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Knights of the Nine Tips & Tricks

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Knights of the Nine

~~The Elder Scrolls IV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                            KNIGHTS OF THE NINE

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                                \    ||    /
                                 \   ||   /
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            FAQ/Walkthrough (for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3)
                              V1.00 2006-02-17
             Copyright 2006, 2007 Barry Scott "PapaGamer" Will

After the release of Oblivion in March 2006, Bethesda Softworks released a 
series of eight official plug-ins (or mods) for the game. These mods are 
available, for a price, to both PC owners via

and Xbox 360 owners via Xbox Live Marketplace.

The official plug-ins, in the order they were released, are:

DLC1 Horse Armor Pack
DLC2 Orrery
DLC3 Wizard's Tower
DLC7 The Thieves Den
DLC9 Mehrunes' Razor
DLC5 The Vile Lair
DLC4 Spell Tomes
DLC8 Knights of the Nine

In November 2006, Bethesda released a retail boxed set containing all eight 
official plug-ins. The boxed set is also called Knights of the Nine (after the 
largest of the official mods), and is available only for PC owners. PC owners, 
therefore, have the ability to purchase the official plug-ins individually (at 
a total cost of $23.52 US) or buy the boxed set containing all eight plug-ins 
(at a cost of $19.99 suggested retail price). Xbox 360 owners can continue to 
purchase the plug-ins from the Marketplace (at a total cost for all eight of 
1,930 Marketplace points).

In addition to the mods, players must install the v1.1.511 patch for the core 
game. Several of the mods require this patch in order to run. The patch must 
be installed before the plug-ins. PC owners can download the patch at

Or, PC owners with the KoN boxed set, will find the patch on the CD with the 
official plug-ins. Xbox 360 owners can obtain the patch from Xbox Live 
Marketplace. The patch is, of course, free of charge.

The following FAQ/Walkthrough is concerned only with the eight official mods 
collectively known as Knights of the Nine. It assumes basic familiarity with 
the core game. For a complete walkthrough of the entire game (including the 
official mods), see

After installing any (or all) of the mods, be sure to use the Data Files 
option on the Oblivion launch menu and make sure all the mods are enabled 
(boxes checked).

~~The Elder Scrolls IV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

To contact me about the guide, send email to:

Please include "Knights FAQ" in your subject line so I don't auto-discard the 
message. Also, please read the FAQ carefully prior to asking for help on any 
part of the game. If you send me additional suggestions or hints for the game 
and I find them useful, you will be acknowledged in the Credits.

If you found this guide useful and would like to contribute a small token for 
my efforts, you may send money through PayPal by using the Donate link found 
on my Web site:

Thank you, and enjoy the guide!

~~The Elder Scrolls IV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                             TABLE OF CONTENTS

                 Horse Armor Pack DLC1................HA00
                 Orrery DLC2..........................OR00
                 Wizard's Tower DLC3..................WT00
                 The Thieves Den DLC7.................TD00
                 Mehrunes' Razor DLC9.................MR00
                 The Vile Lair DLC5...................VL00
                 Spell Tomes DLC4.....................ST00
                 Knights of the Nine DLC8.............KN00
                    The Shrines of the Crusader.......KN02
                    Priory of the Nine................KN03
                    Nature's Fury.....................KN04
                    The Path of the Righteous.........KN05
                    Stendarr's Mercy..................KN06
                    Wisdom of the Ages................KN07
                    The Faithful Squire...............KN08
                    The Sword of the Crusader.........KN09
                    The Blessing of Talos.............KN10
                    Umaril the Unfeathered............KN11
                 Version History & Credits............VH00

    HA00: Horse Armor DLC1: $1.99 (PC), 200 Marketplace points (Xbox 360)
This mod adds two types of barding (horse armor) to the game: Elven (gold 
color) and steel. Both types are available at Chestnut Handy Stables (outside 
the west gate to Imperial City) from Snak gra-Bura. This mod is active as soon 
as you load a game with the mod enabled.

Even though it's only two bucks, it's not worth the download. Horses are an 
affectation, not a necessity, and the armor doesn't do a whole lot of good 
since you still can't fight from your horse. Does look pretty, but that's 
about it. For vanity players only.

       OR00: Orrery DLC2: $1.89 (PC), 150 Marketplace points (Xbox 360)
Adds a simple step-n-fetch quest, Repairing the Orrery, to the game. After 
finishing the quest, you have access to the Imperial Orrery, which will grant 
you a Greater Power depending on the phase of the moon.

It's OK. The quest is very simplistic and the Powers granted by the Orrery are 
not hugely useful. (They all Fortify one attribute by 20 and Drain another by 
20 for a total of 60 seconds.) Overall, not a huge addition, and probably not 
worth the money.

This quest is added as soon as you load a game after having installed the 
official mod Orrery DLC2. After installing the mod, the next time you load a 
game (or leave the tutorial sewers), you get a note from Bothiel, resident 
astronomer at Arcane University.

It seems she is attempting to repair the Imperial Orrery, an astronomical 
device, but parts she was having delivered were stolen. Evidence points to 
Camp Ales as a possible base for the bandits who stole the parts. Camp Ales is 
due north of Kvatch. Travel there and kill the lone bandit inhabiting the 
place. From his body, get an undelivered message and the first Dwarven part.

The message points you to four other camps: Dagny's Camp, Brotch Camp, Bodean 
Camp and Varus Camp. These camps are arranged in a rectangular pattern around 
Ales. Travel to each one and kill the bandit or bandits you find there. From 
one of the bodies in each camp, retrieve a Dwarven part for the Orrery. At the 
last camp you visit, you'll face the bandit leader and two minions, so prep 
for a major battle before entering the camp.

After all five Dwarven parts are in your pockets, Fast Travel to Arcane 
University. If you have not completed the Mages Guild Recommendations quests, 
Bothiel will be waiting for you, during normal hours, in the Arch Mages Lobby. 
(The only place open to the general public.) If you are a member of the Mages 
Guild with access to Arcane University, you may find Bothiel elsewhere. Just 
use your objective marker to track her down.

After delivering the parts, Wait until the next day and visit Bothiel again. 
She'll give you a key to the Orrery, which is accessible from a door in the 
Arch Mages Lobby. Go up to the Orrery and Activate it.

Once activated, the Orrery will permanently grant you a greater power 
depending on the phase of the moon. Just Activate the Orrery any time you want 
to gain a power. These powers are just like racial powers: use them once per 
24 hours; each has a duration of 60 seconds.

To figure out which power you will get, look up the number of days that have 
passed since you started the game (available on the Accomplishments tab of 
your Stats menu). If the number of days passed is greater than 23, divide by 
24 and look at the remainder (modulus).

