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Of Light and Darkness Tips & Tricks

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Of Light and Darkness

Submitted by: Dj Simo

                           P. HART
     Of Light and Darkness is a unique adventure game. It
does not really contain "traditional" puzzles as other
adventure-type games do. The main thrust, or goal of the
game is to Redeem the Apparitions. And the game is not
linear; you don't have to redeem the Apparitions in any
particular order. Reading the manual that comes with the
game - Book of the Damned - should give you some insight as
to what is expected. At the end of this walkthrough, you
will find a list of all the Apparitions, their Artifacts,
and their Sin. But basically, to redeem an Apparition, here
is what you must do : You must know which Artifact goes with
which Apparition; which Color Orb goes along with the
Apparition; and you must know what Sin the Apparition is
guilty of so that you may go to the appropiate room to
redeem them. So, it is thus:
                          Color Orb
                       Sin (Sin Room)
     For the most part, it's fairly easy to find out who an
Apparition is, and what color Orb goes along with them. This
can be done by first reading the manual, and then by also
going to the Mask Room - which is Underground.  The Mask
Room is very helpful, especially in determining which Color
goes with an Apparition. Going to the Mask Room should be
your first order of business upon entering any Level. There
is a Map that comes with the game; familiarize yourself with
this so you know where various places are.

     In regards to the Mask Room, this is how you get to
there: upon starting the game, click forward till you reach
the Clock; then turn slightly to your right, and click
forward down that "street". You will now be facing the Hall
of Pride. But, just to the left of the Pride, you will see
revolving doors; click towards these. Once inside the
tunnel, turn to your right and click forward; when you're
facing the giant Mask, your cursor should become the
"grasping hand". Click on the giant Mask and then you will
be transported to the Mask Room. The thing to do in here is
to click on the colored stars that you see around the room.
Upon clicking a colored star, you will see three Apparitions
appear. The "Color" star that you clicked corresponds to
those three Apparitions. (Now upon going on to Levels 2 & 3,
some of the Apparitions "colors" stay the same, but,
sometimes they do not, so pay careful attention). You may
then click upon each of the Apparitions faces when your
cursor turns into the Victrolla/Phonograph icon. You may in
this way learn more about each Apparition ( Note: there is
also a "Black" star in this room which is a little difficult
to see above a doorway; but this particular star does not
come into play until the second and third levels ).

     Now, when travelling through the village itself, pick
up all the Orbs and Trans-Portals that you come across.
Throughout the game, whenever you have to use the Orbs to
blast an Apparition, the Orbs themselves will constantly re-
appear in more or less the same places where you originally
found them; though there is some variation among the three
Levels ( There are also "Black" Orbs, but these also do not
come into play until the second and third Levels ).

     Mastering the Trans-Portals is very helpful; using
these will transport you instantaneously to a given spot.
This is very advantageous when you are "pressed for time"
with the impending Apocalypse. With the Trans-Portals, just
remember where you were when you used it; it will be in that
same exact spot when you come back to retrieve it.

     So keep your inventory stocked with Orbs and Trans-
Portals; you're going to need them frequently. With the
Trans-Portals, examine their "appearence" in your inventory;
highlighting them will help to view them better. Then, use
the Map supplied with your game to match them up; this way
you can see which Portal will take you where.

     Another feature in this game that is useful is using
the "Pause" button that is located on your keyboard. This
will "freeze" the game and stop the clock. Remember, you are
racing against time and the impending Apocalypse. Pausing is
handy for when you want to stop and think something through,
or maybe to jot down some notes from something you just
learned in the game. This way, the clock isn't running.

     Besides the Black, there are three "colored" Orbs :
Red, Green, and Blue. You will need to combine these three
in different ways for the various Apparitions. Some just
require a single Orb, a Red, a Green, or a Blue. But for the
other colors, here is the combination of Orbs you must use :

                    Yellow = Red & Green
                    Magenta = Red & Blue
              Cyan (Light Blue) = Blue & Green
     During gameplay, if you hear the voice-over say,
"Attention ! You have one minute to send an Apparition back
to the Dark Isle using White Light. If you do not, the
Apocalypse will soon be upon you"; In order to create White
Light, you must combine Red, Blue, and Green Orbs in your
inventory and then use them. But to do this when you hear
the announcement, an Apparition must be within your sight.
Sometimes they are actually present in the Village; but if
they are not, you must then go to a "Device" room and find
them. You may then blast them with White light. You cannot
just blast the White light without having an Apparition
present; it will just be a waste of your Orbs.

