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Knight Rider Tips & Tricks

Tags: Knight Rider Game Guides, Knight Rider Hints, Knight Rider Walkthrough

Knight Rider


Hi everyone, I'm back this time on a PC guide. I continue my way on sega
consoles and will produce other walkthrough of old games but for the moment i
concentrate on some PC games.

Version 1.0 : The walktrough is complete, i will add new stuff later.
Final version : Added a review and usual stuffs of my faqs.

Visit my homepage :
E mail me at :

Contents :

1 Review
2 The about section
3 Characters
4 Walkthrough
5 Tips
6 Credits

1 Review :

Discovering a game based on old Knight Rider is like a dream that comes true. I
always tried to play the knight riders game of other console or computer but
couldn't put a hand on them. Thsi one is surely made by fans judging the
quality of the game. In Knight Rider you control Kitt which is a pwoerful
computer and vehicle. The pilot is Michael knight and basically you will take
his role in this game.

I know that testing a game on PC is hard due to the fact that everyone has a
different config. I won't lie about this, i ahev a powerful one and i run the
game with all the options to the maximum and in a 1024*768*32 resolution.

Graphically the game is good. The track where you run are various and based on
the TV Show. I mean by this that you will wander on the same long and desert
road than in the TV Show. Sometimes you will find some cars on the way, there
are not much of them but it's fun to zap them at high speed or with the ski
mode. You hear them horning you in this case.

The animation is smooth (ok i have a powerful graphic card and a powerful
processor). You can increase the speed during the game by gaining a turbo. It's
only available for the final missions but it's a cool feature. I greatly
appreciate the camera in the game with lot of view and special movements when
you do a jump inside a window or above a truck. It's exaclty as in the TV Show.

The musics are interessant but i remember only the one of the tunnel stages.
The rest is essentially an atmosphere based BGM. I give a large credits to the
voice acting. the european version of this game is multilanguage and in french
you can hear the same voice acting as in the TV Show for Michael Knight. The
other character inherited of good voices except for Devon. There are however
some strange fact like Gart Knight has not the voice of Michael with an evil
ton and the voice of the guy in the generic is not the one of Michael Knight
but of another actor well known in France.

The controls are reduced to the minimum. However the Ski Mode is terrible and
you can't control Kitt correctly. I prefer using the jump function.

Now i come to the game itself, i can say that's an easy one, you will complete
it in an afternoon. The game is still bugged. Sometimes, if Kitt falls
incorrectly on the ground, it simply freezes. As the save function works by
stage and not point by point, you will have sometimes to restart the entire
level. I really appreciate the timeline related to the TV Show and also some
facts like Gart Knight driving Karr. It's things i would like to see on TV.
Last and it's probably the most important thing, you play and watch Kitt as you
will never see it in the TV Show. I won't say more to let you discover it but
it's really valuable.

Finally, this game is not 100% perfect. It's cool to ride Kitt but some
infiltrations phase with Michael missed to be exactly in the spirit of the
saga. It's impossible to customize Kitt or to repair it if it's damaged, you
lose and restart the stage. A larger scenario with some extra missions or
hidden level missed also. Anyway i like this game and i recommend to buy it if
you are looking for a cool driving game.

Presentation : 18/20
Graphics : 15/20
Animation : 17/20
Sound : 13/20
Controls : 15/20
Interest : 19/20
Final Note : 84%

ADvanced Knight Rider.

2 The about section :

ABOUT MY ENGLISH : i know it's an awful one, but it's the only one i have.
Correct me if you wish that's the best you can do.

ABOUT MY E MAIL ADRESS : Please write to me only for true questions. Most of
the time, i know it by the poor questions i received, you write to me just
because you have seen my name near the faq. You don't want to read my faq but
you want a quick advice. Sorry to say this but i'm tired of these mails.

ABOUT THIS FAQ : This faq is basically dedicated to my own site and to
gamefaqs. If you wish to download it for your own site, ask for the permission
but it's not all misters and misses webmasters. Think to update my faq, because
when i correct my english or post an update with more informations it's on
gamefaqs but never on YOUR sites.
THE RESULT IS EASY TO IMAGINE : i receive questions about things that are in an
update and some people continue to ask me when i will complete the faq of Skies
Of Arkadia...
Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the updates as you do
for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.

3 Characters :

Michael Knight : The hero.

Bonnie : The girl who repairs and upgrades Kitt.

Devon Miles : The CEO of the foundation.

Gart Knight : The true son of Wilton Knight and the rival of Michael.

Kitt : The so known car.

Karr : Its evil counterpart.

4 Walkthrough :

Mission Training :

The first exercise is to enter the truck...
Now exit and do a regular course in the time. Once done, go to the truck.

The second exercise is to use the ski mode. You find the track just behind the
truck. This exercise is tricky and you can be stucked in the game if Kitt falls
on the small path. In this case reset, sorry...After the exercise go back to
the truck.

The third exercise uses the Turbo booster and the track is near the one for the
ski mode. After the exercise, go back to the truck.

The fourth exercise uses the scanner. Go to the location on the map and you
will find 3 possibles target. You must approach of each one and scan the
building. I found the computer on the second location on the far end of this
area. *Maybe* it's random. Anyway, go east of this location and scan the small
computer. Now go back to the truck.

The final exercise is an obstacles course. You will run at high speed, jump
ahead a barrier or use the ski mode to pass between 2 walls.

Mission 1 :

This mission is here for fun. You will chase as in Chase HQ a car. Avoid the
mines and other cars on the road and keep an eye on the damage gauge. The rest
is fun, jump and action. The car will be stopped by the police.

