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Omikron The Nomad Soul Tips & Tricks

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Omikron - The Nomad Soul

   the Nomad Soul™


Version 1.01

Written by Stu Pidd
Copywrite© 2005

This faq is ONLY for personnel use. Currently this faq
can be found on NONE OTHER unless you ask
my permission FIRST.

Version Updates:

Version 1.0 - 6/6/06
- Completed FAQ and posted it

Version 1.01 6/17/06
- Fixed numerous things throughout the FAQ
- Add more to credits
- fixed up table of contents
- added alternate route to archives room

-=Table of Contents=-

Basics (includes control and how to do stuff)....@#$%!
Side Quests......................................$%!@#

Press ctrl and F and type the symbols to the right of
the sections in the table of contents so you can be
sent to the section automatically.




I have been playing Omikron for a long time now (at
least 3 years) and I have beaten it countless times.
I know the game at the back of my head (nearly) and
I have decided to put it to use. I have looked all
over the net for an faq but most of them look like
they got a monkey on a typewriter to do it so now
I’m going to put one up.

This game’s getting a little old and is really hard
to find (ebay would be the best place to find it if
you ask me). Although it isn’t too popular and is
as old as the hills, I enjoy it along with much

I wrote this faq because I was bored and the net
really needs one. Remember to e-mail me questions
or post them on the message boards on gamefaqs and
I may very well answer.




Here’s a list on all the essentials needed to know
before playing the game.




This is from the PC version booklet.

Adventure/menu mode

Move/cursor                   Arrow keys
Action button                 Enter
Cancel action/previous menu   Spacebar
First person view             L
Run                           Shift
Open ‘SNEAK’                  TAB
Strafe/half turn              Ctrl
Swim faster                   Shift
Dive (water)                  Ctrl
Jump                          Spacebar

Shooter mode

Move                 Arrow keys
Fire/shoot           Shift or left mouse button
Action/use/open      Enter
Jump                 Spacebar or right mouse button
Crouch               Right ctrl
Change weapon        Alt
Look around          Number pad arrow keys

Fighting mode

Move forwards/backwards   Right/left arrow keys
Strafe                    End/Delete
Jump                      Up arrow key
Crouch                    Down arrow key
Punch 1                   Q
Punch 2                   W
Kick 1                    A
Kick 2                    S

There are other ‘special moves’ involving various
combinations of keys to be discovered.




The sneak is practically your inventory. It holds
your personal ID and attributes, slider location,
map, seteks (money), rings, items, important
memories and settings.

The ID shows a rotating picture of yourself and
information such as age, occupation, DOB etc.
Attributes are your main stats. It shows your
HP/health/energy, mana, fighting experience,
attack, dodge, body resistance/defense and
speed/agility. These can be changed with potions
and various other items.

Slider locations are the most difficult to
understand. Sliders are vehicles and you can
call them like taxis. To call one go to call
slider. You’ll see it come and then you can pick
manual or automatic. Manual lets you drive it by
yourself (hard as hell) but automatic lets you
choose a bunch of locations that you need to go
to or have already visited. When the slider stops
you must get in with the action button.

Map, seteks, rings and items are on the default
screen. On the right is a list of up to 18 items
that you have picked up during your adventures.
Seteks are the currency used in Omikron. They’re
white and black triangle things and are found
quite commonly. You can spend them at any shop or
even give it to the poor if they ask. Rings will
allow you to save and give you advice. I won’t
reveal too much about them as it’s apart of the
storyline. The map is quite useful and shows a
detailed road and path map and also has where you
are and other locations. There is a map for each
district and only shows them as you enter them.

Important memories will tell you stuff that someone
has told you before. These normally tell what you
must do and/or a little bit of help. You can get
advise about these from save points by using (a lot
of rings).

The settings is exactly what it means. You can
adjust the sounds, visuals, speed and other stuff but
the default should be fine.




Fighting is hand to hand combat with a human or
monster. You can only get into fights if you are
attacked. On the screen you’ll see your HP on the
left (blue) and the opponents (red). To win you must
reduce the enemies HP. You can use the normal attacks
or you can learn new ones from books found in stores or
throughout the game. The damage you inflict is
determined by your attack stat. Dodge is how fast you
can evade enemies attacks. Body resistance is how much
damage can be reduced from the enemies attacks. Speed
is how fast you move altogether. Fight experience is a
general description of your fighting skill. All of this
(except HP and body resistance) can be improved by




Shooting once again involves your HP (on the left again).
You can also use a variety of guns you have found
throughout the game. All guns require ammo except the
waver gun and the power rod. If you have a medikit in
your inventory as you are shooting. If your HP gets low,
you automatically use that medikit. If you pick up a
medikit during shooting, it automatically is added to
your HP. You can open doors and pick up most items while
in shooting mode. You can practice shooting at
armories/gun shops.




To save you must find three floating interlinking rings.
Use the action button and you’ll be able to save. Every
time you save it consumes one ring. If you have no rings
you cannot save but that happens rarely.




To use an elevator, walk in until you turn around and
press the action button. If you need a key, find the
control panel and use it on it.

The use command in the inventory allows you to use a
key, give an item, eat food, drink drinks etc. The
examine lets you look or read items, books, notes,
maps, parchments etc. The use on allows you to put
items together. This is used rarely (mostly for spells).

After you run a long way, you will stop and puff for
air. Before you stop, press the action button to not puff
for air.

If you have trouble understanding a concept of the game
(eg politics, companies, weather, locations) talk to
people on the street that are unoccupied. They can either
be standing or sitting on a seat.




This section is the main part of the faq. Here I will be
explaining the everything to do with the storyline. If
you want to take a shortcut use the below chart. This
will not include sidequests but I will inform you when
you can and where to go etc.

Throughout the walkthrough you’ll see notices. Here are
what they are:
NOTE:   Just a reminder or something that you should
take note of.
HINT:   Something is obvious to some and not to others
that will help.
SECRET: Something that can snag you awesome items or may
be a glitch.

Now just to start this off, at the main menu, go to new
game and give yourself a name (it’s just the name of your
file). Then continue to start the game. Now for the




After the short scene you’ll find yourself in an alley.
Go out the only way possible (not too hard to find) and
you’ll come across some rings on the ground. Press enter
twice when you’re near them to get them. I’ll explain
these later on. Go on to exit the alley. Go right and
you’ll trigger the start credits.

Here is a little hint that is sure to help people who are
sick of seeing the start credits. Instead of walking on
the path/road you can do one of two things: You can hug
(walk along) the wall to the right or left or you can call
a slider from the top. Be sure not to go through that road
by foot through the rest of the game.

After the scene (or if you skipped it) you can go into your
inventory and go to sliders. Pick the one that says Kay’l’s
apartment. A car should pop up and you can enter it with
the enter button. You will then be taken straight to the
apartment OR you can simply walk forwards to the left a
little and you’ll end up at the same place. Go through to
see three elevators. Go in the middle or right one (as pointed
our by Alexandros Ntzintsvelasvili) and face the
controls to your right. Get into your inventory and use the
apartment key. Now you should be taken up into the apartment.

As you enter take a sharp left until you find a desk.
Pressing the action button will open the draw to find 500
seteks (money). Now go and pick up the ring notice on the
table in the center of the room. If you want some
entertainment, go watch the blue hologram television thingy.
After that, go to the other end of the room (little scene here)
and look through the glass. You’ll see a little lizard (koopie)
and a T shaped thing. You’ll notice a key (yes, that’s a key)
on it. Can’t get it yet so don’t bother. Now walk behind the
wall and take the middle door. You’ll see a light on the floor
in this room. Walk up to it and a computer will drop down.
Press the action button and do the first level. You’ll have
to fight a computer dude. It shouldn’t be too hard if you know
what you’re doing. When (or if) you beat it, do the second and
then the third. You should be at a better fighting level now.
So now go through the other door in this room. Open the cupboard
to find a medikit and a badge (be sure to examine the badge).
Now go to the box and open it for a sleeping pill prescription.
If you want go can go to the toilet in the next room and “let
it all out” if you like, otherwise go through the door to the
lounge room again.

Go through the only door you haven’t been through yet to find
a small kitchen. Go to the far corner and you’ll find three
floating rings. You can use this to save. Now grab the newspaper
on the bench and open the 2 cabinets in the central pillar to
find some kloops beer, a pureed carmen and food for Koopies.

Be sure to read all the books, parchments and notices you find
throughout the game as they may provide vital information and/or
information that makes the game easier to understand (eg Politics).