* Days 0, 1 & 2 - Masser's Might: Strength +20, Speed -20
* Days 3, 4 & 5 - Masser's Grace: Agility +20, Endurance -20
* Days 6, 7 & 8 - Secunda's Will: Willpower +20, Intelligence -20
* Days 9, 10 & 11 - Secunda's Opportunity: Luck +20, Personality -20
* Days 12, 13 & 14 - Masser's Alacrity: Speed +20, Strength -20
* Days 15, 16 & 17 - Secunda's Magnetism: Personality +20, Luck -20
* Days 18, 19 & 20 - Secunda's Brilliance: Intelligence +20, Willpower -20
* Days 21, 22 & 23 - Masser's Courage: Endurance +20, Agility -20

Example 1: 83 days have passed since you started the game. 83/24 = 3 remainder 
11. The power granted on day 11 is Secunda's Opportunity. Example 2: 120 days 
have passed since you started the game. 120/24 = 5 remainder 0. The power 
granted on day 0 is Masser's Might.

You can only have one power at a time. Each time you use the Orrery, whatever 
Orrery-granted power you currently have will be replaced by the new Orrery 

   WT00: Wizard's Tower DLC3: $1.89 (PC), 150 Marketplace points (Xbox 360)
Adds Frostcrag Spire to the game, and gives you a deed to the place. Frostcrag 
is a wizard's tower with a garden full of alchemical ingredients, including 
many from Oblivion, an enchanting altar, a spellmaking altar, the ability to 
summon an atronach (storm, fire or frost) servant and an alchemical table that 
boosts your Alchemy skill by 15 when you stand near it. In order to get the 
tower functioning, you have to buy the materials from a newly added merchant 
in Imperial City. This merchant also buys/sells alchemical ingredients and 
potions and recharges enchanted items.

Definitely worth the money for the plant conservatory alone. Characters who 
want to enchant and craft spells without joining the Mages Guild will also 
find a lot to like. It's quite expensive (around 14,000 gold) to get the place 
up-and-running, but it is a nice house, so, in that respect, it's cheaper than 
buying and furnishing a house elsewhere. Also includes a ton of books and a 
vault guarded by imps. Plus, there's no fighting to get it.

Price: Free
Furnishings: (Aurelinwae, Mystic Emporium, Market District, Imperial City)
 * Alchemy Lab, 2455
 * Magetallow candles, 2 boxes, each 3275
 * Bedroom Area, 1637
 * Library Area, 1637
 * Vault Area (includes guardian imps), 1637
Total cost: 13,916
Desirability factor: 8/10
Extras: Altar of Enchanting, Altar of Spellmaking, alchemical table & garden,
        portals to all Mages Guilds

You receive this tower, free-of-charge, when you purchase and install the 
Wizard's Tower (DLC3) official mod. Even though the tower is free, furnishing 
it is not. In addition to the furnishings, you must buy certain equipment to 
get everything functional. (Namely, magetallow candles at a total of about 
6,500 gold to get the enchanting and spellmaking altars working.)

The tower is remote and difficult to reach without using Fast Travel. When you 
do use FT, you are deposited quite a distance away and have to climb up to the 
tower, and then up three flights of stairs before you can enter. Also, the 
official description promises breathtaking views, but the weather is always 
lousy, so good luck getting a glimpse of Imperial City from the top of your 

What pushes this up into the top four homes is the conservatory, containing a 
large variety of alchemical ingredients (including some normally only found in 
Oblivion), and the enchanting and spellmaking altars. With this tower, you 
don't need to join the Mages Guild to make your own spells, enchant equipment 
and experiment with Alchemy.

    TD00: Thieves Den DLC7: $1.89 (PC), 150 Marketplace points (Xbox 360)
Adds Dunbarrow Cove; and, a little quest along with it. Dunbarrow Cove is a 
hidden cavern underneath Castle Anvil, and it contains the wreck of the 
infamous pirate ship, Black Flag. It also contains the animate skeletons of 
the Black Flag's crew. Full details of this mod are under the Home Ownership 
section of Miscellaneous Adventures.

Basically, this is another house mod. After a simple quest and the expenditure 
of some money, you have another place to hang out. The hook this time is for 
players who like to go around randomly robbing people; but, don't want to join 
the Thieves Guild (why not?). You can set yourself up in this little cave and 
you actually have it better than if you were the Gray Fox--high quality fence, 
lots of Expert training in Stealth skills and access to Stealth-type spells 
(Fortify Stealth skills, Open Locks, Chameleon, etc.). Overall, Frostcrag 
Spire might be a better investment of your money, but, hey, it's only two 

Price: Free
Furnishings/Crew: (Dahlia Rackham, Clarabella)
 * Upgraded quarters (500 gold): slightly improves the appearance of the
   captain's--that is your--quarters.
 * A fence (1,000 gold): Khafiz and his pet warthog, Bacon, settle in to
   Dunbarrow. Khafiz is an Expert trainer in Mercantile and a fence with
   1,500 gold (the same as Fathis Ules of the Thieves Guild).
 * A fletcher (1,000 gold): Melliwin moves in and hangs out along the back
   wall of the cavern. She is an Expert trainer in Marksman and sells some
   basic supplies and Stealth-related spells.
 * A security expert (1,000 gold): Tahm Blackwell sells a few supplies, some
   Stealth-related spells and provides Expert training in Security. He has a
   little campsite to your right as you enter the main cavern.
 * A spymaster (1,000 gold): Kovan Kren is a dark elf who likes to spend his
   time practicing with his sword over to your left as you enter the main
   cavern. He sells Stealth-related supplies and spells and provides Sneak
   training up to Expert level.
 * A supplier (1,000 gold): Jak Silver takes up residence in the Black Flag
   mid-deck. He has a number of interesting items for sale and also provides
   Expert-level Speechcraft training.
 * Miscellaneous pirates (no cost): Talk to one of these guys and send them
   out to plunder. They'll return in a week and give you a share of the
Total cost: 5,500
Desirability factor: 8/10
Extras: Fence, trainers, plunder!

Once you buy the Thieves Den official mod, you'll get a message telling you to 
investigate Dunbarrow Cove. You'll find Dunbarrow by entering a smuggler's 
cave at water level on the south side of the island occupied by Castle Anvil. 
Go straight through the cave to enter the Cove.

Inside is the wreckage of a pirate ship and the undead crew. There are six 
skeletons in the main cavern, plus the undead Cap'n Dugal in his cabin. Defeat 
them all; then, go see Dahlia Rackham on the Clarabella. The Clarabella is the 
eastern ship docked at Anvil. (If you ventured into the ship previously, it 
was occupied by un-named pirates and minimal loot.)
Rackham sells the services of a crew, as well as improvements to the 
underground wreck.

Once you've fully "furnished" the Cove, you have your own pirate gang to do 
your bidding. There are Expert-level trainers for Mercantile, Speechcraft, 
Marksman, Security and Sneak skills. There's a fence (1,500 gold limit) and 
several different types of merchants. You can also order your crew to go out 
an plunder. Return a week later and get your share of the loot, which is very 
large. A definite must-have for Stealthy characters, and not a bad hangout for 
other types of characters as well.

  MR00: Mehrunes' Razor DLC9: $2.99 (PC), 250 Marketplace points (Xbox 360)
Adds the "Unearthing Mehrunes' Razor" side quest to the game. This quest is 
activated as soon as you load a game or leave the starter sewers after 
installing the plug-in.