     As for the inventory itself, this is how you access it
: click on the right mouse button; this brings up the
inventory. While still holding down on the right mouse
button, slide the mouse cursor over the desired item you
want in your inventory, and then click the left mouse
button; this will highlight that item (remember all the
while to still be holding down on the right mouse button).
Remember with the Orbs, while holding down with the right
mouse button, you can left click on more than one orb for
certain combinations, e.g. Red & Green = Yellow. This also
applies when redeeming an Apparition : besides clicking on
the appropiate Orb(s), you must also click on the Artifact
that belongs to the Apparition. So, after selecting what you
want from your inventory by highlighting it/them, exit
inventory by letting go of the right mouse button. Then, hit
the Space Bar on your keyboard; this will cause the items to
be used that you had selected in your inventory. This will
be, for instance, if you made some "White Light" to blast an
Apparition back to the Dark Isle,  if you selected a Trans-
Portal, or if you're redeeming an Apparition.

     When you first start the game (or another Level),
you'll notice that most of the Device Rooms are empty; there
will not be Apparitions or their Artifacts in the rooms.
When they do appear, you can click on the Apparition's faces
and they will speak, or you can put your cursor over the
Artifacts themselves until the cursor turns into the
Victrolla/Phonograph icon, click, and then you will hear
more information. But remember, you CANNOT take an Artifact
while the Apparition is still in the room with it !

     During gameplay, you may notice periodically "flashes"
of different colors; this means that Apparitions that
correspond to that color have entered the village. This also
means that their Artifacts are now available - unguarded -
in their Device Room. You can also do this yourself if you
desire a certain Artifact; you can "force" an Apparition.
Here's how : if you are in a Device Room, and the
Apparitions are there with their Artifacts, make some "White
Light" from your inventory and blast them. But, you will
notice that this banishes them as well as their Artifacts.
Then quickly, go back out to the village and go to the
Clock; but, make sure that your back is towards the Famine
Room when you are facing the Clock. Now, tilt your view
upwards so you can see the stars on the Clock. Move your
cursor over to the now darkened star that corresponds to the
color of the Apparitions that you just blasted with White
Light; your cursor should now turn into the "grasping hand".
Click now on this star and you will see the appropiate color
"flash". Those Apparitions have now been forced out. You can
now go quickly back to that Device Room and the Apparition's
Artifacts will be there but the Apparitions themselves won't
be. You can now take the Artifacts. Also, you can take an
Artifact out to the Clock, and, highlighting that Artifact
in your inventory, left click when your cursor turns into
the Victrolla/Phonograph icon underneath of the Clock; this
way you can learn more about the Artifact, it's owner, it's
Sin, etc.  And try to make efficient use of taking
Artifacts. Say, for instance, you notice that two Artifacts
are both redeemed in the same Sin Room; then take both and
act accordingly.

     Now, there are Rooms and there are hidden Rooms. By
this it means that certain Rooms are accessed by clicking on
a certain something. This certain something turns out to be
a star, but not a "colored" star like on the Clock, for
instance. Here are the Rooms that have these stars : In the
Radiation Room, turn to your left and you will see a star;
click on it and you will be taken to the Hall of Lust. After
you've entered The Office, click on the star on the desk and
you'll be taken to the Hall of Anger. When in the War Room,
turn to your left and look for the star on the wall; click
on it and you'll be taken to the Hall of Accidie (Sloth).
When you first enter the Earth Shifts area, click forward
one more time, and then look very carefully over at the wall
on your left; there's another star which will take you to
the Hall of Avarice (Greed). When you are in the "street"
and facing the Hall of Pride, turn to your right and you
will see another star; this will take you to the El Dorado

     You will notice while in the first Level, that certain
areas are not accessable to you yet. You'll notice that when
you move your cursor over these areas, the cursor becomes
the "walking feet" icon, but, with a red slash mark going
through them. If you were to click on it anyway, the voice-
over would say, "Not this Level".

     Then, in Levels 2 & 3, you'll notice that areas that
were previously accessable to you in Level 1, are now not
available, they are now "Locked". By this, it means that
when you move your cursor over that Doorway, your cursor now
becomes a little black Padlock. If you click on this, the
voice-over will say something like, "The Mirror", "The
Guitar", or "The Cigar". This means that you must search for
that item, that Artifact, which is now also the "Key" that
you need to unlock that little black Padlock. Once you have
found the requested "Key", stand in front of that Doorway,
highlight the Key/Artifact in your inventory, exit
inventory, and then left-click your mouse button (in this
instance, DO NOT hit the Space Bar). This will open the
"locked" door. It would now be a good idea to get rid of
that Artifact/Key in your inventory, lest the Apparition
that owns it comes after you. Once you've opened a locked
door, you don't need that Artifact for now, that is until
later when you want to redeem that particular Apparition.
So, after you've opened a locked door, make sure that item
is still highlighted in your inventory, then hit the Space
Bar on your keyboard. This will get rid of the item in your
inventory and send it back to the Device Room where you got
it. Once a locked door has been un-locked, you can come and
go back through it as you please; you only need the
Artifact/Key that one time to open it.

