocked
out soldiers die with a single shot.  There's a ton of goodies in
there, so it's not a bad idea to do some cleaning up.

>>>Mored's Hoti<<<

Mored is located in the fruit bok east of the palace, just south of the
daoka to Motazaar.  Speak with him about his proposal.

N: Mored wants me to bring him 10 hoti from Okaar.

Okaar can only be accessed by going through Okasankaar, and its daoka
is on an island to the northeast of the Talanzaar daoka.  Once you're
there, you'll find Hoti lying all over the place.  Just grab 10 while
you're there, and bring them back to Mored.  If you have extras, Mored
will also buy those from you, but be sure to keep some for yourself if
you're going for 100% bonus quests and you haven't completed the
Motazaar quests yet.

>>>The Miner's Song<<<

An old miner is south of the palace near the well singing.  Talk with
him about his singing.

N: I met a beggar near the well who wants me to sing some mining song
with him.

In Motazaar, there's quite a few miners singing this song.  Just listen
and remember, and then come back and sing along with the miner.

Of course, it's easier if you know the words... Just sing:
  Milea Ko...
  Lepta Mae...
  Labta Ulukai...
  Kata Mea...

And you will get a gui from a twon-ha that ran away in Shamazaar.  Head
to Shamazaar and go to the area to the far east of the village near the
daoka to Ranzaar.  One of the twon-ha there is the one that ran away,
so go up to it and mount it, and you've got a free twon-ha.

>>>Mogi's Story<<<

Mogi is a slave who is on a straight line just south of Zot's house,
just outside the buildings that his house is connected to.  Go listed
to Mogi's story and give him some zorkins.  This just furthers along
the plot a bit, but it's a good story.  Oh, and you get a decent bit of
ammo, too.

>>>Azirad's Upgrades<<<

Azirad, the helidium carver, is located in the builder's bok to the
southwest of the temple.  He also has a problem with the thief, but
that's another quest.  Ask him about his carving.

N: Azirad thinks he can enhance any of my energy weapons.

Once you have bought one from one of the Sacred Object Merchants, show
him your HAWK-MK8.

N: Azirad told me that he can try and make my HAWK-MK8 more powerful,
if I just bring him a really large piece of helidium.

There are two really large pieces of helidium you will find in the
game.  The first is from the boat light in Okasankaar (see the Stop
Sankaar Fishing section above).  Take this light to Azirad and he'll
give you the Level 1 upgrade for your HAWK-MK8 if you give him a few

To get a second helidium piece, see the Zogard's Mine bonus quest in
Motazaar.  You'll get a second large piece of helidium, which you can
take to Azirad to get the Level 2 upgrade.

>>>Balazar's Relic<<<

Balazar is in the fruit bok, along the eastern wall of the city.  Talk
to him and ask him about his problem.

N: Balzar wants me to find a relic outside the walls of Okriana.

The relic is located outside the city walls, just west of the where the
armory is located.  Give him the relic, but don't sell it to him yet.
Ask him how to clean the thing.

N: Now Balazar wants me to clean this relic while fighting an achondar
in Okaar.

Sounds fun, doesn't it?  Head to Okaar (via Okasankaar) and talk with
Kyuran about the achondar.

N: Kyuran spoke of the Achondar seeing only heat or using sound to find
its prey.

See the Okaar Mon quest section as you'll be waiting until you actually
get to the Achondar normally before you will want to clean the relic.
During the fight, just drop the relic on the ground near the edge of
the pit and move back and forth near it.  The Achondar will pop out of
the ground and spray you with a corrosive substance (dodge it, silly),
cleaning the relic for you.  You'll know it's done properly when you
its description becomes "Clean Relic" instead of "Relic".

After your battle, take the cleaned relic back to Balazar and sell it
to him.

  C. Okasankaar Bonuses

>>>Zafar's Stand<<<

Zafar is dressed in yellow and has a shop on the east side of Cyana.
Once you're directed to him during the Mon quest, he'll ask you about a
job you can do.

N: Zafar wants me to watch his stand and stop anyone who takes from it
when he is not there.

Stand on the stairs going into the water next to the stand.
Eventually, you'll see a Talan steal some zorkins from the crate.  Run
after him and tell him you saw him (his name is Ylia, for future
reference), but don't turn him in and offer to repay the 100 zorkins
for him.  Finally, ask him about his secret.

N: Zidar can take me to a secret stash of treasure in the water.

Zafar will return to his stand shortly, and you can tell him you caught
the thief and get a booyat or small reward in return.

Zidar is the southern boatman at the docks.  Talk to him, tell him Ylia
sent you, and he'll take you to a spot where you can go diving for
goodies.  When you come back up for air for a long time, Zidar will
start rowing back.  Stay close to the boat to stay alive (the Sangeeta
in the water will instantly kill you, but they don't go near boats),
and climb up the stairs to the north to get back on dry land once
you're within the barrier.

>>>Oru and Kyuran<<<

While you're talking with Oru (see the Mon quest), you can ask him
about a Talan named Kyuran.

N: Oru talked about some Talan named Kyuran.

While Oru is still alive, find Kyuran.  He is the hunter near the daoka
in Okaar.  Talk with him about Oru and the Gorgor.

N: Oru owes Kyuran a case of Lampe.

Head back to Oru and tell him you talked to Kyuran.

N: Give the message from Oru to Kyuran.

Don't you just love playing messenger?  Head back to Kyuran and tell
him the news.  That's all there is to do until you've battled the
Gorgor.  Once you've done that, head back to Kyuran and collect some

>>>Egar's Crate<<<

Once you've been in the sunken temple, the Talan who "helped" you can
be found in Cyana near Zafar's stand (dressed in green).  You can
confront him, and you'll learn the location of a secret.

