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Knights of Xentar Tips & Tricks

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Knights of Xentar

			     ***** SPOILER *****



Knights of Xentar (KOX) is the IBM PC version of the Japanese game, 
Dragon Knight III. The Japanese game is the third in the 5-game series. 
KOX features a more in-depth story line, enhanced with voices to 
accompany the animated graphics; the CD-ROM version contains full 
digitized speech for the entire game!

Anime (Japanese animation)

Megatech games contain graphics done in the Japanese cartoon style 
known as Anime.  Anime art is easily identifiable because of the 
exaggeration in the size of most characters' eyes and other body 
parts and the use of bright hair colors.


a)  Slow the battle speed whenever you encounter unfamiliar monsters.
b)  Avoid offensive tactics until you have accumulated hit-points and armor.
c)  Avoid combat if you are wounded and are not carrying any heal potions.


Talk to everyone in the game.  Everyone has something unique to say -- 
even after you finish your quest.

Read the background story on page 36 of the manual to better understand 
the game.

			       GENERAL HINTS 

Q. Can I ever go upstairs in the inns without talking to the ladies?
A. No.

Q. I can't get out of Squalor Hollow and I have no money to buy clothes.
A. Go northeast to the bar and rescue the girl.  Then, go see Frump on 
   the west side of town.

Q. Is there any way to recover from kissing the magic medal?
A. No.

Q. Where is the hermit in Dreadsden?
A. Dreasden is the only town in Xentar where you can actually walk 
   alongside the "outside" of the village wall.  Specifically, walk 
   into town and immediately turn west walking alongside the outside 
   face of the wall.  When you get to the corner, turn north and you 
   will find the hermit's hut.

Q. That boulder to the south of Squalor Hollow -- any way to move it?
A. You can't but Rolf can.  You'll find him in Phoenix.

Q. Will Tymm ever try to eat me?
A. You must have the Mystic Marble and the Magic Mirror.  You must also 
   save Clara from the wolf and talk to the Dark Knight staying in the 
   Coventry Inn.

   NOTE: In version 1.08 (look at the CD inner ring for the version)
	 there is a Tymm logic bug allowing you to get inside Visel's
	 cave without the Mystic Marble but then never letting you get
	 past Tymm.  If you have this problem, download the patch:

Q. The staircases in the Castle of Kalist! What should I do?
A. First, go down the upper-right staircase,
   Then, come up the bottom-left staircase,
   Finally, go down the bottom-center staircase.

   If Luna is missing, then you've solved the staircase puzzle 
   correctly.  Otherwise, you must exit the Castle and try again.  
   The staircase puzzle is deactivated for an easy return upward.

Q. I defeated Haggis but the Castle entrance caved in! How do I get out?
A. Find the other door next to the caved in entrance.  Enter and take 
   the Demon key inside. Step out and go east and walk straight through 
   the demon head hanging on the East Room wall.

Q. Do I need anything in Nero's Retreat to complete the game?
A. No.

Q. I'm in the Canine Caverns but I can't find the tuna liver lumps?
A. Look for a dark spot on the cavern wall.  There's a secret 
   passageway in the southeast corner on the first level and 
   another passageway in the center of the second level.

Q. The hungry guy in Moronvia ate my liver lumps but he's still awake.
A. Leave town and come back in.

Q. I defeated Deimos. How do I end the game?
A. Warp to Arcadia.  See Aquarina then go see the princess.


    ******************* Detailed Town Descriptions *******************

		*******   THIS IS A WALK THROUGH   *******

			    ***** SPOILER *****


Leave Larrouse's place and head northeast to the tavern. Rescue Mona and 
defeat the bandits. Visit Don Frump (the long skinny building to the west). 
Leave town. Increase HP by fighting monsters before heading west to
Mt. Litmus.  Don't build up too much because we're going to take all your
HP away later!


Go to the back of the dungeon to find the bandit chief.  Then return to 
Squalor Hollow.


Visit Don Frump again then leave town again and head north to the mountain 
pass crossing.  Talk to Larrouse.  He's the one between the two guards.


Find Frump in the north part town. Follow him to the basement where you will 
encounter Byrt the Incarnate.  After Byrt, leave the village and increase
your HP before heading southwest to Clara's house.

Kill the wolf.  Leave and return a couple of times to receive your personal 
reward from Clara and a cash reward from her grandmother.  Then continue 
west to Dreasden.


Head to the first house in the southwest corner of the village.  Find the 
Flammo Pocket Warmer in the jar and return it to the young man for cash.  
Leave the village and head southeast to Priscilla's house.


Defeat the dwarves. Talk to Priscilla and return to Dreadsden.


Get the Mystic Marble from the hermit.  He is a little tricky to find.  
Dreadsden is the only Xentar village where you can actually walk 
alongside the outside face of the village wall.  Head left and around 
the bend north to find the hermit.  Go back to see Priscilla then head 
north from her house to Visel's Cave.


Go through dungeon.  Defeat Visel and return to Priscilla's.


Accept the Magic Mirror from Priscilla then head southwest to Coventry.


Talk to the Dark Knight. You'll find him in the Coventry Inn.  After he 
tells you how to use the Magic Mirror, leave Coventry and head west to 
Tymm's cave.


