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Knight Rider 2 Tips & Tricks

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Knight Rider 2


Here is the second instalment of the saga. This time the programmers went
farther than the TV show by giving to KITT new weapons. The game is still an
action one and is very fun.

Homepage :
E mail :

Contents :

1 Review
2 The about section
3 Walkthrough
4 Credits

1 Review :

After i began to play and until the beginning of the game i thought that
Davilex did an add on tothe first instalment. This feeling is really wrong as
the game itself go further than the first one. The programmers have given more
possibilities to KITT and also new weapons.

The presentation is very good with once again a mix of videos and scenes from
the game. You'll find lots of bonus in the option menu like movies from the TV
show or a quiz for the fans.

Graphically the game is still the same. Of course KITT is nice and is also
better than in the first game. The road are empty but i regret that we see an
industrial compound so early in the game. In fact there are less decors than in
the first game.

The animation is the same as in the first game. Of course you have new
accessories like lasers or rockets. You are attacked by robots and turrets and
the classical bosses of the TV show are here too, Goliath and KARR. In pursuit
mode the animation runs very fast and it's really pleasant.

I was disapointed by the sound. This time and even if the game is multi
language, you'll hear only english voices. It's really too bad cause it breaks
the good feeling of the first game. In english the relationship between KITT
and Michael is strongly different than in french. It hurts alot to hear the
dialogue. Michael is like a kid of 10 years old and KITT is a simple robot. The
musics seems to be the same as in the first game and they are really discrete.

The controls gained in quality. KITT is easy to handle and the ski mode has
been increased. Now i can use it as much as i want on the contrary of the first
game. KITT runs also better on the road. Too bas that there are no cars on the

The game in fact, has gained in fun with the battle mode and also the action to
execute. The bosses are also better and it's an oppressive battle each time for
the player. The game is a little harder than the first one but you can complete
it in an afternoon or two. I don't think that thegame could be much longer
anyway as the story is not really profound. I would like to see a third episode
on the PC and i hope that Davilex will hear me. K 2000 2 is a good and average
game for the fans and the most important thing is preserved in the game : the

GRAPHICS : 16/20
SOUND : 12/20
CONTROLS : 18/20
INTEREST : 17/20

Advanced Knight Rider 2.

2 The about section :

ABOUT MY ENGLISH : I know it's an awful one, but it's the only one I have.
Correct me if you wish that's the best you can do.

ABOUT MY E MAIL ADRESS : Please write to me only for true questions. Most of
the time, I know it by the poor questions I received, you write to me just
because you have seen my name near the faq. You don't want to read my faq but
you want a quick advice. Sorry to say this but I'm tired of these mails.

ABOUT THIS FAQ : This faq is basically dedicated to my own site and to
gamefaqs. If you wish to download it for your own site, ask for the permission
but it's not all misters and misses webmasters. Think to update my faq, because
when I correct my english or post an update with more information it's on
gamefaqs but never on YOUR sites.
THE RESULT IS EASY TO IMAGINE : I receive questions about things that are in an
update and some people continue to ask me when I will complete the faq of Skies
Of Arkadia...
Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the updates as you do
for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.

3 Walkthrough :

The mountains :

1-1 :
You must avoid all the missiles.

1-2 :
Be careful, you must jump with a good timing. After some logs you'll have to
avoid again the missiles.

1-3 :
Use the laser to break the ice. You must aim correctly the ice because you need
2-3 seconds to break the ice completely.

The Village :

2-1 :
Go to the village and look at the disaster. Follow the road to the compound.
There, scan the switch computer.

2-2 :
You must hijack 3 other switches computer. The first is on the road when you go
back to the village. The second is at the entrance, on the left near a
warehouse. The last is in town. Go back to the compound.

2-3 :
The door closes behind you. A laser hit KITT. Now you have 30 seconds to escape
from the compound. There is no particular way to the door but sometimes the
laser will open a path for you.

The helicopter :
3-1 :
Avoid the missile. Continue until you watch a scene with rocks and then until
the bridge.

3-2 :
You need to jump over the hole on the bridge.

3-3 :
You must know run mad to the tunnel and jump over a truck that is destroyed by
your enemy.

The compound :

4-0 :
Here is a fun and difficult mission. You will have to fight the robots and they
are numerous.

Begin to fight the 3 first robots. Don't go too far or more robots will appear.
Reload the battery and then advance to the centre of the area. 3 robots will go
out. Shoot them and stay far. You'll see a switch computer. Hijack it. Take the
elevator. Follow the road and hijack the next switch computer. Launch a missile
on the target to create a new way to the roofs.

