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Knights of Xentar FAQ Tips & Tricks

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Knights of Xentar FAQ

                            * KNIGHTS OF XENTAR *

Walkthrough and some other information for Knights of Xentar
By RPG-Man (a.k.a. Psychic)  -- Version 1.1
Spanish version also available from me / Versión en español también disponible


1. Legal stuff
2. Version history
3. Knights of Xentar : The game
4. The walkthrough
5. Cheats


1. Legal stuff

This document may be freely distributed for non-commercial (and commercial)
purposes, as long as you don't change any part of it and give me credit for
it (and for commercial purposes, if you give me some money :) .

You can freely put this file in a web page, cdrom, or whatever. You can also
print it, delete it, eat it, or whatever you think this file is worth of,
but please RESPECT the copyright.

If there is something you want to discuss with me about this document, such
as new additions, grammar, orthography, strage-looking English usage, the
game itself, etc, please do not doubt emailing me.

2. Version history

v1.0 => 28-Jun-00 => first version (duh...)
v1.1 => 12-Apr-01 => modified "legal stuff" section, added "The game"
                     section, other minor changes

3. Knights of Xentar : The game

Knights of Xentar is the third vol. of a series called "Dragon Knight",
but why this game was called Knights of Xentar is something that I
really don't know.

Knights of Xentar is a hentai-rpg game with a 2nd-person view (although
the game counts with a so-called "3d perspective" option, I don't 
think it isn't worth the name it has). You play the role of a young knight
whose main purpose in the game seems to be to retrieve his stolen sword
and armor with the help of some friends... But eventually this quest
becomes a more relevant one: to defeat the evil demons that pretend
to gain control over the world.

The anime graphics of this ms-dos game really look splendid, but the 
music isn't that great (although not bad). The battle system differs
of the classic rpg based-turn system: almost everything is automatic,
you don't have to give almost any command at all. Just watch and see
if your characters are strong enough to defeat the enemies in the
numerous encounters that will occur during gameplay (which is
dissapointing...). Overall, I think I'd give this game (considering
the passed time!) a 7 over 10 in puntuation.

As a final note, I'll tell you some abandonware sites where you can
download an entire copy of the game, in case you lost the original
copy you bought (you bought it time ago, RIGHT?). Try these sites:

 * => under "adult" folder, English version
                                 of the game
 * => under "rol" section (this
   page is in Spanish, but the game is in English)

If these links don't work, please don't blame me, I am *not* responsible!
If I am reported so, I'll try, however, to find new links (also, you can
tell me some links).

4. The walkthrough

You begin your journey in Squallor Hollow. Some bandits will stole you your
sword, armor and jewels (and clothes too!).

When you awake, you're in Larrouse's place. He's an old man who has taken
care of you for a while, until you've finally recovered consciousness. Leave
the house and go northeast to a tavern. A pretty girl must be saved here! 
After that, go visit Don Frump in a building towards the west. Now leave
town and fight some monsters in order to get money to buy some equipment 
(however, don't build up your levels too much, you'll see why later).

Your next destination is Mt. Litmus. Make your way inside up to the bandit
chief. Defeat him and return to Squallor Hollow (remember, don't bother in
building up your character; avoid battles if you want).

Go to Don Frump again to recieve your reward, rest, buy equipment and head
north to the mountain pass crossing. Surprise, Larrouse is here. Talk to
him, he'll tell the guards to let you pass and most importantly, he'll
give you a 'magic medal' that's supposed to have magical powers. But when
you leave the mountain, you realize you've been cheated! You lose almost
all your HP.

In Nameless village, nobody seems to want to talk to you. Head north to find
Frump, follow him inside the basement. You'll meet Byrt, a demon, knowing 
now why your HP was gone. After that, leave the village and head southwest
to Clara's house. You should raise your levels now, otherwise you'll have
troubles with the monsters!

Inside the house, kill the wolf that's bothering (really?) the girl, and
leave the place to return again. Now Clara is going to give you a 'special'
reward, and if you leave and return again, her grandmother will give you
some money. Go now west, towards Dreadsden (did you get the resemblance
with the tale?).

You can do some things here, but concentrate in buying equipment, potions
and all kind of things you may find useful. Leave the village and go
southeast to find Priscilla's house.

Ummm... here we have some dwarves (7, exactly), doing 'something' to a 
lady of WHITE face, like the SNOW... (ok, now that you realize the resemblance
with the tale go fight the dwarves). After saving the girl (seems like the
dwarves didn't bother this girl at all...) she'll tell you about her 
situation. Before leaving, find a path that leads to some treasure boxes.
Finally, get back to Dreadsden.