This is the first official plug-in that is a real quest, as deep as any other 
side quest in the game. You get a large and interesting dungeon to explore, a 
plot to overthrow the empire and a cool new weapon that can one-hit kill any 
enemy in the game. You also get a mod that will tax your system to its limits. 
There are lots of pitched battles between numerous NPCs. You'll find yourself 
fighting four or five NPCs at a time. If your PC starts to lag noticeably when 
fighting two or three enemies, or has difficulty with lots of dynamic light 
sources (i.e. torches and campfires), you may want to think twice about buying 
this plug-in. You will have serious problems in some areas--all of them 
involving fights. Low framerates during a fight is a good way to end up dead.

After installing the plug-in, the next time you load a game or exit the 
tutorial sewers, you will get a message informing you of rumors of a fabled 
weapon, Mehrunes' Razor, that may be located beneath the ruined fort of 
Sundercliff Watch.

Before setting off in search of Mehrunes' Razor, divest yourself of all non-
essential equipment. You'll be underground for quite a while, and you don't 
want to leave loot behind because you're over-encumbered. (Investment in a 
Feather spell or potions or equipment is recommended.) You should also be high 
enough level to handle four or five enemies at once. There are some pitched 
battles ahead of you.

Sundercliff Watch is in the far east of Cyrodiil. The nearest quest-related 
point is Peryite's Shrine (due west of the fort). Inside the front door is a 
large room with two guards, one standing still and one patrolling. Take them 
out, then approach the wooden door to the south. To the right of the door is 
an abandoned knapsack. Loot this for a diary that gives you the password to 
get through the door, "Chimer". Beyond the door are two more guards.

To the south you'll come out on a raised platform with another guard 
patrolling below. Your path then turns east through a tunnel, which leads to 
the upper level of a circular room. There are three to four guards below you, 
one of which is a veteran (much tougher than the soldiers you've faced thus 
far). Once you've cleared the lower level, exit to the north to reach 
Sundercliff Village.

This underground town has quite a few NPCs wandering about. Immediately to 
your left as you exit the tunnel you'll find four to five soldiers sitting 
around a campfire. Wait until a couple have gone off on patrol before 
attacking the ones that remain. If you get lucky, the patrol won't come 
running back to help. If you're unlucky...

Well, hope you have some decent weaponry or spells or it's reload time. These 
soldiers are the main problem on the upper level of this large cavern. Stay on 
the upper levels, exploring the buildings. Most buildings have one or two 
occupants and a fair bit of treasure. In the northwest corner is the jail; 
inside, locked in a cell, is a Morag Tong (Morrowind assassin). Kill him for 
his full suit of Morag Tong armor (especially good for Stealth-based 

From the top level of the cavern, exit to the east into Sundercliff Forge. At 
the T-intersection, go left (north) and follow the tunnel around until you see 
a large tunnel to your left (east). Follow this tunnel to the door to 
Sundercliff Mines.

The Mines is basically one large room with two levels--you enter at the 
bottom. There are a lot of soldiers and laborers in the Mines, and it is 
almost impossible to avoid a 4-on-1 or 5-on-1 battle near the entrance. 
Fortunately, the laborers aren't that tough and do little damage (unless 
you're attempting this as a low-level character).

Once you've cleared your way into the Mines, it gets easier. Find the tunnel 
entrance to the southeast and follow the path to the upper level of the main 
cavern--you can pick off the laborers and soldiers here one-by-one. Once you 
reach the upper level of the main cavern, you'll have to pick your way through 
two or three patrolling soldiers. Again, if you're careful and watch the 
patrol patterns, you can take them one at a time.

To the northeast is the tunnel that leads back to Sundercliff Forge; this 
time, you're below where you came in from the Village. Follow the only path, 
fighting your way through four apprentices, to reach the Forgemaster. Watch 
out for his enchanted axe! Once he's dead, loot his tent, making sure you pick 
up the enchanted bezoar. Return to Sundercliff Village through the shortcut on 
the north side of the Forgemaster's cave.

Clean out the lower portion of the Village. Find one of two exits to the west 
(the upper-level exit is better) to enter Sundercliff Commune. If you come in 
on the lower level of the Commune, you'll face a couple of veterans. On the 
top level are mostly laborers and a couple of soldiers. Along the bottom chasm 
of the Commune is the Veteran's Lodge, which contains two or three veterans 
and a boss-level chest.

On the north top tier of the Commune is Drothan's cabin, mentioned in the 
diary you picked up earlier. Enter his cabin and find his journal on a small 
table. It mentions the Ayleid city where Mehrunes' Razor is hidden, and tells 
how Drothan has shielded the entrance. You need two enchanted bezoars to get 
through the shield. You got one from the Forgemaster. The other is right next 
door in the Commander's quarters.

Now that you have the two enchanted bezoars in hand, go west through the lower 
chasm of the Commune. At the Ayleid door, Activate the pedestal to either side 
to place a bezoar and dispel the shield. Follow Drothan through the door to 
the Ayleid ruin. This first section is a long series of halls with no enemies 
and no traps. Just run through to the door into Varsa Baalim.

Varsa Baalim is a large cavern with an Ayleid ruin inside. Advance carefully 
(and, preferably, in Sneak mode) to witness a battle below you. The combatants 
are some Drothmeri soldiers and vampires. Wait until the dust has settled to 
go down and take out the survivors. Along the south wall are two entrances to 
Cava Arpenia. This side area has two vampires and a little loot.

Further exploration will reveal, to the west, some more vampires as well as a 
door to Cava Beldameld. Enter this small room, dispose of the vampire, and 
exit at the far side to return to Varsa Baalim, this time in the southwest 
corner in a previously inaccessible area. Leave Cava Beldameld in Sneak mode. 
As you re-enter Varsa Baalim, there's a battle in front of you. Let the 
soldiers and vampires settle their differences before mopping up.

Go to your left (northwest) to reach the large, northern section of Varsa 
Baalim. There are more vampires down here, and, in the northern corner of the 
area, a door to Cava Marspanga. Enter here and go slowly down the stairs. At 
the bottom, three Drothmeri soldiers and three vampires are mixing it up.

Once you've helped them all to the great beyond, re-enter Varsa Baalim. You're 
now on the extreme northern edge of the large cavern. Go right (west) to find 
a small encampment with a single vampire and some loot chests. Once you've 
satisfied your avarice, go back east past the door to Cava Marspanga. To your 
left you should see a collapsed walkway forming a ramp leading up.

Climb up to find some more vampires, including the vampire patriarch. They 
should be weakened by a fight with soldiers that occurred while you were 
looting. Take them out and keep climbing and following the causeway until you 
see a giant welkynd stone marking the entrance to The Nefarivigum.

Down the stairs you go, through the door, and down a lot more stairs. All the 
enemies on the stairwell are dead. At the bottom is Drothan himself, studying 
a statue. He's a powerful mage, so adjust your battle tactics accordingly. 
Leading with a Sneak attack is always helpful.

After Drothan is dead, Activate the statue of Msirae Faythung. (If you're 
using Detect Life, you may notice the statue is glowing. But it's not really 
alive...yet.) The statue contains a beating heart. Remove the heart and then 
open your inventory and consume (use) the beating heart. The statue comes 
alive and you've got an angry dremora to defeat.