     At the end of Level 2, after you've redeemed the 21
Apparitions, you have to go down to the Hall of Mirrors and
attempt to solve the Orb puzzle; you will see a pyramid rise
out of the ground with receptacles around it to place the
Orbs in. But don't worry, it's not meant or supposed to be
solved now. No matter what you try, it will not work; Gar
Hob supposedly does something to switch them around just to
thwart you. You will just go on to Level 3.

     Now, in Level 3, you are going to notice some Artifacts
in particular. These will be Skulls with colored eyes. These
are Artifacts that you do not - I repeat, DO NOT - want to
hold onto for too long. These Artifacts belong to Dark
Lords, and if they catch you with them, you will be punished
severely. Some of the things they will do to you are
depleting your inventory, or (God forbid), put a CURSE on
you ! So, to avoid any and all such things, just don't keep
these items in your inventory until absolutely necessary.
For instance, you need a Skull to open one of the locked
doors; get the Skull, use it to open the locked door, then
immediately get rid of it from your inventory ! Other than
that, save all three Skulls till the end, till the last
(Note: if you do happen to get caught by one of the Dark
Lords with their Artifact, and they punish you in some evil
way of theirs, it's best to just go back to a previous Saved
Game. But, if you don't want to do this, refer to the Quick
Reference Card which came with the game; this will tell you
what you must do, for instance, to "purify" yourself).

     Also, other areas in Level 3 which will become
available to you are The Abyss, which is to the left in the
tunnel when you first enter the Underground from the
revolving door; also The Nightly News, which is to your left
when you are in the Plague Room.

     So, in Level 3, after you've redeemed all of the
Apparitions except for the ones with the Skulls, you need
now to go down to the Hall of Mirrors again and solve the
Orb puzzle. But this time, you will have clues as to how to
solve it. When you click on those Skull Artifacts when your
cursor turns into the Victrolla/Phonograph icon, they will
say things like, "Blue is before red....", or something akin
to that. Clicking on each of the three Skulls is giving you
clues as to the order in which to place the orbs. It will be
different each time you play the game. Listen carefully to
these clues, and Save Game before attempting to  solve the
Orb Puzzle (Note: the word "Before" means "to the Left of").

     After you've solved the Orb Puzzle, click towards the
pyramid; you will now be taken to the Dark Isle. Then, enter
the main doorway of the Dark Isle; once inside, click up the
spiral staircase. At the top, turn slightly to your left,
and notice the oval mirror. When you place your cursor over
it, you will see the little black Padlock. Click on it, and
it will tell you what Artifact/Key that you need to open it.
Actually, that item should still be in your inventory, just
in case you haven't noticed it already. This is regardless
of the fact that you may have already redeemed that
particular Apparition which owned that Artifact. So, in your
inventory, highlight the Artifact/Key that the oval mirror
with the Padlock asks for, then left click on it; this will
open up this new Mirror Room. This will be the room in which
you will redeem the three dark Lords that are left. This
will be the tricky part; you must be "sly", and quick. This
is going to be a very opportune time to use one of the Trans-
Portals; namely, the Hall of Mirrors Trans-Portal.

     (Note: make sure you have plenty of Orbs in your
inventory; you are going to need one of each - Red, Green,
Blue, & Black - for the last Orb Puzzle in order to defeat
Gar Hob. Because if you reach the part of the game where you
are going to face the last Orb Puzzle, and you don't have
the proper Orbs in your inventory, there is no "going back"
to the Village; so stock up NOW).

     Now, make your way back to the Village, and go to one
of the Device Rooms where you know one of the Dark Lords is
with his Skull Artifact; it would be best to Save Game
before attempting this. If the Dark Lord is not there and
his Artifact is, then good, just take the Artifact. But if
not, use the White Light trick to banish him, go to the
Clock , click on the appropiate star to "force" him, then go
back to the Device Room and get the Skull.

     O.K., don't panic ! You need to waste some time here on
purpose, believe it or not. If you want, you can go to the
area just in front of the Hall of Mirrors; wait there. BUT,
here's what you must do: access your inventory, and
highlight just the Hall of Mirrors Trans-Portal. Now you
will have to "listen" for something. The Dark Lords announce
themselves when they are getting near you; this may be
something such as an evil laugh, heavy breathing, what-have-
you. So as you are standing there, when you "hear" the Dark
Lord, immediately hit your Space Bar on your keyboard, and
the Trans-Portal that you had highlighted will take you
directly to the Hall of Mirrors. Now also very quickly, keep
clicking forward to the pyramid, Dark Isle, up spiral
stairs, through oval Mirror, and then when you are inside of
here, access your inventory, highlight the Skull and the
appropiate colored Orb, exit inventory, then hit the Space
Bar on your keyboard. This will redeem the Dark Lord. You
must now do this again for the two remaining Dark Lords. And
as I mentioned before, it's a good idea to Save Game before
attempting to redeem any of the Dark Lords. Also remember to
go back and get your Hall of Mirror Trans-Portal; it will be
right where you left it when you just last used it.