Go down and approach of the door at the end of the area. Fight the robot and
hijack the switch computer they were protected. Then follow the road you have
creating by using missiles and you will hijack a last switch computer. Now go
to the elevator at the centre of the area to finish the mission.

The labyrinth :

5-1 :
You will see 3 roads. Go straight.

You see laser blocking the way. Go right and then right again (to the left is a
battery charger). Hijack the switch computer. Go back to the door that was
previously blocked. Pass it and follow the way to another switch computer. Go
back to the beginning of the stage.

This time go left and follow the way. Jump over a hole, and use the ski mode to
reach the first switch computer. Hijack it. Now go back to the beginning of the

Last go right and recharge KITT. Follow the way and you will see another switch
computer. Hijack it and go to B2.

5-2 :
Now you'll have to fight a horde of 6 robots and then 4 more. Some robots of
the second horde will launch rockets, shoot them first. Don't hesitate to use
the elevator and recharge KITT. Then come back. When they are beaten hijack the
last switch computer and pass the final door.

The helicopter 2 :

KITT use the infra red mode. Follow the way and turn right. Jump between the
lasers and hijack the switch computer to lower a bridge. Go back to the fork
and pass the bridge. Recharge KITT.

You need to use your missiles. Wait that KITT lock it and then launch one or
more missiles. When you are low on energy you can charge KITT by going to the
garage on the right. The fight is long and very hard.

Back at Eques :

7-1 :
Shoot the lasers turrets with your missiles. Use the path on the right to jump
over the first wall. Continue and shoot again 2 turrets. The door is locked.
The switch computer that opens it is on the right of the field. When you are
near it, some robots will attack you. Beat them and hijack the switch computer.
Now run to the door. Pass it and now you have 20 seconds to run to the other
door. Use the pursuit mode of course.

7-2 :
Once in the compound you'll have to fight some robots and then hijack a switch
computer to pass a first door. Recharge KITT power.

Now you must shoot a turret in the centre of the next area and then 2 other at
the end of it. Stay in the first zone, curiously absolutely no bots will come
and hurt you. They will shoot however. Once the turrets are down, enter and
destroy the bots. Recharge KITT and hijack 2 switch computers.

For the last door, do the same, shoot the turrets and then the bots. Now hijack
the last switch computers and pass the door.

He is back :

8-0 :

You need to use your laser on the rear of Goliath. When its shield will be
down, use the laser on the canon fixed on the front of Goliath. The battle will
be long but easy.

The robot factory :

9-1 :
Follow the way indicated in the cut scenes. Jump on the box and then on the
roof. Look at your right and use the ski mode. Hijack a switch computer. There
are 2 others to hijack in this area to open the door. Recharge KITT and go down.

9-2 :

Fight the robots, they are numerous so when you'll need energy go up and
recharge yourself. The robots won't follow you. The first switch computer is in
the right corner of the area and the second is on the opposite. The second is
heavily protected so beat the robots before attempting anything. Recharge KITT
again and pass the door.

9-3 :
You have now 6 minutes to save Michael. Go right and activate the switch
computer. Take the elevator. Jump to the next platform. Look at your left. Use
the ski mode to reach the next platform. Hijack the first switch computer. Look
at your left again and use the ski mode. Use again the ski mode and last jump
to the final platform. Hijack the second switch computer and then go down to
pass the door.

9-4 :
Now pass under the squeezing machine and once outside follow the road. Use a
path to jump on a building and then use the ski mode to reach the end of the

The entrance of the HQ :

10-1 :
You will fight 20 robots. 3 robots each time but if you are not quick enough
you'll fight 6 to 9 robots. You will know that the nightmare is near its end
when you will see a robot that can launch a rocket. A last wave with one of
them will go out and then you'll have the opportunity to enter the HQ.

10-2 :
Now run behind a black pillar or a black wall because the laser is very
dangerous, it can even destroy the battery charger. Behind a black pillar you
are protected. All you have to do is to launch missiles if you have locked
correctly the laser.

The Final :

11-0 :

Hold the shield on and shoot KARR with the plasma gun. You must shoot the rear
of KARR. When you are low on energy, recharge KITT. KARR won't interfere too
much usually. You have 6 minutes to kill KARR. The space ship will begin to
start its engine so be sure to avoid the flames it produces. Last you can use a
bug to win easily the battle. Wait near a wall, KARR will run to you, move and
KARR will be stuck sometimes and you will shoot him easily.

4 Credits :

Thanks to Davilex for this game.
This walkthrough is copyrighted 2004. Ask for my permission to post it on your

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