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Lighthouse Tips & Tricks

Tags: Lighthouse Game Guides, Lighthouse Hints, Lighthouse Walkthrough


Submitted by: DJ Simo


* Click on the chair to move it.
* Click on the desk drawer and read the journal.
* Click the box on the desk and take the lighter.
*  Click  on the telephone and listen to the messages. Pay special
attention the 3rd one.
*  Turn to the right and you will see the lighthouse get struck by
lightning  through the window. Turn back to the left  (twice)  and
click  on the window table. Move the contents of the drawer around
and take you car keys.
* Take the umbrella and the bag. They are both hanging on the coat
* Open the front door and click your keys on the opening. You will
drive to the lighthouse.


* Once at the lighthouse, take the letter from inside the mailbox.
*  Walk  two  screens towards the front door. Click on  the  black
lantern and take the small key from inside.
*  Walk closer to the front door and then position your cursor  so
that it is pointing down.
* Move the four items around by clicking on them and holding while
you move the mouse. You will find the front door key under one  of
the objects (this changes from game to game).
*  Backup  and go around to the right side of the house. Click  on
the  storage shed and unlock the lock with the small key from  the
* Take the crow bar and then click on the breaker box.
*  Reset  all three breakers. You will notice that the  third  one
will not reset yet. The lights are come back on inside.
* Unlock the front door with the key and go inside.
*  Go  through the door on your left. It is the kitchen  /  living
* Read the papers on the counter.
* Click on the refrigerator and take the bottle of milk.
*  Click  on the bookshelf behind you. Take the compass  from  the
second shelf.
*  Go across the hall into the baby's bedroom and pick up the  toy
soldier on the floor.
* Click on Amanda. Give her the bottle when she starts to cry.
*  Turn  to  your right and click on the papers which are  on  the
night stand table. Read them.
*  Turn  around and take the alarm clock from the small  table.  *
Leave the bedroom
*  At  any  point in time from here, you may hear Amanda start  to
cry.  As soon as you hear her crying, drop whatever you are  doing
and  go  into her room. You will see the Dark Man kidnapping  her.
This  walkthrough  assumes that you DO NOT  follow  him  into  the
porthole (although that is a option for a later game).
* Go into the study / den.
*  Click on the several books which are on the second shelf of the
bookcase to reveal a hidden, wall safe.
*  Turn  to your left and take the following items from the small,
shelving unit :
1. small mechanical bird
2. shell Collection
3. two, tear shaped, red objects
*  Turn  around and click on the top drawer of the desk. Take  the
letter opener.
* Click on the letter in your inventory (it will be displayed in a
window).  Now  click on the letter opener and use  it  to...that's the letter.
*  Read  the letter and notice the numbers at the bottom. This  is
the combination to the wall safe (5-18-28)
*  Click  on the wall safe and enter the combination. 5 right,  18
left (past zero), 28 right.
*  Once  opened,  click on the handle and take the documents  from
inside (read them). Notice the date which is written on page 59 (8-
24-96).  It  is the combination to the locked door in the  hallway
(Dr. Krick's laboratory)
*  Open  the  desk and click on the papers. Read  the  papers  and
notice the picture on page 118 of the bird in a circle.
* Click on the cube inside the desk.
*  Turn  the  cube around and click on the spinner on one  of  the
sides. It will open to display a series of wooden blocks. Click on
the light colored blocks starting from the top. Work your way down
and from left to right. Once these are set, you can slide some  of
the  lower  blocks  around until you reveal a small,  red  button.
Press this button. Another part of the box will open to display  a
large,  red button. Click it. Now click on the small, gray  button
on  the adjacent side of the cube and then again on the large, red
button.  A  small drawer will open. Take the key from  inside  the
drawer.  Click  the red button again and another panel  will  open
only slightly. Turn the cube so that the partial opening is facing
you.  Now  click  on the light, brown square in the  lower,  right
corner of the opening. A picture puzzle is revealed
*  Rearrange the tiles to reproduce the picture of the bird in the
journal.  Start by trying to create the outer circle  first.  Once
completed, the box will display a sheet of paper with a series  of
symbols on it.
* Write these symbols down. They are probably (from top to bottom)
a circle, triangle, square and cross. Click on the paper. Now turn
the box and click on one of the side spinners. Turn the cube again
and click on one of the gray, side buttons. Another flap will open
displaying  several color plates and two fish outlines.  Click  in
all  four blue plates and then click the lower fish symbol.  Click
on the button which is revealed by the fish. Now click on all four
gray  (not  brown) plates and then on the upper fish.  Insert  the
little  key into the keyhole which is revealed by the upper  fish.
The  panel will open displaying a gray disk. This is all which can
be  done right now. You will complete the remainder of this puzzle
*  Go into Krick's lab by entering the combination into the keypad
on the door (8-24-96).
* Click on the large white / red machine. Open the panel and click
in the button to active the machine.
*  Click  on the white box by the door. Use your crow  bar  on  it
twice to pry it open. Take one of the green, light units.
* Click on the work table and take the following items.
- soldering gun
- fuse
- small, black wire (in front of the microscope)
- read the papers on the table
* Open the panel of the large, white, hourglass shaped unit beside
the main control panel.
*  Remove  the  blown fuse and replace it with the one  from  your
*  Remove  the  burnt wire and replace it with the one  from  your
inventory. Solder both sides of the wire with your soldering gun.
* Click on the central control unit and switch on all eight of the
small, black switches.
* Pull the first lever to raise the light.
* Go up the wooden stairs and smash the lock with your crow bar (3
*  Go  through  the hatch. Open the light's lens and  replace  the
green, light unit with the one in your inventory.
*  Plug the whole light unit in by inserting the white wire  which
is hanging from the ceiling above the lens.
*  Exit the lab. Go outside the house to the storage shed. You can
now reset the 3rd breaker.
*  Go  back into the lab and take another one of the green,  light
units from the white box. You will keep this in your inventory  as
a safe guard and for convenience.
*  Click the flashing "retry" on the computer's screen to activate
the program.
*  Turn  around  and  pull the 2nd lever on the  control  unit  to
activate the porthole. Go into the porthole.