There's not a lot of room to maneuver for ranged fighters, so you might want 
to revert to quick jabs with a one-handed weapon and then dance out of the way 
while he swings. Or you can just tank him if you have the appropriate armor 
and weapons. When Faythung is dead, a gate to the south opens and Mehrunes' 
Razor is yours.

After you take the Razor, a secret passage leading to some Forgotten Tunnels 
opens. There's nothing in the Tunnels except a rock fall and some rats. At the 
end is a small pool; dive in to find a door that leads into Lake Canalus, west 
of Fort Sundercliff. 

Congratulations! You now have a lot of loot, including a dagger that is 
capable of one-hit killing any enemy in the game. (Only a small chance, 

   VL00: The Vile Lair DLC5: $1.89 (PC), 150 Marketplace points (Xbox 360)
Adds a house for evil characters. Actually, to be more explicit, the vile lair 
is a vampire hangout. When you load up a game after installing the mod, you 
get a journal entry about a key and a note letting you know you have inherited 
a place known as Deepscorn Hollow. The place is marked on your map; it is 
south-southeast of Leyawiin, not far from Tidewater Cave (Nocturnal's Quest) 
and Bogwater Swamp ("The Renegade Shadowscale"). Travel there, find the 
submerged entrance and read the diary just inside the door. Then go buy your 
"furnishings" from Rowley Eardwulf at the Wawnet Inn. Return and revel in your 
wretched hive of villainy. Full details are under Home Ownership.

Truly evil players may get a kick out of ordering someone to go kill in their 
name; and, the Altar of Sithis might be useful. Non-evil characters can use 
the Purgeblood Salts and Font of Renewal as an easy way to cure vampirism, and 
you don't have to buy any furnishings to do that. Still, this is a vampire's 
home and only vampires will get full use of it.

Price: Free
Furnishings: (Rowley Eardwulf, Wawnet Inn)
 * Bedroom Area, 3060
 * Cattle Cell, 3060
 * Dark Minion, 3060
 * Dining Area, 3060
 * Garden, 3060
 * Storage Area, 3060
 * Study Are, 3060
 * Ichor of Sithis, 5066
Total cost: 26,486
Desirability factor: 5/10 (10/10 for vampires)
Extras: Altar of Sithis, murdering minion, free food (for vampires),
        Vampire bath

Like Frostcrag Spire, you don't have to do anything to obtain this little 
country cottage other than purchase and install the official mod. When you 
reload your game after installation, a journal entry informs you of Deepscorn 
Hollow and marks it on your map. It is south-southeast of Leyawiin, not far 
from Tidewater Cave (Nocturnal's Quest) and Bogwater Swamp ("The Renegade 

Deepscorn Hollow is a little island just off the coast. There's a bridge over 
to it if you don't want to get your feet wet. Find the partially submerged 
towers on the south side of the island and swim down to a large, hollow log 
that protrudes from the base of one of the towers. Swim into the log to find 
the door to the lair; you have the key to open it (the key is added by the 

Inside, just as you come up from the water, you'll find a diary. Click it to 
update your journal and read about the former owner of this place. Yes, you 
are now the proud owner of a vampire lair. If you are not a vampire, you may 
still find a use for this wretched hive of villainy--there's an easy cure for 
vampirism. Explore the ruins a bit--there are no monsters...well, other than, 
perhaps, you--until you find the trap door that leads outside. You can now use 
that trap door as well as the submerged door to get back into the lair.

Now, if you don't really need a vampire lair, you can avoid purchasing any of 
the equipment from Rowley Eardwulf. If you ever need a cure for vampirism, 
return to Deepscorn Hollow, go to the Cloister area and find the pool on the 
south side of the Cloister. In one corner of the room is a Purgeblood Salts 
rock formation. Activate a formation to collect some Purgeblood Salts, enter 
the pool and Activate the Font of Renewal in the center.

Tada! You're cured of vampirism. (That's a lot easier than the Vampire Cure 
quest, isn't it?)

If you are a vampire, or just ornery enough to use the lair anyway, follow the 
suggestion of your new journal entry and travel to Wawnet Inn outside Imperial 
City. Find Rowley Eardwulf sitting on the stairs and purchase the necessary 
furnishings from him. They're expensive, so be sure to raid your bank account 
prior to visiting. In addition to the furnishings, you'll need a bottle of 
Ichor of Sithis in order to activate the Altar of Sithis in your new home. 
(Eardwulf is also a Journeyman Sneak skill trainer.)

Return to Deepscorn Hollow to find that your furnishings have been put in 
place. Wandering around the lair is your new minion (if you purchased the 
minion). Unlike Dark Brotherhood murderers, this one won't go along with you 
as a companion; but, he will go out and kill in your name and return the loot 
to you in a Victim's Loot Chest in his room next to the garden. You'll also 
find a prison cell with a sleeping prisoner. The prisoner sleeps 24/7 and 
can't be wakened--a feeding trough for vampires.

Finally, you'll find the Altar of Sithis. Activate it with the Ichor in your 
inventory and the altar is now working. Only those whose Infamy is higher than 
Fame can use the Altar. When you Activate it, you receive the following buffs: 
Fortify Sneak 10, Fortify Health 20, Fortify Agility 5. The buffs last for 
1,000 seconds (or a little over 16-1/2 minutes). The altar will also cure 
disease, poison, damage attributes, health, etc.

     ST00: Spell Tomes DLC4: $0.99 (PC), 80 Marketplace points (Xbox 360)
Adds spell tomes to the game. Spell tomes are books that teach you a spell. 
Formerly, to learn spells you had to pay a spell merchant; though, a few were 
given as quest rewards. Now, if you find a spell tome, you can read it and add 
the spell it teaches to your spellbook. Tomes are only available as random, 
leveled treasure. Some of the spell tomes teach spells and spell effects not 
previously available in Oblivion.

Meh. The best spells are still the ones you make yourself. However, if you're 
a pure (or close to pure) mage and want the new spell effects, then this might 
be a useful mod. Of course, you can't guarantee you'll find any of the new 
spells without cheating.

A list of the new spells added is here:

KN00: Knights of the Nine DLC8: $9.99 (PC), 800 Marketplace points (Xbox 360)
Adds a large quest and new faction (guild) to the game.
Pricey, but well worth the money, especially if you play paladin-type 

Install the Knights mod and make sure it's active. Unlike the other official 
mods, Knights of the Nine does not automatically start when you next load up 
your game. This mod is intended for good characters--especially paladin types 
(i.e. melee fighters with healing magic and a hatred for undead). When you 
finish the quest, you'll be the leader of a new guild: Knights of the Nine.
The Crusader's Relics you collect are a suit of armor and both a blunt and 
blade weapon. The armor matches your level when you receive it; however, 
unlike other quest rewards, there's a method in the game to keep it up-to-date 
with your increasing power. The armor will either be light or heavy depending 
on which skill is higher. There's no difference in appearance between the 
light and heavy armor.