Walk out of this room to see a scene where you meet your wife.
There’s a long conversation and she walks into the bedroom. After
the conversation you can pick up the gun on the ground. Go up to
the koopie (lizard) and you’ll see a hatch. Use the FOOD FOR
KOOPIES on it and it’ll get you that key (note that you DON’T need
this but it’ll snag you some extra items later on). Now go to the
left to see a little computer in the wall. This is a transcan. Use
this to rid of items from your inventory. Be sure to get the rings
and look at the note in there.

This next bit is optional. Go into the bedroom and Telis will walk
out of the shower and go to the bed. Go to the opposite side of the
bed to her and press the action button to see a “romantic but
scary” scene. Once that is over you have nothing else to do in here.
Now go back to the elevator (scene before you leave) and back to the
street. Now make sure you’ve examined the badge you got from the
cupboard and call a slider to go to the security HQ (or as I like to
call the “cops”).

You’ll get dropped off in front of a large building. This is the HQ
but don’t enter yet. Turn around and go to the drug store/pharmacy
across the road. Go up to the counter and get into your inventory.
Use you sleeping pill prescription to get the sleeping drug. Now also
in this shop you’ll notice a lady that’s different from everyone else.
You can’t talk to her but just look. I’ll explain more about this
later. Just leave and enter the big building from before.

You’ll need to use your badge on the thing on the left to get in. As
you walk in you may see a scene (sometimes I don’t see it). Go in the
elevator and go to the –1 floor. Go through all the doors possible and
you’ll meet Tarek (he’s pretty friendly... now) and Boog (can’t do
anything yet, just take note of him). You’ll also see a different room
behind a yellow door. Grab the flyer on the table and use the vending
machine to the left. Buy a cup of koil (should have enough). Now (for
the first time) go to USE ON with the cup of koil and then go to the
sleeping drug to create a drugged cup of koil. You’ll use this later.
Now go to the floor –2.

Go around and meet another guy but he’s a bad ass (make’s you wonder
how he became a cop in the first place ;)).

You can raid any of the rooms that are unlocked and are unoccupied.
The places you should look are the desks, cupboards and draws (next to

Now go to Kay’ls room to find a save point. Look in the cupboard to
find a medikit and a locked box. You can open it with the small key you
got from the koopie in your apartment. Inside will be a short message.
Now open the draw to find a 100 seteks and more. Now go to the blue
computer on the other side and use the action button. Now go through all
these documents but make sure you read the last one. You may also use
the action button on the painting of the dude on the wall to learn a
little. When you’re done leave the room. Go to the elevator and you’ll
receive a message on your sneak.

Now go to the –4 floor and go through the highly guarded room. Talk to
the lady there to learn a little. After the conversation pick up the
three items. You should get two notes and a key. Read the notes first
and then leave the HQ the same way you entered. Now you can do the bar
side quest (read the first side quest in the side quest section).

Call a slider and go to Jenna’s apartment. Go through the door and up the
elevator the same way as Kay’l’s. Now inside you’ll find nothing unusual.
Take whatever you want. In the next room you’ll find that a built in
cupboard won’t open. If you go into the toilet you can get a key by
pressing the action button. Now go up to it for a medikit and a small note
(can someone tell me what the use of this note means, please). Now if you
go to the first room and walk towards the thing against the wall and stand
next to it, you’ll notice there’s a little room behind it. It took me ages
to figure this out but all you have to do is use the action button on the
lights to the right of it. It will open and you’ll score yourself a decagun
and a parchment to find out the truth. You can now leave and return to the
HQ now.

Go to the detention cells on –3 floor. Go through the red door and talk to
the guard there. If you have your orders there he’ll take you to Jenna.
Follow him and talk to her. If you got the Parchment and the decagun you’ll
be able to ask extra question to find out she’s obviously guilty. Now leave
to get a message from Telis (she wants to see you at a restaurant. Return to
captain Lea’s office and talk to her. Say what you like but just so you know,
you’ll receive a decent item if you say she’s innocent. She’ll ask for a cup
of koil so give her your drugged cup of koil and she’ll fall asleep (you can
give her as many non-drugged cups of koil if you stuff it up). Now raid her
office to find her badge in the draw and a koopie sandwich (yes, the lizard).

I would like to thank Alexandros Ntzintsvelasvili for a different strategy
to getting into the archives room:

There is an alternative way to get into the Archives Room of the Security HQ.
You don't necessarily have to drug capt. Lea. Instead, after you receive her
orders, go to the Maintenance Workshop on Level -5. You'll see some Mecatechs
repairing police sliders. They're kinda hostile if you talk with them and they
won't allow you to explore the workshop. Notice a dozen of empty beer bottles
lying around. This is a hint to help you figure out how to gain access to the
rest of the workshop. ApproachCamir (red hair) and offer him a Kloops Beer
(you should already have one from the kitchen of Kay'l's Apartment). He will
be very glad and let you explore the workshop freely. There is a safe point
and two doors. One of them leads to an office. Get inside and pick up
"Mecaguard Specifications" from the desk. Read it to get some clues at what
you have to do next. Check the safe on the wall for Camir's key and use it
to unlock the cabinet. Inside you'll find "Omikron Police Memo - Archives"
and the "OX2600 Receiver Kit". Now exit the office and use the other door.
This door leads to some kind of Mecaguard storage and repair facility. As you
enter to your left there are 4 big doors. Only Mecaguards can enter them.
Examine them now so you know which leads where. In the right corner of the room
there's some kind of small lift next to a Mecha. Enter it and push the panel to
raise it. Turn left to face the Mechaguard and use the "OX2600" to install it.
Now you need to find a control panel to operate it. 2 Magic rings are lying on
the second floor next to some crates.Leave the Maintenance Workshop and go to
Level -4 Surveillance Room. As you enter turn left and enter the door ahead.
Remove the fuze from the machinery and get out. You'll see an angry operator
bashing the control panel. Talk with him and he'll leave to call the Maintenance.
The control panel is now accessible but it is not working. Return to the previous
room and put the fuze back. Get back to the control panel and activate it. Now
you're controlling the Meca that you inslalled the receiver to. Remember the 4
doors for Mechas. Enter the one that leads to the Archives (third from left). This
initiates a shooting part. I can't give exact directions only some observations
I've made. In the top right corner there is a radar which is quite helpful. The
blue dot is you, the red is an active enemy Mech and the black dot is destroyed
enemy Mech. There are some Regeneration Pods on the floor which restore your health
as many times as you step on them(circle with a cross inside and a little brighter
than the rest of the floortiles). Anyway, after you finish the shooting part the
game returns to the player at the Surveillance Room. Now go to level -3 Archive
Room. There are two doors. The door on the left leads to a vault with 1000 seteks
inside. You can only enter this room if you passed the Mechaguard shooting , so i
think this isa reward for choosing this path instead of drugging captain Lea.
The other door leads to the Archives and itshould be open now and won't require
having a Level 4 Badge.

Now go to –3 floor again and enter the other door. At the far end of the room
is a mecaguard guarding a door. Use Lea’s badge on the black thing to the left
of it to open the door. Now walk up to the computer and press the action
button. You must browse through the serial killer file to receive 2 new
Anekbah morgue
Qalisar strip club
But first you must go to Telis at the restaurant. You can take a slider if you
want but it’s just around the block from the HQ if you feel like running. When
you get there, go sit with her and you’ll hear a conversation. After it she’ll
leave a talisman behind. Be sure you pick it up as you leave.

Now you have to go to the supermarket. Take the slider and be sure you have
150+ health and at least a medium medikit if this is your first go. The decagun
from earlier will also be handy. As you enter shoot the guy as he pops out. Go
right now until you see some boxes behind a pillar. A guy will jump out so shoot
him. Go to the corner to find another guy to your right. Now patrol these 2
isles until you kill everyone (be careful of the guy with a decagun). Soon 2
guys from behind boxes will shoot you. Finish them off and another guy will
push some boxes to create a path. Kill him and go through. If you have a
decagun or another gun, swap it now (your decagun should have 50+ ammo). Shoot
the guy on the next isle and there are 2 behind the far one. Kill them and more
will come out. Once all of them are dead you’ll find a small medikit in one isle
and a large medikit where you fought the 2 guys. Don’t take the large medikit
unless you are below 75 health (you have to estimate). Go through one of the
isles to the back wall to see a civilian get shot. Shoot him and the the ones
to the left. Grab the medium medikit and move on to a dead end. Two men are here
with good octagons. Finish them off and return to get the large medikit (btw
there is ammo in the corner there). Return to the dead end and walk towards the
boxes to face the nastiest one yet. Kill him and a dude will tell you there’s
one left. Grab the medium medikit and use it if your health isn’t on 200.

This is something that no one seems to know and it is obviously a glitch. If you
walk towards the boxes where the last guy came out and press the action button,
you’ll pick up a waver gun named “ ”. Yes, it isn’t named anything. You can’t
use it to make a double waver and you can’t even use it as a waver. I suggest
you don’t get it, as you can’t remove it from your inventory. I just thought
you should know.