*  Find your way to the beach where you will see a dock. This  may
take  some time and walking around. As you walk around here,  pick
up as many little stones as you can find (at least two but four is
*  Click on the bottle in the sand which is to the left the  dock.
Click  on  the cork and take the letter. Read the letter and  note
the vague coordinates (20 degrees north, 118 degrees west).
* Go to the end of the dock and take the metal rod.
* Now walk over to the tower.
*  Click  on the small, gray dial on the left pillar. Insert  your
metal rod into the opening.
*  Click on the rod patterns. Use the control to navigate the hook
down  to the white hook at the bottom of the rods. The draw bridge
will open once you have raised the lower hook.
*  Go  up  the stairs all the way to the green gate. A  mechanical
bird will swoop down and perch itself in front of you. DO NOT  try
to pass him.
*  Click  on the toy soldier in your inventory and remove the  key
from  his back. Now click on the small bird in your inventory  and
insert  the  key  into its back. Click your bird onto  the  cuckoo
clock. Click on the pendulum. The mechanical bird will take off.
* You must act quickly here. Go through the door and then directly
over  to  the  desk (no looking around first). Click on  the  very
small drawer in the bottom, right corner of the desk (it's hard to
see  it).  Click on the two screws and then on the piece  of  wood
once  the  screws have fallen off. Get the key. Now quickly  close
the  window gate and lock it with the key. This prevents the  Bird
Man  from getting in and giving you a hard time by stealing things
before you.
*  You  can  now  relax. Go back to the desk and open  the  large,
bottom,  left drawer. Look at the files and take the key which  is
between the 3rd and 4th files.
* Open the middle desk drawer and take the lever handle. It's what
the Bird Man wanted to take.
*  Open the upper, left drawer. Click on the bottom, left side  of
the junk, then the upper right, then the center. Take the piece of
coiled metal from the drawer.
*  Open  the  center cupboard of the desk and read  the  available
*  Use  your  small key to open the upper, right  drawer  (by  the
skull). Take the whistle.
* Now move the clear and orange vases to other places on the desk.
One can go beside the skull and the other can be placed beside the
brown vase on the left.
*  Click  on the opening where the vases were. Now slide over  the
shelf and take the light bulb shaped object.
*  Click  on the dead guy and remove his medallion. (You may  also
knock his head off if you like).
*  Notice  the  hanging ladder above the plant. You  will  need  a
remote control to lower it.
* Exit this room and go back down the stairs to the other door.
* Go through the door and walk towards the Bird Man. He will close
his gate on you.
*  Notice  the  lever he pulled to close the gate.  (it's  to  the
*  Throw  one  of  your  stones  at his  head  and  then  another,
immediately, at the lever. The gate will rise and you can  go  in.
The Bird Man will fly away after "telling" you what he thinks.
*  Now quickly close the window gate and lock it with your key. If
you  don't,  he will sneak back in and bust up the remote  control
*  Click on the large table and take the four sided wrench and the
nuts and bolts.
* Click on the small table and take the remote control unit.
*  Place the remote control unit on the table with the drill  arm.
Now  click on the remote. Click on the close-up of the drill  head
and it will open the remote.
*  Use  your 4 way wrench to tighten both of the nuts. Remove  the
old  coiled piece of wire between the nuts and replace it with the
one  from your inventory. Close the unit by clicking on the drill.
Take the fixed unit and go back up to the dead guy's bedroom.
*  Look  at the ladder. Click on the remote in your inventory  and
press the first square button and then the center round button. Go
up the ladder.
*  Pick up the drive wheels on the floor (2 of them). Click on the
desk  and  take  the  allen key. Take the crank  handle  which  is
hanging from a post.
* Click on the large, block control unit and insert your two drive
wheels  into  it under the one which is already in  place.  Attach
your crank arm.
*  Now use the allen key on the release unit on the wall. Pull the
* Your bat ship will roll down the ramp.
* You may go up the ladder in this room (just for the view for the
sake of this walkthrough).
* Turn the crank on the drive wheels 14 revolutions clockwise.
*  Click  on the cockpit. Click on the brown button on  the  lever
clasp.  Pull  the lever to take off. You will fly  to  the  temple
where the bat ship will perch itself.