Defeat Tymm.  Then rescue Marie before leaving the cave.  After she leaves 
head northeast to Phoenix.


Find Rolf first.  He is in the first house immediately west of Desmond's 
Tower.  Desmond's Tower is in the north part of town.  Take the doll 
that's in the Tower then head to the southwest corner of town to meet 
Kate who is standing by a tree.  Find cash in the cemetery.  Return to 
Rolf -- he will join you.  Leave Phoenix and head north.


Go through the boulder to get to Squalor Hollow.


Take Ivy's Twig from Larrouse and return to Phoenix.  From Phoenix head 
southeast and find the bridge. Go east to Carnage Corners.


Go to the northern building and buy your entry card for the monster-killing 
contest.  Then leave town and head north to the cemetery.


Inside the cemetery, find the sexy drawing that's inside a chest in the 
southwest corner of the first level.  Continue until you find the lowest 
level and another contestant.  Walk through the last passageway so that 
you warp back to the outside.  Return to Carnage Corners.


Find the old man living next to the mayor and his daughter.  The three live 
in the village's northwest section.  Exchange the sexy drawing for the 
old man's Transsexual Nuts.  Leave town and head east through the magical 
barrier to Arcadia.


Luna, your other partner, lives here.  Speak to both her mother and her.  
They are in the northeast building.  Together with Rolf and Luna, go see 
the Princess of Arcadia.  She will give you the Virgin Medal.  Return to 
Carnage Corners and enter Luna in the tournament.


Go through the cemetery again.  This time you won't warp out with Luna.  
Defeat Yrnie and claim your prize with the mayor's daughter in Carnage 
Corners.  Then, head east from the village to the mountain pass where 
the magical barrier once stood.  Do not cross the mountain pass.  
Instead, turn left and head north.


Heading north look for the signpost in the middle of the valley.  
The signpost reads:     Arcadia - South
			Mellions - North
			Castle of Kalist - Northeast

Now go to the backside of the signpost and read the solution to the 
Kalist Castle nine-staircase trap. Continue north.


The two jar makers can also provide you the solution to the nine-staircase 
trap.  Here, however, you must visit both Arl and Marcy without having 
visited the other which means you must save and restore your game.  
Each one will give only a part of the solution; you must put it together.  
Knowing the solution, head east to the castle.


Inside the castle head east then north through the columns then east again 
to the staircase.  Continue down until you come to the nine staircases.  
These are laid out in three rows of three.
	Go through the upper-right staircase,
	on through the bottom-left staircase,
	then the bottom-center staircase.

Luna will be missing if you successfully complete the nine staircase trap.  
Otherwise, exit the castle and try again.

Find Luna.  Save her and return to the main entrance on the top floor.  
Enter the room next to the now caved-in entrance.  Get the demon key 
inside the chest, walk out of the room and go east to the room with no 
doors.  There is a demon head hanging on the wall.  Walk through the 
demon head; you will be teleported out of the castle to a spiral path.


Simply follow the trail out.  Once out of the trail, head south to Moronvia.


Talk to everyone in the village then head northeast to the Feline Farms.


Talk to Parrrtesia in the north part of town.  Then head north to the 
Canine Caverns.


Entering the caverns, turn east at the first junction.  Continue on 
making your way to the southeast corner of the caverns.  Once there, 
look for the secret passageway through the cavern wall on to the 
seemingly isolated cavern. Go down the stairs and continue on the 
lower level to the center of the caverns.  Again, find the secret 
passageway through the wall to the eastern caverns and continue on 
until you encounter the Top Dog.  Take the liver lumps from him and 
return the liver lumps to Parrrtesia.


After returning the liver lumps to the felines, warp back to Moronvia 
and give the remaining liver lumps to the young man guarding the 
underground shelter.  Leave the room.  Return, head downstairs and talk 
to the mayor.  Then warp back to the Feline Farms and head northwest past 
the Canine Caverns to the small lake in a clearing.


The fairies guard the Temple key.  Talk to them then continue northwest 
again to Tristrap, the last village of Xentar.  


Talk to everyone then warp back to the Village of the Fairies.


Talk to fairies then warp back to Moronvia.


Find Alice downstairs and get the Pearl of Sorrow from her.  Warp back to 
Tristrap and go east from the village to the Temple.


Enter the castle.  Find the Falcon Sword and Genji Armor.  Then find your 
mom Althea.


Althea will teleport you here.  Enter the cavern and head north until you 
find Arstein the Dark Knight.  Turn back and head south.  Deimos will 
appear.  This is your last and most difficult battle.  On defeating Deimos, 
exit the cavern and get the Mirror of Illusion next to the signpost.  Warp 
to anywhere in Xentar or warp directly to Arcadia to end the game.


Go to the southeast corner and enter the tower.  Talk to Aquarina. 
Then see the Princess.  The game ends here.  Make sure to go through 
the credits in order to activate the Mirror of Illusion.


Having picked up the Mirror of Illusion and finished the game, type KX 
again and you will find a new item on the main menu:  The Photo Shop.  
Click here to see the beautiful Anime graphics you saw during your 
previous game.  No need anymore to play the entire game to enjoy the 
beautiful Anime art!

Thank you for playing Knights of Xentar.
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