Now walk through the door and get ready for a hand to hand combat.

BOSS: Thief leader
HP: 150

Now for your first boss, he isn’t easy. If you’ve been training with the
simulator at your apartment, this will be ten times easier. This guy has
little strength but good agility and defense. Your main attack should be
crouching and using the main kick to get him on the ground. Wait about
half a second and go at him again. Your main objective is to get and keep
him on the ground. If you have good speed if should be easy and strength
will finish him off quickly.

Pick up the potion next to the door and you can get 5 rings if you press
the action button on him. Now you can leave (make sure you read what it
says when you exit the shop).

Now you have a choice in where you can go. You can go to the strip club
or the morgue. I suggest the morgue as it is closest. Take a slider if you
like but it is just to the left as you exit from
the restaurant from before (on the turn).

As you enter you’ll have a vision. Speak to the lady at the counter and
take the left door. Speak the meditech and return and take the right door.
Take the first door on your right. On the right of the room is a body.
Take the surgical instrument next to it (press the action button on him).
Now you may grab the medikits on the shelves and then press the action
button on the mutilated body. If you’re on the right side it’ll say there’s
something underneath one of her fingernails. Use the surgical instrument to
get it out and take it. You may use the action button on her. Now leave and
take the next door on your right to see a machine doing an “operation” on
someone. Go over to the computer just to the left and go to Den. Now go pick
up his sneak. As you walk of you’ll get another vision. If you use the
computer again and pull out number 2 you can get some rings. Now (optional)
go to the machine over the far end and use the corpse sample on it. You’ll
receive some handy information. Now you can leave.

You’re next destination should be Qalisar. You can do one of three things:
Go to the strip club
Go to the dreamers concert (if you have examined flyer)
Or go to Fuan’s

I suggest the concert. After that go to the strip club. Whichever way it goes
you’ll get dropped off at Harvey’s bar (the concert). When you want to go to
the strip club, go up to the balcony and run around until you see a shop with
white walls (windows I think). Just to be sure, it has a diagonal hall. Inside
you’ll get another vision. Go down and there’s a Yuki on the table to the left.
Talk to the man at the counter and start to ask questions. Want you want to do
in this conversation is to keep the conversation going, don’t ask for drinks
and don’t bribe with seteks. Follow those steps and you’ll find her for free.
Go talk to her and then slowly follow her to her room. She’ll babble on a bit
and then go into her room to get the paper. You’ll hear a scream. Now go up to
the gray thing next to the door and use your waver on it. You’ll go in and see
someone run out (a cop?). No matter how quick you were, Anissa will be dead.
Press the action button on her twice to get her key. Then open the cupboard to
find a medikit and Den’s card (how’d she get it?). Now go over to the small
table and press the action button to turn a switch and open a secret hatch. Use
the small key on it to find the bit of paper. Read it if you like but it isn’t
going to make much sense. Now you can leave.

You can do a side quest here. Check out the HQ master key in the side quest
section for details.

Now go to Fuan’s. It is at the end of one of the balconies and has a big sign
saying “Fu-an’s” and also has Khonsu posters on hit. Go talk to him and pay his
fee if you can to receive Den’s badge. Now that you have his badge and card, all
you need now is his apartment key. You should now go back to the HQ (by slider
unless you feel like running for an hour).

Go to Den’s office and open it with his badge. Raid the place to score Den’s
apartment key and a message that says “Truth hides behind the tiger...”. You’ll
figure out what this means soon enough. Leave and you’ll speak to Tarek (even if
you haven’t met him before). Now leave HQ and you’ll receive a rather disturbing
call from Telis. Now you MUST go to your apartment (pick up some medikits if you
need them). When you get up the elevator you’ll see a note on the floor. Examine
it and then you might as well get rid of it. Make sure you save and leave through
the elevator (make sure you have 150+ health). You’ll end up on the roof top.
Walk out and look down to see no sliders or pedestrians (scary). Now walk over to
the bloody Telis three times to see her turn into the demon!

BOSS: Demon Telis
HP: 150

This isn’t too hard if you’ve got 200 health and good fighting stats. She has good
agility and insane strength but lacks in defense. All you have to focus on is
evading her attack and getting her low (I believe it’s her weak spot). If low isn’t
working go all over until she’s on the ground then use any attack to get her back
down once she’s up. Her HP will deplete quickly so it shouldn’t take long
especially if you have decent strength and 200 HP.

If you lose it’s not over yet. You’ll see an extra scene if you lose and you’ll
reincarnate into a thief. Exit through the elevator to meet an unknown person
(look at their face closely and you may remember). After the conversation,
leave and it’s time to finally go to Den’s apartment.
But before you do there’s something else you can do. Go to the side quest
section under temple secret. So when you’re done take the slider to Den’s

Use his key in the elevator to go up and walk into the bloody room. You may use
the action button on the blood but make sure you have room in your inventory.
Now go into the bedroom and pick up the wedding picture on the table. Open the
cupboard to the reincarnation spell (if you didn’t before) and HQ pass. Go into
the shower and grab the key on the inside. You can use it to open the box back
in the bedroom. You’ll find a medikit, 200 seteks and a potion. Now go back to
the bloody room. You’ll see a picture of a tiger and a tiger statue in the room.
If you read Den’s note: “Truth hides behind the tiger”, you’ll realize you have
to do something with them. Go to the left of the tiger and push (action button)
him across to find a switch. You can then use this switch to move the tiger
picture. Behind it is a safe. If you examine the wedding picture, you’ll find the
numbers: 7213. Use these on the safe to find a map and transcan tape. Go save if
you like and then use the tape on the transcan (television thingy). You’ll then
see Den blabbering on and then there’ll be a twist followed by another fight.

BOSS: Demon Tarek
HP: 125

This is harder than the last demon but shouldn’t be too hard. If you are the thief
then you should’ve trained. This demon has average agility but great strength. It
also lacks in defense if you ever get to him. As usual, get him to the ground and
keep him that way. You may find that just going with fast punches all over is
better but use your own technique. Just win or loose and enjoy the music.

If you loose a lady will run in and you’ll turn into her. If you with then you get
5 rings. Now return to the HQ and on the left side (around the corner) is a
supermarket. There is a man with an orange dress there. Use Telis’ talisman on him
and follow him. Go inside the building and talk to the guy at the counter. Then
after that give him the corpse sample you found in the morgue. Then pick up the
power rod and you can return to the HQ.

From now on if you walk into some apartment places you’ll find demons. If you die
against these there is no one to save you. Walk in at your own risk. You also can’t
go back to you’re apartment or any other unless you have an apartment key.

Here is a list of items you need before going into the HQ:
Anissa’s paper
Power rod
Den’s map
A few medikits (not small)

You may want to look around the shop or some other shops and buy a few things or
finish off any side quests you’ve missed so far as this is your last chance. When
you’re ready, go into the HQ and down to the bottom floor. Go into the ventilator
room and take your first right into the control room. Go over to the other side
(left of the window) and use the HQ key on the black thing to open it up. In this
room there are 2 switches; one to stop the big propeller and one to open the
window. The first switch is right in front of you and the second is on the right
wall. After that go to the window and jump out into the water. Swim to find a
little tunnel out and up onto land. Pick up the electric cable and leave through
the door. Go back up to the control room and use the electric cable on the electric
panel to stop the little propellers. After that, go down the hall and the door that
just opened and you haven’t been in.

If you look at Den’s map it will tell you to go to the right on but you might want
to go to the left and straight ones first for items (altogether it’s 8 rings and a
medium medikit). Go down the right tunnel and follow the path to an elevator.
Continue until you come to an intersection. Left leads to the “sight” of someone’s
office (not Gandahs). Go right and save. Get as much health as you can and go down
to Gandahs office. Do any last preparations and walk up the stairs for another fight.

BOSS: Demon Guardian
HP: 125

This is probably the easiest so far (probably because if you die it’s over).
This demon had average speed and strength but hopeless defense. Once you get
him on the ground you’ve practically won already. Just be sure to back out
if you get on the ground and focus on keeping him on the ground and not
giving him big damage.

As a reward you’ll get a dodge potion (15+), a life potion and some rings. Now
you can snoop around in the office! Go into his draw to find a Junpar pass and
flick a switch. Btw can someone tell me how to get into the cupboard (I got in
there once but I forgot how I did). Now go into the new room and use the computer
thing on the left. This is where you use Anissa’s paper.

4 from 2
3 from 5
Last from 1
Second last from last

Use the combinations given and you’ll end up in a secret room. Stock up on health
and walk forwards to meet some weird dude before the final battle (not in the game

Run around the corner (don’t change your gun) and shoot all the zombie dude there.
Now run until you get to a huge room with lava in the middle. Run around the right
side until you see a scene. Now you have to fight Gandah.