     After you've redeemed the three Dark Lords, the Throne
Room will now be accessible to you. The Throne Room is
located just to the right of the oval Mirror where you just
redeemed the three Dark Lords. In the Throne Room, you will
have one more Orb Puzzle to solve (As mentioned earlier, you
should have stocked up on Orbs, so now you have at least one
Red, one Green, one Blue, and one Black). Before you enter
the Throne Room, go back into the oval Mirror room where the
three redeemed Dark Lords are; you will be able to get clues
from them on how to solve the last Orb Puzzle to defeat Gar
Hob. Click on the faces of each of the Dark Lords. Sometimes
you'll get lucky and each of them will give you a different
clue; other times, each of the Dark Lords will give you the
same clue. It's basically the same as earlier with the
pyramid Orb Puzzle; e.g., "Red is before Blue, but not next
to Black". And again, it will be different each time you
play the game, even if you go back to the same Saved Game
just before this puzzle. So when you've gotten your clues
from the Dark Lords, enter the Throne Room. Inside, turn
around and face Angel. She will give you one final clue on
how to solve the final Orb Puzzle. The clues that you have
received may seem contradictory, or cryptic, but carefully
think about them, and they will make a certain sense. When
you think you've got it figured out, place the Orbs in their
respective receptacles. If you've figured it correctly, Gar
Hob will leave Angels body; but, if you've figured
incorrectly, Gar Hob will have some bad news for you.

     So, if you want to figure out the Apparition's Sin and
Artifacts yourself, read the Book of the Damned manual on
each Apparition; when in the Mask Room, click on each of the
faces; when in a Device Room, click on the Apparition's
face; when in a Device Room, click on an Artifact; when you
have an Artifact in your possession, take it out to the
Clock and click it underneath of it (doing this under the
Clock has the Apparition's victim tell you something). Doing
all of these things will give information on who a given
Artifact belongs to, and information on what Sin a given
Apparition is guilty of (so you know what Sin Room to go
to). But if you still can't figure it out after all of this,
look below and you will find a list of what you need; it
will be listed in the order of Apparition, Artifact, & Sin :
                    Mani, Yin-Yang, Pride
               Ivan the Terrible, Sword, Pride
               Aleister Crowley, Cross, Pride
                 Dagmar Hirt, Scalpel, Pride
                    Osira, Flower, Anger
                  Tiplotezca, Heart, Anger
              John Wayne Gacy, Clownface, Anger
                  Tirinia, Rope Noose, Lust
            Anka, Jolly Roger (Cross Bones), Lust
                    Wa-No-Te, Horse, Lust
               Serguis Orata, Oyster, Gluttony
                Xuanchiquel, Spoon, Gluttony
            Man of No Name, Abacus, Avarice/Greed
         Droessus, Necklace (Wreath), Avarice/Greed
       Alfred Krupp von Bohlen, Cannon, Avarice/Greed
                  Raj, Branding Iron, Envy
                Shaamra, Chisel & Stone, Envy
                    Zanazca, Mirror, Envy
         Jimmy Ray Christian, Guitar, Accidie/Sloth
          Koobooragong, Round Stone, Accidie/Sloth
        Piankhy, Square Stone (Plans), Accidie/Sloth
          Heung Po-Chi, Silk Square, Accidie/Sloth
  Caligula, Dagger, Nightly News/Plague Room (Level 3 Only)
  Carlos Marcello, Cigar, Nightly News/Plague Room (Level 3
Marie Antoinette, Money Purse, El Dorado Room (Level 3 Only)
 Shakem Ben-Jamin, Sheep Hide, El Dorado room (Level 3 Only)
     Cain/Dark Lord, Skull, Abyss/Mirror Room Dark Isle
    Quechua/Dark Lord, Skull, Abyss/Mirror Room Dark Isle
Alexander the Great/Dark Lord, Skull, Abyss/Mirror Room Dark
   Amratus I/Dark Lord, Skull, Abyss/Mirror Room Dark Isle
  Admah-Najeh/Dark Lord, Skull, Abyss/Mirror Room Dark Isle
Saman, Druid Priest/Dark Lord, Skull, Abyss/Mirror Room Dark
( Extra Tip : Whenever you go to Save Game or Load Game,
that Robot will appear. If you don't feel like listening to
him go through his whole routine everytime, then just as he
is about to turn around to face you, Left-click on your
mouse button and it will skip his repetitive sequence;
because after a while, this gets tedious ! )

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