*  Go  up the elevator and into the door directly in front of you.
Lyril  will show herself to you. Click on her. Click on her  again
until she mentions shells and nuts and bolts. Give her your shells
and  nuts  and bolts when she does. Click on her many  more  times
until she starts to repeat herself.
*  When you try to back out she will tell you that she has more to
say.  Listen to her some more. Show her the letter which you found
in the bottle on the beach.
*  Click  on the center control arm. Lyril will tell you that  she
does not trust you enough yet to let you have access.
* Click on the side, wooden control unit and play with the levers.
Keep  doing it until Lyril gets mad and leaves (this is  just  for
*  Exit this room and go into the far right room. You will  see  a
pod shaped (garlic) creature in the middle of the room.
* Ring the creature's left bells and then the right ones. Its eyes
will open. Ring the left bells and then the right ones again.  The
pod will open up.
*  Turn  the  two, small lever arms so that a vertical opening  is
seen.  Pull  the large, straight lever towards you. Now  ring  the
left and then the right bells again. Pull the coiled lever to  the
left. A disk will drop into the lower opening. Take the disk.
* Exit and go into the room at the far left of the Temple.
*  Put your disk into the blue circle to your left. When you  push
the button, a recording of Lyril will play.
*  Go back to the center room. If Lyril isn't there, knock on here
doors and she should come out.
*  Go  over  to  the wooden control unit and slide the  horizontal
switch.  Bird Man should come in and attack Lyril (maybe  to  shut
her  up!). Slide the horizontal lever to move the magnet as  close
to  the  Bird  Man  as  possible.  Now  pull  the  vertical  lever
repeatedly until the Bird Man gets trapped on the magnet.
* Click on Lyril. She now trusts you. Listen to everything she has
to say.
*  Go  to  the central control arm in the room and pull it towards
*  From this room you must retrieve the following items: a circuit
board  from the box in front of you, an odd shaped item with three
extremities from a square box, three various items from the  three
wooden  crates (these items connect together to form a replacement
part  for  the porthole generator in another part of the  Temple),
and  finally, the drawing from the wall above the large display  /
control unit.
*  Click  on  the  control  unit in this room  (left,  then  right
buttons). Note the coordinates which are displayed (22.01  degrees
north,  119.11  degrees west). These are the  coordinates  to  the
* Use the central lever to go back up to the main floor.
*  Now  push the lever away from you to ascend to the dome.  Lyril
will join you there.
*  You will see three power modules at the side of this room. Plug
in the one to the far left.
*  Go  to  the main control unit and pull the main, center breaker
(has  4 red lights beside it). Flick the large switch to the right
of  the breaker. Turn on the four monitors to the left and the one
to the right. The monitor to the right has a couple of dials. Turn
the first dial until you see a picture of the lighthouse. Turn the
second  dial until you see a picture of Krick's laboratory.  Click
the small, black button on the second dial to set the destination.
The screen will change to black with red.
*  Look  at the LOWER part of the center console. Pull the  large,
left  lever down (extends platform) and then pull the right  lever
(opens  roof).  Push the lower, left button (to  power  the  lower
monitor) and align the lines on the screen with the center of  the
circle  by using the four control knobs around the monitor.  Lower
the  two  small levers at the top of the monitor. Pull  the  small
breaker at the bottom right of the monitor (it will reset itself).
*  Pull  the  large, slider lever to the right.  Watch  the  gauge
carefully. Click on the slider lever again as soon as the gauge is
on  the  red line (must be exactly on the red line...not below  or
above but ON the red line). If it goes past the red line the  unit
will  blow.  If  it does, you can either start  a  saved  game  of
replace  the  module with the one from your inventory (located  at
the very top of the control unit in a cupboard).
*  Pull the breaker under the monitor again. The porthole will  be
created  on  the  platform. Go into the porthole. Lyril  will  (of
course) have a few more words for you as you enter the porthole.