See the surrounding path of the village? It leads to a hermit that will
give you the Mystic Marble. Go back to see Priscilla and then head north
from her house to reach Visel's cave.

Enter the cave, make your way to Visel. Defeat him and return to the
pretty Priscilla. She'll reward you with the Magic Mirror, and also with
the 'way' that all pretty girls seems to reward you in the game. Now head
southwest to the town of Coventry.

Improve your equipment and go see the Dark Knight, who stays in one of the
rooms of the inn. He'll tell you how to use the Magic Mirror. Ok, now it's
time to face the Tymm at Tymm's cave (towards the east of the town). Simply 
show the Magic Mirror and rescue Marie (hot scene here) before you leave. Now 
head northeast to Phoenix, where a lot of your friends (specially females) 

In Phoenix you seem to have had 'contacts' with all the females before! Go 
first to see Rolf, one of your few male friends. He's in a building in the
west area, a bit in the centre of the town. After a speech with him leave
his house and go pay a visit to one of your former lovers, Kate. She's 
near a tree in the southwest corner of the city, more or less. Apparently
she's now married, but anyway you two... err... Well, see by yourself. After
that, Rolf will be ready to join you. Now you can buy equipment, rest,
visit more friends, and the newly renamed Tower (after you, curiously). Leave
Phoenix, heading north.

You'll see a boulder that blocks the way. Rolf will move it and you two will 
be able to pass through. Squallor Hollow is next.

Where's everyone? Enter Larrouse's place, who will explain all. He'll 
give you Ivy's Twig, too. Now get back to Phoenix, and from here head
southeast to find a bridge, cross it, go east until you see Carnage Corners.

Do the stuff that's done in every city and finally go to the far north. Enter 
the building and buy an entry card for the monster-killing contest. Explore
if you want the town (by the way, there's a building where you can pay for...
err... you know, the women, you get the point). Leave town and head north
to reach a cemetery.

In here you have to find a 'sexy drawing' that's inside a chest in the
southwest corner of the 1st level. There're trasure boxes all over the
cemetery, get them, and continue your way until reaching the lowest level,
where you will finally warped out. Yep, in the outside again. Return to
Carnage Corners.

Next to the mayor and his daughter's house there's a house where an old
man lives (towards the northwest of the town). He have the Transsexual
Nuts, but he'll ask his sexy drawing back (apparently, he lost it when he
was inside the cemetery, what a weirdo!). Leave town and head east, where
a magical barrier won't let you pass through. But the Nuts do the miracle.
Follow the path to Arcadia.

In Arcadia only women lives. Head to the northeast building to find Luna and
his mother. After a curious speech, Luna will join you. Now the party is
complete. Go see the Princess of Arcadia, who after a 'romantic' scene will
give you the Virgin Medal. Visit the city if you want (there's another girl
to... mmmm... 'meet' in the southwest, not very far from the entry point of
the town). Return to Carnage Corners and pay for adding Luna to the
tournament. Then, head back to the cemetery.

Make your way through and you'll eventually reach the area when you were
warped out before. This time it won't happens. Two devils will be your
rivals now. For winning, you'll be 'rewarded' with the 'company' of Mona,
the girl you met in Squallor Hollow. Back in Carnage Corners, go east until
you reach the mountain pass where the magical barrier was once (not now,
sure). Don't cross it, head north to find a signpost, which is in the
middle of the valley (more or less).

The signpost says Arcadia is south, Mellions north and the Castle of
Kalist northeast. If you go to the backside of the signpost you'll read
the solution to a trap in the Castle, but you can also know it in Mellions.
Head north to reach that town.

In Mellions, the two jar makers can tell you part of the solution to the trap 
in the Castle of Kalist (Arl will tell you one part, and Marcy the other). 
However, as they're rival families they won't tell you their part if you
already talked to the other man (for example, if you visit Arl first, Marcy
won't tell you anything of what he knows, and viceversa). This can be easily
cheated saving the game first, talking to a man, loading the game, talking
to the other man. Now that you have the solution complete, head to the 

Inside make your way to nine staircases. Here it's the trap. As you already 
know, simply go through the upper-right staircase first, then through
the bottom-left one, then through the bottom-center one. If you did it
well, Luna will be missing (if not, load a previous game near the nine

Now go find Luna. In your way, you'll also find your missing sword and 
armor. You'll finally reach a hall where Luna lies, but you'll have to
fight a devil female first. Return to the main entrance on the top floor and
enter the room next to the now caved-in entrance. Here it's a demon key,
get it and leave the room. Go east to the room with no doors, you'll now be
able to pass through. Here there is a teleport, which will lead you to
another dimension.

