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Lost in Time Solve Tips & Tricks

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Lost in Time - Solve

It has been a long long time since we got a good puzzeling Quest like
Lost in Time part 1 & 2, last good one was Space Quest V, less puzzeling
but how fun!!

Well if you haven't yet played the game, here is a short description 
of it: A great quest with greatly digitized graphics and awesome music
and sounds. Yeah, now ya want to try it!! It's a point-and-click
game, with help Jokers, like in Gobliins. Easy to play, hard to solve!

Now let's go for the Walktrough...

You wake up in the bottom of a Ship, facing a poster. Ok, just follow
the steps and you'll get through! 

- The first thing to do is to pick up the lantern. It is on the left 
side of the chest just behind the barrel. Than turn to the right and
click on the little stool. After the first zoom, click again on the 
left part of the zoomed stool, you'll see a stud. Use the pliers on 
the stud to remove it.

- Using the lantern, you can now see where it is dark (What a great 
discovery!!) So you can can to the left and pick up the sponge behind
the other barrel, and with the lantern again, go down the stairs.

- You'll click on a big barrel, the screen will zoom-in but noting
will happen then. Click at the right side of the Zoomed barrel.
It will zoom again, and you'll see an oil bottle. Pick it up...
Turn around, you'll be facing water. There is a water pump (Oh great!
you're the only one who thought about pumping the water!), and a
chain. If you click on the water, you'll pick up a dead rat. Don't
care about it, you can't keep it. You'll go to the pump and click on 
it. The pump is stuck, so just put the oil on it, and click again, 
you'll pump the water. Turn left and click on the chain. With the zoom 
you'll see a corkscrew, pick it up. Go back on the upper stage.

- Put the sponge in the bucket, take it back, than turn right to the
poster, and use the sponge on the poster. Water will mix with the glue
of the poster then help you to remove it. You now see a spot on the 
wall. Use the corkscrew on the spot, it will make a hole. Click on
the hole. You'll take with a Black slave.

- After he gave you his knife by the hole in the wall, use the knife
on the post, it will help you to climb on it. You are now a stage up.

- Turn left and you'll be in front of a corridor. Go ahead two times
and turn to your left. You'll see 3 buckets. Click on the one in the 
middle and take the floorcloth inside it. Turn to the right. Go ahead
to the end of the corridor and turn left. You'll see a rope with a ring.
You can't pull the ring 'cauz you don't have enough grip on it. Use
the floorcloth to have a better grip on it. It will open a trap on your

- In that trap is a soap, and a kind of plate. Take the soap and don't
worry about the plate. Go back to the other extremity of the corridor
and turn to your left, in front of a small door. Use your stud on your 
soap to make small pieces of soap to put on the door to help opening 
it. This is made by pressing the last button of your mouse to go in 
the inventory, click on the stud, then go in the top of the screen.
You'll see a bar with many items. Choose the envelope witch is the
inventory (You always have the Stud for cursor) and in the inventory
put the cursor (Stud) on the soap. This is the only way to do it, 
you should have ask yourself a long time how to use two items together.
Put the little pieces of soap on the bottom of the door, then click
on the door, it will open and you'll talk to an agent.

- BZZZZZZZZT! You just travelled in time! You're in front of a house
(Well I hope so!) And you see a horse and a tractor. Click on the 
tractor it will zoom. Take the battery, take the package and the little 
pipe, and finally the apple on the top of the tractor. 
- Use the apple on the horse to move it away from the door. Then click
on the door. Take the message and the dart, and click again on the
door. You'll see a padlock use the little pipe on the battery to take
the acid from it, than use the acid on the padlock to open it.

- You're now in front of the house. Go to the door. Take the handle from
the door, and take the round picture on the top of the door. Use the
dart on the lock to push the key in it. The key will fall on the door
but on the other side. There is also a log to take.
- Get back where you were before (In front of the house) then from
there, go to the rear of the house. Go to the right to the lighthouse,
then to the right again! WOW! Ok there is a bottle of vinegar, take it.
Then use the dart on the circle on the barrel. Yuk! what a mess! Take 
the barrel and return the the door of the house. (This can be made
faster by using the map on the bar items on the top...)

- Use the vinegar on the battery to use like acid, the iron wire
from the round picture on the handle, and then the handle on the
battery. You just made an Electro-Magnet! Use it on the bottom of the
door to get the key. The door will open.

- In the house, use the long iron bar on the hearth (Click and click,
you'll find a place in the hearth for it) and also the log on it.
Take the roasting spit from the hearth, it will be usefull later.
Take the extinguisher, take the oar. Click on the little closet, it will
give you a cupper wire. Take the resin bottle, then go in your inventory, 
and you'll see a foil paper in the package, put in in the hole of the
fuse. Get the hell out of there.