Helm of the Crusader:
 - Fortify Restoration
 - Fortify Personality
 - Serene Beauty (Calm on touch)
Cuirass of the Crusader:
 - Fortify Restoration
 - Resist Normal Weapons
 - Fortify Health
Boots of the Crusader:
 - Fortify Restoration
 - Woodland Grace (normal woodland animals will not be hostile;
                   e.g. lions and wolves and bears, oh my!)
Gauntlets of the Crusader:
 - Fortify Restoration
 - Resist Disease
 - Merciful Touch (Restore Health on touch)
Greaves of the Crusader:
 - Fortify Restoration
 - Fortify Destruction
 - Blessing of the Eight (Shield on touch)
Shield of the Crusader:
 - Reflect Spell
Mace of the Crusader:
 - Fire Damage
 - Turn Undead
 - Fortify Blunt
Sword of the Crusader:
 - Fire Damage
 - Damage Magicka
 - Fortify Blade

You'll be fighting lots of spirits during this quest, so you'll want silver, 
daedric or enchanted weapons or plenty of Destruction spells--at least, until 
you acquire the Mace of the Crusader about a third of the way into the story.

In order to wear and use the Crusader's Relics, you must have an Infamy score 
of zero (0). If you gain one point of Infamy, you'll receive a warning. If 
your Infamy increases to two (2) or higher, you can't equip the Relics until 
you have once again walked the Pilgrim's Way (first quest for KoN).

To kick off this quest, you must talk to a Prophet, who is declaiming across 
the street from the Temple of Dibella in Anvil. You may hear Rumors of an 
attack on the Temple from just about anyone in all Cyrodiil; however, you do 
not need to hear these Rumors before talking to the Prophet.

                         <~~~~~~ PILGRIMAGE ~~~~~~>

Talk to the Prophet and follow the natural lines of conversation until he asks 
if you are a worthy champion to defeat Umaril the Unfeathered. Use any "No" 
answer and the Prophet will tell you that you must follow the Pilgrim's Way 
and visit a wayshrine of each of the Nine Divines. He gives you a map showing 
the locations of one wayshrine for each of the Nine.

In Cyrodiil, there are at least three wayshrines for each of the Nine. These 
wayshrines are part of the base game and you may have already encountered some 
during your travels. Normally, when you pray at (Activate) a wayshrine, you 
receive a small buff for five minutes or so (assuming your Infamy is zero). 
You can perform this quest even if your Infamy is greater than zero; however, 
you won't receive the blessings as you pray. When you complete the Pilgrim's 
Way, your Infamy is reset to zero.

Now, you do not specifically have to go to the wayshrines marked on the map 
the Prophet gives you. There are at least three wayshrines in Cyrodiil for 
each of the Nine. Unfortunately, wayshrines are never marked on your primary 
map--even with this mod installed; so, you have to find them on your own. Here 
is the quickest route (from Anvil) to a wayshrine for each of the Nine:

* Go around to the east side of Anvil and head straight east, passing Fort 
Strand to the north, to find a Wayshrine of Akatosh.

* Walk straight north until you cross the Kvatch-Anvil road, then turn north-
northwest until you find a Wayshrine of Arkay in a small hollow among the 

* Go back to the Kvatch-Anvil road and travel east until you reach Gottshaw 
Inn. A Wayshrine of Zenithar is on the hill behind the Inn (to the east).

* Go around the south side of Kvatch and catch the road to Skingrad. Follow 
the road east toward Skingrad. You'll cross over a stone bridge; on the far 
side turn left (north) and you'll see a Wayshrine of Talos up the slope.

* Go east-northeast a short distance to a Wayshrine of Mara.

* From the Wayshrine of Mara, go due north into the Imperial Reserve to find a 
Wayshrine of Kynareth. The Wayshrine is located directly on top of the "E" in 
"IMPERIAL" on your map.

* Go due east and you'll soon run in to a Wayshrine of Julianos. On your map, 
it sits directly on top of the "A" in "IMPERIAL".

* Head due northeast, going through Weatherleah ("Legacy Lost") and Hackdirt 
("Shadow Over Hackdirt") to find a Wayshrine of Dibella.

* Fast Travel to the sewer entrance where you started the game (just outside 
Imperial City Prison). Go south along the shore until you see a wayshrine 
across the lake. Swim over and pray at the Wayshrine of Stendarr.

*NOTE* You can encounter a couple of other knights walking the Way if the last 
shrine you visit is one marked on the map given you by the Prophet. While not 
important to the quest, if you want to meet these knights, go to a different 
Wayshrine of Stendarr as your last stop. Fast Travel to Bravil and head down 
the road toward Leyawiin. About halfway along that road is the Wayshrine to 
Stendarr marked on your map.

As soon as you pray at the last wayshrine, you'll have a vision and speak to 
Pelinal Whitestrake. He marks the location of his lost shrine on your map. It 
just so happens to be in the middle of Lake Rumare, not far south of the 
Wayshrine of Stendarr.

How convenient!

You also receive the Greater Power, Pilgrim's Grace. This power fortifies your 
Agility, Endurance, Intelligence, Luck, Personality, Speed, Strength and 
Willpower by 10 for 300 seconds.


                 <~~~~~~ THE SHRINE OF THE CRUSADER ~~~~~~>

The Shrine of the Crusader is located inside the Ayleid ruin of Vanua. The 
entrance to Vanua is under water, just north of the Ring Road bridge over the 
Upper Niben River. Water Breathing is a plus; but, not required. Suit up for 
undead hunting in an Ayleid ruin and swim out to the spot marked on your map.

Dive down and find the entrance to Vanua (it's easier to do this on a bright, 
sunny day). Once inside, you'll have to swim about 10 meters to a stairway 
that takes you out of the water--if you don't have Water Breathing, be sure 
you have enough breath before entering the ruin.

At the top of the stairs is your first encounter with a (leveled, obviously) 
undead. Many more will follow. Continue straight until you reach a T-
intersection. The right (east) branch is eventually blocked, so go left 
(west). When you reach a large room and dispose of the guardians, go through 
the tunnel to the north into the Shrine of the Crusader.'s not that simple. This area is a lot like the secret passages under 
the Imperial prison--lots of ruins mixed with crawling through tunnels; and, 
undead all over the place. Go straight and drop down into a ruin; turn left 
(west) and then right (north) until your way is blocked. A hole in the wall to 
your left (west) leads through a small cavern and then into the shrine. You 
can now see the target; but, you can't reach it yet.

Loot the skeleton on the raised bit of floor to get Sir Amiel's key, ring and 
diary. This opens the next quest, "Priory of the Nine", and lets you continue 
on your way. First, unlock the gate to the south and deal with the undead 
guardian of that path. That's your shortcut back out once you've retrieved the 
Helm of the Crusader.

Go through the gate to the west and kill the undead. In the next room, find 
the hole in the west wall and jump into another tunnel. Fight your way north 
and then drop down into the ruin again. Take the south hall for a little 
treasure, then take the door to the north. This leads to the Lost Catacombs.

Follow the catacombs--make sure you take opportunities to loot--until you 
reach a door leading back into the Shrine. There are actually two doors; 
either will serve. Back in the Shrine, fight your way to the altar where the 
Helm is located. Watch out for the undead near the altar--it might be down in 
a little doorway on the north side of the area.