*  Exit  the lab and go into the study / den. Click on the  puzzle
*  Click  your medallion onto the gray disk followed by  your  two
red,  tear shaped pieces. Click the top button. Here you must line
up  the shapes (patterns may change from game to game). Start with
any  shape and line up all of the rings with the same shape.  Keep
doing  this  until you hear a click and then move  onto  the  next
shape.  Once  you've  gone through all of the shapes,  the  puzzle
should be almost completely unlocked. Now enter the shapes in  the
sequence  which  the cube displayed to you on  a  piece  of  paper
earlier  (usually circle, triangle, square, cross). The puzzle  is
finally complete (and you hear a really bad piano riff). Take  the
small bottle.
*  Go  back  into the lab. Go up the stairs and replace the  green
bulb.  Take another bulb from the white box (last one). Reset  the
computer  and then pull the switch on the control unit. Enter  the


* Go up the tower's stairs and into the first door (where Bird Man
was working).
* Go down the right side passage way.
*  You  will see a crane. Click on the crane's control box. Notice
two round weights and a metal ring behind the crane. Also notice a
platform under the crane's hook.
*  Use  the  crane's horizontal control lever to place  it's  hook
directly  above one of the weights. Lower the crane's  hook  using
the  vertical switch and pick up the weight. You must  be  EXACTLY
over  the weights etc. for the vertical switch to work. Now  bring
the  weight over to the platform and release it there. Do the same
thing for the second weight. Use the same action to lift the metal
ring.  This will cause the gate to open. Note: If you have trouble
centering the weights over the platform, you may turn to the  left
or right and the crane will center itself over the platform.
*  Walk towards the sub. Spin the fly wheel on the control unit to
extend the bridge. Lock the bridge in place by click on the  black
locking arm.


*  Open  the submarine's hatch and get in. Go to the front of  the
sub and turn the key which is under the wheel.
* Take the lever control arm out of your inventory and place it in
the  small,  cylindrical tube to your right. It  is  the  throttle
control arm.
*  The  three  keys  to  the left (from bottom  to  top)  are  for
powering: diving control, navigation computer control, main engine
*  The two keys to the right control the door locks. The first one
is  for  the  bridge door and the second is for  the  engine  room
doors. Make sure both are in the upright position at all times.
*  Note  that the three keys to your left are in the off  position
when facing you.
* You will often lose all power if you turn all three system on at
the same time.
* Turn only the bottom key on for now.
*  Back up and click on the "computer" unit to your left. This  is
your  diving control unit (the light is flashing so you know there
is  power). Pull the two small levers down. Spin the first  wheel.
Water  will  begin to enter the left tube. When the water  reaches
the blue line, quickly spin the second wheel. The sub will dive.
* Now turn on your main engine power key (top key). Go to the back
of  the  sub and open the door by spinning the fly wheel. Go  into
the  engine room. You know there is power here because of the blue
lights  and  steam. Pull the large lever to the  right  to  engage
* Now that the main engines are running, you may turn on the final
key (navigational computer power).
*  Go to the center of the sub. There are a few small tubes beside
the navigation control pad. The tube to the right has a map in it.
The  map  gives  the  coordinates of 20.67 degrees  north,  118.96
degrees  west.  These are the coordinates to the shipwreck.  These
ones  are  much more accurate than the ones from the  map  in  the
bottle on the beach.
*  Click  on  the globe beside the navigational control  pad.  The
monitor  is  displayed. Click on the control  pad's  left,  golden
globe  (north positioning) and enter 20.67. Click on  the  control
pad's right, golden globe (west positioning) and enter 118.96. Now
press enter.
*  The  new  position  to the shipwreck is now  displayed  on  the
monitor.  While  you  are  here, enter  the  coordinates  for  the
volcano. They are 22.01 degrees north, 119.11 degrees west.  Press
* To summarize, there are now four locations displayed on the map.
The  top  one  is  the  Volcano, the center one  (island)  is  the
Fortress, the one to the right is the Tower and the bottom one  is
the Shipwreck.
*  Click on the bottom red star for the shipwreck. The coordinates
will be automatically entered. Press enter.
*  Go  to the front of the sub and push the throttle lever forward
to sail to the shipwreck.