BOSS: Gandah
HP: 200

I bet this in less than a minute but it may take first timers a few shots.
Immediately run left to the passage where you came from and hide in there for a
while. Strafe out when he’s visible and shoot him just below the head. When you
see a meteor like thing, run and hide. When he goes down do the same. If he’s
shooting green crap at you, don’t worry; you can out shoot him easily. Just focus
your attack below his head as he swings around and it should be fine.

Once it’s over you’ll flee and find a dodge potion, rings and 600 seteks. Jump into
the water and swim a short distance to meet up with a very familiar face (she was
the person in the hood if you didn’t notice). Now you may spend some money and do
whatever and then you must go to Junpar. Take a slider and give the pass to the
mecaguard. If you are still Kay’l you’ll be shot and turn into a hospital chick. If
that happens then return (you can reincarnate again if you like) and try again. Now
you are up to Junpar!




As you enter you can do the concert (see side quests) but when you want to
continue with the story line take a slider to the temple. From there go in
and take the left arch and then another arch to find the door on your right.
You will see a blue man here that you can reincarnate with. Don’t do it, as
he is the strongest fighter you can get. It’d be best to save him for the
end of the game. Instead, go speak to the black guy to the right of all the
people praying. Follow him in and you’ll be in a room. Take the candles and
climb on the block. In the wall is a red engraving. Place Telis Talisman on
it to move one of the statues. Go in and follow until you meet up with Jenna.

I you said she was innocent (as I told you) she’ll give you a regeneration
potion. Now you must follow her.

There is an item in this room called insulation spray. Don’t pick it up, as
you’ll need it later on in the game. It’ll save you a bunch of time.

Speak to the guy in the room and then leave. Go left and through the door on
the left. Take the door on the right and talk to Jenna in her room. Now you
can wander around and talk to people. I recommend you fight Yob at least once.
When you’re ready go see Soks (the robot) down the bottom. After the
conversation, go see Krill on the exact opposite room from Jenna. Talk to him
and get the detonator out of the cupboard before going back to Soks. Get the
KR100s and use it on the detonator to create WCM explosives. Now leave the
temple the same way you got it and take a slider to the bridge. As you walk
over it you’ll see a short scene. Run over to the save point in the right corner
and save if you wish. Now there are 2 ways you can do this: you can climb over
the wall on the left (action button on the bars in the wall) or you can
reincarnate into the guard up ahead and then do it. I suggest reincarnating as
you get a megazooka with 10 ammo and you can get yourself at an advantage point.
Which ever you do, climb the wall to begin.

Here is a basic map of the area:
WW /      AP\ ##     - = Walls
WW|  ********|##     # = Road
WW|          |##     < = Wall to climb
WW|***   *   |##     B = Bridge
WW|      *   |##     W = Water
WW|******* S |<#     S = Start
WW|F *P      |##     F = Finish
WW|  *  *****|##     A = Advantage point
WW \____*___/ ##     * = Small walls
BB##############     P = Panel

Now this is a very broad map so bear with me here. If you reincarnated this
is what you have to do:

From the start point, proceed to the advantage point. Whip out your megazooka
and aim at the two people. Shoot them and wait for a few others to come.
Activate the switch quickly and proceed with caution.

If you just climbed the wall then immediately shoot the people above and then
the ones in front. Make your way to the advantage point killing people on the
ground first and then the ones on walls. Activate the switch and continue.

Now for both of them make your way to the second panel/switch killing off
anyone you see. Once you’ve activated it you must then get the finish. The
mecaguards will be in front of you so don’t shoot them or they’ll be after you.
Run around (shoot the mecadog) and through the gate.

Now jump in the water and swim towards the bridge. Dive in the water to find a
rod in the ground. Use the activation button to move it. Now swim to the far
side of the river and climb on the platform. Use the switch to go up the top
and use the switch right next to the ridge there. Jump back in the river and
swim to where you came out of the gate. Use the switch so you go over to the
platforms. Jump over them until you reach the pillar holding up the bridge.
Use the WCM explosives on it and run. You have five second to jump back in the
water. If you don’t make it you’ll reincarnate into another person. Whichever
way it goes you’ve completed your first mission and you will return the
Awakened base (the temple).

Go talk to Namtar (same place as before) and you’ll be assigned with a new
mission (if you ask). Now leave the temple and take a slider to the bookstore.
Unfortunately this is hard to navigate so it would be best to use the map
here. Anyways, once your in, go down the stairs and go to the man to your
right. Give him a look at Telis Talisman and he’ll give you the pirate box.
Pick it up and return to a road. Call a slider and go to the rooftops. Make
sure you have a few medikit just incase. Follow the road with no cars and
through the large door. Follow the road through another door and take a right
into a small tunnel. You’ll find a guy there depressed. Reincarnate into him
if you like and go back outside. Continue along for a while until you can go
down an alley to the right. You’ll see a mecaguard so go down to alley to the
right. Climb the wall with the “bars” on it to get to the roof. You have one
of two options here. You can jump right over the alley into the courtyard (which
is sure to deplete a bunch of HP) or you can push the second box down onto the
mecaguard. If you do the second then go back down to the mecaguard (down the bars
again) and through the door to the courtyard. Take the elevator up (btw there are
rings here) and up to see a familiar face. Now get ready for another shoot out.

Now I apologies but I can’t give you any decent directions for this mission. If
someone would like to help me then that would help. But this is as much as I can
give you.

As you start faced in the direction given, you are to head that way but about 45
degrees right. You must be on the ground and then climb a wall to get to the
antenna. Before you do, be sure to take the medikit there. After you’ve done that
you have to escape. Make note that mecaguards are enemies now but aren’t too easy
to kill but can deal major damage. From your starting direction you need to head
that was until you reach a tall fence. After that go right and climb onto a
building. Jump to a lower one and drop a little lower. Jump to another building
and you should escape. You will now automatically be taken to the temple/awakened

After the conversation go see Namtar and grab the keys to the hideout. Now go see
Dakobah and he’ll give you the key to his library. Go down the bottom to see Soks
out of his shop. Talk to him and then go get the insulation spray from the desk.
Give it to sock and he’ll give you a big... thing. Now go to the room above
Dakobah’s and use his key on it. Grab everything you can here (keep them in your
inventory) and then use the big... thing Soks gave you one the elevator. Go up to
the second floor and grab everything there.

Now for the hard part: you have to open Xendar’s temple. All you have is all the
books you’ve been given, a locked door and an unlocked door that’s broken. Now
the doors can be found down the path where Jenna and Krill’s rooms are (Krill has
the locked one). As you may have noticed, to unlock it you must use symbols. The
symbols represent numbers. There are three symbols on each thing. You have to add
to of them together to get the third. The third one you get to pick. Now if you
read through one of the books you’ll find the answers or the numbers between 1
and 10. But you need more. Luckily for you I have the answers. I will try and
draw the symbols as best as possible:


 |  | |








 \ *

  |  |

So the answers for the combination are as followed:
4 + 6 = 10
5 + 9 = 14
6 + 1 = 7
7 + 2 = 9

It’s quite simple if you think about it. Once you get the combination correct,
Dakobah will yap on a bit and then you can go inside:

You may want to go get rid of all the books in your inventory as you are going
to need more room in a few minutes.

Now go into the temple and pick everything up in this room. Now jump and swim
in the water (it’s a long way). When you get to the other side, get out and
run down the path to Xendar. Take everything where he is (DO NOT MISS THE
JEWEL). Now put the beshem on the pedestal (in this room) that is in the middle
on the end of the line. On the other two in the middle put the candles on. On
the outside you need to put drops of shadow, the powder, ampher dew and the
leaf. Stand on the other end of the line to become a sorcerer! Now pick up the
Beshem (you can’t pick anything else up) and return to Dakobah in his room.
He’ll say that you can now make drugs! Ahem... I mean, spells.

Now you must go to the hideout so leave and take a slider there (use the map if
you don’t know the way). Unlock it with the key and go in to find Jenna. After
the conversation pick everything up (make sure you get the bombs) and read the
add for the wiki garden to receive a new destination. Now you can go to the
armory at the entrance to Anekbah. It’s just to the right if you drop down. Now
inside if you talk to him he just won’t answer. There are 2 ways to get him to
talk. You can reincarnate into the lady in the shop and talk (quite funny
actually) or you can make a truth spell. If you do the truth spell you get a
free megazooka with 10 ammo. For information of the truth spell go to the spell
section. When you’re done you then have to go to a book store (and easy one to
remember is the one you got the pirate box from for the last mission). Once
you’ve got that you can go to the sewer. Go to the bridge you blew up and jump
in the water. Swim down left to the end. Dive down on the left side to find a
rod. Move it to open a door. Swim in it and you’ll be in there.