Collect the Helm, jump over the fence and go through the south gate you opened 
earlier. This takes you to a tunnel leading back into Vanua. In Vanua, you'll 
pass through a room with at least three undead--including one boss-level mob. 
In the same room is an Ayleid Reliquary with your reward for this dungeon. 
Leave Vanua and embark on the next stage of your quest.

                     <~~~~~~ PRIORY OF THE NINE ~~~~~~>

Your next stop is the old Priory of the Knights of the Nine. This is located 
in the middle of nowhere, halfway between Skingrad and Bravil. Lucky you, it's 
marked on your map; but there's precious little close by that you can Fast 
Travel to. The closest may be Silorn (Mages Guild quest, "Ambush"); or, you 
can Fast Travel to Skingrad and hoof it.

Regardless of how you go, stock up on healing potions or a good healing spell 
and Magicka potions before you go. When you reach the Priory, all appears 
peaceful. Enter the Priory and find the Knights of the Nine seal on the floor. 
Activate it and Sir Amiel's ring opens the door to the basement. (You did 
remember to loot Amiel's ring in the Shrine, right?) Go down into the 
basement, which is a training room, then take the door into the Undercroft.

There's the Cuirass of the Crusader! That was easy.

Yeah, right. Eight of the original Knights of the Nine surround you and you 
have to beat them all in personal combat (i.e. one-on-one). You can use any 
style of combat you wish, just so long as you beat each one. They are all 
swordsmen, and good ones; but, they are leveled to match you so you should be 
able to handle them. Use the brief respite in between each fight to heal up 
and restore your Magicka. Summon help if you need it.

When you have bested all eight knights, claim the Cuirass as your own. When 
you get the quest update telling you to talk to the knights about the other 
Relics, go around the circle and speak to the knights. The four important 
conversations are with Sir Casimir (Gauntlets of the Crusader), Sir Ralvas 
(Mace of the Crusader), Sir Henrik (Shield of the Crusader) and Sir Juncan 
(Boots of the Crusader).

You can quest after these items in any order with one restriction: you must 
retrieve the Boots before you can get the Mace. All clear? On with the show 

                       <~~~~~~ NATURE'S FURY ~~~~~~>

To get the Boots of the Crusader you must travel to a Shrine of Kynareth west 
of Imperial City. Make this your active quest and the shrine's location will 
be marked on your map; it's southwest of Wawnet Inn and north of Clavicus 
Vile's shrine. When you find it, talk to Avita Vesnia to get the details of 
your test. She instructs you to go to the Grove of Trials and face whatever 
test Kynareth has for you.

Go ahead and sheath whatever weapon you may be carrying. Not only do you not 
need it, you best not use it. Travel west a short distance to a ring of white-
barked trees. Enter them and wait a bit until a wild animal enters and attacks 
you. You can block the attacks; but, don't return the favor. Take your lumps 
and, pretty soon, Kynareth deems you worthy, shows you a secret door; and, you 
enter Kynareth's Grotto and get the Boots.


                 <~~~~~~ THE PATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS ~~~~~~>

The Mace of the Crusader is protected by Zenithar in his chapel in Leyawiin. 
Make sure you have the Boots of the Crusader before you attempt to get the 
Mace. Travel to Leyawiin; go to the chapel and downstairs into the Undercroft. 
There will be at least four spirits down here. Dispatch them; then, Activate 
the Tomb of Saint Kaladas at the far end of the Croft.

You'll find yourself in space, on a floating piece of a fort. In the distance 
is the Mace. If you have the Boots of the Crusader equipped, you just walk 
across the misty path that appears. If you don't have the Boots equipped--
well, go get them and put them on!

As soon as you grab the Mace, you re-appear in the Undercroft. Go ahead and 
equip the Mace (or your favorite weapon) and gird your loins. As you leave the 
Undercroft and enter the chapel, you'll be attacked by Aurorans--Umaril's 
daedra servants. You'll have help killing them, try to be careful you don't 
harm the eager knight that greeted you when you first entered the Temple. He 
soon declares himself a new Knight of the Nine and runs off to join your 

                      <~~~~~~ STENDARR'S MERCY ~~~~~~>

This is a pretty simple quest. Go to the Chapel of Stendarr in Chorrol and 
talk to the priest, Areldur. He'll tell you the sad tale of Sir Casimir and 
his descendents. He'll also inform you Kellen, the current scion of the 
Casimir family, is in the temple trying to be rid of the family curse.

Go downstairs to the Chapel Hall and find Kellen. He's typically sitting in a 
small bedroom off to the side. Kellen tells you more about his curse and says 
he thinks Areldur knows the cure but is holding out on him. Return to Areldur 
and confront him about Kellen. He reveals the only way to cure Kellen is to 
take the curse yourself. Once you show mercy to Kellen, you can lift the 

Pray at the altar of Stendarr and you'll be asked if you want to take Kellen's 
curse on yourself. Answer yes and you'll receive a one-use Lay Hands lesser 
power. Go downstairs and Lay Hands on Kellen. He'll be cured and you'll suffer 
the Curse of the Consumed, which is a permanent Damage Fatigue effect. (It is 
by no means crippling and you'll hardly notice it.)

In the main chapel, find the gauntlets laying on the floor behind the altar; 
Activate them to pick them up. On with the show!

                     <~~~~~~ WISDOM OF THE AGES ~~~~~~>

Make "Wisdom of the Ages" your active quest and find Fort Bulwark in eastern 
Cyrodiil. It is northeast of Leyawiin and not particularly near anything. The 
closest quest point is Fort Teleman (Mages Guild, "Bloodworm Helm"). Fast 
Travel to Teleman and go south, or go to Leyawiin and head northeast.

Approach Fort Bulwark warily. There are conjurers also seeking the Shield and 
two are outside the main doors--one at ground level and one at the top of the 
tower. If you can draw the ground-level conjurer outside the fort and dispatch 
him, you can sneak into the fort without the upper-level mage knowing about 
it. Or, run upstairs and take care of him too.

Inside, watch your step as there are plenty of conjurers and daedra to impede 
your progress. The quickest route to your target is to follow the corridor 
around a left turn, then take the first left-hand branch and then the next 
right through a double wood door.

You'll be in a large room on a raised catwalk. Note the gate to your right and 
raised drawbridge to your left. Go past these two obstacles and through 
another set of double wood doors. Follow the tunnel to a makeshift bedroom 
with two conjurers. When they are down, turn the handle on the north side of 
the room and pick up the Conjurer's Note from the desk to the right of the 

Backtrack a short way down the tunnel and take the left-branch. You'll come to 
a balcony overlooking a room with two raised drawbridges. Turn the handle and 
watch the drawbridges lower and a gate rise. That's the gate you passed a 
short while ago. Backtrack to it and go through, across the drawbridges and to 
a corridor with four rows of three pressure plates.

If you follow the clue on the Conjurer's Note, you need to step on the plates 
in this order: left - middle - right - left. There's no penalty if you mess 
up, other than you have to go back and start the sequence over. Go through the 
door into the second area of Fort Bulwark.