Shipwreck - Mini Submarine

*  Go  to the back of the sub and go down the hatch. This  is  the
*  Pull the second white lever above your head to close the hatch.
Now  pull  the  first lever to unlock the mini sub. Turn  to  your
right and pull the diving lever. Pull the first switch on the  far
right  of the windows to activate the robot arm and controls.  The
ball  in  the  center  directs the sub and the  left  control  arm
activates  the motion. You must click on either side of  the  ball
(NOT on the ball).
*  Perform  these motions with the mini sub: set the ball  to  the
right  and  pull the lever, now just pull the lever again  without
touching  or setting the ball, set to the right and pull,  set  to
the  right and pull, set to the right and pull, just pull  without
setting the ball.
*  When the mini sub is over the opening in the front of the boat,
turn  to  your right and pull the diving lever again to lower  the
sub into the opening.
*  Turn  the sub twice to the left or until you see a hook on  the
wall.  Move your robot arm slightly to the left and slightly  more
up.  Use the other switch to extend the arm for grabbing. You must
get  that  hook.  You must have the arm in the exact  position  in
order  to  do  this. You will have to fine tune your  robot  arm's
position in relation to the hook in order to get it.
*  Once  you have the hook, use the diving switch to ascend again.
Once  you are out of the ships hold, enter these movements:  left,
left, just the arm-no ball, left, left, just the arm-no ball.
*  You will see a skull. Pull your dive switch to ascend. Turn the
sub  once  to  the left. You will see a safe here. There  are  two
pieces  of wood against the safe. Use the robot arm to remove  the
lower  one  (hard to see). You will not be able to move the  other
piece of wood with the arm. Now turn the sub to the left once. You
must now put the hook (at the end of the remote arm) into the hole
in  front  of the sub. Once again you will have to find  tune  the
arms position in order to get the hook in. Once you get it in, the
second piece of wood will fall away. Use the arm to open the  safe
and then to retrieve the item inside. The mini sub will return  to
the main submarine.
*  Turn  on the main ignition key and start the main engines  from
the  engine room. Turn on the navigational power key (center key).
Go to the navigation control pad.
*  Click  on the center position on the map (the Fortress island).
Press  enter  on the control pad. Go to the front of the  sub  and
push  forward throttle lever. Once at the Fortress, exit  the  sub
through the hatch at the back of the sub.