- Go were you saw both Lighthouse and another small house. Go to
"The other small house". In the stairs there is a small round hole,
just round as the round picture you have, so put it in the hole.
Click on the picture. Something will turn. Look at the two years.
Substract these to numbers and you'll obtain the number you must enter
with the arrows. When you put the good number, click on the cross,
the door will open.

- Click on the middle of the door, then on the button. You'll go in
the lift. You're in the crypt. Put the barrel on the floor, you'll
take a bottle of liquor. Use the cork of the bottle on the can.
(The can is on the top of the screen) Then can will fall and you'll
pick it up. The cork has made a rebound and passed trough the window
and fell in the well outside.

- Get back to the lighthouse. Go to your right, and use the spit on 
the window to break it. Take the hose. Go to the left and put the 
hose on the handle the door. Get back to the lift and put the other 
end of the hose on the handle (On the right of the door). Then push
the button of the lift (No by the same way that you done the other
time, just push directely the button on the left part of the door).
The lift will pull on the hose, and that will open the door of the
lighthouse... Fiew! That was a tough one!

- Get in the lighthouse. Take the clog in the stairs. There is a key
inside it, open the door with it. You're facing a gate. Just turn the
Round handle at the left of the screen, this will give water to the
house. Then go back one screen.... Climb up the stairs. Use the oar 
on the closet, you'll find a razor. Open the drawer of the desk,
and pick up a book, then open it again to take the bottle of acid 
solution. Take the telescope on the desk. Use it to see the crashed
ship. Click on the crashed ship. You now have the pattern to put
on the chest in the crypt! Climb on the ladder, and use the razor
on the curtain to get a piece of it, and click on the curtain at many
places until you get the oil bottle. Go into the crypt.

- Put the same pattern you saw on the crashed ship with the telescope
to open the chest. Just push the button when finished. You'll get
a book and inside it a piece of fiber-glass. Go to the well.

- Put the broken hose on the tap. Use the fiber-glass piece on the 
broken hose and patch it with the resin. Open the tap to fill up
the well. Now that the well is filled you can take back your cork.
Go back to the lighthouse.

- Before entering to door that means to the gate, take a piece of
glass on the window you just broke a few minutes ago, then enter.
You are in front of the gate again. Use the acid solution on the
seaweed, than the piece of glass on it to remove it completely.
You see a hole. Put the spit in the hole. You can't open because it's
stuck. Use the can of spray on the spit, than click on the spit,
it will open the gate.
- Go to the small boat, and remove the water with the clog. Use the 
piece of curtain in the hole of the boat and put the cork to make
it stronger. Put the oar on the small boat and you're gone!

- You'll crash your boat and swim to the fisherman's house. Take
the sauce and the boat-in-a-bottle in the closet, then take the
bread, the tissue, and the stud on the table. Click on the chair
to take the paper under it, and click again on the chair to move
it under the chandelier. Click on the chair again! Use the stud to
remove the chandelier, by putting the stud at the end of his chain.
get out of here.

- You need the rope of the lifebuoy on the top of the house. Use the
sauce on the bread, and throw the bread on the top of the house. A
seagull will come to take it, and will make the lifebuoy fall!
Use the chandelier on the cliff to make your character understand that
the chandelier is in fact a grapnel. Use the razor on the lifebuoy to
take to rope (The lifebuoy itself is useless) and use the rope on the
grapnel. Use the grapnel on the cliff and you're back to your house.
You must go to the gate to take back the barrel.

- Ok, you're about to finish the first part of the game, don't give up!
Go to the well. Use the razor on the hose. You'll get a very hard stick.
Get into the house. Use the hard stick to break the Ship-in-a-bottle.
You'll get some matches. Use it now on the barrel to remove his lid.
Use the oil on the piece of tissue. Put the tissue in the hearth
and scratch the matches on the matchbox. Take the flaming match and 
put it on the hearth. You just started the fire, and the heat makes
the iron bar grow and touch the iron contacts in the hearth. This
makes a plate appear. This plate is activated by weight. Put the barrel
on the plate. Put the candle in the hole of the barrel, than fill
the barrel with sand, using your clog. A trap will open on your left.
Get into it!

- It's a secret passage to the crashed ship. Click just at the left of
the opened door (On the wall). You'll find pliers. Use the floats on
the floor just in front of the chest. You can't touch the wire cauz you
get a little bit electrocuted at each time. Use your cupper wire on
the chest's wire. It will make the power pass through your cupper wire,
so you can now cut the chest's wire. Use your little pipe on the water,
than use that water on the padlock. Use your extinguiser on the padlock.
The padlock is now freezed. You can cut it easyly with your pliers.

- You've opened the chest!!! But a bad surprise awaits you!

That is the end of part One... I'll be back very soon with the solve
of the second part... I've already finished it, but it's long to do,
so I give myself a break for today... See ya!

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