You're in a corridor with prison cells to either side. Go past the first pair 
and then enter an open cell to your left. There's a door on the north side of 
the cell that leads to a torture room and a conjurer or two. Dispose of them, 
then go to the cell on the other side of the corridor and open it to free Sir 
Thedret. He'll give you a clue to reach the shield and then leave for the 
Priory of the Nine.

At the end of the prison corridor is another room full of mages. Get rid of 
them and loot their stuff. There's another note that details what they have in 
mind for Sir Thedret. Continue west, keeping an eye out for conjurers. You 
will soon reach a long room running north-south with raised drawbridges. The 
handle for the first drawbridge is right next to the bridge. Turn it, watch 
the drawbridge lower and marvel at the number of darts being flung out by the 
traps in the ceiling.

If you've got plenty of health, you can just make a run for it. Otherwise, 
watch the pattern of the darts and try to slip through in between cycles. At 
the end of the first bridge, you'll make a left and find another handle that 
lowers the second bridge. This handle is in a safe spot out of range of the 
darts, so take a breather here and heal up if necessary. Then, dodge your way 
across the second bridge and continue.

Advance carefully into the next room. There are at least two conjurers in this 
room and one of them is the boss of this dungeon. Get rid of the mages, then 
study the room. You'll see four Stone Guardians on pedestals around a seal of 
Julianos. At the base of each Guardian is a handle. Turn each handle until 
each Guardian is turned to face the seal of Julianos. You may have to turn 
each handle multiple times until the Guardian rotates all the way around.

Once all four Guardians are facing the seal, a door in the south wall opens 
and you can advance to the third area of the fort. Fortunately, there are no 
more enemies or traps, so you can move ahead swiftly.

Area three is small--just a short tunnel and a big room. The room has a raised 
platform with a chest and eight Stone Guardians around the edges of the room. 
Each Guardian is turned away, facing the wall, and has a chest at its base. 
The large chest in the center of the room is randomly filled with one of eight 

* Rodgar's Book
* Rodgar's Gem
* Rodgar's Goblet
* Rodgar's Hammer
* Rodgar's Helm
* Rodgar's Skull
* Rodgar's Stone
* Rodgar's Sword

You have to take the item that appears in the large chest and place it in the 
correct small chest at the base of one of the Guardians. When you place the 
correct item in a Guardian's chest, the chest glows and the Guardian turns to 
face the room. If you place the incorrect item in a Guardian's chest, nothing 
happens. The item will randomly show up again in the large chest.

If you want to solve this yourself...why are you using a walkthrough? Anyway, 
each time you take an item out of the chest, scan the room. One of the 
Guardians will randomly display a floating image of the item it wants.

Start facing the door, the Guardians to the left, beginning with the one 
closest to the door, take: sword, goblet, helm, stone. Facing the door, the 
Guardians to the right, beginning with the one closest to the door, take: 
book, hammer, skull, gem.

Lights flash, a door opens at the top of the stairs and you can go into the 
next room and retrieve the Shield of the Crusader as well as other goodies. 
Once you pick up the Shield, doors to either side of the altar open and you 
can take a shortcut back to the top level of the fort. You'll come out on the 
drawbridge you couldn't lower earlier. Leave Fort Bulwark and Fast Travel back 
to the Priory of the Nine.

                    <~~~~~~ THE FAITHFUL SQUIRE ~~~~~~>

Upon your entry to the main Priory building, you'll be accosted by Lathon, 
squire to Sir Roderic. (You may have met Roderic and Lathon on your Pilgrimage 
if you used the wayshrines on the Prophet's map.) Lathon tells you of the 
death of Sir Roderic at the hands (or ephemeral representations thereof) of 
Sir Berich's ghost. Lathon presents you with the Greaves of the Crusader and 
tells you the Sword of the Crusader is still in the misty appendages of Sir 
Berich in Underpall Cave.

Further, Lathon asks if you'll allow him to join the newly formed Knights of 
the Nine. If you say yes, Lathon not only becomes one of your Knights, he also 
accompanies you on the upcoming quest for the Sword. If you're a stealthy 
fighter, this won't be a good thing and Lathon will just keep getting in your 
way. The upcoming mission is no more difficult than the invasion of the Shrine 
of the Crusader, so tell Lathon to be patient a bit longer.

Explore the Priory a bit more. You'll see many of the people you have 
previously met on this adventure. They have come to join your Order. (Yes, 
it's your Order. Several of the warriors address you as Commander.) The place 
is nice and livable now and has become a place of residence for you. And 
there's a very nifty contraption in the Undercroft.

Go down to where the eight ghostly Knights still await the completion of Sir 
Pelinal's crusade. Speak to Sir Amiel about Berich for a little more history 
of the original Knights of the Nine. Behind Amiel is the armor stand where you 
first found the Cuirass. Activate the stand and place all your current Relics 
on it; then, target the bit of stand showing between the greaves and take all 
the Relics back. You'll find them completely repaired and recharged and, if 
you've increased enough in level, leveled up.

Seriously Sweet.

Leave the Priory and Fast Travel to Bruma. Refit yourself (healing potions, 
arrows, etc.) and look for the quest marker pointing to Underpall Cave. It's 
north of the Orange Road between Bruma and Chorrol. Leave Bruma by the East 
Gate and travel the Orange Road toward Chorrol. When you get to a point east 
or southeast of the cave, cut cross-country.

                 <~~~~~~ THE SWORD OF THE CRUSADER ~~~~~~>

When you reach the cave, go ahead and charge in. There's nothing in the cave 
portion of this dungeon. Deep in the cave is a sunken fort; it is inside the 
fort where you will encounter all the enemies (primarily undead, though a few 
creatures show up as well).

Once inside the fort, advance to the first main room, kill the undead creeping 
around, and make a U-turn down another south-running hallway. The other two 
exits from this large room--to the east and west--lead back out into Underpall 
Cave. There's a little loot on those paths if you're intent on scavenging as 
much as possible.

Advance carefully down the south-running hall. There's one door that blocks 
your way; on the other side is a rock-fall trap. Only take a step through the 
door, then jump back to avoid the rocks. At the end of the hall is the door to 
the Underpall Reflecting Room and your big boss fight with the remains of Sir 

Go through the entrance tunnel slowly. There are two ways to proceed; both are 
about equivalent. You may or may not encounter any enemies, depending on your 
level. The left (east) path has Sir Roderic's body. When you enter the main 
chamber, you're in for a fight with a wraith. You'll need a silver, daedric or 
enchanted weapon (such as the Mace of the Crusader), or spells. This can be a 
difficult fight; however, there's plenty of room for maneuvering and you can 
even run away into the tunnels for a bit to heal up. Just try not to fall into 
the water, as there's only one place where you can climb back out.

When the wraith has spewed forth its final essence, pick up the Sword of the 


It's cursed and, if you equip it, you will be cursed as well. Leave Underpall 
the same way you came in and Fast Travel to Cheydinhal. Rest and refit before 
entering the Temple of Arkay. Upon entering the Temple, you'll be attacked by 
Aurorans. You have two choices:

1) Kill all the Aurorans (with the help of the other people inside the Temple) 
and then pray at the altar to consecrate the Sword.