* Turn to your right. There is a fishing rod on the dock. Click on
the reel to bring in the fish. Go inside the Fortress and into the
power  control room. You will see a machine with a  lever  on  the
left  and a bar extending from the right. Pull the lever.  On  the
other  machine (with brick base) click and hold the lever  arm  to
raise  it.  Pull  the other lever to start the windmills  and  the
*  Exit  this room and click on the large table saw (not  the  one
with the horned head). Turn on its power and cut yourself two long
pieces  of wood. Now go to the other table saw (with horned head).
Take a piece of wood from under the table and cut it. Take the cut
pieces.  Do  this as many times as you can (4). You will  use  all
this  wood  to make a bridge. However, if your timing  is  off,  a
monster will come out and tear it all down.
*  Go  back into the power control room and up the stairs. Go into
the  tower and then up the ladder. Look up and you will  notice  a
hook.  Attach  your  fish to the hook. The idea  is  to  make  the
monster come up here to get the fish rather than spending all  his
time busting up your bridge.
* To see the monster, go down the hatch and open the door which is
sided by two pedestals (he won't hurt you).
* If you turn around you will see a locked compartment at the base
of the statue. You will need to unlock this later.
*  Go back down into the Fortress and look out the window. You may
see  the  Dark Man teasing the monster with a fish. Back far  away
from  the window and then go back and look out again. Notice  that
you  can look up and down. The idea hear is to repeat this  motion
until  to  see  the monster walking above to the RIGHT  (into  the
tower  to  get the fish). As soon as you see the monster  actually
enter the tower (i.e. he goes out of sight - you may have to  look
out  the window several times to get this scene) immediately enter
the  darkened doorway behind you. You can now build you bridge  by
place the two long boards down first followed by the planks. Cross
your bridge into the metal shop.
* Go up the stairs. Pull the pin from the back of the cannon. Take
a  cannon  ball,  package  of gun powder  and  a  fuse  into  your
inventory.  Open the top of the cannon and insert your powder  and
then the ball. Close the cover and insert your fuse into the hole.
Click  on  the  telescope to the right to get a close  up  of  the
monster  trying to get the fish. Light your lighter and  then  the
cannon's fuse. The monster will no longer be a problem.
*  Go  back  into the metal shop and collect some fire wood,  some
coal, the metal casting mold from the table and some metal bars.
*  Put the wood and the coal into the oven. Light your lighter and
use it on the wood in the oven. Put your metal bars in the hanging
pot. Place your casting mold in the center of the table. Pull  the
right  lever to send the pot into the fire. Make sure to leave  it
in  there long enough to melt the bars (at least 30 seconds). Pull
the  lever again to retrieve the pot. Press the button to pour the
metal.  Pull the other lever to put the mold into the water.  Pull
it  again  to retrieve the mold. Open the mold and take  your  new
piece  of  metal  work  (its actually a replacement  part  for  an
*  Go back to the power control room and go upstairs. Go into  the
tower and through the door where you seen the monster. Go into the
next tower where you will see an airplane. Click on the work table
and  take the key. Use this key to unlock the compartment  at  the
base  of  the state in the other room (tower). Take the item  from
the compartment.
*  Go  back to the airplane. Replace the broken piece on its  side
with the one you just made in the metal shop. Pull the large floor
lever  by  the table. Turn around to the power regulator and  flip
the switch to positive (+). Crank up the power.

*  This  paragraph  is  not necessary for  this  walkthrough.  The
following  can be explored just for fun or for future games  (save
your  game, check it out, and then restart the saved game  if  you
like).  You  DO  NOT have to do the following.....Get  inside  the
airplane  and turn the left crank. Slide the horizontal switch  to
the  right. Pull the black lever down. Push the main release lever
forward.  You will fly to the roof of the temple (where  there  is
nothing left to do).

*  Exit  the Fortress and go back to the sub. Turn the main  power
key  and  then go start the main engines. Turn on the navigational
power key. Go to the navigational control map and click on the top
red star (volcano). Go to the front of the sub and engage throttle
lever. You will travel into the volcano. Exit the sub.