Swim to the end and get out of the water. You’ll get a call from Jenna then
proceed and fall down the hole. You’ll receive a save point (make sure you
save) and then go left.

If you talk to the guys in the shower, you’ll fight them. If you loose you’ll
fall down the hole again And lose 1 ring. If you win, nothing happens.

Go into the next room full of cupboards and you’ll get into a fight.

BOSS: Tetra Guard
HP: 100

This guy hasn’t got much HP but is strong as help. He has OK strength and good
speed but great defense. Your aim here is to get him on the ground as much as
possible. When you do, he won’t last long as he has good speed. My main move
was a low kick to get him on the ground. I had 200 HP so he didn’t last long.
Just make sure you counter attack when he evades your moves.

To the right of the room is a cupboard with 2 blue things (looks like alien or
insect heads to me). Open it to find a pass and a large medikit. All the others
are shut so go through the next door (use the pass) and make sure you’ve got
200 health and some good guns because this is probably the hardest part of the

For the first part you have to go to the right and up the ramp to a door. Then
you must go down the other ramp, across the rails to the computer. Use that
then return to the other room. Go along the top to the other side and a door.
Go through to see a scene on what you have to do.

Unfortunately I don’t have much to help when it comes to directions and enemy
locations but if someone could help I would be grateful. This is what I have:

You have 15 minutes to set 8 bombs over the facility. You’ll know where to
because it shows it in the scene. So follow the road and put bombs in the
rooms. When you can control as normal in a big room this is what you have
to do: go into each of the 3 rooms on the outside of the elevator and use
the computers on the left side of the rooms. Once you’ve done all three,
the Z-techs will be let loose. Run to the elevator (don’t bother shooting)
and use the control in the corner.

After the nice scene go speak to Jenna just outside and you’ll be taken to

You’ll see yet another conversation(s) and then you can do as you want in
your cell. Pick up the dish and use it on the guard. Say whatever you like
and he’ll collapse. Use the action button on him a few times and grab his
key. Use it on the right side of the cell bars to open it. Go see Jenna if
 you like. Now go down the hall through the door and into the second room.
Use the action button on the Multiplan and then go use your reincarnation
spell on the guard looking out the window (bit of a dumbass cause he
doesn’t see you there). Go back to Jenna then follow her to the elevator.
Go down and speak with the guard and you’ll teturn to the awakened base.

Jenna will tell you there’s a traitor so now you have to figure out who it
is (why can’t she?). Start by going to Soks. He’ll open the door to Krills
room. Grab the screw driver in the cupboard and use it to open Meshkans
door. You’ll see him dead. Grab his journal, the key and the acid (there is
also rings here). Read the journal for little information and then head to
Dakobahs library. Open the locked box with Meshkans key to find some ampher
dew. Now go to where Yob is. You’ll see Namtar with him, also his clothes
are at the far end of the room. Go look at his clothes to find the key to
his room. Go and open his room. Take the horn of the sham and mix it in your
beshem with the ampher dew to create a spell that reveals demons. Go over to
his left most cupboard and look to the left of it. You’ll see scraping marks
on the ground. Go to the other side and push it to reveal a strong hatch.
Use the acid to weaken it. Inside you’ll find a demoniac cube. Walk away and
you’ll get a message on it. So now that you know it was Namtar you can go
and rip him up. Go and see him where Yob is and use the spell you just made
on him. He’ll say a few words and then there’ll be a fight.

BOSS: Demon Namtar
HP: 100

This is the best looking demon so far but definitely not the hardest. He has
average attack and speed but laughable defense. Knock him on the ground and
finish him of. Since he has bad stats and low HP he should be dead in a
matter of seconds. Remember to back off when you get thrown on the ground.
This demon is ten times easier than the first for sure. If you die you’ll
get as much goes as you can bare but you will loose a ring every time.

After the fight, Dakobah and Jenna will thank you and you’ll get a spell book.
Keep this, as you’ll need it later. You’ll be able to see Boz now so leave
and take the slider there. Go through the door and you’ll find two doors on
either side of you. They have rings, and octagun, ammo and a junpar concert
flyer. After a little walk around, take the stairs down and through the door.
Walk to the blue computer to finally see Boz.

After the conversation, grab the Lahoreh pass and leave the building. Do
whatever you like here and when you’re ready you can take a slider to the
entrace to Lahoreh.




Your first destinaton is the main library. Since there are no roads
therefore no sliders you’ll have to go by foot. You can find the location
by using your map. Once your in you’ll hear from Jenna saying there’s a
new base. Before you go, you’re going to need to find the information Boz
said. Go down into the center and press the action button on any of the
shelves. Buy the book called “Table of Cosmic Correspondence”. Now go
around the outside of the inner library until you find a scientist.
Reincarnate to him.

If you haven’t got enough mana, you can visit the new sorcery shop in
Lahoreh. You’ll find it near the entrance up a crooked ramp. There is a
difference in products there too.

Once you are the scientist, make sure you have at least 2 empty slots in
your inventory. If you do then go speak to the guard in front of the
elevator. He’ll let you pass so go it to the top. Go up to the book shelves
here and get the second book on Hamastag’n. Examine then go talk to the
other scientist in the room (not the guard). He’ll ask for some equation
or something or other so look at the book you got from the lower floor
and then talk to him again. Say the top answer and you’ll get his tradutech.
Over the other side of the room is a white switch. Use it so the room goes
dark and then get into your inventory. Use the tradutech on the hamastag’n
book to get the words translated. When the guard turns the lights back on
you can read the translation and then leave through the elevator. You can
leave the entire building now if you like and go to the new awakened base.
If you look on you’re map it should be no trouble.

Jump into the cliff and go through the big door. There’ll be a short scene.
I suggest you go in the building in front of you because there are heaps of
good potions and items there plus a nice scene. When you want to continue
on you can go to the other building (on the right side) where you’ll meet
up with Jenna and Dakobah. Dakobah will tell you about the jewels and
Jahangir park. So now you have heard the last conversation with Jenna and
Dakobah until the end of the game. Now you can go see the concert (see side
quest section) or you can continue with the storyline.

Go to the Yrami square (look on the map) and you’ll see that it looks like
*    *
*    *

The circle is in fact the well but it is locked. You must find the correct
combination for the four pillars around is (*). The only clues you have is
the arrow (/\) and the map (__). If you look at the map closely, it’s an
old map of Lahoreh. It shows the location of all the answers to the pillars.
If you go out to all those locations you’ll find that there is a symbol in
one of the corners and an arrow in the middle. The arrow indicates the arrow
next to the circle (facing the map) and the symbol tells the co-ordinate.
The spot where the symbol is indicates the location of the answer. So if you
want to cut to the answer, here it is:

Symbol #1
  _ /
 / /  (circle with a line through it)

Symbol #2
 /__\__/ (wavy lines or 2 ~’s)
 /  \__/

Symbol #3

_/_/_ (2 diagonal lines with a line through it
/ /    or a bent H with the horizontal line out)

Use the above numbers on this map:
3    1
2    2

Now stand on the circle and you should go down. Walk into the eerie cave to
see 5 pedestals. Now you have to do another puzzle (this one’s easier). You
can do this one by yourself but just to save time, I’ll put it down. Btw, you
must do the middle pillar before you start the first/second rounds.


1     2       The numbers indicate the pedestals. The box (|_|) shows where the big
              metallic thing is (just for a sense of direction). The numbers below
   A          show what order you should do it to proceed to the next on (or finish).

3     4

#1 = 3 2 4 1
#2 = 2 1 4 3 1 3

Now the big metal thing should go down so get on it and you’ll see yet more
symbols on the ground. Once again I will help out:
  \___/         \ \ *
 /       x3      \ \    x3
 \____          / \ |
 _/   \        |__ ||
| | |           \___/
| | |          /
| | |    x2    \____    x2
 \ \ \         _/   \

  / / /        | | |
 | | |         | | |
 | | |         | | |
 | | |   x1     \ \ \   x2
_|_|_|_        _|_|_|_
 | | |

Now this shows what you have to do in the next room. Move forwards to have
a look. As you may have noticed, you need three jewels. You should’ve
gotten one from X’endars temple and the second is in one of the boxes in
front of you. But in every box is a jewel that looks and is called the same
as the original but one. So you have to get the right one. Unfortunately
you have to use the directions by using the above symbols and the ones on
each wall. I know what it all means but it never seems to work for me. I end
up coming here with an empty sneak and filling it up with jewels. So I am
going to determine which one’s real. After a lot of hard work I have figured
it out. From the first one in front of you, go to the very last one in that
row. From there go right one and open it. That’s the real one for sure. Now
you can leave this dreary cave.