2) Run straight to the altar and pray to consecrate the Sword. You can then 
use the Sword to kill the Aurorans.

Either way, the Aurorans end up dead, the Sword is now useable and you'll find 
you've also lost the Curse of the Consumed you took from Kellen, descendant of 
Sir Casimir. All-in-all, a good day's work. Return to the Priory of the Nine. 
It's time to put an end to this business.

                   <~~~~~~ THE BLESSING OF TALOS ~~~~~~>

As soon as you arrive at the Prior, you're met by Sir Thedret. The Prophet has 
come sticking his nose into your business again and is preaching to your 
knights in the chapel. Well, you'll just have to see about this. Enter the 
chapel and listen to the Prophet's sermon. He then approaches you and tells 
you to get on with killing Umaril and all. As an aid, you get one thing 
Pelinal did not: the Blessing of Talos. This Power will enable you to follow 
Umaril into the spirit realm and destroy him once and for all.

After the Prophet's speech, go around the chapel and induct all the people who 
want to become Knights of the Nine. They'll run off, suit up and head out for 
Umaril's headquarters, Garlas Malatar. Before following them, head down into 
the Undercroft and chat with the spirit of Sir Berich, now restored to his 
brothers. Repair, recharge and (possibly) upgrade your Relics while you're 
down there.

Ready to kick some butt?

                   <~~~~~~ UMARIL THE UNFEATHERED ~~~~~~>

Garlas Malatar is located on the coast, northwest of Anvil. Fast Travel to 
Anvil and head out to the coast and then go north. You'll find some, if not 
all, of your knights on the beach facing the bridge that leads over to the 
main entrance. If all eight knights are not there, wait for a few minutes and 
the rest will show up.

Once they are all gathered, give one of them the command to charge and they 
will. They'll bowl over the two Aurorans stationed outside the main door, then 
charge inside. Try to keep up. There are two more Aurorans in the first large 
room, then your way is blocked by some gates. The button to open the gates is 
on top of one of the altars in the room.

Before opening the gates, take the opportunity to walk around and use Merciful 
Touch (healing Lesser Power granted by the Gauntlets) on your knights. Push 
the button, charge up the stairs and continue your rampage through the ruins. 
Your path leads to the northeast section of the ruins and through a door into 
Garlas Malatar, Ceysel.

When you enter Ceysel, you'll be stopped by a couple of gates. The button to 
push is right there--on the wall between the gates. Again, take the 
opportunity to go around the use Merciful Touch on your companions. Open the 
gates and charge into the next room.

Ignore the Aurorans and run around the right (east) side of the large raised 
platform in the center. Go around the back and head west up a flight of stairs 
and around to the top of the platform. Ignore any Aurorans that get in your 
way. When you reach the glowing orb, Activate it to destroy it. The orb 
explodes and time stops...

Now, you can take some time and loot the area. Your knights and the Aurorans 
are gone; but, you can still collect welkynd stones and anything else you can 
find lying around. You should also use this time to heal up and make sure 
you're ready for battle.

When you're ready to move on, go back up to the orb platform and go north into 
Garlas Malatar, Carac Abaran. Run through the halls, disposing of a couple 
Aurorans on the way until you reach the main chamber, where Umaril is waiting 
for you. The door is blocked behind you, so this is a fight to the finish.

Umaril is big and packs a big punch; but, he's predictable. He will 
occasionally shoot lightning at you, which is easy to dodge. Then he'll run up 
close and make a big thrusting attack. This attack is easy to avoid since he 
spends a lot of time winding up. He is also easily distracted by other 
enemies, so summon help if he's giving you fits.

Generally, if you just stay out of the way of his lightning blasts and sword 
thrusts, you can take him down pretty easily with potshots from range or by 
getting in a few, quick strikes right after he's made a sword attack. The 
higher your level, the tougher Umaril will be; but, he should be manageable by 

When he's dead, you'll get a quest entry reminding you to cast The Blessing of 
Talos to follow Umaril into the spirit realm. Don't rush off! Heal yourself 
first and restore your Magicka as well. Loot the place. There are some Ayleid 
casks around, not to mention Umaril's body and his sword. Once you've picked 
the place clean, cast The Blessing of Talos.

You'll find yourself fighting in the clouds over Imperial City. Umaril is 
quite a ways off, so take the opportunity to stick a couple of arrows into  
him. (If they're poisoned first, so much the better.) Repeat your earlier 
tactics. Umaril is no tougher now than he was earlier. When he dies, you fall 
into mist...

And come to in the Undercroft of the Priory of the Nine. Sir Amiel chats with 
you right before the old knights pass into glory. When you leave the 
Undercroft, Sir Thedret greets you and tells you what happened in Garlas 
Malatar after you destroyed the orb. He then goes out and speaks to your 
assembled knights. They all cheer. And then...

                          <~~~~~~ EPILOGUE ~~~~~~>

Life goes on. You are now the Commander of the Knights of the Nine. There will 
always be eight other knights available to you in the Priory. Any that were 
killed in the attack on Garlas Malatar are replaced by generic, no-name NPCs. 
You can, at any time, ask one of the knights to accompany you as a henchman-
type person.

There's also the armor stand in the Undercroft, waiting to repair, recharge 
and upgrade your threads. You have your own bedroom in the Priory (to the left 
at the top of the right-hand set of stairs). Right outside your room is a 
bookshelf with a number of books about Pelinal and the original Knights. You 
can read these sometime when you want more history of the original Crusader 
and the Order. The altar in the Chapel functions just as the altars in the 
Temples in the big cities, curing diseases, poisons, damaged attributes and 
the like.

And, oh yes, there's the little matter of praying at the crypts of the eight 
original knights. (Sir Berich, you may remember, is not buried in the 
Undercroft.) Praying at a knight's crypt grants you a permanent boost to one 
ability score. This remains in effect until such time as you pray at another 
knight's crypt--i.e. only one of these blessings can be in effect at one time. 
The amount of boost you get to your ability score depends on your level when 
you pray. The knights and the blessings they bestow are:

Sir Gregory (Dibella): Fortify Personality
Sir Juncan (Kynareth): Fortify Speed
Sir Casimir (Mara):    Fortify Endurance
Sir Torolf (Arkay):    Fortify Willpower
Sir Henrik (Julianos): Fortify Intelligence
Sir Caius (Stendarr):  Fortify Personality
Sir Ralvas (Zenithar): Fortify Luck
Sir Amiel (Akatosh):   Fortify Strength

Remember, the cost of having all this goodness is you must keep your Infamy at 
zero (0) or one (1). Anything higher and you have to walk the Pilgrim's Way 
again to reduce your Infamy and be able to be the Crusader.

~~The Elder Scrolls IV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                        VERSION HISTORY AND CREDITS
v1.00 2007-02-17
      - First published version

~~The Elder Scrolls IV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Written & Copyright 2006, 2007 by Barry Scott Will

Trademarks and other marks are reserved to their original owners. This guide 
is not endorsed or authorized by 2KGames or Bethesda Softworks.

This guide is for informational purposes only and no explicit or implicit 
warranty is made with regards to the suitability of this information. The 
reader agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the author, Barry Scott Will, 
from any consequences of using this information.

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