Mission 2 :

Some robbers attack a bank. Kitt and Michael goes to the bank. Near the bank
you watch a cutscene. Approach of the bank and scan it. You have found the root
of the signal. Go to the industrial area. Enter it. Pass under the giant water
tower to line up with the building you must jump on to reach the antenna. Once
near the antenna scan it. Last you will have to fight a car, it's an easy

Mission 3 :

Now you must chase a car which has the informations you need. Once you damage
it, you can scan the wheels. Go to G-industrie anbd scan the building. You have
a limited time after this to save the information that is erased by a virus.
Hurry up to the truck.

Mission 4 :

It's sunday, a good day to spy G-industrie. Go there. You must scan the east
side of the building. You find that there is a computer inside. You must reach
it. First go to west side of the building and use the boxes to jump in the
factory. Now use the map to find a place where you will use the ski mode to
access to a new area.

You see some road going up. use the one with an open door on the top of it (the
large track, not the small one) and go inside the building, jump to the next
roof and until you can reach the system (K2000 or Tomb Raider ?). Then scan the
system. You must bring the data to the computer to analyse it. Go back to the
area you came from and you find a new building open. Go inside and scan the

Now use the second track that goes up and hurry up if you don't want to loose.
I suggest a jump to destroy the wall and to have a better effect.

Mission 5 :

You have received a signal identical to the one of Kitt. First run to the
antenna (root of this signal). Now you must go to a location designated by ...
Karr himself. Once you are there it's over.

Mission 6 :

Now you must do a race against Karr. You must complete 2 laps of the training
track . Don't hesitate to hit Karr in order to win. Michael won't do that
probably in the TV show, but you are not Michael and we are in a video game.
Anyway at full speed you are faster than Karr.

Mission 7 :

You must chase Karr in the desert. Jump, use the ski mode in actions and avoid
some mines. At the end of the course, Karr enter a mine and Kitt must use his
night mode to follow him.

Mission 8 :

You will have to fight Goliath and destroy it, First avoid him until your
shield is up again and second hit Goliath on the sides which are its weak
point. Garth Will run into an helico.

Mission 9 :

You must follow the helico, meaning that if you are ahead of him slow down to
see where it goes. Basically you can run to the end of this track but where
will be the fun. Avoid the bombs and jump or use the ski mode in time.

Mission 10 :

Not much to say. identical to Mission 9.

Mission 11 :

Now you can use the Super Pursuit Mode. You must reach the helico before it
takes off. To reach the helico you must use some boxes parked near a building
lined up with the one near the heliport. Jump on it and jump on the roof. From
this roof jump to the other roof straight of you. Now, turn left and jump to
the helico. Scan it twice.

You can go down now. Exit of this factory and scan first the point in the
street. Go back to the roof you use to access the building lined up to the
helico and this time, jump to the roof on the right. from this roof jump to the
roof you see near. Now you can use the ski mode or directly jump to the next

Go up on the short road and jump to another roof and to another one to reach
the second factory. Jump on a roof straight of you. Go to the ground and scan
the 2 locations here. Now go the roof you were before descending and look for a
window. You need to jump in. Break the other window and you reach the last
building. Scan it.

It's not over yet. Ride your car til a pile of boxes you can use as stairs to
reach the roof. Look at the first factory, you will see your goal. Jump to the
first factory from the highest roof you can reach. Now find the entrance of the
building. There is a cutscene.

Follow the way and jump on the boxes. Last jump in the window straightforward
to complete this difficult mission full of bugs.

Mission 12 :

You enter the G-Industrie. First find the control panel and scan it. Now enter
the building and use the lift. You arrived in a tunnel. Run through it, avoid
the traps and jump, it's very fun and the time limit is oppressive (a little
but not that much if you use the Super Pursuit Mode).

Mission 13 :

Same as mission 12. This time, the timer will be shortest. Cool stage.

Mission 14 :

This will be the last mission, it's a battle against Karr and this one is
difficult. Karr fights well and can win even in easy mode. The battle is
hardest in normal and super mode due to the damage gauge sensitivity.

Method submitted by Aryon :

"Keep KITT's distance from KARR until he is directly in line with KARR.
Accelerate, then whilst in Super Pursuit Mode, smash head-on into KARR. KARR
comes off worst. Afterwards I would recommend using Super Pursuit Mode to get
well away from KARR, to give yourself time to reposition yourself, then repeat.
KARR seems to have a flaw, staying close to KARR makes it harder for him to hit
KITT, so it is possible to stay close to KARR and hit him and still do damage,
just as long as you don't give KARR a chance to hit you first."

Congratulations hero !

5 Tips :

Submitted by Aryon (thanks alot) :

"I have been playing Knight Rider The Game for a while now, and I feel that
KITT's top speed is a bit slow.  For those fans of the game who would like KITT
to have a greater top speed, I have detailed below how this can be done:

In your main Knight Rider directory, edit the file kittphysics_0.ini file in
the data\vehicle subdirectory, as follows:

Under the Section headed ENGINEDATA, update the following values:

Increase EngineHP to 220 (By all means experiment increasing this value, but if
is too high, then KITT becomes too hard to steer at slow speeds.

Increase MaxSpeed to 405 (any higher and KITT becomes too hard to steer at
maximum speed)

The above information will increase KITT's speed as follows:

Maximum Cruising Speed: 162 MPH.

Maximum Super Pursuit Mode: 228 MPH (This value seems to be hard-locked into
the game and can't be increased.)

I believe the above information makes KITT more realistic, speed-wise, to the
series and I hope fans of the game will enjoy this advice."

6 Credits :

Thanks to the programmers of this game who are fans of the TV Show.
Thanks to Aryon for the method to defeating KARR and the tips.

This walkthrough is copyrighted 2003. ASk for permission to post it on your

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