After you have exited the well, go to the sorcery in Lahoreh (it’s on a
crooked boardwalk). But a drop of shadow there and then return to Junpar.
Get in a slider and go to the Jahangir park. If you haven’t noticed, it’s
the same place as the rooftop shootout. So run there but go past it and up a
slope. You should see a banner with the name there and an arrow. Go through
the door and you have made it.


Jahangir Park & Hamastag’n


As you enter, take a right and jump across the water. Press the action
button to climb and pick up the jinpan feather. Mix it with your beshem
and the drop of shadows to make a resurrection spell. Drop down to the
left and go up the passage to the very end to find the third and final
jewel. Return to the entrance and go into the building straight ahead.
You must push in the right symbols to spell the word “Kiwan”. The symbols
are as followed:

K =

   /  ##
  /  ##
   ##   \

I =

    |  ##
    |_ ##

W =
    _/ \
## /    ##
##/     ##
##      ##
##      ##

A =

#####  \
  ___  |

N =

            / /
           / /
  ##     /

Once you push them in it should go down. Run along the hall to see
Kiwan. Use the resurrection spell and you will have a little chat
with him. Once it’s done, get out of the building and jump in the
river to the left of the entrance. Dive down into a small alcove
and move the rod. Quickly swim out (won’t have much breath) and you
can go to Hamastag’n finally. Get out of the water and go further
left into a cave. Follow the path until you’re outside again and
take a left into a deeper cave. Run along until you see a statue of
a head. Put the jewels on and it should open (if the green jewel
didn’t work, go back and get another one).

You are about to enter the final dungeon. After this there is no
turning back to make a second save slot as you may want to do extra
side quests after you beat the game.

Walk along the track here and save at the save point to the left.
Walk along the bridge to see a nice scene.

Unfortunately (again) I have not a strategy (help again please).
But all I know is you have to get to the central pillar by going
across the pulley systems. When you get to the pillar you’ll meet
up with the queen of the Azkeels. Talk to her and the jump off
into the water far below.

The guards guarding the queen are impossible to reincarnate.

Swim to the land at the end and talk to the Azkeel there, Fodo.
Go try a go un the sham but you won’t ba able to. Go talk to
Fodo again then walk to the green liquid nearby. Press the action
button and you’ll end up being Fodo. Get on the sham and go down
the only track. Push the rock out of the way with the action button.
Get off and run down to a fight.

HP: 125

This guy has great speed and all right strength but lacks in defense.
Once you get him on the ground it’s easy from there. You can make
quick jabs easily but when he gets you, you may have trouble getting

If you win you’ll rind some rings. If you don’t you’ll become
Shhhy`nlss. Continue and you’ll finally enter Hamastag’n.

Once again I haven’t go that good of a strategy here (help). All you
have to do is get to the book in the middle. Then you must find the
three ghost dudes. Once you do that you’ll be taken far away.

Use the save point near you (pretty hard to see) and go on. Walk
until you see a flying ship and go down. On one of the closer blocks
you can stand on it and you’ll be taken to the stairs. Jump over and
walk in. You’ll have a conversation with Kushulai´n. When he dies,
touch him and grab the Barkayal. Go behin the seat and through the
teleporter (same as the one in Gandahs lair). Follow the road and
MAKE SURE YOU SAVE HERE as it’s the last one in the game. Walk in
for the final confrontation.

BOSS: Astroth
HP: 200

You’ll notice that he’s kinda chained down so run behind the building
like structure and you must shoot down the blue things. They are in
easy spots and can be reached at a safe zone except one. You must run
out (strafe) and shoot the one right of Astroth. When they are all
gone, he’ll be free. Now to deplete his HP you must shoot hit back.
There are to ways:

When you run up to him, he’ll jump. Run through him and turn around
(keep running as he’ll jump back). Shoot and he’ll turn around slowly.

The other way (not as reliable though) is to shoot him in the head to
stun him and then run around.

When his HP goes below halfway (100) he’ll act as if he’s on steroids.
Do the same but pick up the pace. Once you deplete his HP enough it’ll be

Watch the great ending and then the credits for another song.
Congratulations on beating the game. Check out the side quests below or
the characters too.


Side Quests


This section will give you information on things that aren’t related to
the storyline. These are set in order of appearance.


Bar shootout - Anekbah


To do this you must be Kay’l and have looked at the files on the computer
at Kay’ls desk in the HQ. Before you do you will want to have 200 health
which can be gained by food/drinks and medikits. These can be found
anywhere but you can purchase them from drug stores and bars. Next you’re
going to need a decent gun (this is optional though). You can get a
decagun from Jenna’s apartment (read walkthrough). With this you can go
to the gun shop to the left of her apartment and buy some ammo for it and
an activated radar. You can also train here in the shop for a small fee
of 10 seteks. Now save if you like and go to the bar by slider.

As you enter, be sure to pick up the concert flyer. Now talk to the guy at
the counter and get ready. The second the shoot out begins you’ll notice
there are about 6 men onto you. Aim at the guy at the counter and walk
backwards at the same time. Idol yourself there and shoot off the remaining
people in this room. Go to the other end and take a right to the toilets.
As you walk in, another guy’ll come out of the far toilet. Shoot him and
it’s over. As a reward you’ll receive 1000 seteks, rings and ammo.


HQ master key – Anekbah, Qalisar


You can do this any time when you’re Kay’l. Just go talk to Boog on the –1
floor. Then go to Qalisar. Throughout the place there are art museum-like
places. You can buy erotic pictures there. Take it back to Boog and he’ll
give you the security HQ master key. What to do with it? With it, you can
open any door on the –1 and –2 floors that are currently locked. Some of
them are full of deadly weapons, others have nothing or worse: suspicious
looking droot salad (eww).

Now luckily for you, I have gone to all the effort and gone in every room
and made a list of everything in there (note that these are just the people
that are locked):

Paxir 212
     Decagun ammo
     Large medikit
     5 rings

Maar 516
     Chocovat bar

Shamet 337
     Small medikit
     Decagun ammo
     20 Seteks

Vode`m 457
     Large medikit
     Octagun ammo
     200 seteks

Grezz 398
     Double waver ammo
     Pureed Carmen

It’s obvious that Vode`m 457 has the best stuff so you’ll find him in the
orange door on the –1 floor. But don’t worry if you’ve missed this as it
is not important. You’re not missing out on too much. It’s about 2000+
seteks worth but you could miss out and sleep easy.


Temple secret – Anekbah, Qalisar


This is a hard one to figure out by yourself and can only be started when
you’re Kay’l. At your apartment (in the kitchen) you’ll find some food for
koopies in one of the cabinets in the middle. Take it to the lounge room
and use it on the hatch on the glass at the back of the room. Your koopie
will the fetch you a small key. Take it and go to your office in HQ. There
is a box in the cupboard that can be unlocked with the small key. Inside is
a message giving directions. This will help you figure it out. Now go to the
Qalisar temple (use the map) and stand on the star. Walk 10 steps north and
10 to your right (I think) and press the action button. You should hit a
switch which opens a hatch at the far end of the room. Inside you’ll find
some potions, rings and the reincarnation spell.

NOTE: There’s a little thing about the reincarnation spell. You can get it
at two spots: the Qalisar temple and Den’s apartment. If you don’t get it at
the Qalisar temple it appears at Den’s apartment and then disappears from the
temple. Weird, eh?


Dreamers Concerts – Qalisar, Junpar, Lahoreh


This would have to be one of my favourite parts of the game. In the game
there are three concerts of a forbidden band called the dreamers (songs by
David Bowie and Reeves Gabrels). To see them you must find flyers. At you
can only see them if you are up to the city they’re in.

The first is in Qalisar. You can find these flyers easily but for an easy
location, you can find one at the bar you go to for a side quest (it is
the first one). Once you have read it you can go to Harvey’s bar and watch
them do the song “naked eye”.

The second is in Junpar. To get a flyer go to the entrance from Anekbah and
face the city. To you right is a bar. Inside on the round counter is the
flyer. After examining it go to the place but you still need directions.
Just go left and right, right. Follow here until you can see a satellite
dish on a balcony to your left. Walk over to it and look to your right to
see the elevator door to the concert (btw there’s a ring just as you enter).
To play this, stand in front of the circle they’re in. They will do the song
“we all go through”.

The last one is (what I think) the best song but the hardest to find a flyer
for. This is one that barely anyone finds so listen carefully. After you
have gotten the translation from the big library in Lahoreh, go to the new
awakened base in the cliffs. Here on one of the desks to the right is the
flyer. Examine it and you’ll be able to go. The location is at an old Knonsu
factory or something. You can find it on the map. To play this, just stand
on the edge near the water in the crowd.  They will do the song “pretty things
are going to hell”.