N: Egar says there's a crate in the water between the south entrance to
Cyana and the darosham.

You will see this water quite clearly on the main island (the blue
outline).  You should be able to stand on the northern shore and look
down and see the crate in the water.  Just take a shot at it with your
HK-P12 in first-person mode, and it'll open right up for you.  Gather
the goodies, and you're done.

>>>Zidar's Friend<<<

After learning about the darosham (during the Mon quest), speak with
the Shamaz about the darosham to get some information.

N: A friend of Zidar is to be reverted at the Darosham soon.

You can also ask Zidar (the boatsman at the docks) about his friend.
Anyway, the darosham is the building on the main island that has lava
flowing through it, and after receiving this quest you'll see several
soldiers leading some Talan into it.  Just take out the soldiers and
talk to the workers until you find Zidar's friend.

N: Tell Zidar his friend at the darosham is OK.

Do just that.  Talk to Zidar again and let him know that his friend is
fine for a reward.

>>>Zele's Zort<<<

Zele stands at the docks of Cyana in maroon pants and hat.  Ask him
about the zort.

N: Zele will buy any Zort I find.

While you're on Gorgor Island (see the Mon quest), pick up some gorgor
zort.  Once you're returned to Cyana, talk with Zele and give him the

  D. Motazaar Bonuses

>>>Zine's Friend<<<

Zine is a miner who works at the north mine (directly north of the
village).  As you approach, you'll see him standing near a friend of
his that has fallen.  Ask him about his friend.

N: Zine wants me to bring him two faenea to heal his friend.

Head east, and then go through the tiny passage to the north near the
moving bridge.  To the west will be several plants that will shoot at
you as you approach.  Pick up at least two of the fruit they drop when
they shoot, and bring them back to Zine.

>>>Mobarr's Twon-Ha<<<

You'll see Mobarr dressed in blue standing near a cart as you enter the
village.  Speak with him.

N: A water merchant, Mobarr, wants his twon-ha back.

His twon-ha is just to the south of the village  you can't miss it.
Just pull out some Hoti (they can be found all over the place in Okaar
if you have none), and lead a trail of them back Mobarr.  You can also
use just a single Hoti and drop it, let the twon-ha come near it, and
then pick it up, and repeat until you get it back to Mobarr.  Talk to
Mobarr once the twon-ha is near for a reward.

>>>Ashkar's Thief<<<

Ashkar is the leader of Motazaar, wearing black shorts and residing in
the village square.  Speak with him about the food thief.

N: Ashkar would like me to stop a food thief that's stealing from the
south end of town's food storage house.  It's the one with many pots
around it.

Wait around out of sight long enough, and you'll see the thief come out
of the storage house.  Just run up to him and tell him "caught ya", but
don't turn him in, and you'll get a door key.

>>>Zogard's Mine<<<

Zogard is the leader of the miners at the mine to the east of the
daoka.  Talk to him about his mine, and then ask him to destroy it.

N: Bring three pieces of dynamite to Zogard.

Simple  just give him the three pieces.  Zogard will then go down into
the mine, and then you can leave the area.  Right as you get near the
daoka, BOOM!  Talk with the Talan next to the elevator after the

N: Go to Okriana and get a lift handle to free Zogard!

Go to Talanzaar and ask any generic Talan about the lifter handle.

N: Maybe Zakk will be able to make a handle.  Find him.

Head southwest and find Zakk.  He's dressed in royal blue and is
outside a building adjacent to the southwest corner of the palace.
Tell him about the accident, and you'll get a lifter handle.

Head back to Motazaar and talk to the Talan near the elevator to free
Zogard.  Once he's up, talk to him to get a nice big piece of helidium.


V. Other People and Places of Note

  A. The Recreators

In Shamazaar, Clath is the recreator located in the village.
Gran is the resident recreator in Talanzaar.
In Okasankaar, Elisee is the recreator.
In Motazar, the recratror is Lor.

Weapon Ammo Item List:

HK-P12 Ammo:
  1 Green Helidium
  1 Metal
UZA-SH1 Ammo:
  1 Shell
  1 Green Helidium
  1 Metal
SLNT-B Ammo:
  3 Rammu
  2 Green Helidium
  1 Mool
  3 Green Helidium
  2 Red Helidium
LN-DUO 500 Ammo:
  2 Red Helidium
  1 Fae Tree Fruit
FT-74X Ammo:
  4 Red Helidium
  4 Green Helidium

  B. The Twon-Ha

  C. The Sacred Object Merchants

There are 10 Sacred Object Merchants dressed in purple hawking your
stuff in Okriana (Talanzaar).  Each merchant sells only a portion of
your equipment, and each of them charge slightly different prices (but
mainly depending on your reputation amongst all the Talan).


VI. Administrivia

Contacting Me:
  If you have a correction or addition to the FAQ in a section that has
already been covered, please do send it along to for
inclusion in the next revision of this doc.  I am NOT taking additional
questions about the game right now.  Everything I know is in this

Copyright Notice:
  This document is Copyright 1999 Jeff "CJayC" Veasey.  It may be
reproduced electronically on the Internet or other on-line services
so long as the content of this document is NOT altered in any way, and
no fee is charged either directly or indirectly for the viewing of this
document, and every effort is made to display the latest version.
This document may be printed or copied for PERSONAL, PRIVATE use only,
and it may not be placed on a CD, typed up in a magazine, or otherwise
distributed outside of the above means.  If you are unsure as to
whether or not you may distribute this document, contact me at

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