You appear in some kind of spiral path. As you can't do anything else, 
follow the trail out. Once the party's out, head south to find the town
of Moronvia.

Try here to talk to everybody, equip, rest, and head northeast to the 
Feline Farms. There talk to Parrtesia in a northern building. She says
the 'doggies' stole their liver lumps. You accept to retrieve them, so
head north to the Canine Cavers.
Inside the caverns turn east at the fisrt junction, make your way to the
souteast edge of the caverns. There seek a secret passageway through the
cavern wall to continue forward. Eventually, you'll meet the Top Dog
(an appropiate name, isn't it?). Defeat him and get the liver lumps. Return
to Feline Farms where Parrtesia is, waiting for you three to give some
information and for you alone to give some other 'distractions'...

After all that, you can see more catty girls determined to show you their 
'lovely smiles' (you know what I mean by that...) in the village, look for 
them. Now return to Moronvia with some liver lumps. Give them to a guy that 
is guarding a underground passage (east). The purpose is to make him sleepy. 
Leave the town and return again. Now he's fully asleep, so use the passage 
and you'll be in the hidden part of the town. Talk to the mayor and his 
daughter, then warp to the Feline Farms and head northwest past the Canine 
Caverns to the small lake in a clearing.

NOTE: if you want to 'live' another scene with a 'girl' (you KNOW what I
mean, right?), there's a woman that you can meet in a clearing somewhere
between the village of the fairies and the Canine Caverns. Look for white
soil and search, you won't see the girl in the screen but the game will
stop and you'll encounter the girlie.

Once you're in the village of the fairies, you'll know that they guard
the Temple key. Talk to them, their leader will be reluctant to give it to 
you. Ok, head northwest to reach Tristrap, the last new village you'll enter 
in the game.

In Tristrap you'll know that something has just happened to the fairies. 
When you warp back to their village... You'll know that demons were here,
stole the key and did 'other kind of things' (visit all the fairies to see 
more anime pictures). Return to Moronvia.
Where's everyone? Go to the hidden part of the town, and find Alice (western
building). She'll explain all. Get the Pearl of Sorrow from her (after an 
embarrasing scene). Warp to Tristrap and go east to find the Temple.

Inside you'll encounter once more the Dark Knight, who's hurt. Go find
your Falcon sword and Genji armor then make your way to the top of the
building (it reaches the sky... H-how long is it??). At the top you'll meet
a woman called Althea, who claims to be your mother... and she'll explain all 
the mess. 

After the stunning speech, Althea will teleport you to a place called
'The Arena', where the fate of the world shall be decided. Enter the cavern
to fight your opponent, the son of the King of Darkness himself... But
you encounter Arstein the Dark Knight! Is he the son of Deimon? Yes he is.
Big surprise, huh.

After all the dialogue and death of Arstein (who didn't want to defend
himself from your attack) turn back and head south. Deimos 'in person' will
appear to fight you. Be prepared for your latest, longest, hardest battle
ever in the game.

When defeated the Evil one, your mom and dad (1st appearance of this man,
his body can't be seen though) will try to convince you to go to the heavens 
with them, 'to be a real family'. You refuse and exit the cavern (regardless 
of what your father tells you, that they have women too up there :-). Talk to 
your friends. Rolf will congratulate you and Luna will declare her love for 
you (!). Once you regain control of your character, get the Mirror of 
Illusion from the signpost. Now you can warp to anywhere in Xentar to visit 
people (no monsters anymore, by the way...). To finish the game, warp to 
Arcadia, talk to Aquarina (in the tower) and finally to the princess.

Don't miss the credits. They're interesting to watch, and you can win your
prize for getting the Mirror of Illusion. After the credits, run the game
again and you'll find a new item on the main menu. It's the Photo Shop,
where you can see the colorful anime pics you saw during your last game.
Note that if you didn't get the Mirror of Illusion, or if you didn't see
the credits to the end (although having the mirror), the new option won't
appear. Also note that in the Photo Shop only appears the pics YOU saw
in the game, not ALL the girlies that are included in the game.

5. Cheats

All these cheats have not been tested by me yet, so I don't know if they'll 
work. I got 'em one day that I was surfing the net, no author came with them 
though. An hexadecimal editor must be used, and as far as I know they only
work with the floppy version of the game (not with the cdrom one).

Cheat                  Search                        Change to                     
Become undead          89 44 06 8B 45                90 90 90 -- --
Quick attack           C6 47 11 00 56                90 90 90 90 --
To have the Photo      80 3E CB 0E 00 74 13          C6 06 -- -- 01 90 90
(c) 2000-01 by RPG-Man (a.k.a. Psychic) 
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