Character List


Below is a list of (what I think) every character in the game. Mind you this
took my a hell of a long time so I hope you like it. I have just listed the
main attributes as that is what all I believe are the necessary things about
the people. If you want more detain on characters then go look at Kalis (I
think) faq at


Name: Betsy - Anekbah
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Job: journalist
Signs: Reporter for Omikron news
Interests: Loves truth, nature and sport. Hates lies, hypocrisy and media
manipulation of the truth.
Location: From the HQ, go across the road and to the left and you’ll find
her in the drug store there
Attack: 30
Body resistance: 20
Speed: 60
Dodge: 20
Fight experience: Novice
Items: Betsy´s apartment key


Name: Dakme´t - Qalisar
Age: 32  Sex: Male
Job: Racing driver
Signs: Fabulous rich descendant of the prices of Gao´r. Has won Omikron
slider racing championship for the last three cycles.
Interests: Loves speed, luxury and beautiful women. How to find: you will
find him in the toilet of some
bar in Qalisar.
Location: You’ll find him at the dark end of Harvey’s bar.
Attack: 50
Body resistance: 20
Speed: 80
Dodge: 40
Fight experience: Novice
Item: Darkmet´s speed drug


Name: Enya´d - Junpar
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Job: Scientist
Signs: Research worker in intramolecular physics. Is said to be on the point
discovering a theory that reconciles infra-gravitational and polymeric forces.
Interests: Likes to spend his days conducting experiments in his laboratory.
Hates inactivity ignorance, anything that distracts him from his work.
Location: Centre of the big library.
Attack: 20
Body resistance: 20
Speed: 50
Dodge: 50
Fight experience: Novice
Item: Enyad´s apartment key


Name: Fodo - Hamastag’n
Age: 287
Sex: Male
Job: Azkeel farmer
Signs: Sham breeder near the azkeel city Mayere´m.
Interests: Likes shams and goddess-queen Soyinka. Hates violence and danger.
Location: Find him down the bottom. Drink the green “vile” stuff.
Attack: 110
Body resistance: 30
Speed: 50
Dodge: 110
Fight experience: Taar disciple
Item: Mana potion +50


Name: Ganji - Junpar
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Job: Professional wrestler
Signs: Omikron champion of atzaride wrestling. In uziam his mother tongue,
his name means "powerful sham".
Interests: Loves discipline, rigor self-control. Hates anger, weakness
anything that distracts him from the way.
Location: He is in a restaurant found near the book store you visit.
Attack: 70
Body resistance: 50
Speed: 50
Dodge: 50
Fight experience: Taar disciple
Item: ganji´s apartment key


Name: Hunabk´u - Jahangir
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Job: Taar master
Signs: Reared by the taar monks. Raised to the level of grand master by
Zoyuk´en. Has a perfect mastery of taar combat techniques, is a indifferent to pain
has absolute control of himself.
Interests: Likes meditation, peace, the quest for eternal harmony. Hates
technology, gratuitous violence.
Location: Jahangir park should be your destination (up the top).
Attack: 80
Body resistance: 30
Speed: 60
Dodge: 80
Fight experience: Master of the inner voice
Item: Hunabk´u´s potion


Name: Iman - Junpar
Age: 38
Sex: Female
Job: Escort girl
Signs: Rents her protection service to highly placed Omikron dignitaries.
Her mastery of combat techniques and her great beauty make her company much
sought-after, despite of her rates- which are
highly exorbitant.
Interests: Fashion, Taar combat techniques, modern painting.
Location: The armoury, right of the Anekbah entrance.
Attack: 70
Body resistance: 40
Speed: 60
Dodge: 60
Fight experience: Taar disciple
Item: Iman´s apartment key


Name: Itzam´a - Junpar
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Job: Taar monk
Signs: The ultimate warrior, with an absolute knowledge of taar combat.
Body modified by oxy-organic circuits. Oxylic bone structure Metal mask grafted on
face. His disconnected nerves make him
intensive to pain.
Interests: Likes prayer, fasting, silence, combat training, blood. Hates
weakness and pity.
Location: The blue and white dude in the temple (this guy rocks).
Attack: 80
Body resistance: 70
Speed: 60
Dodge: 70
Fight experience: Master of the inner voice
Item: Itzama´s apartment key


Name: Jayli´n - Junpar
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Job: Ix elite soldier
Signs: A specialist on weapons, and adept of dose range combat, willing
to give his life for ix. Titanium bone structure.
Interests: Training, Training, Training
Location: Find him next to the wall you climb over during the bridge
Attack: 70
Body resistance: 40
Speed: 70
Dodge: 60
Fight experience: Initiate
Item:  Megazooka - 10


Name: Jorg - Anekbah
Age: 33
Sex: Male
Job: Mercenary
Signs: 2nd generation cyborg, model Khonsu 309K2. Enhanced eye and right
cerebral hemisphere
Interests: Poetry and Murder
Location: At the armoury near the Jaunpar gate.
Attack: 70
Body resistance: 70
Speed: 60
Dodge: 70
Fight experience: Initiate
Item: Jorg´s apartment key


name: Kai´A - Anekbah
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Job: Student of literature
Signs: A serious and applied student. Goes window-shopping as soon as
her lectures are over. Fast, agile and sporting, but rather vulnerable.
Interests: Likes pre-cobalt literature, short skirts, intense sports
and the boys in her school. Hates mathematics and parties she doesn’t attend.
Location: Book store (only one in this district).
Attack: 30
Body resistance: 10
Speed: 60
Dodge: 40
Fight experience: Novice
Items: Kai´a´s book of poetry


Name: Kay´L - Anekbah
age: 30
Sex: Male
Job: investigating agent
Signs: Received basic Omikron police training in using waver weapons and
combat techniques.
Interests: Void
Attack: 10
Speed: 10
Dodge: 10
Fight experience: Novice
Item: Apartment key I suppose.


Name: Kuma´r - Junpar
Age: 28
Sex: Male
Job: Adventurer
Signs: Has sworn to avenge the death of his brother, killed by Tetra
militia. Nearly lost his life when a mecadog devoured his right leg. No known place
of residence.
Interests: Likes justice, honour and vengeance. Hates the Tetra, militia,
Location: Don’t run in the first awakened mission (with bomb) or in alley
near rooftops.
Attack: 50
Body resistance: 40
Speed: 60
Dodge: 70
Fight experience: Novice
Item: Is there one?


Name: Kushulai´n – his house :)
Age: 7216
Sex: Male
Job: Hero
Signs: Hero of the Cobalt wars, prince of partamor.
Interests: Void
Location: Last person in the game (just before Astroth).
Attack: 180
Body resistance: 99
Speed: 110
Dodge: 130
Fight experience: Master of the inner voice
Special items: Barkayal... if you pick it up.


Name: Lahyli´n - Qalisar
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Job: Call girl
Signs: Works in the red light district of Qalisar. Her knowledge of Moav
message makes her the most sought-after call girl in Qalisar.
Interests: Likes money, luxury, all things that are expensive and useless.
Hates modern art, alcohol, won´t take no for an answer.
Location: The strip show shop (meow!).
Attack: 50
Body resistance: 20
Speed: 50
Dodge: 60
Fight experience: Novice
Items: Lahyl´in´s pendant


Name: Neme´t - Junpar
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Job: Techball champion
Signs: Half centre on the Anekbah islanders techball team. His talent and
extraordinary vision of the game have made him famous. Regularly makes
the headlines of the scandal press because of his private indiscretions.
Interests: Likes training with islanders, the applause of the crowds when
he scores, adrenaline, exorbitantly prised sliders. Hates his adversaries,
discretion, modesty, poverty, woman who don’t like him.
Location: Fat guy at Jahangir park.
Attack: 60
Body resistance: 30
Speed: 90
Dodge: 70
Fight experience: Novice
Item: Nemet´s "Force" drug


Name: Nioma´y - Junpar
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Job: Actress
Signs: Has taken part in several small transcan productions. The critics
predict a great career.
Interests: Likes acting, lying, manipulating those around her, being told
she has talent. Hates truth, simple situations, routine.
Location: The book store in Lahoreh.
Attack: 30
Body resistance: 20
Speed: 60
Dodge: 30
Fight experience: Novice
Item: I think see has an apartment key.