* Turn to your left to see the Dark Man in the window.
* Click on the side, storage compartment to the train and take the
cutters and dynamite.
* Use the cutters on the lock on the fence. Open the fence.
*  Notice  the  hook at the back of the train and  the  digger  in
* Get into the train. Flip the main power switch behind you. Click
on  the  red button to start the train. Clicking above the control
lever  makes the train go forward. Clicking behind it makes it  go
in  reverse. The gray lever is used to switch between  tracks  and
may  take some getting used to. The center button is used for  the
digger and the other two controls (top left) are used for the hook
and  winch. To stop the train at anytime, click in the  center  of
the control arm (no need to cut power by pressing the red button).
* Go forward until the train stops by itself.
*  A red button at the lower, left of you screen indicates that an
external view is available. Click on the button to get an exterior
* Click on the green machine to display a close up. Pull the lever
to  rise the train to the main tracks. Once you've ascended, click
on  the exterior view button again to get back inside. I call this
piece  of  circular tack which you are on the "main intersection."
When two individual tracks meet inside a tunnel I call it a "track
intersection." Remember that because I'll use these terms a lot. I
will  also  give  you  lots of positions  based  on  your  compass
readings.  You  can use you compass at the main intersection  when
you  access the exterior view. This part of the walkthrough  would
be impossible (well almost) without those readings.
*  For  now, simply go forward until the red exterior view  button
comes  on. Stop the train when it does. It will come on  inside  a
large tunnel with three tracks.
* When you get to this point, go to the external view and click on
the  box in the middle of the tunnel. Take the metal rod from  the
box.  Click on the exterior view of the train and take the  wrench
from  the storage compartment. Now click on the switching box post
in  the tunnel and insert the metal rod. Tighten the rod with your
wrench  to  active  power  to the switcher  boxes.  Click  on  the
exterior   view  button  again  and  go  forward   to   the   main
intersection. Stop at the main intersection.
*  Click  on  the exterior view. Click on your compass  from  your
inventory so that it displays in the upper right section  of  your
screen.  Click on the small wooden pillar and open  it  up.  These
units  allow  you  to  rotate the train to go down  the  different
tunnels.  Crank the handle. Rotate the train until  it  is  facing
north  (north at the top of the compass). From the exterior  view,
you  will often need to use your cursor to look left and right for
the rotating control pillar (got that?).
*  Go  north and take the left track. Do this by clicking  on  the
switching  lever  (gray)  well  before  you  come  to  the   track
intersection.  If you pass it or go down the wrong  track,  simply
reverse and try again.
*  The  Dark Man will throw some rocks onto the tracks. The  train
will  come to a stop by itself. Use the exterior view. Select your
dynamite from the inventory and place it on the rocks. Light  your
lighter  and ignite the dynamite. Proceed forward. The train  will
stop by itself. Exit the train. You will see a locked, green door.
It  leads  to the Dark Man's laboratory (that was fun).  Get  back
into the train and reverse back to the main intersection.
* Rotate the train so that it faces east. You will go past a track
intersection.  Wait a few seconds (to get some distance  from  the
track  intersection),  stop  the train,  put  it  in  reverse  and
immediately  pull the switcher lever. Make sure you  go  down  the
correct track.
*  The  train will come to a stop by itself. Exit the  train.  You
have found Amanda.
*  Everything in these tunnels are controlled by steam via colored
pipes.  You can tell that there is no power in the silver pipe  by
looking  at  the  gauge. However, the other pipe (dark  gray  with
brown  stripes) does have power (see the gauge). Do not touch  the
fly wheels yet. For now, only pull the first breaker switch.
*  Turn to your right and select the umbrella from your inventory.
Stick  it in the hole when the metal door rises. Once you've  lock
the  door  up,  go  through. Notice that by pulling  that  breaker
switch,  you have raised the gate in the distance (therefore  gray
pipes with brown stripes control gates). You must now get power to
the silver pipes in order to rescue baby Amanda. GET YOUR UMBRELLA
*  Get  back  into the train and go back to the main intersection.
Rotate your train so that it faces north. Go forward and take  the
right track (default - no switching necessary). The gate you  just
raised was previously blocking this track.
*  Exit the train when it comes to a stop. This is the main  valve
control  room. Do not touch anything yet. Go through the  door  to
your  right  and look over the edge. There is a broken walkway  to
your  right.  Click  on the walkway to get a close  up.  Use  your
umbrella to pull up the walkway. Now put the locking pin in  place
on  the  walkway (its on the top center - hard to see). Cross  the
walkway  and raise the sphere. Get inside the sphere and lower  it
with the right control lever. Notice the marking on the pipes. The
object is to turn four of the arrows in order to open a chamber at
the  bottom. Do not turn the two circular symbols which  you  will
see.  Near the top you will notice two steam vents. If you  notice