Name: Nuyasan - Qalisar
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Job: Kamiji Trader
Signs: One of the last representatives of the kamiji race ,a people living
in the frozen wastes before the exodus. Lives by trading rare spices, for
which Kamijis have the secret.
Interests: No known hobby.
Location: Help me please!
Attack: 70
Body resistance: 70
Speed: 50
Dodge: 60
Fight Experience: Novice
Item: Nuyasa´n´s spices


Name: Plume - Junpar
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Job: Fashion designer
Signs: Likes wearing eccentric clothes and jewels. Studied taar combat
techniques with her father when still a child.
Interests: Likes modern art, high-society cocktails, koopies and vegetarian
Location: Bank (near new base).
Attack: 60
Body resistance: 20
Speed: 60
Dodge: 60
Fight experience: Taar disciple
Item: Plume´s apartment key


Name: Quazma´ad - Junpar
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Job: Demoted mercenary
Signs: Ex-mercenary in the Khonsu special troops, was stripped of his rank
and expelled from the militia when he failed in his last mission. Has since
plunged in to a deep depression.
Interests: Likes jirn alcohol
Location: Alley before the rooftops.
Attack: 60
Body resistance: 40
Speed: 50
Dodge: 60
Fight experience: Initiate
Item: Qazmaa´d´s can of liquor.


Name: Samyaz´a - Anekbah
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Job: Spiritualist
Signs: Bears the mark of the third eye on forehead, the sign of those
chosen by the supreme being to communicate with the dead, has visions of the
past and future.
Interests: Likes the unknown, solitude, silence, seeing through
appearances. Hates the material world, charlatans, intolerance.
Location: Restaurant (not the one you have launch with Telis in).
Attack: 40
Body resistance: 20
Speed: 60
Dodge: 30
Fight experience: Novice
Item: Samyaz´a´s apartment key


Name: SHHHY`NLSS - Hamastag’n
Age: 2
Sex: Female (!)
Job: Krubor
Location: Lose the fight when you’re Fodo.
Body resistance: 80
Speed: 70
Dodge: 130
Fight experience: Taar disciple
Item: None (I think)


Name: Syao – Anekbah/Jaunpar
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Job: Thief
Signs: Tattoo on left eye. Agile, fast, Discreet. Wanted by all the
police in Omikron.
Interests: Likes Biocats, Detective novels
Location: Loose the fight against Telis or in an apartment block in
Jaunpar (where?).
Attack: 90
Body resistance: 20
Speed: 80
Dodge: 70
Fight Experience: Initiate
Item: Gem


Name: Tahim´a - Junpar
Age: 23
Sex: Female
Job: Programmer
Signs: Works for the Khonsu trust programming the artificial
intelligence of meca units to maintain order. Perfect knowledge of
Meta-oxyliac languages.
Interests: Likes gaddj music, tech trances, electronic gadgets, soap
operas on transcan. Hates bugs, being disturbed when programming,
resonable people.
Location: Book store near temple.
Attack: 40
Body resistance: 20
Speed: 50
Dodge: 50
Fight experience: Novice
Item: a little phial.


Name: Ysmala´n - Anekbah
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Job: Nurse
Signs: Working for a doctorate in oxy-molecular biology. Has perfect
knowledge of treatment techniques and bio implants. Intends to work in
research as soon as she get her diploma.
Interests: Likes studying mortal viruses, discovering new treatments,
helping those who need treatment. Hates selfisnes, obscurantism, seeing
people suffer.
Location: Be in Kay’ls body when giving the pass to Jaunpar or the
hospital (not drug store).
Attack: 50
Body resistance: 20
Speed: 60
Dodge: 50
Fight experience: Novice
Item: Ysmala´n´s medikit


Name: Zao´r - Junpar
Age: 31
Sex: Male
Job: Pamoka prison officer
Signs: Known by prisoners to be particularly violent and merciless.
A decidedly unpleasant character. Exellent marksman.
Interests: Likes Eagles techball team, Kloops beer, waver weapons,
law and order. Hates books the degenerate morak of the young, anarchy.
Location: In Pamoka (need him for storyline).
a big door.
Attack: 60
Body resistance: 50
Speed: 70
Dodge: 50
Fight experience: Initiate
Item: Zaor´s apartment key.


And that’s all of it.


Enemy List


Take note that this doesn’t include bosses.


Human Guard


These guys normally have guns that vary. The average one has a waver gun.
If they have a waver gun and shoot from a distance it is easier to see
than an octagun or decagun. When you fight the you always want to aim for
their head when they’re close and body from a visible distance. If you
have a decagun you can deplete they’re HP with barely two shots. Make
sure you’re not up close as they’ll attack you by swinging whatever
weapon they have for extra damage.




These are found in Gandahs lair. They attack weak and only up close. Just
shoot for a second or two and they’re sure to be on the ground squealing.
Beware that they walk in packs. Just be sure you’re at a distance when you
shoot them.




These are possibly the easiest of the lot. They do not shoot but just
run up to you and attack. You’ll want to be at a distance from them
and shoot continuously at they’re entire body until they drop. They have
more HP than a human guard but less attack power and can only attack from
up close. As they run up to you, shoot them and walk backwards but make
sure you don’t fall off anything high.




These guys are big and can be tough. If they start shooting, run. They can
deal massive damage with a single shot. Once you start firing ant them
though they’ll start to wobble around. Don’t stop shooting until they drop.
If there’s a pack of enemies and a mecaguard, run around shooting the
people and take care of the mecaguard last as they’re bullets are easily


Spell List



Reincarnation Spell


You can receive this spell by one of two ways. You can get it from the
cupboard in Den’s apartment or if you aren’t up to that yet you can get
it from the temple. To get it from the temple, go to Kay’ls apartment
and grab the food for koopies out of the kitched (in the middle pillar).
Now go to the lounge room an up to the glass at the back. Go to the hatch
and use the food so the koopy goes and gets a small key. Now go to Kay’ls
office in HQ and unlock the box in the cupboard with the key. Inside is a
note. Now go to the Qalisar temple (look on the map) and stand on the star.
Take 10 steps forwards and 10 right (like it says on the note) and press
the action button to open a hatch. Inside you’ll find the reincarnation
spell (if you haven’t gotten it already) and other stuff like potions and
rings. Just so you know this is in the sidequest section, too.


Truth Spell


You can only use this once in the game. You use it in Junpar when you
interrogate Quazef at the armory. To get this you have to mix a dead
mans tongue with a wiki and a beshem. You should know where to get the
beshem from. You can get the dead man’s tongue from Dakobah’s library
in the awakened base (Junpar). To get a wiki, go to the hideout (Namtar
gives you the key) and you’ll find an advertisement for it. Then you
can go there by slider. There are four or five wikis there to choose from
(varies) so take your pick, mix them together and you have yourself a truth


Unmask a demon Spell


For this you have to mix ampher dew in a beshem with a sham horn. You
can get the ampher dew from the box in Dakobahs library (unlock with
Meshkans key). You can get the sham horn from Namtars room (on the sham
head). To use it just walk up to the person you believe is a demon and
use it. Before you know it they’ll turn into the demon form. You can
make and use this only once. You do it at you last visit at the awakened
base in Junpar.


Resurrection Spell


You must mix a jinpan feather in a beshem with a drop of shadows. You can
purchase the drop of shadows from the sorcery in Lahoreh for a small fee.
The jinpan feather is located at Jahangir park. Take a right at the
entrance and jump over the water. Press the action button to climb and
you’ll find one there. This spell is used to resurrect Kiwan to open the
gate to Hamastag’n. You can use this only once and can only be made once.
This is an essential to beating the game.


Make Money


An easy way to make money (after examining a flyer) is to go to the
Sharmant tournament. You’ll find it in one of the end shops in Qalisar.
Talk to the guy at the counter and ask for a battery (cost nothing)
He’ll let you pass. Go down the elevator and walk into the stadium.
You’ll see a small scene before you fight someone. If you win, the
crowd will shower you with money and you’ll be taken to the next round.
With the money you win you can take it to a sorcery shop and buy stat
building potions. Use them and return and you’ll find the tournament
ten times easier. There are about five fights that get harder and
harder. The money you receive is random but in the end you’ll rack up
over 5000 seteks.

Another way is to visit banks. There is one in every district (except
Qalisar) and you can sell the majority of your items for seteks. Some
items you’ll get as little as 5 seteks but if you sell weapons you can
get hundreds, even thousands of seteks. There buildings look the same
and shouldn’t be too hard to find. Here are their locations:

Anekbah: Central

Junpar: Left of the entrance to Anekbah

Lahoreh: Near the new awakened base.




I only have one thank you right now and that is:

Alexandros Ntzintsvelasvili for the alternate way into the archives room
and also numerous other things throught the FAQ

If you would like to e-mail me a question or something I’ve missed out.
It’s but I would prefer if you asked
at the gamefaqs ( message boards as I visit there a
lot more then I do to my e-mails.
I am trying to make the ultimate faq for this game so any contributions would be great and well credited.

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                               Stu   Pidd

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