steam  coming  from either of these, then you know that  you  have
turned an incorrect arrow. Use the control on the left to position
the  arm and the knob to turn the pipe's arrows. Rotate the  first
and  second arrows you see. Don't touch the third arrow. Turn  the
fourth and the si!
 xth arrows and leave the fifth one alone. The chamber at the very
bottom will open. Take the item by sing the arm.
*  You  MUST  now  reset the four arrows to there upward  pointing
positions. Do this on your way back up.
*  Back  in  the  valve room, turn the wheel for the  silver  pipe
(third  pipe  from left). Also turn the wheel for  the  last  pipe
(seventh  from left). That will unlock the main door to  the  Dark
Man's lab.
*   Get  back  into  the  train  and  reverse  back  to  the  main
*  At  the  main intersection, rotate the train to face  east.  Go
forward  past the first track intersection. Give it  a  couple  of
seconds,  stop  the  train, go in reverse an immediately  hit  the
switcher lever.
*  You are back with the enslaved Amanda again (she's pretty  good
at  those  controls). Put your umbrella back into the door's  hole
when  it  opens.  Turn the dial on the silver  pipe  (it  now  has
power). Pull the lever TOWARDS YOU to activate a magnet. Turn back
around  to  face the controls. Press the center button to  try  to
pick up a rock with the magnet. Keep doing this until you get one.
Once  you  have  a rock, push the lever towards Amanda,  and  then
again.  Now press the button to release the rock and free  Amanda.
Go  around  and  get  her. If you like,  you  may  also  get  your
*  Go  back to the main intersection and rotate your train to face
*  Now  GO IN REVERSE from the main intersection (yes...that means
the  rear of the train is facing west) past where the three tracks
come  together in the same tunnel. Once past, go FORWARD past  the
switching box. Stop the train after a distance, then go in reverse
and  use the switcher lever immediately. The train will come to  a
stop  at a draw bridge. Click the exterior view button. Lower  you
hook (controls are displayed in bottom right of your screen), then
raise it to lower the bridge.
*  Proceed in reverse. Stop the train as soon as the exterior view
button  becomes  available (or you will die). Go to  the  exterior
view.  Notice the bent track. Click on the broken track and remove
its  peg with your large pullers (from the storage compartment  on
the  train). Now remove the broken piece by clicking  on  it.  Now
turn  to  your left and pick up a piece of good track  using  your
pullers. Put this new piece in place of the bent piece. Now (after
all  of that) go forward to the main intersection (because we have
to get you turned around).
*  From  the main intersection rotate your train so that it points
east.  Go forward and use your switcher as you approach the  track
intersection (you need to go down the left track - which you  just
went down backwards)
*  The train will come to a stop. Cut a hole in the wall with  the
digger  (center button). Walk through the hole. Click on the  wood
piece  in the vice on the table. You can now assemble you  "phaser
vacuum" cannon.
*  Refer  to  the diagram in your inventory. Start  by  connecting
pieces  1  and  2.  Connect piece 3 to 1 & 2. Add  piece  4  (with
"wings"  open) and piece 5 (with "arms" open). Add piece 6.  Close
the "wings" on piece 4 and the arms on piece 5. Click on the metal
parts at the top of piece 3 to set them both open. Open the top of
the  gun (piece 3) and put piece 7 inside. Close the top and  lock
both  of  the  metal parts of piece 3. You will  hear  the  cannon
activate. Press exit.
* Reverse out to main intersection. Face your train north and take
the right track. You will go back to the main valve room. Spin the
fourth wheel to unlock the Dark Man's side lab door.
* Go back to main intersection.
*  Point  your  train east and take the left track  at  the  track
* Exit the train and take the hammer from the storage compartment.
*  Open  the storage compartment again and click on the  dynamite.
Attach the circuit card to the dynamite and then attach the clock.
You have created a time bomb and the counter is ticking.
*  Walk through the hole which you created earlier. Now go through
the  passage  to  your  left.  Have  your  cannon  handy  in  your
inventory. Open the door and step forward once. Allow the Dark Man
to  do some of the work for you. He will place a green light  unit
in  a  machine, spin a large wheel a few times, pull a large floor
lever  and then a smaller one, then he will wind up a crank.  When
he  steps  towards the large lever in front of the yellow machine,
shoot  him  with  your cannon. Now that you've  captured  him,  go
inside  and  pull  the large lever (in front  of  yellow  machine)
yourself. The porthole will open.
* Don't forget to have a look at the Dark Man in the bottle.
* Click on the chest which is under the table and open it with the
hammer. Take the blue prints.
*  Go  to  the control panel beside Dr. Krick. Pull the  far  left
lever  down to lower the cap. Pull the second breaker switch  down
and  adjust the dial to the second position (you'll see a wave  on
the  display). Pull the right hand lever down three times to  wake
Krick  up.  (use can play with these setting to really give  Krick
some nasty's just for "fun" won't wake him up)
* Click on Krick a couple of times (he will complain). Give Amanda
to him and the blue prints.
* Go through the porthole.

The End

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